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DAP chairman has amnesia

This would be a short post on Karpal Singh.

About a week ago in Parliament, DAP Chairman said something which he had already known as untrue but nevertheless repeated it for the sake of gaining mileage.

Here’s the excerpt:

“But we look ahead and not dwell on matters of implementation (of the ISA) at the time,” Nazri told the House when winding up the debate on the second reading of the Security Offences (Special Measures) Bill 2012.

The veteran Umno minister was also forced to deflect several accusations levelled against his party president and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, who was the party’s Youth chief when the government launched the 1987 ISA dragnet on opposition leaders.

Interjecting, Karpal Singh (DAP-Bukit Gelugor) demanded the minister explain why Najib had not been arrested for allegedly issuing a racially-charged threat to “bathe the keris (dagger) in the blood of the Chinese”.

“The Umno Youth chief, who is today our prime minister, said clearly after unsheathing his keris that this keris must taste Chinese blood.

“Why wasn’t he detained under the ISA?” Karpal asked to loud shouts of disapproval from across the floor.

Nazri immediately stood up to refute the DAP chairman’s remark, which has often been repeated in the media, blogs and political speeches on the 1987 incident, and told the House that the allegation was untrue.

“This did not happen. I was there, I know what he said. It did not happen,” he said repeatedly.

I find it disgusting for Karpal Singh to even ask this question since he HAD ASKED the very same question back in July 2009.

His question has been answered and Karpal should have laid the matter to rest. The story was highlighted and analysed in the media and blogs too.

One of it is highlighted here:

Excerpts from Najib illuminates 1Malaysia, denies keris challenge [NST, June 16 2009]

In his question, Karpal alleged that Najib, during a rally in the run-up to the 1987 Operasi Lallang, had waved a keris in challenge to the Chinese community. 

“If it was true, are you prepared to ask for forgiveness from the Chinese community?” Karpal demanded. 

The allegation did nothing to dampen Najib’s mood. “The incident did not take place. I have never said that. The one who should apologise is the YB concerned, not me,” he said.

Just like Bersih, where there are absolutely no more justification for the people to even gather around in Dataran Merdeka except to curry more votes for Pakatan Rakyat, Karpal is banking on something redundant just to incite the chinese to go against the Prime Minister.

There are limits to play one’s politics and I think Pakatan Rakyat had transgressed one time too many.

Thank you.


3 thoughts on “DAP chairman has amnesia

  1. tak kisah lah berapa kali pun di ‘hanjingkan’ Melayu sabar dan dengah mudah melupakannya. cakap sajalah yang berdegar degar di kedai kopi atau blog … tak ke mana



  2. Poor DS Najib, he has been character assasinated numerous times. He was supposed to be a practising Hindu, he was photoshopped dining with Altantuya, accused of so many other wrongdoings.

    It is clear that the opposition FEARED him, simply because he has the potential of being a great PM of Malaysia.


  3. word has it that DAP division in Kuching had dumped chicken carcasses on the protocol road in Matang because Najib was going to be driven through the road. Am still in the midst of looking for photographic evidence. My brother was the one who informed me that he saw the picture, and that the city council is pissed off because they have to clean up the whole crap.

    Ni yang bestnya org kita, kalau kena hal camni senyap je diaorang… tak nak mengaibkan orang kut. Tapi kalau la org DAP yang kena hambur bangkai ayam dah sure esok keluar suratkhabar, TV, twitter, mana2 lagi lah.


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