Nazir Razak bastardising the New Economic Model

“I have strong opinions about how the NEP has been bastardised over the years”.

That was what NAZIR RAZAK said in August 2010 about the National Economic Policy.

Kenyang perut, suka hati..

He further said “it has come a long way from the social engineering experiment originally aimed at eradicating poverty, Nazir (left) said that the NEP has appeared to enrich small pockets of people.”

But here are just some of the list of projects that have been bastardised by Nazir Razak and his partners in crime in Khazanah Nasional and Air Asia:

1) The MAS – Air Asia share swap in August 2011 where CIMB was the adviser of the deal. Allegedly, millions of tax payers’ money were used when the deal was brokered by him but subsequently the share swap was terminated after barely 8 months after the deal was struck. Clearly, the whole collaboration was poorly advised by CIMB and yet they got to pocket and keep the ‘brokerage fee’  even after the said deal was proven to be one of the biggest blunder by him and Khazanah Nasional.

In order to save his reputation as a leading broker of deals in this hemisphere, he made a meek riposte on how the deal was not in vain after all. But the truth is, small pockets of people got to have a really fat pocket over a dodgy affair without any comprehensive thought process being deliberated. The aftermath of the share swap is for all to read. Of course, the continuing saga of MAS and Air Asia will beset interested Malaysians for a bit longer than anticipated. With the continued collaboration between Air Asia and MAS sans the share swap is still ongoing, one couldn’t help to wonder if we won’t see the last of Nazir Razak’s greedy palms in this joint venture.

2) The IPO listing of Integrated Healthcare Holding (IHH) of which CIMB is also the adviser for the deal. In this instances, Nazir Razak via CIMB advised Khazanah Nasional that any individual bumiputra who wants to take up the shares must have a net asset of RM3 million and cash of RM250,000. For a bumiputra company to take up the shares, it must have RM10 million worth of net assets.

What irked the blogosphere was the fact that such ridiculous conditions will only make the rich bumiputra richer while the less rich but enough cash to buy some shares will not be given that opportunity. Hence, small pockets of people will going to have a really fat pocket.

Syed Akbar Ali made a good point when he wrote :

The purpose of having a special bumiputra share allocation is to make sure bumiputeras (individuals as well as companies) who are on the lower rungs of the economic ladder will also have a chance to parrtake of the nations wealth.  Isn’t it a tad too ridiculous when  you set conditions like these (RM250,000 cash or RM3.0 million assets for bumi individuals, RM10.0 million assets for bumi companies)?  

Even Chinese and Indians may not be able to meet these types of money requirements. If bumis can meet these tough requirements, why have the ‘special bumiputera allocation’ at all?

In the mean time, due to his ‘brilliant’ business advice and manoeuvres in the past, he will still be paid by Khazanah (read: our money) for this 2nd rate advice.

3) Sime Darby – E&O deal in 2011 was also brokered by Nazir Razak and CIMB. The deal which was executed in the most highly inappropriate manner with irregular increase of share prices and conflicts of interests abound. The fiasco was investigated by Securities Commission but no concrete results and action were made and taken respectively. Needless to say, the broker will always get away with the least amount of risk but with the maximum returns he could garnered.

Basically it is better for Nazir Razak to look into the mirror and revisit the statement he made back in 2010 before lambasting a policy which benefitted mostly him.

To us, Nazir Razak is the leading L’enfant terrible in bastardising the NEP. With the advent of New Economic Model (NEM), he is surely positioning himself as the Father of Bastardising the NEM too.

Here is a parody of MAS – Air Asia deal which Nazir Razak took part in.


66 thoughts on “Nazir Razak bastardising the New Economic Model

    • The 2010 comments by Nazir that JMD linked up there showed him so immature, devoid of political acumen and playing to the gallery – saying those at the Chinese Economic Congress, yet he was not a politician.

      If he had thought of getting businesses from the big Chinese companies, isn’t he gullible, nay, even unscrupulous and unprincipled, prepared to forgo the interest of his own kind for the sake of getting business? And has CIMB got a lot of those anyway? And why has he been getting huge businesses from GLCs like Khazanah, instead?

      Listen to the simpleton words and thinking he used – “It was a social engineering experiment that no one had ever done before in any country. So they gave it 20 years. And they felt that after 1969 they had to give it a try.” He had no clue on the underlying causes and the circumstances leading to the race riots, and he simply said, “they had to give it a try.” Indeed it was a try but it was after many months of analysis and careful consideration by his father and his team, not just plucked from thin air as he appeared to suggest. The sin of the father must not be borne by the son, they say. But this is a case of the sin of the son making the father cringe in his grave. Pity Tun A Razak.

      Nazir doesn’t even know the word used was “one generation”, not 20 years, and 10 years difference in his concept of a generation means a lot, though the NEP targets have still not been achieved for reasons that can be explained another time. And the ungrateful son of Tun Razak (would he have been CIMB boss if he had not been a Bumi?) was being nasty when he said, “now it is so embedded in every thing that we do, in every part of the government, in every part of businesses that it become a problem.” No explanations given. He ought to be dragged to the seaside, sprawled face down on the sand, “di sula” in his arsehole with a sharpened bamboo, like done during the Malacca Sultanate of old.

      Yet he knew the Malays detested him even in 2010. He said, “And today, every time I mention the NEP, I get blasted.” The cheek of a fellow.

      And how come he “was reported to be the highest-paid GLC CEO back in 2007, drawing in an income of RM9.35 million then”? Who authorized him that salary, what Board of Directors was that, what basis used? Salary of almost RM1 million a month. Was that at the behest of the Minister of Finance or the Minister in charge of GLCs? Any comparison with Petronas which brought in a huge income for the country?

      He referred to “extremists .. A few noisy people in the corner .. We as the majority have the strength to ignore them … Don’t waste your time engaging with them,” he brazenly said to the Chinese Economic Congress. But I think he is the “extremist” and the defenders of Malay rights and interests are the majority, and we must continue blasting him. Although he may not engage us, he reads, gets informed and knows, and has said, “every time I mention the NEP, I get blasted.” Let’s blast him endlessly.


      • Mebbe he was trying to project his brother’s thoughts re curtailment of NEP in NEM for votes or whatever agenda. Chose a big forum for doing so – Chinese Economic Congress.

        If it was an honourable act, Nazir could be said to be prepared to fall on his sword or take the shit for his brother. But then it was a grotesque act and the word honour may not exist in his vocabulary. Why does he care when millions went into his personal coffers, he is said to be one of the richest men in the country.

        Anyone knows how he came to be rich? Rich, rich lah, but don’t sabotage the NEP. The Malays won’t forgive you.


      • This Nazir Razak is a real Malay scum. A Malay nincompoop who only knows how to steal from Malay own companies like Sime Darby, Guthrie, Maybank, CIMB MAS, TM, Petronas, Felda. You name a Malay own company and Nazir Razak would be there getting merger commissions. But how is this possible? Why did all the PNB directors, Sime Darby BOD etc just approve his stupid business plans?

        It is because his brother Najib is the Finance Minister! All the BOD are just govt appointed nominees. A clear abuse of power that seems reasonable for SPRM to check.

        UMNO leadership is used to scratching each other backs. That is why no one rock the boat until UMNO lose at the elections then they dumped the President. By then it is usually too late. When Mahathir was chased out crying from UMNO assembly Mahathir has made billionaires of his Chinese friends and Indian friends. Giving 2 boeing for free to Christian Tony Fernandes who is now with the Christian Wong Chung Hai in the Star

        Mahathir made Ananda and india who never vote in election 40 billionaire. Kuok, a chinese who is not even a citizen living in Macau the richest man in Malaysia. All these means for the Malays to ensure that UMNO President dont robbed the country too long there must 2 term limits. Mahathir in his biography walked to school but yet by the time he was kicked out, Mokhzani, Mukhriz, Mirzan all sons of Mahathir are the directors of hundreds of companies! And Mokzhani managed to steal hundreds of millions from Maybank investments.

        Before Pak Lah was kicked out his brother managed to get 25 year contract at 200 million per year ie. more than 1 billion by now from MAS until it is a losing business which should have been profitable.

        We must stop these greedy Malay and Indian boys.


        • “these greedy Malay and Indian boys”? Chinese, are you? Do you realize that Chinese also do such things?

          “Giving 2 boeing for free to Christian Tony Fernandes”? I haven’t heard that one before.

          I think you’d get people to believe you if you provide some details and/or sources of your information to your otherwise wild-sounding accusations. Other examples are: “Ananda never voted .., Kuok, not even a citizen … Mokzhani managed to steal hundreds of millions from Maybank investments … Pak Lah’s brother managed to get 25 year contract at 200 million per year from MAS”.


          • It is a sad fact that Malaysians and Malays are not vigilant enough about their UMNO President. What was written are all in the newspapers at one time or another in the business section. Perhaps Malaysians only interested in the latest sex khalwat or gossip news.
            I doubt you are a Malaysian. How could you miss reading the papers. All these are common knowledge.

            Facts. Mahathir through DRB Hicom gave for almost free (RM1) Airasia planes wprth nearly half a billion ringgit. Thats free two free planes for you!.Maybe he meant 2 airbus, are you nitpicking about the make?

