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Brief review of the results of Sarawak state elections

As the dust settles in the next few days, many were still bewildered by the results of the just concluded Sarawak state elections.

Judging by the frenzied news in the cyber-media  a couple of days before the casting of votes, one would compelled to think that this year’s state election would be the end of Barisan Nasional’s tenure as the state government. One twitter account tweeted cheekily that Pehin Seri Taib Mahmud will seek asylum in Jordan after the votes have been cast.

Many were very surprised as they had expected Barisan Nasional to be ousted by the strong opposition against Taib Mahmud.

Obviously they could not fathom why Taib Mahmud, who was perceived as a corrupt leader could sustain a winning trend particularly for his own party, the Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB).

Sweeping all 35 seats contested was not an easy feat especially against the onslaught of the opposition parties from Semenanjung Malaysia namely DAP, PKR and PAS.

Now this is where all the supporters of Pakatan Rakyat, especially the media savvy ones do not understand.

All the news they received, all the feedback on sentiments they gathered from news online as well as the new political tool – twitter, are based and sourced from people in the Klang Valley.

Basically, all the feelgood feelings of toppling Taib Mahmud came about from secondary sources that may not be true. The sources are mainly from the people in Klang Valley itself. People who are not even close to the happenings on the ground.

All the stories about thousands of people coming to DAP rally the night before did not translate into votes that could send Barisan Nasional reeling in shock defeat.

So why did the majority people in Sarawak voted for Barisan Nasional?

When Sarawak became part of Malaysia in 1963, it was the 3rd lowest in terms of economical achievement  among all the other states although it is the biggest state in Malaysia (slightly bigger than one third of the whole country).

The people were poor with not enough infrastructures to trigger the necessary development  of economic reforms.

With more than 124,450 km in size, they were about 5,000 settlements of 30 people scattered all over Sarawak at that time. Sometimes, each of this settlement was hundreds of kilometres apart.

Most of them were within the deepest part of the forest.

What they do not have then and to some point, they do not have it now is the critical mass. Critical mass is important in order to get the best cost/benefit ratio out of any development plans being mooted out.

You cannot build one school or one hospital in each settlement of only 30 people, and build highways, shopping malls etc just to cater for each one of them. That would be disastrous in terms of costs. The price on logistics and transports would have been expensive.

Imagine building a small sundry shop in the middle of the forest so that a settlement can get a household product. A bottle of shampoo could cost a lot more just because it is expensive to deliver it there. Unless of course, the sales quantity would be huge. But the population was not big enough to warrant an all out development within the deepest reaches of Sarawak.

Thus, having a critical mass is very important in any state building processes. Now at least readers will know how difficult it was to develop a huge tract mass of land with so little people to work around with. Since population was so widely dispersed, feasible infrastructure development could not commence. That was the biggest challenge.

One of the major action that was taken was to create and develop hubs. Kuching, Sibu and Miri were developed. Job opportunities and education were provided for the people within these hubs. Children from the interior were sent to boarding schools to receive education.

Later on, Mukah, Kapit, Bintulu and Serian were developed into hubs as well.

Critical mass were created when people from the interior started to migrate into these new towns. This is important because most investment will definitely inquire about potential income. If they were enough people, demand will always be there to generate revenue.

In 1980, the poverty rate in Sarawak was slightly over 40%. In 1985, it was at 32%.  By 2010, it was about 5%. By the way, based on international measurement, poverty level is a household income  which falls below RM912 per month. Today, there are only 20 thousands poor households in the state out of a population of 2.4 million people.

The movement of people into even newer towns such as Lawas and Betong helped energise the whole state with economic activities. Previously during the formation of Malaysia, Sarawak was the only state without any plantation (i.e., no structured agricultural industry). Now, it has over 1 million hectares of plantation, contributing about RM9 billion of income to the state in 2010.

The GDP of 2010 was RM52 billion with the services industry leading the way at RM19 billion.

The unemployment rate has been decreased tremendously to 4.5%. At par with other states in the rest of Malaysia.

Note that with the abundance of rainforest in Sarawak, timber is not the main source of income for the state as services and manufacturing industries are the main income earners.

Many of the critics, foreign and domestic, have accused the state government of deforestation where in one instance they reckoned that by 2020, only 5% of the forest in Sarawak will be left due to logging.

The fact is, the Rio De Janeiro convention and the United Nations’ FAO stipulated that 60% of Sarawak must be conserved and reserved as natural rainforest.

Out of 12.4 million hectares of land in Sarawak, nearly 8 million hectares are rainforest reserves.  Out of this 8 million hectares, 1 million hectares are for replantation. Logging activities are all done within this 1 million hectares of replanted forest. The rest remained untouched.

In most countries in Europe, only 10% to 20% of forest are left in each of those country. Sarawak is maintaining its rainforest not just because of international demands but rather, they know the importance of the rainforest. Most of the leaders are the 3rd and 4th generation of people that came out from the forest.

Does the international community think the Sarawakians do not know how to manage their own rainforest? Most of the international community themselves have not lived in forests before!

Furthermore, Sarawak is one of the 12 biodiversity hubs in the world. Therefore, it is highly imperative for the state government to preserve its assets.

Anyway, Sarawak produces 10 million cubic metres of timber every year. As comparison, Sweden produces 100 million cubic metres of timber. Hence, revenue from timber are not the main source of income for the state government.

Most of the rampant logging activities are situated in Kalimantan and at the borders of Sarawak and it is natural for these foreign ‘observers’ to arrogate the fact that since all the travesties committed by illegal loggers are happening in Kalimantan, then it might as well  be happening in Sarawak too.

Cases of the killings of orang utans in Kalimantan are often blamed onto the Sarawak state government.

However, the fact remains that Sarawak boasted one of the biggest reserve forest for orang utans whereby 550,000 hectares of forest in Sebuyau and Batang Air are reserved for these primates. It is an ample space for 2,500 orang utans currently roaming around in the forest.

The above are some of the factors that only the Sarawakians would have experienced. The vast improvements in the state of Sarawak contributed to the uplifting of living conditions for the people in the state of Sarawak. The movement of people, the education opportunities of the natives, the constant development and creation of townhubs had benefited 95% of the people.

Those who remained poor, are steadily being helped bit by bit to further improve their lives. Imagine if the Kelabits remained in the jungle, Tan Sri Idris Jala could not even be the CEO of MAS.

That is why, with all the tribulations facing Taib Mahmud in the media by the opposition it could not muffle the reality of sentiments from the ground; that Barisan Nasional had done a lot for the state.

