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One School System – It’s now or never

If you are one of the many people that support the One School system, you can almost feel that this post is coming up.

For the past few weeks, there have been some positive development regarding this issue. After the sense of acute racial polarisation is about to take place here in Malaysia, the importance of a single stream education system, significantly at the primary level has begun to permeate in the psyche of ordinary Malaysians.

It is a simple and logical explanation and also the most profound solution for the problems on the lack of racial integration we have here in Malaysia.

Many hurdles were met along the way. The most disappointing and no less disparaging remark was the accusation from the opposition that those who support the One School system are racists.

In one hand, those who desire to see a more unified and integrated society are labeled as racists while on the other hand, those who support the chinese and tamil schools had labeled themselves as victims. Nevermind the fact that chinese and tamil schools are in fact, schools that were established based fundamentally and historically on racial grounds. But according to these opposition members, vernacular schools are not racist. The One School system is!

Are we racist in trying to get all our children to be together? I am sure we are not.

The opposition should just discontinue playing rhetorical taunts and decide if they want to support a more pertinent issue such as national unity and integration. Obviously, segregating the society into clusters of people instead of governing one seamless mass of people are much easier to do. Divide and conquer is an ageless tactic which had lent a helping hand to so many conquerors in this world.

And vernacular schools contribute greatly towards the segregation and polarisation of our society. This is undeniably the most telling symptom of our society. It is so undeniable that any effort to deny this can only be delivered through arguments incongruous with reason.

Take the reasons brought forth by DAP Youth Chief, Anthony Loke.

He argued that the proficiency of Bahasa Malaysia among the chinese is mainly due to the government’s failure in giving enough emphasis and assistance to those who were weak in the language.

He said:

“I think that probably this is because the learning of the language is not really enhanced in both the primary and secondary levels. 

“I am sure that there will be critics blaming the vernacular schools but I disagree… because even there, BM is a compulsory subject and after that, they go to secondary school where BM is even more prominent. There is just no proper programme in place to help these Chinese primary school students to adopt when in the secondary level,” he added.

We have a solution. That programme that Anthony Loke mentioned will be called the One School system.

A study was made by the National Union of Teaching Profession (NUTP) whereby it was revealed that significant number of secondary school dropouts with Chinese primary vernacular education have little, or zero, command of English or the national language. To be precise, it was found that one-third of students from those schools cannot understand either English or Bahasa Malaysia (BM) when they transfer to national secondary schools.

The inability to communicate in the national language stemmed from the limited interaction with other races. If at the early primary stage the children are handicapped by this social impediment, we can be certain that in later stage of life, prejudice and paranoia will arise and will make it difficult to integrate with one another.

This will happen not only among the children from chinese vernacular schools, but also among children from the tamil vernacular schools and the national schools where the malay students are dominant.

A further study albeit a simpler one was done by The Malaysian Insider recently to gauge the command of the national language among the chinese here in Malaysia.

The most profound data that was gathered revealed that about 26% of respondents do not understand Bahasa Malaysia at all. Close to 19% do not have to use Bahasa Malaysia at all or only use it less than three times in their daily lives.

This suggest that within the Chinese community, there is a significant class whose members only interact with those who speak Chinese.

It is just a matter of time when we have a complete segregation of society where the two main race will not interact with one another in a lifetime. Do we really want this?

Anthony Loke must be delusional if he still want to blame the government for not giving assistance for the students in chinese vernacular schools to increase their proficiency in Bahasa Malaysia. But then again it is not vintage DAP if they do not blame the government for everything.

The most cost effective way is for everyone to enrol in national school where Bahasa Malaysia is the main medium of instruction.

It does not make any sense for the government to pour more resources into vernacular schools just to strengthen  the usage of Bahasa Malaysia in mandarin medium schools.

For every ringgit given to vernacular schools, a ringgit loss for the national schools.

The trick Anthony Loke is playing is for the government to give more money to vernacular schools so that his politics will continue to survive. His racist tactic has always been the bread and butter for his political party.

Too bad the government would always fall for this trick. What the opposition do not want gullible Malaysians to know is that every year, the government is already spending more than RM1.8 billion to pay the salaries of teachers in the chinese and tamil vernacular schools.

That is RM1.8 billion wasted just to produce more polarisation in this country. Not to mention the millions already spent on infrastructures and on by election ‘gifts’.

Another ridiculous statement was issued by the DAP deputy secretary-general, Ngeh Koo Ham when he opined that ‘national integration had nothing to do with a person’s inability to converse in the language and explained that it was likely that many people saw it more beneficial to master English or Mandarin than BM

Ngeh noted the civil service was taken up by at least 80 per cent of Malays, causing the non-Malays to focus their attentions on obtaining jobs that do not require extensive knowledge of BM. 

“We master a language for the betterment of our future, like finding a good job, a good career and so on. So since many non-Malays do not opt for posts in the civil service where BM proficiency is required, their focus on learning the language is almost negligible,” he said.’

Bahasa Malaysia is the national language of Malaysia. The importance and the sanctity of this language is greatly determined by the way it is treated in the national education. If in a school where 90% of the time Bahasa Malaysia was not spoken then naturally, the students will not or cannot see the importance of it. This is a given.

If the students do not lay importance to it, coupled with the fact that there are minimal or zero interaction with students of other races, then almost certainly they will not master the national language. If you are unable to master the national language, you cannot join the civil service.

Therefore Ngeh Koo Ham made a malicious assumption where he asserted that because the civil service has 80% Malays, the non-Malays will not join it due to the fact that proficiency in Bahasa Malaysia is required.

Logically, the argument should be the other way around – due to the inability to converse well in Bahasa Malaysia, the non Malays failed the tests to enter the civil service leading to the burgeoning of Malays in the civil service.

This can again be traced to the existence of vernacular schools. The opposition especially the DAP frequently lamented about the unfair policies of the government and tried to colour their arguments with racial undertones when we can observe that the very core of their existence if to perpetuate their own racist politics. Working within the sphere of racism (whether playing the victim or in any other multiple levels of racial rhetorics) is the simplest and quickest way to gain prominence in national politics.

The DAP national vice-chairman Chong Chieng Jen joined this absurdity by strongly disagreeing  to the fact that national unity are affected by the Chinese community’s lack of proficiency in BM.

‘He pointed out that 30 years back, racial polarisation and segregation were less rampant than it is today despite the widespread lack of understanding of the BM language among the community. 

“Less people understood BM then but there was less segregation. People mingled better than they do today. “So at the end of the day, national unity and integration is more about fairer policies…. Barisan Nasional politicians should stop playing racial politics,” he said.’

I am not sure from which abyss he excavated this kind of logic. If there were less segregation and polarisation 30 years ago and yet the people back then understood Bahasa Malaysia even less than today, how on earth did we communicate with each other 30 years ago? Through sign languages?!

We had better national education system back then. There were less people that went to vernacular schools back then. That was why the society were less segregated. But in recent decades, the emergence of extremism in politics of both divide had destroyed our education system. The only way to go now is through a comprehensive and well coordinated effort to standardise the education system. We should start at primary level as the first phase.

The government recently announced that they are looking into the One School system to promote unity and harmony. It is high time that we should look into this.

Summarily, it was proposed that:

1) The first phase will be a co-ordinated exchange of programmes between vernacular and national schools

2) The second phase will be the introduction of a third language in both schools.

3) The third phase will be co-locating of schools and,

4) The final phase is the implementation of the 1School system.

Frankly, do we want our children to be segregated like this:

chinese vernacular school

tamil vernacular school

national school (mainly malays)

Or do we want to see like this:

Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua

Support Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua. Thank you everyone.



103 thoughts on “One School System – It’s now or never

  1. some weird old man or was it some articles remind me a saying that the malays are at their strongest when they are at their weakest. so i say, let them be multiple school system. when all these system failed, then proably…probably.. the malays or the government will realise the importance of bahasa and one school system.


    • It’d be too late, my dear chap.

      Cannot let them go on, cannot just wait for them to realize, for they might never realize, or do so only when the country is already heavily in tatters.

      The race riots of 1969 had already tattered the country a bit but let’s work towards building a nation beginning with the young studying in the same kind of schools, only national schools, using the same medium of instruction, the same syllabus and standard of passes, acquiring the same values, hopes and aspiration. No multi-types schools, no so-called multi-nations within a nation nonsense that the Dong Zong leaders spoke about.

      We must keep on urging, demanding, shouting and yelling for the single-stream schooling system or Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS).

