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Ideological weaknesses of DAP leadership (Part 2)

……. (can we see the similarities between what happened years ago to what is happening now? A leopard cannot change its spots. A party doesn’t change its malicious ways no matter how much they are saying otherwise..)


In the 1970s the favourite political gimmick employed by DAP was to either ‘boycott parliamentary sessions and state assemblies’ or to stage ‘walk-outs’ even if the event was an important one such as Budget presentation. In 1970, 13 DAP MPs boycotted the Budget speech at the Dewan Bahasa on December 22nd, and the habitual boycotting of Parliamentary and State Assemblies became the norm of DAP’s political tactic and style for years to come.

Why is DAP adopting this irresponsible mode of representing the voters when it accused others of the same? Will such boycotting contribute to nation-building? DAP has an impeccable record of boycotts, the national education consultative council and numerous walkouts in Parliament and State Assemblies.

When DAP is not invited to give their views, the Opposition accused the BN of being undemocratic and dictatorial; but when they are invited, they have nothing to contribute. Instead they staged political gimmicks to obtain cheap publicity and political mileages. For once voters in the DAP constituencies should convey a strong message in protest against DAP’s trampling politics.

This contradiction is a typical example of DAP leadership since its founding years. Its wishy washy political policies are always subjected to the whims and fancies of its leadership depending upon the political moods of DAP leaders in exploiting the political circumstances of the day. In 1972, two DAP National Vice Chairmen left the opposition citing many of the current DAP leaders as “opportunistic, unprincipled and hankering for personal power and glory”. Many of the DAP staunched leaders like Goh Hock Chuan, Dr A. Soorian who had earlier condemned the policies of the Alliance, came to realise the ‘final truth’ of the DAP in later years.

By June 20th 1972, DAP lost four of its 13 MPs and twice that number of Assemblymen. The DAP was split in Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Selangor, Melaka (the whole committee of Melaka Branch resigned in August) and Penang. The DAP fell foul of old friends with whom it had an election understanding in 1969 and refused membership of the National Consultative Council (just as it boycotted the NECC in 1989) and boycotted KL City Day. The DAP was virtually in the ‘dumps’. Dr A. Soorian, former DAP national vice chairman was expelled because he was increasingly ‘critical’ of Lim Kit Siang for having betrayed the trust and ideal of the DAP as laid out by founder members such as Devan Nair. Lim Kit Siang’s leadership according to the former DAP leader, had no fixity of purpose or sense of direction, and “Kit Siang behaves as though the DAP belongs to him”.

4. DAP devoid of ideologies and principles

As early as 1967, precisely on 5th October, 28 years ago, current DAP Chairman Dr Chen Man Hin who held the same position then, said that the DAP was a multiracial party which would ‘never’ desert its cause by aligning itself with a racialist party, (quote): “… be it the Pan Malayan Islamist Party (currently PAS) or any other chinese or indian chauvinist party” (unquote). In 1971, DAP secretary general outdone his Chairman by saying (quote) : “The DAP must learn from the mistakes of compromising with political opportunists. The people must not repeat the mistakes of desiring on “opposition unity” at “whatever costs regardless..” (unquote).

Yet, seven years later in 1978, the same Lim Kit Siang made a generous offer to PAS to work together “in the name of benefitting all Malaysians”. The pertinent question we have to direct to Lim Kit Siang is that: “What benefits have all Malaysians received from the DAP-PAS political “marriage of convenience”? We know that DAP has played a key roe in assisting PAS in capturing Kelantan State government. We know that the Kelantanese chinese community is living in fear and apprehension of PAS in imposing the proposed Hudud laws and all types of restrictions in the name of PAS Islamic rules are being enforced, restricting Kelantanese chinese community’s rights and freedom to their economic and cultural practices.

Yet, DAP was willing to sacrifice those purported principles it so gallantly preaches by covering up PAS’ misdeeds and seeks electoral pact with PAS to fulfil Lim Kit Siang’s personal ambition of becoming Penang Chief Minister. In 1990, Lim Kit Siang stated openly in the Malaysian Press that DAP was more than willing to work with PAS to further “its own interests”. In other words, DAP National Chairman Dr Chen Man Hin’s open declaration not to align with PAS was meant either to ‘deceive’ the voters or that DAP is void of “principles”. Can Malaysian voters place their trusts upon DAP national leaders who have no principles, and having been exposed to have said something at a particular time but doing something else at another time!

Kit Siang realising his past follies and own lies had caused uneasiness within his own rank and file is trying to make amends by recently “covering up with another lie” that DAP will go to the polls “alone” suggest that DAP will distance itself from PAS. Should Malaysians voters believe again and again these lies? Should Malaysians in the coming general elections, increase DAP representation knowing that DAP rank and file are powerless to stop their “unscrupulous” Kit Siang’s lone ranger actions and absolute powers. Kit Siang being an old fox is bound to change his political tactics to woo public sympathies by “lying” that he is old and ought to be given a last term in Penang state. In the 1990 general elections, did Kit Siang give Lim Chong Eu a last chance to serve the constituents? The answer is obviously ‘no’., Kit Siang is too arrogant and in 1990, politically killed Lim Chong Eu.

Now that Koh Tsu Koon has replaced Lim Chong Eu for Gerakan in Penang, it is time that Lim Guan Eng should replace Kit Siang in DAP. What assurances are there to stop DAP from exercising “dictatorial rule” in Penang, exactly the way Lim Kit Siang runs DAP? Greater liberalisation in supporting DAP means a support of “tyranny” (unjust rule by a person or small group of people who have power over everyone else in the state or party).

5. DAP & educational policies

DAP has no constructive educational policies. Since its founding years, the party’s policy has been one of opposing for the sake of opposing. When MCA initiated the Tunku Abdul Rahman College, the DAP in 1968 “accused the MCA of using education to produce a race of fanatics who were prepared to sacrifice ordinary laws to the party machinery (source: NST 16th September 1968)”.   [JMD – very much like the DAP law-breakers we have now..] 

It further slandered MCA by saying that TAR College teachers would be “indoctrinated with the beliefs of MCA and that text books would be written to glorify MCA”. The DAP compared MCA’s proposed TAR College to schools in Germany turning out Hitler’s Youth who graduated into the Gestapo.

