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DAP and their chinese first, Malaysian second friends

The latest shocking news that came about regarding DAP is their unequivocal support for Dong Zong and Jiao Zong (chinese education NGO extremist groups) to rally as a protest against the seemingly unfair treatment of Ministry of Education against the whole universe of chinese education here in Malaysia.

The rally is set to be held on March 25. I am not sure what is the latest development of this but if the rally does go on as scheduled, then yet again, DAP is proven to be as racist as they claim their political opponents to be.

To put it simply, DAP as well as Dong Zong and Jiao Zong are saying that they do not want any teachers without the ability to speak Mandarin to be teaching in their chinese vernacular schools.

Therefore, they are asking the MOE to take back the teachers and at the same time, asking the ministry to train more teachers and send in more qualified ones.

Since they think MOE is having ulterior motives or worse, being apathetic towards chinese education, the rally is planned to gain more support. And surprisingly, the party that label themselves as advocators of being Malaysian first, everything else second is using this platform to buy more votes for the coming general elections.

Or else, why would DAP poking their noses in a highly racial issue such as chinese education? Shouldn’t they be promoting how each Malaysian should mingle with each other in a more institutionalised and comprehensive way?

Anyway, the Minister of Education gave his opinion two days ago:

KUALA LUMPUR: The protest over the lack of teachers at Chinese schools should not be politicised by any party, said Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

“I hope that this will not become a political issue,” he told reporters this after launching the Federal Territory Umno election machinery here yesterday.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister said steps were being taken to address the concerns raised by the groups and their protest should not be viewed as though the ministry was not doing anything to resolve issues faced by Chinese schools.

Muhyiddin said this when asked to comment on the protest by Chinese educationist groups, United Chinese School Teachers Association (Jiao Zong) and United Chinese School Committees Association (Dong Zong), over the shortage of teachers at Chinese primary schools nationwide.

On Sunday, about 100 representatives of the groups held a protest at SRJK(C) Pay Fong III at Bukit Cina Malacca.

A similar protest would be held at Dong Zong’s headquarters in Kajang, Selangor at 11am on March 25.

He said Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong had met up with the groups recently to better understand their grouses to address the shortage of Chinese language teachers and teachers of other subjects at Chinese primary schools nationwide.

“The outcome of the meeting will be presented to me next week.

“The decision we take will be based on resolving the problem of the shortage and not something we do without taking into consideration their actual needs,” he said.

He noted that teachers sent to Chinese schools needed to have proper training not only to master the particular subject they taught but also Mandarin.

At present, he said teachers sent to the Chinese schools which faced teaching shortages was a temporary measure, with the ministry working towards a long-term solution. SOURCE : Here.

The chinese schools has been facing shortages of teachers for some time now. And this problem persists in national schools and tamil schools as well. It is a perennial issue. New schools are built each year and good teachers who are willing to relocate or stationed anywhere as instructed are hard to come by.

It is my opinion that those extremists groups i.e., Dong Zong and Jiao Zong are arrogant into thinking that the MOE is not doing anything to solve their plight. It is also disgusting to think that their plight revolve around their own racist tendency and paranoia.

The non chinese teachers within the chinese vernacular schools are teaching Bahasa Malaysia subject. Obviously, in order for the students to learn Bahasa Malaysia, Malay teachers or teachers with good command in BM are sent.

It is illogical if this was deemed as unacceptable by those two racist groups.

They further justify that those teachers must teach other subjects in Mandarin if there are shortages of teachers in other subjects; and, they are also saying that these BM teachers must also be able to speak Mandarin if the students do not understand the teaching methods and the teacher must be able to converse in Mandarin for the ease of the students.

I never knew that students in chinese schools are pampered and spoon fed that way. Certainly, if they entered universities in the US or UK or Australia, none of the lecturers there would speak with them in Mandarin if they do not understand English.

Furthermore, Mandarin is not even our mother tongue for the chinese here.

And if the logic by these chinese extremist groups is accepted, then the teachers from English speaking countries being called to teach English to our students here would also be an incorrect thing to do. Obviously these teachers couldn’t speak BM.

I really do not understand the paranoia that is being cultivated by these groups.

For all its worth, the hyperbole brought forth by these two groups are clouded by a feeling that can be regarded as chinese supremacy.

Apparently, non chinese teachers are not good enough to set foot in chinese education system eventhough these teachers are the best bet in trying to teach the children the malay language.

No wonder the DAP is wholeheartedly supporting them. This party will always champion anything that can promote and heighten chinese supremacy in Malaysia.

This issue is very much akin to the events preceding the Operasi Lalang in 1988.

Fortunately, not many are taken by this hate-mongering tactics of the DAP and these chinese supremacists.

One thing that is different from the issues of the 80’s is the absence of MCA in this issue. MCA is more sensible these days. In fact, one of its leaders is chairing a committee to solve this issue. I hope the MOE will not bend over backwards to give in to these racial separatist movement.

But knowing the DAP, which will always make noise but not willing to take part in the solution will forever be a thorn in the issue. Recent development of not wanting to take part in the committee discussing the LYNAS issue is one fine example.

MCA, being the more mature and having more common sense are not playing the ‘we are more chinese’ game with the DAP. A game which if memory serves right, had destroyed the ‘semangat muhibbah’ among Malaysians so many times in the past.

It is good to note that some chinese are not inclined with how DAP is playing up this issue. Some of it can be read here, here and here.

But the best can be read here as below:

Dong Jiao Zong: So, What Is The Problem?

By Jolina Tan

After much noise and ‘foot thumping’ by the Dong Jiao Zong over the appointment of non-Mandarin educated teachers in Chinese vernacular schools, it is reported that the 17 teachers involved were only directed to teach Bahasa Malaysia, which is why Mandarin background is not deemed essential.

A friend of mine asked, so what’s the noise and foot-thumping all about?  Demonstration of power?

It’s the upcoming election, isn’t it?  All the political parties must be made aware of the power of Dong Zong and that whichever party is ready to kow-tow to this organization, would be ‘blessed’ with its support.

Just because the Dong Zong fights for the Chinese, doesn’t mean it represents 100% of us.   I am among the few Chinese who is uncomfortable with this unhealthy but upward trend of ‘power-testing’ by our people, championed by Dong Jiao Zong.

We all know that it is important to not lose our roots but aren’t we the ones asking the nation to be Malaysian First, and race second?   Naturally, as Malaysian, we must put our Bahasa Kebangsaan first and Mandarin second.    But it never seem that way to me and no wonder the Malays are going berserk towards us.

I am one of the many Malaysian Chinese who can’t speak Mandarin and I’m not proud of it.  I wish I could, as it is an advantage to know many languages.

But I don’t feel guilty for not being able to speak Mandarin because I believe in being Malaysian First and Chinese Second.

When I go overseas, I hate it when people get confuse of whether I am from Malaysia or China because most of us Malaysian Chinese do not have anything to show that can relate us to Malaysia, except that it is written as so, in our passport.   If there is anything that can relate us to our country, it is only our broken Bahasa Malaysia.  And yet, we scream if we didn’t get treated as loyal Malaysians.

Whereas, the Thailand or Indonesian Chinese are easy to be recognized when overseas for they usually speak their national language.   They also strongly considered the traditional dress and culture of the original Thais or Indonesians as theirs too.  For this, the original Thais and Indonesians have no prejudice towards them and accept them as their own.

In fact, in all parts of the world, the immigrants would quickly adopt and practice the original language and culture of the country, in order to blend in and be accepted.  Like it or not, only in Malaysia that such cases of ‘alien-citizen’ is common.   And I’m pointing out to you that it is as much our fault, as everybody else’s.

I respect Dong Zong for its determination to keep the spirit of our ancestors’ and motherland alive and strong.    But I strongly feels that Dong Zong, as an education NGO should help promote unity instead of extremism.

We want the Malays to be Malaysian first and Malay second but are we doing the same?   What does it mean to be Malaysian?  What is Malaysia, anyway?

I don’t know what the Dong Zong have in mind about Malaysia, but I don’t want to teach my children to lie to themselves about their roots.  I want them to accept the fact that even though our ancestors were from China, China is no longer our country.

Our country is Malaysia.  Our national language is Bahasa Malaysia, our culture is of a very strong influence of the Malay culture because Malay is the original settlers of this land.  Our traditional dress is the baju kebangsaan and all Chinese or Indians just have to accept it or should not claim to be Malaysians.   However, as non-Malays, we have the right to uphold our race’s traditional dress too, in respect of our roots.

I bring this matter up because I don’t see any solution to the never-ending prejudice among all the races in Malaysia.   Everybody is backing up their own races’ arguments but none would admit their wrongs.

We have always complained of being discriminated in terms of education, properties, government projects and all but have we ever tried to look at it from the eyes of others?

With Dong Zong constantly fighting for separation of our race from others, how can we expect the Malays to not have any prejudice and suspicions towards us?  How can we expect them to feel secure enough to abolish the policy that discriminate us when we, ourselves, are still aliens to them?

