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Basic confusion on 1Malaysia leads to divided nation

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had written about the problems of 1Malaysia concept in latest article.

I quote:

7. Without the Government spelling out the precise meaning of 1 Malaysia, different people are giving their own interpretations which not only differ from each other but are in conflict with each other.

8. The Malays generally interprete 1 Malaysia to mean real adoption of the national language as the home language by every citizen as happens in other multiracial countries. They also expect the abolition of Chinese and Tamil schools and ensuring the private sector has a fair participation of Malays and other Bumiputeras.

9. The Chinese and Indians interpret 1 Malaysia to mean amendments to the constitution to eliminate provisions for the special treatment of the Malays and their protection by the Rulers, removal of the quota for Malays in the Civil Service, termination of the NEP, termination of the 30 per cent quota for Malays and indigenous people in business, termination of the quota for awards of licences, contracts and Aps. All awards to be on a competitive basis and open to all irrespective of race. They also expect perpetuation and maintenance of Chinese and Indian schools by the Government.

10. These two interpretations of 1 Malaysia admittedly are by the more extreme groups. The more moderate ones from both sides are milder in their expectations but their minimum interpretations still provide irreconcilable conflicts. 1 Malaysia clearly means different things to the different races.

Clearly our Prime Minister has a big task in front of him to explain the real meaning of 1Malaysia.

Tun Mahathir had put it succinctly on the underlying problems of the 1Malaysia definition. Najib has to settle this once and for all.

Right now 1Malaysia is neither here nor there.

If he choose to be weak, if he choose not to be firm on these issues, there is no way his 1Malaysia can be perfected.

In front of the chinese, he calls for liberation and meritocracy of the economy. In front the Malays, he calls for unity so that malay political power will not disappear.

It seems that he himself is the cause of this confusion.

Let me offer a simple solution.

Stick to the Constitution and plug the economic wastages. You don’t have to hold millions of dollars worth of economic labs and create a barrage of acronyms.

Just eliminate corruption and rent seeking behaviour. Show us that you are Prime Minister on your own right and you are solely in charge of the country. Right now, where is the leadership?

Show us that you mean business when somebody breach the Sedition Act. This applies both ways. These days, only the Malays are subjected to sedition act while the non Malays can say or create Youtube videos in whatever forms they like.

Make people feel safe. The economy is already expanding even while the NEM is still in discussion stage. Wastage and corruption are the issues that are holding back an otherwise vibrant economy.

When people feel good about themselves, when people know that somebody at last is being in charge up there, they will buy in to your policies.


43 thoughts on “Basic confusion on 1Malaysia leads to divided nation

  1. Dear JMD,

    I totally agree with you eliminate the rent seeking behaviour and corruption must be our leaders unltimate priority. Where there is unfairness there are bound to have feeling of envy and neglected. Nevertheless, I disagree with your notion that only Malay’s are subjected to Sedition Act. If so, then Datuk Ibrahim Ali would be the first….
    In my mind, the Sedition Act is an unjust law…is open to abuse..just like the ISA. Try explaining that to the Chinese who is still seething with anger for Miss Tan Hoon Cheng on the “pendatang” issue. It is ironic that if the said word was never uttered..why there is no defamation suit from our Datuk Ahmad Ismail?

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. This happens on both sides Gladfly. Or else, Namewee would have been slapped with a charge too by now and the pastor in Kuching would have been in the courts by now. Malays have their anger issues as well. Government must be stern so that both sides don’t commit the act. As for Tan Hoon Cheng, I thought Syed Hamid made a blunder on that one. Thank you.


    • Yes JMD, I agree with you. Namwee, Ahmad Ismail, Ibrahim Ali, the Pastor from Kucing, the Chinese Muslim Uztaz who insulted Buddhism, Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, all should have been picked up by now.

      Government got to be firm like in Tun’s day.


    • Dear JMD,

      Agreed that no one is above the law. I am not a big fan of Namewee as to my mind he is just an attention seeker, if he erred then he shall pay with his liberty. I have no idea on what the Pastor had done so I shall refrain my comments on that.