This is the type of opposition leadership within DAP of yesteryears and the quality of its leadership has since deteriorated by employing new political gimmicks, malicious methods and destructive means to keep the DAP afloat. Not only does DAP wants to do nothing to the cause of Malaysian education, the DAP leadership also wants “others” not to do anything worthwhile towards education our younger children. Envious and jealous of MCA initiating the TAR College in 1968, the DAP spread malicious lies, sowed seeds of suspicions and doubts among the community just to sabotage a beneficial community project. If DAP had been successful in sabotaging the TAR College project, hundreds of thousands of Malaysians would be deprived of educational opportunities and careers. To be exact, 40,500 TAR College graduates would be deprived by DAP of their educational opportunities and thousands of careers wiped out at the costs of nation-building.

Today, DAP lies have been proven to be malicious and has further proven that those DAP leaders who made such lies are liars. None of these graduates has been ‘indoctrinated” by MCA and not a single graduate turned out to be a Hitler Youth! [JMD – but these days it is alleged that most students in UTAR are pro-DAP. Irony.]

There is a mentality among voters who support the DAP for the very reason that the opposition was needed to “voice their grievances” and to provide “checks and balances” in government. In reality, DAP is “morally and ethically incapable of voicing your grievances for the very simple reason that DAP leadership is no longer capable to protect your interests. DAP is predominantly occupied by protecting its own political survival.

Recently the dAP has adopted “new political technologies” to survive. It has mastered the art of “claiming credits” to its name. Never mind, whether the achievements are economic, political or social related. Malaysia’s development progress is attributed to DAP’s existence! And DAP hopes to “hoodwink” the voter in the street even though it might be an insult of intelligence to the man on the street. Another “political technology” employed by DAP since Tanjong Two failed to materialise was to “beg” for sympathies by threatening to “resign”.

Lim Kit Siang during his 25 year political career as DAP Secretary General has threatened to resign no less than 50 times either within DAP or to the electorate, an average of two threats per 12 months of his political office. His practice of using “tricks and threats” to solicit sympathies is synonymous to Lim Kit Siang’s norm and childish prank he endears to, in order to keep absolute power.


DAP has been this way since its inception. Wither Malaysia should they are given another chance to wield power in Pakatan Rakyat.

32 thoughts on “Ideological weaknesses of DAP leadership (Part 2)

  1. The more I’m reminded of DAP’s past, the more I think of what they are doing at present, and the more I’m inclined to believe that DAP is largely made up of the Cina Bukit of south China that the British Professor C.P Fitzgerald wrote about in his book on the history of China.

    Uncouth, ruthless and unprincipled they are, jumping at every opportunity to get what they want, not bothered about, even antagonistic towards, the rights and interests of others, especially the original inhabitants of this land – in particular, the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. Raising sensitive issues at general election campaign, boisterous, rude, obscene and highly provocative during their election victory celebration sparking the race riots of 1969. Even in recent years they were shouting and name calling in Parliament, one not-yang-berhormat YB climbing up and standing on the table in full Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak regalia and yelling to fellow ADUNs. Nonchalantly and irresponsibly walking out of Parliamentary and DUN debates, later lambasting and claiming they were not there when the relevant Bill was passed into law,

    In order to give an accurate idea on the kind of DAP “Cina Bukit” Chinese, allow me to c & p again the Professor Fitzgerald 5-year research finding that has been reproduced before:

    1. Chinese culture took root in the plains of Manchuria, a foreign country until after World War II

    2. The northern provinces have always to some degree been mixed with “peoples from the Mongolian steppes”

    3. The southern and central provinces of China were, before the northerners moved southwards, “covered” by non-Chinese, the Miao, small in size and who the Chinese were contemptuous of.

    4. The south was originally occupied by “aboriginal tribes”. The ancestors of most of the migrants to Malaya/ sia came from the south. The Professor said, “A large proportion of the population of the south calling itself ‘Chinese’ is in fact descended from one or other of the aboriginal races” – page 6. Even in modern times, in Yunnan and Kueichouu, tribesmen number half the population.

    The southerners comprise the following major groups:

    a. Fukienese, “a separate stock, mixed with immigrants from the north and the Yangtze Valley” and speaking “a peculiar dialect”.

    b. Cantonese, also speak a somewhat alien language, a form of old Chinese – the south was colonized by the northerners, colonization completed in the 7th Century – some 800 years after China was formed as a political entity by Chin Shih Huang Di.

    c. Hakkas, of Kuantung province, known as “guest families” – they speak a peculiar dialect, despised by the Cantonese and do not inter marry. These people were said to have come from the north, running away from frequent Mongol invasions in the 13th Century.

    ANON’S COMMENT: Note that the contempt of the Hakkas by the others still exist. There were frequent fights somewhat of civil war proportions between the Hakkas and Hokkiens (Fukiens?) in the early history of Penang. I believe the contempt the others have of the Hakkas still exist today and one wonders the extent it permeates the various levels of Chinese society, and whether it is manifested along political party lines – DAP, MCA and Gerakan. Note that the traditional clan associations and the business guilds based on clans still exist, too.


    • When calling for Malay unity, one argument often used is that the Chinese are united. Are they? I don’t think so. The split between DAP and MCA I think is eternal.

      PAS has worked together with UMNO but I don’t see the prospect DAP will work together with MCA. Or Gerakan for that matter. DAP is so hard-headed that even if their heads are banged against granite, the granite will break, not their heads.

      DAP and MCA may be supporting Dong Zong on Chinese schools but they are competing for acceptance and for votes, their existence never complementary there. At one time the Dong Zong clarified that they are not supporting any political party.

      But no reason for the Malays not to continue trying to unite and not be exploited.


  2. “Lim Kit Siang during his 25 year political career as DAP Secretary General has threatened to resign no less than 50 times” –

    Honest politicians threaten to resign only 1-2 times and with the purpose of testing voters’ sentiment. After the threat is announced, they actually do some kind of survey to determine the reaction and, like in the UK, may actually resign if the reaction points to a need to resign.