      Now that there appears to be some movement, let’s echo the calls for more so that a momentum is built up. Let’s get the momentum going until SSS is in place. It’s for the sake of our future generations, for the sake of long-term harmony, uninterrupted peace, progress and prosperity in the country.

      Will be back here again when free.


    • Sir,

      Come to think of it, I disagree with your post title “It’s Now Or Never”.

      I think it will come about one day. Sooner or later. SSS has to come about. Whether by persuasion or whatever. Najib has said single stream schooling will be implemented “when the rakyat wants it”. There has been the suggestion that referendum is the best and safest way for him to determine whether the rakyat wants it done now or not.

      If he doesn’t do it now, we call for him to do it as soon as possible. Mebbe now he pening kepala so many divisive forces after Tun Do’ls “flip-flopping, auto-piloting and sleepy rule”. Mebbe after the general elections. Some say 11.11.11, his favourite numbers. I believe BN will win, mebbe even with 2/3 majority. If he doesn’t do it after the GE, we’ll call for him to be thrown out by his party. Get a firm and courageous leader.


  2. Salam,
    When I was lecturing at UTAR (2006-2009), I did embark on a self-funded research project among the neighbourhood kids in Section 17.
    My colleagues and I held a five-day programme in 2007 to assess their understanding of Merdeka and concept of nationhood. We found, among other things, that the kids from SRJK (C) encountered problems interacting with both the Malay and Indian kids.
    Their parents and teachers had high expectations about their charges’ performance in maths, science and the living arts and but no emphasis was given to community empathy or inter-ethnic mingling.
    I discovered that even exco members of MCA’s branch gave monetary and moral support to the SRJK (C) and fought for the re-opening of the school which caused traffic congestion in the narrow streets that lined the squatter neighbourhood around the abandoned police quarters.
    On our visit to the temporary class rooms held at a temple opposite the school, I found that the young principal was a Taiwanese who chose to speak English to us.
    It was not surprising to hear the Chinese parents made excuses about their children’s school load to discourage them from participating in subsequent modules at the community centre.
    And it must have been a resounding victory for Chinese school supporters when the SRJK (C) was allowed to re-open not long after that.
    In any event, I pray that common sense prevails and that more parents will support the ‘1Sekolah, 1Bahasa, 1Bangsa, 1Negara’ campaign.


    • Thank you very much indeed for sharing your own personal experience, BaitiBadarudin.

      We, participants at the Kempen SSS, have guessed, even known, all along that such things happen, such mentality exists. But telling your own experience here drives home the point that the authorities must really take action and work towards making SSS a reality in reasonably early time.

      Now that even the well known liberal democracies like Britain has abandoned multi-culturalism (British Prime Minister recently said “multi-culturalism is dead”, echoed by the German Chancellor and two other EU leaders), we must push on harder the message that especially in this frequently problematic inter-racial relations country, concrete measures at achieving national unity must be through the young – the school kids. The parents, exco members of MCA’s branch etc are a gone case as far as realizing such a need is concerned.

      The politicians who were responsible in the re-opening of the ackwarldy located school, too, can’t be expected to think of national unity beyond harping the words of what have been referred to as the “ultra kiasu”.

      But what attracted my attention most was the fact that the principal of the school was a Taiwanese who chose to speak English to you. How come he was allowed to be the Principal? Did he have a Work Permit? Are there not enough Malaysians who can speak Mandarin (as SRJKs teach in Mandarin) from among those who passed the Sekolah Menegah Kebangsaan Cina (61 in number at the last count) and had tertiary or teaching qualifications? Even if so, why appoint a Taiwanese who apparently could not even speak BM to be principal?

      The Chinese parents making excuses about their children’s school load to discourage them from participating in subsequent modules at the community centre is another clear indication of the ultra kiasu nature of these pendatangs. They resent being called pendatangs but their attitude, behaviour and actions are but just pendatangs. And calling new pendatangs to increase their number as in this case?

      We must keep on bringing such anomalies in thoughts and behaviour of the pendatangs to the authorities. Ask the authorities to start SSS so that future generations would think and behave less like pendatangs but more like loyal and Constitution respecting Malaysians.


      • local chinese have given up hope of getting into local u. they got thd taiwanese to brush up their mandarin for taiwan/china u. there are many malaysian success stories in taiwan entertainment industry. some even have electronic manufacturing.


        • really? preparing for taiwan / china universities?

          if then.. how come we can see lots of chinese studying in local colleges? even student from china and taiwan come here to study.. (unless they come under reason to study, but doing something else)..

          ~ OnDaStreet


      • Absolutely no rationale for this stand, tempawan. Are there not local Chinese owned/ operated universities? Where have you been all this while?

        You just disregard Bahasa Malaysia and the Constitution completely? Use a Taiwanese national to be principal of a sekolah rendah? So how many Taiwanese to teach them until reaching university?

        If you people don’t have any respect for the Constitution and the employment rules of this country, why not move to China or Taiwan where you can be sure of good Mandarin.


        • And if you go back to live in south China, don’t join the protests and demonstrations there against the Central Government enforcing the use of Mandarin all over the place.

          They held demonstrations in Canton, Hong Kong etc last year not wanting to use Mandarin there.

          Aiyoyo, you people always demonstrate kind, ha? Like DAP thugs and gangsters, ha? No permits also demonstrate ha? What kind of people are you? Do you know that even wrong spelling of Mandarin in your advertisement can get you into jail? Even death penalty because over there so many offences carry the death penalty.

          But if you want to stay here, better respect the laws here lah. Most important is the Constitution lah. It’s the highest set of laws in the country, you know. It says Bahasa Malaysia is the language of the country. Go to national schools, support SSS, just learn Mandarin as elective subject in national schools lah.


  3. Salam JMD,

    Saya juga ada menulis komen berkaitan artikel Malaysian Insider tersebut. Izinkan saya berkongsi dengan tuan –

    Bagi menutup kelemahan diri, pemimpin Dap cuba mempolitikkan isu Bahasa Kebangsaan dan Perpaduan kesan dari Sekolah cina. Bendanya senang sekali – nak bersatu kita kena berinteraksi, untuk itu kita kena bercampur dan berkomunikasi. Sekolah cina memisahkan ( bukan mencampurkan anak-anak ) dan sekolah cina meminggirkan Bahasa Kebangsaan sehingga produk yang dihasilkan majoritinya lemah dalam Bahasa Kebangsaan.

    Sekolah cina menjadi kelangsungan kepada cara hidup cina yang berkelompok, mengasingkan diri dari bercampur dengan kaum Melayu. Dengan pengiktirafan UEC oleh IPT dalam dan luar negara, disokong oleh majikan2 cina yang mengalu-alukan kaum sendiri menjadi pekerja, maka tidak ada keperluan langsung bagi mereka ini untuk mahir dalam Bahasa Kebangsaan apatah lagi bercampur dengan kaum Melayu.

    Akhirnya setiap kaum diMalaysia walaupun disokong supaya mencari ‘The Best’ dari apa yang mereka boleh sumbangkan melalui 1Malaysia, masing-masing punya halatuju tersendiri…. setiap kaum punya haluan masing-masing. Bagus sangatlah tu..

    Saya cadangkan kita lebih gunakan terma ‘Bahasa Kebangsaan’ dari bahasa Malaysia supaya ia tampak neutral. Walaupun Bahasa Malaysia itu sendiri mewakili negara tapi persepsi rakyat lebih mengaitkannya kepada bangsa Melayu.


  4. A single school system is the right of a sovereign nation.

    China did not impose Tupong Hua as a cultural tool but rather as an integration tool.

    The DAP and the Chinese chauvinists are total idiots to think they preserve their culture by learning Tupong Hua while in fact they should preserve Hokkien and their own dialects..ironic..they are killing their own culture.

    I also pray for a single school system. This will be inevitable as the Chinese dwindle in numbers…leave them in their chauvinist enclaves..let them migrate to silly SIngapore and Australia…the real cohesive Malaysia will move on without them if we must.


    • Look at the comment above which says in China they don’t want to speak Mandarin. Even protested against the Beijing Government enforcing the strict law on the use of Mandarin in the country.

      Depa pelik punya orang. Ultra kiasu orang kata. Only a small minority in the country.

      But SSS must go its way. We’ll keep shouting for it until it becomes a reality.


