Monsters among us!

Back in 2008, there was a case of Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) uniformed men beating a dog and forcing it out through the railings of a locked gate which made the news in The Star.

I made a commentary on that and was hopeful the authorities had seen it fit to increase the maximum penalty of animal abuse to RM10,000 and 6 years of jail term.

The current maximum sentence is RM200.

That was back in 2008. Fast forward to 2011, there were still no changes been made although the Parliament has been in session many times.

Are we that apathetic in our nature that animal lives are not valued at all?

Do we have to sit idly and wait for another case to come and the wrongdoers left unpunished?

RM200 fine for abusing and torturing animals? You pay higher fines if you had used handphones while driving!

True enough, last week we were shocked by the incident of a woman torturing and killing 3 little kittens. Her gruesome act were caught on CCTV.


TOP ROW: The video clip showing the youth beating a kitten with an umbrella and stomping on it. BOTTOM ROW: The animal abuse suspect lifting a kitten by its tail (left) and close-up of the abuser. Pics from The Malay Mail.

The stories can be read here, here and here.

This incident came barely a month after the news of a man mistreating a poodle. Clearly we have members of the public who are bereft of any common sense and compassion. Plainly speaking, I think some of us are really evil and made no qualms to hide this diabolical behaviour.

Are there monsters living amongst us? How safe are your children if they come across such people?

To make it worse, all these animal abusers are left unpunished by the authorities.

Chow Xiao Wei: Please forgive me

Just look at the fate of the kitten abuser above. After making a public apology, she is now being helped by an NGO to deal with her psychological issues!

To me, the best way to deal with her stupid psychological issues is to just throw her in jail and fine her RM50,000 to deter anymore potential abusers among us.

Even her apology wasn’t sincere. Apparently she told her mother that ‘while torturing those poor little kittens, she had no idea that they were already dead’.

From the video we can clearly see the kittens were still alive when she started to throw and stomp them on the ground. She lied to her mother!

And now society expects her to just go by her normal daily life because she offered an apology?

She said sorry only because she got caught. That was it.

Remorse? She will only feel remorse when she sit pondering about her actions within a 6 by 6 feet of cell.

And put in 9 strokes of the cane while she’s in there. 3 for each kittens.

Today is the first day of Parliament sitting. From the news article I gathered here, a new ruling will be tabled in Parliament this time around. The maximum amount we are looking  at is RM50,000, which is a good thing.

But please put in some strokes of the rattan.

That will deter any naughty little psychos who get turned on by torturing helpless animals.

I hope all Members of Parliament will unanimously vote for this Act to pass. We are 58 years late.

And I hope the vile people in the news above be punished for what they have done accordingly.

Thank you.

35 thoughts on “Monsters among us!

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  3. Salem JMD,

    I read the news in the Star yesterday. It was horrifying. I got nauseated by it. Unbelievable and I was speechlessly angry towards this dumb, merciless, no brain girl! Whatever her reasons were, she sure is a cruel person with no heart. And she might want to think again why bad things happened in her life…. OBVIOUSLY because she’s a BAD PERSON who deserves all the misery in this world and the hereafter!!!

    I agree that she shouldn’t be given mercy. She should be sent to prison, not doing any community services at the SPCA or whatever NGOs She might abuse/kill another kitten or a puppy. This MONSTER claimed not being in her right mind, so she might harm a human being next when she gets one of her crazy fits. Who knows, right. Better not take any chances.



  4. Believe it or not, she will not be punished. Why? Becoz she is chinese.. All the big shot from MCA, GERAKAN and even DAP will defend her. Just like Name Wee..


    • Maybe because Najib wants to carry (curry?) favour of the nons re the elections. When the time comes, UMNO knows what to do. Tun Dol didn’t lose PRU12. Even that they ushered him out.


  5. Hello Peterpang,

    Yes we can all layari your copycat of Malay-hating, Gomen-bashing website provided you open up, include also advertisement from pro-gomen sites like unspinners and let pro-gomen commenters come in too. If we want to read more of those, we can just go Malaysiakini or Malaysiatoday.

    And Jebat, if abusing a cat is monstrous, what about treating a maid as subhuman slaves, just like the Yim Pek Ha-Nirmala Bonat case? These people are beyond monstrosity.

