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Lim Kit Siang offended the ‘tuan rumah’. What else is new?

I was in Kota Kinabalu for the past 5 days by an invitation from a friend to go to the Pesta Kaamatan (Harvest Festival). It was held at the Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association (KDCA). It was a good experience indeed for me as I was able to meet so many new friends and learned a lot on the various ethnicities and their cultures.

It was a joyous occasion that comes only once a year. Obviously the people are happy and one should count their blessings over the fact that the state is able to celebrate such diversity in a fun and peaceful manner.

But to some people, politics is a relentless pursuit. Over the weekend a political tussle took place between DAP and SAPP after the DAP supreme dictator, Lim Kit Siang arrogantly gave an ultimatum to SAPP that the latter should combine forces with the Pakatan Rakyat going in to the next general election.

He gave a ‘harsh’ lecture to SAPP leadership during a Pesta Kaamatan dinner last Friday (27th May 2011) whereby he ridiculed SAPP by saying that they (SAPP) are fooling themselves and their supporters if they can bring about change in Sabah by themselves.

This has struck a nerve amongst the SAPP leaders. The strongest critic would naturally be Yong Teck Lee, the President of SAPP.

Yong said,

“Lim caught all of us by surprise by his harsh tone, the abrasive way in pinpointing me by name and ridiculing SAPP. My immediate feeling was that, after their super victories in the April Sarawak state elections, Lim Kit Siang’s DAP has already become super confident of taking over Putrajaya and the Sabah state government at the coming general elections.” 


He further added that if ‘Kit Siang now feels that DAP does not need anybody else, asking if Pakatan alone can beat BN, then why demand that SAPP joins Pakatan?’

The one time chief minister of Sabah must have been taken aback by the abrasive nature of Kit Siang’s speech. The audacity to look down at the local politicians must have come from deep reservoir of misplaced greatness.

Which had prompted Yong to react with:

“SAPP’s struggle first and foremost is for autonomy for Sabah. We reject political control over Sabah in the hands of the political elite in KL.

In addition, he even advised Kit Siang to be more respectful to the local politicians in Sabah. He asked,

“Is it polite when a guest openly says he wants to take away the rights of the house owner?”

Yong believed that the peninsula-based party, is only interested in subjugating and overthrowing Sabah’s homegrown parties. Much like how he viewed Barisan Nasional’s approach.

It is amazing that Kit Siang, whose party claims to be the saviour of Malaysia, tends to be more domineering than his nemesis, the Barisan Nasional.

SAPP’s vice president, Dullie Marie was even more forthcoming in his criticism towards Kit Siang.

Dullie, who is also SAPP Putatan CLC Chief said that it was supposed to be an occasion to celebrate the real meaning of Harvest Festival as it originally intended; to celebrate on the spirit of cordial relationship among the people of Sabah but unfortunately it turned out to be political talks dominated by DAP leaders from Semenanjung and of course some PR leaders in Sabah.

“Lim Kit Siang made a blatant speech by telling Sabahans that only through PR changes are possible. He blindly ignored without any regard on the existence of local party/parties. Not even a bit. Lim Kit Siang speech did not reflect at all on cooperation with local party like SAPP.

He put it in ultimatum SAPP must be in PR, which we can assumed and concluded it will be another episode like SNAP in Sarawak. It seems he simply ignored and insensitive to the feeling of most Sabahan. He was so passionate with excitement that makes him to forget PR was unregistered coalition.

Besides, he totally disregarded the wishes of PR leaders in Sabah who know better the realities. The negotiation committee set up by SAPP was prompted due to the request made by DAP and PKR leaders in Sabah and Semenanjung respectively.

His attitude is a mere reflection of divide and rule imposed on Sabahans. This also tell us they are always in the upper hands and for us to survive we have to be subservient to their terms. We can safely conclude that PR leaders especially those from Semenanjung will make decisions for their leaders in Sabah. They have no choices but to toe along the line.

Generally the main objective is to kill local party like SAPP even before negotiations. By displaying such attitudes to reach mutual understanding will be rough and tough.

Lim Kit Siang is very arrogant and insensitive in his speech. He managed to camouflage the audience who are mainly of the Chinese community. By sensationalizing on issues Lim forget to ask himself on actual number of Chinese seats in Sabah; he felt so great he is not even bothered to know on seats held by Bumiputras, Muslims and non-Muslims. Sabah is a multi-racial and religious society. Its issues differ such much from the West which usually bases along race and religious lines.

The fact is, SAPP is a multi racial party where about 60% of its membership are bumiputras (muslims and non-muslims), not a chinese-dominated local party as asserted by Lim Kit Siang and his stooge, Chan Foong Hin (Publicity Secretary of DAP Sabah).

But DAP could only see the whole political landscape through their own racist eyes. Dullie even admonished the DAP by saying that they were dead wrong when they thought that SAPP is a chinese dominated party. This proves how little DAP know about SAPP.

Not only that, DAP and particularly Lim Kit Siang do know how to insult and tarnish a spiritual and cultural event wherever they go.

A supreme council member of SAPP, Stephen Gaimin had this to say about Lim Kit Siang:

“Saya merupakan antara hadirin yang hadir dalam Pesta Kamaatan anjuran Parti DAP di Putera Theater Ballroom Taman Tun Fuad, Bukit Padang. Namun demikian saya terkilan dimana, sebagai seorang anak jati Kadazandusun saya berasa amat malu dan terhina apabila adat istiadat dan kebudayaan saya tidak dihormati. Saya tidak dapat merasai bahang Pesta Kamaatan tetapi apa yang saya lihat adalah Acara Makan Malam bersama Penasihat Parti DAP Encik Lim Kit Siang. Menambah jijiknya lagi kebanyakan ucapan dibuat dalam bahasa Inggeris dan Mandarin.