  5. I come from the same state as , DAP national vice-chairman Chong Chieng Jen. Generally, his observation that 30 years back, racial polarisation and segregation were less rampant is true. In Kuching , English language used to be the language used in Missionary school like St Joseph and St Thomas where chinese and malays interact. The common language was English. In the rural areas, like Sri Aman, Kapit, Limbang the chinese speak excellent local malay dialects and iban language and intermarriage among races are common. Between races, we achieved more than racial tolerance, we have racial harmony which still exist.
    As of his assertion that Barisan Nasional leader is responsible for racial polarisation, my personal observation and belief is Sarawakian Chinese begin to be polarised and segregated after DAP started in August 1978. DAP style of politics that dig out every little things that is not fair by the BN is one of the key reasons that Sarawakian Chinese feel so badly treated and see evils in very government efforts. A case in point, some chinese students who scored straight A didn’t get JPA scholarship, this make the headlines in newspaper as a sign of government not living up to the promises. As of the majority of got the scholarship, no one come up to say a word of thanks .


    • Thank you for the comment. One part of it – “In the rural areas, like Sri Aman, Kapit, Limbang the chinese speak excellent local malay dialects and iban language and intermarriage among races are common. Between races, we achieved more than racial tolerance, we have racial harmony which still exist.”

      These days, this thing is uncommon due to the multiple education streams even at the primary levels. Thank you.


        • After observing all around me, I believe the muslims, especially the malay muslims have integrated well with other races. I see a lot of intermarriages between malay muslims and other races that I am beginning to think that the malays are indeed an international race.

          There are so many pan-asians whose either mom or dads are non-malays that had married malays. Tip of the icebergs are the so many artists that we see these days. Stephen Rahman Hughes, Sarimah Ibrahim, Ramona Rahman, Harith Iskandar, Deanna Yusuff and many, many more.

          And these are just the visible ones. There are many other half malays scattered all over the world. I believe the malays are the most inclusive race we can see on the planet which comes from intermarriages.

          Just some food for thought.

          Thank you.


    • You put out a very interesting observation. Thank you for sharing it with us. We could only guess that was the case. But hearing it from you makes our past assumptions and belief become credible.

      I’m proud to have a fellow Malaysian like you. Alert to and concerned about the machinations of others out to drive a wedge among us reasonable Malaysians. DAP has been racist and divisive since the days immediately after Lee Kuan Yew and PAP were thrown out of Malaysia in 1965. Lim Kit Siang took over the reins with DAP flogging the racist line.

      DAP’s role in the 1969 race riots in the Peninsular was clear. The White Paper produced by the National Operations Council that administered the country during Emergency Rule that was declared after the riots said so. Tengku A Rahman also spoke about that in his writing and in his speeches after retirement.

      Let’s work towards avoiding another racial flare up in any part of the country. Let’s speak against racism. Let’s support moves to get our young study, mix and develop common values in one and the same kind of school throughout the country. Let’s build this country into a really Malaysian entity politically and socially.


      • Forgot to put Sarawakian Chinese name at the top of my comment above. My admiration goes to him for his responsible views.

        Also to JMD whose responsible views are well known in this blog of his and elsewhere where I occasionally see him comment.


    • The only way to achieve racial harmony is to abolish Islam as the mandatory religion if another race marries a muslim. If we are talking about racial unity, then we must allow freedom of religion, then only 1 Malaysia will be successful, be it using BM, Eng, Ch or Tam. If God allows freedom of choice, who are we to say otherwise?


  6. Brilliant! Sir, maybe u could write about the Legal aspect of those vernacular schools. Since BM is the national language, do those schools teaching in other languages violate our Constitution? Tq. Have a nice holiday!


  7. We the nons do not wish to be part of your pseudo-Islamic school cum racist anti- anything that is not Malay schools. We want to make sure our kids are immunized against your racist/religion ‘Ketuanan’ rubbish before we send them to the secondary school.


    • Hah, this vinnan bloke again. Long time disappeared, now appearing again accusing others of being racist when he is is the biggest racist of all.

      Actually no need to respond to the fellow. Just wanna let readers know that he should not be allowed to say anything he likes without being told off, which he now is.


      • So, it can be said that the essence of vernakular school is to brainwash the children. It’s a propaganda machine, subversive at it core. I’ve never doubt, that’s the real reason for it. If it sink a bit lower, it’s a communis traning ground already.


    • Aney,

      Please send your kids to the tamil schools as you are a nuisance as always.

      Or if you are a non-indian hiding behind an indian name, make sure you stay up all night at your PC to grab that free one way Air Asia ticket to Macau.


    • Yeah vinnan

      I’m sure you also don’t want to be thrown into the caste system where the ‘untouchables’ have no rights at all. At least Ketuanan Melayu has allowed you to live in a relatively peaceful and definitely caste-free environment.

      Be thankful that you, your relatives and your descendants CAN ENJOY personal freedom and choice in this blessed land. In case you conveniently forget, there are Indians among the wealthiest in Malaysia.

      Ketuanan Melayu simply means the Malays were the original landlords. The Malays MUST have been shrewd enough, even in the early days to recognise that the “kaum pendatang dan keturunan mereka” like yourself are the aggressive ingrates that will bite the hand that feeds.

      So wise as they are, they had penned into the constitution the SPECIAL STATUS of bumiputeras – to protect the gracious landowners against blatant land and power grab.

      Now if you have nightmares with Ketuanan Melayu, you’re most welcome to inherit once again your caste system which is being practised even today back in your traditional homeland.


  8. DAP politicians have always looked up to their singapore counterparts. But in this case where there are no more vernacular schools in singapore, why the reluctance to follow suit? Why the insistence to cling on to vernacular schools?

    The latest move to better recognise teachers’ contributions is a good sign. More funds should be channeled into national schools for effective results in terms of quality graduates being churned out. This may just be the trick to get these non-Malay students to enrol into national schools.

    A relook into curiculum content, methods of teaching, parental support and involvement thru Teacher-Parent dialogues, latest educational technology to create a dynamic learning environment might just help raise the quality bar.


  9. So much had been said about lack racial integration and gradualy broder range of polarization among the Malaysian ,and it actually an neglected issue or I would say a long overdue issue that had never been over come objectively and acordingly due to lack of political will ,to put ting right for lesser problem ahed.
    I would say that UMNO should be blamed for thier wrong aproched and inability to presue for the infortant of fuature of national interest and making national intrest above the feeling of sentiment and sensitivity. As a dominent member of Barisan UMNO should forget thier soft aproched that they had been praticing all along , too considering of sentiment and sensitivity to the extant of compromising with everything belive, that could creat negative sentiment and feeling among the Chinese especially and the Indian, after all they had chosen to be Malaysian and it’s goverment responsibilities to make sure that adept themself properly as Malaysian, not taking Malaysia as port of call for self economic interest.

    I belive ,if no concrete steps are taken polarization among the races in Malaysia will be gradually brooden, no matter how much billion you pump out to satisfied thier feeling but forgeting or neglecting the basic factor of integration among the races are,if they could minggled and talk to each other polarization would be menimum and that only could be achived through ONE SCHOOL SYSTEM.

    1sekolah 1bahasa 1Malaysia


  10. Bila di sentuh tentang isu ini, setiap kali saya akan merasa marah, kecewa dan sedih. Mengapa orang-orang cina dan india terlalu degil dan terlalu payah untuk membuka hati dan minda mereka? Bukan untuk orang lain tetapi untuk masa depan anak-anak kita yang masih tidak kenal apa-apa, yang masih putih dan bersih fikirannya. Ibu-bapa apakah seperti ini? Yang sengaja menjahanamkan masa depan generasi muda kita yang sepatutnya telah lama belajar, bermain dan duduk bersama-sama. Malah lebih marah lagi apabila memikirkan tindakan ibu-bapa yang tidak bertanggungjawab ini akan turut memberi kesan kepada kita yang lebih terbuka dan rasional pemikirannya. Kita pun turut sama terpalit, sedangkan mereka yang membawa lumpur.

    Tidak dapat diterima dan tak mampu diproses dek akal, untuk apa sekolah jenis kebangsaan perlu dipertahankan. Tiada apa yang baik datang darinya. Tak perlulah diberi segala alasan-alasan yang dangkal dan bodoh yang telah banyak dihamburkan dari mulut DAP. Semua itu telah dipatahkan dan hanya alasan semata-mata. Saya bertanya, apa yang sebenarnya berada di dalam hati kamu orang-orang cina dan india. Apa sebenarnya? Terlalu payahkah untuk membantu melakukan kebaikan?

    Kadang-kadang saya berasa kedegilan mereka ini semacam satu “act of war”. Sengaja mengundang kegelisahan dan provokasi dikalangan rakyat malaysia yang lain. Sengaja cuba menghalang gagasan untuk mengutuhkan perpaduan di kalangan generasi muda masa depan. Tidak “act of war” kah ini? Percubaan untuk melingkupkan masa depan negara, bangsa dan anak-anak kita?

