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Operasi Lalang in 1987 – Part 1

Let’s talk about my favourite subject.


Specifically, the Operasi Lalang.

Currently there is so much myths going on regarding that incident that many have differing perceptions on the whys, the hows, the whens, and the whose who in that particular part of our history.

When at present many of our political observers from the opposition have a one sided view of it, it is not surprising that with the malicious pandemonium they brought along would permeate into the psyche of every Malaysian today.

So what really happened during Operasi Lalang in 1987?

Many of the Pakatan Rakyat mindless supporters would invariably believe all that had been said by their leaders. Among the main issues that were mentioned were:

1) More than 100 innocent opposition leaders were detained without trial in 1987 under the Internal Security Act (ISA),

2) These detainment were unprovoked and without any justification,

3) 3 main newspapers were suspended (The Star, Sunday Star, Sin Chew and Watan). This shows intolerance towards free press by the government.

That’s about it. Approximately 100 opposition leaders were detained and a few newspaper publications were suspended nearly 24 years ago and judging from how the current events in 2011 are shaping up, there is a risk that the same thing will happen again.

If we subject ourselves to the whims and fancies of Pakatan Rakyat, of course, I am sure what we fear most will come true.

Above all, apart from the BERSIH fiasco, there are a dearth of valid issues that the opposition can play therefore, what better way to, rightly or wrongly, continue to raise tension and racial discord among the races?

Make sense? After all, strife and chaos is the bread and butter of Pakatan Rakyat.

Pasted below is the white paper on Operasi Lalang which was presented to the Parliament by the Home Ministry in 1988. The paper was direct and related the events as it were.

It is hoped that we can learn from our history so that mistakes will not happen again. Due to the lengthy presentation of the white paper, we shall view this in parts. This first part are the main provocations used by the antagonists and the reactions that arose prior to the mass capture of  100 over politicians and activists.

Cover page

To be continued..

14 thoughts on “Operasi Lalang in 1987 – Part 1

  1. Dear JMD

    May Allah bless you, KijangMas, BigDog, SatD, Rocky, The Unspinners, Parpu, many others and of course CheDet, for sharing tons of well-researched information – which is knowledge that will help enlighten all readers.

    Thank you all.


  2. Salam Bro.,

    Jazakallahukhair for sharing this lesson from history! Memang kita Melayu cepat lupa. We can clearly see the same leading actors (The Lims Father & Son), now supported by new cast of actors Anwar Ibrahim & Nik Aziz, are trying hard to have a sequel to the Lalang Episode! Yang frust nya apahal Melayu yang terlacur macam Anwar & Nik Aziz tak ada segan silu compromising Malay/Muslims’ interests atas nama demokrasi & Islam… semoga Allah buka pekong these pengkhianat ugama & bangsa!


  3. point 45. khalid abdul samad of parit amal. Is it the same khalid abdul samad of shah alam ” the enlightened moslem ” that we have now?


  4. kadang, benda yang kita sangka betul itu tak betul…. tunjuk le bukti apapun… bila UMNO yang pelopor, org takkan pecaya. Apa yg dilaporkan itu adalah kerana kelemahan BN, tak mampu memberi kefahaman kepada rakyat pelbagai kaum supaya bersatu padu. Kalau dasar untuk kepentingan politik dan ekonomi puak-puak itu, tidak ikhlas, itu sbb hal-hal yang dilapor tu terjadi. Satu lagi, kalau yang buat report tu berotakkan UMNO, macam-macam benda yang tak ada boleh diadakan….. mcm senjata dengan baju bersih… takat tangkap baju dengan senjata.. sapa pun buleh.
    serupa la kes dakwat kekal masa pilihanraya, kata ada orang seludup bwa masuk dakwat tu, setakat sebut aje, sapa-sapa buleh sebut… mana org yang menyeludup dakwat tu…dakwa laaa…


  5. bro,
    ops lalang in 1987 saw 106 people arrested. the IGP then used the special power vested in him to act without having to get approval from the home minister. he did the right thing. PM dr mahathir did not favor ISA but bukit aman launched a pre-emptive ‘strike’ to ensure that the national security remained in tact. i was there, reporting the events. sanusi junid wanted to lead about 500,000 umno members to a peaceful demo at stadium merdeka but bkt aman refused them the permit. it was meant to show undivided support to the umno-led barisan nasional.

    how did it happen? because umno was so weak then after the rivalry between tengku razaleigh’s group and dr M’s team drifted apart after the umno general assembly which saw the party being ripped apart.

    the chinese extremists took advantage of the weakened umno to launch an offensive against barisan nasional. it was all about the issues of chinese language, chinese schools, chinese culture, development in bukit china, melaka and the problematic deposit-taking cooperative owned by MCA.

    the star, shin chew and watan played up the issues, manipulating it in such a way that it aroused anti-umno and anti-malay sentiments throughout the country. however, ops lalang has proven its success to contain it.

    and now, why must we tolerate bersih’s plan to march to stadium merdeka?