Melihat kepada keadaan ini saya berasa perayaan Pesta Kamaatan telah hilang nilainya, saya berikan satu contoh, tidak pernah Unduk Ngadau diadili dengan cara mengundi, dimana kupon dijual dengan harga RM5. Penganjuran ini tidak lebih seperti melepaskan batuk ditangga. Pemimpin DAP seperti Edwin Bosi sememangnya telah tahu tentang kesucian lagenda huminodun, melalui ucapan beliau. Tetapi mengapa beliau tidak melakukan sesuatu untuk memperbetulkan apa yang salah.

Politik adalah politik, perayaan adalah perayaan, oleh yang demikian saya mohon kepada Pemimpin daripada luar sabah, yang tidak tahu adat budaya orang sabah, tolong Jangan bawa budaya politik daripada luar. Kami orang sabah, biar berlainan fahaman politik, tetapi dalam masa perayaan kami tidak ada persengketaan” Source.

I am from Kuala Lumpur and I do pretend to know much about Sabah politics. But I do know some manners. First and foremost, please do not offend the ‘house owner’.

There is a reason why I coloured some of the fonts red above. This is because, offending people during festivities runs deep in the Lim dynasty. His son, Lim Guan Eng did something more reprehensible during the recent Wesak Day celebration.

It can be read here, here, here, and here.

Thank you to all my Sabahan friends who showed me a great time over the Kaamatan Festival. I urge my Malaysian friends to visit KDCA for the state level Pesta Kaamatan. It will be worth your time. I would love to post less scarier pictures though. Maybe in a blog post for next year’s festival. Thank you.

55 thoughts on “Lim Kit Siang offended the ‘tuan rumah’. What else is new?

  1. Its Gawai time in Sarawak, a time we celebrate the bountiful harvest. I have many things to say about DAP but in the spirit of Gawai, I will leave it for another time. There is a time and place for everything. Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai, Lantang Senang Tuah Melimpah. Cheers.


  2. JMD,

    No pictures from Unduk Ngadau ? I am glad that you enjoyed your stay in Sabah.

    The political trend these days seems to be that the chinese voters have completely abandoned BN. The by election results these past few years have definitely made DAP more brazen.

    I wonder whether DAP have ever stood for election in a constituency where the majority voters is not chinese dominated. So much for claiming that they are multi racial.


    • Thank you Lekiu. I have perhaps dozens of pictures of Unduk Ngadau… But I guess this is not the platform to show them.. 🙂


    • lekiu,

      I don’t think DAP dares to stand for election in non-Chinese dominated constituencies because Lim Kit Siang and his flock know they are disliked, despised, and simply not tolerated by other than their own kind for the things they said, did and stood for since the 1960s, including

      1. The very platform of the so-called Malaysian Malaysia that they stood on, that they picked up from the Master chauvinist, racist and subversive Lee Kuan Yew, when he, the People’s Action Party and Singapore were thrown out of Malaysia in 1965. Wanting equality without acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak is subverting that Special Position and is racist. Asking for more is not racist but asking it at the expense of the rights and interest of another race is racist.

      2. Their role in the race riots of 1969. It has been stated here and elsewhere that the White Paper published by the National Operations Council, that ruled with Emergency Powers after the outbreak of the race riots, pointed out the inflammatory and seditious 1969 election campaign speeches made by DAP candidates and leaders, the unruly and utterly seditious, plus obscene, words and actions of the DAP members and supporters on election victory celebration convoys through sensitive parts of Kuala Lumpur city, led to the race riots of 13 May.

      3. Lim Kit Siang harshly saying “Never” and Karpal Singh arrogantly retorting “Over my dead body” to Hukum Hudud that was proposed by PAS. No indication at all of a willingness to even discuss, pure and outright dismissal of the proposal, adamant and non-compromising stand to the proposal of a so-called partner in the coalition called Pakatan Rakyat.

      4. Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng’s endless “cakap tak serupa bikin” false, misleading even dishonest tactics. For example, they propagandized themselves as being Malaysian First, Chinese Second. But Guan Eng officiated the opening of a building named after Sun Yat Sen, the Chinese leader who once took refuge in Penang from the turmoil of revolution in China. Yet the man had nothing to do with, or any contribution towards Penang or Malaysia. In so doing they showed that they are Sun Yat Sen First and China Second – definitely not Malaysian First and Chinese Second as claimed. By officiating that Sun Yat Sen building opening ceremony, they appear wanting Malaysian Chinese to look to China, not to Malaysia.


  3. Actually Najib’s wifey Rosmah Mansor Scarier…..of course to the author she is pure beauty. Have you kissed her feet yet?? Where else in this world you have PM ex-body guard blowing up Altantuya, admitting to it, yet still not hung on the gallows. Then again these loser bloggers trying to be the voice of spin and reasons for UMNO…..yet each day we expose their insult to Islam and Allah based on their response. got your nasi lemak and air warna today yet??….How to feed family?? I will not be Obedient to lies, stupidity, injustice and insult to Islam and Allah..espcially by the current UMNO-BN government!! Death from landslide…called Martyr….corruption that build that Death trap for “martyr” no issues…. 10 As by Indian told to get diploma in some Crap local college, 4-5 As by Malay muslim get to study Science in USA….what do yo call this Scary or Racist or Munafik?? No need to answer because you lose whichever way you try to spin and answer….worst you will insult Allah and Islam with dumb answers…..So for the sake of the “peace” religion better keep quiet and accept the Criticism and hope you change for the better!!…harap pagar makan padi?? I will not be Obedient to lies, stupidity, injustice and insult to Islam and Allah..espcially by the current UMNO-BN government!!