    Untuk kalangan yang menyokong, sudah tiba masanya satu NGO perlu ditubuhkan khusus untuk SSS supaya segala tenaga dan usaha boleh digunakan dengan lebih cekap dan berkesan; dan yang paling penting ialah supaya suara kita lebih lantang dan kuat demi anak-anak kita.

    Thanks JMD for the space.


    • Saya fikir ini tidak semestinya “an act of war”. Hanya apa yang dipanggil “ultra kiasu” atau apa yang telah diinterpretasikan sebagai “tidak mahu ketinggalan, tidak mahu kalah, sangat mementingkan diri sendiri”.

      Sejarah mereka dinegeri Cina sentiasa menentang pemerintah. Diabad 19 banyak yang menentang kuasa asing cuba masuk menguasai mereka, seperti British, German dll. British memaksa mereka beli dadah opium dari British India untuk mengseimbangkan dagangan mereka membeli kain sutera, porcelain dll dari China. Sehingga tercetus perang yang dipanggil Opium War dimana Hong Kong ditakluk, dipulang keChina hanya 20 tahun yang lalu.

      Tabi’at menentang dan membangkang itu sudah seolah olah semula jadi. Di Malaya Dong Zong menentang Bahasa Melayu sebagai Bahasa Kebangsaan sejak sebelom Merdeka lagi. Selepas Merdeka Perlembagaan menyemadikan Bahasa Melayu di Perkara 152. Ditentang mereka. Sekarang katanya heboh diakhbar Cina mahukan pengasas Dong Zong yang menentang dasar Kerajaan, yang memuncak ditahun 60-70 an, supaya dianggap menyumbang kapada pembangunan negara dan mendesak Kerajaan membersihkan tuduhan dianya rasis dsbnya.

      Maka banyak yang terikut dengan pemikiran yang dikeluarkan oleh Dong Zong sejak tahun 50an itu “tidak mahu ketinggalan” arus demikian diantara kaum mereka, atau ultra kiasu. Mereka terus bercampur diantara mereka sendiri sahaja, sekolah sendiri jenis Cina, cakap sendiri bahasa Cina, bila ada Melayu cuba bercakap dengan mereka, perkataan yang mula keluar ialah “Gua tatak tau cakap” dan dipanggil anaknya menjawab kita.

      Oleh itu, selagi sekolah jenis kebangsaan tidak diserapkan kedalam sistem sekolah kebangsaan dan SSS dilaksanakan sepenuhnya, selagi itulah jenis mereka ini akan berterusan, turun temurun. Kita mesti minta UMNO dapatkan pemimpin yang tegas dan berani mengimplementasikan SSS.


  11. Salam Sdr MAJU,
    The principal of that SRJK (C) in Seksyen 17 was indeed a Taiwanese, a young lady in her 20s perhaps. It didn’t occur to me at that time to check her employment status. Probably the parents can’t find a Malaysian graduate who’d want to administer from the pavements of the temple. Or they’re beholden to Taiwanese graduates who supposedly speaker better English than the locals.
    I sensed that the Chinese parents, be they from the middle or working class, tend to perceive Malay culture and Islamic practices as inferior and barbaric (e.g., they said their children were ‘traumatised’ by the ‘aqiqah’ that they witnessed at the neighbourhood mosque during ‘Qurban’).
    But they never considered the inconvenience they caused by insisting on the re-opening of the school in that depressed neighbourhood in spite of being given a newer and bigger building at a more up scale neighbourhood next to Sunway Suria, which incidentally also caused a massive jam, just like the one in Bandar Utama opposite the Surau Asy-Shakirin.
    SSS is the way to go.


    • Salam Sdri BaitiBadarudin,

      I’ve been wondering if this is an isolated case or an undisclosed concerted effort to foster relations with another Chinese country that could help promote the overall interest of the wayward, non-conforming, self-isolating group of Chinese in this country, that might include quietly increasing their number to change the status quo.

      The Chinese have a system of mutual help, or helping the disadvantaged or the needy among them, through the institution of clan and sub-clan associations and business guilds of all sorts. The Dong Zong and the Hong Zong are such pretty well established organisations that I seriously wonder if they are unable to help the Sction 17 SRJKC find some one local willing and suitable to be the Principal.

      They should know that operating in the temple premises was only a temporary measure as the pupils would be accomodated elsewhere and an ordinary teacher could have been found to handle the administrative measures pending placing the pupils in an existing school elsewhere, or in the event a new building was found for the school to continue to operate.

      I have read here and there claims of Chinese culture being superior, at 5,000 years old (3,500 years if based on recorded history), promoted by what appears to be products of Chinese schools. I have also wondered what exactly the Chinese kids are being taught in the Chinese schools and at home by their parents and elders as fas as local and Malaysian culture is concerned. The pride and arrogance coming out of such perception certainly does not help in the efforts to get children mix with others for inter-racial understanding and harmony among future generations.

      It is therefore high time that the SSS is implemented. As explained in the Kempen SSS blog, the Government should begin by doing an in-depth and comprehensive study on the existing three systems of education, viz Sekolah Kebangsaan, SRJKC (including the SJKC Menengah totalling 61 in number) and SRJKT. The purpose being to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the existing systems and recommend remedies and improvements.

      It’s good that the Ministry of Education has decided on making History a compulsory subject in schools beginning from 2013. It’s heartening to note that the Chairman of the panel looking into the History syllabus is the President of the Historical Society of Malaysia. Two books published by the Society recently (“The Malay Civilization” and “Tamadun Alam Melayu”, 2009) put out the many studies done since the 19th Century, including those pointing to the Malay civilization being also about 5,000 years old. That should help check the complex on cultural superiority and make the Chinese better disposed at being Malaysians both in spirit and in deeds.

      History as a compulsory subject would certainly make the non-Malay pupils understand the history of this country, the background to the drafting of the Constitution and the Constitution itself. But the results will take a very long time to see, especially under the existing three systems of education. Whereas making school children study under the same roof right from the primary level would be a faster way of promoting understanding and a sense of togetherness, so essential for the emergence of a united and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia.


        • Zen

          A simple word but precise. 🙂

          I dont see any needs for a “superior” race to insist and cling on to vernacular school (SJKC) to preserve their culture and mother tongue (Oh…By the way, Mandarin is not even the general Chinese mother tongue!)

          Those that are doing that/insisting on those type of school must have an acute level of inferiority complex themselves especially with a vernacular school that not just in principle is in contradiction with our constitution, moreover it also caused traffic mayhem!!!


          • Haha, mengaku ultra kiasu ke?

            Why want people to agree being complex stricken? Don’t you realize that those who accuse others of having inferiority complex are themselves complex stricken?


            • I told you I shared your view. As for my opinion, it is your prerogative to accept, or reject. I am fine with it.

              PS/ Ikhwan, Mandarin is the ‘tool’ for Chinese writing system (Hanzi), unfortunately Hanzi is not well suited for phonetic and alphabetic. Hanzi have everything to do with our cultural preservation. I don’t expect you to understand this, because many Chinese Malaysians don’t as well.


  12. Salam JMD,

    “One School System – It’s now or never”

    Now is the best time but to me highly improbable.

    It will take a very strong political will to dismantle the vernacular school mentality.

    The next GE might determine this cause one way or another.

    Very warm regards to you.

    Thank you


  13. You know what, despite my suspicions on your actual agenda, i think a single school system is the way to go. But before that a few questions need to addressed
    1) Quality, can the schools come close to the discipin and the acadaemic achievements of vernacular schools?
    2) Are our children going to be subjected to religious influences of the majority?Can you guarenty they wont be?
    3) Will our children be subjected to practices of the majority and expect to comply meekly?( the canteen incident during the puasa month comes to mind)
    4) Will they be learning proper subjects instead of glorified malay/islamic history as i had to?
    5) will diversity be celebrated or sidelined?
    6) Will my children endure humilation just cause their skin colour is different when it comes to oppertunities , scholarships etc?
    Do you blame us for having misgivings?


    • Generally, what needs to be said has been said already by JMD and others above. I like to respond to the comment by xenon here.

      I am glad that you think SSS is the way to go, xenon. You are welcome to the Kempen SSS blog. Just Google those words and you will get there. I suggest you go to the easy-to-read Fact Sheet or Questions and Answers provided there. They have thought out the many questions like those you raise up there.

      They are valid concerns by members of the public. Should anything be missing or should you require further elaboration, just state them here and I’ll be happy to provide additional information, in accordance with the thoughts and ideas of the group of people who thought out and started the Kempen SSS.

