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Umno’s current struggle

UPDATE 10.15pm : Blogger Saga Merah wrote an interesting article here. It asked questions which I am sure Chua Soi Lek and the rest of the chinese community leaders will find it hard to answer. Please share your opinion there.

There are talks that the Prime Minister, Dato Sri Najib Tun Razak will give the most watered down speech in the history of Umno General Assembly.

He disguised this with a new term which he calls the ‘New Political Model’.

He has instructed all the Umno wings and Umno representative speakers not to use a hardline approach in this year’s assembly.

This year we shall see an Umno assembly which is devoid of any keris thrusting or fiery speeches made by attention seekers.

Come to think of it, as far as I remember, the only time a keris was used as a prop for a speaker at the rostrum was back in 2006 when Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein tried to show the world that he has enough gumption and manliness to wade through any challenges towards Umno leadership. What a tough man he was (is?).

That was when Umno thought they can be popular forever.

That was when pride grew to become arrogance and conceitedness.

There are talks however that Najib will extend conciliatory effort in appeasing the public a little bit more, especially towards the community MCA is trying to woo. This is where risks of further alienating himself from the source of his political power will become more prominent.

These days, two other main components in Barisan Nasional had taken a strong approach in rebuking Umno out in the open.

In their party conventions, MCA has no qualms in stating that they will disagree with Umno from time to time especially when it is concerning the chinese.

MCA is doing what a communal party would do. That is understandable. Gone were the days when collective responsibility and tolerance were the founding principles of Barisan Nasional’s administrative policy.

MCA is asking this and that to appease their community.  Naturally, MIC as a party struggling for the benefit of indians is also demanding something from the government.

Although both MCA and MIC are not in the position to demand anything due to the fact that, after the 12th general elections, their powerbase had become so small, that it defies logic should they want to ask for more.

If you are not in the position to negotiate anything more, what else can you bring to the table for the whole group i.e., Barisan Nasional?

Cannibalising the group for the sake of vague, future profits is not a good strategy at all for the whole group.

Can MCA and MIC guarantee votes from the chinese and indians in the next general election? Only the most optimistic person on earth can give such guarantees.

This is where Umno clearly do not understand its role as a member of the Barisan Nasional party.

If Umno do not want to lose further support from its powerbase, taking a hardline approach is needed.

Let’s look at the spirit of this coalition. It started as The Alliance of three main parties pre-Merdeka which were Umno, MCA and MIC.

Each one of them represented the community. The letter ‘M’ in Umno stood for ‘Malay’, the letter ‘C’ in MCA stood for chinese while the letter ‘I’ in MIC stood for indian.

Each of this party will demand concessions and benefits that will improve their community. They will ask for the sky in their own party meetings.

All these demands in the form of party resolutions will be thrashed out in The Alliance’s weekly or monthly meetings. It became the Barisan Nasional monthly meetings after 1973.

All the racial resolutions and demands will be discussed, sorted and deliberated in these meetings. It is a tried and tested formula.

Your party will do all the posturings but it is Barisan Nasional who will have the final say. This is what we call collective responsibility and accountability.

Nowadays, the presidents of other parties besides Umno treat themselves as if they are not part of Barisan Nasional and not having collective responsibility altogether. Worse, they do not feel accountable to all the decisions made by Barisan Nasional.

Bear in mind. Umno is not the only party in Barisan Nasional. What on earth do you guys talk or do in Barisan Nasional monthly meetings?

Eating karipaps?

If Umno became the only party who do not wish to present themselves as the fighter for  the Malay’s cause IN ITS OWN general assembly, then like I said earlier, it will further alienate the Malays in the near future. It has failed to embrace the Demi Agama, Bangsa and Negara motto they had cradled so close to their hearts all this while.

Even PBB in East Malaysia will look after their community first. Is Umno ashamed to take up the mantle of thinking about its people first?

Yes Umno is allowed to talk about the Malays in their general assembly.  Yes, they are allowed to talk about the fate of 16 million malays in this country. But talk in a sensible manner. Not like the ones we see in 2006. No keris is needed to deliver a point.

Barisan Nasional is there to water down any demands from all communities. Everything is held behind closed doors. Angry proposals, dire threats, tough negotiations are to be made behind this closed doors. But once a decision is made, everyone will stick to it with open hearts and a smile on their faces.

You then will have a strong coalition and importantly, a credible one.

What we see now is the breakdown of leadership in Umno. A weak leader going the wrong way of the spectrum trying to diffuse the rant and tantrums of a weaker partner in the coalition.

Is this the way forward? Bending over backwards to satisfy the demands from weak parties that won’t necessarily translate into votes?