    • Dear BNM,

      Honestly, I do not think Rosmah is pretty. But I am sure her husband think she is the most beautiful woman in the world, the mother of his children; just like any good husband would. I am amazed that you did not touch about Lim Kit Siang’s antics at all. Being a stooge for the opposition, you do not have any sort of critical opinion about them hence, the deafening silence on the blatant and obvious dictatorial manner Kit Siang has been showing all this while. This article is not about Umno at all. But of course, without any defence for Kit Siang, you find it easy to divert the issue. No, you do not have to be obedient to Umno. Nobody asked you to that way. I myself am not entitled to be obedient towards Umno. I criticise them regularly. Thank you.


    • You are a sick fella, aren’t ya? Right from your jumbled up writing, thoughts and ideas to proclaiming you know Islam and Allah. No paragraphs, no sensible sentences, no decency and decorum.

      What’s with you, man? Anybody taught you manners, any semblance of good breeding in you?

      What has Rosmah Mansor got to do with anything in JMD’s posting? Why insult JMD by asking if he has kissed her feet?

      Can’t you ever participate in a discussion in a sane and sensible manner? Learn to state facts or give your opinions based on facts, or substantiate them with justifiable arguments.

      And what are you trying to do by saying here and in previous posts about “exposing their insult to Islam and Allah based on their response”? Then you ramble on like a madman without providing facts or relevant details to your accusations. You are such a misled, misguided and disgruntled human being that you must have mixed with the wrong crowd – Lim Kit Siang crowd.

      Sad for you, boy. Sad for our family, your children and their children. Because I suspect you’ll be spewing the kind of hate and disgruntlement that Lim Kit Siang has passed on to you and from you to your family, your children and theirs. As much as my name is Zen, I can’t wish anything good on you.


      • Zen , JMD

        Just as some of you level ameoba thinks LKT is scary….many thinks Rosmah is Scarier. I see lately UMNO is sponsoring you guys to try to engage the people on the cyber era….I say too late. Unable to Spin in the MSM you are trying to win the Internet arena. Go back and watch RTM and read Utusan Crap and Lies… you people have problems it seems with Christian PM…kononya….those Lies are not scary to us but a sign of Desperation. Keep up living with your own illusion……Born malay = islam = bumiputera…… when the rest of bumi non malay knows Orang Asli is the true bumiputera. Yet again another insult to Islam with your claims. Then again insulting Islam is becoming a Norm these days…how sad….like UMNO support of Chua Soi Lek and previously Vijindran in Sex Video…then again its a norm to ignore facts by losers like you… loser are also ugly spritually!!.


        • I sense you feel very much troubled with this article. Relax BNM. If you are on the correct path, things will eventually turn better for you. You dont have to accuse all 3 millions Umno members and their family members as insulting Islam since you are not of this faith to begin with. Smack of arrogance and ignorance with a slight whiff of a holier than thou attitude. Havent you got enough humiliation for accusing without proof about all Umno leaders’ children going to private school? Now you want to accuse all of Umno members of insulting Islam? Did you have troubled childhood? Must be hard to live like this huh? You know, with all your misplaced hatred going on? Anyway BNM, although Rosmah scares you a lot, please do not lose sleep over this. Thank you.


          • I am merely following Malaysian laws in all my evidence that UMNO Leaders sent their children together with Sultan and Agong to private English Schools and to overseas…..Like the Anwar judicial precedent…its up to you and your UMNO cyber Losers to prove your innocent by specifying which UMNO leaders today do not send their children to private schools, to overseas or not corrupted TODAY. As far as I am concern that is nothing wrong but pity for the remaining 18 milions malays….. suffering under their own Umno leaders pilih kasih policy to their own families and the loser 2.99 million UMNO members on the long gravy train queue of corruption money, doing their feet kissing, ampun minta sedekah to try to be mega rich….and Yes UMNO is corrupted….you are suppose to furnish Proof that it is otherwise. In Islam Corruption should be most hated….looks like we need a Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia type Islam awakening helped by bumi non malay to end the 53 years of corruption by UMNO and some Sultan the munafik defender of Islam. If you cannot prove them innocent then you are guilty….this is the beauty of Malaysian muslim Judges and their insult to Islam…..For the sake of Islam tulin….look at Nik Aziz life style …otherwise Usah cakap pasal Islam lagi. Islam UMNO = Islam Munafik!! sungguh sedih 3 juta melayu ikut Islam Munafik!!…Masih ada masa bertaubat dan ikut jalan yang benar!!…lebih baik ikut agama lain kalau 53 tahun Merdeka tak ada perubahan langsung dari semua segi……cuba baut macam Lina Joy kalau tahu apa apa dia Kebebasan!! Even scarier melayu UMNO tak tahu erti Islam…lagi perlu bangsa dan agama lain ajar awak ciri2 baik Islam….Malu tak??


            • Tak usahlah cakap tak serupa bikin Bumi Non Malay… a non muslim like you trying to teach Islamic teachings but at the same time accused without providing any proof of your earlier allegation. Up till now, several comments have passed and you still unable to furnish us with your proof of what you had alleged. Instead, you hid behind some pretext of ‘Malaysian law’? What law is that? I never heard of any law provisions that enable someone to make an accusation without any proof. Even making false police reports will lead you into trouble. Therefore BNM, you have cornered yourself into a tight spot. The only way to get out is just to apologise and promise not to repeat the accusation (of all Umno leaders sending their children to private schools). And yes, Umno is corrupt. That is why Barisan Nasional lost a lot of seats in 2008. I even wrote many articles about their abuse of power. But what redeemed themselves is the fact that they are trying to improve themselves. The opposition especially the DAP on the other hand, regressed into a corrupt, abusive, uncouth political party after 2008. Led by a dictatorial leader who until now, you fail to see the transgressions he had made. So, the 2nd half of your comment is redundant. You are just trying to divert the issue just to cover up your ‘terlajak kata’. Since you are trying to preach all of us Muslims from your high horse, I urge you to just climb down before people find you irrelevant. Thank you.


