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Existence of half past six politicians in Pakatan Rakyat

I find this piece of news laughable due to the sheer desperation from its originators.

Biometric system makes EC all-powerful, says Pakatan
By Clara Chooi
July 27, 2011

An official checks for traces of indelible ink on a voter’s hand during parliamentary elections in Tbilisi May 21, 2008. — Reuters file pic

KUALA LUMPUR, July 27 — Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders alleged today that a biometric voter verification system would only eliminate checks and balances in the present election process and grant the Election Commission (EC) absolute power over ballots cast on polling day.

In a joint statement here, the leaders said this was because the EC would be the only authority with exclusive access to the biometric system, allowing it to manipulate the voting process.

Polling and counting agents from political parties, they claimed, would no longer be required to monitor the polling process.

“They will phase out the involvement of party representatives to monitor the voting process. So there will no longer be any checks and balances.

“Voters will come in, present their MyKads, get their thumbprints scanned and that’s it. So there will be no need for checking agents because we will not have access to the system which verifies these voters anyway,” PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli told The Malaysian Insider when contacted. – Did the EC announce how biometric validation will be conducted yet? Not yet. Thus, Rafizi is putting the cart before the horse.

He added, however, that if too many parties were allowed to access the biometric system, it would similarly be open to further abuses.

“But if only the EC has access, then who is to say that there is no manipulation?” he pointed out. – You are certain that too many parties (that include you) will abuse the system and you are also certain that if only EC has the access, they will manipulate it. I suggest we call down The Autobots to conduct, operate and monitor our general elections.

In the statement, signed by Rafizi, DAP’s Liew Chin Tong and PAS’s Dr Mohd Hatta Ramli, the leaders reiterated their stand that the use of indelible ink would still be the cheapest way to clean up the election process. – Cheapest doesn’t mean foolproof. It means that it is open more to abuse. More on this later.

They said that the opportunity for political parties to send their agents to monitor the voting process is the key criterion of a clean and fair election. – Again, sheer desperation just to make the news in Malaysian Insider. But wait a minute, all these while party agents CAN monitor the voting process therefore, Rafizi is indeed, confused. A confused politician is bad for the country.

“Therefore, any measures which aim to eliminate the involvement of political parties are contrary to the will of the people expressed through Bersih 2.0. The EC must return to Bersih’s eight demands. – what measures? No announcement from EC yet. This is coming from a highly imaginative but half past six mindset.

“The country’s electoral system needs an overall reform, not minor amendments which will not only cost hundreds of millions, but also raise new issues to fuel public anger,” they said. – so, indelible ink is an overall reform?? Are you sure you know what you’re talking about?

The PR leaders argued that the new computerised system would also be subject to technical glitches and security risks. This, they pointed out, is likely why the EC itself had admitted that the system would not be ready in time for the 13th general election. – EC will conduct dry run on this.

“More important, however, is the inability of the biometric system to prevent phantom voters or double-voting because it is using the wrong approach, i.e. those with identification cards are considered valid voters … this would allow many illegal immigrants with identification cards to vote in GE-13,” they said. – there were no such instances or cases of double voting in this country. A FACT that even Ambiga of Bersih could not find any evidence of this. Anyone of you here with a shred of documented proof that says someone had voted twice using different ICs, or different names please submit it to whoever you wish that might highlight your proof. 

The leaders also claimed that the prime minister and the EC’s support for the proposed biometric system proves that the government has admitted to discrepancies in the current election process. – maybe government should not even do anything. They should just sit back and relax and don’t change anything. Obviously, constant improvement is a bad thing for Pakatan buffoons. We improve ourselves when better alternatives and technology is presented to us.

“This proves that the Barisan Nasional (BN) leadership cannot afford to deny the voices of those who joined Bersih 2.0’s rally,” they said. – then you should be grateful that the government is listening for ways to improve instead of maintaining status quo or doing a Mugabe and cut both your hands. Since the government is not cruel (contrary to what your perverted mind would like to think), they strive to make things more efficient. Which can only be a good thing.

On a side note, kudos for The Malaysian Insider for showing picture of people in a former Russian colony checking for indelible ink.

By the way, do you know that in United States of America, they have only about to revamp their elections law? They have just adopted a law for a electoral process whereby photo identification is a requirement for you to vote. Apparently, all this while, it is not a requirement to produce ID when voting!

We in Malaysia is lightyears ahead of them and yet, the people in Bersih wants us to regress few steps and use indelible ink.

One of the biggest complaint of indelible ink is that unscrupulous people (they can be from Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat or other good for nothing people) can roam the rural/urban areas and trick unsuspecting voters to use the indelible ink before the election starts thus the voters cannot vote even when they turned up at the election centres. Can we afford this risk? If your grandfather’s cousin was tricked by someone a day before the election and permanent ink has been swiped on to his finger nails, he can sue the EC millions if he was prevented to vote. This is provided by the law.