I believe that only when we truly blend in, that the privilege and special rights of the Bumis can be truly abolished.   Let’s not be hypocrites and selfish.  Let’s truly fight for unity, for a 1Bangsa Malaysia, for our own sake.

Instead of demanding, provoking and threatening, may be Dong Zong should start offering, giving and co-operating in sharing ideas and working towards bringing the races together.   Prove that the Chinese too, can truly be Malaysian First and Chinese Second.

So Dong Zong, Jiao Zong and DAP, bila mau jadi Orang Malaysia?


92 thoughts on “DAP and their chinese first, Malaysian second friends

  1. Dear JMD,

    This is nothing new, they are the agent provocateur for DAP and they did that in 1987 because it was perceived then that Tun M and UMNO were weak or have been weakened. 1987 was very significant for a lot of reasons. Please correct me if I am wrong. Tun M was challenged by Ku Li in 1987. In 1987 I think UMNO was declared an unlawful society. A lot happened in those times as it is happening now. With that in mind they said to themselves “Let us give Najib a headache. The same headache we gave Tun M” and wallah Dong Zong, Jiao Zong is back in the limelight. If I am not mistaken the Asian Rare Earth court hearings was also around 1987 and 1988. Matters of prime importance to the people and to the nation were more or less hijacked by politics relegating it to just another platform as it is now with Lynas. With all these together and since it is the election year let us push and shove and before we realise it. Bersih 3.0 will rear its head even if most of its demands have been met. There are times when we need to shove politics aside and think what is best for the people and the nation. Unfortunately for DAP and their cahoots that rarely happens.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  2. I always love your articles. This is by far the best one that I have read so far!

    Just to share my experience, I did my Diploma in a popular college in Penang between 2008-2010. I was a minority in that class. I had this one problem with this one lecturer whereby when the students asked her questions in Hokkien or Mandarin, she will just reply back in Mandarin or Hokkien. I went to complain to my HOD and in her defense, she said its easier for them to understand. and she said, if I want to know the answer, I should ask her the question. I was like WTF!!!.

    One more thing, I also hate the fact that mingling with the Chinese ed students is hard, their main language is basically Hokkien or Mandarin and not Malay even though they are Malaysian. Some of them even say that the Malay language is not important. Before I went to that College, I was very PRO-DAP (my parents were worried about that), but after going to that College and experienced the reality of being a Malay studying in a Chinese majority College and im sure its also applicable to the private sector in Penang as well, I decided to join UMNO instead.
    DAP just talk about being Malaysian first but in reality, they are fighting for Chinese Supremacy 🙂

    JMD : Thank you for the comment!


    • Add :
      As had been observed real life among themselves in an alien presence, they would comfortably switch to another lesser known dialect like Hokkien etc from the commonly conversed one.

      Keep aliens and outsider out of the circle.


  3. DAP support legit issues with Chinese flavor is racist?. Then Chinese Education NGO is called extremist? DAP support Malay issues is called what? Malay centric party? DAP fighting for Indian right is call …. let me see anti-MIC? DAP got closed with PAS and Muslim is call… DAP version of Islamic? so nobody can do anything in Malaysia without being label? I think Perkasa sent a cakes make from human feaces and making threats to others is what …ah ? anyway the Rakyat not Moron Ok and Leaders are not all holy holy honest honest YB OK.! I think some of our Parliament session looks more like cocks fighting arena! what you call it ah?


    • Thank you for the comment but what is the point of this comment of yours when you as a DAP fan still did not address the issue here. So are you agreeing that DAP is as racist as those parties they claim as racist? I thought DAP do not condone anything racial. Malaysian first, remember? A bit sad since DAP should be whiter than white when extolling the virtues of being anti-racist. But as we can see, they are being racist, and that is worse since it is accompanied by hypocrisy. Worse still, they are agreeing to chinese supremacist group as well. You can’t be blaming others as racist when you yourself is acting even worse. Yes the rakyat is not moronic and neither should you. Have a good day.


    • “DAP support Malay issues is called what?”
      You mean DAP support Article 153 championed by Perkasa and UMNO too?

      You want to know what its called? Its call Chauvanist Ultra Racist DAP Kiasu Hypocrites.

      That what it is called when a hypocrite racist chinese DAP party claims it “support Malay issues”. Anyway, you win the joke question of the year award, hands down.



    JMD : That is their only gameplan to win votes since 1966. Thank you.


  5. The article by Jolina Tan appears fair and objective but I have concerns over 2 of her comments.

    Comment#1 – “However, as non-Malays, we have the right to uphold our race’s traditional dress too, in respect of our roots.” If she and her clan keep harping on her roots in china, then there NEVER will be a celebration of their new roots. The younger generation chinese are born in Malaysia. How many generations MORE, would it take, for this fascination of their china roots to be eradicated, to be replaced with Malaysian ones, like the Thai and Indonesian chinese.

    If she remembers well, there was once upon a time the existence of Nyonya culture – proof of assimilation. Going by the mushrooming of chinatowns all over the wotld, the chances of this assimilation appears bleak.

    Comment#2 – “I believe that only when we truly blend in, that the privilege and special rights of the Bumis can be truly abolished.” – Aha, this is the proverbial Freudian slip. This is the crux of chinese resentment. Here she conveniently ignore the other half of the contract, where free citizenships were given to the stateless peoples in return for the special status.

    In any contract, all clauses are binding. If at any time, a certain clause is deleted, the whole contract is rendered invalid. That would mean that the stateless peoples will be reverted back to being stateless. Perhaps the British would want to assume responsibility over the fate of these newly created group.

    P.S. I seriously doubt that motherland China has considerations for overseas chinese, who may be regarded as unpatriotic.


    • Comment#2 – “I believe that only when we truly blend in, that the privilege and special rights of the Bumis can be truly abolished.” – Aha, this is the proverbial Freudian slip. This is the crux of chinese resentment. Here she conveniently ignore the other half of the contract, where free citizenships were given to the stateless peoples in return for the special status.

      ^ In other words, most of the kempen SSS people here are not sincere. Their agenda is not for one school so all races will be considered equal. Their real agenda is for one school so the other races will submit to the status quo of preferential treatment.


      • Dave

        The other races are strongly encouraged to fully adopt the constitutional recommendations which was historically agreed upon by ALL parties. The main benefit which was enjoyed by the stateless peoples who were given FREEcitizenships in exchange for the SPECIAL STATUS.

        If the former stateless peoples NOW challenge article 153, therefore, by default, the bumiputeras CAN and WILL challenge the free citizenships. The point of contention is the PERCEIVED “discrimination” that promotes racial supremacy, which is OBVIOUSLY hogwash, as FACTUAL data states the richest people in Malaysia are the chinese.

        Ketuanan Melayu simply means original landowners, not Malay supremacy which was DAP active propaganda, that is the source of anti-Malay sentiments.

        I believe the Indonesians and the Thais must have been very shrewd where their chinese populations are concerned – the result is PERFECT assimilation of the chinese who adopts Thai names, identify as Thais FIRST, chinese second. The same goes for the Indonesians.

        The SSS campaign is laying out the red carpet for the non-bumiputeras to FINALLY declare their patriotic sentiment to Malaysia and live as Malaysians first.

        P.S. Dave, do you resent the special parking lots for the handicapped? That scheme is the mark and icon of a highly gracious and civilised society. Think about it. Do you go around thinking, “This is not fair to us who pays full charges for parking. Why should the handicapped gets special treatment?”


        • Ray you talk shit. Keep your citizenship asshole. I’d like to see who pays taxes and subsidizes your property purchases.

          JMD : I pay taxes too.


          • Sshsn, i see people like you everyday. Complain complain complain, say chinese pay most taxes but these are the people who never pay their taxes, have 30 ringgit in their savings account, drive a rempit kancil and still claim they are part of the so-called chinese group that pay most taxes.

            Bro, you always divert the issue. Dong Zong is racist. So obvious. What’s the relevance of Mandarin language again to teach Bahasa Malaysia? Born in Malaysia and can’t speak Bahasa Malaysia?


          • You don’t understand tax law, do you know that non-citizen also pays tax according to the law. And its wrong to say that chinese finance subsidies because majority of country revenue comes from Petronas and palm oil. Its kind of arrogant and childish statement actually because in the first place, theirs sales comes majority from Malay/bumiputra. In a way, Malays/bumiputera is giving Chinese a sales, with that sales Chinese able to raise a family and pay tax to the government. Even if your business have no Malay customers, think about your customers’ money, where they got that money to pay you? Why its Malay/bumiputera is for the simple reason, they are the biggest customers.


              • Aiyoyo shhshh, is that all you can rebut huh?

                It could be that you lack sufficient socialisation, such that you grow into a maladjusted and frustrated homo sapien. I advise you to get out of your dwelling, make more human friends, spend less time with your dog, such that it can now converse with you (scary lah talking to dogs).

                Or perhaps, your dog went to school and you stayed home resulting in your brains being unused, rendering your substandard retort. Heh heh.