            Facts. Do you know where Ananda vote? No one knew this reclusive indian.

            Facts: Ananda is exposed by Forbes to have RM40 billion assets. He has gambling licenses, IPP licenses, Petronas contracts, Astro, satellite, Cell phone Maxis licenses. dont be stupid go an google yourself.

            Facts Kuok is listed as the richest man in Malaysia living in Macau. There are news pieces which doubt he is still a Malaysian. Where does Kuok vote?

            Fact: Maybank Investment valued SapuraKencana at RM12 billion. How big is this? The whole TM broadband project is valued at 11 billion. Maybank Investment paid cash!!! to Sharyil and Mokhzani for their respective shares in last week.. This is in the STAR
            business. How could the SC or Bursa approve the evaluation of RM12 billion on sapurakencana unless Zafrul, SC, Sharil and Mokhzani are working in concert. Why is MIB taking so much risk?

            Fact Just this weeks it is in the papers the revenue of Pak Lah brother company that was awarded the 25 years contract was around RM180 million per year!

            And we all know how MAS must reduce manpower etc..

            And these are just what we can read in papers.


            • No Doubt,

              It’s difficult to have a dialogue with you and the likes of you. You definitely are an Opposition bunch and probably non-Malay, saying “Malaysians and Malays are not vigilant enough about their UMNO President”. You are making wild allegations when you do not provide the links or the sources of information when asked.

              What are “written in the newspapers at one time or another” vary on accuracy and reliability, even in the business section of the newspapers. Are you non-Malaysian when saying “Perhaps Malaysians only interested in the latest sex khalwat or gossip news”? What are you people interested in, btw? Anwar’s sodomy news? That’s sex, too, you know – of a different kind.

              The issue is not missing reading the papers, man. It is the reliability of the information.
              The veracity of the sources. Whether they can be verified or not.

              What “Facts” are you talking about when you accuse Ananda of never voting yet you don’t even know where he is registered as a voter. Instead you ask me if I know. Now, isn’t that plain stupidity? Not knowing where Ananda voted produces to you the “fact” that he never voted? What convoluted logic is that? What warped and demented thinking? And then you call him “this reclusive indian”.

              What “Facts” are you talking about when you talk about googling? You go by Wikipedia? The place where any Ahmad, Chong and Muthu can write. And Edit? You really are that stupid as to just ramble on anything you like without giving any references even when asked?

              You do the same about Robert Kuok. Didn’t you say Kuok was not a Malaysian citizen? Then why the hell do you ask where he voted? And you said “There are news pieces which doubt he is still a Malaysian.” Come on, stupid, You don’t accuse people of not being a Malaysian just because “there are news pieces which doubt he is still a Malaysian.” Ever heard of such things as proofs? Or you the communist and subversive kind? Say anything you like often enough in the hope that a few would believe you? Well, I have news for you, man. These days you can’t do that without being challenged.

              I don’t think you are contributing to the discussion here. Not by the way you make wild accusations without justifying what you say. No point in saying anything more to you.


  1. Hello,

    I agree that some deals are rather shady which compel us to doubt what is going on. For instance, the logic behind IHH certain standard of requirement for acquirer of IHH shares certainly do not make even a slightest sense. As matter of facts, I’m adamant to find in which part of CMSA that enables such requirement.

    Nevertheless, CIMB involvement in those aforementioned fiasco, I believe is at best ambigous. We know their function from information we have that they act as an adviser, which is just a layman term. I believe they may function as lead underwriter which considering in Malaysia we have maybe like 10 to 20 investment banks and maybe like 5 really big ones, and considering the size of transaction to be handled that essentially would make CIMB as one of the best options out there for these companies….


    • If “CIMB involvement in those aforementioned fiasco .. is at best ambiguous”, how can they be “one of the best options out there for these companies”? Expert advice should be sound, not ambiguous. Are you saying the others are much worse? If their role is merely as an adviser, why does “size of transactions” matter?

      Would you please explain the above? I’m really interested to know. I think Nazir has been largely riding on brother Najib’s position, which helps in securing approvals on proposals and recommendations made for clients.

      I dislike the idea of Khazanah, which is owned by the Government (Minister of Finance Incorporated?) going to CIMB after knowing CIMB’s not-so-sound recommendations prior to that e.g on Sime Darby. And the advice given on the MAS-Air Asia deal appeared to be largely to Tony Fernandez’ favour.


      • Okay,

        My statement on ambiguity on CIMB function is in their role as an adviser. An adviser can be construed as a consultant. These role may be such as a financial consultant perhaps in asset management or as a risk assessment. This role is rather generic, however, in all three aforementioned case, there is a similarities. i.e; they involved with equity market.

        First of we must understand, the way I see an adviser at work is such as that of Danaharta, Danamodal, etc.. These adviser as I see it, act as a problem solver. During 1998 Asian financial crisis, these institution is the pillar hindering from a total collapse of our industry. Numerous companies patron these companies services. WAU is one of an example how these ‘consultant’ provide ideas for ailing companies to turn their companies around.

        However, case 1,2 and 3 involves with equity market. Case 1 and 3 involves shares transaction meanwhile case 2 is IPO listings (essentially to list their companies into KLSE). I’ll try as best as possible to explain, perhaps superficially on IPO listings.

        In order for a company to raise their capital through public listing, a company needed to issue shares. These shares are then sold to general public. However, these shares are not sold directly to public. These companies would engage with investment banks to advise and to perform underwriting function. Advise here should not be misconstrued as that of my first paragraph. These investment bank would advise them in share price assessment and any other legislative needs. On the other hand, underwriting function is much more critical. Generally, in IPO listings, the underwriting arrangement is known as firm commitment. These would meant that the underwriter would purchase the entire issue of securities from the issuer and then attempt to resell them to general public. The profit earned from the differing prices is known as gross spread. Of course there are other type of arrangements, however, what I explained here is the most common.

        As you can see, to perform these functions, it is essential these function are left to a significantly sized institution. CIMB is one of the giant bankers in Malaysia. Similarly as I mentioned earlier there are about 10 to 20 investment banks in Malaysia, and perhaps about 5 giant institutions. I figure considering the limited option it would make sense CIMB is one of the best option. Of course there is also OSK investment bank, or maybe Maybank.

        Lastly, underwriting function is very much limited. The bank itself do not have much to do with a company recommendations or any public statements. Essentially they are an executer.


        • Thank you for attempting to explain. The basics I already know. What I was interested in was the soundness of “expert advice” and the capability of the others in the “Top Five”.

          Has CIMB or any of the others got “aviation or airline experts” in their employ? Do they call in the services of such people when doing the “consultancy work” for Khazanah? Out-source – some call it sub-contract, even say contract out the work, like the Americans do to the computer experts in India and in China, so much that many Americans grumble about giving employment to foreigners when there are insufficient jobs in their own country.

          No doubt, the Government had engaged foreign consultants in the preparation of the New Economic Model. But that, it appeared to me, was to provide the scapegoat for the blame in watering down the NEP to catch GE13 votes. If CIMB had used foreign consultants on the MAS-AA matter, they should have held a tight reign on the foreign consultants’ methodology, sources of information, analysis and recommendation. The national interest must be taken into consideration. Viability and profit must be the objective but not at the expense of national interest. It’s the national carrier.

          Surely there are even locals whose expertise may be sought. Those who ran the airline when it was doing OK. Tan Sri Aziz and Tan Sri Saw Huat Lye, for example. They may be well past retirement age but surely they keep abreast with current airline industry news. TS Aziz’s vews were sought by the media and he gave valid ones. Were such people’s views disregarded simply because they were not in line with what Nazir Razak wanted? Were the “advice and recommendations” tailored to certain pre-conceived “wants” of anybody?

          Surely it doesn’t need an Einstein to figure out how to get an airline on a proper footing again. To determine whether the losses are due to unproductive routes, unskilled marketing, an ageing fleet, inadequate maintenance, underemployed, malingering or bloated staff, too much non-revenue generating practices (free staff holiday travel etc). Get people who can handle those, based on proven track records, Compare MAS policies and practices with those of other national carriers and use their standards. Let them acquire a new fleet if that is the main problem and if aircraft replacement is in accordance with international standard.

          Do those really require the MAS-AA merger? Are those really worth Ringgit 120 million (?) consultancy fees? Btw, is MAS occupancy rate that low as to become not viable running on its own? To my knowledge, the long-haul routes have always been almost full. Can anyone shed some light on this? Rationalize the long-haul and short-haul occupancy rates against costs and provide reliable figures.


          • The problem with the entire issues of CIMB involvement in MAS-AA share transaction is, we do not know to what extent their involvement is. Of course we could bastardize Nazir Razak for what had happened but how sure are we on what type of consultancy services was sought out from CIMB. How sure are we that the idea of share swap originated from CIMB. The way I see it those in Khazanah cooked up the plan and sought CIMB services to execute them.

            If you are talking about shares transaction, why in the world would CIMB needed an aviation experts to assist them. Suppose khazanah said, we want AA to buy 30% of MAS share and we would want to buy 30% of AA share and consulted CIMB to execute them, why would they need Aviation experts. The only consultation in such situation would be on determining prices and point of agreement between two parties.

