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BERSIH 2.0 is becoming an annoyance to fence-sitters

Latest update is that Bersih will hold its rally in Merdeka Stadium eventhough the stadium will be closed for an internal management sports event and renovations on that day.

I don’t know about the rest of us Malaysians, but for the Bersih coalition and Ambiga in particular, it had ingrained in their minds that they are above the law. Not only the Bersih coalition is an illegal entity, their continuous effort to break the law has become a nuisance and complete annoyance for the ordinary Malaysians.

Stopping short of breaking down the locked gates of Merdeka Stadium, I believe the only way for Bersih supporters to realise their objectives is for their leaders to quickly find another venue to hold their rally. I believe this is a good concept to hold; when posed with problems, better find solutions quickly rather than throwing tantrums all over the media.

The failure to find solutions in a rational and amicable manner is evidence enough that the Bersih leaders, and by default, Pakatan Rakyat leaders, do not know how to be problem solvers. But we all know about this weakness. It is the elephant in the room which almost all of the Pakatan Rakyat supporters chose to ignore.

Another big elephant in the room is the fact that Ambiga went to see the Agong, perhaps gave their memorandum to him and yet still would want to hold the demonstrations. But we all know that the ultimate aim of Bersih is to give the memo to the Agong! This is just too annoying.

Sure, we all talked about human rights to freedom but the magnitude of this blatant disregard of the rule of law will be a disastrous precedent. And let’s face it, there is no such thing as total freedom. The only thing that separates us from the animals is the rule of law.

That is why there are laws that govern us.

That is why in the end, police had to make the tough decision. When Bersih is trying be like indisciplined children, police just had to act tough.

91 barred from entering KL business district on July 9

KUALA LUMPUR: The police have obtained a restriction order preventing 91 people, including Bersih organisers, Patriot/Umno Youth and Perkasa from entering the city central business district on July 9.

Acting CPO SAC Datuk Amar Sing said the police would enforce the order under Section 98 of the Criminal Procedure Code if any one of the names stated in the order defied the restriction.

Those on the list include Bersih chief Datuk S. Ambiga, Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin and Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali

“They can be liable and charged under Section 188 of the Penal Code with Disobeying a Lawful Order of the Court which carries a maximum six months imprisonment or a fine or both upon conviction,” he said here Thursday.

It is also a matter of security and a risks of damages caused by the demonstrators. That is why I fully support the police to maintain peace and order in Kuala Lumpur by whatever means necessary.

Furthermore, when thousands of people gather in one place, the risk of property damage can be very high. An illegal entity like Bersih do not hold any legal responsibilities and be very difficult to subject them to any insurance claims and financial litigation. Sure enough, almost all insurance policies state that any damages caused by riots, demonstrations of war cannot be claimed.

Therefore, it would be interesting to see which stadium management company would give approval for Bersih to hold such rally. At the end of the day, it would be a business decision for them.

Bersih did say in their statement before meeting with Agong that Bersih will open dialogs with the relevant authorities. But after the meeting, they quickly did a flip flop as highlighted by blogger SatD here.

Gone were the purported dialog and in its place, the tendency to tear down the locked gates of Merdeka Stadium and storm into its field.

Your objective is not to hand over the memo to the Agong or to find solutions for a clean and free elections. Those are just diversions.

Your objective is to create chaos in the country.

Let us be honest for once.

30 thoughts on “BERSIH 2.0 is becoming an annoyance to fence-sitters

  1. More than an annoyance, Bersih 2.0 is an irritant, even a frustration to fence sitters. One simply cannot escape seeing and feeling the arrogance, the insolence of those blokes on the organizing committee. Who the bloody hell do they think they are? Really.

    Making a dog-headed statement not interested in looking for an alternative venue, demanding that the rally be held in the Merdeka Stadium no matter what. Damn them.

    I hope all the organizing committee members are included in the 91 being banned from the KL central business district on 9 July.They should be kept under close surveillance every minute of the day, hauled into the Police Station the moment they enter the designated business district.

    One finds it difficult to imagine the hard-headedness, the intransigence of those fellows. They were out to exploit the situation politically from the very beginning, offered to meet the YDP Agong when realizing the Police, assisted by the Army, mean business (a joint Operation Command has been set up, inspected by the IGP), and saw the opportunity to make capital out of it. And their supporters have been claiming that even the Agong was willing to “listen” to them. Balderdash.

    They need to be taught a lesson. ISA would be a good lesson. The level of risk to the security situation they brought about has been up to the extraordinary level and ISA would be justifiable on them. I implore the authorities to use the ISA on the hard cores among them. They simply need to be given time to reflect and slowly but surely realize the havoc their actions can cause the country, and the Kamunting Detention Centre is a good place for them to do so.