    But not Lim Kit Siang. I don’t think he had any intention to resign at all. If not, why up to 50 times. He must have planned it to hoodwink the people that he was popular, “offerred” to resign many times but party or constituents didn’t allow him. And he didn’t bother to check or survey how many would have wanted him to. Or he’d check merely to warn those who’d take the threat to resign to watch their backsides. True, so many fellows couldn’t stand him and his ways, and resign from their positions and/or from DAP completely.

    Now as DAP Adviser, he is still the power behind the throne. After all, the so-called party boss as Secretary General is his own son, Lim Guan Eng. Though not yet using the threat to resign to boost his popularity, the son is very much the father. There have been resignations from time to time in DAP and from DAP under his stewardship. The latest is of course party Vice President Tunku Aziz who called him “biadap”.


  3. DAP invited to give their views? With their kind of politics and the often rough character of the leaders, DAP invited to give views? Not only will one too many cook spoil the broth, they will try to spill the broth, then accuse others of doing it. Remember, theirs is the politics of saying everything the Establishment does is wrong, only what they do is right. They even tried to point fingers at others when they were the ones causing the race riots of 1969.

    Their views may be defamatory. Tony Pua the DAP national Publicity Secretary has been instructed by the High Court to pay Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor RM200,000 for defamation. Interesting to know if he will pay and where he will get the money from. Is he from a well off family? Has he got dividend paying shares in business ventures? Did he declare his assets to DAP? Has he got corrupt sources of income? They accuse others being corrupt, but are they not corrupt themselves?


    • He likes to cut and paste. Mebbe because he tidak potong. When Karpal said want non-Malay PM, Nik Aziz said, boleh tapi mesti Islam. So people say LKS kena potong dulu kalau mahu jadi PM, hahaha. Anwar said LKS DPM candidate. Mebbe “over Hadi Awang’s dead body”. Like Karpal said “Over my dead body” to Hukum Hudud.


  4. Ask orang putih to write history of China is worst than eating kacang putih. Why he left out as if there are no MUSLIMS in China? Cheng HO is a true character and he is a MUSLIM! In Western parts of China, there are millions of Muslims and there are more moques in China than in Malaysia millions times and Muslims from the West have been trying to penentrate the Great Wall of China. Once they got in , now the wall enclose them but this Longkong Profession cannot see the great wall of China and muslims living there.


    • Mebbe that part he was talk about the origins of the chinese people, not about the religion of Chinese.

      Mebbe nobody ask him to write, he write because knowledge, information.

      Aiyyo, writing history worst than eating kacang putih, I did not know that.


  5. “It has mastered the art of “claiming credits” to its name.” And hoodwinking the people, too.

    Lim Guan Eng claimed to have reduced Penang’s debt by over RM600 million in 3-4 years. The amount was a debt to the Federal Government. The Deputy Minister of Finance explained that when the Federal Government handed over water assets to the Penang State Government, Penang was to pay RM600 million in yearly instalments. But Lim Guan Eng had those treated as hire purchase and not entered in the State accounts as debt.

    How corrupt a thinking is that. He assumes the public are all fools. Not realizing that he is the biggest fool of all. What kind of leader is that. Pembohong and penipu. Hoodwingking is a polite word. But let him have it. The effect is the same.


  6. “Wither Malaysia should they are given another chance to wield power in Pakatan Rakyat.” –

    No, they have no power to wield. They usurp power. Except Penang maybe.

    In Selangor, PKR Khalid Ibrahim is the MB and should be wielding power. But the man has been beset with personal financial problems (RM66 mill loan that the bank had even got a Court Order against him) and political power wrangling with Azmin Ali, the PKR Deputy President who had wanted the post but it was given to Khalid by Anwar. And the poor man has been both physically and metaphorically gagap, exploited by the DAP Exco members like Teresa Kok and Ronnie Liu, hounding him wherever he went when hot issues cropped up, to make sure he says the things they want him to say, like during the case of the Methodist Church Damansara Utama being investigated by JAIS on Muslim murtad complaints. Imagine, the old man ended up apologizing to Pastor Ho of MCDU even before JAIS completed its report. .

    In Perak, DAP Nga and Ngeh also hounded “MB Sekejap” Mohammad Nizar of PAS, following him everywhere he went as shown in many photographs and video footage, also intended to make sure he said the things they wanted him to say. That’s DAP way. Uncouth, unpolished, without decency, they say.

    No country can be ruled like that. Imagine Hadi Awang being PM (cannot imagine actually, the image simply doesn’t come out, but whatever ..) and Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Teresa Kok (jaga, tak boleh sentuh, haram) following him all over the places where newsmen are around to make sure he says what they want him to say. The country will go to the dogs like that. A PM always hounded, like by dogs.

    Pssst, sorry, won’t mention Anwar as an example. I believe he’d be in prison somehow, come PRU13.


  7. A party doesn’t change its malicious ways when those are the only ways they know. DAP has been anti-Malay and anti-Islam and subversive to the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak since its inception. Wanting equality without recognizing that Special Position is subversive to that Special Position. The Malays and the Bumiputeras know that, that’s why they could not get Malay votes, and could get only 1-2 Malays to join their party as members, however hard they tried.

    They are are the vicious kind, self-isolating through Chinese schools and Dong Zong membership, cannot accept Ketuanan Melayu and the NEP, not respecting the Constitution of the country, reject the concept of national unity and the formation of a united and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia, get attracted to the idea of so-called “multi-nations within a nation” propagated by the Dong Zong headed by its Chairman who had not replied to the allegation of using two fake PhDs, do not believe in unity through 1Malaysia and single-stream education. Right from their ancestors who came to this country as coolies etc, those who made good becoming self-employed also think the same because they know no other except the ways propagated by their own kind. Racist, chauvinistic DAP kind.

    One comment in an earlier post asked if DAP members and supporters read this blog. Sure they do. This is a respectable blog, written with research, facts, data and arguments, the views given are carefully considered and responsible ones. This blog has achieved well over 1 million hits and in recent times there were quarter million hits in a matter of months.

    There have been many dissenting “non-Establishment” views as well as Opposition “anti-Establishment” views (DAP kind) among the comments. Perhaps the frequency of the anti-Establishment or DAP views depends on the frequency and how much they are being countered. I personally don’t mind such views but I’m glad that generally these days they cannot simply say anything they like without being challenged. I think they now know that the Malays and the Bumiputeras no longer take the objectionable things they say or do lying down and there are more Malays and Bumiputeras who will counter them.

