The Alcatel fiasco

I just love how blogger SatD of Pure Shiite dug for information.

The news is about our MACC electing themselves to go to France in order to investigate the recent Alcatel fiasco further. You can read the story here.

To cut the story short, Alcatel is accused by the US authorities (namely the SEC) for bribing government officials in certain countries all over the world – Malaysia included. Alcatel eventually “agreed to pay US$137 million (RM432.4 million) in fines and penalties to settle the charges, after reaching an agreement with the US Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission”.

As the report reaches our shores, questions of who were the Malaysian officials that received the bribe, arose. Not to mention rumours that are spreading in the blogosphere.

With haste, the MACC will travel to France to seek information from Alcatel regarding the case.

But SatD has another view on the matter. Which is more cost effective and definitely faster. Please continue reading his piece here.

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