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Ideological weaknesses of DAP’s leadership (Part 3)

This is the final part of the series. Thus far, readers can appreciate the fact that history does repeat itself and those who do not learn from it will commit the same folly again and again. 


6. DAP: Tactics and campaign strategies in general elections

Lim Guan Eng – continuing the dictatorial legacy of his father

In 1974, DAP objected to Malaysia’s ties with China. The reason given was that it didn’t bring any benefits to the chinese in particular and Malaysians in genera (NST 21st August 1974). When former Prime Minister, the late Tun Abdul Razak paid the first official visit to China, the DAP accused the Barisan Nasional’s establishing diplomatic ties with China as an ‘election ploy’ to garner Malaysian chinese votes!

In 1987, Kit Siang questioned past government leaders criticising Malaysians investing abroad as being disloyal, but in 1994, when DAP’s closest political ally Semangat 46 chief Tengku Razaleigh questioned Malaysian chinese of their loyalty for their overseas investment in CHina, Lim Kit Siang chose the “deafening silence”, to illustrate that it was alright to sacrifice “principles” he often preached but never practices (even though Kit Siang disagreed with S46 Tengku Razaleigh’s comments and felt that the S46 leader was being out of touch from political realities).

In the 1974 election campaign, the DAP adopted the politics of desperation and racism, harping on sensitive issues despite knowing very well it could lead to racial tension. In chinese areas, the DAP put up posters “warning” chinese voters that chinese culture and education would be taken away from the by the BN. In malay areas, the DAP created issues of government inefficiency in combating inflation and corruption. The tactics were similar to those used for arousing communal hatred and dissension during and after the 1969 general elections (Straits Times 16th August 1974).

DAP promised Penangites in 1974 that if DAP captured the state government, it would investigate various allegations of malpractices and corruption against the ruling coalition and the “acquisition of sudden wealth” by prominent members of the ruling party in the last 5 years (1970 to 1974). The DAP also promised to recognise Nanyang and Taiwa graduates for appointment to local authorities and other state vacancies; grant book aid and scholarships to all needy children, and to set up a revolving book-bank; construct low-cost houses and resettle slums and squatters at permanent sites; and review the imposition of quit rents; dissolve the management committee and hold local elections; re-site the Penang bridge or to consider alternative linkage (Straits Times 1st August 1974).

In 1978, in a desperate move to uplift the DAP’s image, Kit Siang announced a DAP’s “shadow Cabinet” comprising 16 DAP MPs to monitor the respective Ministries in government. As soon as the 1978 general elections was over, the proposal frizzled out.

The 1981 DAP crisis in Penang state was worse than the one in 1978 with the Opposition party embroiled in power struggles, disunity, indiscipline and factionalism which spread from Penang to Perak, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan and Selangor. Mass resignations dogged the days of the DAP crisis in Penang, resulting in ten out of the 17 branches leaving en bloc in support of the DAP dissenters against Kit Siang’s dictatorial rule. A former DAP leader from Penang commented that (quote): “any new DAP member who joins the party cannot afford to remain neutral and is bound to be drawn into the whirlpool of factionalism and power struggles among the leaders” (Star, 25th February 1981).

The DAP Penang crisis exposed Kit Siang’s support of Karpal Singh’s bias against DAP chinese educated members. In 1981, Karpal Singh told the Press that DAP has no place for those who talk in terms of chinese unity or malay unity or indian unity. Expelled DAP Penang vice chairman Seow hun Khim urged chinese educated DAP members not ot be fooled by Kit Siang, to speak up and not act against their conscience by remaining silent. Quipping a chinese saying about Kit Siang (quote): “Kit Siang can set a big fire, but his members are not even allowed to light a lamp”. On March 1981, DAP Melaka crisis began which later led to the sacking of chinese educated Chan Teck Chan.

7. DAP and other malay parties

Tengku Razaleigh in December 1980 when he was in UMNO, called on Kit Siang to retire from politics following the latter’s public announcement of his intention to do so. Expressing fears of DAP capturing the Pengkalan Kota seat would encourage the Opposition to take control of Penang, Ku Li said the DAP would use Pengkalan Kota as a base to project its ambition. And referring to Kit Siang’s resignation and the DAP crisis, Ku Li acknowledge that the DAP scenario “reflects the kind of dictatorship ruling the DAP”. The aftermath of Kit Siang’s withdrawing his resiugnation as expected also saw many of “DAP dissenters” who had challenged Kit Siang being axed from the Party (including former DAP political chief Chan Teck Chan).