The biometric on the other hand does not try to replace the IC as the IC is the all important document that can verify a voter.

For instance, can you pass the automated gateway at the airports without your passports by just scanning your fingerprints? Of course you can’t. Same with voting process.

The fingerprint being scanned by the biometric system is just a verifying tool that enables the system to recognise that the holder of the IC is indeed the same person.

It is a system that double checks your identity. Once your particulars and thumbprints have been recorded in the system, you may not be able to vote anywhere else. If there are two same fingerprints being detected, the system will flag the person and will alert the authority. This is a foolproof way to prevent phantom voters.

This is also the very same system that is preventing criminals from entering our country through official entry points (if they enter by swimming to our beaches then a bit hard to detect).

KLIA, LCCT and JB entry points for example process minimum 100K, 90K and 80K people respectively on daily basis without any major breakdowns using the biometric system. The technology is here and ready.

Importantly, party representatives from either party can still monitor the voting process by getting a live screen of electoral roll being validated by the biometric system. Previously, they have this list of voters in each polling centres which they cross check with ballot paper figures. Now, they should just add this simple technique of real time data streaming. They can then validate the voting process themselves.

Clearly the Pakatan leaders, being half past six themselves, have not studied the system to make a well informed statement. But then again, I believe they just want to trick people who are unaware of their deceit so that they can continue playing this issue over and over again.

After all, being irrelevant is a death-knell to 3rd rate politicians.

66 thoughts on “Existence of half past six politicians in Pakatan Rakyat

  1. Aha so now we know …

    to qualify for pakatan membership, you only need to be half past six
    no wonder those who woke up after seven, have already quit membership


    • Pakatan Rakyat politicians are not half past six. They are half past nothing. They would have been half past something if they have behaved in a responsible, law abiding, Constitution-respecting and normal oppositional manner.

      But look at Lim Kit Siang. He has been involved in illegal street demonstrations since God knows when. Right from the time he followed the Maha Chauvinist Little Emperor Lee Kuan Yew and DAP when Singapore was in Malaysia 1963-65. Hogging the so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan that is chauvinistic, racist and subversive to Article 153 on the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. Wanting sama rata without acknowledging that Special Position. Going against the Constitutional provision that is protected by the Sedition Act.

      Look at Anwar Ibrahim. His Katak Lompat and failed coup d’etat of 16 September 2008, his consorting with the Jewish Neocons of Washinton, his treacherous lies and defaming of Malaysia abroad, his sodomizing that led to two sodomy Court cases, his 99.99 % sex video, his famous put-on of neck braces complaining of so-called Police brutalities at the illegal Bersih rally.

      And Mat Sabu of PAS. His khalwat exploit with Norma in Room 121 of Hotel Perdana that Apocryphalist spoke about in a previous post here. His appearing at a gathering in a wheel chair, trying to show the so-called Police brutalities, too, until a Police footage screened over RTM showed that the Police 4WD did not knock him down.

      The three PR people making the joint statement above are made of the same stuff as Kit Siang, Anwar and Mat Sabu. They all attended the illegal Bersih demonstration on 9 July. How can they all be responsible leaders when they called for and instigated the rakyat to break the law. How can they be even half past six when it was a case of breaking the law, taking the law into their own hands.


  2. All your smart aleck opinions are easily negated by the massive brutal over-reactions by the UMNO/BN government.

    To the average people, those apolitical or mildly interested who couldn’t be bothered to read your long-winded spin, the actions and methods used to combat Bersih 2.0 is enough evidence that the government must be wrong on this issue.

    For someone who wants to be taken seriously, at least acknowledged that your anti-Bersih spin has backfired big time among the young and the professionals. The FB & Twitter crowd continues to reinforce the skepticism and disbelief on the official line on the Bersih issue.

    FB & Twitter are very interesting media of tracking group behaviours among friends, so fairly accurate reflection of ground feeling in Malaysia since even those in small towns or semi-rural have a personal FB account. Definitely not anonymous, syiok sendiri opinions unlike blogs like this that cannot be tracked for believability.

    Bersih 2.0 and the aftermath continues to expose your spin and risk tarring the rest of your other pseudo-theories blog postings as biased and unreliable. Continue going down that rabbit hole…


    • Oh my, is this the official statement to counter the exposure done in this article?

      It seems that you are not putting any importance to the truth. What spin are you talking about? The spin was done by those three Pakatan deceivers who are pretending to be politicians. Putting the cart before the horse, not knowing the whole issue, talking hot air without knowing the issue..basically, intending to be deceitful by misinforming the people. And here you are being long winded by stating a different issue altogether! What does the redundancy of indelible ink and the strengths of biometric got to do with how police handled the demonstration the other day?

