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Top 10 Reasons Why The BERSIH Rally Failed

Apocryphalist’s Analysis

1. No Brutality

Or absence thereof, of the Police one, that is. There were many from the street hooligans’ sides, though. Anyway, the image of a “vicious, brutal and inhumane Malaysian Police” that the PAS-DAP consortium tried to convey to the rest of the world out there got stunted by a totally different picture as shown here. Unless of course you call the few watersprays, the occasional crowd-dispensing smoke canisters, roadblocks and chasing the troublemakers around Petaling Street corner, brutality of the highest order. But no. The world out there was not presented with a picture of police clubbing people’s heads until they get bloodied, or shooting live bullets, or gory confrontations. Well they even tried to photoshop a foreign scene of a police manhandling the protesters and captioning it as yesterday’s happening, but the lies got seen transparently. Yes, with the Malaysian Police who smilingly provided standby medical treatment, buffet lunches in tents for the newly captives and makeshift prayer tents for those who got tired of shouting and would like to pray Zohor prayers instead, this has GOT to be the world’s most brutal police force. No wonder Chin Peng’s cohorts had a field day exterminating them in Balai Polis Pukit Kepong.

2. No Deaths

Well okay. There was one: a 70 year old husband of a PKR officer with no history of being profusely chased by the police chase, slipped and fell, and his heart failed him. They wanted to pin the death on Police Brutality but darn! This is the age of the internet and no sooner than you begin to type your twitter lies, the truth comes out. By the way, I think it’s better for people of the Kubur-Kata-Mari age to tend to gardening or flirting with lasses a quarter his age, instead of running around for a lost cause, don’t you? Anyway, deaths are necessary — to make others look up. To make martyrdom of. Is that why some people are like —- err, kene sekel sedikit tapi riuh satu kampung?

3. Anwar’s Injuries – Not!

This has GOT to be the most comical of all. We are made to believe that a hospital-bed-laden Anwar, with eyes drooping in agony, neck braced and Oxygen-tanked, is now about to be brow-mopped by the Lord. “Anwar punched by the Police” one DAP twitter tweeted. “Anwar brutally manhandled” said another. “Anwar clubbed severely and is now in ICU” they tried to spin. But alas! Lies do not auger well in the age of the internet. Xavier Jeyakumar (Anwar’s 2nd Lieutenant) was the first to tweet about what really happened to Anwar, and HE was there by his side. He slipped and fell, and someone stepped on him, Professor X said. Case closed. The droopy eyes, the neck brace (you have a bruised cheek and your knee hurts and you have to wear a NECK brace? You know, the neck brace of the they-tried-o-kill-me-with-Arsenic fame?) are nothing more but props in a very laughable melodrama.

But then you have to hand it over to Anwar for Melodramatics. The famous black-eye, he said, was due to the police making an attempt on his life. What really happened was that he was punched by the IGP for calling him a dog! Hey wouldn’t you? Call me a dog in front of my face and you may know how loving is my fist. Then the case of the fleeing to the Turkish embassy in Sodomy 2. In this case, he was the target of an assassination, said he. I wonder how those embassy officers would talk to him in any phone conversation nowadays. “Yeay Mr Anvar! Are they going to ASSassinate you or not? If so, when?”

Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim, let me get this message across to you. In truth, no one is interested to kill you. You are a has-been. A persona-non-grata. A non-issue. An anomalous ansatz in the equation of Malaysian Politics. We will just let you rot away, is what it is. In fact, we wish for you to live longer. If not to give you more time to be able to repent, then to enable you to see with your own eyes the fruit of your failures.

4. No Slogans

Well actually, there was too much of it. First it’s “Reformasi!”. Then its “Ayuh jatuhkan BN”. Then it’s “La Ilaha Illallah”. And do I hear “Hidup Chin Peng” chorused somewhere in between? But yes, LOTS of slogans, all slogans EXCEPT “Free and Fair Elections” which was what the rally was all about, as Ambiga promised in the first place.

But a lack of cohesive catchword is the manifestation of the lack of a true purport, aim and objective. Except, perhaps, to be just purely hooliganistic and vicious. Anti-Establishment: THAT is the only thing they want to establish. Period. And therefore, the establishment sends the troops. Tit for Tat. So where is the wrong in that?

Yes. A true political rally is glued together by a cohesive ideology cemented by its corresponding slogan. Without one, Bersih is nothing more than a rebel without a CLAUSE. So just in case they need one, can I suggest a few? How about “WORKERS OF THE WORLD: UNITE!”. Or “Down with Heteros. We are happy AND Gay” wouldn’t be too bad, don’t you think? And here’s one for Mat Sabu: “I had fun. In Room 121”.

5. No Representations

Now how could they ever miss this one. Somebody mentioned 98% of the rally-goers were made-up of only a single ethnicity. Now how can THAT be representative of a multi-racial population, about half of it made up of non-malays? And the sms messages reported sent by DAP’s head honcho does not help either: in it he encouraged the Chinese to stand down during the rallies and “let the Malays fight among themselves”. Hehehehe. It’s Malaysian Malaysia in the making, folks.

Now the police were the ONLY force to confront the rabble rousers. If need be, there would be more. The red-shirted patriots, the ever-to- confront PERKASA, even Silat leader Omar Din promised 100,000 strong “warriors” to come down should the rallies turn ugly. How about PEKIDA? Now THESE guys make the Yakuza look like kindergarten tots. Of course, we are not even counting the army’s full capability to control situations. And did someone mention Chin Peng? Surely we don’t want to wake up the old Pak Mats in his bendang, the Rajoos of Siliau Estate, the Haji Samdols herding his cows and others whose youth and family suffered from the hands of the Tiga-Bintang insurgents, to come out of retirements unsheathing their parangs and teach some lessons to these communist sympathizers a thing or two about the meaning of life and peace?

6. No Numbers

Seriously, folks. No numbers. The armchair revolutionaire, sipping ice-blended Mocha from some Wi-Fi’ed Old Town KopiTiam in PJ deduced a certain quantity just by looking at a few hundred heads in some newly-uploaded MKini jpegs and extrapolating the numbers out to – oh, 50,000 wasn’t it?

The police counted 6,000. At most, 10,000 tops. And even I look at the papers this morning, the pictures there do NOT show 10,000. But OF COURSE the half-baked Malaysian Malaysia politicians should be believed more than those pesky police force, equipped with 5 helicopters scanning the entire area in bird’s eye views ever since the crowd began from zero, with long-range cameras mounted in KL’s highest spots and a network of police personnel keying in and connecting events via HF/VHF radios almost every minute onto a Central Command post in HQ.

But let us say, for the sake of making people happy, that 50,000 DID come. Now that’s less than 0.2% of our population, folks. Is that the voice of the majority? Hey come put Ziana Zain with Erra Fazira and throw in Raihan as the backing chorus for free and we guarantee more than 50,000 coming, and they even can get in to sing in as well.

7. Murder on the Orient Express Effect.

What do you think of a rally led by individuals who have either closet skeletons, or purely just popular themselves? Anwar Ibrahim is presently facing a second sodomy charge and things are not looking too good. He reported to the police about people faking his persona in a sex video when, upon analysis by foreign professionals, it turns out that the video is true. THAT itself is chargeable under making false police reports. And if these two are not enough, there is a list on tow: the Norlailas, the Miors, the Rahimis all ready to present THEIR cases now against Anwar Ibrahim. Let us not forget gouging out what Datuk Nallakurapan knows in their 20 or so odd years of acquaintance. Or Ezam Mohd Nor’s “Super Big Secret” that he would reveal only if he were to be brought to court. Oh, we are not even counting yet Datuk T’s rest-of-the-story sex package escapades in Thailand that he fronted for Anwar. In short, PKR folks: it’s better to abandon this ship now than later. 40 or so top-notch VIP co-founders of PKR already left him after knowing the man full well. When will you?

Letting Ambiga lead the rally was an exercise in error. I heard the numbers of people wanting to join in would be much more initially when, upon hearing Ambiga’s stand on the Murtad issue, a sizeable chunk fluttered away. In the malay-muslim psyche, you can be bad, you can be anti-government. Heck you can even be anti-Sultan. But two issues are non-compromisable to them: Murtad and Homosexuality. And portraying Ambiga as one SuuKyi-like “oppressed” lady being courted by Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama does not impress the malay society at all: Ambiga is as much a hero to Malaysians as it is ok to win recognitions by selling your soul to the devil. After all, how do you think Hamid Karzai and that Iraq president fare to the Afghanis and Iraqis whence, upon being a made a stooge of the western powers, they end up selling their own country?