      What irks me most is the preception that one race is being favoured by the other. Malays will think that way..and so will the non-malays..and like you said, it actually stemmed from our PM himself with this notion of 1 Malaysia. It seems like everyone in this country feels like they have been neglected and abused. No one is happy with their current situation. The Malay’s feel that their rights are being eroded..the non malays feels like they are not appreciated. The root cause of this IMHO – the imbalance of the socio-economics in this country.

      If our country’s wealth are shared in a more even manner, I believe we will not come to this stage. The leakages/corruption of the past has now come back to haunt us. If we are educated under 1 common system where all races are allowed to interact and engage freely, we would NOT have so many misconception of others. If only we are allowed to freely express ourselves without the fear of being persecuted then only we can understand more of ourselves.

      But sadly, our current leaders be it BN or PR seems more interested to cling on power rather than offering some decent solution. So JMD I stand with you in calling our PM to define what is 1Malaysia. Spell it out in clear terms..dont plant some legitimate expectations on the minds of the mass and then renegade on it.


      • You are damned right, gladfly – “The root cause of this IMHO – the imbalance of the socio-economics in this country.” So, let’s get it balanced and tell them not to call for the abolition of the 30% Bumi equity.

        And as the guy below says, it’s tit-for-tatting already, asking for their citizenship right be also abolished.

        No reason to feel not appreciated if the non-Malays respect and live by the Constitution. As PM Najib said to the MCA AGA, have the “proper perspective”, think of the “national interest”. Long-term unity must be uppermost in all national interest calculations. So long as the economic and educational imbalance is not satisfactorily addressed, long-term peace and prosperity cannot be achieved.


        • Wonder which section of the community still refuse till today to whole heartedly abide by the Rukun Negara & the Constitutions ever since they were drawn up to establish the country named Malaysia.

          Some of us still could not “do away” with their allegiance toward the long-left motherlands, such that they feel that it is their rights to continue fighting for vernacular education systems and speaking their mother-tongue, all out in the open public.

          So who starts what first to cause this “tic for a tac”?


          • Each race has their own opinion of who started this tit for tat. All I’m saying is that NOW we, everyone of us should let cooler heads prevail. Going on and on does not help anyone. That’s why I agree with JMD that all those who are seditious (and I’m thinking of offensive folk from both sides of the divide), should have been picked up by now.


  2. For the racist kiasus, its okay for them to be racist because they are upholding the rights of the Chinese.

    But when the Malays want to fight for their rights, its deemed as racists.


    • Problem is that now there is too much tit-for-tat. Everyone needs to cool down and think of the country first. All sides seem to be insulting each other and are showing glaringly racists tendancies.


        • Certainly, I agree with this. Why should we want to be the 2nd Singapore? Please don’t assume that I’m for the DAP or that I’m Chinese in the 1st place.


      • Henrie,

        The question is who started what? You can go back to history right to the time when the Chinese came in big numbers in mid-19th Century, a number were were brought in by Menteri Larut to work his tin mines and he even financed some of them to open up new mines. Many times people write about the Ghee Hins and Hai Sans bringing in thugs and gangsters, killing one another, Larut Wars, asked British in Penang to help, British ending up ruling Malaya as colonial masters.

        Then the bloody communists and terrorist Chin Peng. The Sedition Act 1948 was instituted because of the damned communist subversion. Then Lee Kuan Yew, followed by Lim Kit Siang, and the so-called Malaysian Malaysia agenda subverting the Malay Special Position.

        And now, even MCA is calling for the 30% Bumi equity target be abolished. How dare they. And you expect the Malays to keep quiet? Tell them to do so lah. Or urge the Government to charge in court those fellows who ask for the 30% equity target abolition so that the others will be deterred.


  3. Dear jmd

    I cannot agree with you more
    The Malays seem to be wrong again and again. The minute they raise their voices to fend for themselves, they will be branded racist, while especially the Chinese are having a field day running down the Malays. Well I presume that is does not come under the racist category.
    And yet some call this justice


    • I agree. In Cheras, there are so many disrespect for the other races. For example, a project next to Puncak Banyan Condo, the developer hangs lantern across the main road during Raya season recently. First day of Raya! You would have the impression that you are in China or somewhere. Taman Bulan next to Alam Damai has signage in chinese for a long time. Only recently they put a small sign in roman alphabet where you can understand the place is called Taman Bulan.