    And most likely, these are the very same people who hate the government too. Put 2 and 2 together.


  6. since i am not a vegetarian, i think i have no right to say on this matter, as chickens are treated just as cruel, if you buy them fresh at the market.
    does that mean all those who slaughter chickens will be subject to punishment under the law?
    what about those who celebrate aidil adha in mass slaughter rituals? Some of these animals could be as big as a camel and are not sedated before being slaughtered in public. Can civil law overide muslim rights to animal abuse?


    • Tempawan,

      Tsk..tsk.. tsk.. you do not want to even condemn this inhumane act because you feel slaughtering animals for consumption is punishable? You must be a strange guy indeed.

      You see Tempawan, when you eat your burgers or steak or chicken chops, the animals that was slaughtered were not tormented of tortured. It was a quick death. But the kittens and the puppy were abused and tortured to death. See the difference?

      Quick death which in turn helping you and your relatives to grow and have healthy brains through protein intake is very humane. That is why in Islamic countries, death through decapitation is much more humane than death by electric currents.

      What purpose has this woman trying to fulfill by torturing these kittens? And yet, you decided not to condemn her for this senseless killings? What kind of sick person are you?

      Doesn’t matter how big the animal is Tempawan, your insinuation to ridicule Islam is quite malicious. Do you think only Muslims slaughter animals for food? Do you? There is a difference from being humane and being vicious. If you can’t see the difference, then you are one step closer from being an animal yourself. In fact, even animals know compassion.

      I like you Tempawan. Please come again for a visit. Everyone loves the village idiot.

      Thank you.


    • Orang Islam sembelih lah ngok, sembelih kurang sakit dari kejutan elektrik. Macam orang kena pancung kepala, otak tak sempat nak proses sakit sebab deria tunjang di leher sudah putus.


    • tempawan,
      You mentioned “as chickens are treated just as cruel, if you buy them fresh at the market.”

      I wonder how you can explain about those meats (not in the market) that you eat coming from or how it is being processed. In other words, are you saying if you don’t buy fresh in the market, it is okay and not cruel?

      By the way, was the girl here “slaughter” the kitten to be eaten?

      You are really misleading..

      ~ OnDaStreet


    • You know prof temp, I have seen chinese eat monkey’s brains while the monkey is still screaming. The seller tied the monkey under a table which has a hole big enough for the top of its head to emerge over the table.

      Then he sliced off the skull of an alive monkey, just like a coconut. Of course we can hear the terrible screams of the poor thing. The customer then help himself to the “food” – the monkey’s brains. All in the belief that the eater will be “smart” like a monkey. Drunken prawns are cooked still alive. The chinese believe that freshness is crucial to good taste.

      In china, Bear’s bile is also obtained in a very cruel manner. In fact, traditional chinese medicine causes many animals to be on the endangered list.


    • Tempawan, I wish you will READ UP first and understand why Muslims slaughter their animals before making your comment. I’m not sure if you’re targetting only the slaughter of animals according to the sharia, or all animal slaughter regardless of the origin/ religion. If it’s the former, again I reiterate: READ. ASK. then judge. If it’s the latter, you’re just arguing for arguments’ sake, man. Are you going to say that all meat eaters, including yourself partake in an equally cruel mannerism as shown by this girl?? Which brings to the question: Did you kill a kitten today?? O_O


    • also tempawan, it’s not just a ‘mass slaughter ritual.’ that shows how little you know of Islam to ridicule it that way. The meat from the animals are later distributed among the poor and among those who helped out. It’s for a good cause, no different than when you take out money and buy food (meat, etc) for charity. When animals are slaughtered for food, regardless of who did it, or what religion, that’s not cruelty. But if animals are slaughtered and stomped upon and hit with umbrellas just because someone had a bad day or thinks it’s funny, then THAT is cruelty.

      ada faham?


  7. Hey JMD,

    I totally support you. The ‘butch’ has issue. I mean who doesn’t? But you don’t take that out on God’s creation. The way to prevent this is definitely hit those animal abusers where it hurts them the most…MONEY. Slapping 50k is not enough. I say the penalty should be increase to 100k and 5 years jail term. Our MPs as usual is zzzzz. Or maybe benda macam ni tak de political mileage? Tak seksi? Hello MPs. And what the fuck is those DAPs thinking? Press conference for the butch? Forgive her? Yeah, I’ll forgive her when she gets what she deserves.