Mat Sabu! Ah what can one say about this bubbly chap, whose only talent is to concoct up new jokes and catchphrases to supplement his otherwise pointless and empty speeches? But hey, this approach is appealing to the simple kampong folks, you know.

But do not under-rate this sluggish, slothish, over-exposed baby-faced slob. Do not ever suggest he is not as handsome as David Beckham is faithful to Victoria. He has a juicy scandal of his own! Norma, Room 121 are catchphrases which are anathema to him. Fortunately, all is well that ends well for both Mr and MRS Mat Sabu now, wink wink wink.
So there we have it, the main players of Bersih. It reminisces of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express where – (warning! Spoiler ahead!)— detective Poirot finds out that the murder was done by people who had motive –and that means everybody on the train!

8. No Reason

Let’s see. The rallies are for what now—Free and fair elections? You mean the elections were so rigged that it resulted in 5 formerly BN states to fall into opposition hands? That sound like unfair elections to you? What else could we think about … hmmm…

Tahrir Square! Yes that’s it. If they could do it in Tahrir square why not here? But this is also a false premise. A sizeable chunk of Egypt’s population are jobless, the ones with the highest education there, the university professors, are paid like half of what a kerani here gets, they don’t have money to buy food, and the dictatorship there forces people to be taxed more but paid less. The opposite is true here. Malaysia is almost a tax heaven, salaries high compared to Egypt (much, much higher), food is aplenty and as Singaporeans who cross over the straits can attest to you, the delicious food have laughable pricings in the Johorean food stalls or elsewhere. Billionaires abound, more than 90% of them non Malays, and we don’t have major grudges against the government, except that methinks the new Negaraku tempo is too fast-paced. So why should the people wanna go revolt? Unlike Indonesia, we let the chinese keep their own names (after which they hurriedly change them to Elizabeths or Johnsons) or let them teach their kids in their own language (even though against the constitution). Perhaps we are like Johnathan Swifts’ Gulliver, who concluded that the Lilliputians and the Brobdingnags fought one another because the former break their hard boiled eggs on the narrow end while the latter break theirs on the wider end!

9. No Way!

The roads leading to the city were blocked, taxi services were minimal, the LRT didn’t stop at 8 strategic places and over all, on Saturday there was no one entering the city, or even interested to do so. So they there really was no way. It’s like a grand kind sort of potong-steam kind of thing laa…

10. No Shoes, No shirts, No problem, No hal.

Personally, I am bemused with the way Najib handles the whole affair. The Bersih rabble rousers should be treated as it should be: with deference! I mean, it’s a totally non-issue. The ever-lying MalaysiaKini and other syiok-sendiri opposition blogs were already giving cute “assessments” on the entire government machinery regarding the situations. “Najib peeing in his pants” they say. “BN cabinet ministers already shaking in their boots”, they say. One even twitted the dissolution of the parliament (and then quickly disowned the action soon afterwards). But the truth is, from the statements the ministers gave out, it was as though the July 9th event was a non-event at all. Except for an occasional praise or two on the silent majority, Najib was more concerned about Koperasi Initatives in Felda, as was shown in his speeches. And they are all doing what again—peeing in their pants? Fat chance. The only ones peeing in their pants are those poor sods being chased by the FRU along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, or one yellow-shirted sodomizer suspect extra-ordinaire, neck brace and all.



Thank you Apocryphalist for the article above which was sent to me via email. Once in a while I give some opportunities for my commentators to air their views as a complete posting.

124 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Why The BERSIH Rally Failed

  1. This blog is retarded.

    If your claim to fame is that you oppose a group of people who’s only mandate is free and fair elections, you’re kind of a dickhead.


    • For someone who is not even in Malaysia, you may be forgiven for not knowing the whole issue. The Free and Fair election that Bersih is asking consist of 8 demands (which you may not know). Demands which do not warrant any demonstrations since the majority of them are invalid and irrelevant. My previous articles touched on that. Have a good day mate!

      p.s. by the way, please control your language. There may be children reading this blog. Thank you.


      • Then again, as Datuk, I may be better versed than you imply.

        Do you think that simply because I happen to be a 4 hour flight away that I’m blind to what is going on at home?

        I know all of the demands. I’m very well informed, both sides, thank you very much.

        I say if the demands are unwarranted, then there really is no issue with Bersih 2.0 mandate is there?

        What sort of democracy imprisons people, cites the internal security act and paints people as seditious, communist or terrorist simply because they exercise their consititutional right to gather. If the government was already doing this, the rally would have been a mere celebration of it, right?

        No, the fact is that the voting system does need to be addressed and behaving like Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Syria, Yemen, Libya and repressing the rakyat, and creating a farcical, questionable and fraudulent portrayal of the people taking part in it serves only to highlight to the entire world that the Bersih 2.0 is justified.

        I’ll accept your criticism of the language.

        But as a well informed, educated, logical and reasoned person I still disagree with your position.

        JMD : I guess your statement answers your question : “I say if the demands are unwarranted, then there really is no issue with Bersih 2.0 mandate is there?”

        Why would Ambiga organise the rally when we know the demands are not critical enough to warrant a rally. The demands can be negotiated further. By the way, Apocryphalist could be a Tan Sri and I believe that makes him more well versed than you as a Datuk. But we may never know if he is really a Tan Sri and in reality, announcing you are a Datuk doesn’t really give you that much of currency here.


        • I think this guy is from Pluto, the kind that don’t know how to think and act the human way…

          What?Datuk?Datuk title doesn’t make you a better versed especially when your starting point was calling this blog as retarded.

          “But as a well informed, educated, logical and reasoned person I still disagree with your position.” – Datuk Pluto yang perasan bagus nak mampus…


          • Actually the mention that I am Datuk serves to demonstrate that there’s no way I can be as removed from the understanding of Bersih 2.0 or Malaysian Politics that you suggest. I am most probably better versed than you, I’m most certain.

            And the word “Retarded” is also by definition ‘backward’. If you’re going to pick on my phraseology, at least look up what a word means. If I think the tone and content of this blog is retarded, the I can say so freely – which is basically what Bersih 2.0 is about, to be able to freely say that they believe the electoral system is backward.

            And there was such an obvious need for the rally that I’m embarrassed for you to even make a statement that there wasn’t. The way in which the government collectively pissed its pants like a mewling girl and created such bare faced lies that this was somehow about communisim, or terrorism made me embarrassed to be Malaysian.

            But you know what, I think you were right about one thing “There may be children reading this blog”, because the tone and content of the replies is most immature.


    • 1 ignoramus
      2 too quick on the draw
      3 overly judgemental
      4 unsolicited interference
      5 easily brainwashable
      6 brain may shrink upon 1st wash
      7 be prepared to dump product into trash can
      8 enure garbage is totally wrapped before disposal
      9 avoid contamination
      10 burn garbage if possible


      • You must be glad reading this article. I call it cheap thrill too. Amazing, Mister Apocryphalist said Anwar is a has-been but half of his rambling is about Anwar. Make up your mine dude, is he a has been or not?


        • The difference between Apocryphalist’s thrill and your cheap thrill is that yours was based on cheap lie. Najib peeing in his pants was your entire counter argument? That’s nice… But hey you are not here in KL to give proper analysis anyway so I am letting you off free for being ignorant. Thank you. Thank you for visiting.


          • Tsk.tsk..I cucuk sikit about your boss, sudah melenting..Relaks lah bro and thank you for letting me off free (whatever the hell that means). I like visiting your site (whenever I need a good laugh).


            • Haha no lah.. bukan melenting. I would have expect a better argument than ‘I think someone told me Najib did pee in his pants..’

              It’s good to have a different view and discussion is made based on those views. But how lah to have a debate about someone pissing in his pants?


          • while others were seriously and intellectually debating (based on facts not imagination) jabba jongang jaws was singing in the rain – to keep his cheap plastic spine cool otherwise it will melt in extreme heat.

            poor jabba jongang jaws … he must be singing the AC/DC: “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Lyrics” @

            jabba jongang jaws can sing to eternity la la la la la ….


    • I know. That same someone also told me about the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, Elvis seen in Sentul, Monica Lewinsky offered a “Job” by Clinton which does not include oral dictations, and that a certain someone is due to become Prime Minister 16th September.


  2. as my mom put it to me yesterday – “if there is 50000 ‘bersih’ supporters, they would’ve simply ran over the police”.
    simple as that.
    loving this post. keep it up 😉


  3. Hahaha. A very nice commentary. The silent majority of Malaysian don’t support Bershit 2.0.
    Anwar Ibrahim is full of shit already. The current goverment are not the best, but they are trying hard to improve. Malaysian gotta gave Najib a chance. Wonder what will happen when Anwar are no longer in the picture.