      Now this comment of yours just showed us that, the purity and the integrity of Bersih demands are not important to you. What is important to you is to get your people in Pakatan gain power through any means.. free and fair elections is not even your goal. That is just one of your vehicles to achieve your goal. A vehicle which is tainted by so many weaknesses (the 8 demands, judging from few articles before this).

      Oh by the way, Pakatan always measure their support through twitter and facebook support. A measure that will surely backfire them (as they always do). Do you know that in any of your facebook pages which are against the government (Bersih 2.0, Anti Menara Warisan, Najib Resign, etc) you only managed to get around 200,000 supporters? There are >5 million facebook users here in Malaysia and yet you already boasting to get just 4% support from its users? And then when you lose elections, you cry foul because you THOUGHT you had 100% support from all facebook users in Malaysia. Then all those stupid phantom voters issue crop up again because you couldn’t believe why you would lose. How pathetic.

      Therein lies the delusional mind of self absorbed and syok sendiri Pakatan fellas without much inkling of the real situation on the ground. Since you can join those three up there in this article as someone who lack knowledge and suffer a disease called dementia, I suggest you stop YOUR own spinning before your keyboard catch fire. Ok Mr Smart Aleck?

      Thank you.


      • Simple la.
        You lost the FB crowd big time on the Bersih 2.0 issue.

        Again claiming that the government has 96% support against Bersih 2.0 is just pure idiotic reasoning even for an anonymous blogger like yourself. You syiok sendiri big time la.
        I recently read in Dato Ariff’s blog (a real-name blogger) that Tun Daim said that 80% of young voters are now anti-BN. Probably more so because of the government’s heavy-handed crackdown of Bersih 2.0 and over-reactions in its aftermath…

        In a conservative political culture like Malaysia, getting people with real FB accounts to support those Bersih 2.0, Anti-Menara Warisan etc pages is already a big leap out of their comfort zones. It’s even more interesting to read their wall comments, pic badges tagged to their profiles, the political personalities fan pages the have etc to gauge the sentiments of ordinary Malaysians.

        To dismiss the FB & Twitter crowd as only 4% anti-government supporters is your typical spin la…I’m sure Tun Zaim has his pulse on the ground more accurately compared to you!

        Bersih 2.0 and the aftermath continues to expose your spin and risk tarring the rest of your other pseudo-theories blog postings as biased and unreliable. Continue going down that rabbit hole…


        • Dear Opah,

          Again, please stop trumpeting the same issue without giving any facts or substance. I never said the government has 96% support? Where? What I said was, and if you cared to read it carefully was, Pakatan’s Bersih and other anti-government initiatives in FB gained only 4% of the support among FB users. The rest could be pro government or more than likely, do not give a damn about the FB group pages created by the Pakatan cybertroopers. Mind you, I was giving you the statistics based on real numbers and figures. Therefore, the 4% support Bersih gets in FB is something very real. But comparing it with the total amount of FB users here in Malaysia, the perceived support you get is quickly put into perspective. Yet, you had the audacity to claim “FB & Twitter are very interesting media of tracking group behaviours among friends, so fairly accurate reflection of ground feeling in Malaysia since even those in small towns or semi-rural have a personal FB account.”

          That is why, by comparing with the big picture, you are erroneous in your assumptions. Now, I am sure not all in FB are supporting the government. They could be fence sitters. But to claim that BN has lost the FB crowd is not an accurate assertion. Agree? No? Please give us the statistics then. And by the way, I used the most conservative data to give you that 4% support. In Malaysia, there are 11 million Facebook members. I purposely cut it more than 50% and put it as 5 million to discard the non active users and other fan pages. Out of this, Pakatan gets only about 200,000 to 300,000 ‘likes’. If we further discard the non voters (below 21) and non Malaysians, the figure could be very much lower than that 4%.

          Opah, I know Tun Daim. I know the reasons why he gave that 80% figure. Much respect for him. It is good that you listen to him as well. Yes, let’s say 80% of young voters are anti-BN. That is a problem BN must manage and rectify. It would be good if Tun Daim could give us in terms of numbers. How many exactly? 2 million? 3 million? 200,000? 500,000? Do you have the numbers? No you don’t coz you are not arguing based on facts. You are just equivocating. In conservative Malaysia, it is good to see these people pouring their guts out, crying anti government comments without any backlash by the government itself. Is there anyone out there went to jail for putting wall comments in Bersih fan pages? We could go the London way where people got jailed for posting comments inciting people to riot. Comparing London and Malaysia, wow.. what an evil government this is. The reason why the government is not censuring these FB pages is exactly the thing the government could use to manage and rectify the situation. Now, they will know who are these anti-government people. They will know the demographics. They will then make a decision. Will they court these 4%? Or simply deem it as lost cause and target just the fence sitters (the bigger majority).