In June 1979, former Umno Vice President Tengku Razaleigh once advised the people to be wary of opposition parties like DAP and PAS which he said indulged in politics of fear. He added that DAP and PAS are always looking for opportunities to belittle BN leaders and intimidate the people with sensitive issues that could widen the relationship gap between the government and people.

8. DAP’s tired calls for human rights, freedom and democratisation

For 27 years, DAP Kit Siang and his big boys have been singing the “song of freedom and democracy” and virtually projected DAP as having sole rights to free Malaysians from repression, sufferings and injustice. But if we remember, in 1980 after the tragic DAP defeat at the Pengkalan Kota by-election in Penang, Kit Siang had the discomfort of hearing that song being sung by his supporters. There was a difference. In 1980, the song was directed at him during a time of internal turmoil. It was also a time, when ousted DAP leaders gagged by Kit Siang for years of dictatorship, began to “spill the truth of Kit Siang”. It was also a time when Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir who was Deputy PM branded DAP as the ‘Dictatorial Party’ and democratic only in name. Adding that Kit Siang applies double standards in that he will not allow party members to criticise him, while he goes around criticising everyone in BN.

Hoping that the public’s memories are short of his calls for freedom and democracy, Kit SIang went about “chopping and changing DAP rank and file” as he wished, by gagging and disciplining those he did not like during the 1980 DAP leadership crisis. In short, Lim Kean Siew once complimented Kit Siang’s character as “what is sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander!”. The Socialist Democratic Part (formed by DAP dissidents in 1978) described the 1980 DAP crisis as a “comedy of errors”. Kit Siang conveniently accused the Malaysian press for discrupting and destriying DAP. For years, the double standard Kit Siang has accused BN government for not granting press freedom.

In 1981, DAP national publicity secretary Tan Seng Giaw charged former DAP MP Chan Teck Chan for committing a serious breach of discipline for publishing a book containing the latter’s speeches in Parliament without the consent and approval of the DAP CEC. This is the DAP’s version of “human rights and press freedom” which DAP practices within and without. On one hand, DAP challenges the government for press freedom while on the other, suppresses its own leaders’ freedom and rights to publish books (source: Straits Times 4th March 1981).

In 1980 when the press reported the DAP developments, Kit Siang questioned the “rights and freedom” of the press. He attacked the press for blowing the “small disagreements” out of proportions and therefore, irresponsible journalism. Yet, Kit Siang does the same or worse by using the DAP’s official organ “The Rocket” against Barisan Nasional government by sensationalising small issues. It was alright for the DAP to condone, promote and protect “irresponsible journalism” of the Rocket but not alright for the vernacular press to report the accurate picture of the DAP crisis.

This is the sort of mentality and attitude of Malaysia’s opposition leader in Parliament who has no courage to admit weaknesses of his leadership, but instead heaped blame against the Malaysian press and the BN for its internal turmoil. Yet, Kit Siang and his warlords are boastful and to the point of utmost arrogance to claim that they are courageous and brave to sacrifice “freedom and personal lives” for the sake of the people’s interests and rights even if they had to face the “repressive laws” of the BN government. For the wise voters, questioning the virtues of DAP must be a continuous affair. If DAP leaders cannot even admit “to themselves” their own weaknesses and faults in their leadership, where are the qualities of honesty, courage and bravery? By depriving these qualities, the DAP leaders are surmountable to being self deceiving, dishonest and cowardly “to themselves”. Needless to mention their leadership accountability and responsibilities toward voters.

24 thoughts on “Ideological weaknesses of DAP’s leadership (Part 3)

  1. The tendency to harp on small, single issues is a characteristic of the DAP which I’ve often criticised.

    Having been in opposition for so long, they seem to have come to accept their lot as a permanent opposition and have begun to behave like a single-issue NGO, rather than a political party with law making and changing powers, and now that they face the prospect of being in government, they still seem to have not been able to rid themselves of that permanent opposition mindset.

    You can see this tendency very much in its publicist and MP Tony Pua who opposes the MRT, purchases of littoral combat ships, 1Malaysia stores, etc but seems to have nothing constructive to say about how DAP would run the country or offer cheaper alternatives to the MRT project, defense, budget stores, policies on public welfare, etc.