    • “joint Operation Command” = the Police Command Centre in Cheras which a news report stated the Inspector General of Police visited several days ago, after which he spoke about the number of Police reports made against the Bersih rally and the number of arrests, and mentioned about the assistance of the Army being available.


    • I see no facts in your arguement, just you saying how hard headed BERSIH is. Are malaysians not allowed freedom of speech? If we see something is going well (ie. Penang being an amazing country winning multiple FOREIGN awards no less) why not wish it upon the rest of Malaysia? And why is having a rally in the stadium bad? The PM is the one who recommended it, and after speaking to the Agong, BERSIH agreed, yet one day prior to the rally, the PM Suddenly declines.. and Wow.. one day after the rally.. says that BERSIH actually rejected the offer.. Yet you support him? Why?


  2. Yup, the moment anwar claimed that he can call off the rally if HIS demands are met, ambiga must have seethed in frustration. Ambiga was trying so HARD to portray the bersih rally as a civil society movement but tsk tsk tsk anwar omega blew her precious cover away.

    With Mat Sabu (Sapu jalan) as her right (wrong?) hand man, she’s walking the tightrope. Well aci aci buka pintu won’t be the first to go to jail for Omega cina doll man. Nope she definitely won’t be the pioneer at bamboo river.


  3. I got an email from an Afif Nasri ( imploring (I’m guessing this is part of a mass email) everyone to join Bersih 2.0, because the powers that be in this country is evil, bloodthirsty and making everyone miserable. I am actually more miserable at the fact that someone I didn’t know had access to my email to send me this rubbish.

    Also, an email from Keadilan asking to join Bersih 2.0? NOT POLITICALLY MOTIVATED MY ASS


    • Could it be part of an Opposition hacker group deliberately planned in the overall strategy to overthrow the Government. Imitating Tahrir Square perhaps? Although the reasons for street demos like in the Middle East do not exist in this country which holds elections every 4-5 years, witnessed by foreign observers, unlike there.

      Could it be the fellas at Opposition blogs like Malaysia Kini, Free Malaysia Today, MI and the like who build an inventory of emails of those who submit comments to them, irrespective of whether published or not?

      That’s why I always maintain that we should not try to submit comments to those incorrigible blogs and instead hit them at blogs such as this. They have the manpower and the resources to do such dastardly acts because M’kini, for example, is said to have received financial grants form the US-based organization claiming to promote democracy without knowing the real situation in our country.


  4. If one believes in a noble cause, what is some inconvenience, mostly caused by the actions of the authorities and the Police. Things like:
    – causing unnecessary traffic jams due to road blocks purportedly to ensure security (against whose threats?)
    -banning and ARRESTING and CHARGING people who wear yellow t-shirts-very childish and ridiculous
    -not giving permits for assembly in a stadium
    -changing the destination points for express bus services
    -allowing rival organisations to organise rallies against BERSIH, while stubbornly allowing BERSIH the same
    -making wild, unproofed allegations insinuating BERSIH’s organisers of being communists and foreign agents
    -staging discoveries of weapons, conveniently having BERSIH T-shirts in places these weapons were discovered.

    And of course, the pathetic attempts by the EC to deny any wrongdoing and that they are clean (BERSIH) is too much to stomach.


    • sri hartamas, you are obviously very naive and gullible – perfect candidate for their 5-year brainwashing programme. May you be given the light soon for your parent’s sake.


    • hartamas,

      You obviously are under-read and poorly informed about the circumstances surrounding Bersih, acts taken by the Police and other authorities concerning them. It’ll do you well to read more and closely what has been published daily the last several days.

      What “noble cause” are you talking about? 4 of their 8 points do not concern election issues they say they are raising. Those are the political issues of the political parties which are hiding behind Bersih. They lied to the public and are causing a lot of inconvenience and discomfort on the roads and elsewhere.

      Have you not read that they are an illegal entity, refusing to register with the Registrar of Societies? Defying the Police when told not to rally, refusing to apply for a permit when told they could after the audience with he YDP Agong, behaving like gangsters insisting on Stadium Merdeka “no matter what”. What noble cause and noble behaviour are those?

      Too long to write to make you open your eyes lah, man. Read up, unless you are the kind who refuses to see reason like the Besih organizers. In which case you are also not noble in cause or character.


  5. The Police have been doing the “soft approach”, as the IGP said. Called in the Bersih and counter-Bersih leaders, one by one. Some came, some did not. They took advantage of the Police declared softness. The Perkasa Secretary General sounded sensible after the talk with the Police but Ambiga simply went gaga.

    Ambiga was called in for second time the day before and the IGP gave her the reasons for not holding the rally at the Merdeka Stadium. But she was “adamant”, the IGP said at a press conference after that.

    Yet the Police continued with the “soft approach”. No arrest of Bersih leaders and merely sought a Court Order to ban 91 blokes from the relevant areas in KL on Saturday.