          Opah, you are the one dismissing the 4% thinking it could be higher. Yes it could be. Probably 6%! But show me the facts that it is 10% or even 90%.. This is just a simple matter of maths. Overall number of likes in Bersih pages over the total number of FB users. That is exactly how much support you get in FB. The fact that I had to breakdown the math to you just to show you that you did not win the FB crowd totally just showed how less smart you are. This is simple la. And please Opah, anonymity in blogs doesn’t lend credibility. It is the content that counts. Don’t believe me? Just look at Hishamuddin Rais’ blog (Tukar Tiub) etc. Let me stress, it is the content and substance that counts. Ok? And apparently, anonymity doesn’t make you more intelligent either. Just look at you – an anonymous commentator criticizing a blog for being anonymous. What a statement to make eh? That rabbit hole you’re currently in must be cramping your style right about now.

          Thank you.


    • Quote “To the average people, those apolitical or mildly interested who couldn’t be bothered to read your long-winded spin”. Yup I agree wholeheartedly.

      Herein lies your DNA. your species utilise the other organs to the fullest and thereby NEGLECT your brains. Yeah, we know your kind too well – got no intellectual capacity to read, understand, digest and conclude. So anything intellectual is “spin” to you.

      Your type rely heavily on drama, LIES and fairy tales – the more atrocious the better, which makes you people PERFECT for the brainwashing programme, initiated by anwar-ambiga plus the odd fellows in their tribal clans.


    • Opah,

      You are too old (Opah = Grandma?) to appreciate that ours are not “smart aleck opinions ..” Maybe too old also to see clearly the Police footage aired by RTM on the illegal street demo, and you were sadly misled into thinking “the massive brutal over-reactions by the UMNO/BN government.” Why didn’t you get closer to the TV screen when watching shots about Mat Sabu or Anwar falling. If ou did, you would’t get hoodwinked by the collar guard and the wheelchair they put up for show.

      Yes, old people won’t like to read long comments, invariably dismissing them as “long-winded spin”, twists and the like. You said, “the actions and methods used to combat Bersih 2.0 is enough evidence that the government must be wrong on this issue.” Come on. la, old lady. You ought to know better than simply accuse without giving proofs, justification or explanations. You must belong to PAS, PKR or DAP – they are practically all like that, here, there and everywhere accusing without justification. Sad, very sad.

      JMD has counter-argued you on the FB & Twitter thing and I won’t dwell on that. Note that those include a lot of the below voting-age boys and glrls. You can’t be serious about what they say, nenek.

      Not behaving like an old lady too, don’t you? Being against “anonymous, syiok sendiri opinions” when you yourself write anonymously, using the pseudonym “Opah”. I believe you know what “anonymous” means, don’t you? So how to track your comments “for believability”, nenek?.

      But at least you have a sense of humour, old lady. You ended up your comment by saying, “Continue going down that rabbit hole…Haha”. I’ll therefore treat your comments as humour from now on.


  3. Hey, taht reminds me, I need to replace my MyKad, CIMB bank could not “read” it.. And when election time.. if EC cannot “read” my card.. then. or, perhaps, I’ll just sit this out and sue the pants of EC….. waddayaa say?


    • I say, first check whether your kad is genuine or not. Not the kind issued by the criminal syndicate in Sabah some time ago. If so, you look for the syndicate. Shoot them in the eyes, man.

      wadddayaa say? Wat dis got to do with the price of salt in Timbuktu? Go figure out.


    • glassman,
      When you write this whole comment:

      Hey, taht reminds me, I need to replace my MyKad, CIMB bank could not “read” it.. And when election time.. if EC cannot “read” my card.. then. or, perhaps, I’ll just sit this out and sue the pants of EC….. waddayaa say?”

      Can I ask you.. when your bank cannot read your card, do you actually sit this out and sue the bank of the bank?

      Seriously, I would like to see you do that.

      ~ OnDaStreet


  4. Rafizi Ramli does not need a passport to enter another country, he just uses indelible ink.
    His IC only has a picture of his stomach to identify himself.
    However if it is inconvenient, he may dispute the picture of his stomach as it is only “peti besi”.

    The people of DAP, PKR and PAS deserve better politicians.


  5. well said tuan JMD!! i have never trust this indelible ink since it’s introduction 3 year’s ago.. as some innocent unsuspecting victims could have been trick into by it before voting.. that is surely undeniable..


  6. So, im hoping that our IC’s chip are more reliable duing scanning, i changed my IC for a new chip cause the first one wasnt working when i checked my EPF

    Govt should look into that before the elections cause it can be cause for complaints


  7. These goons of the political system in this country will never find anything right with the Establishment. The worse thing is that they find systems wrong even before they are decided upon or implemented. Ghastly goons.