    • Can you please let me know how the current government is TRYING to improve? Because I see no evidence of this whatsoever


      • wow .. what avid .. to do vid like this one should prepared couple of weeks or month to make the storyboards, to think about the music stc stc .. but this one just take 1-2 days to make and air it … sound fishy, eh ?


      • lawliet

        It is curious that the chinese and indians are really few in terms of presence. Most of them are young Malay males, reminiscient of anwar’s sacking. Ever since then, anwar’s close aides and friends have deserted him, in substantial numbers.

        Ambiga declared to the whole world that there would not be a street rally. She gave her word to the Agong. She was awarded Women of Courage in 2009, when anwar’s ratings were plunging. She claimed that she was calling the shots. But anwar counter-claimed that he could call off the rally if HIS demands are met.

        The street march still went on despite ambiga’s assurances. Now that points to a sneaky agenda behind the “honourable” bersih campaign. She is just a cover to save anwar’s political career.

        She admitted to receive funding from external parties. That is interference against a nation’s sovereignty. So now bersih is willing to be dictated by foreigners. Is this the brand of democracy ambiga is fighting for?

        The non-bumis may have accepted the fact that the bumis will decide in any election. So they go along racial lines, then religious lines just to split up the bumis majority advantage. This march is to sow hatred towards the police and thereby the government.

        Do you really expect to be given a 6 star hotel treatment when you turn up in large numbers, shouting, creating chaos, disturbing the peace and denying others of their day out in KL?

        Most sane citizens are the ones who had to suffer just to let these party-goers have their picnic in the heart of the country. The retailers had to close and lost earnings for the day, shoppers were denied their weekend outing with family and friends, those at home were saddened by this immature, drama-seeking section of society. The motorists were caught in massive jams due to the roadblocks. The police personnel had to cancel all leave, putting their lives at risk, just to ensure security is maintained.

        And why on that particular day?? Why not impromptu in smaller groups?? The reason is that, this so-called bersih rally is a pre-planned, deliberated, sponsored and plotted as a big SHOW. The intention is to create a negative IMAGE of the Malaysian government through police “brutal” actions for INTERNATIONAL consumption.

        Most viewere would not bother to study the details of bersih demands, they are more influenced VISUALLY – to see ‘angry and democratic’ people against a ‘repressive and dictatorial’ government. It is “impactful” video footage.

        And that is what your little video clip wants to do – to influence the viewers that PDRM is a brutal and inhumane force, which is truly a big LIE.


  4. I applaud you. I am a student and have been quite curious about the whole thing.
    I do not want to make a fool’s mistake by hating and accusing based on little knowledge I know.
    The sad thing is, we see how malaysians are always making this mistake.
    Most of them commented on various media on the internet like, malaysian insider and so on. Speaking as if they actually know what is going on, commenting as if the government is led by a dictator with the class of Hitler or Ghadaffi! Reading their comments, I was kinda sad seeing how little this people appreciate and how little they know. Its as if all they wanna do is pick a fight. All that talk about justice and what not, all of that is just talk. A mere cover up reason to pick a fight. Still, I did my research on both accounts. The ruling government and the bersih riot.
    The ruling government has its weakness, yet there are people in it who actually care.
    Generalizing would be another fool’s mistake. I must say that I see the logic in what you have written. Clearly, bersih is a cover story to serve a hidden agenda of the leaders. It is sad, that our people can’t see that. It is sad that in this day and age, our people are still like sheep. The method that the bersih leaders have used is the oldest in the book, give the people the illusion that they are oppressed and give em tools. Then let them destroy themselves. The only thing different is the leaders walk with them, making the illusion more believable. Certainly a true leader would not put his/her followers in harms way.


    • you’re a student? oh good, please study psychology on humans and how-things-work..
      especially on a pyramid scheme or hierarchical organization as huge as a government. Then go into details on how funds should be properly distributed to the rightful department/people to serve the people… and look back at the strategy that should be used, counter measures, economic indicators to gauge your future strategies and action plans. you got it?

      then think of the best screw up the whole system at epic proportion and still manage to upset so many malaysians by taking away our human rights(go research on that too).
      again, the truth is out there… the truth will always remains the truth no matter how stories/pictures are twisting it. My astonishment is that people like you are blinded and take the bait when the cover-up of the cover-up of the highest conspiracy took place… I believe when you look back, you’ll admit you’re wrong… in case this is used back at me, my firm still stand because Human rights governs above all laws by nature due to the fact that we humans, create laws for ourselves to protect(protect means alot more here) us, and when that fails, it means you’ve been FOOLED. you do not need a Sheldon Cooper explain this all over again because he’ll owned you again and again.

      well done JMD, i will visit ur blog more often =(


      • Just because I am a student, does not mean I do not know.

        I know about what is really going on in this world and the governments of every country. Also those who are really in power and those who are being destroyed when they don’t listen. Being destroyed internally or externally.
        People like me who are blinded? What you wrote there, is proof enough you are so quick to generalize and judge.I believe you are better than that. With all the lies and accusations being made the truth in this world now, the last thing we would do is to be so quick to believe. Which is in your case, you have done. So please, I’m reminding you to not be so quick to believe events or agendas suddenly being started. I would love to point out many things that are questionable about Bersih, but as you can see someone else did. Plus, you can do your own research without being biased. I for one, am not quite fond of our government and I realize the things that they do to us. Yet, there are some in the government who are trying their best to fight for what is right and are being let down.
        If I may, I propose that we should be neutral about all of this. When both are heated up, nothing will be solved and unnecessary losses will happen. Let us, the coming generation to bring our country to peace that is truthfully deserved.

        Believe me, among the youths we know and we are planning. Just give us the peace to operate and get there. For now, just be patient. Don’t cause up a stir, be observant and patient. I am thankful that we students can actually move freely and educate and research without being harassed unlike other countries. So please, be patient for a little longer. A little more, so that we can reach where we want to. For the youths of today are leaders of tomorrow.

        God knows I need more friends who actually care about their future and the issues that oppress us.

        May I also point out that, it is questionable that you know so much yet you have not applied what you know in the ruling government or for that matter influence them.

        I wonder, why have not you been our prime minister.


    • It doesn’t need generalization to realize that the top people in the Govt (in this case Najib & Hishamuddin, Muhiddyin just waiting to be PM so he kept quiet) are making a fool out of themselves by telling lies in the mainstream media. Have you really seen the perspectives from both side? Have you seen how the Police (who suppose to protect the people not attack) attack, kicked, grapple peaceful protester to the ground? Barbed wires outside the stadium, was it necessary? this is Malaysia, not Iraq. Bersih might has it own & PR agendas but the people who risk their lives out there clearly unhappy. They have their own conscience, they clearly know what they are fighting for, they are fighting for their rights as a human, as a citizen of Malaysia. May i ask you, what do you believe in? The papers (for your info, the news are all controlled by the govt and of course, they can’t report anything bad about the govt right?)? or Najib? what makes you believe in him? or BN?

      “Certainly a true leader would not put his/her followers in harms way.” If Najib is a true leader of the country, he wouldn’t have asked the police to take control of the rally which it ended up brutally.


      • Mr. Chee Kok Ban,

        Clearly by now you know those who participate Bersih have pledged Ambiga to be their leader. So when I said, certainly a true leader wouldn’t put his/her followers in harms way” I was pointing out to the Bersih leader(s)

        The ruling government did made it clear that they did not approve and it was illegal.
        So it means, they didn’t lead them to do so.

        As for the minor brutality, I know for a fact it wasn’t the police but the federal reserve unit.
        Which infact, were trained to use aggression to those who do not cooperate.

        May I also point out, Bersih says that it is peacefully marching here and there. If it is so peaceful why did not they cooperate?

        As I am aware, the most known peaceful movements would always cooperate and live by their message of peace and not provoke the authorities. Which would further inspire many people.

        Just because I am not a supporter of Bersih, does not mean I believe in Najib or BN.
        I am a youth, I will be leader someday. Please be patient, and give us youth the peace to learn freely by not stirring up or demolishing the peace. Even if it means being neutral.

        I have made my research and truthfully those who want to fight for human rights do not want to fight for it under the Bersih banner.

        The opportunity will come for us to fight, but please be patient until we are truly sure our leader isn’t corrupt or hiding a selfish agenda of their own.

        May I also point that, why have not you been an influential and a fair leader since you know so much?