    One thing they are not is a Malaysian version of Singapore’s PAP which has constructive ideas about how they will run their country, whether one agrees with them or not. In comparison, the DAP is a whining cry baby.


    • But they pay themselves such high salaries exceeding even Obama’s earnings. To manage a tiny island is more difficult than to manage USA??


    • IT.Sheiss,

      Agree with most of what you say. Wish to add:

      DAP’s “prospect of being in government” is not real. The Centre for Strategic Engagement (CENSE) did a research study and detailed analysis of the current political situation recently and concluded that BN is likely to retain the 137 parliamentary seats it now holds with five percent margin on either side. Though it points out not enough to reach a two-thirds majority, DS Najib is working very hard and he has up to almost a year to hold GE13.

      CENSE does niche research and constructive strategies for political, social and business environments. They appear to be level-headed and independent minded, unlike Merdeka Centre, which is said to be financed by Anwar Ibrahim and headed by Anwar’s crony as Director. One of the founder members of CENSE is Rita Sim, Excutive Director of Media Chinese International Ltd based in Hong Kong.

      Their conclusion is after taking into account the Chinese media taking a strong stand on “police brutality” during Bersih 3.0″ and factors making “Chinese seats in Johor, Sabah and Sarawak in an even more vulnerable position for the BN.”

      The research pointed out the “much stronger return of the Malay vote swing” especially for UMNO, and PKR will suffer the most to the advantage of UMNO.
      It’s interesting to note that the study also showed a good part of the Chinese vote remains unaffected by Bersih 3.0 and that “Bersih 3.0 may, at best, persuade older Chinese voters to return to the BN for fear of potential riots and unrest.” I agree with this finding and believe that DAP older Chinese members and supporters are only a handful, like Lim Kit Siang and Dong Zong Yap. Many have seen the 1969 race riots caused by the DAP and do not want riots and unrest that street demos like Bersih 3.0 have shown.


      • CENSE could well be right. The Chinese may well vote for DAP, given sympathy for people like Teoh Beng Hock and dissatisfaction with MCA which appears to be rather lame and devoid of any more ideas and ability to serve Chinese interests.

        As even Merdeka Centre findings show, Malays and Indians will tend towards supporting BN.

        As for race riots, well hard to say as economic conditions have changed since 1969.

        Back then, the Malays had little stake in the economy but today, a certain section of the Malays have become very rich, have a stake in the company and many are employed in GLCs, government, etc.

        On the other hand, there are other Malays who feel they have been left out and have turned to PKR and PAS. These would include the many graduates who have not jobs or have to take jobs well below their qualifications.

        Tun Mahathir made a big mistake in 1983 by calling for Malaysia to have 70 million population by some time in the future, supposedly to create a large internal market for Malaysian producers.

        However, I suspect he knew that the non-Malays would not reproduce as much, while the Malays would and would become an overwhelming voter base for UMNO.

        As it turned out, Malay couples are reproducing on average 5.3 children, vs 1.7 for Chinese and 1.9 for Indian couples, according to some figures about 10 years back.

        What Tun Mahathir apparently didn’t consider was that the government could not continue providing for that large a number of younger Malays and ensuring that they are all fully employed, have economic opportunities, etc.

        Thus the split in the Malay voter base between UMNO, PKR and PAS.

        After all, most Bersih protestors are Malay, with a relatively small proportion of Chinese and Indian, which tends to confirm that.

        That said, if trouble breaks out between Malays and Malays, it could well drag in the other communities into the fray as well, so carelessness about offending ethnic and religious sensitivities risks increasing that possibility.


        • Saya fikir tak salah Tun Mahathir syurkan jumlah penduduk 70 juta. Mungkin yang jadi masalah ia lah meluluskan begitu banyak universiti (untuk menyediakan keperluan penduduk 70 juta?), dan ke tidak seimbangan perkembangan ekonomi bagi menyediakan pekerjaan untuk begitu ramai siswa dan siswazah.

          Di India sudah lama penjual teket bas ada ijazah. Di Malaysia sudah ada siswa potong getah (kebetulan harga getah tinggi) dan jual sayuran sayuran di pasar. Kita harap yang seperti itu menjadai pengusaha Melayu yang maju dan berniaga besar satu masa akan datang. Dapat membantu mengecilkan jurang antara kaum yang kaya dengan yang ketinggalan di belakang. Kalau ia pun, DAP tidak akan tolong mengecilkan jurang itu sedikit pun.