            • Haiya BNM
              Your comments smack of a TEMPLATE prepared for all PR cybertroopers. You use Islam to hit back at Muslims – this is the “Beat them at their own game” strategy or “Play by their rules”. Next you use the “Divide and Rule” strategy by praising sky high TGNA against UMNO in terms of Islamic lifestyle and credentials. PAS malai-lembus may buy into your argument but UMNO intellectuals are actually at this moment in time, pitying you really. You poor deprived, pathetic, frustrated, lost soul (obvious to many here).

              You also konon-konon empathise with the poorer Malays who were supposedly cheated by UMNOputras and the Sultans who were depicted as having a lavish lifestyle. This strategy of the “green-eyed monster” actually worked on the chinese, who can’t stand others who are more well-off than themselves. Remember, Khir Toyo’s mansion cost him his seat. Then you also brought in Lina Joy, “Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia type Islam awakening” to build up a case of imagined lack of freedom.

              “the beauty of Malaysian muslim Judges” – what mumbo jumbo is this? Hullo frustrated BNM, the 4 witnesses are 3rd parties who accuse other people of sins. This does NOT apply to VICTIMS!! Anyway today’s technology has enabled DNA evidence as proof of sodomy (special reference to Anwar Ibrahim – who can do no wrong to his “financially-sponsored” blind followers.

              Go get a life, or meditate to rid your soul of so much toxin. Malaysia is STILL a blessed land.


            • What “all my evidence” is this “bumi non malay” talking and what Malaysian laws is he referring to?

              Is this fellow a joker of sorts or a loose gun who shoots in all directions or an anarchist who simply wants to cause anger, hate retribution? He does not provide any proofs despite being told to in the past, keep on his wild accusations that “UMNO Leaders sent their children together with Sultan and Agong to private English Schools and to overseas” and simply say “its up to you and your UMNO cyber Losers to prove your innocent by specifying which UMNO leaders today do not send their children to private schools, to overseas or not corrupted TODAY”. He must have come from the Lim Kit Siang crowd.

              And he says “As far as I am concern that is nothing wrong” – that which includes corruption. And we have been hitting at corruption irrespective of whether it is done by UMNO, MCA, DAP, PAS or PKR. Really anarchistic bloke this “bumi non malay” guy is.


          • This bumi non-malay is troubled with not just this article but with a lot in life, with society at large. His problem appears to be not mixing with the larger crowd, cocooned with the Lim Kit Siang crowd, hence developing a myopic, narrow, always oppositionist view of what the world is all about, of what this country is about.

            His circle of contacts is limited, the literature he is exposed to is mainly the DAP Rocket, Rocket and nothing but the wrong-trajectory Rocket. Like the computer, they used to say, garbage in, garbage out, and he consequently puts out garbage views.

            Saying “Orang Asli is the true bumiputera”, he should be reading the books that I see have been recommended to him – “Tamadun Alam Melayu” and “The Malay Civilization” published by the Historical Society of Malaysia. He should know the history of this country and the origin of the Malays, the Orang Asli, the Bumuputeras of Sabah and Sarawak being of the same Rumpun Melayu as written by the many experts and explained in the books. Reading one of those would put him in the proper perspective, enabling him to see this country Malaysia from at least an in-context Malaysian view. He should also read the Malaysian Constitution so that he’ll know the bumi he is on.

            Then again, he may be out on an agenda of insulting Islam as he keeps harping on that “is becoming a Norm these days”. He is strongly advised not to do so as it’d lead to serious religious conflicts, and leave the matter of the Christian pastors meeting in Penang to the Police investigations.


        • BNM,
          “like UMNO support of Chua Soi Lek and previously Vijindran in Sex Video”

          Who supported it? May I also know your view on Pakatan leaders on Anwar Ibrahim’s sex video scandal, please…

          ~ OnDaStreet


          • Dear Ondastreet,

            BNM was just typing without thinking since he has no relevant points to counter argue.

            Thank you.


  4. What Tuan? That Yong Teck Lee and his SAPP are nothing more than UMNO dogs. No respect need be reserved for them.



    • Criticising Lim Kit Siang is equivalent to being an Umno dog?

      It seems, even Kit Siang’s supporters have no respect for other human beings.

      And they think they are better than everyone else in Malaysia.

      Thank you.


    • are you saying that SAPP should be DAP’s dog instead? wtf man. I dont believe SAPP is anybody’s dog. considering JMD’s reputation, you should be smarter than this to read and reply’s in his blog.


    • Vincent Ang,

      You related to Vincent Tan, ah? At first glance just now I tot you were Vincent Tan, haha. Jangan marah, early morning attempt at brightening the day lah.

      But don’t call people dogs lah, Vincent. Don’t take away but GIVE respect lah, man. If don’t have anything good to say, just keep quiet. But have something not good to say oso can say, but say in the proper manner lah. Give the facts or supporting statements lah.

      I’m trying to say something good here. Not much, but at least ask people like you to comment appropriately lah. Can say things in sarcastic manner and so on. Or state the cold facts but give the facts. And the facts must be verifiable lah. Then readers, including me, will have a brighter day.

      Have a good day, Vincent.


  5. Terrible. This is the man who, since 1965 when DAP was formed, has uttered and behaved in an uncouth and gangsterish manner. Lack of respect for not only other Malaysians but also the Constitution of the country.

