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Lim Kit Siang & Karpal Singh – cakap tak serupa bikin

I find it funny when the opposition leaders and its fanatical supporters condemned the suggestion to commemorate May 13th in a positive way. In other words, we want the people to remember that the harmonious relationship between races here in Malaysia was forged from the fires of a tragic incident. We also need to learn from the mistakes we sometime commit and to look into the future as citizens who are aware of our collective strengths.

There are a lot of lessons that can be learned from the racial riots.

Hence, it is good that people can know what really had happened.

But when National Unity Day was suggested, all fury came in from the opposition.

I would like to point out that back in 2007, when Dr Kua Kia Soong’s book was launched, all sundry were discussing about the May 13 riots.

A brief walk down memory lane will expose the pandemonium caused by the book. You can read it here, here, here and here.

But lately, the longest serving political party ruler in the world, Lim Kit Siang (42 years) and his offspring, Lim Guan Eng seemed determined not to let Malaysians remember the tragedy.

Like it or not, the maniacal discussions over the racial riots among the oppositions were rather subdued since early 2010. Probably because my series of articles in debunking  Kua Kia Soong’s lies were not rebutted by anybody from the opposition’s camp.

I think it is indeed hard to rebut them since I had used the facts from the same point of references which Kua Kia Soong had used and importantly, I used the facts that were deftly left out by him in order to expose his wicked propaganda.

Hence, I find it odd that back in 1969, Lim Kit Siang whom had written a letter to the then Chairman of DAP, Chen Man Hin urging all Malaysians to remember the May 13 tragedy is now lambasting Ibrahim Ali about the suggestion of the May 13 museum.

Back in 1969, he said;

Let May 13 be boldly imprinted in the Malaysian memory and consciousness as a stark warning to Malaysians of the madness and cost of racialism. Otherwise, May 13 will soon be relegated to the footnotes of history, completely overshadowed by even greater racial holocausts which, in comparison, the May 13 events were no more than child’s play.

What is so wrong about a museum? The American Civil War which claimed lives of more than 700,000 people was commemorated with museums and memorial services throughout The United States. They even have re-enactments and movies out of it.

Imagine the bloodiest part of American history was remembered by all its citizens because they will learn from their past mistakes and the sacrifices made by their ancestors in order to gain some sense about their nation’s past.

Yet, we here chose not to commemorate May 13 at all. Worse, some of us dare not delve into the true cause of it. Some of us tried to pin the blame into the ruling government. But now, they just made some feeble misdirection after their bluff was called.

But we all know by now who Lim Kit Siang is. A dictator who still thinks he is relevant in the political platform. His tendencies of not knowing how to look into the mirror when he speaks is his greatest forte.

Take for example his defense for the new NUJ President, Hata Wahari.

Hata Wahari is an employee of Utusan Malaysia whom in recent times, had condemned his employer as practising ‘partisan reporting.

He cited example of Utusan Malaysia criticising Nazri Aziz in a series of spat in their editorial column. To digress a bit, Hata seemed to be confused with his own principles when he stated that Utusan must not be a lackey of Umno; meaning, “newspapers had to be independent from the influences of any political party, be it BN or PR”.

Is criticising an Umno/BN minister a sign of overly dependent to BN?

Hata moved on to say that “Utusan in the beginning of its formation before 1961 was a newspaper which played a pivotal role in championing the spirit of nationalism, it was progressive and liberal and free from any political influences. As a reporter, I support the principles set forth by the founders of Utusan which were never politically motivated”.

Utusan is currently seen as the leader of nationalism and also progressive and liberal enough as to know what is good enough for the country. Hence, in their editorial, they had no qualms in criticising just anybody and will support something they see beneficial such as the PPSMI.

And so, what was Hata blabbering about? Should Utusan not criticise and Umno minister anymore?

If the condemnation is unfounded, then surely it is the right of the employer to start a disciplinary action to an employee who is not showing much loyalty to its employer.

Lim Kit Siang should know this. He made a precedent concerning the same situation back in the late 90’s when he sacked YB Wee Choo Keong and a couple of other DAP stalwarts for ‘not showing enough affection’ towards the party leadership.

Surely the charge, ‘not showing enough affection’, however ridiculous it sounds, can also be used by Utusan Malaysia towards any of its employee since the DAP dictator used the same tactic to politically annihilate anybody who did not offer any obeisance towards him.

