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Charity drive for Kerp’s wife

Today I read a posting at Rocky Bru where a wheelchair-bound blogger, Ahmad Daniel is seeking help for his dear wife who was diagnosed with kidney cancer.

I have never met this blogger (known affectionately as Kerp) before but I am very much touched with his story.

Kerp and Molee

Please click on the links provided above and lend a helping hand however you can. I am sure any kind of generosity will be much appreciated by him and his family. Thank you very much.

2 thoughts on “Charity drive for Kerp’s wife

  1. Saya berharap sangat perkara ini menyentuh bagi sesiapa yang membacanya dan mulakanlah dengan segera, maybank2u atau cimb clikc hanya di hujung jari kita. tiada alasan, sumbanglah dengan wang ringgit dan panjatkanlah doa…

    Saya dah buat.


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