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What shouldn’t make a minister?

I heard a cabinet reshuffle is coming real soon.

This will mark the start of Prime Minister Dato Sri Najib Tun Razak’s leadership for the critical 2011. The year where we shall see the beginnings of the transformation project he has set forth for the nation. Also, to witness the early results of these transformations. All are expected to come sometime during the tail end of 2011.

Now, the importance in selecting cabinet members cannot be understated. It is not child’s play. And it is certainly not hinge on the whims and fancy of the Prime Minister. He needs to tread this carefully and select the cabinet members based on certain winnable criteria (as if he needs someone to tell him that).

May I suggest that those who walk in the corridors of power to perform integrity checks on any potential cabinet members. Proper test must be made in order to gauge whether a person is fit to fill in the shoes of a cabinet minister or deputy minister post.

And these tests will include medical and mental tests as well. And importantly, a negative check list must be updated by the relevant authorities for the Prime Minister to have a proper positive and negative assessment of the potential candidates.

And above all, a candidate must not have any litigation suit or impending court case that may tarnish the whole image and reputation of the cabinet.

Why create more fodder for the opposition to attack the government?

Thus I am quite concern that Umno Youth leader, who is currently facing a defamation suit will be made cabinet minister soon. As I am sure the Prime Minister has already made up his mind and of course, the former’s appointment as a deputy minister is already inevitable, the threat of a RM100 million lawsuit looming in the horizon might cause an unnecessary hassle for Barisan Nasional. Especially if the court hearing and judgment is so near the upcoming general election.

The case itself is quite serious. Anwar Ibrahim is suing him for defamatory statements made. In December 2008, a judge had ruled in favor of the plaintiff through a judgment in default from the High Court when he failed to enter an appearance after the summons had been served on him.

However in September 2010, due to technicalities, he had successfully set aside the judgment-in-default and will be scheduled for trial. The risk can already be quantified. RM100 million. And loss of reputation by the Cabinet. He needs to see through this defamation case properly before can be admitted into the cabinet.

Regardless, I think it would be wise if due diligence takes into account any impending litigation suits by a potential candidate. Any responsible leader would have done so.

It is a standard practice for all takeovers and mergers acquisitions process in the corporate world. Shouldn’t this be emulated in the leadership and governance process too? Or does Barisan Nasional has really thick bullet proof vest that can withstand all the political attacks by the opposition in the run up to the next general election?

Just a thought.

Thank you.


19 thoughts on “What shouldn’t make a minister?

  1. i heard that reshuffle is an urban legend of which you will have to wait until after the PRU13 which is another urban legend, probably happened on March.
    what shouldn’t make a minister?
    i guess ignorance. stupidity is most of the time, inherited (for most of our ministers, and hopefully you won’t beg to differ) … but ignorance is an art learnt while being a minister, and that’s why it’s a bliss.

    JMD : I agree with you 100%


  2. i dont get it why all of you hate khairy so much,he has the brains to take us THERE….

    JMD : To take us WHERE? To the 2004 – 2008 era? Thank you for the comment.


    • JMD,
      How about 1981-2003 era?!yes….bankruptcy era…the best evidence of bankruptcy of malaysia at 1998:-
      Malaysia 1998- 

      Greece 2010-
      (check internet…berlambak ;-p)
      LOL…did it looks very similar?!?! it’s almost looks like mirror haha..and both have leader LOL
      And of course…both nation suffered high debt with so-so gdp…and the word for that-debt crisis!

      Greece in 2004’s ratings still favourable within AAA-…but the real amount is remains secret…they reveals half of their deficit from original numbers!!and of course their public debt is higher than official transcript…but after new administration lead the government…George Papandreoue reveal the true public debt amount..and because of super-high public debt,and their debt exceeding 100% mark from their GDP…greece technially bancrupt….(note-for a developed nation, the raters is almost impossible to know nation’s public debt until government reveals it themselves,because most fund almost fund came from domestic fund……but developing nation like Malaysia,it’s very easy for raters to calculate it…mainly from foreign debt…esp from asia when their foreign debt is within 30% from their public debt)…

      But different cases in malaysia…our fail leader(4th PM) is reluctant to reveals exact amount of malaysia’s public debt to keeps his high-status as malaysia’s ‘success’ leader…uuuwweekkk!!!
      But shame…establish raters like Moody’s,Fitch and Standard&poor very ‘kacang’ to calculate it…and BBB- ratings means bancruptcy for developed and developing economy like Malaysia!!!!

      Raters ratings-(Fitch)
      Malaysia’s 1998-BBB-(mahathir)
      Malaysia’s 2004-AAA-(paklah)
      Seems paklah’s ratings is very good for this profesional raters…but very bad for mahathir…
      unfortunately,malaysia’s zero-salary raters(mahathir’s fan),known that have very low-level economic knowledge and also facing severe ‘kemandulan akal’ syndrome,rate paklah very bad and TDM as ‘super-success’ leader…hahahahaha ROTFL

      and after super-high debt and malaysia’s economy is in very bad bad bad shape….mahathir appointed Paklah(his enemy from TeamB..mahathir never been good to paklah)…and of course…paklah have to ‘tanggung’ all of mahathir’s sin after TDM ‘raped’ malaysian economy….and of course impossible for mahathir inheret a ‘success’ nation to his enemy…if malaysia’s in very good shape…he will inheret directly to najib without many hesitant…but the true story is totally different….