Can you imagine living under the longest serving political dictator if he becomes the Prime Minister? Any squeak or muffled sounds of disrespect will be silenced.

Therefore, I urge Lim Kit Siang to be cognisant to his own political history. He is fast becoming a body of inconsistencies rather than a serious entity.

Karpal Singh made a lethargic and exasperated attempt to clean himself of an ethical dilemma recently.

It started when a columnist in New Straits Times, Shamsul Akmar, alluded that Karpal Singh had seriously breach some legal ethics and questioned his conduct back in 1997 when the latter had publicly accused Anwar Ibrahim of sodomy and barely a year later, became a defence counsel for the sodomy case.

Karpal responded back by saying that indeed he had accused Anwar in 1997 but he added that Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir (now Tun), had deemed the allegations as baseless and slanderous.

This is Karpal’s only defence against his questionable conduct. But the toothless tiger seemed to lost his his memory when YB Wee Choo Keong and Shamsul Akmar exposed the fact that he made the allegations AFTER the then prime minister had tried to defend Anwar of any accusations.

Not only did Karpal accused Anwar in Parliament back in Octobver 1997, he repeated the allegations in a public place in early 1998 as well. That was a few months after Dr Mahathir made his statement!

And so, Karpal’s has trapped himself in the corner. I would think that a man of his stature would be embarrassed and strong enough to come clean about the whole situation.

As we always say, only the brave tells the truth. The cowards will remain inconsistent.


39 thoughts on “Lim Kit Siang & Karpal Singh – cakap tak serupa bikin

  1. I started school in 1966 at the “Riffle Range Road School”, near Police Depo KL. My father was in the FRU then. At the end of 1968 he was transfered to General Duty policeman and posted to Baling, Kedah. In 1969, I started my Std. 3 in Sek. Ren. Tunku Putra, the school where Tunku met Chin Peng.
    According to my father, the reason he was posted to Baling is due to the Govt was in a process of making the FRU more multi-national.
    I think in some sense, this is why the FRU is not effective enough, to maintain order, especially during the Funeral & Victory parade, taunting the Malays.


    • jasdin,
      At least some of them (the names you mentioned) being consistent and helped Malaysians along the way and not causing discontent (except for DS Abdullah Badawi)..

      But Karpal and the Lims being inconsistent and causing troubles and disunity with their on inconsistent arguments..

      ~ OnDaStreet


  2. Satu lagi artikel tajaan Barisan Nasional.

    Oi kalau Lim Kit Siang n Karpal takde, dah lama dah Malaysia ni bungkus tau tak?

    Because of their crdibility remain intact lah yang buat kita terus sokong Pakatan Rakyat..

    Down with BN..!


  3. There are a host of inconsistencies and cakap tak serupa bikin manifested by Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and the DAP since the days LKS took over control of the ultra kiasus from the Maha Ultra Kiasu Lee Kuan Yew when Singapore was “kicked out” of Malaysia in 1965.

    A very clear case in point is the claim to being Malaysian first and Chinese second. When the DAP Government named a public facility in Penang after Sun Yat Sen, it clearly shows them being Sun Yat Sen first and China second. There is absolutely no reason to glorify a mainland China figure other than the ultra kiasu and cakap tak serupa bikin mentality.

    It’s guilt conscience on their part that they do not want May 13 be commemorated or remembered in any way. They even oppose History be made compulsory in schools. When the decision was made so, they made noise on what aspects of history to be taught and spoke for the kind of history that serve their interests be included. Imagine saying communist terrorist Chin Peng and the Malayan Communist Party rogues were nationalists. Nationalists my foot!

    And LKS wants Chin Peng be allowed to enter Malaysia. The man is still a communist, refusing to abandon his communist belief, or to declare the MCP dead, or apologize to the rakyat unreservedly for the despicable destructive terrorist acts he and his goons carried out causing thousands dead, properties destroyed, suffering and misery for decades.

    Their role in bringing about an atmosphere that triggered the race riots of May 13 has been written many times. Right from the National Operations Council publication of a White Paper explaining the causes to Tengku A Rahman’s memoirs and many other books.