    • Do take cognizance that this Tony Phua is a failed Chinese businessman and his joined DAP only a few months before PRU12 (see Helen Blog). So what so great about DAP and the old coot Lim Kong Kek


  2. There’s a quote (can’t remember who) that history will repeat itself for those who do not know history or don’t accept history. DAP doesn’t and, yes, they will commit the same folly again and again.

    They won’t be anti-Malay and anti-Islam if they know history and accept the historical facts of this country. They won’t be raising issues connected with the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak if they know and accept the facts pertaining to the quest for independence and the framework for the Constitution of the country. They won’t have raised those sensitive issues during the 1969 general elections campaign and in their election victory celebrations behaved so rudely, obscenely and atrociously that they sparked the 13 May race riots.

    We now must make sure the race riots of 1969 would not repeat itself. To do that, we must ensure that DAP won’t go along the same path again. The authorities have their job to do in this direction. We as individuals and as concerned citizens also have our jobs to do – keep telling them, remind them, whack them verbally, counter-comment them everytime they raise objectionable and sensitive issues.


    • Sayang, rakan seperjuangan mereka, PAS, tak boleh tolong ubahkan pendirian anti-Melayu dan anti-Islam yang ada pada DAP. Hinggakan impian Hukum Hudud PAS pun di sembur dek Karpal Singh tak habis habis.


  3. The DAP tactics and campaign strategies in general elections differed from one GE to another. They are based on convenience, on what they perceived as vote getting at any particular time. These show they have no worthwhile election platform to stand on, a lot was ad hoc.

    In 1974, they objected to Malaysia’s ties with China. Later, wanted closer ties with China. Lim Guan Eng even officiated the opening of a building in Penang named after Sun Yat Sen, implying asking people to look to China. Yet the man had nothing to do with Malaysia except tumpang in Penang during the time when the revolutionary situation was hot in China.

    The only thing consistent in their tactics and strategies was the “the politics of desperation and racism, harping on sensitive issues despite knowing very well it could lead to racial tension.” They did it in rampantly 1969, and again in 1974. In fact one can find such tactics in all the election campaigns of the country since then, varying only in severity. They never learned. They cannot throw off that trait in them even if they tried. Because it’s inborn, inbred in them. That anti-Malay and anti-Islam stand of theirs.

    And when others point them out, they would respond with accusations of spreading fear to maintain Ketuanan Melayu and such. But fear them we must. For they are the chauvinistic and racist kind. Fear that they might spark another incidence of race riots. I support the opinion that they must be checked and warned in every way possible so long as it’s not against the law. To avoid another dark episode in our history.


    • I think “the politics of desperation and racism, harping on sensitive issues ..” have been associated with the Lim father and son so much that it’s ingrained in the minds of the vast majority of the public, and DAP will remain mainly a Chinese party for a long, long time to come.


  4. Look at this DAP MP Tony Pua. How exploitative he can be. How unforgiving, uncaring of ordinary human weaknesses. Instead of sympathizing, or at least accepting the apology made, he exploits it to the maximum. Whether this is ideology, strategy, tactic, or plain nastily throwing bricks, up to readers to decide.

    The Home Ministry cited “typographical errors” as the reason for its correction of figures on crime rates spoken in Parliament. He called a press conference and said, although there were typos on the overall crime rate figures, “the figures for violent and property crimes add up, so it is a ‘very good’ typo.” Sarcastic to the core. Nasty to the bore. DAP wants every point they can get, trying politically to score.

    You see, they are the kind who readily and quickly exploit mistakes made, agitate, aggravate, exacerbate the situation, and often masturbate figures. That’s why each and every time they make mistakes or show their weaknesses, we must also exploit and aggravate them, too. We excavate deeper holes to bury them in. Many of them have become Christians with names like Tony Pua, Ronnie Liu, McDonald Lim, Teresa Kok etc. They ought to know that Christianity says if you are slapped you on one cheek, show the other cheek. They’ll never do that, ever. So, others can reciprocate against them, hit them back, tit for tit (the spelling is intended, own interpretation allowed, including by Teresa Kok and Elizabeth Wong who is also a Christian).