All the simplistic but baseless accusations such as ‘richest state with poor people’, ‘most corrupt leader’, ‘not much been done in the state’ did not ring a bell among the majority of voters there because simply put, they could not relate to it. Life is good so far.

The ones that were caught up with this were the people living in the Klang Valley which had access to the cyber-media. The battle of perception was fought in Klang Valley and only among the tech savvy people.

That is why, you were shocked that Barisan Nasional in Sarawak won handsomely. You are completely cut off from the ground and received only propaganda news.

But underneath the victory, lies a great peculiarity – the absence of chinese votes. The majority of chinese did not vote for Barisan Nasional.

They were swayed by the politics of racism brought about by the DAP. The spirit of tolerance and moderation are not inculcated among the chinese population in the major towns. A similar approach from the 1969 general elections strategy of DAP.

DAP blatantly used race and religion in order to garner votes from its targeted audience; the chinese. Instill hatred towards their benefactors. Bite the hand that fed them all these years. It is okay to do this because under the spirit of 1Malaysia, the hand will continue to fulfill their demands due to some misplaced generosity.

Use race to get the chinese votes, and use religion to get Iban votes. That was the approach.

The chinese particularly have this perception that they should vote for opposition so that they could have a bigger voice through an aggressive minority force. They will always get what they wanted even if they do not vote for Barisan Nasional anyway.

There are views that the Sarawak chinese must be dealt with a reprimanding action plan. The most obvious would be the non inclusion of the party representing the community in the state cabinet.

It is a simple matter of physics. For any action, there will be reaction. In  other democratic countries in the world, for instance the UK or United States, if the people voted for one party, they will receive exactly what the party had promised them.

In the case of Barisan Nasional, the promise was further development and  continuous representation of each community within the coalition.

If the chinese have made it clear that most of them do not like Barisan Nasional, then why should the new coalition post state election have any representation from their community?

The DAP had always propagated the term ‘meritocracy’ in their racist campaigns to criticise the needs based policy we call the NEP. So let’s put this to the test and apply meritocracy along the lines of the voting results.

Do the chinese merit any ministerial posts?

Is this the classic case of having its cake and eat it too?

Is this particular view unfair to the chinese there?

In some extent, I do not agree with the Barisan Nasional Youth head, Khairy Jamaluddin when he said that Barisan Nasional must be fair to everyone even when the majority of chinese in Sarawak did not vote for them. Why should you sacrifice further state resources to these people when there are many other deserving ones who had gladly voted for you? Crucially, these people needed more helped than the better off town dwellers who did not vote for Barisan Nasional.

Any simple comparison on the per capita income will do. Do we need to further give in to their demands?

The most the chinese could get out of this state election is a representative adviser without any authoritative powers. The position will be highly symbolic. A stark reminder of the effects of their voting powers.

Is this unfair?

The biggest challenge lies in the SUPP.

The keyword here is moderation. SUPP must re-educate their supporters on the politics of moderation. Barisan Nasional has always uphold this key element in their inter party relations and in their policies.

Moderation is what Pakatan Rakyat do not have. PAS is very extreme in their Islamic approach. DAP is very extreme in their racial demands and approach. Hindraf is very extreme in their politics of hooliganism. And PKR is extremely bereft of any direction and policies.

Barisan Nasional do not condone any extremism. It lies in the centre of the spectrum. That is why, all 14 component parties within it can work together. There are no extremes.

Pakatan Rakyat with just 3 parties seemed to be imploding from the inside at any minute because of the elements of extremism found in them. That is why until now, they could not officially register Pakatan Rakyat.

Until now, it remains as a shadowy, flip flopping, self destructive, loose coalition of parties bent on achieving power without any strong foundation other than spewing hatred and racism in every direction.

That is why, the level headed people of Sarawak voted for Taib Mahmud and Barisan Nasional.

In other words for the Pakatan supporters, better the devil you know than the angel you don’t. At least the ‘devil’ built more goodwill than the ‘angel’ could.


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  1. In a way we must sincerely express our heartfelt gratitude to DAP for showing their hands so early. Their top secret election strategy for the PRU13 is there for everyone to see. Actually it is a very simple plan: Get ALL the chinese votes for DAP and hope PKR and PAS deliver the crucial numbers for a majority. The Perak case is a good example. DAP could not care less if their campaign strategy cause any damage to racial unity.In their book there is only one race that matters – the Chinese. Yes, it is a matter of having the cake and eating it too. DAP aka the chinese wants everything now. The fact that it is the Malay-led government that allow and let the chinese in Malaysia enjoying the good life here means nothing to Kit Siang & Co. And the DAP is not shy at all to play the race game anytime. Its their trump card.


    • Maybe not any top secret plan, not any grand design by DAP, Sir.

      They simply and doggedly go on with their habit of finding anything to criticise the Government in power in Putrajaya , in Kuching and anywhere else that BN rules. Most importantly, they just flog the racial line. This is attractive to the Chinese who want more and more endlessly despite they are the richest community and control the economy of the country.

      People don’t really mind their wealth until they show that they don’t want the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sarawak and Sabah to also have sufficient wealth. They oppose the NEP and question the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sarawak and Sabah. I think it’s this dislike, even fear, of the DAP that largely makes the Bumiputeras in Sarawak stick to the BN at the recent Sarawak elections.


      • The “dislike, even fear, of the DAP that largely makes the Bumiputeras in Sarawak stick to the BN at the recent Sarawak elections” –

        And now DAP leader Lim Kit Siang wants to impose his will on Pakatan Rakyat Sarawak by suggesting publicly that the Dayak-based Sarawak National Party (SNAP) merge with the DAP, without any prior consultations, drawing flak from the PKR Sarawak leader Baru Bian.

        Typical of the goings-on in the so-called democratic set up called Pakatan Rakyat, where there have been many cases of undemocratic, non-consultations among them, bringing about suspicions, intrigues, squabbles and counter-actions. The Sarawak elections seat allocation squabbles have been well known. Anwar’s naming Lim Kit Siang as DPM candidate was apparently done without consultation with PAS, for whom neither Anwar nor LKS proposed any important portfolio if they get to Putrajaya. Nik Aziz and Hadi attending dinner at Istana Trengganu, KL (where Najib and Muhyiddin were said to be present) was apparently also without prior consultations, and Nik Aziz quickly said “sudah tutup buku”, unwilling to answer persistent questions by reporters on what transpired in terms of the idea of Malay unity.