    They seem to have decided that the indelible ink is the best and the only system to be used. They want to preempt the use of any other system and want their chosen system to be used no matter what. Just like Bersih wanted the Stadium Merdeka no matter what, and held the illegal street demonstration no matter what. These are not half past six fellows. They are half past three blokes. A worse kind by a few points. The dangerous kind who would relentlessly make all sorts of noises based on unfounded beliefs and irrational thinking. God forbid this kind from holding power in this country.

    I have not seen or read about any proof of double voting in this country. All I’ve read are claims and accusations of such. Where the bloody hell are proofs and evidences of double voting? Have there been Police Reports made? Have anyone produced such Police Reports complete with reference numbers and details of who, when, where, witnesses, etc? And remember, only the other day I read about the Police wanting to prosecute the blokes who made false Police reports complaining all sorts during the illegal Bersih rally.

    I’m aghast at the fact that so much hoola baloo has been made of election irregularities but no one has taken the Election Commission to court over those complaints. Doesn’t this speak volumes of the non-existence of proofs or evidences of the complaints they speak about?

    Alas, they need the gongs, the cymbals and the empty cans to make noise over and over again. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, they say. But these are boys who only play and do no real work other than the three of them sitting down finding faults with a system that has not even been decided upon. Woe betide the people of this country if their kind are voted in.


  8. You are so ignorant! any software & database knowledge guys can tell you that the system can be programmed to accept phantom voters.

    Our irresponsible government has been using the High Tech to fool the laymen, What 1 Malaysia emails lah! Curi Curi Malaysia Web Applications lah! now Biometric system lah! We the Malaysians have become the laughing stock due to our own stupididy!

    The whole issue is not about the ink or the finger prints, it is about the creditbility of our BN government. They have spilled the black ink and tainted themselves all over the body, and their finger prints are all over the looted items. Most of us don’t trust our BN government including you but majority of the Malaysians are still supporting BN cos’ they
    can’t afford to loose and only read MSM and Utusan.


    • So you read only The Roket, Harakah, Suara Keadilan? So you have no suggestion for a better system? So you know how to foolproof any software and database? You ought to programme some sense into the database in your head, man.

      Don’t just hoo haa here without giving any practicable suggestions la. I have at least made a suggestion above. You are just out to put the Government down, aren’t you?.


    • Hmm…if you think this will be manipulated, why wouldn’t the EC manipulate indelible ink. Get a bunch of supporters to come in and vote in the morning, make sure they dip into a “special” ink bottle which will wash off in a few hours, the ask them to vote elsewhere in the afternoon. Happen in India. So how does indelible ink solve the problem?

      The issue is you don’t trust the EC, so why propose indelible ink? It doesn’t solve your issue at all…I think PR blind supporters are not even thinking these days.


      • They will only trust the EC when they gain all the states in Malaysia, Putrajaya is under them and Malays made as their slave.


  9. To deploy and implement Biometrics system, you must have the Terminals, Devices, Internet access and Network cabling structure in placed in every voting center. There are also high cost of backend farms of servers, Database system, Applications, Network Infrastructure and etc. Is it proven? Do we have sufficient time to test the system? Will there be a risk of downtime?

    The programming logic for the application can be customized/modified and the database can be easily manupulated. Records can be duplicated, copied and edited. will it be more convenient to create or accept phantom voters?
    Can we trust the authority behind the system? Who will be operating the system?

    The Malaysian Immigration use biometic system at all time but EC only need it once in 3-4 years and with more locations to be installed. How to justify for the cost? Is the tax payers subsidizing for another unecessary project? Any showcase from other countries? who is developing the system or supplier of the system?
    Can we have the expert view? How much cost involved? the question lists go on …..

    Why not indelible ink? a simple cost-effective solution!


    • Read the comments about the possibility of unscrupulous fellows buying such ink and making voters use them before the voting and denying them the right to actually vote.


    • Who said biometric system needs a high speed internet access, database system? Your IC contains all information, hence your IC itself is a database. What it needs at another end is just a reader to verify that you are the valid bearer. Don’t talk about irrelevant matters about network, cabling, terminal, database and such rubbish as you don’t even know electrical & electronic engineering.
      Your fingerprint at the reader must match with the fingerprint in your IC. So, why would it need to connect to the database?
      Talk about programming logic and such, you must be delusional. You try to talk about engineering to other layman, but not me though. How to manipulate the data? If a person wants to manipulate such data in the IC, what can be changed are only name, sex, address and such. Even so, that person must posses the physical IC to do so. To manipulate the fingerprint, what manipulation can you do at the fingerprint? God has created each human with a unique fingerprint, tell me how do you manipulate fingerprint?
      Even if that programmer is able to insert different fingerprint to any IC, even so, the bearer must match his fingerprint with the IC. What rubbish is about when you talk about network, internet access and other stuff when those are not even relevant.
      I believe you only talk without technical knowledge, mind you, electrical & electronic engineering, database are my are of expertise. You can mislead layman, but not me though.