  8. huh ..this is a simple issue of senseless killing by sick mind that requires very special medical treatment . Any kind of punishment such as hours helping out in SPCA must be exposed more in the media. Monetary punishment alone wont help.

    Suddenly race , religion and politic inclination took charge in the comments here. What is happening to Malaysian these days ? Both sides … shame on you .


    • Hi Adam

      Are you the same bloke in that DN blog?

      I admit that I have a strong tendency to drag this issue into the race and religious issue as well like TEMPAYAN above. However I guess I should hold that thought and I should agree that similar cruelness can be exhibit by the Melayu as well. Although I reckon to a less proportioned than this NONS.

      What happen in Malaysia this day???Good question

      Let me tell you something…..Looking back like 5 years ago….I used to not look at things in”race” perspective but I guess this days, it seems to me that everything somehow has got to do with “race”.

      Do you know why is this happening?

      Personally, After seeing the relentless bashing of the Melayu and Muslim by this arrogant, selfish and ungrateful NONS, things start to change….It make me realize the true intention/colour of this people. As such my perspective started to change as well.

      Notwithstanding the open insult that we received in the internet….Just look in real life, you dont have to go further than reading the newspaper or visit your local hypermall and you could see this NONS racism staring right infront of your face with work advertisement stating “Mandarin speaker preferred” and more “Those with muslim faith need not apply”. Indeed I have travels to many foreign country and I have not encountered such racism anywhere else except in Malaysia. How “kurang ajar” is this?

      I reckon the same thing happen to most of the Melayu…..They used to be so accommodating, tolerable and humble however the NONS themselves has turn them including me to such a hostile personnel.

      The same things happen with regard to the 13 MEI tragedy. The NONS openly provoke the Malays…then what happen??? Yes the Malay retaliate and it ended with the Malays getting the DEB and special quota.

      So who are to be blamed?

      And who will be gaining in such event?

      The NONS or the Melayu/Bumi???


      • The NEP was not a gain by the Melayu. It had to come one way or another. May 13 only hastened realisation for the need to level the playing field for long term unity and peace in this Tanah Melayu.

        But we should not wait for another May 13 to have leaders realize the need to hasten levelling the still uneven playing field. Najib must vigorously execute, not down play, NEP in his NEM.


    • Hear ye hear ye, adam the self-righteous and non-racist has spoken with lots of wisdom here. But look closely at his comments, “senseless killing by sick mind that requires very special medical treatment . Any kind of punishment such as hours helping out in SPCA must be exposed more in the media. Monetary punishment alone wont help”.

      Why special medical treatment?? Animal abuse is punishable by jail terms and caning. Helping out in SPCA is pathetically TAME. Monetary fines is “kacang” to rich spoilt kids.

      If you watch the full video, she came back again and again to “finish up” her assignment. It was NOT impromptu. She even chased the older cat away when it tried to rescue the poor kittens. One managed to limp painfully away and the other never had the chance.

      She came back to stomp on the poor beaten up kitten. And your suggestion is for her to ‘help’ out in the SPCA??

      The SPCA should just send the whole army of animals to HER house for her to eat, smell, touch, watch, hear, walk, live and breathe the SAME air as these pets for nine years (kittens grow into cats and cats have nine lives).

      And adam can always volunteer to hang around, to spur this kitten-killer to turn into an animal lover, especially kittens.


  9. I think this girl is a Psychopath….

    Normally it is difficult to cure this kind of behavior except with death sentences!

    It comes naturally to the person like a typical Human having the natural tendency to eat, sleep and so on except off course the girl here has the pleasure of torturing the animal.

    Perhaps this is just the first stage, At the next stage she will move on with her torturing pleasure to another human being like the helpless children or the Indonesian Maids.

    To the TEMPAYAN,

    The different between the cruel girl and most of us is that we killed instantly those food animal (whether through slaughtering or electrification) for the purpose of FOOD while that girl TORTURE and KILL that animal for NO PURPOSE.

    Indeed, You are truly stupid and idiot. I reckon your IQ level is the lowest that i have encountered so far based on my reading of your comments

    It is a true waste of time reading your comment and replying them.