        • Dear Namru

          CKB should actually interview ALL the participants and ask them if they know what the 8 demands of bersih is?? Already there were shouts of reformasi, Allahuakbar, Down with Najib and BN.

          I think those street marchers were rather clueless as to the real aims. Some commenters were talking about human rights when bersih was actually about electoral reforms.

          See these loud minority cant even agree on what bersih is all about. To me it is about an old jaded man who is so desperate about becoming PM.


    • like wise, a good PM of the people will just let people to protest in peace ensuring no harm comes their way instead of creating inconveniences (roadblocks), taunts and despatching police which we all know very well will cause violent outbreaks.


      • Fact, there were many conveniences that were present when the protest started for the interest of the people. Many were fed, treated and the religious were able to do their prayers.
        If I am not mistaken, the pm did offered them a venue to protest but then something went wrong? I am not quite sure why they did not protest in the stadium eventhough being offered. I will try to find out.

        Fact, the leader that this people has forsaken gave them this. Yet, the leader that they followed did not feed, treated or gave any convenience to them.
        Following their leader only led them to tear gas and waterworks.


      • “Perasan bagus” – the most noticeable characteristic of the Pakatan Haram people. Thinking that they alone have the brain! Orang lain semua “retard”. Manusia jenis apa diaorang ni? Looking down on other people feels good ya? You know why? Because it made you feel bigger/better than who you really are.
        People like this like to claim being a ‘Datuk’, or wearing designer label anything. It’s all false pride. It’s not who you really are. The fact that you have to claim that you have brain means you have none!
        Reading articles by JMD, Apocryphalist (susah sangatla nama hang, Apo! ^o^) or other SANE commentators… they never have to claim that they have brain. They will state their points objectively. That’s why I like reading their articles. It’s mentally satisfying. Especially when JMD answered back politely, no name calling, but was able to rebut kaw-kaw punya. Don’t know how many times JMD rebuttal to this ‘perasan bagus’ people that made my day or tickle me pink with his wits. That’s why I know that they have more brain power than this people yang ‘perasan bagus’ or ‘claimed to have brain’.

        p/s Apocryphalist….good points. As always…BRAVO!!!!


        • As stated earlier I only mentioned I was Datuk in passing because I was being portrayed as a foreigner who doesn’t know what’s going on. But nonetheless, Datuk I am, and I most certainly do know whats going on. Designer jeans don’t mean much to me either.

          As far as having a brain, I’m allowed to express my opinion just as you have expressed yours. I think you read far more into the reply than is meant seriously, if you take a moment to gather your wits to consider the reply in the context of the initial statement, I think you’ll find that the concept and the construct is appropriate. My english is rather good so I think it reasonable to excuse you for not spotting an obvious ‘dig’. Since Googling ‘dig’ won’t explain that sufficiently, try: Reparte, Repartir and Retort. You’ll see that my reply used part of the original statement as its basis. Not everything a person says need be profound.

          You may have noticed this is a forum with a right of reply, I exercised it.

          I disagree with your statement about objectivity. I have found the tone and content rather subjective to be honest, disingenuous in places and frankly ill considered.

          The truth of the matter is that the way politics is handled in Malaysia is downright criminals in other constitutional monarchic democracies. I know that the Australians, Canadians many Commonwealth countries and even morally bankrupt Americans are appalled at the way in which it is conducted.

          Bersih 2.0 was no harm to anyone but the dishonest.

          An honest man fears nothing.


  5. Glad you responded well to the immature and juvenile commentators above. I hope more of sensible blogs like yours get the readership it deserves, cause people are easily influence and the young one thinks it’s cool to be reading the anti-establishment and rebel rousers


  6. Nice read by Apocryphalist. Just wondering why Malays are easily made a stooge for someone’s sick ambitions…so easily swayed & blinded..


    • Aren’t you too easily swayed & blinded? Are you blinded from the corruption? Do you believe in everything you read on the Govt-controlled papers?

      Why do you think there are more oppositions today than back in Rahman, Razak, Hussien Onn & Mahathir’s era? Its because the govt and police are corrupt to the core. We as Malaysian will not allow dictatorship & our country to be turned into a polic state.

      PS. Admin, I dare you to allow my comments to be posted.


      • dude, JMD ALWAYS post people’s comments. Unless you start mencarut and the language is bound to melt one’s earwax. kadang2 pun dia akan post jugak. Unlike, ehem ehem, MALAYSIAN INSIDER.


      • Dude,
        Is corruption just about Barisan Nasional or it can happen to anybody, regardless of what ever field it may be?

        C’mon la.. Even some state government under controlled of Pakatan also have corruptions.

        War against Corruption should not just be concerntrated only to Barisan Nasional only.

        ~ OnDaStreet


      • Do you really think PKR / DAP / PAS are not corrupt to the core? 🙂

        Not to mention cronyism, nepotism, lies and more lies..

        Dude, look at the PR Manifesto for Selangor (no need to mention Penang or Kedah) during previous GE. Out of all of those bullshits, have you even seen any come to reality?


      • I think this CKB reads Malaysiakini that loves to delete alternative views. Today there are many foreign-sponsored opposition politicians that will be DICTATED by foreign interests not Malaysian ones.

        True Malaysians will not let CKB instigate the people to create chaos and havoc and let the country down the drains.


  7. well say for showing the picture from another side. while peoples condemn about the brutal actions of the PDRM, can we advise the leaders from provoking the PDRM? they can’t….. when china press put a headline of ” where is the ‘peaceful'” , net troopers start position them as “misleading” where is the freedom of speeches? cannot even right what people believe?

    the other side of the stories of hospital, how could the people walk into the hospital for protection from the water cannon? they must be insane, don’t they know there are so much patients there? and the people walk in looking for shelter and ask for a cup of free drinks from hospital?

    Support Bersih idea, but not the street rallies and the political sotong behind the rock…..


    • The FRU forced the people to escape, as the people has no where to run, they need to seek shelter in the hospital where they thought the FRU wont attack, but they did in the end. The people there has no choice. They are just trying to escape from the tear gas. You should trying being tear gassed and understand their difficulty.


      • “The FRU forced the people to escape”???

        Is not funny to read this line of sentence? Escape from what?

        The instruction was clear. Why don’t follow when no force was forced to be used?

        ~ OnDaStreet


      • Poor CKB

        Trying to salvage the “profits” of your investment eh? So much money spent and the world especially Malaysia remains unconvinced that Najib’s government is dictatorial and repressive.

        Sad huh to admit your losses?


  8. Pictures. We need people to post up pictures of these lunch buffets and makeshift tents to make it a fair and balanced view, because all people post out there are pictures of people getting teargassed and running around helter skelter, which led to people saying all there is are police chasing and beating up peaceful BERSIH supporters. Let’s find and post those other pics!


    • ? I don’t think you were even there to paint the picture… try imagining you’re in the hospital half dead and someone shoot a tear-gas in the confined room you’re in with Najib… Now thats a picture perfect I wanted to see… of course I’m not as heartless as Najib and the policemen(giving you oxygen mask because you have HUMAN RIGHTS!)… yea.. back to human rights… its our right to exercise peaceful rally. period =)


      • Lawliet, either your reading comprehension is super poor, or you’re afraid of photos that would actually show the police in a good light? All I said is that, if there’re those photos out there, post it. As to have a FAIR AND BALANCED VIEW. You all like CLEAN AND FAIR AND BALANCED KAN? And tolonglah. From the pictures it;’s shown the gas canisters are not shot INTO the hospital, but onto the parking lot. Twisting and spinning I see?


      • Najib heartless? Naahhh I think you are more dangerous with your sly instigating. Those who ran into the hospital are irresponsible and inconsiderate.

        Hullo lawliet, I thought bersih is about electoral reforms, that can be resolved without ILLEGAL street rally. Now if ambiga received funding from americans, you better think hard, coz their brand of democracy and human rights include Abu Ghaib, Guantanamo Bay and WMD-Iraq brand.


    • Did those detained asked for buffet like, “eh, you detained me, i want a good meal.” It was just another BN tactic to show “how nice they are” where as its just to corrupt more money. How is it possible to spend Rm25 per head for a buffet in detention centre? I go 3 stars hotel also no need to pay so much. Think! Sedarlah


      • Isn’t it hard to be unbiased when you hate so much?

        Isn’t it hard to believe that good can come from anywhere when you hate so much?

        Calm down, what we want is a solution not to make enemies.