        Free Malaysia Today 22 April 2011 reported that PKR, which was forced to face 24 three-cornered fights against SNAP in the Sarawak polls, are upset by it. PKR and SNAP were initially meant to co-operate as a united electoral force but the notion crumbled when both refused to budge and remained at loggerheads on seat allocations.

        Baru Bian said such a proposal should have been discussed among the opposition partners before being publicised. “We are therefore deeply puzzled by Lim’s purpose in suggesting a merger between the DAP and a party like SNAP,” he said. DAP is of course keen on SNAP because quite a number of its members are Ibans of mixed marriage – with Chinese. There’s the race factor there, too, as far as DAP is concerned.

        Imagine, DAP wanting to merge with an indigenous Sarawak party that their partner, Sarawak PKR, considered as an enemy during the recent elections. Didn’t some people say DAP the bull-dozing, autocratic and gangsterish kind? In wanting power and influence, the DAP don’t care about anyone, do they? Going into people’s homes (Baru Bian’s and the Sarawak natives’), they simply shit as and when they please.

        Clearly the DAP wants to take away Bian Baru’s prospect of gaining influence on his own people – the Iban Dayaks in Sarawak. DAP, in its usual ultra kiasu way, couldn’t care less that PKR has only just started to make a small 3-seat inroad in that state.


    • “having a critical mass is very important in any state building processes. Now at least readers will know how difficult it was to develop a huge tract mass of land … population so widely dispersed …”

      Not the DAP goons and supporters, Sir. Some have an idea but stubbornly put those facts aside. Many simply refuse to allow their thinking process to absorb those. Yet others just don’t have a thinking process – simply gulp down their throats whatever the DAP goons spit out, lock, stock and barrel. It’s called racism, Sir.

      Racism has reared its ugly head in Sarawak. Started by the DAP. They came from the Peninsular, started their anti-Malay and anti-Establishment propaganda, and won a few seats in 2006. The 2008 12th GE political tsunami, which was due to the flip flopping, auto-piloting and sleepy administration of Tun Dol, rubbed off on the exploitative nature of the urban Chinese in Sarawak. Fanned by the ever greedy-for-power DAP, that sentiment cut deep and developed. Incited by the kind of words used during the 2011 election campaign, the crowds of urban Chinese got bigger in front of Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and other DAP leaders.

      We can even see the kind of comments by a few of their supporters in this blog who pooh-poohed the development efforts by the BN Government to spread basic life facilities to as wide an area as possible in the huge land mass that is Sarawak. But the 35 seats contested by the PBB, the spearhead of those responsible for the facilities being spread out, were all won.

      Nevertheless, the racism promoted by the DAP onto the Sarawak people must be stopped. The authorities must show that racism cannot be tolerated. Generally it may be couched in such dubious utterances as demands for equality without mentioning the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sarawak and Sabah. Or the “follies” of the Government in their “unfair” policies. But from time to time more specific utterances that clearly show breaches of the Sedition Act may be spewed in the midst of excitement in condemning or zealousness in propaganda spreading. In such instances the authorities must not wait to act on them.


      • Racism begets racism. Similarly extremism. Human nature is such that for every stimulus there is a response, every action, a reaction. Questioning the Special Position in Article 153 of the Constitution and wanting the Malay equity target be abolished makes others want the citizenship right of those concerned be also abolished.

        Now Utusan Melayu and Perkasa are talking about 1Melayu and 1Bumi. JMD has said “Barisan Nasional do not condone any extremism.” Dato Seri Najib has distanced himself, UMNO and the Government from that. But with DAP jumping to exploit that so soon after their racist and extremist election campaigns, one tends to support Utusan and Perkasa. If not for anything else, it’s to tell the DAP racists and extremists not to be flagrant in their racist and extremist ways.


      • “They were swayed by the politics of racism brought about by the DAP.”

        Racism gets reacted to. Wanting the Bumiputera equity target be abolished makes people react wanting the citizenship right of those concerned be also abolished. In the aftermath of the racist DAP politics in the Sarawak elections, Utusan Malaysia editorial writer spoke about 1Melayu, 1Bumi. And Perkasa is picking up that slogan up.

        Dato Seri Najib has distanced himself, UMNO and the Government from that. Yet the DAP Lim Guan Eng and Teresa Kok exploited it. Wanting more and more in their usual exploitative and racist manner. Trying to distract the rakyat’s attention from the strong criticisms on their racist politics in Sarawak.

        DAP will continue their racist politics. And we must continue hitting them hard.


    • These are very welcome news in the effort to get views like what Cucu Tok Mahmud says above across to the people –

      Government Will Take Over Bernama Tv Citing Growing Criticism!
      ADOI magazine – ‎12 hours ago‎

      The Ministry of Information Communication and Culture will complete the takeover of Bernama TV within three months, Minister Datuk Seri Rais Yatim said today.

      Bernama TV To Be Restructured In Three Months’ Time – Rais.


      The above is what happened when too much privatization. Bernama TV is 33% Government and 67% private owned. So the private fellows just do what they like. I read comments on the number of Chinese staff employed, a Chinese woman discussion moderator choosing one Professor Chin to give views which include stating “the Sarawak rural folks are not yet ready to discard BN”, implying the time will come when they ready to do so.

      Yet Bernama is national news agency. Should be propagating Government views. Come on, Bernama. Giddy yup!

      I also read comments complaining the Bernama news reports cannot be copied as they are printed. What the heck, why are they not allowing the public to help spread the news they are trying to disseminate? No wonder BN has been suffering since Tun Dol’s time. Even national news agency Bernama not making it easy for people to copy and spread what they report.

      Dato Seri Rais Yatim, Sir. Please check on these more often. Get your Ministry people to check on them. Just try and copy Bernama news now and see you can’t do it. Why so? Let the public help spread the Government messages lah.


  2. Do the chinese merit any ministerial posts?
    Is this the classic case of having its cake and eat it too?
    Yes……. at least this is what they think they can do. So silly
    Is this particular view unfair to the chinese there?


  3. Mat Smula, this is no ‘cool analysis’. This is a great, comprehensive analysis written in 1 article 🙂 but if i may, i beg to differ with the ‘tinggalkan Cina bandar di belakang’ approach as this might be a backward approach to gain their support back to BN. but hey, i’m just a small ‘ikan bilis’, my words might not mean anything here. that being said, JMD, keep it up with great articles. great job sir 🙂


  4. so very true.
    I am staying in a kampong in Semenanjong. This is 2011 and I don’t even have the luxury of land line telephone. I have to pay through my nose to get less than 20kbps internet connection via telco wireless broadband. I pay my income tax diligently and yet I don’t even get lampu jalan. It is very dark around my house which is 13km away from the nearest town which is the gateway to Taman Negara. I feel so dianaktirikan.
    yes … meritocracy. When it comes to digging in hak keistimewaan Melayu yang termaktub dalam perlembagaan such as scholarships , they use meritocracy. Now they should taste their own medicine.