    The law on that Court Order allows a penalty of 6 months jail – at the maximum. Not enough to knock sense into the fellows’ heads. If any of the 91 breaks the Court Order on Saturday, they should be ISA-ed. For them to have sufficient time and the atmosphere to really reflect on their thoughts and actions incessantly breaking the law on illegal assembly and repent.


  6. The New York Times published an article that’d surely appease the Neo-Cons comprising of the Israeli Lobby, other Jewish groups etc who had worked with Anwarul watever to discredit Malaysia.

    But to be fair to the writer, it appears as a fairly balanced reporting. It stated that Prime Minister Najib Razak had said Bersih could hold the rally, if in a stadium. It pointed out that now the authorities said that Bersih cannot proceed without a police permit, which normally would not be granted to a group that has been declared illegal. And that Bersih leaders responded by accusing the prime minister of having “reneged” and said they would assemble at Merdeka Stadium on Saturday afternoon “whatever happens between now and then.”

    The report ended by quoting Ong Kian Ming, a political analyst at UCSI University, saying that the rally came at an “opportune time” for the opposition and that a violent crackdown on the protesters could be “a game changer” in the coming elections. But who the hell is Ong Kian Ming? And pardon me for sounding illiterate but what the bloody hell is UCSI University? But never the mind as the report is meant for US audience. Except that bloody Google Malaysia had it included on its news headlines page. And who runs Google Malaysia I’ve been asking many times but have not found the answer.

    Go on, Tun IGP, Sir. Proceed with your plans no matter what. To deal with the illegally existing scoundrels who want to break the law and be at the stadium no matter what. For the sake of peace and order in the country..


  7. don’t you get it? they just want to cause chaos on the streets. they don’t want to organize the demo in the stadium. it’s just an excuse, knowing full well that they won’t be able to receive any permit, because
    1 – The organization is unregistered – therefore illegal
    2 – How in the world that police going to give assembly permit to an illegal organization?
    Are you going to support people who make a mockery of the law? Definitely not me.


  8. initially, my thoughts were that this rally in necessary as freedom of speech and assembly is entrenched in the constitution. the police must allow the rally to proceed, like what it had allowed perkosa to do at the suleiman club in kampung baru recently.
    but after ambiga had met the Agung, surely she could have conveyed her message or given the god damn memorandum during the meeting, saving time and costs.
    at the same time, the police, led by a kampung PIG (police inspector general) are arresting people wearing yellow t-shirt, but did not do so when najib and entourage wore yellow baju melayu at a function in pekan on the 3rd, fully protected and escorted by the cops.

    are morons above the law and protected by our retards in blue?


    • You and your strange views again tempawan? I have been wondering which school you have been to – Chinese school?

      Come on la, have some decency and decorum. Don’t call the Inspector General of Police PIG, man. You sound a communist doing that. Are you?

      Didn’t you read that it’s yellow T shirt WITH BERSIH NAME or associated with Bersih that’s illegal. And how can you say the PM wearing yellow should be arrested. Sometimes I wonder whether you are a sane fellow. Go visit a Specialist and have yourself evaluated, old boy.


  9. Dear JMD,

    Why choose KL? To inflict maximum impact but care not about people earning a living and those wanting a day out in the city.
    As you said the memo has been handed to HRH YDPA. So why need to demo?
    Proof positive all lies and deception.
    Go to Shah Alam Stadium. rant, shout, scream and yell…a proven non issue!



  10. I’m sick and tired of them. Isn’t it so rich of them to say “the rakyat are behind us” , “for the rakyat”. Hello, who elected you guys?


  11. To All Bersih supporters, sympathisers or fan etc etc. you are all bloody sore loosers. You can’t make it in this country, dont create trouble. Just get out or migrate overseas. Especially those indian thambis – dumb like shit. A bit smart, they think they owned the whole world or the whole world owe them a favor. Poodah lah.


    • you’re over reacting on the actualy facts, which is the corruption in this whole nation and whole lot more issue which have not been tackled since day 1 of independance. Part of it is also of the inclination of the growth of our econmy and inflation which stretching those living with low-medium wages, with the strong/rich getting stronger… and the weak getting weaker… the Bersih2.0 has 8 request, if you support even ONE of them(wait, who in their right mind would just support ONE??!) … you support all! this is no about BN/UMNO or PR.. this is Malaysia. Stop leeching my country and belittling my fellow malaysians! Stop using racial cards! we do not want to listen to all these BS.


  12. Agong consented to meet with them, but yet did not ask them to submit memo there and then. Instead, asked them to gather in stadium. Of course the ultimate aim of Bersih is to give the memo to the Agong!

    And you find “This is just too annoying.” Did Agong’s decision annoy you? How dare you!