    Flagrant in his statements, stubborn in his stand, uncompromising in his attitude, insolent in his mentality. ISA detention had restrained but not changed him. He continued the so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan designed to subvert and erode the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. Asking for equality without acknowledging that Special Position.

    Age does not wither him nor custom stale his infinite variety. But not of his beauty as Shakespeare described Cleopatra for he has none of that. Instead, he has that sombre, menacing and ghastly look as his photos show.

    This is the man who has brought about a lot of problems in the country. His kind of seditious speeches during the General Elections of 1969 had contributed greatly to the 13 May race riots. The hate he spewed that seeped into the minds of the young, including those in Chinese schools that DAP support, has been a major cause of the racial polarization in the country to-day.

    For so long as he exists, God, have mercy on us.


    • The question is: what do we do about this Lim Kit Siang fellow?

      We cannot just leave it to God. We cannot allow him free rein in his racist politics, chauvinistic, divisive and subversive so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan, not respecting the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumis of Sabah and Sarawak, going places instigating the rakyat with anti-national statements, inflammatory speeches and ultra kiasu urgings.. We need to think of how to get rid of him – in lawful ways, of course.

      Here are some suggestions (repeated here even if already voiced out in the past):

      1. Keep writing on and hitting out at his bad words and deeds. List out his past wrongs like those that led him to ISA detention and and those that contributed to the 13 May 1969 race riots. Put them out from time to time.

      2. Keep urging the authorities to nab him the moment he transgresses any of the existing laws. The Police should not give him the benefit of the doubt because his records have been clear since he was hauled to Kamunting the last time. The AG should not wait until there are “reasons beyond any doubt” because that is the job of the Judges to determine. Slap him with the relevant charges so long as there are “sufficient reasons” to think he has broken the law.

      3. Get him watched closely, have Big Brother On the Wall on him, Singapore Lee Kuan Yew-style. Observe each and every utterances and actions he makes, particularly in respect of his support for communist terrorist Chin Peng to enter Malaysia. See if he is in contact with any of past or present communists, supporters or sympathisers.

      Yes, Kit Siang and his goons will denounce such acts on him. But then, he would have been shouting at the slightest indication of such acts even on terrorist suspects in the country, wouldn’t he?

      Get the facts, the record of his activities, contacts and utterances. Just scoff at his accusation of lack of freedom or detention without trial because even the Americans practice that in Guantanamo Bay (about 200 detainees there at the last count). After all, his mentor who he admires like a demi-God – Lee Kuan Yew – and his running dogs do the same things and would keep ISA in Singapore forever.


  6. I can’t see why the comments from the Chinese especially, are getting “mentally slow”, “amazed, confounded” and “struck of senseless” day by day.

    Malays are very accommodating to “accept” YOU as it is, in this beloved country – where you gain your wealth and through legal and (more of) vice activities here.

    There is a saying – Usul menunjukkan Asal. Meaning, “What you proposed shows your origin, where you came from”. Maybe it’s too hard for you to understand, but the history is there for you to see, and hopefully, can make some senses out of it, as WE cannot be accommodating for too long.

    Thank you.


  7. Jebat, as usual you conpletely miss the point. By comparison, if Kit Siang is bad, what do you have to say of the folks who have been raping malaysia inside out all this time? Not much you can say I guess. By the way, you type very well. Very well indeed for someone who has his head deep inside UMNO’s arse.


    • Thank you for visiting this blog time and time again. The need to give comment is a sure sign that you DO want to defend your dictator leader against this article and the hoard of comments that had further criticised Kit Siang. But the fact that Kit Siang did a boo-boo on public relations signifies the dictatorial tendencies which only real DAP members would know. This you fail to see and missed the point altogether for the letter ‘D’ in DAP is in fact stands for the word ‘Dictatorial’ Action Party. I believe you have been brainwashed to see this as a highly valued virtue. Come on, Idiot, let’s see some fair assessment here without diverting the issue. Can we at least hear a tiny squeak of criticism towards your exalted leader? Too afraid huh? Are you afraid that he might get angry at you for speaking out just a little bit?

      I have always criticised Umno for the excessive wastages and corruption they had committed and for being wayward in their struggle and objectives. Some of those whom you perceived that have ‘raped’ Malaysia are in PKR and PAS now after they jumped ship due to greed of power. Thank you.


  8. Man, why don’t this dinosaur just go into extinct mode already. He looks like he’s all made up for the wooden box or in this case that oven . Yes this commy will go down in history as one of our biggest troublemakers no doubt.


  9. LKS is sure of 100% votes from the Chinese which is what? 30% of rakyat Malaysia? plus 100% votes from Indians which is what? 12%?

    That’s 42%.

    Which leaves 57% Malays split into PAS, UMNO and PKR. Lets say 20% each?

    PAS plus PKR make 40%.

    WOW! That is 82% supporters for non-Barisan ally.

    Little wonder LKS is so sure of making his way to Putrajaya come next GE.

    Hence the early celebration(?) Perhaps the Christian for PM issue does have some meat.

    WOW! I am already imagining my kampung will be developed like KL. 3G internet ..hohoho … boleh tengok youTube!

    hmmmm ….


    • koolmokcik,

      Have to disagree with you, Madam. Though you may be cynical of the DAP, don’t want the simple arithmetic to be lauded as propaganda by the kiasu fellas.

      Despite the repetitive method of teaching (whatever they call it) at Chinese schools, there are many of those who can’t count well, or read between the lines. Chauvinist Deputy Education Minister Wee wee himself announced 1-2 years ago the 30% SRJK dropouts from SKs before SPM – I saw somewhere some one argued it as 25%, whatever.