            It is upon Khazanah shoulder to consider whether or not their action is of national interest or not. Khazanah has by far lurking under the shadow with their dubious business model. However, what dumbfounded me the most is why MAS is still hemorrhaging money ? how come WAU failed to works ? If there are setbacks or fallacy in the model, why similar model is employed to water utilities service provider ?…


            • From the “meek reposte” link that JMD provided, it sounds like a lot was Nazir’s idea.

              He defended it, saying “it had succeeded in establishing better cooperation between the two airlines during the eight months since the signing last August … It has laid the foundation for a stronger collaboration framework between the two companies.”

              He said he was disappointed about it, but didn’t seem to bother that so many people have “bastarded” him for it, and simply said, “So, we move on.” What the ….


              • That’s barely a proof that CIMB is mastermind behind the whole deal. What would you suppose he should answered when a reporter throws him the question. So he said that the period of cross-holding is not in vain, it sounded more like being optimistic than defensive…

                The deal is dead, what then would be left of CIMB role other than to move on to the next deal they can get their hand onto. He also state that he is hopeful…

                “the new framework for collaboration (between MAS, AirAsia and AirAsia X) will gives rise to good cost savings for both MAS and AirAsia and is helpful to MAS in its main priority, which is its turnaround plan”

                But none of this statement has any hint that CIMB in anyway had anything to do with the deal other than executive role. When the deal is dead, it is no longer had anything to do with CIMB anymore and he wished they (MAS and AA) may manage to get things together again.


  2. Son of a gun. What kind of a bloke is this Nazir Razak, really? Has he no shame? Has he no sense of a need to continue the restructuring of society that his father began 40 years ago?

    This is the problem of so-called “liberal” Malays. Or so-called Malays. They are not liberal if they do not see the need to level the playing field for long-term harmony and unity in this country. They are only pseudo-liberals. They pretend they are liberal when actually they are not.

    This one was educated largely abroad. Presumably never been to a real kampong, never mixed with the average Malay, being among the elite of Malay society all his life. To say kacang lupakan kulit is an understatement. He may not have kulit or is colour blind to the brown skin. Tun A Razak might even shudder in his grave if he knows how this son of his has turned out to be.

    I agree with the opinion that he is “the leading L’enfant terrible in bastardising the NEP .. positioning himself as the Father of Bastardising the NEM too.”


    • “Level the playing field”?


      I suppose we also have the luxury of asking, nay commanding, the rest of the world to stand still and give us the benefit of doubt while we complete the ” levelling up” activities.

      Alas, if only real life were that simple!


      • Would you like to live in another part of the world? Obviously you are out of this world in Malaysia as far as your perception of unity in this country is concerned and the need for balance in wealth etc between the majority of the population and the 23% Chinese.

        And who the hell ask you to stand still? Ever heard of allocations from the enlarged economic cake? Whoever says non-Malay companies cannot go for public listing? Whoever says they cannot get huge contsruction contracts, in addition to the multifarious sub-contracts? Do you know that GLCs have been contributing 40% of income tax and the Chinese companies only 30% for some time already? You saying the GLCs cannot contribute towards the levelling of the playing field? Like Petronas etc – they have converted loans to scholarships for those who did well in their studies, the savings enabling the beneficiaries to perhaps purchase a link house and start acquiring a bit of wealth?

        And what “benefit of doubt” are you talking, man? The normal Opposition Party 1-2 line wild accusations without justification or explanation, eh?

        Life in this country becomes not simple when you and the likes of you do not perform your part of the bargain – taking citizenship but not respecting the Special Position of the Malays (extended to the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak upon the formation of Malaysia). The NEP was drawn from that Special Position. It was conceived in the aftermath of the 1969 race riots, aimed at avoiding the recurrence of such a tragedy. The “restructuring of society” that would eliminate “the identification of race by economic functions”, lessen the jealousy, envy and ill feelings arising from vastly different economic and educational situations by reducing the huge disparities in wealth and education between the 23% and the 70% of the population.


          • Here is the lazy basta.d who should also be thrown out to another part of the world. Come out with a one liner. Hit and run by way of not explaining what he says or reply to the shit we heap on him in response. Because he is a lazy basta.d and has not much brain to think out the arguments to use. But I know he’ll come back just to read our response.

            Sheer useless, disruptive and the 1969 race riots type. Ought to be shot dead by the Army if he was around during the May riots and breaking the curfew. His very name shows his thuggish and gangsterish type. This scum doesn’t deserve a long comment.


          • We’ve been earning our keep and paying our taxes without fail. Why? don’t you ? Aw…getting more and more difficult to avoid paying them taxes huh …booo..hooo.


          • Aiseh, Sshsn, don’t use the word asshole lah, so sekolah Cina, biadap Lim Guan Eng-type lah you.

            Use the words “rear receptacle” lah, hehehe.

            Got or not, you? If no got, talk to Anwar Al Juburi lah, hehehe.


        • Malays dont pay income tax.. some pay zakat at the very minimum percentage betul ke ni? ‘AKU’ ni maybe the psuedo Malay the ones who have kulit hitam,minda india tapi lagak macam Melayu jati.. banyak cebai macam ni sekarang porak… Datang 5 minit kat Malaysia terus jadi bumiputra


        • If you are referring to Jasper up there (your comment is under his reply column), he is not Malay at all. I think he is Chinese, the DAP kind – they like Christian names, even Lim Guan Eng, they say, has a Christian name – McDonald. If so, he can be called McDonald Lim.

          It’s DAP people who have that kind of thinking as Jasper does. DAP has been anti-Malay and anti-Islam. They used to bandy about the so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan. That which was concocted by Lee Kuan Yew and shouted about by PAP when they were in Malaysia 1963-65. When they were booted out, Lim Kit Siang formed the DAP and hogged that racist and subversive slogan. Subversive because it subverts the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak.

          But if you meant Nazir Razak, I agree with you. He really is a misfit in this country but has been damn lucky being born the son of Tun Razak and the brother of Najib Razak. Otherwise he’d be a nonentity. Even when he laughs, his teeth produces an ugly picture …. Ooops, getting personal now, ain’t I?


          • Jasper Bloodstone may be Malaysian-born but has relocated to Singapore. Unfortunately he/she still misses home and has to convince himself that his move had been the right one.


  3. dia ni tak pernah susah bro. lahir dah senang. constantly flexing his muscles since his brother is in power. menyusahkan aja la. bayar mahal untuk advise macam ni. another case of shooting the gomen in the foot


  4. It remains to be seen who will have the last laugh – MAS or AirAsia.

    MAS has gone back cap-in-hand to the government to beg for more funds to finance it’s acquisition of new aircraft.

    How many times has MAS sought handouts?

    And yet Nazir Razak is blamed for trying to get MAS and AirAsia to work together! That’s idiocy, pure and simple.

    Open your eyes and look at what’s happening in the airline industry. Nothing is sacrosanct now as far as once-mighty “flag carriers” are concerned.

    If only the MAS unions and their political allies had the guts to take a cold, logical and unblinking view of the airline industry, instead of resorting to seat-of-the-pants arguments that have been disparaged by industry analysts.

    As far as the proposed IPO of Integrated Healthcare Holdings is concerned, why aren’t you questioning the need to do a dual listing on Bursa Malaysia and the Singapore Exchange? It would seem that the financial centre status of Singapore has given it an advantage as far as institutional investors are concerned.


    • “dual listing on Bursa Malaysia and the Singapore Exchange?” Are you a Singporean? In the earlier comment you said, “if only real life were that simple”. Now you said, “That’s idiocy, pure and simple.” You are simply stupid, aren’t you?

      Who says Nazir trying to get MAS and AirAsia to work together? Wasn’t he after the Ringgit and sen, coming out with advice with not much sense? Otherwise, why the deal appeared to be more advantageous to Tony Fernandez? Share values, seats on MAS board, choice of routes etc? Why didn’t Nazir make it look equitable to MAS as well?

      Other national airlines don’t suffer? You heard of KLM, the Dutch airlines? Even the large non-governmental airlines like Pan-Am. Heard about the supersonic Concorde flights to US? They also bundled up. Nazir would have advised them to work together with the US National Aeronautic and Space Agency, NASA! Billion dollars consultancy fees there. He wouldn’t have to bother about NEP if he does business there.

      “disparaged by industry analysts”? Who, when, where, what facts, what figures, what analysis? Explain la wei, not just ramble your opinion here. If they are pro opinions, OK la, but when contra opinions, you jolly well have to explain if you want people to believe what you say.


      • Pro MAS

        It’s a fact that IHH is pursuing a dual listing on Bursa Malaysia and SGX.

        Why would Khazanah want to do that, instead of listing IHH only on Bursa?

        You mentioned KLM. Why didn’t you mention that the flag carrier of the Netherlands got taken over by Air France and it’s now Air France-KLM?

        Also, the Spanish flag carrier Iberia had to merge with British Airways to form IAG (International Airlines Group) with a BA guy as CEO. Where was the “national pride” of the Spanish government?

        You forgot to mention that Japan Airlines, the flag carrier of Japan, went bankrupt, went through a massive restructuring exercise, cutting thousands of jobs and axing dozens of unprofitable routes before exiting bankruptcy as a leaner, profit-oriented airline.

        What about Qantas that is splitting it’s domestic and international operations into separate, distinct entities with separate management?