    • pandai cakap la ini orang.the biometric system not just for voting.have you finished school yet?..we only need ony biometric data to be used for EVERYTHING. like how you go in and out from airport or when you open up an account in a bank to verify you that you are the legitimate IC holder.

      Dont be such a thick headed.


    • pickto tell,
      I do admire your ramblings on all the structure and facilities to accomodate biometric.

      However, do you realise that there are already organisations using biometric? Banks have used it. The most simple example, even POS Malaysia have it to update your driving license..

      Or actually you don’t have any license?

      ~ OnDaStreet


  10. Good one En Jebat. However, from my point of view there are half-past 6 politicians in BN as well. This is what really frustrates people – all the nonesense being spewed by most of the politicians (BN & PR) everyday.


  11. Brilliant bro JMD.

    However, I’m just wondering, why are they dying to use indelible ink system. Perhaps, there’s a clever trick. They are not stupid, but they are cunning like foxes.

    Commenting on the BVIS, since EC Datuk Wan Ahmad clarified that it is on final stage, they should have every details about it, including, how its going to be implemented, cost, and the most important thing is, will it available during the upcoming GE without any malfunction?

    Don’t know whether this is true, but rumours said GE will be conducted on Nov. Which I strongly against it.

    Take care bro.


  12. Dear JMD,

    I have mentioned that the opposition and their network of foreign and local support are sophisticated and well funded. They knew from the very start that the EC was earnestly going to implement Biometrics. They are using all sorts of lame excuses to give the impression that it’s use is sinister.

    When they win they will say is because they they highlighted issues in the Biometrics. When they lose they will say, I told you so.

    Their strategy for the moment is to keep the momentum of the BERSIH shit right until the next GE.
    They will ultimately bring the NRD as another issue in the “cause” for “free and fair elections”.

    I play chess and I see that they plan their moves way ahead. Their trump card, no matter how you expose their agenda, the dunggu and lembu followers can always be pulled by the nose.

    These guys are not stupid, their followers are.

    Thank you


  13. JMD,

    either they are not using their brains or they think that malaysian are brainless people that they can con with this kind of stupid remarks


  14. actually hor, nothing beats the trial of anwar ibrahim’s sodomy 1 trial when it comes to shameful incident. it left a lasting impression that persist till today.
    it was kerala against tamil nadu. the country’s name and honour secondary.
    hishamuddin takes the honour of the top joker politician ever existed.
    i had to cut my yellow prick off because he said it was illegal due to its colour.
    the recent amnesty for illegals will boost my kad holders as voters in the state of selangor and perak by one million indonesian and banglas. another case of legalise fraud.
    in civilised countries, they put people like hishamuddin to do prime time shows such as benny hill or the two ronnies.


    • In civilized countries, they put people like tempawan into Guantanamo Bay Detention Centre together with about 200 detainees so that he won’t make wild accusations without any substantiation.

      Pssst, whatever you cut, did you give it to Ambiga?


    • Hahaha, they can’t get real life, bro. Ever.

      How can they, when they have been, and will continue, slogging “no matter what” (a slogan attached to Ambiga and Bersih) for aims that can never be achieved. They might even develop mental diseases for hogging to “unrealizable, grandiose ambitions”. No such word “unrealizable”? OK lah, “unrealistic, grandiose ambitions”.

      DAP can never achieve kesama rataan without acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. The sensitive clauses of the Constitution, including Article 153 on that Special Position, cannot even be discussed under the Sedition Act, let alone be amended. Not even with 2/3 majority in Parliament. And they can’t even be near half the number in Parliament, can they?

      PKR can never achieve the so-called ketuanan rakyat because Ketuanan Melayu is embedded in Article 153 on the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumis, which spells out the role and the functions of the YDP Agong and the Raja Raja Melayu. The Malays, who form nearly 60% of the population, simply won’t let them. There’ll be a bloodbath in this country if any group wants to change the sensitive clauses of the Constitution.

      PAS has even thrown away its Hukum Hudud and Negara Islam that many of its members and supporters had been hoping for decades, wanting to so-call “align itself with DAP’s policies” but clearly seen as kow-towing to DAP’s wicked wishes. PAS is seen as already having lost its dignity when the Erdogans, said to be egged on by Anwar, winning over the Ulamak, were able to get the last Muktamar discard the Negara Islam thing.
      Now the Three Stooges with the kind of statement JMD wrote about above. Where got real life, bro.