    Dr Kua Kia Soong’s book has been criticised as being self serving for DAP and for himself, provocative and and his research biased. The author wrote another book criticising Malaysia’s defence purchases and had it launched in a restaurant in Edgware Road, London, of all places. That, too, shows the self-serving nature of the man. It’s the clientele, and the purchasing power of the British that he was after.

    Lim Kit Siang and the likes of him in DAP must be reined in. Ministers Nazri and Hishamuddin must do more that the writing of guidelines for the Sedition Act and media news reporting that was reported yesterday. The laws are pretty clear. It’s a matter of the political will to face them head on. Less of the votes but more of the racial harmony and national unity consideration, please.


  4. Was waiting for your reaction. Good one as usual, but you must be getting tired repeating the same thing eh JMD? Apa nak buat, anjing dan kucing punya memori lebih baik dari dia orang; kena remind from time to time. Glad that you are undertaking that task.


    • What are u trying to say, man? You no read history, ah? Make sure your children read history, will you. Come 2013, no choice, you know. Hopefully the generations from that time on won’t have your kind of attitude.

      Admit the mistakes made that led to May 13 lah. So that the tragedy won’t happen again.


    • Seriously, have you all actually read History? Or was it while only at school? Do you question what you read or do you just take it in because it agrees with what you’ve always suspected or have been indoctrinated? Hopefully, your reading of history has not been spoon-fed as well. There’s always two sides of a story, where there’s good, there’s also evil! Even then, a true account is more often than not, inconclusive! Some win, some loose but those who lost may actually be the winners, while those who won may actually be the losers. To form firm conclusions would be unwise! Nothing is ever certain except change!


      • What are you trying to say, man? Trying to sow doubts on established history? Wanting the rakyat question facts of history that have been recognised for generations locally and abroad? Anarchistic, are you?

        Not a single example produced. Not an iota of argument to support your statements. Sowing seeds of distrust, confusion, alarm and despondency, aren’t you. That’s the way of the communists, you know. And communists have lost out, manolo. The world over. Both Russia and China have been practising capitalism for decades now. Do come out from your cave, for goodness sake.


  5. how do we commemorate may 13th?
    do we party and around midnight we shout, happy may 13th, or light up fireworks?
    the holocaust is commemorated by placing wreaths on memorials.

    those who did not lose loved ones and suffered during may 13th should not have a say on this matter.

    may 13th is nothing more than a bunch of sore losers who went on a rampage. only perverts and sickos will propose commemorating a tragic day like it. the US civil war, on the other hand ended slavery and should be honoured.

    once a war has ended, all hostilities should cease, but chin peng is not allowed back home,while ex-pm blair is allowed into malaysia and even got paid for making a speech.

    our education administrators does not have the level of competencies to inculcate confidence amongst the rakyat.we are very lucky science and maths are based on actual experiments and are proven.
    history, on the other hand, depends on the interest and the objective of the administrators.


    • So, no Nuremberg War Trial and let the bloody racist Nazis responsible for all sorts of heinous atrocities just go free to roam about and create havoc another day?

      Btw, in the case of Chin Peng and the MCP, it was settled via the Haadyai Accord. The bloody communists ended up cocooned in the jungles of the Betong Salient, south Thailand.

      No such thing as “chin peng is not allowed back home”. He is not a citizen of Malaysia. History Professor Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim has checked the records and verified that he is not a citizen. He applied for citizenship but did not turn up for the interview to determine language proficiency etc and his application was not processed further.

      The man has to use a foreign passport and, as a non-citizen, it is at the discretion of the Malaysian Government to allow him in or not.

      He is not repentant, has not discarded his communist belief, is not remorseful of the atrocities he and the terrorists committed, refuses to apologise unreservedly for the loss of lives and properties, misery and suffering he caused – why the hell should he be allowed to enter Malaysia?


    • Special prayers should be a good start.
      Pray for unity, peace and prosperity for the rakyat.
      Pray that we will never have to face that again.


      • Today we see how the “PakHitam” roaming the streets and terrorizing the communities, one taxi man recently was almost strangled by them just to rob his daily takings.

        Those were the same fears and uncertainties we were in before May 13. Some areas we dared not venture even during bright daylights, so samseng daring and exposed with backlane pimps, prostitutes and gangsters.

        Thugs and Kongsi Gelap protected arrogant shopkeepers, who hoodwinked innocent buyers at their whims and fancies without any feeling of shame. It is still happening today but not as rampant, as there is now the check and balance by the respective authorities.