      When free, I might also do some explanation on my own here based on the questions you put out above. For your benefit and for other readers here as well.


    • xenon,

      Please let me assure you that the Kempen SSS “agenda” is merely the creation of a strong, united and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia, one that, after it is fully realized, would no longer require us to be identified by race (except only where it is absolutely required for legal documentation purposes) but simply as Malaysians, at home and abroad. In short, it is aimed at national unity.

      Unless the relevant laws are changed, which are quite complicated to do as it involves the Constitution of the country, certain legal documentation requires the identification of citizens by ethnic origin, but, generally, we can hope to see so many forms and official documents no longer requiring the need to state race, when the desired genuine Bangsa Malaysia has become a reality.

      This, it is believed, can be achieved through the single-stream schooling system or the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS) where all children will be attending only one and the same kind of school, mix together among all ethnic origins, accept one another as fellow Malaysians right from the formative years, acquire common values, hopes and aspirations, develop a sense of loyalty and patriotism to this country, Malaysia, and to no other.


    • xenon,

      As regards your question “can the schools come close to the discipline and the academic achievements of vernacular schools?”, let me first say that there is no proof that the vernacular schools, both Chinese and Tamil, generally have better discipline and academic achievements than the national schools. Much has been said against the national schools but they are largely opposition propaganda. On the extreme end of the scale, there have been vernacular schools having only 1-2 pupils per class and it is difficult to rate their performance, other vernacular schools also having bullying and gang problems like there are in the national schools.

      As for academic achievements, whether the vernacular schools – Chinese and Indian schools – perform better than the national schools is very arguable. At the primary level, the problem has been the poor understanding of bahasa Malaysia of those pupils attending the SRJKC and SRJKT, such that Deputy Education Minister Wee Ka Siong himsellf announced over a year ago that a study conducted by the MCA together with the Ministy of Education found that about a third of SRJKC pupils entering SKs dropped out before SPM. One can therefore see a loss right at the start – of not acquiring sufficient Bahasa Malaysia knowledge that such pupils can get at SKs. Yet Bahasa Malaysia is the National and the Official Language of the country.

      At the secondary level, the Chinese school pupils, who have a much lower standard of pass for Bahasa Malaysia than in the national schools, their grades are not necessarily better than pupils in the national schools. Clearly, it is much more difficult to manage and control the thousands of national schools compared to the 61 Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina, yet the number of all A passes at the Sekolah Kebangsaan is definitely higher than at the SMJKC, at least because of sheer numbers.

      There have been no proper studies made to determine the performances and the role of vernacular schools in relation to the national schools. The Kempen SSS has proposed a comprehensive and in-depth study carried out by an independent panel comprising experts in the relevant fields, to include foreign ones to add weight to its independent nature, to be appointed by the Government. They should be given adequate time, even 1-2 years, to determine the strong and weak points of all the current three systems of education viz the SK, the SJKC and the SJKT, and make recommendations as to what needs be rectified and/ or improved.


    • xenon,

      As to your question “Are our children going to be subjected to religious influences of the majority?Can you guarenty they wont be?”, I wish to state that “religious influences of the majority” in schools are only perceived by some, but not existing in reality.

      It is good that by the very word “influences” you used, you have acknowledged that there has been no force or coercion of any sort on non-Muslim pupils by national school authorities, Muslim teachers or even pupils. The suraus are there only for Muslim pupils to pray – Islam is the religion of the country as stated in the Constitution and Islam requires Muslims – teachers and pupils – to pray five times a day. No non-Muslim pupils are obliged to attend agama classes or be in the suraus for whatever purposes.

      The reading of a few Qur’anic verses that may occur during morning school assemblies are also harmless, as pupils are not required to observe the Muslim style of putting their hands forward, opening their palms in Muslim-style prayer; they can, in fact, merely stand or look up or down during such occasions. The prayers or exhortations of good moral values are universal in nature – they can be the same prayers or moral teachings of other religions as well. Special prayers or “Sembahayang Hajat”, sometimes conducted by Muslim teachers and pupils for good examination performances and results, are again voluntary even for the Muslim pupils concerned. They do it in the suraus which are made available for reasons of Islam being the religion of the country and the mandatory five formally-conducted prayers per day for Muslim pupils.

      It is guaranteed by the Constitution in that, while Islam is specifically stated as the religion of the country, other religions may be practised. Subject to further checking, I think there are laws making it an offence to convert others (at least Malays to other religions) . The Religious Affairs Department do not have missionary activities to convert others to Islam. The Orang Asli Affairs Department do not even allow Muslim missionary activities on the Orang Asli. For the past 54 years since independence, there has been no policy of the Education Ministry or the Government to influence non-Muslim pupils in national schools on religion.

      That is why there has been an uproar on what has been perceived (right or wrong has been an issue) as an attempt at Christian missionary activities by the insistence on the use of the word Allah. I am not a member of any political party and wish to stay clear of politics, but for the sake of SSS and its declared objective of national unity, I would now venture an opinion that UMNO has no intention of making this country an Islamic state like PAS has publicly declared they have.

      I am confident that so long as the country is run by moderates and political leaders are always guided by and follow the Constitution fully, no religious force or coercion will take place. It’s not the schools, the principals, headmasters and teachers who may want “a process of Islamization”, but the politicians. Let us therefore support the moderate politicians, not the extremist religious kind and their cohorts. Those who see the strong need for unity, the importance of pupils studying together in a multi-racial atmosphere and accept one another as fellow Malaysians right from primary schools.

      I’ll get to your other points in due course.


  14. Hidupkan dan semarakkan kempen Satu Sekolah Utk Semua di peringkat nasional! Saya rasa kita dah jauh ketinggalan dalam memperkuatkan usaha pendidikan nasional oleh PM ke-2 dalam Penyata Razak! Kerajaan haruslah bersifat tegas dalam hal ini. Sebab dan tujuan Satu Sekolah ini telah pun kita bincangkan dan nampaknya memang sebab yg kuat dan betul. Jadi langkah seterusnya adalah tindakan bersepadu oleh pengasas kempen ini utk mula bertindak mendesak kerajaan atau menyampaikan kesedaran kempen ini pada Rakyat n Kerajaan. Masa untuk bertindak dan bergerak!


  15. Stupidest suggestion to DUMB down poor Malaysian……Never and over my dead body….Unless…

    the 99.99% of UMNO + Sultan + Cronies children are force to leave the ENGLISH medium private schools and join the Stupid Sekolah kebangsaan teaching in malay…then we CONSIDER one school system for all. Public Education have failed Malaysia and all because of RACISM….. So maaf…TAK NAK hidden agenda to dumb down and control young minds so that Rich UMNO + Sultan can get FREE scholarship to Oxfart, Harfart…Cambrat….etc…while bumi non malay force to compete for 10% vacancy entry to UMNO installed Vice Chancellor University whose PHD are based on Hikayat Hang Tuah wira melayu…..(tapi kita yang terpelajar tahu dia seorang Cina dan Parameswara seorang India)……..conclusi…. Selagi melayu tak mengaku Sejarah Malaysia adalah Karut…..Tak Nak campur 1 sekolah TIPU Helah Bodohkan Malaysia!!


    • This is one of the factless comment I have ever read. Hang Tuah is chinese and Parameswara was an indian? From which website jokes did you take this opinion from? Did you even go to school? And all Umno members’ children went to English private school? The 3 million members of Umno are sending their children to English private schools now? You must be inhaling some laughing gas this morning didn’t you?

      Thank you for this comment. It just show you have run out of viable points.


      • Perhaps I should specify UMNO Leaders…… so does it change any of your bias views?? Go check how many UMNO minister send their children to Sekolah Kebangsaan and post here IF you have the guts and I will check out your Fiction.

        han tua ah, han li kiu, han je bah…..etc were all warrior escort to Han Li poh possible a merchant daughther skilled in trading and negotiation. Knowing these chinese can sapu your malay silat warriors…the sultan takut and made deal….the rest as I say is history. Imagine 500 years ago…seeing someone in Silk in Kampung Land of Malacca….malays would think that is a Princess or Queen….What were malays wearing then?? can you prove to me the Sultan really converted to Islam and changed name to Sultan Mahmud??….thus today ALL Sultan Agong wants to wear yellow silk attire in their offcial ceremony… Perhaps your reference is one of those Vice Chancellor in the local university….??

        The point cannot be challenged when the SHAM is exposed…..You a supported the Truth in History Campaign lately?? Semoga Allah buka mata awak!!