  10. Salam JMD, nak creative sikit, betina ni patut tidor atas lantai dan kita semua pakai boot dan leyek dia, tengok dia rasa sakit tidak. Si biadap ni akan buat lagi pada kucing2 lain. Kurang ajar. Dia ingat Tuhan tak nampak apa yang dia buat. Elok hantar dia buat ‘community service’ di petshop.


  11. The commentor above is a different Adam from the DN blog. I’d know, I’m the Adam from DN.

    On the cat killer, screw that bitch. She’s only pretending to feel sorry cause she got caught. I once accidentally ran over a little kitten (I checked behind my car before reversing tapi didn’t notice the kitten sleeping in the rim) . It was the most horrible experience I ever had and I couldn’t stop myself from crying. This psychopathic bitch plak beats the shit outta three small kittens, then stomps ’em and feels nothing!

    I hope she gets punished in this world and the next.



    • Good of you, Adam. They say animal lovers are gentle people. And gentlemanly, too. I’m not an animal lover. But am also not an animal abuser. Those who abuse deserve to be verbally abused, at least.


  12. Hi JMD,

    Thanks for your thoughts on this. I think you hit it spot on. Being an animal lover, I cannot comprehend how people can exhibit such inhumane acts. It is high time that the government take such issues seriously as a deterrent/punishment to those barbarians that still live among us. A mere RM200 fine is really such a joke.


  13. i suppose we can use religion as an excuse to mistreat animals.
    when i was in perlis snake farm park, they use live chicken to feed them. the poor chicken will be thrown into snake pits just waiting to die, and you can see the chicken frozen and shitting in its pants literally. this spectacular show can be observed by any who pays a ticket to enter.
    and when do you think our malaysian government will prosecute those who perpetrated may 13th and kampung medan massacre? if we allow those who butchered innocents due to racial difference, the fathers/parents who were returning from work, who happens to pass through kampung datuk keramat, or kampung baru and burnt alive in their cars, or hacked to death by samsengs with parangs, and have nothing to do with politics except to cast their votes, are forgiven and given amnesty, why the big fuss over three kittens.
    for as long as no action is taken, and despite numerous theories, including jmd’s, the notion that the ruling party or its supporters were involved in this mayhem, will always linger.


    • Now you are going away from the matter at hand.. giving examples of riots? Tempawan, who said those who murder people shouldn’t be prosecuted? Surely if cold bloody murder must be brought to justice, this pathetic kitten killer must suffer the same fate. As for the racial riots itself, I am astonished that you still have not read the analysis here. Please do not say things without any shred of evidence.

      And please do not lay the blame on the ruling party when three kittens were killed. This has got nothing to do with politics. We do not ask you to stop eating meat or stop killing mosquitoes Tempawan. We just ask you to have some compassion for the hapless and innocent kittens. Is this too difficult for you? Or are you that bent on hating the government that you could not think straight anymore?

      By the way, do you have pictures of those chicken in that snake farm. Please make a police report. That would be great.
      Thank you so much.


  14. ..memang ada jenis manusia macam tu, yg saya nak kongsi ini adalah sikap manusia yg masih buat bodo dan tidak peduli.Semalam ketika saya sedang menikmati tosei di sebuah kedai mamak, ada seorang lelaki cina, umur lebih kurang 40 an tiba- tiba saje membuang hinggus secara sopan , beberapa kali di sapu tangan nya.Walaupun beliau menutup hidung dengan kemas,tetapi perbuatannya amat menjijikan.Ini bukan kali pertama saya mengalaminya, suatu masa dulu, seorang lelaki meludah di tepi meja ketika sedang makan, ketika yang lain seorang lelaki berkumur – kumur dan membuang kahak dengan kuat di sink yang terletak berhampiran dengan seseorang yang sedang menjamu selera.

    Insiden yang sebutkan adalah lelaki cina umur 40 an juga.tetapi hairan dengan sikap mereka ini tetapi saya amat yakin mereka tidak akan berbuat sedemikian jika makan di kedai bangsa mereka.

    Begitu juga, kalau ada gotong royong, sukan atau apa apa majlis , jangan harap lah kaum cina nak datang walaupun mereka tinggal di kawasan perumahan yang sama, tetapi jika mereka yg anjurkan, kaum melayu yang tinggal dikawasan mereka, akan turut serta kerana nak menjaga hati konon !


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