No more. Umno leaders must show they have a backbone. The annual assembly is the place to affirm their raison d’etre. Tell the Malays that Umno will always memperjuangkan nasib Melayu.

And back it up with actions.

The delegates can demand anything they wishes. No holding back. Show to the Malays that Umno, amidst the onslaught from racists and agents of disunity, have huge reservoir of Malay spirit left within the party.

Question, if other parties within Barisan Nasional are looking after their own communities first, should Umno lose focus and become more inclusive towards other races?

If the answer is yes, will the people now acknowledge the fact that Umno is indeed seen as the leading party in Malaysia? And if they are the leading party, should they be given the clear mandate to rule the political landscape?

I find it odd that people often asked Umno to be more multiracial in its approach but said nothing when other parties time and time again would take up issues that belong to their own race only.

Umno must never lose sight of their struggle. If they are too soft in their stance on the  challenges facing the malays, they may be left alone going towards the next general election.

Therefore, one just have to ask, is Umno’s current endeavour a misplaced struggle?

As usual, I am open for discussion. Thank you.

17 thoughts on “Umno’s current struggle

  1. JMD,

    Interestingly enough I just said the same thing in the training room that I was facilitating today. Why do I have to be apologetic in what I believe in? Why do I hv to kow tow to the Indian and the Chinese? Is this not my land? Why do I hv to be sorry for being born a Malay? Mengarut!

    DSN is going down1! He does not possess the necessary charisma to follow through on strong leadership and more importantly….he is making mistakes that has been described by the Leadership Trainer Cris Widener…..Nah come to think of it ALL the current crop of UMNO leaders have commited breach on the following list. Such a wonder they are not done screwing themselves yet.

    1. Not riding the momentum
    2. Flaunting the Privilege of Leadership
    3. Picking People Who Won’t Threaten Them
    4. Not Having a Second in Command Who Complements Them
    5. Not Giving power away
    6. Unable or Unwilling to Make Hard Decisions
    7. Trying to Have No Casualties

    Happy GA! Gonna watch how many times over are they screwing themselves and each other….

    Keturunan Jebat


    • No one needs to be apologetic about what they believe in but there is such a thing as having a sense of consideration for others in whatever we say. If we accept that we can all just say what we feel because of what we believe in without thinking of the effect that our words have on others than, we should just accept that others similarly have a right to comment on us when they feel that they have been wronged.


    • “Why do I hv to kow tow to the Indian and the Chinese? Is this not my land? ”

      Why? My dear friend, this is how it has been and will always be. This what our Malay led goverments have been telling us Malays to do. Kow tow these newly anointed malaysian citizens. However their messages were not as blunt as kow tow. If it is we Malays would objected.

      It was very very sutle, almost hypnotic through radios and televisions and news papers. The stronger ones among us who are able to snap out of this mass indoctrination and escape the ISA net did and still do their best to help us regain our honour and position in our land.


    • If you mean “us” who express similar views like JMD does of UMNO, your “t” is a Middle Finger and you deserve every bit of it. And you are hallucinating, a more serious symptom than delusion.

      No need any further explanation as you didn’t give any.

      Will write more of my support for the other views expressed here so far, another time.


  2. I fear that UMNO has become a multiracial party who wants to take care of everyone (1MALAYSIA) except the malays! The Chinese have DAP & MCA; Indians have PKR & MIC; Everyone have UMNO. So who will fight for the Malays? I hope our leaders will think long & hard before they continue this road.


  3. Salam JMD,
    So happened i also penned down my thoughts along the same line earlier. Tumpang glamour JMD sat..

    soalan yang sering kita dengar setiapkali isu Melayu dibincangkan – apa yang harus kita lakukan sekarang untuk mengubah keadaan ?

    Ahli2 Umno sebenarnya punya kuasa untuk mengubah halatuju dan cara pemerintahan Najib tapi sayang…… sama seperti zaman paklah, riuh dikampung saja. Bila masuk dewan pwtc semua jadi hadhariatulUmno…. sekarang tukar ke 1Umno 1Msia.

    Terlalu sukar untuk Umno mengakui kesilapan sendiri.


  4. JMD,

    It is absurd to believe that UMNO is deaf or having no brain the compute the simple but very loud (becoming even louder each day) message that UMNO is Malay & Bumiputera. “M” stands for “Malay”.

    But why? Why is UMNO as if it was deaf? brain dead?

    To me, none other but its President – DS Najib. He does not believe in Malay. Nevermind DAP, Gerakan, MCA believe solely in chinese. Nevermind MIC believe in Indians. Najib does not believe in Malay. He believe in 1-Malaysia, which seems to mean Malay is not the “factor” here even though Malaysia is derived from the word Malay.

