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Di mana halatuju negara bangsa?

As usual, long in rhetorics and short in substance, Hishamuddin Rais, a one time student activist, who escaped the authorities and cowardly fled the country when most of his friends were incarcerated over the student demonstrations in 1974,  had posited his views on the direction of this country.

Basically it was just a rant without any clear solutions. Just like a typical mindset of an opposition leader.

He touches on several issues like, changing the Malaysian flag and national anthem, Islam, independence and the non-existence of Malaysian identity. Sometimes his ideology, especially waxing lyrical about the pre-Umno struggle (Malaysian Communist Party, API, KMM etc) are based on misconceptions and untruths.

For instance, he opined that the first person sentenced to death for fighting for independence against the British (or colonialists) was an indian chap named Gunalan. Obviously he failed to mention Datuk Maharajalela, Tok Janggut and etc.

The other is his assertions that there was an absence of national referendum when we first wanted to choose our nation’s flag when the fact was, there was indeed a nationwide competition and poll on which flag Malayans (at the time) could choose.

But then again, his mind is already saturated with years of anti-establishment propaganda that there is no avenue for rationale thinking.

By the way, from the white paper on Operasi Lalang below, a person by the name Hishamuddin Rais was also mentioned in several paragraphs. I wonder if this person, whom the paper clearly identified as a communist tool is the same person in the video above. If he is the same person, how could we let people with such close ties with Chin Peng freely roaming about and polluting the minds of Malaysians with falsehoods and lies concerning the birth of Malaysia and dictating the direction we should take as a nation?

Excerpts on Operasi Lalang white paper

8 thoughts on “Di mana halatuju negara bangsa?

  1. There is a difference in history between US and Malaysia, something which Hishamuddin fails to acknowledge. In US, the whites invaded the land and submerge the natives. Thus, the whites would not mind if other people from China, India, Arabs, Brazil, yec come and settle in US. If Hishamuddin want Malaysia to become like US, then a foreign nation/race, may be China, may invade Malaysia and submerge the natives. Then the Chinese would not mind if other people from other countries settle in Malaysia, and a new Negara Bangsa can be generated. However, in Malaysia, the Malays, the native, still in control. Surely the Malays as natives would not allow other people to easily submerge them and the creation of a new Negara bangsa. Even now, in Malaysia, the Indian and Chinese are very uncomfortable with the presence of other nationals. Japanese still not easily allow other people to reside in Japan. Japanese would not allow a new Negara Bangsa in Japan comprising other races. Many other countries do the same protectionism. Only US dont have such protectionism because the whites are not the native of the land.


  2. the story goes that hishammudin family somewhere from kg bongsu lancang were being thrown away because of his family communist activities. Thus his family ran away to jemapoh. from that day onwards he felt betrayed and left out by community and sees communism and anti-government as the way to go for this country. not only him, a lot of people in pahang especially around kerdau, lubuk kawah and sanggang also followed communism. they said during emergency in raub and bentong where there are curfews, but to them ‘liberated areas’. such are their believes that anti-god is better than being with the governments. and to these days, the people in this areas actually told their grandchildren that communist leaders such as abdullah cd (they called their tok ki), pak kadir, rasid maidin etc as the heroes.


  3. I never realised I had started this journey a long time ago. All I can recall is the question I kept asking “Why are we so fragmented and not whole? As if there are so many pieces missing within our lives as a Muslim and Malay.” I finally saw the light of day. Time to restore back our way of life as Muslims and Malay of this land and take back what is ours or “Merdeka is just rhetoric.” We need to go back to our roots before the British took away our way of life which is directly linked back to Amal Madinah. Self governings states with self sufficiency. No kufar system or its hybrids. Then we shall be strong and whole again without a need to make reference to Ketuanan Melayu as WE ARE the KHALIFAHs of this land.

    Keturunan Jebat


  4. Dear Jebat (which I believe should not die yet)
    For all the rantings of H Rais, he has demonstrate his inability to influence and to lead. For you to spend so much space on him is really a waste. There are thousands like him in Hyde Park, London. His idea lacks the oped debate which he cherished so much. As much as UMNO hated open debate, this guy loved it. So why not, once and for all, give him the stage, pick the best minds in UMNO and get on with the debate. Once people can see that he lacked the ability to even speak out his mind..his political or comic career will be put to rest. But again, UMNO has never been into any serious debate lately (where have all the boys gone?)


  5. I think we should be careful of using an axe for a procedure where we should be using a scalpel. There are many non-Malays who regard Malaysia as their land too. And rightfully so. They love our country and want to share it. Sure they aren’t as assimilated as hoped. You won’t find them wearing baju Melayus at any time. But that is in part due to our current system where people don’t assimilate. We don’t even go to the same schools!

    We are a society that’s harmonious in segregation. You do your thing. I do mine.

    One can only wonder where our nation is heading…



  6. Orang Melayu dibisukan !
    Tuli jugak Hishamudin Rais ni; tak sangka.
    Tapi bagi orang yang lari dari menerima hukuman, apa lagi yang kita boleh dengar dari mulut dia ? Kalau dia betul pejuang, dia tak lari dan dia sepatutnya berani kerana benar.
    Saya nampak si bengap-tuli ni bercakap untuk didengar bersuara. Sama macam ramai rakyat Malaysia yang nampak tiada keadilan di Malaysia sampai parti mereka perlu dinamakan Parti Keadilan Nasional dan berlambangkan mata. Asal usulnya mata lebam kena tumbuk.
    Kalau yang kena tumbuk tu timbalan perdana menteri dan yang menumbuk tu ketua polis negara, gamaknya apalah sebabnya ? Kawan si bengap-tuli ni yang kena tumbuk tu,

    Are all these panelists worthy of any attention ?

    I think we the majority of the peace loving Malaysians know what we want and we are getting it and we are somewhat thanking God. In life you win some, you lose some. One cannot win everyday.


  7. My friends , this MeatHead named Hishamuddin Rais is a distorted figure . He has always been in detachment of his freedom from being pro Establishment . And after few decades he has now turned into an extremely ANARCHIST minded .

    I am imagining him in a cartoon portrait of a person who wears beard , horns on his head and with a seedy figure . With that discomposure , he indiscriminately and horridly ready to beheaded by guillotine anyone who happen to be on his path of radicalism . He administers us to confusion and creates misunderstanding in our thoughts to be in emulation .

    His negative sense is deeply rooted . A person who has no sense of authority and rule . An Anarchist claims , ‘ stands for liberation of human mind from dominion of religion ; the liberation of the human body from the dominion of property ; liberation from the shackles and restraints of government ‘ .

    He is an extreme attribution of a senseless radical . His radicalism of an Anarchist denounced any type of social order , neglect the order of Government , public morality and disregard of law . To him that he is born good and his goodness is corrupted by the the power structure of the Government . Therefore , any form of Government of today or the next is illegitimate and by that the Government is not entitled to demand obedience from the people . This is because an Anarchist believes in individual autonomy by that he is branded as an Atheist or Agnostic . To him , it is alright .


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