    And he says, “Whether or not the figures are up or down, when you look at the amount of crime in Selangor, it is serious and the government should take it seriously.” But he conveniently avoided mentioning the fact that Selangor is under Pakatan Rakyat and has influence if not administrative jurisdiction over the Selangor Police. The loose administration by the Pakatan Rakyat Govenment with all sorts of problems over local councilors, mushrooming of unlicensed hotels, factories, massage parlours, even uncollected rubbish, has given rise to anxiety and desperation which are conducive to the growth of “violent and property crimes”, etc. It’s really PR and DAP weaknesses.


  5. “In 1981, Karpal Singh told the Press that DAP has no place for those who talk in terms of chinese unity or malay unity or indian unity.”

    Karpal must have been referring to the DAP Chinese. Those products of Chinese schools. Those said to be wanting to preserve and promote their own culture. Like the Dong Zong. Pendatang to this country but no respect for the local culture. Adamantly wanting Mandarin as the medium of instruction in schools, won’t speak BM but use their mother tongue everywhere. Despite the Constitution Article 152 saying BM is the National Language of this country.

    Can they have an ideology when their membership, even leadership, are going in different directions? The Dong Zong type want to maintain values suitable for China, Lim Guan Eng was said wanting to look to China by officiating a building named after Sun Yat Sen. Talks Malaysian First, Chinese Second but cakap tak serupa bikin.


  6. This is a strange situation that we are in. Historically, the DAP consist of Chinese who want to make Tanah Melayu more Chinese just like the Chinese Communist Party in Malaya then. See how the first thing Teresa Kok did was took a photo of herself under a Chinese road sigh. Wonder why she doesnt do it now…The MCA consist of Chinese businessmen who want to settle in Malaya. The majority of the Chinese were not then interested to be citizens of a poor newly independent Malay country. The MCA and MIC had to go round persuading their people to apply for citiezenships.Historically PAS was a Malay monolithic religious theocracy party simplistic and fearful of independence.And now DAP and PAS, they have come together!
    How did this happen? As more Chinese become more educated and become independent of their towkays who brought them over, they dont need the MCA Taukeys anymore. The Malays in PAS can see how much fun to be Malays in UMNO then be dour jubah wearing pseudo arabs. UMNO will always be darwinianly better than PAS because it conists of many rainbows of Malays NGOs with one aim of promoting Malay culture. While PAS only consist of arab influenced Malays.
    The Malays however were deceived and betrayed by poor leadership of UMNO. The group of educated Malays are now much bigger thanks to education policies and bisasiswas sending Malays to engage with world class culture like the British, the US and Australia on their home soil. But for the new group of corrupt Malay leaders, their first thought is making money through their power, for themselves and their families forgetting that Malays are not feudalistic as before. Thus hoarding of wealth by the families of UMNO Presidents, Vice Presidents, Supreme Council, Ketua Wanita, Ketua Pemuda, Ketua Puteri does not go unnoticed.
    This lead to the unthinkable happening, the Malays abandoning UMNO in 2008! Even the Sultan of Perak initially joined in the heady feelings by appointing minority PAS as government.
    But of course the corruption by the leaders of UMNO did not make PAS or DAP fundamentally flawed people, better. The Malays and most people are now confused. The corrupt UMNO leaders or the stupid PAS Malays. If they elect the current bunch, there will be more commissions, low cost airports, mega projects which dont benefit them anyway. If they choose the stupid PAS, there will be no sureheboh, watching movies would be difficult with the lights on, more peeping etc. You can forget about watching Lady Gaga. The DAP has found that they are not acceptable people with their chinky approach so much so their MB in Penang dont feel safe personally with frequent personal demos. Any benefits DAP gets from the Malays feuding will be limited. As MCA said, is DAP going to be PM? Or why was there no Chinese MB in Perak? Young Chinese in DAP Youth cocooned in their vernculcar schools are living in their own make believe Chinese world.

    This whole situation was unintentionally created by UMNO Presidents because they thought they are safe. Feeding the kampung UMNO leaders with rousing kris pep talk and working with Chinese gambiling towkays behind their back. Giving gambling licenses because the Chinese going to gamble anyway, or the Malays will be whipped if they gamble so close one eye lah. The low quality of Malay leaderships contribute to the demise of UMNO with their short sighted self interest.
    In the final analysis, the Malays will survive and prosper with or without UMNO. As it is 81% of economy is already controlled by the Chinese and Indians. Better leaders will come through. Things cannot be worse for the Malays. Things can only get better whatever happens. This should be fun to watch!