    JMD : Thank you Aku for the comment and kind words. With your continuous support and great comments, I am sure the negative elements that feed us with their own rendition of ‘facts’ and fallacies will be hard pressed to come up with better arguments! 🙂


    • Jebat talks about DAP’s ideological weaknesses, TS Muhyiddin speaks about ideological differences among them. But DAP main bantai saja type. Tak ikut ideology one. Ikut senang saja, ikut suka saja. That’s why Lim Kit Siang even wants communist terrorist bastard Chin Peng to enter Malaysia. Don’t care about the many thousands Chin Peng and his gang of communist terrorists killed. Police, Army, civilians, innocent people. DAP does not care all these. They sparked the race riots of 1969 also they didn’t care. Never admitted, never apologise. They don’t deserve our votes. Just let their members only vote them.


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  9. Aku,

    You and Jebat are two peas in a pod of shit. Its not hard to see that Umno will never stand side by side and being compared with DAP’s truly noble and just cause of meritocracy, efficient leadership and fairness. If you dont perform, than go out and ship out. Granted, DAP during the 70s and 80s were filled with dramas and sad episodes of turncoats fleeing the ship when times were rough. But not anymore lah! Now, they are more united and able to govern states like Penang and Selangor! Give them the mandate and they will perform well for Malaysia too! Umno is reeling from the shock at what DAP can do to improve a state. Now they are begging the voters by telling grandfather history of DAP. What can that do?! F*** all of you dumb**** malay!


    • I want to masuk here if can –

      “DAP … able to govern states like Penang and Selangor”? Saying that already show you are a shit fellow. Where got DAP govern Selangor? You live in jungle ha? Never heard Khalid Ibrahim PKR ha? Wat man you? So how anybody to caya watever you say?

      “telling grandfather history of DAP” you call “begging the voters” ha? Wat logic got one? You ever heard the word logic or not? You sekolah Cina and Dong Zong kind ha? You read or not Dong Zong Chairman Yap they say use two PhD tipu one. Called Dr Dr Yap (twice Dr), haha. You didn’t read The Star report the time Dong Zong rally in Kajang recently ha? Degrees bought from the Internet la. University no campus, no lecturers, only got office one. Here, read this kind of degree tipu advertisement:

      Example of Dong Zong Yap’s Internet PhD university? –
      • Get Online Degree
      Earn an Accredited Degree Online Fast, Easy, Online & Recognized

      So, how to caya you people? People say your kind hoodwinking here and there.

      “DAP’s truly noble and just cause of meritocracy, efficient leadership and fairness” my foot! Btw why they say my foot ha? Some people say my arse. Maybe those scared of Anwar won’t say my arse, say my foot ha? You “Why Do You Care” fellow likes the word shit, maybe you say my shit ha? How you like early morning laugh at you mister?

      Talk like that you didn’t read DAP Vice Chairman Tunku Aziz cabut lari from DAP calling Lim Guan Eng biadap ha? You didn’t read Lim Guan Eng tipu about reducing Penang state debt ha? Crazy.


    • Hello friend, Why Do You Care?,

      I’m curious lah. You sound an OK person, write good English, correct grammar, good sentence construction and all, but why you you use the F word etc? And why the racial slur? Why you refer to the Malays as F and dumb?

      Surely not fair, betul tak? Even if you disagree with Aku and Jebat, why shit them? When you shit them, what does it make you?

      I don’t want to say lah, just ask out of curiosity. Maybe you got reasons, if so, explain lah, so that other readers also know.


    • “Give them the mandate and they will perform well for Malaysia too”? Aiyyo, give them the mandate, finish lah this country.

      China claims to have 3,500 years history but regarded by the West as pariah until only 1-2 decades ago, yo. Conquered and ruled by the Mongols under Genghis Khan in the 13th Century, conquered and ruled by the Manchus (foreigners until after WW II) until the 20th Century, man. The last debacle in China was the rule by communist Mao Zedong lah.

      And Lim Kit Siang wants communist terrorist Chin Peng to enter Malaysia. If DAP rules Malaysia, sure habis lah. He’ll probably bring in all the communists into this country lah.


      • asswipe dgn kertas – badan perfume byak makan lembu pendek -masih 100% tongsang – no- couture- chic- can -hide ….over our dead body!!


      • Wah professor very profound lah but you know shit about Chinese history where it pertains to the Chinese as a civilization, ask me and Ill tell you what you want to know ignorant shit!!!


    • WDYC

      “grandfather history of DAP” will reveal their communistic intent and expose their sneaky political agenda.

      “Umno is reeling from the shock at what DAP can do” – is this the essence of DAP’s brainwashing campaign? Pathetic really …


  10. Whether ideological weaknesses or whatever, if DAP thinks about ruling this country, they are joking. Even ruling Penang indefinitely, they are joking. They ruled once before, but only one term. That may happen this time again.

    Especially after the frustration suffered by the Penang citizens. Ranging from the selective banning of hawker stalls favouring DAP members, the cries of Kg Buah Pala residents’ housing needs being ignored, the lower income grinning and fuming being unable to buy highly-priced homes on the island, the “tender bluff” on the sale of the prized 100 plus acres state land in Bayan Mutiara, the billion Ringgit Turn-Key sPICE Project that Lim Guan Eng bulldozed the award, ending in his crony, the Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce getting it.

    They simply cannot and would not get to rule the country. That brand of being chauvinistic and racist is on their foreheads. Noticeable from a distance. Unlike cows which are branded on the legs or their bellies, DAP fellows carry the chop on their foreheads. Even the comment under the name of Why Do You Care, above, has the highly racist words ” F*** all of you dumb**** malay!” You see, they simply cannot change their anti-Malay attitude. Despite the fact that they were pendatangs to a Malay land. Behaving like thugs and gangsters. That attitude and ingratitude is inborn, inbred. It’s in their genes, it won’t skip any generation, it simply goes on and on, automatically reproduced the moment the father’s sperm works in the mother’s womb to produce the rudiments of their brain cells. The rakyat knows this attitude and its inborn and inbred nature. The majority of voters know this. That’s why they’ll never get to rule this country.