                • Ray, I can’t do anything for you given that you’ve lived all your life with a 30 handycap. You are well and truly screwed. Now go play far away.


                  • My dear shhshh,

                    Yeah, I am really enjoying the “handy cap” to protect my head from the sun. Oh you meant handicap, huh? Or rather the tongkat is it?

                    Why must you do anything for me? I didn’t realise that I requested something from you. Oh, so now you are a humanitarian eh? You are really at a loss for an intellectual rebuttal right? And now you want to get rid of me.

                    Hullo, you don’t own this blog dearie, JMD does. If he is gracious enough to allow my comments, I’ll be back (ala Arnold Schwarzenegger).


          • Sshsn, Sshsn

            your nic gives you good advice, sshhhhh. You are not the only one paying tazes, many bumiputeras do too.

            See here sshhh, taxes is not the only criteria that entitles you to a citizenship, dearie. In fact, if the bumiputeras had been less gracious and more shrewd, they should have offered “foreign worker” status to the stateless peoples, way back then. Get them to donate sweat to Tanah Melayu and send them home with pittance.

            If china and india are unwilling to take their own peoples back, get the british who had accumulated wealth off Tanah Melayu to take them in as economic refugees.

            How’s that eh, sshhhh. Wanna relook and revisit HISTORY.


            • Like I said, you talk shit Ray. Must be due to lack of use. Your brains that is. Firstly it’s not a zero sum game. It’s not about Malays versu Chinese. Get out of your hut and realize that there are more races in Malaysia. I’m not evan Chinese. Secondly, have you ever bought property without having the pendatang subsidize you? Try it once. Taxes? Do you pay an amount equivalent to your desired representation in governance? Do you ? Don’t talk about history. You would not be here today without everyone else.


              • Poor shhshh,

                In your haste to express your frustration, you made several errors – versu? evan?

                “Get out of your hut”? Heh heh, I am not a kampung folk dearie. You can afford to buy a property and you are still tormented by “pendatang subsidy”??

                Taxes – why are you so peeved over paying taxes. Why must the amount be equivalent to representation in governance – whatever that means??

                History my dear, offers great VALUABLE lessons and insights into the present. Are you afraid HISTORY will reveal the dark and sinister truth about shhshh … jeng jeng jeng!

                “You would not be here without everyone else”? You mean that I owe my present situation to ‘everyone else’? Hmmm, if that statement is not a reflection of your SUBSTANDARD IQ, I do not know what is?


                • I give up. I can’t continue with a village idiot like you. Find someone your kind who’s been dumbed down enough to reach your level. If that doesn’t work, tough….


                  • Hey shhshh, I am not a kampung folk lah. I live in a concrete apartment complete with all the modern fittings especially my beloved laptop where I derive great pleasure rebutting your flimsy arguments.

                    Poor shhshh, you should return with another nic, having failed to engage me intellectually and meaningfully with decorum and graciousness of course.

                    Perhaps your new nic should be “zero” or “sifar” or “nada” or “nil” or “zilch” or “void” or “nought” …….


                • Think that that SShsn is just a cybertrooper with one of their simple baiting tactics to distract hence neutralise a good and influential argument.


  6. Hi JMD, this is my first time visiting your site. Here goes my 2 sen.

    I do not entirely agree nor disagree with your opined.

    Part where I fundamentally disagree with as follows:

    I don’t think the “demand” of Chinese speaking teachers on subjects other than the Chinese language is necessarily a racially driven one, but more of a pragmatic one.

    Particularly for primary school level, most if not naturally all, the 7+ kids that enrol into Chinese vernacular schools are conversant only in Chinese (be it any dialects or mandarin) and even that still only at a basic level, needless to say much lesser in other languages.
    This is the stage where most of these kids are being exposed first time formally to acquire knowledge of other languages.
    As far as efficacy’s concern, a Chinese speaking teacher would be able to explain/relate better to/with kids using their predominant language (again, assuming it’s chinese regardless of dialects here) during their initial phase of picking up another language when they are confused as they learn, expectedly often can happen at first.
    In contrast to a very probable scenario, whereby non-chinese speaking teachers however trying their very best to explain to the confused students in languages (malay/english) that they are concurrently still picking up initially in school, nevermind the teachers may not be able to make it easier for the kids to understand the language subject, worst it can discourage them from asking questions whenever they don’t understand, such an important learning attitude to embrace at their early education stage. This applies the same to learning non-language subjects such as maths, moral, science etc.
    Could you fathom this happening to kids over a 6 year period, with the adverse effects followed on into their subsequent education when they are less competent in what they are supposed to have learned during primary school?
    Bottom line is, using a medium(malay/english language) that these kids are not reasonably comfortable with at primary school level is far from ideal.

    I agree however, in chinese vernacular secondary schools (SMJKs) the advantages of teaching subjects in chinese become insignificant and negligible when these kids whom most progress through from the chinese vernacular primary schools are already equipped with other languages basic knowledge (can understand and speak confidently), thus not needing the requirement of chinese speaking teachers.
    Also agree to your point that the shortage of teachers in chinese schools may be perennial but nevertheless not a reason to not continue to apply pressure on MOE to meet the supply, together with shortages in any other type of school.

    I hope I am able to offer an objective alternative view to this matter, as it bothers me equally if this goes down to most people necessarily as an racist issue, which I find grossly clichéd nowadays, and not beyond that. I recognise and have first hand experienced how racist some people from dong zong/jiao zongcan be, but also could see too among them those that fight a pure cause for better education, rather than just arbitrarily conserving chinese “supremacy” and in turn discriminates the non-chinese speaking teachers.

    Whether dap’s cause for being involved and supporting it, is a dignified one or not, is another matter, and is up to each to judge.

    Lastly let me leave a thought experiment question for any chinese whom may concern:
    Would you rather have a non-chinese speaking chinese teacher or a chinese speaking non-chinese teacher to be teaching your kids in a chinese vernacular primary school?

    There lies the fine line between a racist and a pragmatist.


    • Blablablabla…and your point is? That chinese students are so stupid that they have to learn everything in chinese? Learn BM and English also in chinese. What a bunch of retards. I thot SJKC so clever one…


      • Ya you OBVIOUSLY read through what i said…! and it’s also obvious you’re such a clever person too!


      • Now there is definitely a fine line between pragmatist and racist. There is no other pragmatist approach with the most practical solution to the problem, that is to hire Chinese-speaking teachers. I couldn’t disagree more with you on that.

        On the other hand, seeing the answer, pragmatist approach only viable for the short term solution. For a longer term, it is imperative for Malaysian to feel that this vernacular school do contribute to the nation building? And if the answer is that vernaculars are vital and pivotal for the national unity then I guess government should promote to segregate all malaysians along the racial line, that is each school for each race. The bidayuh would have one so do kadazan, sikhs, murut, orang asli, iban, semang and on and on. It is not only the chinese that have the right to the their language, others do also.


        • The migrant Chinese wants to convert this Malay land into a Chinese province with its people only speak and think Chinese oblivious to the race of the original inhabitant of this land which are the Malays.

          So does the Tamil. Despite the Indians in India don’t speak Tamil because they speak Hindi, they too want to turn this Malay land into an Indian state. Maybe a Tamil land. They think like an overseas Indian.

          The Malays being a nice race has always been very compromising and accomodating. These migrant race are unscroupulous, greedy and manipulative. It is more prevalent among the Chinese compared to the Indian in a lesser extent.

          I agree with Belang. If we had given in to the Chinese and Indian who are migrant races why not have schools having Bajau,Kadazan, Iban, Melanau, Semang,Murut as the medium of instruction not just learning the language.

          In the USA,UK,Canada and Australia, there is NO SUCH THING as having schools with different medium of instructions. Everyone goes to the same English medium school as English is the official language of these countries. So, does Germany. Everyone goes to an German medium school. So does France.


          Vernacular schools built in Malaya during the British colonial period. When the British brought in the Chinese and Indian migrant workers into Malaya to work at the tin mines and rubber plantations, they had built the vernacular schools TO FACILITATE these children of the migrant workers in their education when they go back to motherland when their work contract has ended.


          They refused to go home to their homeland when the British gave Malaya the independence as the economic condition of their homeland were very bad. Instead they negotiated to remain in Malaya as they found that the Malays are easy to manipulate compared to their brethen in China and India .

          The Malays, being nice people, agreed to the request of instant 1 million citizenship to the economic migrants in return for the recognition of the special Malay privileges. And these privileges were then enshrined in the country’s Constitution. I guess it must have been the British who insisted the special privileges be included in the Constitution as the Malays were TOO NICE to insist.

          Now that their request for citizenship were given, they conveniently now wants to question the agreement made by their forefathers before.


          Despite it being against the Federal Constitution, they have amended the Education Act to accomodate the wishes of these migrant race. Thus, new vernacular schools were built EVEN AFTER INDEPENDENCE which does not make sense at all. Are these people later going to migrate to China and India? No, they don’t want to migrate to the communist China or poor India. Some of them migrated to English speaking countries which DO NOT HAVE vernacular schools. Ironic, isn’t it?