    • You 1st para I can live with. Your 2nd para I disagree. Your 3rd para has points I detest. Some of the rest is balderdash.

      A number of your observations are so simplistic and general that it’s not worth considering but merely need to be disputed in the same style. It’s not “promoting Malay culture”, man. It’s bringing to the attention of those self-isolating, non-Constitution respecting fellas such things as BM is stated in the Constitution as the National Language. And call it what you like, but the Ketuanan Melayu is embedded in the Constitution under those provisions that pertain to the functions, roles and responsibilities of the YDP Agong and the Malay Rulers. Those provisions that are sensitive and protected under the Sedition Act.

      And that, whereas the non-Malays were stateless in this country for some 150 years, including during the entire period of British rule, they were given citizenship right at Independence, for which the Malays only had their Special Position enshrined under Article 153. Note that the British Colonial Secretary had told the British Parliament during the debate on the Malaya Independence Bill that the Malay Special Position “has always been there since day one.” This is in the British Hansard. These two considerations have been referred to as the Social Contract which every citizen must honour, irrespective of the fact that the Malays did not get anything tangible compared to the citizenship right of the non-Malays.

      Yet fellas like many in the DAP and the Dong Zong don’t keep their end of the bargain. This is not promoting Malay culture at all but drumming into the heads of the ungrateful ingrates that questioning the Malay Special Position will lead to counter-questioning of the citizenship right and it’s not good for anybody. We must avoid another race riots like in 1969 and need to beat the gongs regarding respect for the Constitution by all citizens. And, I think quite rightly, advising those who adamantly refuse to do so need to live in countries whose Constitution they can respect.

      This is the only logic. We can’t even talk about loyalty, far from it, about love for country and patriotism, if citizens don’t respect the Constitution fully. It’s the highest set of laws in any democratic country. All other laws emanate from it and cannot contradict it, at the pain of being ultra vires, null and void. No worthwhile citizenry can evolve under those circumstances. Yet we need a united and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia to sustain as a nation and to progress towards a fully developed status.

      More to come.


      • En. Abu, everyone knows the problems. What the Malays now need are solutions. Malays need leaders with ideas. Please stop pointing out problems. The current Malay leaders are part of the problem with their small capacity brain. Najib is doing better then the last 2 but this does not stop the economics crooks.

        The Chinese wont hold up their end of the bargain. So what are you going to do about it? The Malays are behind economically. So what are you doing about it?

        Just today, Muhyuddin is quoted in NSt that the Malays cannot depend on the UMNO Government. He is being honest. He said the Malays must emulate the chinese. That is be in the opposition and stand on their own feet. Or does he means that UMNO wont be in the Government anymore in future so Malays must emulate the Chinese..? Is he preparing the Malays for the time that UMNO will lose?

        Is this a taste of things to come. A prophecy by Mahyuddin?


        • Aiyyo, ini tarak malu, tarak muka punya orang. I read Jebat has asked you to come out with solutions instead of just criticizing all sorts. And now you are accusing people all sorts, pointing out problems and asking for solutions. What kind of a bloke are you?

          You are the “small capacity brain”, that’s why you are a nobody, whereas “the current Malay leaders” at least have some brain, otherwise they would not be there. I agree with the words “loose gun” and “son of a gun” for you.

          “The Chinese wont hold up their end of the bargain. So what are you going to do about it?” I’ll help make them realize their need to do so and support the view that if they don’t respect the Constitution of this country, they should scram to a country whose constitution they can respect.

          “The Malays are behind economically. So what are you doing about it?” I’ll shout for NEP implementation vigorously until the Malays become par with the Chinese. I’m sure the NEP has helped those who did not get the tongkat like the Chinese got since British time – the British, Professor Dato Zainal Abidin Wahid said in the 1980s, wanted the Malays to “look after the food production of the country” and simply let them continue as rice farmers and fishermen, gave all sorts of tongkat to the Chinese. But, with NEP giving them the means and the opportunities, the Malays now have 20% corporate equity and I, with NEP educational facility, can at least argue you back here.

          The rest, I’ll let Abu answer, or tell you off.