      • Mr CKB, even if people don’t ask for food, others will provide it out of COURTESY. If not the detained will complain saying that they’re held with no food and water and then in the end government also salah. But to you memang the government always salah so bagi makan Hilton style buffet pun no point. Also, where the heck did that RM25 per head punya number turn up? You make it up yourself ke? Or you’re the one who made money off the catering? LOL

        You should read what you wrote, and sedarlah yourself. I mean, really, learn the real meaning of the word. Yes? Thank you.


    • That’s a really impaired view.

      I can’t believe you’d say showing a picture of people not being teargassed balances out pictures of people being teargassed.

      How about just not teargassing any people at all – wouldn’t that be the point?

      That’s like the Chinese saying “Oh there were heaps of protestors at Tiannamen Square, but don’t worry, WE ONLY SHOT 4,000 and there were at least 7,000 SO NO PROBLEM”


  9. Malaysia is “almost like a tax heavan”?
    I think you must have not have earn enought pay tax.
    So is a lot of people brader.
    you better learn what is “almost tax heavan” before you write about it you not-so-clever man.


    • When others question your act and credibility, you go berserk (Translation: mengamuklah tu). When you cannot lay down the facts to backup your arguments, you go at a tangent (Translation: tukar tajuk la tu). English 101 lesson: “almost like a tax haven’ (not heaven) – meaning not really(a tax haven) but as if(like)………


  10. This cached google webpage of the National Democratic Institute reveals that it has conducted training for the Bersih Secretariat.

    If you look at the bottom of the page, you will see that the NDI is one
    of the sub-organisations under the National Endowment for Democracy, a
    organisation set up by Ronald Reagan to advance US-imperialist
    interests and which is believed to be a CIA front as well.

    You will also see that the above references to Bersih have been edited out of the NDI Malaysia website below. Now what has NDI Malaysia to hide.,1#Funding

    The US-imperialists invaded Iraq on the pretext of “spreading democracy”
    but look at what kind of “democracy” have they brought to Iraq.

    So what else is behind the stated “free and fair elections” demand by Bersih?

    Here’s an interesting blog on Bersih by Tony Cartalucci in Bangkok. he also has commented on the Thai elections,etc.


    • This is exactly what I meant when I said that Bersih is questionable.

      I’m all for justice and human rights, but with THE RIGHT LEADER. Not the one posing all holy and fair.

      I don’t understand why most malaysians can’t see this Bersih is an old trick in the book.

      Give a good message on a big banner spreading hope peace and justice, get support and control then carry out real agenda(which is always corrupt and selfish)


      It has been done by the corrupt governments for centuries.

      LAWLIET, go to the link and find out yourself. We have to educate ourselves more before we pledge. Following blindly is a fools mistake. I hope you do not make the same.


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  12. whatever you said and pictures you showed. counter argument you provided and facts and figures you prepared. their heart and mind are like bigots. the more they see the more the closed.
    i guess SatD (blog owner) said it best, minds are like parachutes, the works best when opened.


  13. glad that you are happy staying in malaysia!!!correct me if im wrong…now i see indonesia is growing much better than malaysia. i cant say why is that so precisely…but if we dont do anything soon…then we certainly need to postpone our “wawasan 2020”! with high corruption level and all these “blaming him and her drama going on”….we gona stay where we are now…and everybody gona be better than us!! and whats up with the firing tear gas and water cannon into hospital compound?! im not on any side…but that was insane!!! and im happy whether right or wrong everyone stood up for our nation…malaysia boleh…say yes to a better future!


    • The water cannon was fired outside the hospital but and the wind blew the smoke into the compound…pls read Bernama story today. Msg from Director of Tung Shin Hospital.


      • The wind not only blew the gas (tear) into the Tung Shin Hospital area/compound but the whole canister as well once it was catapulted onto the air as there was a strong wind on that day followed by some drizzlling, hence the smoking canister ended up on Tung Shin Hospital compound. Please stop spinning the story as if the police intentionally fired into the hospital compound.


    • Dear Kalai,

      If you said indonesia is growing much better than malaysia,then why are the Indonesians still flooding Malaysia? Maybe you opt to migrate there? There arent much indian population ( I assume you are one), then you can be the pioneer,


  14. Salam Bro. Long live the PDRM. After collecting the names and biodata’s of all those caught in the Bersih rally, they should all be sued for causing the loss of profit for the businessmen/businesswomen in the area that they rallied.


  15. Heh Heh

    Great read. Sharp insight by Apo presented thru a humourous perspective.

    The irony of Clean and Fair elections rally, supported by Malay Muslims, led by pro-MURTAD and pro-LIWAT. And they wear BERSIH t-shirts??


  16. Congratulations… Very well written and all so very true… I am truly grateful that there is someone out there such as your goodself who is able to articulate the truth the way you have in your blog… clear, simple, precise and spiced up with a sprinkle of humor…

    My hope is that you continue to do so in the same manner you have and continue to do so in ahead of the many more treacherous tricks planned by these cohorts of crooks… Rest assured they will not stop until the entire unsuspecting nation is brought onto its knees… just like what they tried to do back in the botched up crisis of 1997/98… in which the failed miserably or during the APEC Summit circa 2000 when Al Gore-lla tried to instigate the nation to revolt but failed shamelessly..

    Fast forward, they renegade on their promise to the King that they will not go to the streets. This was a big mistake on their part. The truth is they never meant to keep their promise.. it was just another one of those empty promises, empty lies, another PR exercise to hoodwink the people at large, to make it look as if they are the good guys and the Government the bad..

    They tried to make the rally look like it was ‘a walk of democracy’ but it was actually ‘a walk of anarchy’, ‘a walk of treachery’… ‘a walk of utter shame’.. The foreign press walked away utterly disappointed cursing away that the ‘Tahrir of Malaysia’ did not happen… no shots fired, no soldiers on the streets, no blood splattered etc.. nothing like what took place in Egypt…The single death? He died of heart failure! Poor guy… he died a meaningless death.

    Bravo bro…


    • I know right?? But these people are talking as if our government is led by a dictator the class of Hitler or Ghaddaffi! (and some of them actually said dictatorship)

      Excuse me for using the same names, but I just do that for the past and present context.

      In truth, some of them just want to rebel for the fun of it or for their own hateful desires.


  17. Anyways, look at the crap they sent me in the mail. I told them that sending me emails when I do not give out my email address to anybody is a breach of privacy and violation of private space, but do they hear???

    here goes (warning: they’ve taken to quoting James Cameron’s Avatar. The a**holes. I love that movie and now they’ve ruined it for me.


    With your permission, I will speak now. You would honor me by listening. The Barisan Nasional have sent us a message… That they can take whatever they want. That no one can stop them. Well we will send them a message. You ride out as fast as the wind can carry you (through Email, Twitter, Facebook and Blog)… You tell all Malaysians to come. Tell them BERSIH calls to them!

    You fight now, with me! My brothers! Sisters! And we will show the Barisan Nasional… That they can not take whatever they want! And that this… this is our land!

    Bersih 2.0 Trailer-

    Channel News Asia-

    Police aggression in Puduraya-

    A. Samad Said, National Laurate-

    If Grace is there with you – look in her memories – she can show you the world we come from. There’s no yellow there. They killed the peaceful march, and they’re gonna continually deny us free and fair election. More Barisan Nasional are gonna come. They’re gonna come like a rain that never ends. Unless we stop them. They chose me for something. I will stand and fight. You know I will. But I need a little help here.

    Be part of BERSIH generation!

    May God Bless Us,



    Al Jazeera-

    Police beating-

    Hospital hit by water cannon spray, tear gas –

    9 of July – A day to remember-

    The Unsung Heroes-

    Powered by Demi Rakyat . The speech is taken from Avatar Movie.


    bloody hell. BERSIH is an a not politically biased organization my ass.


    • These tactics they use are the basics of spreading propaganda.

      Truly, a peaceful movement would not even need such tactics.

      For peace will bring out every sincere and honest person under its wing.


      • Amen to that, brother.

        It’s like reading Animal Farm, the part where the pigs are rallying the animals against the human going ‘two feet bad, 4 feet good!’ and ‘all animals are equal…’

        …well we know how THAT turns out


  18. Dear JMD,

    satD’s latest post paints an ominous picture for Datuk Seri Najib in light of the BERSHIT rally.

    In the words of Hadi, there’s more to come.

    Your previous posts on Lallang becomes more relevant.

    There is no political will since Tun MM and I cannot but put all blame on Pak Lah for the situation the Govt finds itself in.

    The sleepy head opened the floodgates to political and social instability.



  19. Wonder why Matthias Chang felt differently about this rally?. Do you have any idea? does he has kinda ‘change of heart’. And what with Marina Mahathir? She suppose to know better that these are all Anwar’s hidden agenda. Such a dissapointment.