          • Justice Pao, could not agree with you more. What is the reason for insisting to identify with a nation that TRULY does not want them anymore. They should count their blessings that they could be educated and become rich in their ADOPTED land.

            In China and India, the females are discriminated against – many female infants were killed and the male-female ration is skewed, so irrational. Female teens and women were even sold as brides and resold again and again to “husbands”- a form of legitimate prostitution. They are not allowed any education and have no rights at all. When interviewed, they appeared sad and repressed, resigned to their UNFORTUNATE fate.

            Even the British refused to be responsible for their stateless situation. Trust the Malays to grant them free citizenships to this beautiful land. Some ingrates.


        • Yep, therefore my view that by all means scrap secondary vernacular schools but just offer option for learning language subjects in SK will do.

          and i don’t understand why someone have to be so rude and “sarcastic” to add in racist connotations as a reply to my comments which objectively supports the full integration from all types of schools from secondary school onwards –> isn’t it ironic me as a chinese whom commented on not supporting the alleged chinese racist movement in the article but in turn receive a racist stereotyping comeback? this itself is very telling!!


          • If Malaysia were to achieve lasting peace and harmony, vernacular schools should be SCRAPPED altogether. Vernacular schools are like virus which sow the seeds of disharmony. It will be just a matter of time , when the sickness shall be apparent.

            Is it any wonder that NO COUNTRY IN THE WORLD EXCEPT MALAYSIA practice multi-language educational instruction? What happens in most countries is that they have language and cultural schools or foreign language are taught as part of the school curriculum NOT multi-language educational instruction.

            I would support that our school system be converted into sekolah kebangsaan but make it a requirement that ALL school students have to study a foreign language in their curriculum. It can be Mandarin,Tamil, Hindi (it make more sense to learn Hindi than Tamil because Hindi is the official language of India not Tamil) or Urdu. Perhaps even other ethnic Malaysian languages such as Iban, Bajau etc. could also be offered. Thus a Malay, Chinese or Indian Malaysian can learn Tamil, Hindi or Mandarin in a sekolah kebangsaan. Thus, this every citizen should be well versed in Bahasa Malaysia, English and 1 other language.


            • Just trying to follow the conversation and I wanted to know your opinions on a few other things.
              Your suggestion to scrap Vernacular schools is a good one, as is having a necessary extra language.
              However, I was just wondering if you think it necessary to (or to what extent it is important) keep other languages alive? My argument is that languages can be easily lost and hard-gained back. In the UK, foreign languages are dying out. Though foreign languages are taught, most people cannot converse in more than one language, English. Luckily for them, it is the language known internationally. However, in terms of Malaysia, more than just speaking Malay is needed because not all of it’s neighbours speak it. There is the high possibility, that with changing the curriculum to be like the UK’s, the quality of bi/multi-lingual speakers in Malaysia will drop. Therefore potentially putting the country at a lower advantage? In the UK, there is action being taken to address language issues. Children whose mother tongue is not English are being increasingly catered for, in terms of bi-lingual books and teaching material. Statistics have shown, that it is actually the white boy who performs worst in school. Hence, there is a questionable link between this and language.
              It appears to me that there is also the issue of multiculturalism. To embrace it or not? There are problems with both options. Can people see beyond their own bubble? I would argue no. Generations of “culture”, history, propaganda, have seen to it that people focus on people like them. Can you trust someone who is not like you? someone you cannot fully understand? someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you? we live in “imagined communities” where we don’t even know everyone in our community but we still expect them to be like us. When something different comes along, we naturally revert to our territorial behavioural patterns. Can this be changed? Will there ever be enough ideological change (or propaganda) to change people’s minds – to accept “others” ? Studies have shown, that the increased level of multiculturalism has led to increased levels of mistrust in communities in the US. I think parallels can be drawn for all parts of the world. International students in the UK tend to stick together. They do not usually assimilate very well with the indigenous crowd. This can include students from China, Germany, Norway, Malaysia. Though their ability to speak English is a factor. It is usually “cultural” differences.
              On the problem of what to do with the “special citizens” – to kick them out because they’re just not worthy enough? If you can’t trust them, it would make sense to get rid of them -right? This may be done by deportation, or by inducing living standards repulsive enough, they will want to leave. The latter option is arguably subtler. Make them pay more for things, don’t allow too many of them in to the well-funded educational establishments. Treat your own with extensive care, give them rights the ‘others’ can only dream of. Morals shouldn’t come into question here – right? especially, when you are at risk.
              This leads me to question the validity of affirmative policies and the social contract. Policies are implemented to reach certain goals. So if those policies do not work in reaching those goals, they should be changed – right? We are human after all. Our plans are not perfect, the market changes and we should adapt. Has affirmative action, action that is meant to help the Malay people, significantly helped us all or has is only helped a certain few? I am sure that the people who implemented these policies have not benefited in a way that is disproportionate to their station. No money was ever pocketed in back-hand deals – right? We shouldn’t question these people – right? These people keep us content by giving us special treatment – what kind of person would say no? a moral person maybe, but not one who wants to live well. Why go against a welfare system that protects against competition? The US has the free market, but even that is flawed. Whilst the country can still run, it is much nicer to receive government handouts. When the money is needed, there are plentiful rainforests in Malaysia to fell. Those indigenous Malay cannot really stand up against the giant timber and palm-oil corporations. It doesn’t matter if their homes are destroyed, they can just join the majority of society in the life that we live because it is better. Living surrounded by nature is ridiculous – right?

              I’ve covered several topics now, and I apologise for going off topic. But as most of you can tell, the ‘language at schools’ issue is a lot deeper than being just pragmatic. I hope that you will be able to follow my line of argument. I apologise if my point is not made clear to some of you. Eyes won’t be open if we do not question everything. Even our own beloved system.


    • well written. i agree it would be pragmatic for the chinese school in that situation to employ primarily chinese speaking teachers, but I also believe what would be MORE pragmatic and a better solution as a whole – is to put all the children in ONE SCHOOL. Don’t segregrate them according to race, put them in one school like in America, UK, or ..well, most of the world really. Have Chinese taught as a language and you can have chinese speaking teachers there. Have ALL the children in one school, and no one would have to fight over what is racist and what is not, no fights over lands for vernacular school, put them all in one school and the lands we have can be used to build NATIONAL SCHOOLS. Isn’t this MUCH MORE PRAGMATIC?


  7. The real objective of DAP and Chinese education group is to turn Malaysia into a Chinese province. Already Penang has become like a Chinese province. So much so that the Hong Kong praised so much on the new state government of Penang because of its Chinese-friendly policies. Next in line perhaps is Perak.

    The DAP has NEVER accepted integration of the cultures of the original inhabitants of Malaysia which are the Malays. That’s the reason why most Chinese CANNOT speak fluent Malay eventhough they claim to be Malaysians.

    But these same Chinese people when they migrate to English speaking countries, why is it they able to integrate with the local western customs- speaking English and even celebrate Thanksgiving Day , St Patricks’s Day and Christmas Day which are NOT their cultural heritage? This is because the westerners will never allow immigrants to dictate their cultures on to their countries. They expect the immigrants to integrate into the western cultures not the other way round.

    This shows that the Chinese Malaysian (not Malaysian Chinese which actually mean a Chinese citizen of Malaysian descent) has no respect toward the CULTURES OF MALAYSIA.

    As long as the former immigrant races such as Chinese and Indian DO NOT INTEGRATE with the cultures (which includes language) of the Malays, there will NEVER BE real peace and harmony in the country. Just mere tolerance by the Malays.


  8. DAP and their chinese first, Malaysian second friends – I beg to differ maa. Their Penang DAP State Leadership Committee are completely fully and overhelmingly multi-racial and even comprises mostly their Malay friends being majority populace of this country maa.

    Observe the list below carefully and you have to admit that Malaysian second friends Malays form the bulk of the Committee. Among them are, namely encik Zulkifli, encik Bin, encik Mohd and encik Noor? The rest of the multi racial non-chinese malay are “private & confidential”.

     Penang DAP Leadership – State Committee


    Chow Kon Yeow

    Deputy Chairman

    Prof. P. Ramasamy

    Vice Chairman

    Jagdeep Sing Deo

    Vice Chairman

    Lim Hock Seng


    Ng Wei Aik

    Assistant Secretary

    Lim Hui Ying


    Wong Hon Wai

    Organising Secretary

    Teh Yee Cheu

    Assistant Organising Secretary

    Harvindar Singh A/L
    Darshan Singh

    Assistant Organising Secretary

    Lay Hock Peng

    Publicity Secretary

    Chong Eng

    Assistant Publicity Secretary

    Gooi Seong Kin

    Director of Political Education

    Law Heng Kiang

    Committee Member

    Koay Teng Hai

    Committee Member

    R.S.N. Rayer

    Committee Member

    Zulkifli Bin Mohd Noor

    Committee Member

    Phee Boon Poh

    Committee Member

    Lau Keng Ee

    Committee Member

    Tan Hun Wooi

    Committee Member

    Lim Siew Khim

    Chief Minister – Hang Tuah Mask Dye

     See, who say DAP is more racist than BN. Itu BN controlled media and UMNO jangan cakap lah.