        Or the basket case that is Air India?

        There are plenty of examples out there in the real world

        So, why is MAS a special case, deserving special treatment, protection, the whole caboodle?


        • You have proven my point, Jasper – that other national airlines also suffer.

          So, why the hoo haa on MAS? Yes, can hoo haa to keep them on their toes and pull up their socks but not Khazanah dictating or Nazir advising the non-equitable MAS-AA share swap at a huge consultancy cost to MAS or even Khazanah, whoever paid for that.

          The Europeans have close affinity among themselves under the EU, so they want to merge or take over one another is their business. And Spain has been having huge economic problems, unemployment etc, almost like Greece. But is Malaysia like that and why can’t Malaysia take pride in having its national airline run on its own and, even if jointly with others, on an equitable basis?

          You haven’t answered the question if you are Singaporean or responded to the assumptions made on you. If you are any of those, then we understand why national pride of Malaysia matters not to you and you are here merely to cast aspersions. If so, we’ll throw back some to you.

          As for the dual listing, if you have given sources for your information or provided the links, you would not have been questioned. Not many people read or are interested in Singapore news or even read the local business pages here. But for now, I’ll take your word for it. And I don’t see any harm tapping into the capital market of Singapore provided that safeguards are in place against take-over by foreigners, unless intended and for good reasons.

          If you are comparing Qantas and MAS, please note that the issue with the MAS-AA share swap is equitability. Qantas “is splitting it’s domestic and international operations into separate, distinct entities with separate management”, but any share swaps or outside party involved?


    • Hihihihih Jasper.. Jasper..

      My you are so naive! But perhaps stoooopid! People are against MAS and Airasia not because of the share swap per se. It is because AA is taking advantage and screwing MAS in the pretext of helping them thru the share swap!

      Don’t you get it? Tell me Jasper since you sound pretty intelligent to your own ears, what sort of synergy does AirAsia provide directly to MAS if they were to work together via the share swap?

      Tell us now please… what are the things they are doing together which will make MAS better?

      You know what we think? After all the expose done by Jebat and by Wee Choo Keong — you can read it here –>

      … you think AA is good for MAS?

      Bodoh lah lu Jasper… nothing is sacrosanct…? Yes you are right about that. Khazanah, Nazir, Tony the snake Fernandes all have no qualms to plunder the national carrier and ride its ass like how they are riding yours right now.

      Grow some brains lah…!


      • Hey Save MAS

        That was a GREAT description of bloodstone, “since you sound pretty intelligent to your own ears”. May I add, “Bloodstone is the personification of the cut & paste intellectual dependent on the 10-year series exam booklets.”


  5. I’ve just read the meek reposte linked by JMD up there. Nazir Razak languishing on the undoing of the MAS-Air Asia share swap and announcing CIMB’s acquisition of a 59.98% stake in the Philippines’ Bank of Commerce, CIMB Group in talks with Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) to acquire a 50% stake in Brisbane-based broker RBS Morgans Ltd, following the purchase of RBS’ Asian equities businesses for US$140 million last month.

    I hope he spends more time on those foreign ventures where he can bastardize anybody he wants. But not bastardize the NEP in the NEM. I hope he succeeds and can compete with George Soros, whack others overseas, Jews, Zionists, NeoCons, whatever, so long as he does not undermine, let alone sabotage, the NEP and the NEM in Malaysia.

    Damn him if he does. To me, anyone bastardizing the NEP and the NEM is no longer welcome in this country. Not withstanding he is a Malay, the son of a former Primer Minister and the brother of the current Prime Minister. He’ll live “in infamy”, as wartime US President Roosevelt said of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, making the otherwise non-interventionist US to declare war on Japan and participated in the war against Hitler in Europe. I wish the same would happen to the bastards attacking the NEP in the NEM.


    • I just hope that you can convince the Microsofts, IBMs, Ciscos, Googles, Facebooks, eBays, Hewlett-Packards etc to continue to invest in Malaysia and provide more good jobs for ALL Malaysians without quotas or ethnic ratios coming into play.

      As per your logic, it’s no big deal if these MNCs give Malaysia a miss because, hey, the NEP and NEM is sacrosanct, and business logic and investment decisions can go stick it where the sun don’t shine.

      Well, guess what? The world is a teeny bit different from that utopian scenario, and jobs and investments go where they are wanted and welcomed.

      If that’s economic neo-liberalism, then more power to it.


      • Pardon me for cutting in, but out of curiosity, which part of NEP or NEM which will make these MNCs not to continue investing in Malaysia?

        Thank you.


        • JMD

          Can you please tell us just how many of the aforementioned MNCs have set up their regional Hqs in Malaysia?


      • Olek Skilgannon,

        You can hope all you want on the already liberalized economy, but any party not complying with whatever rules and regulations currently in force in pursuit of the NEP in the NEM should be treated according to the existing rules, irrespective of the size of their investment.

        By and large, the serious investors have been properly appraised by their consultants and representatives, and make investment decisions based on comparative economic benefits to them. The pros and cons exist everywhere, some, for example, get attracted by the cheap labour in Vietnam but face the problem of communication with their employees who may not speak English.

        It’s only a big deal to you and the likes of you who come into here bad-mouthing Malaysia without the facts and figures from authoritative and reliable sources. Contra or Opposition parties’ opinions are cheap when they are so and readers don’t really care a damn. I respond only to amplify that point.

        Btw, aren’t you the same Skilgannon I used to see here and in Rocky’s Bru before, now with an added name Olek? If so, I’m interested to hear your response to the question(s) I remember you were asked, viz whether you are a Singapore citizen or a permanent resident there but commenting in Malaysian blogs? That Skilgannon used to glorify Singapore and their leaders, while at the same time hitting at Malaysia and Malaysian leaders. I suppose you won’t answer those questions, but I ask you again in order for me to have the correct perspective when dealing with you.


        • Condescending, aren’t you?

          Are Malaysian blogs sacrosanct vehicles reserved for comments by Malaysians only?

          Strange, seeing as how the country is pushing itself forward as a cosmopolitan, globalised and “moderate” environment, when there are this deep seated atavistic tendencies ready to spring forth at the slightest provocation!

          But that’s par for the course for those grappling with fundamental insecurities, isn’t it?

          Nazir Razak’s CIMB and Tony Fernandes’ AirAsia are playing in a bigger pool than those content to sit in their own little backwaters.

          And they are being called to account for that?

          Maybe it’s just the politics of “tall poppy” envy at play!


          • There you go, you’d not answer simple questions put to you, would you?

            Come on man, even George Soros openly admitted he is a Jew, travelling with more than one passport. And when Tun Dr Mahathir whacked him, he tried to whack back, but TDM got the country out of the Asian Financial Crisis without bowing down to the World Bank or the Asian Bank terms and conditions.

            I was tempted to give a harsh reply to your question “Are Malaysian blogs sacrosanct vehicles reserved for comments by Malaysians only?” Suffice to say, your question and thinking sounds that of a small boy.

            Is Singapore cosmopolitan by your definition or inference, boy? Malaysian “moderate” by whose standard? By your standard? Who cares if you don’t even admit that you are a has been, probably terribly jealous and even vindictive of the environment that doesn’t suit your selfish and non-caring of the well being of the majority of the population.

            But you’ve got insecurities of your own, don’t you? Unwanted in Malaysia, treated as Second Class in Singapore?


      • “without quotas or ethnic ratios coming into play” – olek’s sore point and main reason for relocating to Singapore perhaps?


        • Maybe, ray. That’s for you to guess!

          But I am encouraged by the latest IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2012 which ranked Singapore in 4th place (down from 3rd place in 2011) and Malaysia in 14th place (I think).

          In the 2012 IMD Asia rankings of competitiveness, Malaysia is ranked 4th, behind Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, but ahead of Australia, Korea, China, New Zealand, Japan and Thailand.

          There’s still hope yet!


          • Hahahaha

            Like the story of the Hare and the Tortoise – the eventual winner is the steady and consistent competitor. Harry was surprised to witness Tortoise at the Finish line.

            Why don’t you discard all those journals you love so much to pad up your IQ level. For once just debate using your original grey matter. But I guess being the kiasu scholar who scores thru 10-year series booklets, you feel insecure without those volumes of report for you to copy and paste.

            Psst, I heard the Indonesians are building a competing port to offer ships cheaper alternatives. You wanna guess which way will PSA go eh?


            • Your point being what, precisely?

              The hare and the tortoise thingy was a fable, nothing more. I guess that Google and Facebook are tortoises then, eh?

              Anyway, I don’t believe the Singapore Port fellers are losing any sleep over the Indonesian plans to upgrade their Tanjung Priok Port and build a greenfield port in Batam. After all, they faced down the “competition” from Pasir Gudang Port, PTP and Port Klang, didn’t they?

              Like how the Changi Airport people are busy upgrading Changi Airport, unfazed by any incipient competition from KLIA or Soekarno-Hatta Airport!

              See, I don’t need plagiarism to rubbish your “arguments”!


  6. Reading the other link provided by JMD up there increased my sensitivity and made me wish I can shout what the blooxx bastxxxx these buggers are … steady, got to watch my blood pressure, now.