      Lim Kitty Siang has been banking on the ultra kiasus’ support. Not all Chinese are ultra kiasu. He will beat the drums, thump his chest, even bang his b…. excuse me, Madam, I won’t dare print that word out much as I want to in expressing my utter disgust at his species. But he will not get all the Chinese votes.

      The only problem is Malay unity. And the slimy Lim will continue to exploit that to the fullest, and zealously guard PAS from teaming up with UMNO, worse than the way DAP Ngeh and Ngo did to PAS Nizar when being Perak MB for a short while some time ago.


  10. I can be an admirer or a dissenter. But I haven’t seen comments from people like tempawan, vinan, bumi non-Malay, head hunter and the like to admire or dissent so far in this post’s comment section.

    Anything to say in defence of Lim Kit Siang? Silence denotes consent to what’s written above?

    I promise I won’t kill the messenger of bad news. But I can’t guarantee I won’t flick the ears of whoever adds nasty untruths to the facts contained in the news.

    Sounds a bit like challenging them, doesn’t it? Come on, guys, bring in the news. It’s a hot topic – Lim Kit Siang. Some say the more you say of him, the more popular he becomes. Let’s see if that’s true, haha.


  11. LKS can never be a LKY. You know why? He is living,eating,politiking,sleeping,working in a land called Malaysia. A land where malay kings exist and reside. Where UMNO will NEVER let any party snatch their power. Remember this even the “great” LKY were asked to leave cos’ the new generation does not welcomed him anymore. What is LKS political power worth?….NOTHING. he is a FEATHER -WEIGHT compared to LKY. The only similarity between them are that both are equally racist. It is quite comical watching his political antics to drive a wedge between UMNO and PAS.

    The only thing that drives LKS to last this long is that his racist tendencies toward anything and everything malay. He will not close his eyes peacefully until he sees a DIVIDED malay and a united chinese. That is his ultimate goal. So PAS supporter has to wake up early and see who is sleeping on their bed. Lessen your hatred towards UMNO then the road to unity is ahead.


  12. During the last Sarawak State Election, I attended one of the ceramah by DAP in Hui Sing Garden, Kuching. One of the DAP candidates, Mr. Wong King Wei was giving speech and in the middle of his speech, I saw Lim Kit Siang came up of the stage and waved to the crowd. Mr. Wong has to stopped half way, it must have been embarrassing for him and I see it as a sign of disrespect Lim Kit Siang has for even his fellow Sarawakian DAP candidates. After the election, I follow Lim Kit Siang’s twitter, most of the things he posted is about the negative things of Malaysia. Yes, maybe as an opposition leader, one of his role is to find out the weakness, misdeeds and faults of the ruling government, but I find Lim Kit Siang has very little constructive things to say about the government. Furthermore, DAP and their supporters are getting arrogance. To me, DAP style of politics is only playing up the sentiments without really giving a feasible solution for the future of Malaysian chinese. If you buy in everything they said about Malaysian, you maybe depressed enough to see migration as the only way out of all this hopelessness. I think majority of DAP supporters are angry and frustrated chinese because the world according to DAP is a extremely unfair and hopeless one. Barisan has it shortcomings but it is a national front that has worked and is capable of change. Pakatan Raykat style of politics that is based on hatred , sarcastic and divisive is not something that this country need.


    • Thanks for sharing, my friend.

      Respect is not a word much in Lim Kit Siang’s mind ever. Or his followers and supporters in the DAP. Right from the time the so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan was concocted until now. No respect for various aspects of the Constitution in that subversive and racist slogan.

      True, as an opposition leader, his role is to hit out at the weaknesses, misdeeds and faults of the ruling government. But he does it completely out of proportion and hit out at anything with Malay dominance – the Civil Service, the Police, the Army and all. And he said it in an emotional manner, trying to appeal to the racial sentiments of the crowd. He has even been dragged to Kamunting Detention Centre under ISA but, being the arrogant and defiant fellow that he is, he never learnt, and would never do. As JMD said in his post article, he even offended the tuan rumah in Sarawak.

      I agree with you that “DAP style of politics is only playing up the sentiments without really giving a feasible solution for the future of Malaysian chinese”. I think he cares not for the future of the Malaysian Chinese but only for himself and his dynasty – his son, his daughter, his grandchildren, who have probably been already imbibed with his kind of values. He just want power and it has often been said that he has been and is dictatorial in DAP. Just look at DAP Selangor Exco Ronnie Liu, being kicked out of Selangor DAP C’ttee. Of course he’ll say it’s democracy at the Selangor DAP election but many DAP people know his mechanism for kicking out and supporting Theresa Kok etc.

      Soon another Selangor DAP Exco, Ean Yong, will be discarded from the DAP line up. Yong has become a liability to the DAP as the Commission of Inquiry to the Teoh Beng Hock death has shown. One DAP Chinese entrepreneur has testified that Yong was the one who decided on tender prices for Selangor Municipality contracts. MACC has been investigating corruption that pertained to his Exco expenditure.

      It’s heartening to hear it from a Chinese like you that “the majority of DAP supporters are angry and frustrated chinese because the world according to DAP is a extremely unfair and hopeless one.” The key words are “the world according to DAP”. Fully support your view that “Pakatan Raykat style of politics that is based on hatred , sarcastic and divisive is not something that this country need.”