  9. JMD
    Izinkan saya menyampok mengenai isu yang dibangkitkan oleh DAP+DZ+JZ ini.
    Saya masih ingat lagi bila ketua kepada DZ(atau pun JZ?) ini hendak berjumpa dengan Tun M semasa beliau PM mengenai isu yang sama. Tun M berkata mereka ini adalah komunis dan beliau tidak berapa nak layan kerenah mereka.
    Saya memang setuju.Tetapi sekarang saya tidak boleh persalahkan kumpulan ini 100%. Mereka yang turut dipersalahkan adalah pemimpin kita. Kalau pembahas disini nak marah kepada saya marahlah..tetapi hakikatnya kaum kedua terbesar dinegara ini tidak akan mendesak dan meminta paha selepas diberi betis kalau tidak kerana kelemahan pemimpin Melayu sendiri.

    Sebenarnya orang-orang Melayulah yang menjatuhkan orang Melayu dan kaum kedua besar ini hanya membantu. Orang Melayu tak sedar diri dan gila kuasa hingga sanggup menjadi ahli DAP.

    Keadaan lagi tambah meruncing bila gagasan 1Malaysia diperkenalkan.
    Apa maksud 1Malaysia jika…
    1. kita memberi layanan kepada rakyat mengikut citarasa 3 kaum?
    2. kita memberi ruang kepada bahasa penjajah dan bahasa kaum lain berkembang?
    3. kita tolak tepi beberapa perkara dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan dan menukar peruntukan
    dalam Perlembagaan Pelajaran Malaysia untuk memberi ruang kepada perkembangan
    SJK (C) & (T)?

    Pada saat-saat genting kerajaan akan menghadapi PRU maka tidak hairanlah jika Persatuan tersebut menekan kerajaan supaya menurut permintaan mereka. Keadaan akan menjadi getir bila desakan ini disokong oleh DAP. Janganlah pulak PKR atau PAS turut menyokong….

    Untuk makluman tambahan Persatuan DZ+JZ ini telah pun bertapak di Indonesia. Mereka hendak memperkembangkan bahasa ibunda mereka. Kalau JMD dan pembahas sekelian hendak tahu kenapa…
    Ini adalah sebab mereka tidak mahu bahasa ibunda mereka mati kerana bila bahasa itu tidak diperkembangkan ianya akan mati. Bila bahasa itu mati maka matilah jatidiri sesuatu bangsa itu.
    Inilah yang dilihat akan berlaku kepada bangsa Melayu jika pemimpin kita tidak peka terhadap penggunaan B.Melayu yang telah pun dipersetujui sebagai B. Kebangsaan dalam perlembagaan negara.



  10. If Jolina Tan is truly a chinese and her comments sincere, i think Malaysia will still have hope to be a peaceful and prosperous nation… we have a chance to live in a multi-racial community in harmony and grow this beautiful country to greater heights… it is the other chinese community incited by political parties that is full of hate and anger that i am afraid of… they can tip the balance of peace and 13th May will be repeated once again… the planned DJZ rallies, with DAP supporting it, is a bad show of arrogance and selfishness and will not benefit the Chinese in the long run… i hope the Government deplore such acts of threat by these self-centered DJZ terrorists…


  11. Bro JMD,

    The way I see it, the DAP are worried. Their latest election propaganda rhetoric lends credence.

    LGE, has been exposed time and again of his Penang “achievements” claims and not exactly accepted as a true “Penang” CM.

    In Selangor the Tee Boon Hock/Ronnie Liu spat wiil come to haunt them. The Godfather/Warlord war in Penang. The Perak power struggle featuring the twin terrors Nga/Ngeh.

    What better way to shore up diminishing support (and divert attention from internal squabbles and deficiencies), Chines that is, than to bring up the Dongkey Zong issues.

    Best Regards


  12. I am a graduate from Malay Language Department of Southern College, Johor. My college is run by Chinese Community. They set up the department for the purpose to produce teacher for the Bahasa Subject in Chinese Independent Secondary School. However, my career as a Bahasa Teacher after i teach at there for 3 years. The main reason i leave this field is my principal strongly oppose me to using mandarin to convey my teaching to the student. I try to using Bahasa in class, but i found myself in monolog. But there still have some teacher can teach by using Bahasa alone in the school. I feel myself is lacking some quality to handle this job, so i quick.

    It is hard to say what method is efficient to teach a kid language. I am very headache when i teaching in school. Their bahasa level is crazy. Some of them event cannot answer the question “What is the normal price for computer?” in ujian lisan. (Because he do not know what is the word stand for “thousand” in Bahasa). How can a teenager who already go through primary school have such level? They said, when i sitting in primary school, my bahasa teacher is Malay(Please don feel offended), i cannot understand what he talking about.

    I agree language is something “learned”, rather than “teached”. In order to master the language we need a lot of exposure. If a kid study in chinese primary school, after that go to chinese secondary school, after that go to UTAR, his bahasa will not go anywhere. Some of the chinese secondary school student really don know what happen around them, they think there are smart, can “master” 3 language. Ho Ho….event though myself is not dare to say i already master Bahasa! Just imagine, my current job is reading dictionary, i read it for 8 hours/day.(I am a proof reader), i know many words for sure, plus some more i graduate from Malay Language department. This is because language cannot be master by “study” alone! Yes, i know all the grammatical structure of bahasa plus tremendous vocab. But coming to speaking, i will surrender.

    However, i think kid in the primary school should teach by using the language they can understand. You cannot expect them learn the language by giving them exposure alone. Only student is interest, and self-motivate can learn a language by giving exposure alone. A teacher must motivate their student to learn. To motivate them, teacher must speak something to them by the language they can understand.

    Chinese Education is highly sensitive issue. I still have a lot of story to tell but i have to stop here becouse i already tired.


    Muhammad Esa Yap (You can look for me in FB)


    • I think this IS the reality on the ground. The SRJK(C) and independent chinese high schools may think their uniqueness is in their multilingual strength, while the reality of language education in their institutions are extremely defective and limited.

      I am a Chinese Malaysian (or Malaysian Chinese, if you prefer). I think DJZ and Perkasa is cut from the same cloth. I think DAP would be doing BN a favour though, at the expense of PR.

      I think the perhimpunan should get the go ahead, and the Federal Government should let them go to the streets. We will then understand what racial baiting is. If it escalates, then the majority of Malaysian moderates would have failed. So far, we are looking at a sane BN trying to contain the situation. Lets see who will fan this up.

      It already cost DAP the Malay ground, in extension costing PR the Malay heartland. Some Chinese will clap and be happy because MCA or Gerakan will never dare do this to UMNO. But I think those are the same Chinese who thinks it is right for DAP, a self proclaimed multiracial party, to do this to PKR and PAS – and they will argue it is purely about matching educational needs and demands, not politics.

      I can already see the script, but I cannot predict the outcome. I have faith in the wisdom of the majority and our harmonious culture, but I worry about the general level of intelligence.


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  14. Salam JMD,

    So … i have to talk English here ? Oklah …

    My thinking is, everything about the demo dan Dap join also because of POLITICS. Because Dap want to make nice friend with the chinese people. Not all chinese like Dap but when Dap also join the demo together with them, they become nice freinds.

    if not nice friends at lease the wall already broken, the first move already taken. So when they talk with friends and show them pictures of the demo, they say – ‘ look, look … this fella Dap people, they also support our cause. Before i thought Dap not nice, but after that i think Dap also nice ‘. Baldi hell … all phsycology only.

    And then about learning BM … actually what we need first is the NEED to learn BM. We have to create the NEED for everybody to be good in BM if they want to live here. After that i guarantee the parents will wallop their kids if they do not score in BM or cannot speak good BM ! hahahaha i think i am right, right ?

    but what i read lately , haiya … so sad one. I read some government people suggest the government to send their staff to leran chinese so that they can talk to chinese people who cannot speak BM …. now i ask, is the government trying to create the NEED to speak BM or the government trying to make the situation worse ?

    Now government say they recognise universities from China …. meaning if malaysian student who fail in BM in SPM, they can go to China U and still be recognised by our government ? Again my question – where is the NEED ?

    Our leaders must have the POLITICAL WILL to create that NEED. Not talk, talk but ACTION.

    BTW, nice to read ur article again ….. when last u write i forgot. hehehe . I also write something about this topic here –

    JMD : Thank you for the comment Din!


  15. Biasalah DAP ni… tahun 1969 dulu they harped and posioned the non Malays that they were third class citizen in Malaysia because of the priveleges enshrined by the British in the constitution. There was no DEB that time and most 70% senior civil servants were from the non Malays. The economy was also controlled by them.

    Of course after being poisoned, most non Malays voted from the DAP. The first thing that the DAP did was to organise a procession to chase the Malay to ‘balik kampung’.