    Limiting the IHH shares to Bumis with quarter million cash and 3 million fixed assets is utterly and singularly ridiculous. Without any explanation given, they must be displaying acute arrogance and could’t-care-less attitude on the need for spreading the benefits of the NEP to cover as wide a range of Bumiputeras as possible. Just why are they so damn so? Don’t they have any scruple, any conscience?

    Anybody knows whether this requirement was by Khazanah, or on advice by CIMB? Was it by the bossman of Khazanah or the bossman of CIMB? If so, it’s likely meant to be reserving the major portion of the cake for their well-off cronies. Damn. (Btw, is damn a swear word or is there any other swear word allowed to fit the heinous but sure no-action-taken NEP crime like that?)

    If not instruction from high above, surely they’d come out with the rationale for such an action. One wonders who actually wrote the draft for that requirement to be inserted, if he is a Bumiputera, and what he would have felt doing so – unless he himself is one of the cronies. Surely Najib would have been advised by one of his staff members whose job it is to get feedback from the public on the acts and omissions of the GLCs, and CIMB is a GLC. He can’t be time and again having to undo what his brother does, like the MAS-AA share swap, can he? Surely there are votes attached to the running of the GLCs as well.


  7. The esteemed leaders of this country had personal problems. Tun Dr Mahathir even had to publicly dispute what his daughter Marina said. But he is lucky enough to know what and where his daughter went wrong.

    Tun A Razak never did. He died well before the sons acquired public stature. But if he is alive now, I’d venture the opinion that he won’t publicly dispute what Nazir said or did. He’d just call him over and stare at the son until he melts.


    • Tun Mahathir of course had his own personal problem. He had to hide his Indian ancestry so taboo to the Malay masses. Not to mention Mahathir growing up trauma when his Malays peers would jeer him India balek India.

      But that didnt stop him from making the Indian man Ananda Krishnan the richest man in Malaysia. or giving Airasia to another Indian.

      Thanks to the book by the Australian author , Mahathir was exposed and what was thought to be irrational actions now seems logical. An Indian helping Indians instead of Malays. MAking Chinese billionaires. An UMNO President with an Indian lawyer. A Chinese gambler as his best friend.

      Is it rational to allocate 80% of Malaysia wealth to the Chinese and Indians when Malays are owners of Tanah Melayu and are 70% of the population? Is it rational to set a target of 30% by 2020 for the Malays while his sons are billionaire in 2010? I wonder the mentality of the Malays who still listen to Mahahtir now.

      It was not like that before with Hussein Onn. He died in service of the nation. Or with Tun Razak he died in the service of the nation. It was this keling Mahathir which started the following UMNO President to put family first. Husband/wife/menantu/sons/brothers first while pacifying the malays with religion and pep talk.

      The Malays and UMNO have always the same fight. The betterment of Malays overall. But now look Chinese and Indians are millionaires/billionaires. Subsidy for the Chinese dirty factories with billions of cheap diesel. Bringing millions of slave labour from poor countries to work in chinese IOI plantations/ low tech furniture factories/restaurants.

      Thank you Jebat. We need more tranparencies and clear vision of what his happening to the Malays


      • Hello Transparent,

        It is sad your comment doesn’t live up to your monicker. Why are you writing lies?

        Since when Mahathir had to hide his indian ancestry? Since when he was traumatised growing up because you think his friends jeered him?

        The rest of your comment followed your illogical thinking which begs to question, do you think all of us are stupid?

        Not only that, you’re just a pathetic racist trying to spin lies. Didn’t know Pakatan lackeys are now this desperate?

        Thank you for commenting.


        • Haha Jebat…Jebat..your monicker maybe Jebat but your jiwa hang Tuah. Still loyal to that Indian man Mahathir while blasting Nazir Razak. Get off that Mahathir coolie mentality. Mahathir and his sons are billionaires.. that is ok with you? Is it logical?
          What have Mahathir done for you or the Malays to deserve billions while Malays earn less than 2000 per month? We modern Malays thinkers are beyond UMNO or Pakatan. We are for the Malays progress.

          I know it is difficult for die hard UMNO loyalists to accept it because Malays are inherently Tuah by nature that is why when the British wanted to get of the Sultan it is the Malay rakyat who keep them for sentimental reasons.

          It doesnt matter if it is Nazir Razak or Mohkzani Mahathir they are all out to capitalise on PNB owned companies. that Hamad Kama Piah should be sacked for allowing Maybank Investment to give billion ringgit cash to Sapura Kencana shareholders while giving out 7 percent dividend to Malay shareholders. Or maybe you dont understand the enormity of the 12 billion SPV? This are logical and for the benefit of the Malays?

          Never mind. These are difficult concepts but these exposure which maybe capitalised by DAP or PKR should not let us Malays be held to ransom by Mahahtir and his cronies Nor Yakcop who was in the papers blessing SapuraKencana. Nor Yakcop wrote he was picked off the street in front of Sogo in his book by bro Mahathir.

          These are not illogical ramblings these are real hundreds of millions cash rolling into their coffers.
          Anyway blasting and exposing Nazir RAzak is a beginning at least. Now are you not afraid of being branded Pakatan Rakayat for attacking UMNO President bro?…hehe

          Still think 30% in 2020 is very good for the Malays do you…geleng kepala.


        • This Transparent fler – when he gets criticized, named himself Transparentsmart – is like the kedai kopi kampung smart Alec, orders one kopi O than starts talking as if he knows everything. Mentions some generalities which he has read somewhere and gets delighted when the rest in the shop are quiet or agape, thinking they are marveling at what he says. The only snag to his thinking is that this is a respectable blog and readers here might keep quiet because he is talking nonsense and would not suffer fools.

          But I’ll go in where angels would not want to tread, maybe on a one-time basis, just to jolt him out of his jaguh kampung mentality and make him walk with his feet on the ground. Nothing is right by him except he himself. Now, where is the chap who would not justify his accusations but asked others to read Wikipedia etc earlier on, or is he the same fler?

          He mentions DAP and PKR but has not mentioned PAS. Perhaps he is PAS. But what he stands on is unfathomable. He hates Tun Dr Mahathir’s guts, appears to want the Malays have 70% equity ownership but doesn’t say how. And PAS doesn’t have that latter stand. Is this fler a Lone Ranger, fast on the draw and shoots from the hip?

          Oh yes, generalities he’d know how to say. In one swoop, he’d blast everybody – “they are all out to capitalise on PNB owned companies … Hamad Kama Piah should be sacked for allowing Maybank Investment to give billion ringgit cash to Sapura Kencana shareholders while giving out 7 percent dividend to Malay shareholders.” Yes, he’d not bother to explain. Just snide remark “maybe you dont understand the enormity of the 12 billion SPV”. Only he knows “These difficult concepts”. Yet he just rambled on, back to TDM, and even brought out Nor Yakcop “picked off the street in front of Sogo in his book by bro Mahathir” though the relevance is not explained.

          Yes, JMD’s remarks are very apt – this fler has “illogical thinking”, is “a pathetic racist trying to spin lies.” He might even be DAP, spinning lies as much and as often as possible in the hope that a few might believe what he says. Or he might have a screw loose up there, pretending to know “difficult concepts” and to understand “the enormity of the 12 billion SPV” that others he thinks would not know. What a bloke.


      • Transparent

        What is crystal clear is that you have ‘an axe to grind’. I suspect you are not a young person, who must have hated Tun Dr Mahathir proactive policies to uplift the Malays.

        You must have seethed in silent anger when Tun saved Malaysia from foreign manipulation. When he sacked Anwar, that would have been a nucleur bomb to you personally.

        Your racism is obvious in your comments. Go current please, the PM now is DS Najib.


        • @ray,

          Ray you miss the point. It is not about axe to grind. It is about protecting Malay money in PNBs companies. This is about creating a egalitarian society not one where Mokhzani can have F1 car to show on youtube while the majority of Malays scrimped to pay Proton owned by his father adiviser. Strange dont you thiink how this DRB Hicom got all the money to buy Proton and coincidentally Mahathir is adviser. The owner himself is so quiet. so quiet we dont know whether he is alive.

          Malays are working too hard to earn a living to notice that hey there is a new bangsawan class now who takes all the money from PNB, EPF so that they become rich without hard work. Just putting in business plan supported by Nor Yackop or Najib. No need to open land with your parang. We used the labour inputted by other Malays by creative accounting.

          And this Nor Yakcop have never replied to the 90 billion foreign currency loss! dont ask me. Google it yourself. Suddenly he is in UMNO preaching about Malays unity muahaha.
          Does he look Malay to you? And did you see his picture forming a dummy company Sapura Kencana so that the owners can get CASH from Malay owned, Maybank Investment a PNB owned company. They called this dummy company Special Purpose Vehicle in their own lingo with the inherent purpose to bypass Malaysian banking lending laws and LHDN tax laws. Purportedly Syahril and Mokzani dont know about Sapura Kencana so they can vote at their board meeting. Is this rational. That Maybank can suddenly think of enriching them without they knowing in advance or working in concert?
          How come SC, Bank Negara, Bursa all quiet about this? Finance Ministry all quiet. 2 billions flowing out to Sapura and Kencan and all so quiet.