  5. 1.KJ-only stupid fools listened to him.
    2. DAP – divide and conquer. if not, whatever it takes to win.
    3. BN – mudah lupa. mudah dibeli dan mudah di’sweet talk’
    to be fair, help those who vote for you. Don’t bother to even help those who hates and did not even vote for you. after all, they have their parties to help them.


  6. What rubbish. Why do you think almost all the urban voters, be it in Sarawak or the peninsula rejects BN? Because people know what corrupted dickwits you are. You can con some of the people, most of the people, but not all the people. And dont talk about extremism. You guys are fast becoming the most extremist bunch of assholes in your quest to retain power.


    • I dont understand, if everybody rejects BN, they wouldnt win right? somebody is missing the point of majority for and minority against. hmmm…


    • Fed is rubbish. Absolutely rubbish. No proofs, no justification, merely rubbishy statements.

      Rude, too. But then, we can’t expect much of rubbish, can we?


      • Fed is typical. People who voted DAP are people with principle and cannot be bought by Tupperware. Rural voters who voted BN because they get paid RM50. To me, the urban folks voted DAP because all their basic needs have been fulfilled. But to them all this is out of their income tax money, so they don’t have to thank anybody. To the rural voters, I respect their wisdom. They voted the government that has been helping them for the past 48 years. They are grateful and vote for continue progress. The chinese hated Pek Mo so much partly because his family member is rich and he got a beautiful young wife. By the way, if Pek Mo is corrupt, who give bride him? The orang utan? Penan? Orang ulu? Iban? Melayu? Melanau? Bidayuh? And who is the taukeh who cut the timbers, export it to Japan and make tons of money?


        • Aiyya Chinese Sarawakian, 1st part I like what you say but after that you just allege, no proofs or substantiate.

          Where got even details on what you say. “The chinese hated Pek Mo so much partly because his family member is rich and he got a beautiful young wife.” Just out of jealousy, ha? Too much, man, you people.

          I like when you say “if” – you said “By the way, if Pek Mo is corrupt, who give bride him?”

          I know you talk nonsense when you say “The orang utan?”

          But you mean people (Penan? Orang ulu? Iban? Melayu? Melanau? Bidayuh?) give him bride ha? Come on, la, Chinese Sarawakian, you are aping what DAP apes say.

          And “the taukeh who cut the timbers, export it to Japan and make tons of money” not enough, ha? The poor original people of Sarawak who had been there as long as the timber trees had been got only tupperware, ha? That oso not enough, ha? In Peninsular they call that ultra kiasu, you know.

          Come on la, give the Melanaus, Ibans, Bidayuhs etc etc locals more from the timber revenues etc la. Not just your tax money. Plenty more from other kinds of revenues the Government use to develop, you know.


  7. Salam JMD,

    Solid post as always.

    But the time has come for some affirmative action within the BN to address the declining Chinese support for the coalition.

    As for the opposition propaganda machine, the DAP is especially sleek in the electronic media.

    I have posted in both this two issues at my blog site.

    Best regards


    • biasa la John… what’s against you .. is a spin, what’s for you… is a thumbs up all around..
      in the end, whats transpired in real life matters, humans want to believe what they see (except the wind, heat, cold etc). Even some human do not believe in God just because that they couldn’t see the presence of God… if you get what im saying 🙂


      • The one-liners sure say the long write-ups are spins. Because they don’t know how to say more than one line.

        Me? I write more than one line!


  8. Any institution, coalition or union based not on some common ideological platform but rather on hatred towards a common object/enemy is nothing more but a Fukushima waiting for implosion. PAS’ central manifesto is that thing which is the exact anti-thesis of whatever DAP stands for, and vice versa, but yet because of this shared hatred, they concoct up a feeble union of dissent. Oh the irony of it! It hurts just to THINK what goes on each of their leaders’ hearts when they attend a PC together, conference together, ceramah together, each on his own not standing the other’s existence but yet forcing themselves to brew up some smiles for the sake of the common enemy and for the sake of the unsuspecting masses whose votes they now wish to garner.

    I predict that should they be in power, then no sooner than acts of angkat sumpah are done, this implosion will start to trickle. Who should be minister of this and that? Who should have that deputy post? Shouldn’t we have some kind of “moral police” like Iran or Afghanistan or Saudi and what would their partner say of it? Langkah his dead cadaver first? How about an increased flow of booze, extended hours of partying and clubbing, more licenses to bring in China dolls, franchising Genting roulettes all over the country? That’s what some voters would like to see, but wither will PAS be?
    And yet, just because of this common-hatred factor, some half-baked generation-Y armchair politicians sitting in some-kind of air-conditioned condo somewhere in PJ, resting after a full Bak Kut Teh dinner concoct up these kinds of successful scenario of DAP taking over the government with the help of the Malays in PAS and PKR. In fact I met one them kinds before, in the days of the 916 Mythology: I said, “Ah Seng, you’d better ship that material soon, because I have to deliver my stuff before year end for the government to pay me”. And he said, “Well by that time, there may not BE any government you see. At least not the present one”. So staunch was their belief in the 916 urban legend and so dogmatic was Anwar’s story-telling to these people that it almost became a religion to them. In fact you might have noticed a very common trait already: they even start calling themselves the “rakyat”. It’s like, the rakyat wants this, the rakyat wants. No, Michael Sibelius Ong. The rakyat, the REAL rakyat do NOT want you.

    Sarawak is an exemplary state of things for the future PRU. The DAPs will increase their votes because of the increased call to racist tendencies. And like the PKR who pitched 46 candidates but got 3 wins, the PKRs will get some but not much. But still, within the hearts of the masses, it’s the BN who they finally cling to should they want any real meaning of progress and development. And that even without yet considering an increased amount of effort both on the ground as well as in cyberspace to battle all the lies (Video actor actually God’s gift?) and negative propaganda (Rosmah a C4 operator?) to educate the masses.



  9. I think politicking and campaigning along racial lines by the DAP has reached alarming proportions again. Like that during the PRU 1969 campaigning that led to the race riots.