  13. Bro. JMD,
    As a Malay, I find LKS’s OVER-ZEALOUSNESS in menouvering the DAP to power in Malaysia is DISTURBING. We do not see such AMBITIONS among other ‘overseas Chinese’ neighbouring countries including Indonesia, the Filipines and Thailand.
    The only other Chinese leader with such RAGING AMBITIONS is none other than Comrade CHIN PENG, the exiled leader of the banned Malayan Communist Party(MCP).
    Whilst Chin Peng’s MCP attempted to take over the country from the Malays by the FORCE OF ARMS, LKS’s DAP threaded a DEMOCRATIC MEANS.
    Despite their differences in MEANS, Chin Peng and LKS share the SAME VISION, Chinese-dominated rule over Malaysia.
    To my fellow Malays/Muslims, always be aware of their COMMON VISION, and do not ever get FOOLED by them.
    That explains why they are NEVER CONSTRUCTIVE in their critisms and opposition to the Government.


  14. a) lim kit sing merely made overtures to a hostile takeover of sapp. third rate economist would not understand this. this is an opportunity for dap to become more relevant in sabah.
    b) umno themselves gobbled up berjaya and usno in sabah. so why the hypocrisy.
    c) whatever rudeness kit siang spoke of, pales in comparison to jmd and supporters in trying to deny others to their religious freedom in using certain foreign words to describe god and many more.
    d) despite this, the sabahans are gracious enough to host jmd. in the old days, his head would have been hunted and become a collection in some warriors waist belt.
    e) keamatan without the rice wine is meaningless.


    • Tempawan,

      a) Making overtures is okay. But not through this unrefined and insolent behaviour towards its own partner. See the difference?
      b) See my point A above. It’s not about hypocrisy Tempawan. I am mystified why you are condoning this type of behaviour? Did you read the articles in SAPP official website I linked in this article. All of them are criticising Kit Siang’s behaviour!
      c) I thought this issue has been resolved with the local in Sabah and Sarawak can use their malay bibles? Did I ever made such rude remarks?
      d) A violent kind of thinking this one Tempawan. Luckily Lim Kit Siang did not face this fate when he gave that rude talk. What do you think Tempawan? Should he be beheaded? What do you think? I believe all Sabahans are loving people and kind towards Malaysians. I believe only you have this kind of unintelligent response towards a proper discussion. You are living in Kuala Lumpur now. Nobody tries to hunt your head no matter how insidious you are.
      e) Probably. But you weren’t really there to find out.


      • “Nobody tries to hunt your head no matter how insidious you are.” Touche.

        Hahaha JMD, it is precisely because his head is so devious that professional headhunters won’t waste time and effort to add his scalp to their collection.


      • last year,i was invited to keamatan festival in kl held at Flamingo hotel and pairin and gang was there. the rice wine was free flowing. this year, we decided to drink beer at taman desa. low key but merry.


    • Aiiyyya tempawan, why laik dat one. The Kalimah Allah issue is before the Appeal Court lah, and people been trying to find out ways to resolve the matter amicably lah. Why want to raise it here sommore?

      Why accuse “jmd and supporters trying to deny others to their religious freedom”? What “deny religious freedom” are you talk about, man? You dunno ah that Allah is an Arabic word that in the Middle East it is natural for the Christian Arabs to use it but that in Malaysia it is a Muslim word that Christians should not use as the Christian God takes the form of the Holy Trinity of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. And you dunno ah that Allah is the Muslim God that is ONE AND ONLY, not in any other form.

      The Malay word Tuhan is already adequate to describe the Christian God and its Trinity, so why want to be intransigent? Live and let live lah, you all use the term Tuhan when translating the Bible, and let the Muslims use the word Allah.

      After all, the Constitution says Islam is the religion of the country. Give respect to the Constitution and what is stated in the Constitution as far as that subject goes lah.

      And don’t talk about “jmd … in the old days, his head would have been hunted and become a collection in some warriors waist belt.” People can say all sorts of uncouth things about you and against you, you wouldn’t like it, would you?

      Be civil, man. Have some decency and decorum when putting out your views here.


      • a) If i am not mistaken, the constitution can be changed if it has support of 2/3 of the house. islam is not the official religion. it is the religion of the federation. meaning, the federation , which does not breathe, is of islamic faith.

        b) statistics have shown that, according to muslim beleifs, all previous prophets before mohamed failed in their attempt to make mankind submit to “the God”. what makes you think mohamed was successful in delivering the true message? the chances his message was corrupted is very high,as shown by the christian and jewish example. it is up to each individual, to asses which is true and relevant, and which is false, by seeking “the God” for guidance, not the ulama. plus we have been given the eyes, ears and brains to think and use. so please make full use of it instead of watching porn on the net.
        very interesting article at and


        • Tempawan, you can inteprate any way you want it by not making it an official religion but redefine it to ” … of the federation” .By making it this way you sound a lot happier now that Islam has been down graded to another bottom level. But honestly, does it make you feel better? Does it make me angry or disheartened? People like you and the whole gang in DAP /PKR will always like to come out with something innovative like this.So what? you ging to get the 2/3 to change the constitution to change what? Make Christian the religion of the federation?This is DAP in the making..
          2ND IS , where the hell did you get this statistic about failure of other prophets? What makes you think that Mohammad is not succeed in delivering his message? If you dont, we are not bothered man! But just to let you know Islam has become the fastest growing religion in the US in the aftermath of the 911 incident.If you bring the ” christian and jewish ” examples then too bad , you are putting the 3 religions at logger heads out of sudden. Let the christians and jewish
          answer this..and better use your ears, eyes and brains for something worthful than arguing about Islam..


  15. JMD,
    I congratulate you for your well toned answers and counter attack on these DAP ass kissers.I think they might as well just end up in Singapore where they can join their big taiko or in a solitary island like AlCatraz where they can have a world of their own – chinese school, chinese culture ,chinese grave yard to the size of a low cost house, and all road signs in the names of their local heroes – Chin Peng, Lee Kuan Yew and many others.


    • Actually Suparyop
      Most red dot citizens are more AngMoh than chinese. They are labelled as the Bananas – yellow on the outside but white on the inside.