          This is an easy way to steal money from banking instittuion like Maybank owned by PNB. Dont be surprised if Maybank become the next Bank Bumi. But anyone can see that they benefited with cash upfront but without all the burden. If SapuraKencana were to tank. They have already got their cash more than 2 billion!

          Does Moahzani and Syhril pay any tax on the hundreds of million of “capital repayment” that they get from Maybank Investment? No!

          Another dummy company Massive Equity is doing the same with EPF. Selling and buying back EPF shares to benefit some shareholders with cash repayment.. Does it benefit EPF to sell and buy back in KPJ? You can read about this EPF manipulation in the NST.
          Feeble minded people would like to repeat the innanity of the foreign manipulation put forward by the two brothers in arm Nor Yakcop and Mahahtir. They have trumpeted it was a genius thing. But wait a minute. Whose companies were they trying to save? Chinese companies or his own son companies. Did they really save anything. Have you seen the current growth rate of Thailand, Phillipines and others not saved. Malaysia is last in Asean..haha.. It may be one approach but was it the best? Btw do you know AI father, Ibrahim, I once read speak fluent
          Tamil..haha..surprised you..yeah how would we be like without the internet

          They are master manipulators. And you think Indian ancestry has no bearing when you are suppose to benefit the Malays in UMNO. Making an Indian Ananda Krishnan a multi billionaire the richest man is no big deal to you when Malays have less than 20%? If not for Forbes transparency in exposing the illgotten wealth of this once poor migrants we wouldnt know what we are missing. Thank you Forbes!

          Do you understand that if the Malays and bumiputeras currently have 20% of the wealth and billions of it belong to Mahahtir and sons and Najib and bros , Pak Lah and bros and so on then there are millions of Malays living hand to mouth? And the bumiputeras are worse still living in their long houses? No I do not have an axe to grind. I am just the messenger…..

          UMNO Presidents, sad to say have always been working with Chinese and Indian taukeys to enrich themselves while saying Malays should not depend on UMNO government but still please elect me as President. But not sad to say those days are numbered.


          • This transparent with a capital T and with a small t and transparentsmart fellow could even be a DAP Chinese like Lim Kit Siang. Fellows who are so used to making wild allegations and just say it’s all in the Internet, Wikipedia and all. And he is so arrogant and thick skinned that he is not bothered being repeatedly told he talks through his arsehole, not quoting authorities or sources of his information.

            They’ll do anything, say anything that’ll weaken UMNO and the leadership past and present. It’ll help their cause, part of the overall strategy of saying anything they like and as often as they can so that a few will believe them. And this bloke says he “once read” Anwar Ibrahim’s father speaks fluent Tamil, implying that Anwar also has Tamil blood. He probably read that in Tamil Nadu in Chennai. And he doesn’t even know what full Malay blood is, but then it matters not to him if he is DAP Chinese.

            Admittedly there are weaknesses in every party and in any leader. Just as Lim Guan Eng was reported by the Star to have bulldozed the decision on the RM 1 billion Turn-Key sPICE Project which went to his crony, the Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce President. Of course this bloke would not mention that. His purpose is to weaken UMNO and demean the Malays. Some day God will knock some sense into his head.

            JMD : Thank you Opaque for the comment!


          • Hey Transparent

            You admit Pak and brothers (and son-in-law) also enrich themselves but you lambast only Tun and his sons. Anwar Ibrahim also enrich himself, familyand cronies but not a single word of admonish from you.

            Where in this world, is there a law that says “leader’s sons must NOT become rich?” Why deny Tun’s sons from accumulating wealth from honest means. You have not proven otherwise.

            You mention Tun enriching Indians but not a nasty word on the chinese billionaires that numbers more than half of the top 10 richest Malaysians. So your angst against Tun Dr M is very clear. All the wrongdoings you listed must be proven and reported for actions to be taken.

            Now as for the Malays still lagging behind in terms of economic wealth, can you really blame Tun ALONE for this situation. He cannot be seen to block any Malaysian other than bumiputeras from becoming rich thru their own efforts, can he? That would have been blatant cronyism, nepotism and corruption.

            Perhaps the monitoring of implementation of proactive policies MUST be improved,increased, refined, expanded, extended, what-have-you to ensure that the initial honourable objectives are met.

            Try not to rush into blaming someone based on hearsay and impressions. And most times, that axe to grind becomes a cataract to your perception. Beware.


            • Good one Ray!

              We all know Transparent’s comments are not sincere regarding his ‘concerns’ about the malays. When he chose to keep quiet about the effort Tun made for all Malaysians, especially the chinese, we already knew his objective. Just to sow hatred among the malays against Tun. When in fact, of all the prime ministers, Tun Mahathir proved to be the PM with most contribution towards all Malaysians. He practically dragged us out from geographical abyss and put us in the world map. Thank you.


            • Ray, if I were to go on and on about UMNO Presidents and son in laws it will take more than a few lines in a blog. It is endemic. Why I do not write about DAP or PAS or PKR because they are another set of issues and will take pages. (JMD – please link us the blogs where you commented about DAP/PKR/PAS. You never wrote about them right?)

              Just writing about Mahathir and his sons F1 cars is one, to write about Nazir and his gang of SPV vehicles is another, or Pak Lah and Oil for food menantus not to mention KJ lagi.. these are just too much. Why are you defending these situations. It is obvious that something is wrong. (JMD – please link us the blogs where you commented about those other isses in great details. You never wrote about them right?)

              To talk about what Mahathir have given Chinese IPPS, gambling licenses, gas subsidies, millions of illegal workers, demolishment of BM via PPMSI will take pages of tiring sickening scum worth of material which will drain any sane man. (JMD : If there were indeed sickening, I can see clearly Anwar Ibrahim’s hands almost all those deals. But PPSMI issue will drain any sane man? You must be kidding right? But yes, would love to hear your views on mandarin and tamil vernacular education)

              UMNO reach the lowest zenith of its popularity while under Mahathir. He was booted out crying with the incessant complaints. The 22 years of power have corrupted him until he began saying the Malays must be grateful to him. For what? burning the midnight oil? For his thinking? For his time? But his sons are now billionaires while Malays are still poor. (JMG : Another lie. Mahathir was booted out from UMNO? You must not be in Malaysian in 2002 then. Or, you just got back from the abyss. He retired on his own free will. Why can’t you stop lying Transparent? Why are you trying to deceive people? When did he say malays must be grateful to him? And please, his thinking is way superior than yours if I may say so myself)

              But ok I will write so that Malays may understand how they come to this predicament of only 20% ownership after 55 years of independence. This is humiliating and the party that was supposed to champion Malays was UMNO but it was hijacked by the Indian Mahathir who promoted other races first. “If everyone his unhappy then we must be doing the right things.” such stupid quip from UMNO President. Remember UMNO President is leader of the Malay first then PM. (JMD : Please stop being racist. You are projecting an image of hating indians and mamaks. Certainly you are not wise enough to understand his quip. And certainly you are quite unintelligent to unable to see that Umno president is also the prime minister of all Malaysians)

              He must fight for Malays right for independence and fill that independence and control the economy. The Chinese are not happy because they want more. The Malays are unhappy because they are poor besides the Presidents sons and bros and menantus. (JMD : Generally all malays are better off now compared to how they were in 1970. Look at the stats. Investigate further on the improvements from 1970 till now. The biggest contribution is the arise of malay middle class. They form the majority. Previously 98% of malays are in the poor category)

              There is a difference in unhappiness. This flippant and couldnt careless attitude is because he is making wealth for his sons and his crony so he couldnt careless about what the Malays think. Mahathir should be brought to the Malay court of justice for letting Chinese and Indians become millionaires and billionaires at the expanse of the Malays. (JMD : under what charge? under which court? Malay court? What joke are you trying to pull here? Please make some sense. Look around Transparent. Then look at yourself. Are you making sense? Mahathir could easily be a Marcos or Kony or Kim Jong Il. But instead, just like the previous PM before him, he toiled and worked hard to improve the lives of the majority of the people. He made Malaysia stand on its two feet. He made Malaysia not be afraid of other bigger super powers. Maybe you weren’t born in the 70s or 80s or lived through the 90s to see the difference in national pride vis-a-vis our reputation in the eyes of the world. Malaysia’s voice were heard in the UN council and people from all over the world began to recognised Malaysia’s effort in world issues)

              “When in fact, of all the prime ministers, Tun Mahathir proved to be the PM with most contribution towards all Malaysians. He practically dragged us out from geographical abyss and put us in the world map. ”

              Contributions most of all to the Anandas and Vincent Tans, Lee Shen Chengs… all billionaires all poor migrants before Mahathir come to power. What abyss and what world map? Relationship with Australia and US were very low unlike now when Najib, who carry no slumdog chip on his shoulder, can talk rationally with anyone. These are the Malays like Tun Hussein Onn or Tunku or Razak who has class. Mahathir didnt have this class because he is not one… but he tried hard listening to Pavarotti etc but doing nothing for Malay culture. (JMD: Another confused/untrue rambling which I do not understand the gist of it)

              You must study a person background to understand his recalcitrant behavior. The Malays did not elect him to fight the US or Australia but fight for their economic rights in Malaysia and not 15% part. I used to brush aside friends warning like, “Tapi dia mamak, dia belit semua…” Until the facts exposed by Forbes who are the millionaires and billionaires showed that Malaysia is a rich country but Mahathir didn’t benefit the Malays. Until figures like 20% ownership was published. Any Malays who are not angry that we have only 20% ownership must have more that his fair share. If you are anak lelaki or anak perempuan Mahathir of course the world is fine with 20%. (JMD : So what is your recommendations? Shall we tax the chinese more and give it to the malays? I wonder whether all this malicious comments do have any silver lining. Which I doubt. Again, why do you hate the chinese and mamak/indians so much?)