    The DAP chauvinists and racists from Semenanjong went to Sarawak and plugged their usual so-called malaysian malaysia line that Tun Dr Mahathir alluded to in his post-Sarawak elections comment. A concept that is seditious, even subversive, as it subverts the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, calling for equality without acknowledging that Special Position.

    The Chinese in Sarawak bought that line. Irrespective of the advantages they have been getting from all kinds of development in the urban areas all these years. Right from profits in the implementation of the urban development projects, the contracts, to the enjoyment of the facilities created as they are the ones who live in the towns. This is characteristic of the ultra kiasus. Described as not wanting to lose out and, more than that, wanting more, more and more or plain greed.

    Dato Seri Najib must rethink and change his strategy. Promising, giving out money and projects, accomodating their wishes have not brought any result. As usual, the Chinese are not thankful and gave their votes to the DAP candidates. SUPP didn’t bring in the votes, MCA and Gerakan didn’t help much. Now sounding ever demanding of Najib to bend to their wants more and more.

    The Malays have been grinning and bearing Najib’s “melutut kapada Cina” and have become restless. Many have plainly said to Najib in blogs and elsewhere to stop it and now to concentrate on levelling the playing field. Najib must realise there must be a level playing field for long term harmony, peace and prosperity in this country. His father, Tun Razak, had to deal with race riots in 1969 and Najib should avoid having to deal with another one at any time in the future. Tun Razak left a legacy of starting to level the playing field and Najib must leave a legacy of trying to complete it for long term peace in this country.


    • Post Script:

      By “levelling the playing field” in my comment above I, of course, mean the economic and the educational fields.

      The Chinese, though only 23% of the population, are the richest, control the economy and are the most in the professional positions in the country. As in the Peninsular, in Sarawak, they are mostly in the towns where there are adequate amenities for a decent life. Yet they want more and more, and vote the DAP, thinking they can get more. They are mistaken. The DAP and gang got only 17 seats and can only continue shouting racist and demeaning statements until their throats run sore.

      The vast majority in Sarawak are in the rural areas. The Melanaus, Dayaks and others live far from public ameneties, many are far in the interior, accessible only by boats or jungle tracks. Rural children may walk or ride boats for hours to reach school every day. Tired, exhausted and unable to absorb much of what is taught. No electricity at home to see educational programmes on TV. Taib Mahmud, himself a Melanau, has been doing his utmost in providing such facilities to such people who, after all, are the majority and the original settlers of the state. That answers JMD’s question “why did the majority people in Sarawak voted for Barisan Nasional”.

      Then the DAP goons shout corruption etc. Without giving the kind of proof that would enable MACC to bring those they allege to court. Pointing to Taib Mahmud’s Rolls Royce is not sufficient. After all, DAP politicians and others also use luxury cars like Mercedes. But the Chinese voters are blinded by reality, succumb to the racist calls of the DAP.

      DAP has been in the habit of finding each and everything to politicise. Everything Malay, Melanau, Dayak, Kadazan (Sabah) etc. DAP is practically wholly Chinese. The whole DAP history has appeared to be racist. DAP is, in fact, racist. Being “racial” is one thing, being “racist” is a more damaging matter. Being racist is where one is antagonistic towards another race. Not wanting the economic and educational playing fields be levelled for the Malays, Melanaus, Dayaks, Kadazans and other natives in this country is racist.

      They have to change to avoid another racial flare up. The Government must control them from acts and utterances that may lead to that. Apply the Sedition Act, the ISA and all other applicable laws when they sound or act seditiously or subversively.


      • “Pointing to Taib Mahmud’s Rolls Royce is not sufficient.”

        Forgive me if I am wrong, I understand the Rolls Royce is a very special gift. And it is not from a chinese tycoon for logging concession


      • “…Taib Mahmud, himself a Melanau, has been doing his utmost in providing such facilities to such people who, after all, are the majority and the original settlers of the state….” I had to apply the Heimlich maneuvre on myself after reading this. You must be a BN blog commentor of the lowest rank. Make sure you don’t take credit for the above statement or even your Ketua Bahagian will be angry with you for your sheer stupidity. F****** moron.


        • You should have applied the Hitler gas chamber technique. Silent and painless.

          Because when you make a sound in here, you sound like F …… moron Hitler yourself. No logic, no argument. Like my saying what I’ve just said. I said so to make you realize how stupid you are, saying so. Comprendo?

          Wash your mouth and comment sensibly, boy.


      • In the court of public opinion, the evidence seems pretty overwhelming of Taib’s excesses during his reign as Chief Minister. See Sarawak Report. Why this wasn’t investigated is beyond me.

        In a democratic country, you don’t label people who don’t vote for you as traitorous, ungrateful and selfish. Just because they don’t vote for a particular racial-based party doesn’t mean that they are against that race.


        • Whether it was investigated or not only MACC knows. We can only speculate why there was no prosecution. Including whether there was evidence sufficient for prosecution. The Sarawak Report was not a Police report. Even Police reports may not produce witnesses to the actual corrupt acts. Saying he has a Rolls Royce is not evidence for prosecution.

          Read more about the racist DAP and their dirty campaign tactics to know whether you are right in saying “Just because they don’t vote for a particular racial-based party doesn’t mean that they are against that race.”

          DAP is also a race-based party. Just because Karpal Singh and his sons are members does not mean the party is not race-based. Theory always differs from practice.


        • I assume you mean BN as the ‘racial based party’. But it’s ok to vote for yet ANOTHER racial based party which is DAP? I mean what’s the logic in that? :/ Thing is I don’t even care what party people vote for but once they started saying things like this is boggles the mind because what’s your point, in the end you know? And the overwhelming evidence which you can find in Malaysian Insider and Malaysiakini comments is that most of these people (who claim to NOT want to vote for the racial based party that is BN) is that YES, THEY ARE AGAINST THE MALAYS. They are. You can say all you want but they are. Just see the comments. Melayu meloya, melayu tongkat, Mahathir is mamakthir etc. The part that breaks my heart most is an article on how about 2000 Malaysian students who are in financial distress in Egypt. They’re gov-sponsored students and are mostly poor Malay students. You know what was being commented? Statements like :”Obviously stupid indigenous people who don’t know how to plan ahead.” and “Now they know what it’s like, see lah how to survive.” etc etc. Do you know how heartbreaking that is? These students are Malaysians, and yet all these MI and MK commenters can see are that they are Malays, and beneath their feet. Don’t tell me that you guys are NOT against a ‘particular race’, because that is a flat out lie.


          • Wani,

            My point, as boggling as it is for you to grasp, is that it is so easy to be labeled as an anti- because politics in Malaysia is divided along racial lines.