  20. I agree with some points that u summarize here. Good writing bro especially the ‘no slogan’ part. Allow me to voice a little of comments about the rally,I’m a photographer and live in Sabah. So far we don’t have much history on these kind of rally or near to that. Unfortunately this year, it is quite a chaos especially the road blocks due to Bersih 2.0 issue. Most of my colleague were stuck at the jam and all were pointing finger and harsh words over the police and the Bersih 2.0 people. Frankly,I don’t even know what is their (Bersih) purpose if I’m not make an effort to find the answer because when I ask around,they only say Bersih..assembly..what assembly..they couldn’t answer. The rally not only affected our economy but also the tourism industry,some of my friend out of Malaysia started to ask is it safe to be in Malaysia now. I hope for a peaceful country and safe place to live. To the people who called themselves a leader,please lead us because you care and not because you really need the money and let us suffer. Just stop corruption and eliminate chaos. Thank you Jebat.


  21. This blog seems educated enough. So ill start by saying i am a BERSIH Supporter for sure, but I would really like to find out why there are people actually opposing Bersih since dont we all want whats best for Malaysia?

    1. No Brutality.

    This, I have got to say is the most blinded of all the comments above, as there have been tons of evidence, videos, photos of police doing just that. Whether is kicking someone who is on the ground, or firing the tear gas canister directly at people, evidence IS out there. But yet you say there isnt? Of course, both sides will have people over exaggerating and photoshopping something outrageous, but truth be told: THERE IS EVIDENCE of police brutality. Now, lets say you are correct and the police did not use physical confrontations. Why the tear gas and water cannons? The rally WAS peaceful, they were marching, they were chanting, once again, evidence all over the net proves that the police shot tear gas first. I dont see a point in engaging a peaceful rally with tear gas and water cannons when it would have been much easier and obviously MORE peaceful to let them march to their objective, pass the memorandum and be done with it. So why the unnecessary firing of tear gas and water cannons?

    2. No Deaths.

    There isnt enough evidence to prove anything here, but having no death isnt a consolation to the fact that the police handled the rally horribly. If there were DEATHS that can be proved, I can assure you this will be another middle east rally all over again. And no one wants that. So yes, no death.. Tons of injuries.. but hooray..

    3. Anwar’s Injuries.

    Once again, no actual evidence to prove that police intentionally meant him harm, but his bodyguard was seriously wounded by a tear gas canister blast to the face and not to mention tear gas being fired unto the entire group when the area they were in was sealed. But honestly, to me one man’s injury is just one man, and thousands of others were injured, and the proof is still out there. So it doesnt matter, police brutality did exist.

    4. No Slogans.

    This is quite a no brainer. In the beginning of the rally, police mentioned that chanting BERSIH was illegal, and so is wearing the yellow t-shirt. Thus, as you can clearly see, many protestors were NOT wearing yellow T-Shirts and did not chant BERSIH. Chanting began after the police engaged ANYWAY though..

    5. No Representations?

    Now this one really got me disappointed. How blind are you to say that 98% of the rally consisted of a single ethnicity? How can one be so blind? Pictures and videos, even the ones by the local news shows that all the major races took part. This is probably the only event in history that has shown true Unity. And really, I have never been more proud of being a Malaysian because the rally consisted of ALL THREE MAJOR races. This was the one thing we all wanted. And it was the one true act of unity without all the other bullshit put into it. And for you to say that it wasnt, is truly heartbreaking. Are you really a Malaysian?

    6. No Numbers.

    Another act of utter blindness. Whether the police had Transformer like satelites to count each individual, Why would they say that there was a huge number when it only downgrades their objectives? Its common sense. How long have you lived in this country? OR any other for that matter, to know that things like this can be manipulated? And as you said, so what if there was 50k people at the rally? Well it meant that for the first time, people are voicing out their opinions here in this country. With all the roadblocks and lock-downs its human nature to want to avoid trouble, these 50k are the brave ones I guess. Because I myself couldnt attend

    7. More conspiracies.. NO thanks..

    I am not gonna get into this cause its gonna make this comment even longer than it already is.

    8. No Reason.

    Yes the rally is for free and fair elections. Not because BERSIH thinks that the past election was rigged (not saying it isnt either) but more afraid of the next and coming election. Since BN knows it is capable of LOSING, people do fear that they will go that extra step to ensure they never lose again. So why is a fair, clean and most importantly transparent election so bad? Its not like BERSIH demands money or something outrageous.

    9. I have no idea how this is in relation to why the bersih rally failed.. Is this a contradiction to say why BERSIH couldnt have more than 50k?

    10. For you to say that it is a small matter, really makes me doubt your farsightedness. As with the BERSIH rally of 2008(even I am not sure of the date as the local news had one of the tiniest articles about it), the local news is meant to make it small so that hte ones who just follow the local news will slowly forget about the time when Malaysia had hope to be a much better country. Seriously, it is extremely heart breaking when foreign media (Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, even the freaking UN for god;s sakes) knows more about what is really happening than Malaysians.

    You call BERSIH supporters sheep, yet you may be the sheep as well. So why not have an open mind and think from both sides. I have, and i feel BERSIH is correct here. So, please, explain to me how having Malaysia changed the way Penang has is such a bad thing? Also alot of things here i am writing at the top of my head, and in one shot so forgive spelling errors and such.

    And thanks for the read. Now please give me your views!


    • There wasn’t any police brutality. Any aggression came from the federal reserved unit whom are trained to handle riots.

      They were shot because they didn’t cooperate and tried to move pass the barricades set up.

      Bersih supporters maybe sheep because they blindly follow leaders who clearly have their own agenda to carry out.

      A peaceful movement would not have resulted in such chaos.

      Fighting for clean and fair elections? Why didn’t they started this movement ages ago?

      Why now? Coincidence? I think not.

      Did they found proof that the elections was rigged all along? Or does the Bersih supporters find it so hard to believe that majority of the people prefer BN?


      • It seems you and I are defending the truth, wherease nost of the rest are defending a position, an ill informed and untenable one.


        • I just hope more people just learn the fact that just because you hate someone does not mean they are entirely wrong.

          Everyone has shortcomings so lets band together and find a solution.

          Not destabilizing peace
          Not demonizing one another
          and especially not hating on one another.


  22. Jebat,

    If Bersih was really non-partisan and neutral (not piggybacking opposition parties), I would be in support of it.

    Your points are all wonderfully laid out and spot on. However, I disagree that their demands are irrelevant. I think they are sound demands.

    Okay so maybe it is not rigged (outright) but how come Malaysian citizens abroad cannot vote (unless you’re a government servant or sponsored student?).

    The government minister said that “they (Malaysians abroad) say they love Malaysia, but if they live overseas for 4-5 years that means they don’t love Malaysia!”

    This is not an acceptable response. Whether one love’s the country or not, working abroad or not, it is a duty to vote, it is your voice as an adult citizen and a responsibility as a member of a democratic nation. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure that basic right. Why else could they go out of the way to procure postal votes from *certain* people and not others? Why extend this right to government sponsored students and govt workers? That does not seem fair or democratic.

    The worst part is, nobody seems to have a clear response to this issue, when I inquire to the Malaysian embassy, the overseas students’ departments, govt websites, nothing…

    I care about my country and it is the only citizenship that I subscribe to, there is no other place but Malaysia I can call home, and not being able to participate in the democratic process like a bystander, hurts.

    Bersih could have done better but they blew it, with the slogans, not sticking with their guns about their demands and allowing leftist media and opposition to manipulate them. What a shame. Najib also could have handled it better, he could have spun it around into something positive for the government, but he’s also making it look bad. He should have his PR team fired.

    Takkan nak tunggu sampai jadi macam Egypt, sampai unemployment rate naik, sampai kebuluran baru kerajaan nak dengar suara rakyat? Jaga-jaga, berkat rezeki semua sementara sahaja. Negara besar macam US pun boleh bankrap.

    Sayangnya orang kita tak nak belajar dari kesilapan. Cikgu saya dulu cakap, bodoh tak apa boleh belajar… jangan bodoh sombong.


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  24. On a lighter note I do agree with you that Anwar made an ass of himself. He should get rid of himself. Nevertheless, I’m suprised that you failed to realize that Bersih 2.0 itself is a revelation towards to a consolidated Malaysia. I personally feel that this analysis does not have any substance to it. Does taste like sour grapes.