        • Dear BNM, actually it is you who need to give us the list of all UMNO ministers’ children that went to private schools since you are the accuser. Then we can then verify whether you are giving us the facts or just being an empty tin can. From the limited knowledge that I have, Najib’s daughter went to Convent Bukit Nanas. Ali Rustam’s daughters went to school in Melaka. Now I know they’d probably some of those kids that went to private school but I bet majority went to national schools. I could be wrong and I hope you can correct me by giving the comprehensive list. This is just common sense. You accuse by giving proof. The second part of your comment is pure nonsense as you clearly do not know history from A to Z. Your history knowledge is based on your own imagination. Sultan Mahmud who ascended the thronein 1488 was born a muslim and by default did not have any non muslim name. Your fairy tale story about Hang Tuah being the chinese bodyguard for Hang Li Poh is another one of the many sick imaginations being concocted purely based on stupidity bereft of any factual findings. Factual findings. Look that up in the dictionary. Point to ponder, if Hang Tuah was born in Sultan Muzaffar’s time and contributed to Sultan Mansur’s empire expansion even before the sultan married Hang Li Poh, how on earth would he come into the picture only after the princess came to Melaka. Now whatever reply you are going to give about this will purely from your own imagination. Thank you.


    • Quote: “Never and over my dead body”@ bumi non malay

      Well what are we waiting for? Let’s order the wreath and prepare the funeral rites. Pronto.


    • bumi non malay,

      As a friendly suggestion, go buy yourself the book “Tamadun Alam Melayu” or “The Malay Civilization” published by the Historical Society of Malaysia that people have recommended here and there. Go to the Muzium Negara and buy.

      Read it fully and see what is said that the bumi non-Malays also belong to the same Rumpun Melayu of about 350 million in the Gugusan Pulau Pulau Melayu and beyond, originating in that area about 5,000 years ago.

      They may be Muslims, Christians, Animists and Freethinkers, but the experts (so many kinds and so many of them since the 19th Century) say the Proto-Malays, the Deutero-Malays, the Malayo-Polynesians and the Austronesians all belong to the same Rumpun Melayu.

      Read the book(s), see what you think and come tell us here.


  16. a) real integration in sekolah kebangsaan can be overcome if it is made secular. there should be no suraus and agama classes.
    b) presently, the nons are officially termed as pendatangs, pariahs and prostitutes by the education department. so who wants to be rediculed in this manner. even muslims get offended if they are termed as terrorist.
    c) the rot in the education system has been going on for decades, since nep was overzealously applied, thereby denying many nons of opportunities. this has created resentments, especially when they have very good results and from poorer families. the generation you are confronting now are the parents who suffered due to this. they do not wish their children to be discriminated and depressed by such policies, and hence have planned their education to places like singapore and taiwan, shere tey rate their children’s chances of success as better .


    • Another set of non-rational statements, tempawan. Bordering on the seditious where it concerns suraus and agama.

      Read the Constitution, man. It says Islam is the religion of the country. “The” denotes the ultimate, having a place above all other religions which can be practised but are not mentioned in the highest set of laws of the land.

      Consequently, agama classes are made available. And suraus are to cater to the need of the Muslims who pray five times a day. Comprendo?

      Now, now, Mister Tempawan, where the hell do you find “presently, the nons are officially termed as pendatangs, pariahs and prostitutes by the education department”? You are a loose gun, shooting by the hip, aren’t you? Be responsible, man, show the proofs or say the proper things in the proper way. Have your parents not taught you those? I’ve seen you comment indiscriminately here and you must be told not to do so in uncertain terms, and that you cannot, but participate in discussions here in a decent and acceptable manner.

      Again, where are your proofs or justification for saying “.. nep .. denying many nons of opportunities”? What opportunities have you been denied, how, when, where? I now tell you again to read the Constitution Article 153 on the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. Have you not even heard of that Special Position Clause enshrined in the Constitution partly because the British colonialists tried in 1948 to propose the concept of Malayan Union which would have silenced the role of the Sultans etc? Which the Malays protested until the British scrapped it. And when the Constitution was drafted, they put in the Special Position Clause since, after all, the non-Malays were given citizenship right.

      You and your kind would not have “resentments” if you respect the Constitution which was approved by Parliament twice – once at Merdeka in 1957 and another at the formation of Malaysia in 1963. Didn’t you learn History? You might have missed it, man, and good that History will be a compulsory subject in schools come 2013.

      You people claim being “discriminated and depressed by such policies” when you are the richest community and occupy most of the professional jobs in this country, and you resent being called ultra kiasu even by Chinese who are moderate in thinking and see the need for levelling the playing field for long-term unity, peace and progress in this country. Be reasonable, man, don’t be ultra kiasu, as they call it.


      • ……the nons are officially termed as pendatangs, pariahs and prostitutes by the education department.

        Yes, I need to check out that OFFICIAL circular by the Education Ministry (not Department laa…TURDBRAIN)

        ….they do not wish their children to be discriminated and depressed by such policies, and hence have planned their education to places like singapore and taiwan, shere tey rate their children’s chances of success as better .

        So who’s stopping them and you?


        • Tak masuk akal lah. How can “the nons are officially termed as pendatangs, pariahs and prostitutes by the education department” or Ministry? Joking ka? Or an attempt at sowing hate and dislike, pitting the nons against the Ministry? An attempt at sedition ka?

          What do you want to check that Circular for? When such a Circular cannot possibly exist. You think the author of the Circular would not be brought up for disciplinary action for doing so, ha? Siapa berani buat, ha? Mengarut punya cerita.


      • The Constitution states that Article 153, which provides for the special privileges of the Malays and bumiputra communities in Malaysia, should not override the provisions in Article 136 and this article is currently not working well,” Dr Shad said in his speech at the 1Malaysia seminar organised by the National Institute of Public Administration (Intan) here yesterday.
        Star 2008

        Hmmm since we are all such fervant observers of our perlembagaan, why isnt this bit championed?


        • Dear Head Hunter,

          Article 136 is only pertaining civil service. I am very much interested to see the how Article 136 and 153 can achieve that equilibrium. Perhaps, other races should apply for jobs in the civil services more fervently. Thank you.


          • You honestly believe the reason the civil service is overflowingly malay because nons dont apply? How do you explain that the head of every department not to mention VC of every public university is a malay?
            (Article 136 provides: All persons of whatever race in the same grade in the service of the Federation shall, subject to the terms and conditions of their employment, be treated impartially, it specificly overules article 153)


            • Head Hunter,

              Yes other races did not overwhelmingly apply for the vacancies advertised. Just read them here and here. If you do not apply and cannot speak proper BM, how can you be selected? If majority are malays, how can other races be promoted? See the cycle? So you see, even when the government tries hard to entice them to join civil service, other races still do not want to join. You can lead the horse to water, but you cannot force it to drink it. It is entirely up to to them to apply. If you do not, then stop blaming the system. You have to be in it, to change it. Blaming others for your own inaction is simply lazy.

              Thank you.


            • head hunter,

              JMD didn’t say “the reason the civil service is overflowingly malay because nons dont apply”. He said non-Malays should apply more fervently.

              Why are you goin’ along this road, Mr head hunter? Go check the PSD records as to the number of applicants per job and the responses by race. Haven’t you heard only a week ago that the Perak State Government even extended the closing date of applicants for Civil Service posts in that state by one whole solid month to allow for more non-Malay applicants in that state? Wat you talk, man?

              If you are a head hunter in the sense of human resources consultants, etc, go there and offer your services la.

              You provide proof that there has been discrimination, hanky panky or no due process applied in the appointment of public university VCs la. Show proof that those appointed are not qualified or without the kind of experience required to run a University. Then find out the criteria they use and see if that criteria is unjustified or they doing the selection are the irresponsible kind.

              Instead of yourself appearing irresponsible, passing snide remarks and unjustifiable comments quoting all sorts of possibly irrelevant Articles. You trying to impress us you know a few Articles of the Constitution?


        • head hunter,

          You head hunter meaning you look for corporate executives for big firms on human resources consultancy basis ka?

          Wish you had chosen a different blogging name.

          But if you are looking for potential business executives at INTAN, the Civil Service Training Centre, itu lain lah. But say so lah, jadi kita tau.

          You should have said a bit how “this article is currently not working well” as said by the Professor. Now, hardly anybody believes what you say. Even what the Professor says – as claimed by you.


    • “the generation you are confronting now are the parents who suffered due to this” ???

      Well the generation, one level above you, are the guilty ones who FORGOT to educate you and your descendents of the TERMS of the social contract.