    Yes, they were pendatangs but could not even accept historical facts – the processes of gaining independence from the British. The understandings achieved among the representatives of the major races. Hell, they wouldn’t even accept fully the Constitution of the country that has been discussed, debated and agreed democratically by the representatives of all the communities in Parliament. All those ding dongs of DAP leadership as put out by JMD in the above two posts show the kind of people they were and still are.

    Hoping to get to Putrajaya with PAS and PKR. Hah, PAS has not even agreed who to be PM among them if they ever get to Putrajaya. Lim Kit Siang has endorsed Anwar, perhaps because Anwar said Lim Kit Siang is their DPM candidate. Hadi Awang has not endorsed Anwar, maybe because Anwar proposed LKS as DPM candidate. But PAS has clearly indicated that if they win more seats than PKR and DAP, they want the PM post. In any case, even Nik Aziz has said that the PM has to be a Muslim. So, DAP’s only hope is for LKS to become PM by default – Anwar’s default, i.e if PR wins, Anwar becomes PM and LKS DPM but Anwar goes to prison on account of Sodomy II, etc leaving LKS PM. I think PAS also smells this, so Hadi won’t endorse the Anwar-LKS “PM and DPM line up”, and Nik Aziz pre-empts it by stating the PM must be a Muslim.

    The Pakatan Rakyat political manoeuvering, scheming and cajoling all told, I think DAP will be left in a lurch indefinitely, with the “Chauvinist and Racist” brand clearly visible on their foreheads forever.


  11. Dunno, leh. All this talk us-versus-them very atas, lah.

    Special rights, sedition, treason – wah lau, eh. Very drama, one.

    Tapi, can’t get good job – then, how? Bosses say my Inggeris not so good, go back study some more. But got no money, how? Cannot get scholarship, no jalan.

    So, what to do, Boss? Sell haram DVDs or off market hand phones?

    Aiyoh, very susah, mah!


    • Haiyya Jasper, why susah one? Just say you agree or not agree only. Give arguments lah, so that we can have discussion. No rude or sarcastic words so that you don’t get the same from readers. They say we talk in gentleman way lah.

      But Important you say why and no accuse wildly lah. Explain why you disagree. But if you agree with what we say or think, no need to explain lah. Then you are “us”.

      Now when you mention “Special rights, sedition, treason .. Very drama, one”, you sound like “them” lah. Then sure you need to explain lah. Otherwise, true, you are not “very atas” but very down one. Don’t angry with me, I just use your words one.

      Don worry, can disagree one. But we must talk using what the Constitution say lah.


    • Jasper, sayang,

      That’s why you should have attended Sekolah Kebangsaan, get good results in BM, plenty A’s, and can get scholarships. Many Chinese with many A’s been getting scholarships already. Despite the fact that Chinese have the highest number in the professional fields. Doctors, lawyers, engineers etc. Ask the Bar Council the staggering number of Chinese lawyers among the 14,000 members of the Bar. Or the Malaysian Medical Association on the number of Chinese and Indian doctors.

      If not too many A’s at SPM, can still get scholarships at UTAR. Plenty of Chinese millionaires wanting to donate to UTAR. Last year or so one Chinese Engineer millionaire wanted to donate RM30 million but UTAR even refused. So much money already for scholarships etc.

      Can’t get good job – then how? Go to Chinese-owned companies, my dear. They even advertise for Mandarin speaking company positions. So many positions, not only in Chinese–owned companies but also companies with many Chinese on the management.

      I would not advise anyone to sell haram DVDs or anything illegal. You’ll get into trouble. But, in your worst ot times, just console yourself by telling yourself that the Malays had suffered educationally, job-wise, money and wealth-wise for hundreds of years. The English colonialists didn’t give them Tongkat but gave Tongkat only to the Chinese, you know. Only 4 years Malay school education in the kampong schools all those years under British rule, the Chinese even had English education in the towns. The British gave all sorts of economic Tongkat to the Chinese also. Even after Merdeka until now, the Chinese got business tongkats. Ask Robert Kuok, Vincent Tan etc.


    • Heh Heh

      jasper has suddenly changed style ah? Why, cannot take the intellectual rebuttals anymore ka? Your “Inggeris not so good” speak mandarin lah, sure can get job ma!

      if you’re female sure can getwork at kedai urut one! no ploblem, ma.


      • if amoi…waliao… horny- for -betina-kuning-sepet , small- d*ck rich melei boyz will sure fall in love with you fast one. Some more got mat saleh surname u guys love to ciplak, he will mengelabah want to make u wife and hve fugly kids with you mah.


  12. I like that No. 4 – DAP devoid of ideologies and principles. I agree on that.

    They even wallop one another. Viciously. All the way up. NST today reported about a DAP branch chairman calling for for a revamp of state party leadership. Branch Chairman making the call, mind you. Whacking the Selangor DAP executive councillor in charge of local councils, Ronnie Liu, for allegedly amending the finalised list of DAP’s local councillors which has been endorsed by the state DAP.

    DAP Taman Chi Liung chairman, who is also former Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) councillor, K. Yogasigamany made the call. He urged party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng to step in immediately to resolve the issue and revamp the state DAP leadership. A big slap on Ronnie Liu, the former DAP Selangor Head, and Teresa Kok, the current Head. In March Teresa Kok was reported to have ticked off Ronnie for amending the list of proposed councillors without the knowledge of the state DAP. Also a slap on DAP Adviser Lim Kit Siang. Because LKS had on March 7 ordered the list submitted by the Selangor DAP to be reviewed. Aiyyo, on the matter of local Councillors appointments (usually a non issue), past Selangor DAP Head, current DAP Selangor Head, big boss LKS and not-so-big but DAP boss LGE all kena. Where are DAP ideologies and principles like that?

    And who said DAP no cronyism and nepotism? Yogasigamany alleged that “the appointment of DAP’s local councillors was tainted with cronyism and nepotism by appointing cronies who were incompetent, uneducated and illiterate.” He had served as MBSA councillor between July 2010 and February this year. He said he was “unceremoniously dumped although I was endorsed for re-appointment (as Shah Alam councillor) by the Selangor DAP committee.”