              Malays must understand UMNO and what it means to Malay aspirations. Consisting of NGOs Malays must reclaim UMNO from greedy individuals that is of course around anywhere. But for them to act like royalties and get the first cut of everything is something Malays have to check. (JMD : This I agree)

              “And this bloke says he “once read” Anwar Ibrahim’s father speaks fluent Tamil, implying that Anwar also has Tamil blood. ”

              You cant expect me to do everything. I provide the leads. Please go and investigate further. Have you met any Melayu who is as kulit tebal or uncouth as AI? or Mahathir? You look at Hadi or Razaleigh or Nik Aziz. or Rais Yatim, or Tunku, or Tun Razak, or Pak Lah who is part Chinese (another thread). these are typical Malays with gentlemanly manners. (JMD : Some of the names I agree as gentlemanly. But some, I disagree. You forgot to put Mahathir’s name there as a gentleman. But then again, you must have never met him in person. That is why you unjustifiably lambasted him with your racist comments)

              “Now as for the Malays still lagging behind in terms of economic wealth, can you really blame Tun ALONE for this situation. He cannot be seen to block any Malaysian other than bumiputeras from becoming rich thru their own efforts, can he? That would have been blatant cronyism, nepotism and corruption.”

              You are an apologist of the highest order. Why should not the UMNO President block Chinese and Indians from becoming multimillionaires and billionaires.? These gross wealth accumulation create huge income gaps between the chinese, Indians and Malays. Not only Chinese vs Malays but Chinese vs Chinese too. This is the worst aspect of capitalism, are you saying unbridled capitalism is ok? Are these really fair? Not just exploitation of virgin forests for oil palm fruits, or unfair IPP burden for the citizens? Mahathir not only did not stop the Chinese and Indians from becoming rich but as UMNO President of the Malays actively give out concessions and licenses to enrich the hundreds of C and I businessmen. Mahathir did not practice croynism and nepotism with the Malays but he practiced cronyism with the Chinese and Indians! At the RCI and this is a fact, Mahathir admitted that Vincent Tan the head of Chinese gambling is one of his best friend!! muahahaha… nothing wrong with that of course…(JMD : Why shouldn’t he be friends with Vincent Tan just because he leads Berjaya? Are you a JAKIM officer? Haram this, haram that? Again, recommendations please on how to negatively impair the economic state of the non-malays here in Malaysia and improve the lot of the malays. Please share your suggestions. If you have written those, please provide us the link. Thank you)


              • Sigh, poor transparent. It does no one any good to be trapped in the past. Today, DS Najib is helming the government. Perhaps your wise and intellectual views can be put forward to advise DS Najib on how best to elevate the pure Malays (without any tainted blood) to become billionaires and thereby render the others beggars.

                P.S. Your ramblings against the statesman Tun Dr Mahathir fails to convince me. He is still the PM who had contributed tremendously for Malaysia, domestically and internationally.


              • I don’t think this “transparent” bloke has written any suggestions. He doesn’t have any. He is the Jaguh Kampung kind, rambles anything and everything that comes out of his blessed head. He doesn’t process any thought that crosses his mind, merely blurt them out and they become unintelligible whining and complaining. How can he have any suggestions that way. Just look at each and every one of his comments. Merely wild statements.

                He shoots wildly. A loose gun, this son of a gun, shooting from the hip. He is a joker, what he says is humorous at times but becomes terribly boring after a few comments. The only way to deal with him is to do like he does. Shoot him wildly, too. No need any justification, links, whatever. Just say anything one likes against him. Give him a dose of his own medicine. I’ll do that when I have more free time.


                • muahaha.. it all boils down to ringgit and cents.. It has taken malays a long time to realise whats going on. As said., realising Nazir RAzak complicity and greed is a very good step indeed…Syabas Jebat.

                  Look in your own pockets. Are there millions? Are there billions? But Mahathir and sons have got billions. So please dig more on them.

                  Its quite simple really. The Malaysian system is very good and straight forward. Just get the paper work signed and everything is through. A scenario how Tengku Zafrul was put in Maybank Investment. could be, Nor Yakcop put his name forward. HR in Maybank issue letter of appointment. Tengku Zafrul met Syaril and Mohkzani how to get cash. No loan applicatiion. Too messy. Create RM2 company buy Sapura and Kencana. Get paper work done. Get BOD of directors to agree. See by pass laws. Simple. Get Maybank Investment board to agree. Issue promisory notes, get loans to pay Syaril and Mokhzani. All according to process. Anybody can do it as long the BOD of Maybank and Zafrul put up the paper work.
                  So Maybank tanggung risiko. Cash in Syaril and Mokzani account and maybe adalah ketirisan for those who up paper work.

                  No need to clear forest, or dive in the sea or create cars.

                  Just like the E & O. Latuk please buy my shares. How much?.. well..we anticipate 3 billion ok so we buy plus good will RM800 cash. WE will put up THE PAPER WORKs. The Sime Darby makan gaji Musa Hitam folks wil just approve one.

                  What about SC? Dont worry, we give hint to her husband lah…

                  Or how about that highway for UMNnO lawyer…No need to work man..just put up the PAPER WORKS. Get the banks supporting letter for financing. Submit lowest bid. Then we find some Chinese contractor to do it… kaching money in the bank account.

                  What do wel call these people. Investment Bankers…hahaha..

                  BTW why didnt you comment about Naziir Razak stealing commission from PNB companies Sime Darby, Guthrie and Golden Hope. If MAS fees is RM120 millions just imagine how much Nazir Razak got just by putting up the World Largest Plantation company.

                  “CIMB Investment Bank (Nazir Razak) had on November 27 announced that Synergy
                  Drive, a special purpose vehicle, was proposing a merger of the
                  businesses of eight listed companies in which Permodalan Nasional
                  Berhad (PNB) and unit trust funds under its management and
                  Employees Provident Fund (EPF) are the major shareholders.

                  The new entity, controlled by Permodalan Nasional Berhad and unit trust
                  funds under its management, will have total annual revenue of over
                  RM26 billion, a combined workforce of approximately 107,000 and
                  combined plantation land of approximately 600,000 hectares located in
                  Malaysia and Indonesia. ”
                  The MIC will be chaired by Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof, Chairman of Synergy

                  That guy Nor Yusof again in MAS now fiasco. There seems to be a gang of crooks doing the same thing again and again… with no one to stop them..!

                  The latest of course is Felda. The World Largest Plantation Company.!!! Muahaha. some one catch these crooks fast please…


      • Transparent,

        Whenever I see comments making fun of Tun Dr Mahathir’ ancestry – he has openly admitted having 25% Indian blood from his father’s side – I like to copy and paste the following comment which appeared in blogs here and there:

        “You people keep making fun of the Malays, mamaks, etc, what about you Chinese? What’s the equivalent to call you all also having mixed blood? Now, now, don’t say you people are pure Chinese.

        Here is what Professor C.P. Fitzgerald says in his book, “A Short Cultural History of China” (600+ pages) – he lived in China for 5 years to research and gather material for that book:

        The phrase “origin of the Chinese people” is in itself misleading.

        1. Chinese culture took root in the plains of Manchuria, a foreign country until after World War II

        2. The northern provinces have always to some degree been mixed with “peoples from the Mongolian steppes”

        3. The southern and central provinces of China were, before the northerners moved southwards, “covered” by non-Chinese, the Miao, small in size and who the Chinese were contemptuous of.

        4. The south was originally occupied by “aboriginal tribes”. The ancestors of most of the migrants to Malaya/ sia came from the south. The Professor said, “A large proportion of the population of the south calling itself ‘Chinese’ is in fact descended from one or other of the aboriginal races” – page 6. Even in modern times, in Yunnan and Kueichouu, tribesmen number half the population.

        The southerners comprise the following major groups:

        a. Fukienese, “a separate stock, mixed with immigrants from the north and the Yangtze Valley” and speaking “a peculiar dialect”.

        b. Cantonese, also speak a somewhat alien language, a form of old Chinese – the south was colonized by the northerners, colonization completed in the 7th Century – some 800 years after China was formed as a political entity by Chin Shih Huang Di.

        c. Hakkas, of Kuantung province, known as “guest families” – they speak a peculiar dialect, despised by the Cantonese and do not inter marry. These people were said to have come from the north, running away from frequent Mongol invasions in the 13th Century.

        So, if any of you are referred to as descendants of the Miao (who are aborigines and non-Chinese), or other aborigines of south China, don’t blame me, I’m just a messenger of the news. You can’t also blame Professor Fitzgerald any more because he died some years ago.

        So, how about we refrain from racial profiling and name calling, ha? Still angry with me, wanna call me names? Don’t la, coz you also can be called names.