  4. Bro,

    1100% agree with you! TDM dont need 1Msia, corridor ape kejadah… The economy still expand… Still growth… And rakyat still live happily!


  5. Salam JMD,
    Constitutions were made to give some rights to certain community and therefore it is said no one can deprive anyone at all,without due process of the law.Thats not law by nature,thats very specific decision in fact a judicial decision(don’t play-play!)It is actually intended that nobody will take the liberty and ownership of anyone as they had done so much for the country,accordingly.Thousands of lives were killed to get rights.
    The question arise is what kind of people in that agreement.Rights were given to them too,the once who were mortals,but then that kind of person has no moral conscience.This kind which immortality are designed by law only concern of their stakeholders. They think they have politics,they have feelings,they believe system but they only have one thing;how to gain in any given quarter!Thats it!!!The problem comes in gaining motivation here,because this people there’s no such thing as enough!!This is so real.Its the science of exploitation.
    They realized in order to make their gain they need more power and the need to remove the constraints.
    Everybody make mistakes once in a while but we just cannot be personally responsible,thats one of the weakness in our generosity.When does this people,now the immortals, owned loyalty?It turns out that 1malaysia was probably rather naive concept anyway.

    Satu Sekolah Satu Bangsa Satu Negara (ada berani ka Kit Siang!!)

    p/s Mr Prime Minister, in whatever your doings,we are paying for it,the impacts will be on our society,our society.So,start thinking straight!(of cos i know you ARE ‘straight’)


  6. i thot this 1Malaysia is just a slogan… just like the Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah and Islam Hadhari….. Is 1Malaysia is a government policies?? Is there any coherent write up on this ??? I dont think so…… I think its just a mere lip-service


  7. hang jebat,

    well said. we really need someone in-charge now.

    yes, stop those wastages, eliminate corruption, stop creating racial issues – we know how we got here, keep us secure, bring down those cost-of living, do simple things sensibly and surely – thats what we need.


  8. It looks like TDM has moved up one notch in his comments on DSN. But his views are logical and acceptable. Time and again there have been comments asking what really is 1Malaysia.

    This is particularly so when DSN appears to be favouring the Chinese, not the others, including the Malays, the majority in this country and for whom UMNO was set up over 50 years ago. Many have been disappointed, quite a number flabbergasted, and a significant number – said to be in the region of 300,000 – support Perkasa’s demands for DSN not to abandon Malay rights and interests, especially the NEP.

    It’s plain and simple logic that DSN must protect and promote Malay rights and interests. Not doing so would be at his own peril. PRU12 had been disastrous for BN – a large number of the malays in the Klang Valley abandoned BN and went for PR.

    Many Malays, having seen the dismal performance of the Selangor PR Government, the DAP scandals, the DAP-PAS fights over liquor sales, mushrooming of whorehouses, massage parlours etc, PKR Khalid wanting to use Zakat money for develoment and such nonsense, have been disenchanted and thought of voting BN again. Some unashamedly admitted their mistakes at PRU12. But if DSN does not change his course on Malay issues, fully instal NEP in NEM, he risks not only the votes of those disenchanted with PR but also votes from other Malays who find that letting go unpunished CSL and MCA calling for abolition of the 30% Bumi equity target as the last straw.


  9. Najib is a loose mouth PM (Pahang Man) – 1Malaysia, 1World, my felda and may father, high income nation, 30M Sibu, win-win, not pendatang … the mark of statemanship is to know what need to be said and those best unsaid.

    Confusion means strength for Najib. He has been riding high on the tide of Mahathir without learning anything substantial during his many years in politics. When comes the acid test he is not up to the mark. To stay afloat he reins in – first lady, SD musang, non-pendatangs, minister-bouncers, APCO ….


  10. Anwar dulu, sebelum jadi gay,lebih jelas tekadnya dalam menyempurnakan apa yang ada dalam perlembagaan dengan memperkuatkan Melayu sebagai paksi. Sekarang ni, Anwar sejak jadi gay, dah melupakan tekadnya dulu. Sekarang, Najib pulak terikut-ikut dengan rentak Anwar. Terfikir pulak, dulu Anwar dan Najib memang kawan baik. Sudahlah Najib, mana jati diri kau.