    The moral of this DAP story is: If you don’t give me what I want, I’ll whack you all, right to the top level.


    • Yes, that’s the kind of membership the DAP has. They talk and behave like members of secret societies, thugs and gangsters. The system that was brought from China when their ancestors came in the 19th Century. Practised at first in Penang, later spread by them to other states of Malaysia.

      Even their leadership is like that. From the lowest, to the highest. This fellow is a Branch Chairman. Look at their Selangor Exco Ronnie Liu, Selangor DAP Head Teresa Kok, Secretary General Lim Guan Eng, Chairman Karpal Singh and the supremo, Lim Kit Siang.

      DAP Exco Ronnie Liu was said by a PKR ADUN (colleague in DUN Selangor, mind you) and an independent MP to have met “the Underworld” in the State Government offices in Shah Alam. When MACC witness Teoh Beng Hock died, Ronnie went banging MACC doors outside office hours, then went banging even the Klang Hospital mortuary doors. Goodness, isn’t that pure thuggish and gangsterish behaviour?

      Teresa Kok complained about the Muslim azan calls to prayers. When Islam is “the religion” of the country as stated in the Constitution, and she, as a Wakil Rakyat, gathered some like-minded fellows, spoke to newsmen complaining about the azan, isn’t that thuggish and gangsterish behaviour?

      Karpal Singh retorted “Over my dead body” to PAS’ dream of Hukum Hudud, in a cold and rash manner, without any qualm or show of respect to the Muslims, without an iota of an indication that it should be discussed first, wasn’t that thuggish and gangsterish?

      There are so many instances of secret society-ish, thuggish and gangsterish words and deeds of the Lim father and son to narrate here. Suffice to say that one was jailed, the other was ISA-ed. And the son claimed to have gone to jail for defending a girl allegedly done up by a former Chief Minister. Conveniently forgetting that he was jailed for sedition. And the father was in charge of DAP when the party members sparked the race riots of 1969. And he got ISA-ed on another occasion for acts prejudicial to national security.


    • PS:

      Under the circumstances I explained above, I must say that, while JMD speaks about ideological differences and Tan Sri Muhyiddin speaks about ideological conflicts among DAP leaders, I agree with those who doubt if DAP has any ideology, or if there are the rudiments of an ideology, whether the leaders stick to it when speaking or acting in thuggish and gangsterish ways.

      A lot, it seems to me, are just ad hoc bursts of whatever that may seem convenient and extremists’ vote getting on their part, out of vengeance, anger and deep-rooted non-acceptance of the salient provisions of the Constitution.

      We cannot have this kind as leaders of the country, or of any state in the country for long.


  13. I dislike polarisation in any form. I recalled having Indians, Malays, Sikh, etc eating at the same table. Now I only dream of them and long for what Tengku Li said. Every Malaysian needs to search his soul and truthfully ask himself if he can accept what is said. Read the attached speech.

    Pre-National Day – An excellent speech by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah in UK

    Thank you for inviting me to speak with you. I am truly honoured. I have played some small role in the life of this nation, but having been on the wrong side of one or two political fights with the powers that be, I am not as close to the young people of this country as I would hope to be.

    History, and the 8 o’clock news, are written by the victors. In recent years the government’s monopoly of the media has been destroyed by the technology revolution.

    You could say I was also a member of the UKEC. Well I was, except that belonged to the predecessor of the UKEC by more than fifty years, The Malayan Students Union of the UK and Eire. I led this organization in 1958/59. I was then a student of Queen’s University at Belfast, in a rather cooler climate than Kota Bharu’s.

    Your invitation to participate in the MSLS was prefaced by an essay which calls for an intellectually informed activism. I congratulate you on this. The Youth of today, you note, “will chart the future of Malaysia.” You say you “no longer want to be ignored and leave the future of our Malaysia at the hands of the current generation.” You “want to grab the bull by the horns… and have a say in where we go as a society and as a nation.”I feel the same, actually. A lot of Malaysians feel the same. They are tired of being ignored and talked down to by swaggering mediocrities.

    You are right. The present generation in power has let Malaysia down.

    But also you cite two things as testimony of the importance of youth and of student activism to this country, the election results of 2008 and “the Prime Minister’s acknowledgement of the role of youth in the development of the country.”

    So perhaps you are a little way yet from thinking for yourselves. The first step in “grabbing the bull by the horns” is not to required the endorsement of the Prime Minister, or any Minister, for your activism.

    Politicians are not your parents. They are your servants. You don’t need a government slogan coined by a foreign PR agency to wrap your project in. You just go ahead and do it.

    When I was a student our newly formed country was already a leader in the postcolonial world. We were sought out as a leader in the Afro-Asian Conference which inaugurated the Non-Aligned Movement and the G-77. The Afro-Asian movement was led by such luminaries as Zhou En-lai, Nehru, Kwame Nkrumah, Soekarno. Malaysians were seen as moderate leaders capable of mediating between these more radical leaders and the West. We were known for our moderation, good sense and reliability. We were a leader in the Islamic world as ourselves and as we were, without our leaders having to put up false displays of piety. His memory has been scrubbed out quite systematically from our national consciousness, so you might not know this or much else about him, but it was Tengku Abdul Rahman who established our leadership in the Islamic world by coming up with the idea of the OIC and making it happen.

    Under his leadership Malaysia led the way in taking up the anti-apartheid cause in the Commonwealth and in the United Nations, resulting in South Africa’s expulsion from these bodies.

    Here was a man at ease with himself, made it a policy goal that Malaysia be “a happy country”. He loved sport and encouraged sporting achievement among Malaysians. He was owner of many a fine race horse.

    He called a press conference and had a beer with his stewards when his horse won at the Melbourne Cup. He had nothing to hide because his great integrity in service was clear to all. Now we have religious and moral hypocrites who cheat, lie and steal in office but never have a drink, who propagate an ideologically shackled education system for all Malaysians while they send their own kids to elite academies in the West.