    So what happen?

    Everybody else under his command as UMNO’s President (all the UMNO members including the big guns) and the Prime Minister (essentially all the government servants) must tow his line. His 1-Malaysia line.

    Is Najib 1-Malaysia? or 1-Malaysia really is the work of “con”sultans?

    One thing is sure. Najib does not posses the gut of Datuk Onn Jaafar. Najib is not as bold as Datuk Onn Jaafar. Najib is “strangling” UMNO to its death by his own ideology. Najib is UMNO but UMNO is not necessarily Najib.

    DS Najib Wajar Mengikuti Jejak Datuk Onn Jaafar


  5. Brilliant Write-up JMD !
    But the same time I’m getting cold feet with what DSN is doing or where he is taking us.The once mighty MCA and MIC have now turn into little mice that still want to fight like other big cats – except now MCA and MIC expect UMNO to do all the dirty fighting for them.UMNO is myopic to think that these two has been can still return the votes to BN. Wake DSN!!! Stop dreaming and pandering to the never ending demands of MCA,GERAKAN and MIC.The Malays, yes, us – chaps like you and I- are still your safest bet !! Jangan lah jadi yang dikejar tak dapat yang dikendong jatuh berciciran.


  6. Aaahhh… that play safe guy…

    Takut cina tak suka. takut india marah. takut soi lek merajuk. takut sami mengamuk. takut vincent tan tak nak bayar tax. takut genting invest kat hong kong. takut rosmah. takut namewee. takut hindraf. Takut Melayu… eh sorry, tak masuk list.

    Mr PM, its a biigg mistake. Huge. Fatal. You sacrificing the Malays tak akan berbaloi. I think Namewee will still make his third video even if you reduced bumi quota to 0.0003% just like they will still vote for DAP even after you gave them a cool 3million to that SRJKC. Udah-udah lah tuu… hello…


  7. one has to relize and accept the fact that ,UNITED MALAYS NATIONAL ORGANISATION ,or in short UMNO are no more the same as PERTUBOHAN KEBANGSAAN MELAYU BERSATU.
    UMNO now stand for UNITED MALAYSIAN NATIONAL ORGANISATION ,and in short is still UMNO which no one can deny that , but it is no seceret that one’s has to agreed in it aproched are no more in the spirit of United Malays that being entrust to us by our past leaders.
    I am not opologising for saying this ,but that how I see it.

    1sekolah >1bahasa >1Malaysia

    JMD : Thank you all for the comments. We shall continue tomorrow ya.


    • Dear JMD,

      I am glad that you have written such a refreshing article. My kudos to you.

      You hit the nail on the head when you said in Malaysia, communal politics reigns supreme as Malaysia is a multiracial country. Also, as you again correctly and succulently put each of these parties will champion the cause and rights for their own race. Whatever is said actually carries no weight as the final decision rests with the cabinet which comprises of multiracial composition.

      So, there is no need to toe any line during this UMNO GM. Better to get it off your shoulders than to carry a grudge later. Say what you need to say as how John Mayer’s song struck my head as I write this. Fight and champion the bumi rights as this is why UMNO was formed. I have no issues.

      The same goes with MCA MIC, DAP or PKR. So, when MCA says abolish 30% equity, no need to jump up and down and cry foul. As you rightly said, the decision rests in the ruling coalition. I am not saying what MCA demanded is right, I am just saying that each political party should be allowed to speak their mind as long our national interest is not jepordised.



  8. I personally think that DS Najib is digging his own grave by acting as he is doing now.
    1. He thinks that by kowtowing to the Chinese demands of MCA and the Indian demands of MIC, the Chinese and Indians will flock to BN and vote for BN in the next PRU13. Sorry he is greatly mistaken! The Chinese will certainly vote for DAP the only party that ensures the Chinese to get hold of Putrajaya with the help of traitorous PAS and PKR.
    2. DS Najib treatment of the two Malay teachers who were supposed to have hurled racist remarks is deplorable! Yet at the same time no action were taken against Namewee so as not to alienate the Chinese. Look at the plainly racial writings of the pro Opposiotion media. No, nothing is being done. It looks like now is a good time for the Chinese to do anything you like. You can get away with murder!
    3. The Malay population is not stupid. Just wait for PRU13 and DS Najib together his bunch of stupid ministers LIKE Hishamuddin, Nazri, Zaid, Rais, Nor MOhd Yakop will find themselves in the Opposition. Just look at UMNO in Penang, Kedah, Selangor and Kelantan NOW. What can you do by being the Opposition?


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