  13. ha ha ha ha UMNO top dog najis running scared to europe with self proclaim cougar wife rosmah botox…… relax its not July 9……..we will clap so loud in Defiance of any road blocks….. UMNO -Barang Naik losing…..

    PAS jadi Perisai….bumi non malay dan rakyat Malaysia jadi Lembing……..harap pengecut NGO UMNO, Perkasa, Rela, bayi UMNO, rela, polis, tentera duduk diam diam kat rumah…..Kita akan rekod nombor kat baju dan bagi VSS bila UMNO-Barang tumbang….


  14. A few people canceled/postponed their appointments at my wife’s treatment centre tomorrow. All did so because they were worried “about what might happen”. So theyll be staying at home.

    This rally has affected others’ wellbeing. Now I’m making it personal against those organising it.


  15. I was a fence sitter once. Then Anwar and Co came along trying to divide this country in the late 90s…that’s when i first registered as a voter. I was in my late thirties then. My vote is for the ruling government.
    SOOOO SICK of these people who think that they are better than everyone else! Holier than thou. Ingat diaorang je ada otak, boleh fikir. Bersih? Cermin diri sendirilah! Act as if they are above the law. Boleh jalan la! This coming election my vote still won’t go to Pakatan Haram. Rakyat konon! I’m a rakyat too… but I detest what you stand for or do.


  16. Yeah, we as the Chinese community only support Bersih when it is only used soley for the purposes of Defeating BN/UMNO. We should not support Bersih at all should Pakatan made any gains out of any election/ or any by-elections._I personnaly support the Bersih free and fair elections campaign, because based on previous By-elections BN is getting stronger.Anyway im gonna do my part for the Bersih campaign like the rest of my community by putting up Bersih pic badges on Facebook anyhow, tommorow on saturday morning im going to eat Dim Sum @ melaka. After all we have our “Malai Lembus” to do the dirty job for us.


  17. No offend to you JMD, from my stand point, your views/statements on quite biased. (i want to say “very”, but this is my first time stumbling upon your blog and read/screen throw your view post and comments does shows that you are pro-BN/UMNO… and yes i know it is obvious)

    You wrote alot of things which I do not wish to rebut not because I agree with them but it is perceived that your history knowledge and english language standards are very much superior. I respect you for that.

    But you need to know where I am coming from… I was raise in a malay neighbourhood near to police quaters where their parents are mostly policemen, play and intermix with them alot.. but somehow along the way, one of them started to dislike me for my so called “race” and spreaded to everyone like wildfire… the root of this is unknown, but i’m pretty sure its from peer pressure/parents/teachers/religious teachers that someone made them to “think” i am the enemy. well, the rest was history since i get bullied and beaten up.. stopping there. I still have quite alot of malay friends and still get along well with them.
    my question is… where did they get “brainwashed” to believe i’m here to so called steal their land… steal their bussiness.. that chinese is more “wealthier” etc.. this are all lies and crap.

    Getting back to the topic you wrote. I never excel in history, never like memorizing them plus its boring to listen to old tales… i am a very much future oriendted person.. and I believe history plays a part, but nobody actually knows the truth but God. why? because everything can be manipulated and twisted to your liking… the “TRUTH” can be anything if you want it to be!!

    So, fact numero uno, BN/UMNO failed the people because the racial disharmony cards has been played far too many times. you claimed DAP use it, but THAT DOES NOT justify BN/UMNO to use it too. With the widespread corruptions(do you really need example for this?!), conspiracy (MACC cases, Attantuya, May13, July 9, SPR, Lynas, and other baffling stories that will never ends) and misused of funds/public funds(this covers alot from cuti-cuti malaysia page to the actual purpose of so groups and people).

    In case you are inclined to think I am swaying or diverting the subject and/or influencing your readers… I truly am not… I am just like everyone else, Malaysian who are tired of the 1Malaysia/Wawasan2020 or other so called gimmicks. Stop using these funds for creating and promoting political propaganda to deceive the rakyat! Fix the actual core problem… which is the mindset of everyone and our economi…
    I give my support to Bersih2.0 because I see them as people like me, fighting for the long lost freedom that was promised since the indepedance in true democracy.

    I have to apologize for writing so long… and if I offended anyone, forgive me… for I am just yet another citizen being tired of labeled as a second-class citizen… and tired of all the political fiasco around malaysia and its ruling system. Love is colour-blind, it has nothing to do with langauges or background/culture…. live with that fact! If you want to talk about malay rights, then sorry to say that you’re living in a traditional mindset…. because this is the new era.


  18. when you believe in something so much so that it will not let you to open your eyes and heart for views from other people/sources….


  19. I take back what i say. The blogwriters here know they are wrong. They cant even allow a simple discussion by allowing my comment through. Pathetic, and you guys have the guts to call BERSIH supporters sheep.. Hah, you know yourselves I guess 🙂 Go ahead, dont allow this, you know you are afraid


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