    Speaking of football. You’re too young to have experienced the Merdeka Cup, which Tunku started. We had a respectable side in the sixties and seventies. Teams from across Asia would come to play in Kuala Lumpur. Teams such as South Korea and Japan, whom we defeated routinely. We were one of the better sides in Asia. We won the Bronze medal at the Asian games in 1974 and qualified for the Moscow Olympics in 1980.
    Today our FIFA ranking is 157 out of 203 countries. That puts us in the lowest quartile, below Maldives (149), the smallest country in Asia, with just 400,000 people living about 1.5 metres above sea level who have to worry that their country may soon be swallowed up by climate change. Here in ASEAN we are behind Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, whom we used to dominate, and our one spot above basketball-playing Philippines.

    The captain of our illustrious 1970′s side was Soh Chin Aun. Arumugam, Isa Bakar, Santokh Singh, James Wong and Mokhtar Dahari were heroes whose names rolled off the tongues of our schoolchildren as they copied them on the school field. It wasn’t about being the best in the world, but about being passionate and united and devoted to the game.

    It was the same in Badminton, except at one time we were the best in the world. I remember Wong Peng Soon, the first Asian to win the All-England Championship, and then just dominated it throughout the 1950. Back home every kid who played badminton in every little kampong wanted to call himself Wong Peng Soon. There was no tinge of anybody identifying themselves exclusively as Chinese, Malays, Indian. Peng Soon was a Malaysian hero. Just like each of our football heroes. Now we do not have an iota of that feeling. Where has it all gone?

    I don’t think it’s mere nostalgia that that makes us think there was a time when the sun shone more brightly upon Malaysia. I bring up sport because it has been a mirror of our more general performance as nation. When we were at ease with who we were and didn’t need slogans to do our best together, we did well. When race and money entered our game, we declined. The same applies to our political and economic life

    Soon after independence we were already a highly successful developing country. We had begun the infrastructure building and diversification of our economy that would be the foundation for further growth. We carried out an import-substitution programme that stimulated local productive capacity. From there we started an infrastructure buildup which enabled a diversification of the economy leading to rapid industrialisation. We carried out effective programmes to raise rural income and help with landless with programmes such as FELDA. Our achievements in achieving growth with equity were recognised around the world. We were ahead of Our peer group in economic development were South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, and we led the pack. I remember we used to send technical consultants to advise the South Koreans.

    By the lates nineties, however, we had fallen far behind this group and were competing with Thailand and Indonesia. Today, according to the latest World Investment Report, FDI into Malaysia is at about a twenty year low. We are entering the peer group of Cambodia, Myanmar and the Philippines as an investment destination. Thailand, despite a month long siege of the capital, attracted more FDI than we did last year. Indonesia and Vietnam far outperform us, not as a statistical blip but consistently. Soon we shall have difficulty keeping up with The Philippines. This, I believe, is called relegation. If we take into account FDI outflow, the picture is even more interesting. Last year we received US$1.38 billion (RM4.40 billion) in investments but US$ 8.04 billion flowed out. We are the only country in Southeast Asia which has suffered nett FDI outflow. I am not against outward investment. It can be a good thing for the country. But an imbalance on this scale indicates capital flight, not mere investment overseas.

    Without a doubt, Malaysia is slipping. Billions have been looted from this country, and billions more are being siphoned out as our entire political structure crumbles. Yet we are gathered here in comfort, in a country that still seems to ‘work.’ Most of the time. This is due less to good management than to the extraordinary wealth of this country. You were born into a country of immense resources both natural and cultural and social. We have been wearing down this advantage with mismanagement and corruption. With lies, tall tales and theft. We have a political class unwilling or unable to address the central issue of the day because they have grown fat and comfortable with a system built on lies and theft. It is easy to fall into the lull caused by the combination of whatever wealth has not been plundered and removed and political class that lives in a bubble of sycophancy.

    I urge you not to fall into that complacency. It is time to wake up. That waking up can begin here, right here, at this conference. Not tomorrow or the day after but today. So let me, as I have the honour of opening this conference, suggest the following:

    Overcome the urge to have our hopes for the future endorsed by the Prime Minister. He will have retired, and I’ll be long gone when your future arrives. The shape of your future is being determined now.

    Resist the temptation to say “in line with” when we do something. Your projects, believe it or not, don’t have to be in line with any government campaign for them to be meaningful. You don’t need to polish anyone’s apple. Just get on with what you plan to do.

    Do not put a lid on certain issues as “sensitive” because someone said they are. Or it is against the Social Contract. Or it is “politicisation”. You don’t need to have your conversation delimited by the hyper-sensitive among us. Sensitivity is often a club people use to hit each other with. Reasoned discussion of contentious issues builds understanding and trust. Test this idea.

    It’s not “uber-liberal” to ask for an end to having politics, economic policy, education policy and everything and the kitchen sink determined by race. It’s called growing up. Go look up “liberal” in a dictionary.

    Please resist the temptation to say Salam 1 Malaysia, or Salam Vision 2020 or Salam Malaysia Boleh, or anything like that. Not even when you are reading the news. It’s embarrassing. I think it’s OK to say plain old salam the way the Holy Prophet did, wishing peace unto all humanity. You say you want to “promote intellectual discourse.” I take that to mean you want to have reasonable, thought-through and critical discussions, and slogans are the enemy of thought. Banish them.

    Don’t let the politicians you have invited here talk down to you.

    Don’t let them tell you how bright and “exuberant” you are, that you are the future of the nation, etc. If you close your eyes and flow with their flattery you have safely joined the caravan, a caravan taking the nation down a sink hole. If they tell you the future is in your hands kindly request that they hand that future over first. Ask them how come the youngest member of our cabinet is 45 and is full of discredited hacks? Our Merdeka cabinet had an average age below thirty. You’re not the first generation to be bright. Mine wasn’t too stupid. But you could be the first generation of students and young graduates in fifty years to push this nation through a major transformation. And it is a transformation we need desperately.

    You will be told that much is expected of you, much has been given to you, and so forth. This is all true. Actually much has also been stolen from you. Over the last twenty five years, much of the immense wealth generated by our productive people and our vast resources has been looted. This was supposed to have been your patrimony. The uncomplicated sense of belonging fully, wholeheartedly, unreservedly, to this country, in all it diversity, that has been taken from you.