        Wow, they were so so FREE to do anything they pleases. I am glad what happened opened up everyone’s eyes.. It made our leaders realize and remedied the situation.

        I feel blessed today, and that day should always be remembered and passed down to our future generations to ensure no new immigrants can simply come into a country and bring in their dirty ways of life and disrupt the peace of any country.


  6. followed the link to the Malaysian Insider article about May 13 museum.. and then somehow got waywarded to an article about Interlok. Just wondering though, does Malaysian Insider ‘censor’ comments that are not in line with most of their ‘leftist’ and largely partisan commentors.. the way RPK did with his blog? Because I wrote in a pretty clean comment (as in no derogatory words of racist, demeaning, insulting nature – the other commentors are seriously way more ‘outspoken’ in that direction) and it had not shown up at all. Does anyone else had this experience?


    • Yes, my comment was not published. I’ve read a few others complaining their comments were also not published.

      Suggest you not waste time trying to submit comments there. Might as well write in friendly blogs like this one.


      • what saddens me is that lots of people (me included, to a certain degree) view the website as a ‘freedom of speech’ portal. But when only a select type of opinion and statement are allowed for public viewing – well, that just goes against the whole idea of freedom of speech. Just am sorely disappointed and surprise that not many people highlight this kind of censorship >.<


    • MI….sure does that a lot. Comments that are not on the same frequency will not see daylight. Thats for sure. Experienced that many times.


    • The Malaysian Insider was created with the specific purpose of creating thinly veiled ‘suspicion’ towards, and demonising the Pillars of the nation called Malaysia amongst its readers, and it is sponsored by (foreign) entities with a certain agenda, as have similarly been done in the rest of South East Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. And these ‘foreign entities’ will not rest until their ‘puppet’ has been installed into the government, who will then ‘follow the Master’s instructions’.

      You want examples?
      Well, there’s Hosni Mubarak, Al-Maliki, Hamid Karzai, Sarkozy, Asif Ali Zardari, etc. …and the “Rulers” in the Middle East,, such as The Al-Saud family, Jordanian royal family, Kuwait.
      And, Anwar Ibrahim..the PM Wannabe.

      The legitimate Government of Malaysia is not spared from the “Agenda”.

      Websites recommended:
      1. futurefastforward
      2. globalresearch.cc


  7. It’s mind bogling why people don’t want May 13 be remembered or commemorated. I agree with the opinion that it’s guilt conscience on the part of most of them who oppose the proposal.

    The National Archives have a copy of the White Paper produced by the National Operations Council or Majlis Gerakan Negara (MAGERAN) that was set up to run the country with the support of the Armed Forces and the Police in the aftermath of the race riots in 1969. Here are an NOC summary of events leading to the tragedy and the heinous crimes committed by those responsible for the riots:

    1. Those General Elections “candidates courting support on racial lines with reckless abandon. They attacked the Constitution in racialist terms. They twisted and misrepresented certain provisions in the Constitution, principally Article 152 and 153. They agitated for the removal of of Article 153 which provides safeguards for the special position of the Malays.” It “deteriorated into race-baiting.”

    The Government was returned with a comfortable majority, but the Opposition won a few additional seats . “This unexpected success on their part unfortunately made some of them lose all sense of proportion, and their members and supporters went on a rampage of insults and obscenities.”

    2. “Communist agents in the Labour Party turning a funeral into an arrogant Maoist slogan-shouting demonstration”.

    3. “Secret Society members working with quiet but deadly efficiency in generating fear inciting racial feelings and distributing weapons”.

    The White paper said “This Report has been prepared with the full realization that important matters must no longer be swept under the carper and that the facts of May 13 should be made known to the public … the objective of national unity must be confronted squarely, and the alternatives before us decided upon sincerely and courageously.”

    What was said by the Director of NOC in 1969 is valid right to this day and beyond:

    “This Nation cannot afford to perpetuate a system that permits anybody to say or do things which would set one race against another. If the events of May 13 are not to occur again, if this Nation is to survive, we must make sure that subjects which are likely to engender racial tensions are not exploited by irresponsible opportunists. We can only guarantee this by placing such subjects beyond the reach of race demagogues, the Communists and other subversives.”