  15. JMD, this and other “half pass six” comments made by our opposition politicians clearly show that we need better quality opposition. The statement from these politicians is one thing, what bugs me more is the fact that some people actually buy this crap! And these are not the uneducated ones.
    I am amazed.
    I for one am very concern about the future of our politics. I strongly believe we need a subject on political awareness introduced in our schools, at the earliest year possible.


    • Interesting suggestion, bro. But I think History as a compulsory subject is enough. With Civics as part of any other subject in the existing school syllabus.

      So long as they teach the correct History. Not that which DAP and their goons tried to write. Like on the 13 May 1969 race riots where they deny their role in sparking the riots and even tried to say that it was a conspiracy concocted by Tun A Razak. How warped minded and lop-sided their thinking can be.


    • En Haneefa, I agree with you on this. We urgently need better quality opposition. For a start we need to change the leadership of DAP, PKR and PAS that practices cronyism and “elitist advisors” in their leadsership.
      I hope that I can make the followers of these party see that Malaysia will benefit if they concentrate on strengthening their leadership, it would be better than demonising the BN or engaging in stupid charades like Bersih or 16 Sept.


  16. Dear JMD,

    Many I spoke to have never been involved in an election let alone the electoral process. So many don’t really know what they are talking about. In the US I have heard stories of the same voter voting in different states especially for those living near the state borders. Not sure how true it is but a worthy anecdote nonetheless. This is classic Opposition especially under the leadership of that fella. They are preparing all forms of stories and excuses so whatever happens they will have an answer for it. If they lose – definite example of abuse of the process. If they win – the push by them for electoral process improvements have borne fruit. In my experience in elections they have done this many times, I wonder if they have actually been briefed to constantly harangue the officials on the integrity and the process during elections so that they will have a ready excuse to challenge if they lose. If these are the type of people that Malaysians want, God help us all.


  17. buat dua-dua senang. biometric ada, ink pun ada. tapi mesti korang taknak jugak kan? alasan sebab makin tinggi kos pru.

    apa pun tak boleh. korang je yang boleh. sigh


  18. I wrote a comment on TMI lambasting the author about this piece. Surprise surprise my comment didn’t get published. I didn’t even use any profanity. Stupid one-sided journalism.



    • Been there, did that, same result, my friend. So had a few others I know. Same with Malaysiakini.

      They are “the most democratic” of those who keep criticizing the lack of democracy in this country. What the ….


      • I suggest don’t waste time trying, bros. Just hit them here and/or in other non-Oppo blogs.

        Where you feel strong enough about the issues they put out, copy paste the points and hit them in any of the blogs carrying the relevant posts. Mebbe JMD may tolerate slight non-conformity with his post subject once in a while if you feel strongly wanting to air them in this blog at times when he carries posts on other subjects. And the blog LISTED lists out so many other non-Oppo blogs.


    • my comments in MI, in “DAP warns of ‘dirtiest’ election ever” got axed… again…. just because I refer it to being a reverse negate the thinking of the voters first so that when anything happens, they already said it, ‘I told you so’.


      • And the funny thing is that, they will let go few brainless comment that opposing them so that they will look “open” and “democratic”. But try to put comment that are well intelligent opposing comment, they will not publish it, because it can influence the readers. Been there, done that.


  19. “if they enter by swimming to our beaches then a bit hard to detect” …an understament that can make an Englishman smile!!


  20. JMD,

    do you have any idea how valuable this kind of argument is to the voters or rakyat at large??? I believe this kind of info needed to be disseminated to all. Reproduce in BM if you can too.


  21. Camni la…macam sic cakap kat atas

    EC should turn the table to BERSIH and Pakatan

    Lu mau INK….Lu beli sendiri we “help” you implement this “extra” measures

    Lu punya candidate ada extra non refundable deposit for each seat… cover the cost of the ink

    Orang masuk will be checked via Bio then after voting they can dip their fingers kaki dan tangan kalu nak sapu kat hidung pun boleh.

    The ink has no legal validity i.e if folks walk up to a voting station with stained fingers but still not validated via Bio then can vote….

    Selamat Pengantin Baru semua….sponsored by BERSIH


  22. I’m quite happy to read so many comments on this blog and other sites that go against the pakatan `dungus’.

    How the table has turned…


  23. If they can fake death and ‘die’ twice, if they can fake despair of a (supposed) purdah-clad daughter, if they can lie saying they helped called an ambulance for a dying person and tried to revive him (their own supporter!), if they can lie about the cause of death of their own supporter, if they can use Islam and likened my going to solat Jumaat as a demonstration (I wonder what I’m demonstrating against at a solat Jumaat), deceiving people into agreeing to be ‘inked’ would be simple enough. Especially with their door-to-door, kopiah and tudung labuh I’m-more-Muslim -than-you-are university students campaign.