      Therefore,appropriate word for PakLah’s cases-

      PAKLAH=Pak Sanggup ;-(

      -scanzew-kebenaran pasti akan menang-

      JMD : Welcome back Scanzew! So are you saying Pak Sanggup is a successful leader? Even many times better than Dr Mahathir? Whatever floats your boat mate! 🙂 After so many comments you made in this blog, is there no other argument that you can find besides foreign credit ratings? And if you say 1981 to 2003 is the bankrupt era, who am I to counter your astute opinion? We were bankrupt back then. Our fate was like Greece during those 22 years. Most Malaysians were jobless and we had negative growth. We were net importers and no other countries want to import goods from us or invest in our country. Poor Malaysia. And when Malaysia was in a super high debt and we were in turmoil, during those 1999 to 2003, Mahathir appointed Pak Lah to be Prime Minister and Pak Lah saved us all. Remember those period from 199 to 2003? We were in such a mess that civil unrest were common (just like in Greece). We had union strikes almost daily. Thankfully Pak Lah was there and he made Malaysia a better place (the 2004 – 2008 era). His era of no corruption, zero nepotism and cronyism as well as his highly intelligent brain prowess and his super brilliant think tank made Malaysia the wondrous place to live in during that time. How on earth he lost the 2008 general elections and got booted out really surprised me.

      Here’s homework for you Scanzew, please read all the articles here. Start from the earliest one by one and go to the most recent. Thank you.


  3. wahai perdana menteri,,,,,,,,teruskanlah pembinaan jambatan indah itu untok kebaikan raayat jelata, walau pun saya mungkin sampai atau pun tidak untok melihat dan menikmati walau sedikit kebaikan , ,,,,,AMPUN TUAN KU, suarakan lah isihati dan amanat ALMARHUM AYAHNDA TUANKU, kami sekian raayat menanti dengan seribu harapan , AMPUN TUANKU,


  4. Of course they do vetting but only seeking those who can be easily bought and full of shit.
    More shit means more hold on them and lesser money to bribe too.
    Whats the use of honest & good minister that cant go along with the majority, this is democracy – majority wins

    JMD : Question, do you think this thought applies to Pakatan Rakyat leaders also? Thank you.


    • Yes, of course, where do Anwar crept up from?

      JMD : From ABIM of course. But I think even with this kind of thought, people will still vote for him.


      • A very good answer, you got me here.
        Should rephrase as ‘where was he when he was minister’.
        I guess its sympathy or ‘black eye” or “hate the police beating whoever they feel like” vote.
        To me all politicians in our country are crooks, only some are less crooked than other and will be eventually forced out by the majority of the ‘more crooked one’.


  5. Well written , sir … short and sweet.
    Yet again, Najib has denied reports that he would reshuffle the cabinet and call an early election.
    Well, since when the Rakyat believe the PM ….. at least his deputy admitted something.


  6. I believe you are referring to Khairy. But frankly, between him and the Maha Firuan’s son (Si Botak), offcourse, teh former way ahead in terms of brain & outlook. The Si Botak was appointed as Minister not on his own ability but due to Mamak pressure on PM. Believe me, after Mamak return to Neraka, Si Botak will be nobody as he needs backbone to prop him up politically.

    JMD : Ok, if you say so. Thank you.

    P.S. : It is quite hard to offer a rebuttal when the point of defence is to attack someone unrelated to the article above. It is always better to defend using whatever arguments or proofs to strengthen your claims that he has better brainpower than to attack someone else. It could give the impression to readers that he indeed has no arguments to defend himself.


    • “Believe me, after Mamak return to Neraka, Si Botak will…”

      This kind of statement must have originated from converts of Pas religion. Like their maksum Nik Aziz, they know who goes to hell and who to heaven. Allah swt never teaches Muslims to preach Pas-style hatre amongst Muslims.

      How about Anwar, where will he go Hassan? Sg Buloh or Putrajaya?


  7. Syabasss, kawan kawan. Dia orang, perampok memang tak tau malu, adalah menjadi tugas rakyat marhaen untuk menegakkan kebaikan dan menghindari kemungkaran.

    Nak senang cerita, bayangkan kita dalam satu bas atau kapalterbang, tetapi pemandu mabuk… adakah kita patut berdiam diri? Amal Makruf, Nahi Mungkar.


  8. All the bad publicity on KJ was orchestrated by Tun MM as he knows that KJ will definitely outshine his blue-eyed son (Mukriz) if given a level field. You can note how he attacked him during the last UMNO election and yet KJ still won. Though, KJ is a bit arrogant during Tun AB premiership, but my perception of him changed after my interaction with him and attending his talks. I grudgingly has to admit that he is a cut above all the present UMNO leaders and ministers. It is a pity if he is not given the opportunity to lead the country; sentiment aside.

    JMD : I agree with KJ being arrogant. Not only that, he was very unwise. If you say he is a cut above all the leaders and ministers, I have to agree too as he is also one of the leaders who had blatantly abused his position since 2004 but have not been caught. In fact, he was elevated further. But I disagree about Tun M orchestrated the bad publicity on KJ. It was KJ himself who created the mess and it was Raja Petra who publicised all the perceived transgressions he committed. Remember the Khairy Chronicles? How easy one forget. He and his family had been given the trust by you to lead the country in 2003 – 2008 but where did that lead us? Think about it. Thank you.


  9. It is a disaster if KJ given the opportunity to lead the country; sentiment aside.

    He will start selling all Government linked companies and assets at Euro 1.00 to just about anybody he likes. Alan Rodriguez is probably the owner of Gevi (spelled KJ’s proxy) who bought MV Augusta from Proton by authorization of KJ at Euro 1.00, and latter sold part of the stake to another party for runaway profit of hundreds of million Ringgit Malaysia.

    Now will you confess Mr Rodriguez?


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