    All Malaysian citizens must always remember those, remind those who forget, abhor those who deliberately want others to forget May 13 in order to pursue their chauvinistic, racist and subversive aims.

    JMD : Thank you Dot for the comment. Really appreciate it.


  8. A Royal Commission must be form to investigate the obscene wealth accumulated by the Chinese Taukehs such as Kuok, Lim Goh Tong, Vincent TAn and YTL.

    How did these Chinamen who came with only a shirt on their back from China managed to acquire so much wealth within 22 years of Mahathir rule?

    Are these Chinese untouchables. All the posters seems to touch on Syed Mohktar but what about these obscene 40 billion ringgits of Kuok from his sugar monopoly? Or Genting casino monopoly or 84 special gambling draws for Vincent Tan and MPurpose?

    These are evil projects calculated on the worst of human weakness gambling. A Royal Commission will find out how IPPs who burned 40% power every day while the greenies count the plastic bags or switch the light in one night!

    The Chinese wealth must be capped then only the Malays can catch up with them.

    Imagine the per capita of the USA is 40k while the per capita of Malaysia is 4k and yet the richest men in US only have 50 billion.

    While here Kuok and Ananda have assets worth 40billion!!

    What is wrong with the UMNO leadership? Incompetent and useless. Talking about core poverty while allowing Chinese Taukehs billions!


    • Quote: “The Chinese wealth must be capped” – an idea worth discussion.

      It used to be chinese = economic power; and Malay/Bumi = political power. But ever since the chinese’s obvious grab for political power too, why not economic power for the Malay/Bumi as well.


      • AGREED!
        Malay/Bumi should be empowered economically too! The strange thing is after over 30 years of positive discrimination and having their privileges enshrined within the Malaysian constitution, economic empowerment appears elusive! Why do you think that’s the case, Ray?


        • Kenyalang,

          Let me venture an opinion, too.

          Good that you agree Malay/Bumi should be empowered economically too.

          Why “economic empowerment appears elusive”? Partly because people like you try to be sarcastic, adding to the horde of racists and subversives trying to erode the Malay rights and privileges making Malay leaders weak in the knees instead of whacking them endlessly with “the rights enshrined in the Constitution”. We are awaiting the emergence of Malay leaders not weak in the knees.

          Why racist? Because you fellows not just want more, more and more for yourselves (ungrateful fellows, having got your citizenship right) but also try to, for example, talk about removing the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak (the DAP goons – panehmiang blog carried an article on this before, google it), and allow a seminar resolution asking that the Bumiputera target be abolished (MCA), prompting some Malays asking the citizenship right of those concerned be also abolished.

          You don’t want a BMO (Buy Malay/ Muslim Only) as ray suggested below, do you? Remember the Malay/ Muslims constitute 60% of the population. Their purchasing power may be lower than the Chinese but they have the numbers, man.

          You talk about discrimination – what school did you go to boy? Chinese school? Don’t read the Constitution Article 153, ha? If you cannot accept that, want to question that or try to make fun of that, then you don’t deserve to be Malaysian, do you?

          Remember, the Malay Special Position = your Mycard.


      • ray,

        It’d be good if it can be done but I doubt if it can or if there’ll be the political will to do it.

        The only alternative is for the Malays to speed up trying to catch up with them. But being left behind so far and for so long since the British colonial times, and the Chinese controlling the economy of the country, there needs to be affirmative action.

        The sad thing is Najib has been so weak in the knees that he has been giving in quite a lot to the Chinese demands. The DAP has been so chauvinistic and racist in their demands that, for the sake of votes, even the MCA tried to imitate them by way of the MCA-sponsored seminar resolution asking for the Bumuputera equity target be abolished, making some Malays ask that their citizenship right be also abolished. It is now not clear how Najib’s New Economic Model will handle the NEP.

        We have to continue to harp upon Najib the need to be firm and resolute in the matter of affirmative action. At the same time we need to keep hammering the “cakap tak serupa bikin” fellows, and imitators of their stand, against attempts at questioning the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak.

        The other way is to make sure they do not get further headway as far as political power is concerned. We need to get the Malays and the Bumiputeras to be aware of the selfish designs of those fellows and not vote them at PRKs or PRUs. We must repeatedly tell those fellows whose forefathers got citizenship right at Merdeka to observe the quid pro quo, respect the Special Position of the Bumiputeras and abide by the Constitution fully. We need to remind them periodically that questioning of the Bumiputera Special Position will lead to reciprocal questioning of their citizenship right and that is not good for the country.