        • What this fellow talking “UMNO will lose?” He didn’t read that even the independent Centre for Strategic Engagement (founder member is Hong Kong-based) research and detailed study says UMNO will at least retain their 137 seats. With the kind of serious attempts Najib doing, and about 1 year he still has before compulsory to hold elections, BN may even have 2/3 majority at PRU13.

          Somebody said this Transparent is fast gun? Glib talking, no? Mebbe blunderbuss type gun. No harm, only noisy and irritating.


      • Even if promoting Malay culture, any problem to the pendatangs? This is Tanah Melayu, Persekutuan Tanah Melayu and Malay sia. When they try to make it an issue, they deserve to be called pendatangs.


    • “the Malays abandoning UMNO in 2008”? That’s a rather irresponsible, unjustified and unexplained statement, much like the usual wild accusations made by the Opposition parties. It’s even talking through the nose when considering that UMNO and BN had a comfortable majority in Parliament. It was MCA that lost a big number of seats in 2008.

      Note also that many of the Malays who voted the Opposition or spoiled their votes at PRU12 were fed up with Abdullah Badawi, “the auto-piloting, sleeping on the job bla bla”. They had not abandoned UMNO, those who were party members remained, and I personally know many who did, expressing their disgust only temporarily. And many of them have said that now that Tun Dol is no longer PM, they’ll get back to voting BN at PRU13 and Najib has been trying very hard to improve the BN majority in Parliament.

      What “heady feelings” are you talking about, man? Loose gun, are you? Remember, Tunku Aziz stormed out of DAP calling Lim Guan Eng “biadap”? That’s the Sultan of Perak and a former Lord President (Chief Justice) of the country you are talking about. Can it not occur in your head that he plainly and efficiently carried out his duty by appointing minority PAS as MB when satisfied that Nizar and his group (Pakatan Rakyat did not exist as a political entity at PRU12, and may not have been formalized at the katak lompat time) was united and agreed to work together and to form a government?

      Likewise, when the katak lompat occurred, he called all the elected representatives to the Palace, asked each and every one of them their political standing and affiliations, and, after being satisfied that the BN had the majority at that point and time, he asked the Perak UMNO Head, Zambri, to form a government, and the Pakatan Rakyat DUN meeting under a tree was no more.

      Sultan Perak is a clear example of the very embodiment of Ketuanan Melayu. He had the powers, the role and the responsibility of appointing a Menteri Besar, exercised his discretion in the appointment of such a Menteri Besar, in a transparent (sure your name is correct?) manner and in the public knowledge, to the chagrin of what has been called the “DUN bawah pokok” and the “Menteri Besar Sekejap Nizar”.

      I’ll get to your balderdash points in the course of time.


      • I dont see any disagreement here. Did you read what the Sultan of Perak said about giving PAS a chance although he realised that PAS was the smallest minority party? You should read in between the lines or you can inquire directly yourself. No need to appoint yourself as his spokeman. From rocky bru..

        “I know that you do not know what Sultan Azlan Shah did last March when UMNO, the party with the biggest number of ADUN seats, sought his consent to re-form the state government of Perak. Not many people know. I’m going to tell you so that you will know that the Sultan has acted in the best interest of his State and his Rakyat in the case of Nizar.

        “You see, on the night of March 8, after securing more Adun seats than the other parties, UMNO made a representation to the Sultan to form a new state government.

        “But Sultan Azlan is a wise Sultan. He knows the law and he could read the situation well. He did not accede to UMNO’s request even though UMNO had won the most number of seats compared with DAP, PAS, or PKR.

        “So the Sultan told UMNO that he had a feeling that DAP, PAS and PKR would join hands and if they do so UMNO will not have the support of the majority in the state assembly. He requested that UMNO wait until had had mete the reps from DAP, PAS and PKR.

        “That was how the Sultan called in all the DAP, PAS, and PKR state assemblymen. He decided after that to allow Pakatan Rakyat to form the new state government in Perak. The rest is history. Or, rather, was history.

        “You see, Sultan Azlan, our former Yang diPertuan Agong, is a professional and he knows his law better than you and I, Nizar or Anwar. He was the former Lord President.”

        Next time read the blogs..hehe

        The other solution would of course ask UMNO to find some party who will join UMNO as minority government.


        • You really are a loose gun, shooting from he hip, aren’t you, Mr Transparent – so-called. You might even be a whacko cacko.