  6. Mereka yg melupakan fakta sejarah akan pasti mengulangi setiap kesilapan yg berlaku dlm sejarah tersebut.
    If the facts in this White Paper are being written today no one could have guessed that it happened 24 yrs ago.Too many similarities – even the leading actors remains the same.The issues being raised are the same with the DAP still the leading antagonists. Perhaps it was a mistake to release LIM KIT SIANG and his son back then as they are still out to wreck havoc albeit on a bigger scale to the country now with their racist objectives.Past and present incidents have confirm beyond any doubt that the DAP is a Chinese chauvinist party thru and thru.
    Anak2 muda yg baru mengenal politik selepas 1998 mungkin tidak memahami liku-liku politik yg di alami generasi terdahalu dan mereka tidak teragak-agak memeluk dgn mesra cina DAP yg penuh kepura-puraan itu. DAP tidak akan sekelumit pun mempertahankan apa jua kepentingan orang melayu kiranya Lim Kit Siang berkuasa di negara ini. Nyata DAP mengamalkan strategi komunis utk berkuasa – mereka sanggup berundur setapak utk maju 2 tapak kehadapan kiranya langkah itu berfaedah kpd mereka.PAS & PKR adalah tiket yg akan digunakan oleh DAP utk menjahanamkan kuasa org melayu di negara ini.


  7. WOW!..what happened now is a total rewind of back then! but back then we seems to have PAS support.

    Allah akan hancurkan rancangan-rancangan kafir untuk menjatuhkan Islam. Amin.


  8. bro JMD

    macam familiar aje……

    same characters singing to a different tune this time…

    A repackaged bogeyman called Kerajaan Racist Melayu Islam Penindas Rakyat and Kebebasan Berugama….

    Need to break the Ahbeng punya kubu…cannot be on the defensive anymore folks…..

    Can’t wait to go to court on the Sekolah Harams!!!

    Stay tuned folks…………Let’s see who will be smiling into the sunset shall we….

    bro ray
    may Allah bless you too for the efforts that you’ve put in to counter all those cyber hate mongers..


  9. When talking about internal security, racist tendencies, anarchistic inclinations, one character who has featured prominently is Lim Kit Siang.

    He was arrested under ISA once but I’m not sure whether under Operasi Lalang and excuse me for not going into the fine print of the document JMD puts out above, this being an anxious morning of the D-Day for the Bersih fellows, the rally planned to start in the afternoon.

    Kit Siang took over the reins of aggressive opposition after the chauvinist and racist Lee Kuan Yew, PAP and Singapore were “kicked out” of Malaysia in 1965. He picked up the subversive so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan and hogged it right through until the race riots of 13 May 1969, and even now. Subversive because it wants equality without acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak under Article 153 of the Constitution. It is
    racist too, because it encroaches on the right and interests of the Malays and the Bumis.

    Lim Kit Siang is Lim Guan Eng in most ways – like father, like son, in the dynasty that has been set up in DAP. Now Big Dog blog has the following sms message said to emanate from LGE sent to all Chinese DAP fellows:

    Sms disebarkan 林冠英已指示DAP 千万不要让华裔党员涉及709 大集会。 就让马来人和马来人互相斗打.(Terjemahan: Lim Guan Eng tlh arahkan pihak DAP supaya tidak benarkan ahli Cina DAP terlibat dlm perhimpunan tersebut. Biar org Melayu bergaduh sesama sendiri).

    Views have been expressed in many blogs for the Police to arrest under ISA those fellows inciting hatred and attendance at an illegal and highly provocative Bersih demonstration this afternoon. It should be done well before the demonstration to prevent them relaying instructions on where to go and what to do from now until 2.00 pm and thereafter. After all, Hishamuddin has said he would not order a communication black out as alleged by the Opposition. And the 91 banned from sensitive parts of KL can still be actively taking part in the demo, each with their several hand phones.

    And I hope this little message of mine gets moderated early enough for readers to read before the defiant and hard headed people converge to wherever their meeting point(s) is or are.


  10. serasis -rasis melayu, tak pernah melayu halang/dengki cina kaut kekayaan tanah melayu, tak pernah melayu berkeras untuk 1 sekolah, tak pernah melayu halang cina beli tanah.

    cina? ptuihh….


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