        • Che Idris

          While the leaders may have their own concerns, the people (the man on the street) could activate some actions that may, insyallah, gain momentum.

          I will humbly list just two. Firstly the Satu Sekolah untuk Semua is a patriotic cause, therefore it is worthwhile putting in ALL efforts. Word-of-mouth kind of campaigning including going into the rural areas, may just snowball reactions.

          The long term benefits are immeasurable, especially in the unification of the various races, thereby creating the Bangsa Malaysia. Once united, these opportunistic politicians will be greatly diminished and evaporate into non-entities.

          The second course of action is the BMO (Buy Malay Muslim Only) which was suggested by a commenter elsewhere. The nons still need this large base of consumers for them to continue trading. If the majority consciously supports their fellow retailers, the impact of this domino effect will definitely curtail the meteoric rise of the nons’ economic power.

          The other benefit is that products especially the edible goods are genuinely certified HALAL. Many incidents have proven the nons’ blatant disregard for this islamic requirement for halal products and processing.

          There was once a case of packed pork with the halal logo on its packaging. How low can you go?

          Pssst kenyanglang, it is in the implementation, dearie, that was hijacked by u-know-who and their band of jolly-good fellows. We pray Najib will address this.

          One additional advantage TODAY, is that the majority have opened their eyes to these ingrained cultural tendencies like the ‘ali baba’, ‘front companies”, ‘scratch my back – I scratch yours’ schemes being practised for ages.


  9. JMD,

    Wake up! No politician is consistent! That is politics i.e. moving with the times to garner more votes, more $$$$, and harping on old issues like a broken record. Maybe if JMD becomes a politician some day, he’d be the most consistent?


    • Actually kenyanglang, these dinosaurs are consistent in ONE aspect. They will ALWAYS loudly reject, oppose, condemn, run down, character assasinate any icon that represents the Malay-led governance.


  10. If you want to mark May 13th that is credible then it must be an all party effort. To date the ruling class has not demonstrated that ability to be unbiased. The ruling class has to be educated to serve all malaysians irrespective of party affiliations once the General Elections are over. In a democracy there is a distinct seperation between party and government.

    Even in a family you wife remains with you until death because she perceives you to be fair. If she thinks otherwise she will run away. So is it in the affairs of the state. If it is perceived by the cirizens that the government is unfair the people will move away from it and will not support its dubious projects and preogrammes.


    • Aiyoyo, affairs of state oso you want to compare with your wife, ha? Assuming it is comparable, how do you know whether she has not been cheating, or talking behind your back, or when angry with you, even sleep with another man ? Note that this kind exists. And at the political party level, DAP even sleeps with PAS, though PAS cannot be said to be Malay wives or PKR Anwar considered as Lim Kit Siang’s bed partner.

      Be real, man. There are all sorts of wives to make this world. And divorces are rampant these days, whatever your religion. There has been so many instances of incompatibility between DAP and PAS, for example on the Hudud laws, and perhaps jealousy when Anwar announced Lim Kit Siang as the PR DPM candidate, leaving PAS completely in the lurch. And recently Hadi Awang and Nik Aziz had dinner at Istana Trengganu where DS Najib and TS Muhyiddin were said to be present, refusing to state what they talked about, saying “sudah tutup buku”. What “unbiased”, what “unfairness” are you talking about?

      “If it is perceived by the cirizens that the government is unfair” – by what measure you deem the government unfair? You are referring to the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, aren’t you? If so, I’ve got news for you, man. The citizenship you hold was the consideration, do you realise that? It should not even be the consideration because the British Colonial Secretary told the British Parliament when debating the Malaya Independence Bill, the Special Position of the Malays has always been there “since day one”.

      “to mark May 13th that is credible”, those errant members of society that tried to question the Malay and Bumiputera Special Position, those raising inflammatory issues during the 1969 election campaign and celebrating election victories in highly irresponsible manner – largely the DAP politicians, members and supporters – ought to be educated, told to learn the history of this country and to respect and abide by the Constitution.


  11. Karpal and lim doesn’t want people to remember what leading to the riot becos dap had a hand in it….they want people to forget history, so that they can continue to spin to suit their agenda


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