    Wallahi, the past two elections I’ve voted the opposition. I’m so happy the BN lost their two thirds but now I know better. I now know how power gets to one’s head, even if the power is limited to governing five states (actually power also got to the previous PM’s head once he got a large mandate, which made me hate the BN so much then)

    Professionals being drawn to the opposition’s cause? I’m a lecturer. You didn’t get me apparently.


    • Bravo, Naj. For being brave, decent and gentlemanly. Stating you now know better after voting the Opposition in the past two elections and contributing to the loss of the 2/3 majority of the Government in power. And seeing the extent of the the lies, deceits and treachery of the Opposition since then and especially at the Bersih illegal assembly.

      I’m happy that as a lecturer you have taken that stand as stated above. I’m quite sure that the majority of lecturers in this country are of like mind as you now are. Though there are those so-called liberals who are not quite liberal, who, in fact, are pseudo-liberal.
      Who, for example, for no rhyme or valid reason, wrote his own interpretation that Article 153 of the Constitution merely gives a Special Position but does not confer any right on the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak.

      I’m referring to Azmi Shahrom of UM, which by yesterday’s news have gone further down the rating by two international organizations that the Universiti Tekologi Vice Chancellor spoke about. The UM lecturer is not even a Constitutional lawyer. Professors in Constitutional Law like Professor Shad Faruqi did not do that, presumably because it is not as the man said. And in any case, it was and is unnecessary to be provoking the ire of the Malays (of which he is supposed to be one) and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, who form about 70% of he population of this country. One can go at lengths to argue what constitutes a right, as the right to freedom of expression is also not a right when it transgresses limits and norms contained in the many laws that exist, including in the Constitution itself.

      Yes, I suppose he is a politician and if so, one wonders if he has considered leaving UM to be active in politics, as it is the only decent thing for him to do. And if he belongs to the same category as the three writers JMD spoke about above.

      As regards the Pakatan Rakyat, they have power only in a few states, not power in Putrajaya. It’s this craziness for power at Putrajaya that has made them lose their sense of decency, propriety and respect for laws, like involving themselves in organizing and participating in illegal demonstrations. Illegal as Bersih was not a registered organization. Illegal as no permit was issued. Immoral when claiming that they were raising civic issues when in fact so many in their list were Opposition parties’ political issues. Are these people fit to be in Putrajaya? Surely not.


    • You are not the only one, I’ve voted opposition in the last GE, but not in the next GE. There are too many failed promised, if you can’t do it say you cant do it lah. At least BN will say they can’t lower the petrol price when they cant. Did PR say the same thing about local council election? Dealing with PR is like a dealing with nigerian scam, they say you will get USD1 million, but you have to pay a few fee, when you pay a fee, they ask you for more fee because there is some problem that they need to solve before they can give you a USD1 million.


  24. Do note that half past six Pakatan leaders are infinitely better than full past six gaji buta UMNO/BN leaders, many of whom have been around for over 15-20 years.

    Only yesterday Rosemajib appointed another one – Minister Without Portfolio. Between Palani and Samy, they will draw nearly $50,000 per month to do F…all. Way to go full past six UMNO/BN leaders! Well done!
    we are all of 1 Race, the Human race


  25. Long time no see this fella. The only fella who put a trade mark sign to his blogging name. Watever it meant. But he doesn’t use it any more, as above.

    Watever happened to him? I suppose he got weary of the fact that he was declared person non grata in a few blogs.

    I see he has relegated himself to the ranks of Pakatan Rakyat style of commenting. Accuse here, accuse there but no substance in what he says. Mere allegations, personal opinions and nothing else.


    • Last time one fella claimed he got so many katak lompat even for a coup d’ etat, bro. The fella asked to see Tun Dol purportedly to discuss handing over powers and to see YDP Agong asking for a Letter of Appointment as the new PM.

      Nobody believes this kind of people anymore except them, them and themselves. Syiok sendiri. And the fella so crazy about becoming PM even lied about so-called Police brutalities during the Bersih Rally, his doctor wife ready to testify his need for a collar brace, bandaged hand, etc. But the Police footage of the Rally shamed them down.

      But since Tun Dol’s time, these blokes have been allowed to say practically anything they want, almost any time they want, and the mass media keep on reporting them for the sake of selling papers – sensational stories, what. Mind you, the foreigners-funded so-called news portals like Malaysiakini, plus others like Malaysian Insider and Free Malaysia Today, thrive on them because they are in the business of spreading lies, half truths, innuendos, spins and rumours.

      Hold tight, bro. The time will come when there’ll emerge a strong, courageous, firm and assertive leaders to put things right. With the political will and the balls to do so. It’ll not be tomorrow or at PRU13, but it’ll come. Meanwhile, we just keep on disabusing their abuses here, there and everywhere.


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