    Our UMNO leaders had taught us since 1960s to tolerate others and voted the non Malays in Malay majority constituencies. Sapa yang racist sebenarnya.. UMNO, DAP, Melayu atau orang keturunan China? take your pick..


  16. Jebat must not die..
    If the chinese boys and girls prefer to do business and make money as their most important aim in life, choosing to go across to Spore and even Taiwan to be prostitutes, those at home become ah longs..look at the numbers who apply to join the Ministry as cant blame the govt even how much salaries you give to dont blame the govt..You think Anwar will be so special as to suddenly improve the Chinese Educations..f*** my backsides if that happens!!!


  17. To miss jolina tan
    Thank you for your fair thought and sense of belonging to this country Malaysia. I believe everyone of us in this country knows that when all the people have that same sense of belonging and faith in this country and remove the source of all animosities then can we complete our march together towards that destiny which belong to us. Then the best among us can governed and works to bring prosperity that guarantee completely free education, free medical, all other basic amenities completely affordable to the poorest all without distinction of race/religion… as wanted by everyone everywhere..


  18. The DAP talking about Malaysian First. If you preach about Malaysian First, and if you really believe what you preach, then you should have the guts to contest in non Chinese Majority seats. Cakap tak serupa bikin. Malaysian First konon, tapi bila sampai election time, tengok kawasan mana yang mereka bertanding.


  19. This time I come to complaint. But before that, the Sssh, or whatever it is, and Ray exchanges were hilarious, thanks for keeping them in.

    Wait. Oh yeah, my complaint. It’s that I don’t see much post from youlah, JMD. Busy-ke, atau malas pasal ada blog blog lain yang buat apa yang JMD buat. I mean, they are good sites, but visiting them is like checking out some so and so action movies while waiting for the next Bond flick (You).

    But if you are busy, okaylah. But I miss your detailed, facts-filled, careful, good-natured (sometimes damned funny) posts. So, if you have time, especially with all kinda shit happening no thanks to the upcoming election, come and make your fans happy. 🙂

    Anyway, not to demotivate you, just that I miss your regular posts, thats all.


    • Haha thanks for the reminder! I’m sure there are many other punchier blogs with great articles and revelations to be found in the blogosphere. I admit, the postings have been sparse. But for you Rakesh, I will endeavour to write more frequently! 🙂

      Thank you for the support.


  20. I have a question in mind: do the Chinese still consider mainland China their motherland, and their existence in Malaysia is only for a while that they one day wish to go back and re-settle in China? If so, why wait?

    I believe in integration, even here in Spain, the Japanese, Chinese and Moroccon can converse in Spanish very fluently, some even speak Catalan (I’m residing in south-eastern of Spain, where the majority is Catalan – a subbranch culture and language). While they are proud to be their origin, but they assimilate.

    The case in Malaysia is rather different. The Chinese do not want to assimilate, by stating that kid at age 7 cant even speak national language. Here, the preschool students learnt in Spanish but when then come back home (or shope next to my gym), they return to converse in Mandarin. Assimiliting to local culture do not wash away your skin and root!

    As harsh as this may sound, i have to ask again: is the Chinese in Malaysia still consider the Mainland China their homeland and in turn will be their future destination?


  21. OMG what a bunch of well-spoken racist fags over here. Even the best of your semantics won’t disguise your ugly heart, you UMPORNO-licking, ignorant, ketuanan wannabes.


    • Are you not racist yourself, old man? And you use childish words like “UMPORNO-licking, ignorant, ketuanan wannabes.” Come on la, old chap. Supporting or agreeing with UMNO does not make a person all those. Where you got school go, ha?

      And you don’t even explain your bone of contention. The usual Opposition parties’ wild, unproven, unjustified or even unexplained accusations. Grow up, man. You are capable of more than that, surely. Except that you are racist and wildly accuse others of being racist. You could at least have said what it was they said that bothered you. Is it the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua, the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, the Ketuanan, or what?

      You see, they are not “ketuanan wannabes”. They are already Ketuanan. Ever since before Merdeka and especially so when the Ketuanan was enshrined in the Constitution under the relevant Articles on the functions and responsibilities of the YDP Agong, the Malay Rulers and the Special Position of the Malays, which, the British Colonial Secretary said during the debates on the Malaya Independence Bill in the British Parliament, “was already there since day one.” The non-Malays got citizenship, the Malays got nothing tangible, except the Special Position under Article 153.

      And you are one of the ungrateful ingrates (double whammy there), having got citizenship, do not respect the Special Position, Ketuanan etc. I know you are not Pak Su, likely to be Unker Siew of DAP, and do tell your kind, old man, that questioning the Malay and Bumi Special Position would lead to the Malays and Bumis questioning your citizenship. Not nice for everybody, innit?


  22. I am a non-Malay Christian, I face discrimination from Malaysian Chinese Christians showing no respect towards my race or towards my conservative beliefs in restricting the growth of idol worship and occult. When I pointed out, that Taoist worship is against the values of Abraham, Moses and all the prophets, I was abused and called “racist”. I am sick of this hypocrisy. Even in Church, I hear Malaysian Chinese constantly abusing Malays calling them “backward, low IQ, savage” etc. This is wrong. My bible teaches, that God gave unique lands to each nation and tribe (Genesis 10:5) and (Acts 17:26). Just as Israel was given to the Jewish people, Palestine to the Palestinians, Malays were given Malaysia. In fact, much of Malaysia and several Islands of Indonesia were one, before the Europeans divided them. I also hold a conservative view against Homosexuality, and still DAP Chinese don’t like it and abuse me as bigot and racist. I find this really wierd, they say to me always that Malays are racists, but it seems they are more racist. Everywhere they go abroad, they openly mock Malays and their king, I happened to hear this because I am not a Malay, so they say it in front of me.

    I love Malay culture, Malay values, and I believe Chinese should be grateful for getting Malaysia, as compared to Iraq, Afghanistan or Middle east or Sri Lanka or India where ethnic violence and religious violence is daily.

    I believe Malay people are blessed and some of the most hospitable and compassionate people on earth.


    • What the shit are you talk? You “a non-Malay Christian”? Where got Malay Chrostians, can you show proof, complete with full names, IC nos etc?

      If you are a Malaysian Indian Christian, why don’t you say so?

      All the same, thanks and bless you for saying “Malay people are blessed and some of the most hospitable and compassionate people on earth.” May I add: they are quite sensitive, too. Yes, generally, kind accomodating and now learning not to be taken for granted.


      • No, I am not Malay. Yes, there are Malay Christian converts, but most of them are underground and secretive in their practices. I’v seen few abroad, but they cannot officially convert or change their names etc. No, not Indian nor Chinese. I hope that answers your question.


        • Wo, wa, wei, don’t la just say say, man. If you can’t prove it, you are just shit talking, innit? Fellows may be eating non-slaughtered meat, even won’t push aside the pork bacon beside a breakfast steak in England etc.

          What you said doesn’t answer my question by miles, man. Not convincing at all. What practices you talking about – kneeling in prayers by the bedside after their exams? You people never look up when saying prayers, like Muslims do? Muslims won’t say you have converted to Islam if you do that, I promise.

          You the kind who accuse the authorities allowing the Muslim prayers be read at school assemblies as attempts to convert non-Muslims to Islam? No, we don’t do that sort of nonsensical “conversion”, man.

          But many convert to Islam because they find it difficult to rationalize many issues in Christianity – don’t get me started on going into details, then you’d accuse me of trying to convert you in JMD’s blog!


          • Clarification:

            My 2nd sentence should have been:

            Fellows may be eating non-slaughtered meat, even won’t throw but just push aside the pork bacon beside a breakfast steak in England etc, but doesn’t mean they have converted.


            • Christian converts among Malay are those who ACCEPT JESUS as God not those who brush aside pork I have clearly distinguished between Liberal Malays and converts. I don’t need to “prove” to YOU anything. I have prayed with them and spend time with them.


          • Speak with respect, is that what your prophet spoke? prove what to you? You have an intelligence create proper answers, if you cannot speak intelligently then don’t blame if the world considers you backward. If someone converts to Islam or not, each has their own reasons. There is only one God , the Lord of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and Elijah and no one other. There are Malays who follow Islam and those who don’t. An “ID Card” is not the indicator of a religion, then I can stamp one for an ape as well. It is what the person follows in the heart. As your own Quran says, your religion to yours, my religion to mine. Why does it shake you up so much ? The issue is not about religious conflict. As far as I am personally concerned, I am against idol worship of Pagan gods and homosexuality, these are two abominations before God and can curse the land. Malaysia has different groups of people living in it, and the land is dear to them all. If you want to have an intelligent conservation, phrase your question properly, as far as “telling people’s IC Card” numbers Why? That is their personal life and number, what is that your concern? If you want to get down to insults, we can get down to that level. The law of Moses is clear, stripe with stripe, burn with burn. You chose the way you want to interact, I will reply it in your own language.