      These “stateless” peoples had AGREED to the terms cemented in the federal constitution where bumiputeras are accorded special status and the stateless peoples were granted citizenships FREE of charge.

      But I guess they had forgotten to be grateful for the benefits given to the stateless peoples. And now being IGNORANT of historical events and the constitutional implications, the kaum pendatang BEGIN to (konon konon) ASSERT their rights without the wisdom of the constitutional provisions.

      If you fight for your rights, no one will deny you BUT if you fight to ABOLISH others’ rights, then in the words of Ibrahim Ali, it is time for a reclamation of the bumiputeras’ constitutional rights.

      And please don’t use the LAME excuse of “faults and errors in implementation” as a rally call to abolish TOTALLY these rights.

      P.S. If your race is so downtrodden, how come they form the top wealthiest Malaysians surpassing even Tun Dr Mahathir who had sacrificed 22 years of his life for the betterment of Malaysia.


  17. well if the majority wants the One School System..the minority will have to follow suit or leave Malaysia..termasuk la bumi non malay itu..

    abes cerita…


    • Good that you said so, bro.

      Wish the vernacular school promoters and supporters will accept that fundamental democratic principle as a way of life.

      DS Najib said in his 1Malaysia blog that “Single-stream schooling will be implemented when the rakyat wants it”. The SSS people have proposed that referendum be used as it is the best and safest way to determine whether the rakyat wants it now or not. But he has been bent on getting votes from the Chinese, including the SJKC supporters.

      However, after PRK Ulu Selangor, Sibu and the recent PRN Sarawak, he should have seen that his overtures to them. including cash grants, did not bring him the votes he was after. He might be changing his strategy. Hopefully so, that is.

      SSS has to come about sooner or later. Might as well be sooner so that he could leave an important legacy, like his father did, of rural development, etc.


  18. Sorry JMD, this might be off topic; but I would really like to share this with everybody.

    Dear All

    Just want to share this good news from Australian News Paper, TheAge 19/5/2011 regarding our Malaysian Proton Cars

    According to the NRMA (Top Australian Car Insurance); Proton Persona G is the car with the least expenditure per week in its category defeating other well known cars like Hyundai i30 and Suzuki SX4 while in Light Vehicle Category; Proton S16 (also known as Proton Saga) is the third cheapest car to run only exceeded by the other two Suzuki models.

    These results are shocking to most Australian, because Proton is not just cheap to operate but it is also among the cheapest to buy in comparison with other top brand like Toyota, Ford, Hyundai etc.

    So my fellow Malaysian, please be proud of our own Malaysian made car which is headed and managed by our own Malay Muslim.

    To the Ultrakiasu, rabid anti everything that is Malay and Malaysia, racist bigot; please stop demeaning Proton Cars. They are much much better than what you people portray them to be.



  19. Salam,
    They were operating in the temple premises in spite of being given a new school in Tropicana, which means they knew they were getting a new building but they had to have BOTH, old and new.
    Believe me, I wouldn’t have had this valuable experience and heard incredible claims about the superiority of the Hans, if I had not immersed myself among the hardcore Chinese.
    When I was teaching at a public university, I only encountered diligent and earnest students from public schools but I found out that meritocracy is just a myth when I had to teach the “products of Chinese schools”.
    There’s some kind of pecking order taking place – the people of PRC look down on the Taiwanese who look down on the Hongkies who look down on the Singaporeans who look down on the Malaysians who look down on the Malays. But ALL of them look up to the ‘kwuailos’ (note their Anglo names). And that was what I observed during my short visit to the class rooms at the temple premises – no Malay allowed, but earnestly teaching English songs to the young students for their annual school concert.
    The hatred for Malays and anything associated with them, even innocent cats (Quote: “Why don’t the MPSA people pound the cats, like they did to the dogs?”, from a SA MCA branch exco), was intense in the period leading to the GE in 2008.
    And to think that even the descendants of the Babas and Nyonyas who had once assimilated with the indigenous culture are claiming that their culture is the genuine article (“We don’t cheat in ingredients for OUR kuihs”, claimed a business man who happened to be a popular speaker in the museum circuit. And that’s another “arena of contestation” re Malaysian history and Malay identity, but that’s a topic for another day)


    • Interesting pecking order there, BaitiBadarudin. But the local Chinese have to accept and respect fully the Constitution of the country – SSS and all – or look and migrate to other countries whose constitutions they can accept and respect. That’s the only decent thing for them to do, as all citizens must respect and abide by the constitution of the country. It’s the only measure of loyalty to one’s country.

      To counter their propaganda on the Han, I respectfully recommend what has often been recommended here and there – the book, “Tamadaun Alam Melayu”, published by the Historical Society of Malaysia, 2009. It’s an improvement over the English version, “The Malay Civilization”, published in 2007. Available at the Muzium Negara or the Historical Society Building, opposite IJN, KL.

      Even the Chinese of the 7th Century were amazed at the skill of the ancient Malays at ship building and navigation. They began travelling across the oceans with the perahu fitted with outriggers, graduated to multi-tiered ships like the Roman galleons of old, originating somewhere between Sulu and Sulawesi of the Gugusan Pulau Pulau Melayu.


  20. Dato Jebat
    I am a lecturer in one of the local university and I have seen my Chinese students from vernacular schools unable to perform due to their poor mastery of English. The same goes to the Malay students from rural areas. The urban Malays however have better English so they will fare better during interview. We must address both the BN and PR to firstly talk about this issue. If ever, it should be non-partisan and objective driven. Let us put all our worries on the table and then address them one by one. I hope Dato’ Jebat can start to push for this dialogue.


    • Congratulations JMD for the Datoship.

      I support and sincerely wish zaidi’s suggestion all the luck and that it will materialize.

      But with Wee as Deputy Minister of Education and Lim Kit Siang leading DAP, I doubt if it will not be politicized.


  21. By the way according to the 20 point aggrement for sabah ,sarawak , agreed upon prior to the formation of malaysia
    1) There should be no state religion for both states
    2) English shall remain to be used for official purposes

    How are you guys gonna overcome this problem?


    • Dear Head Hunter,

      Article 4 of the Constitution states this :

      “This Constitution is the supreme law of the Federation and any law passed after Merdeka Day which is inconsistent with this Constitution shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be void.”

      Thank you.


      • Your forgetting that according to the cobbolt commission ( which all parties agreed to) after 1963 a new perlembaggan came into being. That sabah and sarawak entered as equal partners to malaya.
        So much hoo ha about the social contract ( thats not mentioned any way in the perlembagaan as such)but yet so silent about stuff that does not suite your agenda. How convenient!!


        • Dear head hunter,

          Apart from Hashim’s reply, I feel there should not be any more contention from your side. Even if the Cobbold Commission had deemed that way (I have not not look at it yet), other religions in Sabah and Sarawak flourished exceptionally well over the past decades and probably into the future. Even when the Constitution says that Islam is the religion of the nation, other religions can be practised and in most cases, supported by the government. Yes, the 20 point agreement want this and that which runs contradictory with the Constitution (according to your assertions). But the fact that people in Sabah and Sarawak can do just about anything they want is a social contract that remain untouched and discussed until you actually brought it up just now and now have opened the Pandora box. Maybe, just maybe Sabah and Sarawak must be reined in to follow exactly what other states is accorded to within the Constitution. But of course, you only see the term social contract based on your own agenda. You never think about the social contract you have benefited. Luckily most people are generous enough not to rock the boat. If you do not want to write in Bahasa Malaysia when dealing with the government then it is your prerogative. When you are in Spain, please write in English to the Frankfurt’s education department if you think you are clever enough. You might be forgiven if you are a foreigner. But if you are Spanish, you are expected to write in Spanish. Same here in Malaysia. Please, have some sense of decorum. you are not an island. You have a national language to think of. What is your nationality again? Sabahan? It should be Malaysian. It is high time, people of your ilk to discard this 20 point agreement whereby you only use it for your own convenience. But when Malaysia, the nation supported you via the Constitution by giving you financial aid, education and especially security, you conveniently kept quiet. Thank you.


          • You know what, your totally right
            The will of the majority now is all that matters
            Who cares that one of the role of the constituition is protection of the minority who cant voice out.
            Who cares about pass aggrements that conflicts with the current agenda.
            Its our fault that bornean politicians never made any noise in parliment ( but arent they all UMNO goons?)
            We should be grateful for all the benefits that we have received!( But why is sabah one of the poorest state in malaysia?)
            Long live boleh land!
            Maaf, hidup tanah melayu!