          Where got “the Sultan of Perak said about giving PAS a chance”? What you copied from rocky bru is not even attributed to a source. Are those rocky bru’s statements or personal opinions in his blog?

          So what about “UMNO making a representation to the Sultan to form a new state government.”? Of course the Sultan had to be certain that there is a majority among those asking to form a state government. But not “about giving PAS a chance”. Did rocky bru quote any source, any authority? Who said Sultan Perak wanted to “give PAS a chance”?He was just taking note of the fact that DAP, PAS, and PKR together form the majority.

          So he “called in all the DAP, PAS, and PKR state assemblymen. He decided after that to allow Pakatan Rakyat to form the new state government in Perak.” But didn’t he do the same when the “cabut lari parti” ADUNs took place?

          You said. “The rest is history.” But Nizar became what they say “Menteri Besar Sekejap” only. Then, Zambri became MB. For a much longer period until now. That was a long history, innit?

          Next time you read blogs, read the source lah. Must be authoritative source. Otherwise, when you read between the lines, you get your head tangled among the lines. If you quote just anybody, bo jalan, man, People won’t believe you. True he appointed Nizar MB Sekejap. But “giving PAS a chance”?, my foot.


    • “the DAP consist of Chinese who want to make Tanah Melayu more Chinese just like the Chinese Communist Party in Malaya then.” Have they changed? I don’t think so. People say politics is perception. I perceive them still the same – want to make Penang more Chinese …

      That’s the only state they rule now (holding the post of administrative head), their housing policy etc enable only the Chinese to buy housing units and live in Penang. And Lim Kit Siang wants communist terrorist leader Chin Peng to enter Malaysia.


    • I don’t think you are transparent, Mr Transparent. I think you are opaque. Thick skulled, even.

      Yes, corruption must not be condoned, but you point out only about corrupt UMNO leaders, nothing about the corrupt DAP, PAS and PKR leaders. Come on, you can’t say you cannot see them. Examples:

      a. DAP Selangor Exco Ean Yong was investigated by MACC and MACC witness Teoh Beng Hock died. At the RCI one Chinese trader said Ean Yong decided on tender prices for certain Municipal Council tenders. Yeah, no prosecution because people were scared of DAP treatment of those who squeak.

      b. DAP Selangor Ronnie Liu had his letterheads used for writing tender recommendation letters all over the place. DAP was put to shame and Ronnie lost his post of Selangor DAP Head to Teresa Kok. Yes, no prosecution because of protection by thugs and gangsters, nobody was prepared to be a witness to DAP corruption. Remember, one Selangor PKR ADUN and one independent MP alleged the DAP Exco met “the Underworld” even in the Selangor Sate Government offices. And Ronnie behaved like a gangster, too, banging MACC doors and even the Klang Hospital Mortuary doors during the TBH death case.

      c. Lim Guan Eng “bull dozed” the award of the huge (nearly RM1 billion) sPICE project that went to his crony, a contractor and President of the Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce. This was said by one of the Chinese newspapers. The project was done on Turn-Key basis. Yet DAP and you talk about transparency. Where’s the transparency? Where’s proof of tender, or at least, invitation to submit proposals, the advert, the Evaluation Committee, the Evaluation Report and Recommendation, etc? Do you know how much corruption can occur in Turn Key projects? Where the contractor writes the terms of reference, appoint their own architect, engineers, quantity surveyors etc? Sure, no proof of corruption, because the thugs and gangsters make sure no one speak out, otherwise, death. Remember, the thugs and gangsters even joined the DAP fellas during the race riots of 1969.

      d. Lim Guan Eng sold 100 plus acres of prime Penang State Government land to a private developer. The stupidity of that can be discussed another day but the so-called transparent “open tender” was nonsense. How can there be open tender when the developer reported to the KL Stock Exchange about “negotiations”. How can there be negotiations if there was “open tender”? At RM1.07 billion, the commission alone was a huge RM 20 – 30 million. Again, nobody was or would be prepared to speak about commission paid etc because of the system of secret societies, thugs and gangsters that is very much alive in DAP. Try banging Ronnie Liu’s doors and see.

      A lot more can be said, including about Nik Aziz accepting RM1/2 million worth Haji package, heck, PKR Selangor people even walloped money for distribution to people as reported in the papers some days ago.


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