            • Good that you said you “love Malay culture, Malay values,” dislike those mocking the Malays and the YDP Agong, believe the Chinese should be grateful for getting citizenship in Malaysia, etc. But

              1. You need to respect the Constitution on the position of Islam and the laws that say Malays cannot choose religion, murtad (discard their Islamic religion) or be proselytized.

              2. Saying there are Malays practicing Christianity without giving the proof is not respecting that. What’s your intention in saying those anyway? What “Speak with respect .. that what your prophet spoke” are you talking about? Are you not sensitive to the feelings of the Malays and the Muslims, especially in the light of the position of Islam in the Constitution? And you use such language as “I can stamp one (ID) for an ape as well”?

              3. Does it not occur to you that asking you to state the names, IDs etc is the rebuttal to your claim that there are Malays practicing Christianity? Yes, an “ID Card” is not the indicator of a religion, but until you can prove your claim about Malays practicing Christianity, that claim is rubbish.

              4. And now you are making a challenge by saying “If you want to get down to insults, we can get down to that level .. law of Moses is clear, stripe with stripe, burn with burn .. chose the way you want to interact, I will reply it in your own language.”? What’s happened to the many values that are written in your Bible?

              Cool it, man. Yes, the issue here is not about religious conflict but about respecting the Constitution and the laws administering the religion of Islam in this country, and respecting the sensitivities of the Muslims. Islam is written in the Constitution as “the religion of the Federation” and there are other laws prohibiting murtad/ apostasy and proselytization, and everybody must avoid demeaning the Islamic religion by saying there are Malay converts to Christianity without providing the proofs.


              • There are Malays who have ACCEPTED Christianity; I don’t need to prove that to you, go to any church you will find atleast one or two Malays who believe in Christianity. You cannot force people to believe in any religion like that, a constitution is a piece of paper, not a divine mandate. Period. You need proof to identify and kill them? It is one thing to promote faith, but another thing to harm or kill a convert. That is terrorism. And no, I don’t believe your constitution should force people into any religion. Malays have the right to choose whatever religion they want. That is the basic right accorded to all human beings. Anyone who takes that right away should be confronted. In my country if you came and harmed someone who converted, then you would be treated as a terrorist and dealt with as a terrorist with force if needed. I have no belief in your constitution, although I do believe Malaysia is your unique homeland. Malay converts to Christians I have friends. They cannot openly proclaim their religion. Lina Joy is another example. Its foolish to think there is no Malay who believes in Jesus as Lord. First understand what “evidence and proof “means. ID card is not an indicator of a person’s heart. I understand your education system is very inferior in Malaysia compared to west, but “proof” does not mean “I don’t like it, therefore it is not proof”. A person’s inner feelings or religious feelings is their personal matter.


                • As far as your “Constitution” is concerned, denying a Malay the right to choose his faith, is a flawed constitution. So my answer to your question ? NO. I won’t respect that piece of paper written by bigots. Real constitution gives freedom of religion to all including Malays. And yes, there are Malay Christian converts from Islam. Everyone knows that. We don’t need to give you their identity so you can go harm them. Period. Your understanding of “proof and evidence” is extremely flawed. Real university education will teach you what “proof and evidence” means, not “THERE IS NO MALAY CONVERT EVER” what a foolish statement is that. And cunning also, you want “proof” so you can identify and harm them for apostasy. No thanks.


                • And I had asked a blunt question if your prophet taught you to speak with disrespect, if you don’t like being disrespected, then don’t disrespect other sor speak in a bad tone to others as you did to me when I came in good will here. And no, I don’t respect your prophet Mohammed and I don’t consider him a prophet either. He is nothing more than a misguided teacher who got confused understanding a heretical sect named nestorian Christianity and some of the idol worship practices that creeped into Christianity. And NO, I don’t believe Angel Gabriel came to him. And no, I don’t believe IN your religion of Islam, but I am willing to co-exist with Muslims if you are willing to co-exist with others. and NO your religion cannot be forced on every Malay. Malays should have freedom to choose Christianity if they wish. I do agree with Muslims that idol worship and homosexuality are serious sins. That is the message of the Judeo-Christian faith. And NO, I don’t believe any Christian should submit to your constitution. Malaysia should be a moderate Muslim-Christan values driven state. Not an Islamic state. What is good in both religions apply it.


              • The rule is simple to you Muslims, exist in peace, we will exist in peace with you, harm our family members, we will teach you the same lesson. Christianity does not mean, lay down and let you go killing others or harming others. How you treat others is exactly how you will get back. Let us separate religion from ethnic matters. You mix religion and ethnicity. Your constitution is flawed, saying “Malay must be Muslim” that is not the definition of a person’s race. Religion is an ideology not a DNA. Its the Muslim extremists that need to cool off, or we will send them to the cooler.


      • There is no reason for Christians and Muslims to dislike each other for any reason. There are Christians who share much in common with Muslims and there are Christians who do not. Depending on which sect they come from or how they approach. Always remember that Christianity was a much older religion than Islam, and Arabia was largely Christian and Pagan before Islam came. Many of our creeds, our values, our prophets stand common to both our respective religions. Not all Christians dislike Malays or Muslims, and there are many conservative Christians who share common values with conservative Muslim Malays. There are Malays who are atheists, there are Malays who are agnostics, there are Malays who are devout Muslims, Malays who are partial Muslims and Malays who practice black magic, bomoh, witchcraft, while all of them sharing “official religion status” as “Muslim”. God knows the heart of each Malay.


        • Agree with your 1st sentence there, man. But saying that Christianity is a much older religion than Islam, what is your intention doing so? Getting Muslims to like Christians that way? No, cannot that way, man. Neither can you by saying Christians can use kalimah Allah in this country. This country has Islam stated as the religion of the Federation. In no less than the 3rd Article of the august document. No other religion is stated except Islam, surely that indicates Islam having a special position.

          Now you use the term “all of them sharing “official religion status” as “Muslim” – wat are you talk, man? Read the Constitution, read – iqraq, the ancient Arabs say, the very word used in the Qur’an. Am not asking you to read the Qur’an, but read the Constitution, will ya? Article 3 at least concerning the subject you raised.

          It’s not a question of like or dislike, man. It’s a matter of respect. Respecting the Constitution, the laws of the country and living by the Constitution and all the laws that come from it. The Constitution is the highest set of laws in the country, all other laws emanate from it, cannot contradict it or become ultra vires or void, no effect.

          All those who claim to be Malaysian citizens, and those who live in this country irrespective of their citizenship status, must respect and live by the Constitution. That’s the only basis for loyalty and patriotism to this country. Those who don’t, or don’t wish to, have been asked to migrate to countries whose Constitution they respect and live under. That’s the only fair thing to do. You think about it and should not feel bad when people say so – remember, it’s the only fair thing to do. No one in this country should disrespect and refuse to live by the Constitution of the country.


    • Christian,

      Appreciate your sentiments towards Malay values, Malay culture etc, though you may be a Christian yourself.

      Remember, it takes all sorts to make this world and there are always the racists who don’t admit they are, yet call others racists.

      You may like to read the books that say those originating in this Gugusan Pulau Pulau Melayu or the Malay Archipelago, belong to the same family – the Large Family of Malays or Rumpun Melayu, of the same original stock, though differentiated by religion, customs and traditions due to the influence of the traders,
      colonialists etc who came to this area, the Indin Muslims and the Arabs bringing Islam in the 13th Century, the Spaniards bringing Christianity to the Philippines in the 14th Century, etc. That they became called “Melayu” was simply because the earliest Westerners who came to this region met those who called themselves so.

      The books are: “The Malay Civilization” and “Tamadun Alam Melayu”, published by the Historical Society of Malaysia, available at Wisma Sejarah, opposite IJN, Jalan Tun A Razak, KL. The Historical Society existed since British colonial times and current membership includes academicians like Professor Emeritus (History) Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim, Professor Emeritus (Malay Studies) Mohd Taib Othman, Professor (Archaeology) Dato Nik Arifin Shuhaimi, etc.

      The books also say the various communities previously termed by anthropologists, linguists, sociologists etc as Proto-Malays, Deutero Malays, Malayo-Polynesians and Austronesians all belong to the same Large Family, linked by language (over 1200 languages in the Large Family of the Malay Languages), physical characteristics, even DNA, as found out by researchers in those fields concerned. This Large Family total 350 million people, largely in the Malay Archipelago but, being skilled boat builders and having navigation skills since ancient times, are also found in Madagascar, Indochina, Taiwan, the Pacific Islands as far as New Zealand and Hawai.


      • You are correct in what you wrote. But Arabs have been trading with Malays even before Islam came, and some of the traders were Christian Arabs, they never spread their religion to the Malays.The Malayan family covers all of the regions you mentioned. I am 100% with you on that one.


  23. I didn’t come here to convert Muslims to Christianity nor talk about Christianity vs Islam, I am here to say, that there are Christians who are closer to Muslims in practices and values , and some of us SUPPORT Malays and their history and civilization against certain groups that want to destroy that Malay identity. The Malays have sheltered people since ancient times, and the friendship between ancient Traders from middle east and Malays have gone for thousands of years. They are brothers to each other. Malay civilization and values must be defended. So keep this issue to Malays, not drag Muslim vs Christian as someone is trying to do here.