            • Still waiting for the evidence you have to provide (list of children of all Umno leaders and the schools they go to). Otherwise, it would just be a baseless accusation from your part. Minorities can speak out and become representatives of their communities within the government. Some of them have become deputy ministers and ministers. So I think you should stop having delusions now. You don’t have to be sarcastic. Sarcasm without strong facts are boring. Thank you.


          • “other religions in Sabah and Sarawak flourished exceptionally well over the past decades and probably into the future”,other religions can be practised and in most cases, supported by the government”
            Here’s a bit of sabah history for you
            Tun Datu Haji Mustapha bin Datu Harun or Tun Mustapha for short, was the first governor of the Malaysian state of Sabah. He was also the third Chief Minister of the state from 1967 to 1975, and was the president for the political party United Sabah.He succeeded in converting a significant number of non-Muslim indigenous people in Sabah into Muslim, mainly by sponsoring mass conversion drives, by way of offering certain monetary and other benefits in return.[2]
            National Organization (USNO).
            Tun Mustapha is remembered by the Christians of Sabah for having violated human rights by denying foreign priests who have not obtained permanent residency their extension of their visas. All the priests who object to their expulsion for doing religions works amongst the Christians were arrested by using his powers as the Chairman of the State Security Operation Committee and CM of Sabah State Government.

            Hmmm he must have been doing gods work and enlightening the savages. Sounds a lot like the Burden of the Whiteman does it not?


            • 42.4% of Sarawakians are Christians while in Sabah, 28% of Sabahans are Christians, which reflect the ethnic composition of the people in both states. I reiterate the fact that other religions flourished really well in both states. In fact, I believe Tun Datu Mustapha failed in doing ‘gods work’ as you put it. Sabah should be 100% muslims if what you alleged is true. If the table is turned, and you Head Hunter is the Christian chief minister of Sabah, that state would be 100% christians by now. I am very sure. This is what you want right? No? \

              Sabah had endured better days before people like you come along.

              Thank you.


      • Support that answer, JMD.

        Additionally, wanna say that the crux of the matter is that the Constitution was discussed, debated and passed by Parliament at the formation of Malaysia in 1963.

        Since then, when there were representatives from Sarawak and Sabah as Members of Parliament, and no such issues were raised that required a re-look at the relevant Articles of the Constitution.


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  23. I always say that Satu sekolah untuk semua is only a dream and politcially not possible. Even the teaching of science and maths in English which was the right thing to do was politically murdered


    • I always say that SSS is an achievable target and agree with those who say that it’ll come into being sooner or later.

      PPSMI may have been downed but t’s not totally out. There are many of those asking for a re-visit of the decision made.

      We have not become a banana republic. We will never be a republic – let alone go bananas -because the Malays are the majority in this country and the Special Position of the Malays are enshrined in the Constitution, the role and functions of the rulers and the practice of Parliamentary democracy will continue so long as the majority wants it. Emergency Rule with the support of the Army occurred after the race riots of 1969 but the Malay leader Tun A Razak, realizing what the majority wanted, returned the country to Parliamentary democracy after only 18 months, though he could have ruled under Emergency Rule for 30-40 years like Hosni Mubarak of Egypt or Muammar Ghadafi of Libya.

      Let’s hope no more 13 May and let’s have SSS for long term peace and harmony and to help us avoid that forever.


  24. If you cannot manage multiple schools and learning systems then is it about time to quit the job and give it to another person or leaders to run the country better? 53 years of not being able to match Singapore in GDP terms should be sufficient SHAME to Malaysia. Pointless sometimes to discuss your inept and incompetence in managing the country…yet year in year out there is slogans and songs to drum up support among your kind…How Pathetic! There is no cure for people who deny facts and attempt to turn facts into fantasy….the worst kind are those who accuse reality is the cause of their plight. We will not be OBEDIENT to your LIES, Insults, Injustice, ISA, Ignorance and Insult to Islam!


    • Hehe. That is why we should start a single streamed education system somewhat similar to Singapore in order to have GDP like them. Not only that, just like Singapore, we must retain the ISA and rule autocratically with less number of opposition in the parliament. Maybe then we will feel less shame. Come and support Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua dan ISA! Hehe.

      Thank you for the comment.


    • You are the pathetic kind, bumi non malay, not us. You don’t eve know your roots being the same as us, called the Rumpun Melayu. Read what they say about the Rumpun Melayu above.

      When people keep on disputing what you say, you start your tirade of illogical, unsubstantiated, and wild allegations – are you not being pathetic?

      You have not been mixing with the right crowd, old chap. Better do, so that all Malaysians can have a reasonably harmonious atmosphere to live in, all respecting and living by the Constitution of the country.

      No point in saying more here now as a new post has come out.


  25. Again and again, i prefer we strengthen our national school rather than asking for integration. We all know & we saw every year more and more non malay student achieved best result and become top student in SPM examination, meaning that our national school still very far in producing good and quality Malay students.
    Why ask for one school if they (non malay) dont want it? We (malay) asking for integration but they refuse, I called it = “hidung tak mancung, pipi tersorong-sorong”..


  26. I support the SSS. Like some of the non-bumi’s noted here, I agree that there are some concerns with the implementation of the SSS.

    Back in my school days, we had a few non-bumis in school. They were the top students in my batch, but they couldn’t get into the first class. Instead, they were placed in the second class, supposedly because it’ll be easier to coordinate their moral classes while me and other muslim kids went to our agama classes.

    Other issues as well, I heard from a junior in MRSM (now MRSM has 10% non-bumi students), that the top academic student in the school should’ve been a Chinese student, but the award for the top academic student was given to a Malay kid instead. Now, I’m all in for integration, but these kinds of practices shouldn’t be allowed.

    If we Malays are serious about integration, and want the non-bumis to be serious about it as well, we should make sure that there is a law stating that these sorts of practices are strictly prohibited.



  27. Integrasi kaum hanya bermain di minda orang Melayu saje.Jangan lah terlalu syok sendiri.Berapa ramai kaum bukan melayu tengok Berita di Tv1 atau TV3 ? Remaja bukan Melayu lebih kenal NTV 7 ATAU TV 8 .

    Begitu juga, apa yang melibatkan “Melayu” akan ditentang habis – habisan oleh DAP, MCA diam saje sebab peranan itu telah diambil alih oleh DAP. MCA dan DAP adalah dua buah parti yang saling melengkapi antara satu sama lain dalam memperjuangkan bangsa Cina tetapi malang bagi Melayu , UMNO DAN PAS jauh api dari panggang

    Samada anda ahli DAP dan MCA , anda masih bersatu kerana anda tidak akan menjalankan perniagaan dengan Orang Melayu, lihat saje berapa kerat pelanggan anda yang membeli dari Kedai Melayu .


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  29. Come on lah! its once previlage to speak in a language he desirest most. Done teach a duckling how to swim. Most of my working hours spent with malay worker and I observed that they can’t speak proper malay due to their ethnic back ground.

    Malay language doest’n belong to the malays alone, it’s just a language used for education and documentation in our country. The malay language is not a barrier or hindrance to persue or excell in once education. The same applies to Mandarin and Tamil or other languages.

    All have to agree and accept that in malaysia no body speaks a perfect language, it’s a mix of languages between malay, chinese, tamil, english and others. Those who don’t agree have to consider themselves as non-malaysian.

    So, what more interaction are you people talking about here. Go lah! and teach your own children how to interect first and well before talking publicly.

    People are part of nature, like water, they will find their own level of language proficientcy.

    Corrent me if I am wrong.


  30. Come on lah! its once previlage to speak in a language he desirest most. Don’t teach a duckling how to swim. Most of my working hours spent with malay workers and I observed that they can’t speak proper malay due to their ethnic back ground.

    Malay language doest’n belong to the malays alone, it’s just a language used for education and documentation in our country. The malay language is not a barrier or hindrance to persue or excell in once education. The same applies to Mandarin and Tamil or other languages.

    All have to agree and accept that in malaysia no body speaks a perfect language, it’s a mix of languages between malay, chinese, tamil, english and others. Those who don’t agree have to consider themselves as non-malaysian.

    So, what more interaction are you people talking about here. Go lah! and teach your own children how to interect first and well before talking publicly.

    People are part of nature, like water, they will find their own level of language proficientcy.

    Corrent me if I am wrong.


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  32. Jebat, ILU! If I were an insane mat salleh woman, I’d be screaming at you that I’d have your babies *grin*

    Salient points, beautifully elucidated and strikes with the accuracy of a heat-seeking missile. Bravo, sir!


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