    Our sense of ourselves as Malaysians, a free and united people, has been replaced by a tale of racial strife and resentment that continues to haunt us. The thing is, this tale is false.

    The most precious thing you have been deprived of has been your history. Someone of my generation finds it hard to describe what must seem like a completely different country to you now. Malaysia was not born in strife but in unity. Our independence was achieved through a demonstration of unity by the people in supporting a multiracial government led by Tengku Abdul Rahman. That show of unity, demonstrated first through the municipal elections of 1952 and then through the Alliance’s landslide victory in the elections of 1955, showed that the people of Malaya were united in wanting their freedom.

    We surprised the British, who thought we could not do this.

    Today we are no longer as united as we were then. We are also less free. I don’t think this is a coincidence. It takes free people to have the psychological strength to overcome the confines of a racialised worldview. It takes free people to overcome those politicians bent on hanging on to power gained by racialising every feature of our life including our football teams.

    Hence while you are at this conference, let me argue, that as an absolute minimum, we should call for the repeal of unjust and much abused Acts which are reversals of freedoms that we won at Merdeka.

    I ask you in joining me in calling for the repeal of the ISA and the OSA. These draconian laws have been used, more often than not, as political tools rather than instruments of national security. They create a climate of fear. These days there is a trend among right wing nationalist groups to identify the ISA with the defence of Malay rights. This is a self-inflicted insult on Malay rights. As if our Constitutional protections needed draconian laws to enforce them. I wish they were as zealous in defending our right not to be robbed by a corrupt ruling elite. We don’t seem to be applying the law of the land there, let alone the ISA.

    I ask you to join me in calling for the repeal of the Printing and Publications Act, and above all, the Universities and Colleges Act. I don’t see how you can pursue your student activism with such freedom and support in the UK and Eire while forgetting that your brethren at home are deprived of their basic rights of association and expression by the UCA. The UCA has done immense harm in dumbing down our universities.

    We must have freedom as guaranteed under our Constitution. Freedom to assemble, associate, speak, write, move. This is basic. Even on matters of race and even on religious matters we should be able to speak freely, and we shall educate each other.

    It is time to realise the dream of Dato’ Onn and the spirit of the Alliance, of Tunku Abdul Rahman. That dream was one of unity and a single Malaysian people. They went as far as they could with it in their time. Instead of taking on the torch we have reversed course. The next step for us as a country is to move beyond the infancy of race-based parties to a non-racial party system. Our race-based party system is the key political reason why we are a sick country, declining before our own eyes, with money fleeing and people telling their children not to come home after their studies.

    So let us try to take 1 Malaysia seriously. Millions have been spent putting up billboards and adding the term to every conceivable thing. We even have cuti-cuti 1 Malaysia. Can’t take a normal holiday anymore.

    This is all fine. Now let us see if it means anything. Let us see the Government of the day lead by example. 1 Malaysia is empty because it is propagated by a Government that promotes the racially-based party system that is the chief cause of our inability to grow up in our race relations. Our inability to grow up in our race relations is the chief reason why investors, and we ourselves, no longer have confidence in our economy. The reasons why we are behind Maldives in football, and behind the Philippines in FDI, are linked.

    So let us take 1 Malaysia seriously, and convert Barisan Nasional into a party open to all citizens. Let it be a multiracial party open to direct membership. PR will be forced to do the same or be left behind the times. Then we shall have the vehicles for a two party, non-race-based system.

    If Umno, MIC or MCA are afraid of losing supporters, let them get their members to join this new multiracial party. PR should do the same. Nobody need feel left out. Umno members can join en masse. The Hainanese Kopitiam Association can join whichever party they want, or both parties en masse if they like. We can maintain our cherished civil associations, however we choose to associate. But we drop all communalism when we compete for the ballot. When our candidates stand for Elections, let them ever after stand only as Malaysians, better or worse.

    The world is a dangerous place not because of people who do evil, but because of good people who look on and do nothing about it. Albert Einstein


    • Aiyya, David, everybody worth some salt also dislikes polarization. Say what you think causes it lah. And how to stop, reduce or contain it.

      Not much point in printing the whole of T. Razaleigh’s speech. We know he has been “tired of being ignored and talked down to by swaggering mediocrities,” to use his words. We note a number of his points are valid, yet others are not. But he is not going to discuss things in here. You and I might.

      So, I’m interested to hear your views. What’s been wrong, what are still wrong. Then we can discuss, how about that?

      For me, I’d say things started to go a lot wrong with the “flip flopping, auto-piloting and sleepy administration by Tun Dol. And he choppered down his SIL, Khairy into the scene making it messy. And Tun Dol lost his Mr Clean, Mr Nice image in the process. People began not to respect the laws. Even the Sedition Act, ISA etc. Like that, how Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sikhs etc can sit down on the table as often as you have seen before. So many things have been politicised and made racist.

      Then PRU12 gave the Opposition unexpected results. And Pakatan Rakyat was loosely formed – still loosely existing now, fighting one another, PAS repesenting Malays and Muslims, DAP representing Chinese and accused of being anti-Malay and anti Islam, Karpal anti Hudud, Teresa Kok even complained about azan, the calls to prayers, when Islam is “the religion of the Federation.” Anwar bla bla bla, bla bla bla, too long to say in one comment.

      So, hope to hear from you.


      • What’s wrong and what went wrong
        1. when one Malaysian sees another Malaysian by his race and religion we will never achieve unity. Somewhere along our 55 years of independence we bought into this and is reaping the consequences. Racially based political parties will only sustain it. Ban parties that accept members base on race or religion.
        2. a country is harmonious when its citizens treat each other as equals and work for the betterment of one another. No particular race is superior to another nor inferior to another. With the right person doing the right function the whole nation benefits. Ali, Ah Kau, Muthu, Justwan, Bumburing, Salang, Mary, Patimah – the most qualified Malaysian for the postion.
        3. integrity, respect, courteousy, fairness, compassion – treating each person as fellow human.
        4. The adults of the family to lead by example and take his entire family to celebrate at the homes of his neighbour during the festivities.
        As for politics, what is available current is definitely a choice between two lesser evils. Tengku Li’s speech was directed to younger Malaysian. Malaysian who will hopefully learn from our predicament and break away polarization.


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