            I don’t like UMNO for its excesses and excuses. Just because I will not vote for it doesn’t mean that I am anti-Malay. My Malay-ness is not ingrained in who I vote for and but it is etched firmly in an understanding of my own rich heritage which no one can take away from me.

            Furthermore, you mentioned about opposition campaign slogans and posters during the Sawarak election. Did you refer to one of the following:-
            “A vote for PR is a vote for Islamic state”
            Or perhaps you were unhappy because you couldn’t read opposition campaign messages because they were not in BM? Have you seen the following billboards or banners?

            You seem to think that all non-Malays are racists because of the comments that they leave at MI and MK? Wow…

            It is expedient, isn’t it, to paint everyone with the same brush stroke? Thankfully, not everyone of them is like that just like not everyone of us is like what we comment.


            • I do agree that not every non Malays are racist and I apologize if I seem to paint this particular issue with a broad brush. But I have to say that in my personal experience, every person who zealously support the opposition, esp DAP have some sort of ingrained hatred for any race that is not theirs, and you only need to talk to them to get it out.

              Malaysian Insider claim to be the unbiased paper for the masses. People who commented on those claim to be speaking for the rakyat. And they are the ones who got the exposure, and if there’s any foreign media out to seek the ‘rakyat’s voice, no doubt this one of such outlet. And those hatred for the Malays, unreasonable hatred for anything BN even though sometimes the decision/ motion is quite good, is what will get picked up. Can you possibly understand this?

              I have kept hope that there’s good in every people. But sometimes, time and time again, it gets shattered by real life experiences, that’s all too real and far too often ignored and yet still too disturbing to let pass. I once worked for a Chinese man who is very amiable and a fun person and ok to work with, and yet one day, when he took a bunch of us out to lunch, he saw a couple of tudung-clad girls walking behind the car. Do you know what he said? He said “Bloody hell, I hate girls wearing tudung. It’s stupid to wear them in hot weather like this. I just want to run them over with this car!”
              Can you imagine how I felt? and seeing my Chinese colleagues just keeping quiet and letting it slide?

              On the Chinese banner that SUPP used, do you know that they also used English and BM banners as well as Chinese ones? While the DAP banners are almost all predominantly Chinese? what’s wrong with just writing it in a language we ALL can understand? Do we, the non Chinese in this country do not matter at all?


              • Wani

                I cant agree with you more on this.

                Like you, I have always keep my hope high for the Nons…however time and time again majority of them have prove me wrong!

                While it may be the case that not all DAP supporter and chinese are racist, it certainly does appears to be so when we read those comments, their call and action!!.

                If there exist such a human beings so called un racist, anti malay, chinese and DAP supporter, I bet that they are certainly in a very small percentage indeed (and I dare say that it is less than even 5%) and yes, definitely we cant see them or hear them in any of those MI, MT comment section!


              • Wani,

                May I respectfully suggest that we need not apologize for things we don’t do, at least didn’t intend to do. They, especially the DAP, and now even the MCA, are in the habit of exploiting us because they see in our saying sorry out of politeness as a sign of weakness.

                I see no appearance of you referring to all Chinese as racist. Everybody knows that.

                You made very valid points in your comments up there. I agree with you and support you wholeheartedly.


                • thank you, Aku and Ikhwan. in a time when reasonable, rational thoughts seem to be ostracized and pushed aside as ‘ridiculous’, it’s good to know some people have my back.


            • “I don’t like UMNO for its excesses and excuses. ”

              DAP no excesses and excuses? MCA and all?

              People have been writing about DAP excesses all the time. Since the 13 May 1969 race riots. It has been pointed out here many times that the National Operations Council’s White Paper explained in quite some detail of DAP excesses during the 1969 General elections and the election victory celebrations that erupted in the racial clashes.

              Look at the tactics they use during PRN Sarawak campaign. Racist. And the Chinese in Sarawak bought their line. Not racist? And racism there is being anti-Semites? Goodness no. Anti-Malay. The line DAP leaders brought down from Semenanjung.


    • I’ve been seeing talks of ‘Najib’s father being the perpetrator of May 13 incident’ as well as ‘let the Crusade begin again’ in facebook among Sarawakians, particularly those who are voting for DAP. It’s disturbing.

      I’ve also been seeing campaign slogans purely in Chinese being posted where DAP was polling prior and up to election day here in Kuching. Those who can’t read the language will not know what is up. Multi racial my ass.


      • Wani

        It’s not by Sarawakians. It’s by Chinese Sarawakians. Like the Anak Sarawak above. It’s Anak Cina Sarawak. The pendatang in Sarawak are beginning to be like the racist pendatang in the Peninsular under the evil influence of DAP.

        Najib must really take action on those nasty fellows. Use the Sedition Law on the seditious fellows, like has been suggested. We must reduce racial polarization and the DAP must be reigned in.


        • I won’t say all that Sarawakian Chinese are like that. But with hateful politics played certain quarters it WILL be like that, I’m afraid. Btw the msges that I saw on FB was being passed on by a hardcore DAP supporter, but he’s not Chinese. Well.. at least hate doesn’t choose colour, but that’s not really a good thing, isn’t it? 😦


  10. how come you didnt mention anything about rampant corruption? nor malfunction of the election commision? it also contributed to the winning …


  11. this is proof that not only is the government hp6, but certain segment of our society as well.
    despite what jmd state
    a)umno is also a racist party whose members are right wing neo cons who have the license to create mayhem without suffering any repercussion.(may 13/kampung medan). just listening to umno convention, shown live on tv, confirms this. only thing is that the moment these neo cons hold top party/national post, they have to simmer down and conform to international standards.
    b) the melanaus/ibans are forced to vote pbb and their allies to prevent umno getting an excuse to enter state politics like sabah.
    c) sarawak, which produce huge amounts of gas and crude oil, could be a lot wealthier if the bulk of the oil and gas money goes to the state and not petronas.
    d) Despite their natural bounty, the amount of money set aside for research and science in sarawak and sabah are negligible. so all that God given jungle with their potential in bio-med is wasted. is it any wonder then why our scientist stay overseas as they cannot find beneficial work?
    f) the motorist in sabah and sarawak do not have any vested interest in national car projects, nor derive any benefit from it. The roads linking major towns are deplorable. why must they pay huge taxes for car imports(all cars are imported into the two states, including proton.)?
    g) why didn’t petronas build their hq in sarawak, since it is the biggest contributor to its coffers and have a sarawak ceo?.
    h) proof of sarawak faliure based on per capita income under malaysia can be done when the state is compared to brunei.
    i) when timber is extracted in sabah and sarawak, very little money trickles back to where it was logged, instead financial centres like singapore benefit as a tax free haven to these activity, as payment are made to subsidiaries/marketing companies set over there. so we may as well ban logging. unfortunately, the state administrators and political chiefs have interests in this business.