  25. This makes me feel so much better. Two points:
    1. In some public functions, I noted that Negaraku was in same tempo. Correct me if I am wrong.
    2. JMD, language not badlah. Kid nowadays are exposed to worst languages…and for that please don’t read my current blog posting.

    Oh, can I get a link (youtube maybe) of Najib’s speech at UMNO gathering after the event? That fiery awesome speech? Thanks mate, appreciate it, you can mail to my email, or post it here for other’s benefit.


  26. Lol..

    I cant help it but LOL for the much mis-statement of fact from the writer above. I was at the Rally as an official observer (for which organisation..I shall not disclose). Sufficient to say that much of what stated in the above is not true. If you want pcitures, I am sure you can google it. But this is what my 2 eyes saw. ( I was at Tung Shin area)

    1. No rioting, looting, vandalism or useage of weapons by the participants.
    2. Participants were generally well behaved. No taunting until police fired tear gas.
    3. There were mix composition of races. Suprising high numbers of Chinese and Indian. You can see this from the videos uploaded in youtube. So 98% participants are Malay is false.
    4. Tear gas and water cannon were lobbed into Tung Shin hospital compound. I counted at least 3 cannisters into the main gates of Tung Shin. Water cannon (chemical laced) were also used at Tung Shin’s car park.
    5. Shops shutting down. Yes many shops were shut, but there were some which were opened. No damage to these shops. Some shops doing brisk business, mamaks convient stores were selling water, umbrella, snacks.
    6. I did not see police brutality. Yes they did storm Tung Shin after tear-gassing it. Arrest were done with reasonable and minimal force.
    7. The police renegade from their promise in allowing the participants to march back to Jalan Sultan. I was near the negotiations between Sivarasa and the police (together with the media and press man). A deal was struck to allow the participants to walk back to Jalan Sultan on the condition that they walked according to the police orders. (NST reported this bit). But after the arrest of Sivarasa, when the participant wanted to walk back, the police without any warning opened fire with water cannon at the participants. NST reported that this was due to the fact that the participants turned rowdy. I can categoritically say that this is a blatant lie. The FRU were retreating (the trucks in fact had reversed about 10M). At no point the crowds charged at the FRU. It was blatant plan to arrest Sivarasa without any concerete intention to allow the participants back to Jalan Sultan. This can be clearly seen in the Annie Ooi story.

    You can see this from the numerous youtube videos of this Bersih 2.0 rally. So you may ask why am I writing this? Simple, it is to set out the truth, unlike the writer here who based much of his analysis on hearsay. You have to be there to give a correct analysis of the event.

    Thanks JMD. Salam


    • P.s

      I wonder why the writer did not demonized A. Samad Said, whom I met at Pasar Seni LRT station. Did not get the opportunity to ask him why he participated in the Rally.
      Would be great tough if we could hear his story…

      p.p.s The Lina Joy’s case were conducted by Dr. Cyrus Das and not Ambiga.

      Thanks JMD. Salam


  27. “Anyway, the image of a “vicious, brutal and inhumane Malaysian Police” that the PAS-DAP consortium tried to convey to the rest of the world out there got stunted by a totally different picture as shown here. ”

    Those are only like 6 pictures? How about those pictures you see on FB & Youtube? Do you want me to post up the link as well? I guess its already well circulated unless you blind or ignorant or both.

    “2. No Deaths”
    That is just the proof that you ignorant. I think you are Muslim, but i hope you are not. I thought muslim treasures every living things? I thought Muslim is about love all? Yes, he may have died of heart attack but did you see how inefficient the police was? There wasn’t an ambulance, 30 minutes later only they sent a police car to ferry the poor guy to hospital. Why no ambulance? I don’t know but I’m sure this is because the Govt did not do their job well in administrating the ambulance efficiencies. If the person lying there is your friend or your relatives, who would you be angry with?

    “3. Anwar’s Injuries – Not! ”
    Yes, I admit I was surprised too he over reacted with his injury but his bodyguard was for god sake bleeding his heart out due to the injury done by the tear gas canister. How could the FRU shoot straight at people?

    “4. No Slogans”
    I don’t think a concrete slogan like 1Malaysia’s is necessary for this rally because it is quite clear all we want is the country to change to a real democratic country that practices Human Rights & also practice Fair & Clean elections. I could go on and on about why is it not fair all day.

    “6. No Numbers”
    You said you can tell there aren’t over 30000 people at the rally based on the pictures you saw on the papers? Obviously, you are not “Open minded” to read on alternative news source. The papers are controlled by the Govt, do you believe when they say the police didnt use force?

    “But let us say, for the sake of making people happy, that 50,000 DID come. Now that’s less than 0.2% of our population, folks. Is that the voice of the majority?”
    Bless those people who braved the risk by going to the rally. But you have to admit, within ourselves, we are afraid of confrontation with danger. We have families, we have to be responsible. We all know we are in danger when we know the police will use force (kekasaran) if we join the rally. These people supports the Bersih idea but are responsible to their family.

    “You mean the elections were so rigged that it resulted in 5 formerly BN states to fall into opposition hands? That sound like unfair elections to you?”
    The 5 states are those most educated, advanced states with people savvy with media and not affected by BN’s lies & corruption. PR won by landslides win, if they can rig landslides win votes, the country is in serious trouble. The demands are not hard to achieve, I agree there are ways to improve but current electoral system is flawed and its an advantage to the ruling party.


    • On your last point – it’s kinda insulting to say that those 5 states are the most ‘educated’ as though the people in the other states are LESS educated! How patronizing! Btw, having access to Internet to able to read up on lots of things does not ensure you to be sufficiently education. Sure you get a lot of info, but you need to gain knowledge from the info and ONLY THEN gain wisdom from the knowledge in order to make good use of it. Nowaways, a lot of people just gain lots of info and swallow and regurgitate it without necessarily gaining anything out of it. Think about this, ya?


    • wahhh…”The 5 states are those most educated, advanced states with people savvy with media and not affected by BN’s lies & corruption”…very sombong type… meninggi diri.. bongkak…

      Chee Kok Bin.. do not underestimate us, you won not because that we like you, but because we do not like Pak Lah, we will see if you can still say that the 5 states are the most educated.. bla.. bla.. bla.. if you lose in the next GE, or maybe all of a sudden everybody has there turned to be uneducated and not media savvy.. bla.. bla.. bla…

      JMD : The first few paragraphs of what the Deputy Chairman said here are important.


  28. Salam Jebat,

    Some of the commentators are trying to equate Malaysia with Egypt,Tunisia and Libya,I was in Egypt and Libya from April 26 until May 22 ,2011,you are right in describing the situation in Egypt and Libya.In Egypt and Libya the government kills their own people,cut phone and internet line ,stop foreign journalist comming into their country but in Malaysia you are free to do what you want to do to the extend of going against the Law.

    The situation in Benghazi and areas controlled by the rebel is in very bad shape,fuel is limited,workers are not paid and 90% off foreign workers left the country,garbage not collected and dump beside the beautiful mediteranean sea,by the roadside and road divider.The smell from the garbage is unbearable.Every Friday there will be huge demonstration.

    In Tripoli, the capital of Libya the situation there is worst,practically every night theres bombing from Nato forces.Worst still the forces ie the rebel force and the Gadaffi forces continue fighting in the street and towns surrounding Tripoli.Now ! does Malaysian wants this sort of things happen in our beloved country ! tepuk dada tanya selera.


    • there you go again….Another blind mice missing the point by a million years. The human evolution didn’t teach you to differentiate perspectives, ideology, goals, objectives and aspirations? I have equally spent time in Myanmar, Kurdistan, Iraq, Egypt and whatnots. These are oppressive regimes that doesn’t give a hoot to democracy and it’s dynamics. The message of Bersih is simply, to have a clean elections. Eradicate money politics, gerrymandering, etc etc etc ..and you know deep down this is true


      • That is why you can never get these people to give us a straight up answer on gerrymandering…places like Meru which has 100k voters is given 1 voice in Parliament.

        Issues like why the mainstream press carries BN’s advertisement in full colour full page during election and the national TV say ++++++ things about BN only is swept under the carpet. Their easy way out- errr…its the media’s pregrogative. But, isnt it the mainstream media in Malaysia is politically inclined to BN due to the reason that they are owned by BN component parties?? BN supporters look away now. Pretend that didnt happen and continue to be Mat Jening.

        Bottom line is, change or be changed.