  16. Ray, Since they are the bananas, they wil show their true colors at the right time… come 2019 , they will celebrate the 200th of modern Singapore – kissing Stamford Raffles ass , right to the rectum. The same will happen in 2036 in Penang – this is the 250th celebration (1786 – 2036) of another white ass liar – Francis Light, if both PAP and DAP in power , they are definitely going to do it with a big bang..
    I remembered in 1986 , the Gerakan then tried to do some celebration in commenmorate of the 200th years (1786 – 1986) but had to put it off due to loud protest by UMNO then. It came out in the Rocket and DAP blasted Gerakan for being mere puppets /dancing to the tunes of UMNO.
    It ‘s no surprising that they remain dumb to the spirits of Datuk Bahaman, Datuk Naning, Tok Janggut , Mat Kilau and endless of other anti – British fighters.Now they got PKR and PAS dancing to their tunes!
    I hope we live long enough not to see these celebrations come true!


    • what is wrong celebrating the anniversary of the founding of a city? umno will protest as malays have never built a city in their life. all cities are built or founded by “others”, including melaka, which became a city after cheng ho, and gave the place protection, plus built shop houses and markets, ports etc
      a typical malay city could be the ones found in gurun, but some zealots won’t publicise it as it was built by those of hindu faith, and could be indians who came almost 1000 years ago.
      i would expect a typical malay city to be like angkor wat, but nothing like this emerged in the peninsular so far.


  17. ” Jebat, hati hati dengan bangsa yang bermata sepet dan bertocang ini,mereka ini rakus, sanggup rampas Taming Sari ” Lekir mengingatkan Hang Jebat , ketika mereka melihat sekumpulan pemuda , bergegas- gegas tanpa memberi laluan kepada orang lain ketika meniti jambatan itu.

    Petikan dari Bayangan Lakir-Hikayat yg tiada catatan dalam Sejarah Melaka


  18. We done want the celebration been done for the wrong reason and for the wrong man , got it? YOur opinion again reflect your DAP short sighted – always denial the malay – attitude. If you read the history of Tanah Melayu and the malay archipelago you will see a lot of cities , states and countries that have been created by previous malays sultanate that UMNO dont bother to protest about.
    And again , you demonstrate your true character – that the will always be chinese behind any malay achivements – just becos Cheng Ho paid a visit to Melaka and presto ! Melaka becomes a city .. I can imagine a stretch of china town and chinese secondary school with chinese assembly halls and other landmark of chinese civilisation – scratch and win , rumah urut , ubat kuat.. you can see ah long stickers on the road signs of every junctions leading to the Istana !Well at least you have that bukit cina!
    You dont find typical malay city in gurun,unless you specifically refer to Gurun Kedah! And yes we were once animism, hindu , buddhist and by now muslims if you find that difficult to accept.If you want to see a malay hindu then go to Bali where you find the rituals are more authentic than is what normally practiced by hindus in Malaysia.Lastly , if you cant find 1 typical malay city like Angkor, then it is not really an excuse to celebrate the arrival of white thieves and robbers


  19. This guy tempawan must be a uneducated guy from sekolah jenis-jenis.

    a) How come federation which does not breath is of islamic faith? Which do you try to insult? Islamic faith or constitution or our forefather? or all of them? This is definately LKS whoreshipper we’re dealing with.

    b) It’s funny when you said “statistic has show that..” No need statistic la. The failure of previous prophet now got statistic data? Where? What’s the median value? Are you drunk while writing your comment? People like you tempawan, pls do us a favor go and read other ppl history too, not only your own. It’s for your own good and make it hard to guess if you’re from sekolah kaum sejenis or not. Read the Islam history and prophet Muhammad SAW history, hopefully you will find the reasons that Al-Quran is not in any way altered or “failed to deliver the message” as you said it because it’s impossible to do so. Don’t compare Islam to Christian/Jewish, it just say out loud that you don’t know nothing.

    Also for the melaka part and gurun (where do you refer to? Lembah Bujang?), again pls educate yourself with the real history book not from the books from your sekolah kaum sejenis. Melaka become city after Cheng Ho? Where do you get the idea? And Lembah Bujang( I assume you mean that, and fyi long time ago gurun too under Lembah Bujang) was built by Indians 1000 yrs ago? Do you think the malays not capable of anything? I’m sorry to dissapoint you but Indians, Chinese, Parsi, Arab etc that came to Lembah Bujang found that the malays city were there at the foothill of Gunung Jerai and surrounding areas for centuries. The malay have skills and get paid to build the hindus temple. Just because the Hindu temples were there, don’t assume nobody was there and it was all jungle. They malays have long known and travel a shortcut road/river to pattani whereas the Indian, Chinese etc had to go all the way through the sea. By the help of the malays they were able to travel that road, if not they have to wait for the monsoon wind to change to continue the journey to “negeri atas angin” or “negeri bawah angin”. But do you know that? Of course, you, the product of sekolah kaum sejenis did not. Can sekolah kaum sejenis produce a product? DSAI might know.

    But sadly for the malays, as it always been and likely will be again, all the good hearts and welcoming arms has been paid by betrayal and jelously, the hindu king attacked and Lembah Bujang was history. If only the Malays learnt the lesson…ppl like tempawan will not be here except when the malays import him for slavery and his female friends for prostitution.

    Thanks JMD for the space and pls put strikethrough on slavery and prostitution.


    • Thanks Lone Ranger, your piece of mind could n’t have come at a better time and much sharper than mine! I gave my comments about this Tempawan statistic findings about the previous prophets acheivement.. this is the joke of the month! And your asking about the median really tickles me!! I think Tempawan had better give the lower control limit and upper control limit as well in a process control chart!


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