    • tempawan

      Non-UMNO as I am, I can’t stand wild statements that are not satisfactorily substantiated, sounding ignorance and racist thinking.

      You’d better substantiate the following satisfactorily before some one calls you names:

      1. “umno is also a racist party” – do you mean race-based party? Learn to speak without offending people, man.

      2. “whose members are right wing neo cons” – you’d be shouted at harshly if you don’t justify these words.

      3. “who have the license to create mayhem without suffering any repercussion – you simply are being nasty, aren’t you. Some may want to skin you alive saying those.

      4. “(may 13/kampung medan)” – explain yourself fully, man. The 1969 race riots are a sensitive subject.

      5. “just listening to umno convention, shown live on tv, confirms this” – The UMNO delegates would like you piss you for such a stupid deduction.

      6. “only thing is that the moment these neo cons hold top party/national post, they have to simmer down and conform to international standards” – what are you talking about, you narrow minded fellow?

      7. “the melanaus/ibans are forced to vote pbb and their allies to prevent umno getting an excuse to enter state politics like sabah” – you are nasty again, aren’t you?

      Why the hell are you making loose statements without justifying them? These are 7 unacceptable points from just the top two of the 10 issues you made.

      Some would say you are kurang ajar, had no upbringing, simply do not know how to communicate without offending. Do we want the likes of you around in this country? I’ll leave it to the readers to think.


    • tempawan

      I see that you have been bulldozing your opinions in here without giving proofs, justifications, views that are substantiated with facts and data. Wild statements and oblivious to the criticisms levelled at you. Have you no shame?

      Are you the anarchistic DAP type? Find anything at all and lambast each time?

      Your comments by way of questions are tolerable but such statements as “proof of sarawak faliure based on per capita income under malaysia can be done when the state is compared to brunei” are simply hogwash when no data is furnished. Trying to compare the largest state in Malaysia, whose population is well spread out, with a small state like Brunei shows your demented thinking.


  12. The Chinese especially DAP only support 1 Malaysia concept in terms of equal economic opportunity but when it comes to education system, they still want to maintain their vernacular schools. The different educations system enjoyed by them is definitely against the concept of 1 Malaysia.


    • The Chinese wanting the concept of equal economic opportunity is also against the spirit of 1Malaysia. 1Malaysia must be based on the Constitution. The Constitution has Article 153 on the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sarawak and Sabah. There cannot be equality without accepting that Special Position. What the heck, they are the richest in the country for so long already, folks. Share lah the wealth of this country equitably.

      DAP won in Sarawak only in Chinese areas. Because the Chinese want more riches and supported DAP anti-Malay propaganda. But they have to be fair. And be realistic. I’m waiting for the time when there is a firm, courageous and aggressive leader who will continue Tun Razak’s legacy of leveling the playing field. I like that phrase and it should be stated endlessly until kingdom come. For long-term unity and prosperity, folks.

      The Chinese business people should subscribe to that. We need to have harmony and avoid racial conflicts for uninterrupted progress and prosperity. Remember, during the period of Emergency ruled by the National Operations Council supported by the Army after the race riots of 1969, curfew was imposed and business was disrupted.


  13. aku baca
    aku dengar
    aku diam
    aku simpan
    segala macam aku ‘rasa’
    segalanya aku ‘terima’
    tok penghulu
    tok empat
    tok imam
    tok guru
    tok menteri
    tak abis abis bercerita
    tapi yang aku dengar masih sama
    jadi sampai bila
    nak diam
    nak simpan
    mana penghujungnya
    arwah atok kata
    cantas je
    kalau tak selesai
    ‘AKAR’ dah melangit
    menumpang ‘pokok pokok’ hutan
    betul kata atok
    cantas je
    ..kayu api nak diikat..


    • Dulu datuk saya sampai di negeri Sarawak sehelai sepinggan. Bumiputra di Sarawak mengizinkan datuk saya membuka kedai mencari makan. Hidup datuk saya bertambah baik, datuk saya berterima kasih dan menghormati orang bumi. Bumi ini memang bertuah, orang sini memang berbudi, datuk saya merasa berhutang budi, masyarakat berharmoni. Cina sekarang lain pula, setelah mendengar ceramah DAP, segala-galanya tidak betul. Sarawak kaya tetapi rakyatnya miskin, kata Anwar. Orang bandar tidak pernah masuk hutan, kawasan paya di Sarawak mana senang dimajukan, kawasan pendalaman yang berbukit, berlereng mana sama Singapore. Cina pakai Mercedes pun teriak “Ubah”, seandainya sistem begitu korup dan teruk, masakan ekonomi bangsa Cina begitu baik. Kalau bangsa Bumi yang banyak membawa Kancil boleh merasa kemajuan, pelik juga Cina Mercedes merasa tidak puas hati. Kong pun bo yung, bangsaku mudah lupa. Diberi petis mahu paha. Kami cakap negeri Australia bagus, tapi kalau tidak berkelayakan dan berharta, cuba mohon tengok mat salleh terima atau tidak. Kalau datuk saya mohon, sudah pasti akan ditendang keluar. Itulah sebab saya cintai negara Malaysia. Akan tetapi sayangnya Sarawak, Cinanya mudah lupa.

      Salam 1Malaysia dari Cina yang mengenang budi, mengerti jasa.


      • Bravo, kawan. Saya bangga ada Sarawakian chinese mcm anda ni. Bukan seperti yang satu lagi tu.

        Orang Cina yang berpatutan dialu alukan disini. Yang tidak berpatutan dan ultra kiasu banyak ditegur supaya berpatutan. Cucu cicit kita perlu hidup aman damai dimasa depan. Must give and take, not take only.

        Bukan diAustralia semuanya baik. Banyak cerita diMelbourne pendatang Cina dijijikkan. Tapi siapa yang mahu keluar kemana negara pun dipersilakan. Mana yang berfikir begitu tidak ada rasa ta’at setia kapada negara ini. Jenis ini no longer welcome in this country. Sorry to say, but we must have only loyal and patriotic ones for long-term peace and stability in this country.