        • Bros,

          BERSIH dropped the gerrymandering (contained in the original 17 demands). Do you see any of that in the finalised 8 points? Can you get straight answers from BERSIH why they dropped that particular point? Or they just left it to your imagination? Issues about the mainstream media is not under the EC responsibilities right? That’s why BERSIH should have negotiated with the MSM media bosses, not the EC Chairman. Thank you Gladfly. Always nice to have you here. Take care bro. Time for me to go for a break! 🙂


          • Dear JMD,

            I was replying to brainsalad on the gerrymandering issue. True, gerrymandering is left out in the 8 points of Bersih 2.0. However, that does not detract from the fact that there are places like Meru which has 100k voters is only allocated 1 seat in Parliament. If that is fair, I’ll just move along and apologise for my impertinence.

            On your point of MSM, I think you missed the point completely. There will be no point talking to MSM since they are controlled by the ruling coalition. This issue was raised in PRU 12, when a lot of complaints were levied against the MSM when they refused to advertise for PR. Just blatant refusal even tough PR was willing to pay the advertising cost.

            Bersih did the right thing by highlighting this point. Yes advertisement in MSM is outside the purview of the EC but the EC has powers to regulate campaign cost for each constituency. I remember each candidate is allowed a max budget for campaign purpose. Surely by letting BN advertising in MSM, it is giving an unfair advantage to BN candidates as they need not fork so much money to print extra leaflets or buntings for their campaign. I may be wrong, so please correct me.

            I guess the next natural progress in our baby steps to a full democratic country is for media independence. No government shall have any stake in MSM, to ensure full independence of journalism. No? As it stands today, we only have news which favours 1 party, which is so obvious in the recent Bersih 2.0 reportings. Example are like NST’s (false reporting that crowd went rowdy after the police allowed the participants to disperse to Jalan Sultan, where in fact nothing of such happened) and BH (Protraying a participant holding a knife when its actually a flag) or the Star reportting that no tear gas was lobbed into Tung Shin Hospital. Why does the MSM create all these spins?? For fun or political pressure?

            Enjoy your break JMD. I enjoy your retorts as much as I can rebut. We keep it civil and for that you have my respect.



          • hey .. why don’t you put more effort to reply my comments?
            I am trolling in your blog? am i a nuisance to you? come on, I am your biggest critic here.. not actually “big” but you get my point =)


  29. Holy mother of laughter..what a critically acclaimed blog and yet still maintains its flavour of humour..job well done! 🙂 well analysed and expressed!

    JMD : Thank you and thank you all for the comments so far. There are so many… didn’t believe this article could receive a lot of responses. Not much time to respond to all. Liverpool game against Malaysia XI tomorrow and I am terribly excited. Thank you.


    • See you there JMD,

      Go Malaysia…!!!! P.s I am a Toffeee supported by the you can understand where I put my allegiance


  30. Gadfly 3:23

    “No rioting, looting, vandalism or useage of weapons by the participants.” I know. Let us all congratulate the police, shall we? Imagine if they had let all those Molotov cocktails and parangs to go through.

    “Participants were generally well behaved. No taunting until police fired tear gas.”
    “At no point the crowds charged at the FRU.”
    I am sure you have seen the video of Tian Chua by now, which is the exact anti-thesis of this. It’s not too late to apologize, you know. Oh and if you haven’t and do not wish to be corrected from your error, please do not watch it.

    “I did not see police brutality. Yes they did storm Tung Shin after tear-gassing it. Arrest were done with reasonable and minimal force.” Now care to correct your friends or lie-mongers in Malaysiakini who extol such an idea? Or are you hoping to just be silent on their “errors” and just let the image of a bad police force be broadcasted overseas? Glad that you agree on this.

    “NST reported that this was due to the fact that the participants turned rowdy. I can categoritically say that this is a blatant lie.” So your viewpoint was all-encompassing? You could see everything from within your tiny cameras lenses the other rowdy demonstrators in some other parts of the streets?

    “I wonder why the writer did not demonized A. Samad Said, whom I met at Pasar Seni LRT station.” Oh? And should the writer “demonized” (sic) A Samad Said? And you met him? What did he say to you? Well I met Paula Abdul too. I know her very well, you know. Just that she doesnt know me. (Kah kah kah. Sorry, but I need my dose of laughter.)

    “The Lina Joy’s case were conducted by Dr. Cyrus Das and not Ambiga. ” Yup. And neither did Apocryphalist say that Ambiga had anything to do with Lina Joy.

    “the Star reporting that no tear gas was lobbed into Tung Shin Hospital. Why does the MSM create all these spins??” Oh. That is nothing compared to portraying that Suhardi dies, due to Police Brutality, his pictures splashed all over, in facebooks and outside newspapers as well when, in actual fact, Suhardi is all hale and hearty. In fact, your Mkini had wanted soooo much that Suhardi should die, to make a point. Sadly Baharuddin, the one who actually died due to a failing heart, was not much broadcasted because THAT is not so well for your agendas. So what you do is: cut and paste: the death of Baharuddin spliced onto the dramatics of Suhardi faking it.

    Ambiga Boogie


    • Dear Ambiga Boogie or whatever different dupe nickname you are using,

      Sometimes it really amazes me how ignorant and pardon my language “stupid” can one get. Really, I expect more from the readers and contributors of JMD’s blog. You… my friend I assume would have graduated from the University of Stupidity with first class honours.

      If you want funnies, look at the mirror and have a good old laugh at yourself.First off, you want me to thank the police? Maybe if they have caught the damn burglars which broke into my sister’s house past 6 months ago, but I am not going to give them credit when they dont deserve it. Molotov cocktail?? Ahaha..have you seen the so called Molotov?? Filled in PET bottles…now that is funny. Secondly, well I guess those Bersih anarchist must graduated from your university as well when they might as well we put the t-shirts together so we can be easily identified when the “weapons” are confisticated..?

      Secondly, I SAID I was at Tung Shin area..and I wrote what I saw. So what has my account got to do with Tian Chua (who was at KL Sentral). I think you OWE me an apology for the account is on what happend at Tung Shin …ok..I did not vouch for anything else. Good god, I shouldn’t have bothered to retort on this at all on this as it is so retard…

      Again, you seemed keep shooting yourself on the foot. I said I brutality. You then asked me to correct my “fellow” friends? This from a person who said what I saw is not all encompassing. So you want me to correct others peoples’ version of event which I didnt see? Great…please let me borrow your line :- (Kah kah kah. Sorry, but I need my dose of laughter.) Go look at the mirrior again..

      Next….I said I met A.Ahmad Said, I didnt say I spoke to him. Your pea-brain really cant comprehend much can it?. Look the writer -Apo lashed critisms at Anwar, Ambiga, Mat Sabu, but did not mention Samad Said. I just wondered why…maybe because of Samad Said’s position on SSS?? Go figure..

      Moving along… Perhaps you should read Apo’s article once again :-

      “I heard the numbers of people wanting to join in would be much more initially when, upon hearing Ambiga’s stand on the Murtad issue, a sizeable chunk fluttered away.” End of discussion.

      Whatever, maybe the portrayal of Baharuddin was wrong. So was MSM protrayal of event during Bersih 2.0. Now the ironic thing is, you seemed to be pissed off by the misleading protrayal of Baharuddin but yet remained silent on MSM misleading protrayals? So apa you nak? Asalkan it protrays BN in good light ..ok la tu? Lain…GTFO la.

      Finally, for what is worth my friend..abit a not very smart one..I repeat, if you want to remark, please base it on PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE… not some litle birdie told me so crap..ok?. Were you there? Where does your so called knowlege come from? Sorry to sound condensending, but if you dont know perhaps its better just to remain silent.

      I dont expect any replies from you because I guess people like you cant think of how to rebutt properly.


  31. Yup Ambiga Boogie

    It’s called selective perception – they see what they WANTED to see. From all angles, it was STAGED for international consumption.

    If they truly believe in “vague” human rights, they should support Saiful’s basic right to self defence. They were so vocal about Lina Joy’s rights, weren’t they?? So is this what we call double standards? From american sponsored ‘democratic’ agents, the ones notorious for Abu Ghaib, Guantanamo Bay and WMD-Iraq brand.


  32. Dear Ray,

    Yup, for once and for the first time I have to agree on you on this.

    Its called “selective perception”…PR or BN doesnt matter. Its our right to our own opinion..
    Rightly or wrongly only time will tell. There are always 2 sides to a coin..simple as that..


  33. Well JMD,

    Sorry to dig up an old post but many of the people like me is now vindicated by the Bersih 2.0 probe which was announced today.

    Fact..POLICE shot tear gas and water into Hospital compound… more bull shit about wind blowing gas cannister or water sprayed blown by the wind. So…next question is…why lie about it???

    We all know why… SPIN..damage control. Kinda shameful isnt it..?


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