    • Good to hear this comment of yours. My points on respecting the Constitution etc have been furnished in an earlier comment.

      Yes, we must live together, respecting one another. But it must be based on the Constitution and the laws of the country.


  24. I have defended the rights of Muslim minorities in other nations where they are being slaughtered off. I came here with the only intention to extend my full support to the Malay right to their homeland and values, as I see a lot of anti-Malay statements being made. So please don’t twist this into a Christian vs Muslim thing with me I am not interested in discussing religion with Muslim Malays, ONLY culture, history and race with no bad intentions behind it. For genuine peace to be there in Malaysia, Malay history and Malay right to their land must be first understood. It is what our bible teaches, to respect our host nations. Some Christian fools have forgotten their own bible and run after defending idol worship and castrating Christianity into an European effeminate religion far away from its middle eastern roots.


    • I’ll accept your good intention above and thank you for the support for the Malay rights and values. Let’s hope those who forget their religious values will get salvation one way or another in the course of their lives.

      But we must not decry against those who practice idol worship – that’s their religion in one form or another. The Constitution says Islam is the religion of this country but other religions may be “practiced in harmony”.

      However, we may advise them to not mock or speak disparagingly of others because, like the DAP, every weakness others have, they also have – God is great, in whatever religion it may be.


  25. There is NO INSULT in saying, there are Malays who have accepted Christianity. If some people cannot accept that fact, grow up and live in the real world. There are Malays who are gays, there are Malays who are liberals/atheists and there are Malays who have accepted Christianity. Although the legal status won’t let them convert. It is silly to ask for “proof” because in a human being’s mind any religion they can follow. And asking for PROOF to identify them and them harm them is CRIMINAL. Asking for proof of another man’s religion is stupidity. People cannot even PROVE if Mohammed even saw an angel in the cave. Lets not get into such useless charade of stupidity based on misguided skepticism. Skepticism has a place, but once it crosses the threshold of logical reasoning, it makes the mind blind completely. There are Malays who ave fought in courts to get their religions changed. Let us not pretend such things don’t exist. That is real respect. Malays have a great history but ISLAM is not their identity that existed in history. So tying everything to a religion is foolishness. That is not “disrespecting” Malays. Only a sensitive effeminate fool would fall to that level of thinking.


  26. For the record in this well-read and respected blog, I am taking up one by one the latest in the series of comments under the name Christian, as they now appear as Christian propaganda pieces done by some one who now indicates more clearly that he is not a Malaysian, maybe not even resident in Malaysia. I’ve read such comments in one other blog – he cunningly couches his Christianity propaganda, Islamic faith-weakening and aposticizing messages with pretensions of defending Malay culture, political and social values, apparently trying to lull Malays and Muslims in Malaysia into believeing that many Malays have embraced Christianity and implying that there is nothing wrong to do so. In the process, he has

    1. Insulted the Muslims, the Constitution and the laws pertaining to Islam in Malaysia, hurt the feelings of the Malays and the Muslims

    2. Insulted the Chinese who he said mocks the Malays and the YDP Agong and who he implied are not grateful having got citizenship etc in this country, and he even openly detests those who worship idols in this country

    3. Insulted his own religion, Christianity, by speaking of the good Christian values but himself brazenly breaking them, like being confrontational and using language and stance unbecoming of a Christian and not in accordance with the teachings of the Bible

    And I don’t have to be polite – he himself has challenged others to impolite talk, quoting and crossing the messages and good Christian values in his Bible. Looks like his Bible is different from the ordinary Christians’.


    • PS:

      He also insults the Indians when he said openly that he dislikes those who worship idols.

      This is a dangerous fellow, very divisive and disruptive. Malaysians must always be on the watch out for this kind of anti-national elements and report those with full names and addresses to the Police for seditious statements against others’ religions.


  27. 1. Christian’s comment MARCH 8, 2014 AT 10:32 PM –

    This bloke is being stupid in wanting to propagate the idea that “There are Malays who have ACCEPTED Christianity”; yet, when challenged to prove it, said he doesn’t need to prove it. He sounds very much like the “Oppo hippos” in Malaysia who frequently make wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified comments and, instead of providing the proofs, they ask readers to find them themselves. If he is in Malaysia, he probably has seen Malay-looking people with Malay names like Idris Jala in Church, so he naively asks us to “go to any church you will find at least one or two Malays who believe in Christianity.” And he is a belligerent Son of a Gun to suggest that we “need proof to identify and kill them.”

    Having been explained many times earlier on about the position of Islam in the Constitution and about the laws in this country, he still comes out implying our Constitution forces people who convert into any religion. And he started making the damned and unforgivable statement “Malays have the right to choose whatever religion they want.” There is only one counter-statement for him saying that – “You are a damned bastard.”


    • Clarification:

      Mentioning Idris Jala’s name is to show that blokes like this one calling himself Christian may confuse Idris Jala, a Christian Bumiputera, as a Malay, and talks about “Malays” attending Church services.

      No offence intended at all.


  28. 2. The bastard Christian’s comment on MARCH 8, 2014 AT 10:38 PM –

    Claiming you have good education etc, you are lying through your teeth, ears and nose. A foreigner not respecting the Constitution of another country – you must have come from one of the tribal countries or a Banana Republic, descended from a chain of corrupt and immoral beings who managed to send you to school, and maybe a University, getting half-baked education and now pretending to take a moral high ground on Christianity.

    Saying the Malaysian Constitution that protects the interests of Islam and of Muslims is “a flawed constitution .. Real constitution gives freedom of religion to all including Malays”, you must be mad, a religious zealot, an archaic 13th Century Crusader lost in the 21st Century, wanting to impose your will on others yet accusing others of doing so. Go home, man – if you are in Malaysia, you have overstayed your welcome and are certainly not wanted here with those shit kind of views. And the final nail in your coffin is you saying, “you want “proof” so you can identify and harm them for apostasy.” You have a warped mind and demented thinking. You must have come from a tribal country, a specimen of the English proverb “Little knowledge is dangerous.”


  29. 3. Christian’s comment on MARCH 8, 2014 AT 10:42 PM –

    Hey stupid, don’t claim you “came in good will here” when you tried to show to readers here – many of whom are Malays and Muslims – that there are many apostate/ murtad Malays without giving proof, implying it is ok for Malays to convert when the laws of this country and of the Islamic religion prohibit that .

    And now you come out with your true colours, saying “I don’t respect your prophet Mohammed and I don’t consider him a prophet either.” You must be mad. Even the Pope acknowledges and respects Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam – you not respecting the Pope, too? Not Catholic but evangelical, are you?

    The Pope leads the Catholics but the others don’t respect him. The last Pope resigned, one of the reasons being he could not cope with the proliferation of Christian sects and sub-sects. One commentator/analyst pointed out that the Protestants alone have about 140 sub-sects. The Protestants alone have about 140 sub-sects.

    Now you appear to be a mad bastard insulting the Prophet of Islam and it is not worth talking to a mad, trouble-making bugger.


  30. 4. Christian’s comment on MARCH 8, 2014 AT 10:34 PM –

    A final comment to the mad bloke:

    You interpreted erroneously that people opposing you for saying there are many Malay apostates/ murtads without giving proofs want to harm you, kill you and such nonsense. Now you try the moral high ground again – saying to Muslims to exist in peace.

    But again, you make it sound threatening, or at least confrontational – saying “we will exist in peace with you, harm our family members, we will teach you the same lesson.” Now I ask you: what kind of a school did you go to? A missionary school in your country? In your earlier comments you implied knowing Malays overseas – what country, what corner of the world was it? A God-forsaken corner somewhere? Or was it just a figment of your imagination? Cooked up stories in your grand design to proselytize Muslims, beginning by putting the message that it’s ok for Malays to choose religion?

    In this country, you are damned for doing so, do you know that? You read about the raid on the Methodist Church Damansara Utama for inviting poor Muslims to a Ramadhan Holy Month breaking of the fast in a Church? All were perfectly legally done as the authorities have the power and the laws to carry out such a raid. You read about the furore that it brought about?

    Having explained all the above, and in view of the many other explanations given before this, the final words to you are: If you don’t like this country, its Constitution and its laws, scram, get lost, vamoose. We don’t want you and the likes of you trying to create religious animosity in this country, trying to disturb the status quo, trying to tell Malays that it’s ok to be Christians as there are others who have done so. No, it’s not ok, the laws of the country and of the Islamic religion prohibit that. You are bluffing, lying, propaganda-ing, if you are in this country, you should be arrested under the laws of this country, imprisoned and thereafter deported. You are not welcome to this country at all, d’ya hear.

    Note to readers:

    I believe others would cease to read whatever the nasty bloke says after this – they may also have realized that he is mad, disrespectful to the country’s Constitution and the laws that were enacted pursuant to the relevant Articles of the Constitution, insulting the Malays, the Muslims, the Chinese, and the idol-worshipping among us here.


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