      • Hey Sarawakian chinese

        This is one refreshing view. The maturity and awareness is unmistakable. Wish there are more of you, for a solid 1Malaysia.


    • One doesn’t have to believe in the reliability of so-called analyses put out by Malaysiakini. It is, after all, an opposition blog. Publishes opinion that suit their interest, discards those that contradict theirs.

      Now they publish an article by Bridget Welsh who works in Singapore Management (has it got to do with politics?) University. Has anyone said that Singapore university lecturers are not biased? Has any one said such lecturers say anything against the wishes of the Singapore Government? Are such views of hers not in line with the wishes of he Singapore Government? Anything that shows the weaknesses of the Establishment in Malaysia. A Government that has Big Brother on the wall, sues opposition Members of Parliament to bankruptcy and disqualification of Parliament membership until there are only 2 opposition MPs now.

      Bridget does not seem to even trust her own opinion. She calls it “preliminary finding”. Out to dispel all sorts of “myth” in Sarawak having been there for only don’t know how long.

      Will try to argue her out another time. Even me without a PhD but was born, bred and have, for scores of years, been watching developments in this country.


      • If you read carefully what Bridget (a political scientist teaching political science at the SMU. For your info, most business leaders study political risk as an investment tool) wrote almost agrees Hang Jebat’s writing regarding the swing which Jebat termed as Klang based, ie those with access to access to alternate news. This swing is spreading to the major urban centres in Sarawak. So it is simply more than a Chinese swing.


        • “Major urban centres in Sarawak” not Chinese? All are, man.

          So, if you say “This swing is spreading to the major urban centres in Sarawak”, how come “it is simply more than a Chinese swing”?

          I fail to see the logic.


  14. well written to you, as always, and to (some of) the commentators too.

    DAP reminds me of a character in a book called Animal Farm by Orwell


  15. The biggest challenge lies not only in the SUPP. But also any other Chinese political party, group or individual who want long-term peace and prosperity in the country.

    We have seen the tragedy of 13 May 1969 and must try to avoid it recurring. DAP was largely responsible for the events leading to 13 May. The Government White Paper said so. Books have said so. And you, JMD, has written extensively on that tragedy befallen our country. Of course DAP denies that. Even Kua Ka Song wrote a book pointing to the other direction. They never learn. They need to be taught relentlessly.

    Now the DAP is active in Sarawak. True, SUPP must re-educate their supporters on the politics of moderation. True, the keyword is moderation. True, moderation is what Pakatan Rakyat do not have. MCA, Gerakan and others must also go to the ground together with SUPP and keep beating the anti-extremism gong. Bang the gong hard and constantly.

    And, for goodness sake, do not ape the DAP by asking for Bumiputera equity target be abolished and the NEP be dampened. It’ll bring more harm than good antagonizing the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sarawak and Sabah. Don’t go that line at all if MCA, Gerakan and other groups that comprise largely Chinese business interests want long-term peace and prosperity in this country. The wealth of the country must be shared equitably and the playing field leveled if they want long-term stability, which is the prerequisite for economic growth and prosperity.


  16. Extreme perceptive. Didn’t expect west malaysian to understand the truth in our state. A lot of people didn’t get it. Inclusion those who listen to DAP rally. And SUPP should have engage you in explaining to the chinese that Sarawak has made tremendous progress and how difficult it is to develop to state and where were we 30 years ago. Cheers.


  17. “The vast improvements in the state of Sarawak contributed to the uplifting of living conditions for the people in the state of Sarawak. The movement of people, the education opportunities of the natives, the constant development and creation of townhubs had benefited 95% of the people.”

    And why the hell is MCA echoing DAP’s call for Taib Mahmud to leave early? Chua Soi Lek the day before, vice-president Gan Ping Sieu yesterday. The man has repeatedly said he’d leave, bumsteads. You wanna get cheap propaganda? You don’t get any kudos for that as you are merely aping DAP. Like you aped DAP’s seditious and gangsterish tactic when calling for the Bumiputera equity target be abolished. You MCA better think out some other strategies to win back Chinese votes for you.

    And now the BN partner appears to talk strange by saying MCA would consider its position in the line-up of federal and state governments if the party fared as badly in the next general election as it did in the 2008 polls? Is that threatening UMNO or the Chinese? Whatever it may be, apart from the DAP, UMNO has to be weary about the MCA as well, as the latter has aped the former on the matter of the Bumiputera equity target.

    A mitigating factor can be the fact that Gan also blasted DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng for misleading the Chinese community and painting the SUPP as Taib’s thugs during campaigning. “The DAP deliberately created a fear of punishment and misled the Chinese community that MCA was intimidating voters,” he said.

    MCA and Gerakan must keep hitting the DAP, collect each and every word and action they do that you can hit, to draw the Chinese away from their seditious strategy and subversive tactics. I’d like to see MCA and Gerakan hitting DAP frequently and endlessly, for example, for wanting communist terrorist Chin Peng be allowed into the country. That would surely alienate many Chinese away from the subversive DAP.


  18. Whether we like it or not (Umno specifically), there’s no way either MCA or Gerakan would gang-up and beat Dap into a slimeball. What is the point if they could always get what they want…thru left and right (Govt and Opposition). Two is better than one and that’s how the Chinese have been guarding their interests thru politics.

    They’ve got lots of success ‘working together’ and why should they stop now? Why should the MCA or Gerakan (and the Chinese community) be bothered at all if people like Khairy would rather be ‘fair to everyone’ eventhough the Chinese has obviously given their votes to Dap?


    • That’s why Khairy was not appointed to any post by Najib. The first time ever an UMNO Youth Head is not appointed to the Cabinet as full or half minister. Not even given a semi-government agency to head.

      For all his weaknesses, Najib knows an insane fellow when he sees one. A bloke is insane when he publicly announces an intention of becoming PM by 40 years old. The Malays would never accept Khairy as a leader except those 300+ UMNO delegates who voted him at the UMNO Convention. He was found guilty of money politics prior to the Convention.

      UMNO is also rather insane allowing Khairy to contest in spite of being found guilty. That one Najib didn’t know an insane UMNO Disciplinary Committee when it stood right in front of his nose. Or he chose not to know!


  19. Dear Sir

    Thanks for writing a good and well-balanced article. Keep up the good work….. May ALLAH bless you and your family always….


  20. This part got me laughing my butts off, last line, perfect punch line: “PAS is very extreme in their Islamic approach. DAP is very extreme in their racial demands and approach. Hindraf is very extreme in their politics of hooliganism. And PKR is extremely bereft of any direction and policies.”


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