  8. (JMD – please link us the blogs where you commented about DAP/PKR/PAS. You never wrote about them right?) Jebat, rocky bru said you are young so I dont think you have heard of soc.culture.malaysia. Before blogs, these were the fighting place for malay chinese debaters. I have done my share of debates here on DAP and PAS. At that time there was no PKR but I was the first to expose AI as a power megalomaniac. I have said all I have about AI the buggerer with his clique of MC old boys. Now many said PAS is Parti Ajaran Setan, I had used that years ago because false piety dont impress me. Mahathir and UMNO then said thanks to the anonymous support…hehe. there was not much then.. must be only one.

    (JMD : If there were indeed sickening, I can see clearly Anwar Ibrahim’s hands almost all those deals. But PPSMI issue will drain any sane man? You must be kidding right? But yes, would love to hear your views on mandarin and tamil vernacular education)

    My view on Mandarin and Tamil vernacular education is simple. Going forward the Chinese and Indian must adopt to Tanah Melayu. Vernacular education can only be justified if it helps the Chinese and Indians to relocate to their home country. They still love China and indian culture, why stop there? Reverse migration will be good for race relations as proven in England. The great English patriot Enoch Powell once said the locals reserved the right to their culture and way of live and cautioned of rivers of blood at uncontrolled immigration.

    (JMG : Another lie. Mahathir was booted out from UMNO? You must not be in Malaysian in 2002 then. Or, you just got back from the abyss. He retired on his own free will. Why can’t you stop lying Transparent? Why are you trying to deceive people? When did he say malays must be grateful to him? ”

    Your database of knowledge is lacking here.”When did he say malays must be grateful to him? “. Did you know Najib said that people dont like if we say you must be grateful to UMNO/Mahahtir? This was in reference to Mahahtir regular lament, Melayu tak bersyukur. tak grateful…Maybe you need to google Mahathir and grateful…How old were you then prior to 2002?

    I was referring to being booted out as UMNO President or PM. UMNO was losing badly, losing Trengganu. When he stepped down BN won huge such was the euphoria (short) killed by Pak Lah and KJ. But did you know Mahathir was booted out from UMNO by Tunku?

    “And please, his thinking is way superior than yours if I may say so myself)” Haha..thanks for the backhanded compliment..many asked if I was Mahathir himself but mahahtir did not know how to use computer then. So who is superior? Mahathir thinking was good for the 70s. But you can see the result now, billions in assets in Chinese and Indians hands while the Malays who supported UMNO are supposed to be satisfied with cars in the kampung. Acres of rainforests cleared by IOI and other Chinese, low tech Chinese factories and 3 million cheap Indian/Indon labours creating social problems.The superiority of my thoughts can only be measured by the ideas and actions that I can galvanised for the good of the Malays. Saying the unthinkable and improbable but true anyway. Pinpointing the absurdity of UMNO President’s sons owning millions of cash from Maybank Investment while PNB Malay shareholders get 7.25% dividend yearly. Pinpointing the absurdity of Mahahtir Hudud laws where Malay women must bring 4 men to witness their rape while having Vincent Tan head of organised gambling as his best friend. (where Saiful must bring 4 men to watch him sodomised). Have I impressed you yet..hehe…?

    (JMD : Please stop being racist. You are projecting an image of hating indians and mamaks. Certainly you are not wise enough to understand his quip. And certainly you are quite unintelligent to unable to see that Umno president is also the prime minister of all Malaysians)
    This politically correct phrase is used to hide racist actions by Indians and Chinese. Do not be naive. The Indians and Chinese are just saying these while they have Dong Xiong and Hindraf.

    (JMD : Generally all malays are better off now compared to how they were in 1970. Look at the stats. Investigate further on the improvements from 1970 till now. The biggest contribution is the arise of malay middle class. They form the majority. Previously 98% of malays are in the poor category)

    Generally better is not good enough as I said above. The danger of wide gap in wealth will in the end be translated into political power. Pak Lah was said to be given a yatch by Ananda. The rich Chinese and Indians have access to UMNO President who reward them with more IPP licenses. What do you and I get? Per capita income of US9,900 is meaningless if some actually got billion time more. And do the maths, if some got billions of that per capita, then millions of malays must be poor!

    (JMD : under what charge? under which court? Malay court? What joke are you trying to pull here? Please make some sense. Look around Transparent. Then look at yourself. Are you making sense? Mahathir could easily be a Marcos or Kony or Kim Jong Il.

    A Malay economic court consisting of nationalists Malays and Sabah and Sarawak natives who understand figures. Nowadays Mahathir smile a lot. You would too if your family have billions. With this trial Malay economic issues can be debated vis a vis current Chinese and Indians 81% dominance. Negligence one thing. Failure to act to stop the destruction of Malaysia rainforests by Chinese oil palm planters. Farming for Chinese should be for personal living just like Malays do in Felda. Not for exploitation of 40,000 Indian/Indon/Bangla labourers. Giving free 2 airbus to Tony Fernandes. All these are against the Federal Constitution of Malay special position. Mahathir reverse these by making the Vincent Tans, Yeoh, Anandas the special citizens of Malaysia. Nobody would realised these people owned billions if not for Forbes exposures. Thank you Forbes!

    But instead, just like the previous PM before him, he toiled and worked hard to improve the lives of the majority of the people. He made Malaysia stand on its two feet. He made Malaysia not be afraid of other bigger super powers. Maybe you weren’t born in the 70s or 80s or lived through the 90s to see the difference in national pride vis-a-vis our reputation in the eyes of the world. Malaysia’s voice were heard in the UN council and people from all over the world began to recognised Malaysia’s effort in world issues)

    Power corrupt and absolute power for 22 years have corrupted Mahathir more or less and you can see this in the billions that his family have amasssed. Not to mention that Indian fella Syed Mokhtar of DRB (see RPK list of disguised Indians). The Maalys and UMNO provide Mahathir the platform for grandstanding. His ideas get more ridiculous as he tried to gain attention. One which annoyed the US is he saying 9/11 bombing was a US owned conspiracy. Thats not much difference from the common conspiracy nutters isnt it?

    (JMD : So what is your recommendations? Shall we tax the chinese more and give it to the malays? I wonder whether all this malicious comments do have any silver lining. Which I doubt. Again, why do you hate the chinese and mamak/indians so much?)

    Just stick to the Constitution and laws of the land we will be alright. I do not hate the Chinese or Indians if you notice. Just Mahathir! He was negligence maybe because his sons Mokhzani, Mirzan and Mukhriz benefited from the hundreds of company directorships given. (read the blogs). If this is true then that is corruption. The Chinese just take what is given to them. Thegambling licenses were issued by Mahathir or during his watch. Tony Fernandes didnot steal the planes they were given to him by Mahathir the UMNO President because he is a special fella.

    Just spread the wealth more egalitarianly. Stop exploitation of Malaysia natural wealth like oil, gas, forests by a few.

    These debates will enhance the Malays understanding of the cultural crime committed by Mahahtir on them.

    (JMD : Some of the names I agree as gentlemanly. But some, I disagree. You forgot to put Mahathir’s name there as a gentleman. But then again, you must have never met him in person. That is why you unjustifiably lambasted him with your racist comments)

    This is a most important point. Mahathir regression to his Indians ancestry was gradual. From fighting for Malay interest he gradually drifted to Indians and Chinese interests. His lack of empathy for the BM, his lack of empathy for Malay business, his eagerness to help Indians and Chinese despite being THE Malay leader was puzzling.
    It was until TheStar reported that Mahathir father was an Indian from Kerala that things drop into place. His Indian lawyers, economic advisers were only then realised etc

    (JMD : Why shouldn’t he be friends with Vincent Tan just because he leads Berjaya? Are you a JAKIM officer? Haram this, haram that? Again, recommendations please on how to negatively impair the economic state of the non-malays here in Malaysia and improve the lot of the malays. Please share your suggestions. If you have written those, please provide us the link.

    Jebat it is not alright for an UMNO President to be too close to a gambler head like Vincent Tan. Obvious isnt it? VT got a lot of licenses when he frequently drop by Mahahtir house a privilege which you dont get to see the UMNO President. This is how Chinese carpet baggers work. They will try to get close to Najib too or whoever is in power. The incongruity, whipping the Malays for gambling, giving VT gambling licenses. Or is it planned? Opiate for the masses while amassing wealth for himself the classic power action.

    I am not into JAKIM and dont suggest impairing anyone. Chinese or Indians. All we want is an equal playing fields. If UMNO give 2 free planes to Indians then UMNO must give 4 free planes to Malays. If UMNO gives acres of rainforests to IOI then UMNO must give double that to Malays because Malays population are more than doubled.

    If UMNO give 84 special draws to MCA then UMNO must give 168 special draws to secular Malays. Hey the money in 4 Ds come from Malays in the kampung too. Currently UMNO give 32 billions in diesel subsidy to Chinese business men, millionaire fishermen for their boats, for their 4WD and dirty factories. Equivalent billions must be given to Malays too.

    Lastly while I dont think Jebat Must Die, I believe that this thread must not die. Too many Malays thinkers lack the depth to see beyond their immediate environemts.

    Bringing nazir razak, tengku zafrul, nor yackob, azman mokhtar,nor yusof, mokahzni the list is long, haha to jail for stealing from the malays should be your aim.


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