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Goodbye 2010, welcome 2011

What a year that was!

2010 was an exciting year indeed. Following are the main events that were written by yours truly all throughout the year.

It started off with the important judgment by Justice Lau Bee Lan in an intriguing case between the Catholic Herald and the Home Ministry. The judge ruled that the word ‘Allah’ can be used by Christians of this country in their malay language bibles as the subsitute for the word ‘god’. I believe the case now is being referred to the Supreme Court. Or, being discussed in an out of court settlement.

Then there was the brouhaha over the Kelantan’s oil royalty which was led non other than Umno’s oldtimer – Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. It caused a lot of confusion and ultimately, left the Umno leadership in shattered image as the opposition took advantage of the situation. Fortunately Ku Li remained steadfast in Umno and all was somewhat redeemed when he led Barisan Nasional in the Galas by-election a few months after that.

The story arc of 2010 would probably be the multiple postponements of sodomy trial of Anwar Ibrahim. Are we not tired already with all the drama that was staged by his team of lawyers? But his effort to gained political backing from international entities fell flat on his face. This member of parliament who was declared as ‘God’s gift’ to Malaysians by the President of Parti KeAdilan Rakyat recently, was embarrassingly exposed by Wikileaks towards the end of 2010. Coupled with his mistimed and misdirected attacks towards Apco and the jews, he was summarily lambasted for his anti-semitic statements by his Israeli friends. Ironic it seems especially when he is still friends with powerful jews in the West. Perhaps we must question his wisdom concerning the way he was attacking Apco in the first place. Even his friends in The Malaysian Insider gave a blistering attack against him.

Then, there was the case of people who left him or left the opposition coalition due to the lack of confidence in his leadership quality. The latest was the one time darling of PKR, Zaid Ibrahim who had formed a new party called KITA. Until this day, his previous dream of registering Pakatan Rakyat as an official coalition remains to be seen. I doubt it will ever happen because let’s face it, Pakatan Rakyat has a farcical political philosophy. If their political philosophy is real, they will not have any problem to become official.

It will not be complete if we do not talk about the other farcical politician in Pakatan Rakyat – Lim Kit Siang. After a series of articles which had exposed him as being hypocritical, this longest serving dictator of DAP (since 1969), is relentless in his pursuit for a divided Malaysia. Dinosaurs do not care about its critics. Not until they became extinct.

Next, we have the important announcement of the New Economic Model by the Prime Minister. Many lauded the policy. Many more criticised it. Although there were hiccups during the announcement, I believe the Prime Minister’s Office had done well in  mitigating any major backlash. Mainly because most members of the public could not keep up with the myriads of abbreviations that were coming their way. Nevertheless, we can only see the results of this policy towards the end of 2011. Of which, I assume the Prime Minister will call on the general elections soon after that.

Another major highlight of the year would be the loss of oil blocks to Brunei. We are still in the dark over this issue which apparently was brokered by the former Prime Minister, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his fourth floor boys. What has happened since then? We lost 2 blocks and Limbang is still not ours!

The other story involving loss of territory would be the return of KTM land in Singapore to Singapore government. Even though it was described as a win-win situation by the current Prime Minister, matters came to a halt when Singapore deftly inserted a certain ‘development fee’ into the agreement which caused our administration to backpaddled all the way back to Kuala Lumpur to re-look into the agreement.

I guess 2011 will be another exciting year. I can only hope that some of us will become wiser than before. Wishing all the readers a spectacular 2011. I will always be around; writing when time permits me. Giving unwanted advice to people who need them the most.. 🙂

God bless!

Thank you.



5 thoughts on “Goodbye 2010, welcome 2011

  1. happy new year bro.

    wish we can celebrate at the man-made island off klebang, there is a beautiful restaurant there. i was there a month ago. looking at kelang beach from that position reminded me much of how miami was developed some 40 years ago.

    i believe melaka boleh!

    JMD : Happy new year to you too! Have a great one bro!


  2. Happy new year and please keep on writing…lets all truths prevail…lets bury all the ultra kiasus, hipocrites and the corrupts where ever they are from.

    2011….our mission is to put on the final nail into Anwar’s…the chief of all mischiefs…together with the likes of his ex-allies Dato Zaharin, Wee Choo Keong, Zulkifli Noordin, Dato Nalla, Ezam….many more, and the recent exposures by Ummi Hafilda in her blog ….we will succeed.


  3. Limbang is not ours? Limbang is ours for your info. Limbang is part of Malaysia.

    JMD : To summarise the story of the debacle led by Pak Lah, Brunei all these years was claiming Limbang as their territory and the ownership is in dispute. Pak Lah gave away the oil blocks thinking that Brunei will drop its claims over Limbang. As it turns out, Brunei and Pak Lah never discussed about the matter at all. Thus, Limbang is still in contention. In the end, Limbang is still not totally ours! Thank you.


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