  11. Salam JMD,

    ‘Najib’…. my favoret topik ! OK, mana nak start ni…. emmm takpelah, i pass kali ni sebab dah ramai yang sebut. Merajuk karang takde sapa nak pujuk pulak, Rosmah sibuk sekarang ni, dia pun dah WORLD !

    Yang saya nak sebut adalah pemimpin2 Melayu lain…. mereka yang hunus keris, parang, yang berjawatan dan yang tak, ahli2 Majlis Tinggi dan Rendah… yang cakap berapi2 tiapkali masa Persidangan Umno – cuba datuk2/tuan2 raba dalam poket seluar dalam2 ( takkan nak raba kat luar ! ), ada lagi tak ? Ke simpan dalam safedeposit box kat dewan Umno, pakai masa ada Perhimpunan je ?

    Perhimpunan akan datang ni, jangan ada ahli Umno yang berani nak bercakap tentang perjuangan Melayu. Tuan2 semua TIDAK ADA hak untuk bercakap tentang sesuatu yang tuan2 tidak punya niat untuk pertahankan diluar dewan. ALL HIPOKRIT !

    salam sekali lagi JMD…..


  12. Salam JMD,

    1Malaysia, many interpretations.

    This is what happens when you can’t discuss and don’t explain things in the open. Remember in the past, racial and religious issues are deemed sensitive and should not be discussed openly. The internet has changed all that, and if the proper and official explanations do not come out to counter the damage that is getting worst, people will continue to make all sorts of assumptions.

    National interest is hard to come by for the Other Malaysians as their status in this country was never made clear. Constantly reminding them of their ancestral origins does not help. Someone did mention that there is no mention of Chinese or Indian in the Constitution, only ‘Lain-lain’, hence the Other Malaysians.

    Old question, perhaps the new commenters may have an answer, suppose this country is under attack by aliens and everyone needs to be drafted into the army, who do you suppose should be drafted first, the Bumiputras, not just Malays, because they have Special Positions hence more to fight for, the Orang Aslis, because they were here first, or the Other Malaysians who should be grateful because their ancestors were granted citizenships?

    The infamous ‘30%’ is not a part of the Constitution, Article 153, Independence discussions, or even ‘social contract’. Go find out for yourselves when it came into the picture. Hint: It has something to do with one of the ebooks JMD has written.

    Just the other day, I went to check out the launching sale of terrace houses by a developer in my area, lo and behold one of the young lecturers that used to teach me in university was also there. Talked to him and he is already an Assoc Prof, good for him. Now you know where this story is going, he is earning more than me and he gets a discount because he is a Bumiputra. In the end, I couldn’t even afford it being an average wage earner, already paying car loans and rental, not to mention the huge initial payment.

    Sorry to rant here, I know we are trying to balance the socio-economic situation for an equitable spread of wealth as you have explained before, but darn it, not all Other Malaysians are filthy rich, a majority are just wage earners like me.

    JMD : I feel for you. I really do. When the economy was booming and everyone prospered, this bumi discount was not a thorny issue. But when the chips are down and some quarters harping on the 7% discount as the most evil thing on earth, it became a cause of concern. Actually, the 7% bumi discount is not so much of an affirmative action. What I know from the old uncles who worked with the Razak administration back in the 70’s, it was implemented for demographical reasons.

    At that time, the government had stopped building residential areas for the people. Private property developers started to flourish and most of them are chinese. There were fears that since bumi cannot afford the houses which will be priced commercially, the bumis will be stuck in their kampungs. And so, in order not to have a residential area which have 100% non malays as residents, the discount was introduced. residential areas needs to have the muhibbah spirit.

    These days, even some residential areas are not doing well in the racial mix. I remember reading Syed Akbar’s Ali’s blog article where he stated that he is the only bumi living in his area. The rest are chinese and only a handful of indians. Not a good thing to have. He lives near Bukit Jalil I think.

    And so, people like your lecturer needs to be there in that residential area not so much because he was given discount because he is a bumi but in actual fact, he was given discount so that he can stay there to ensure some semblance of racial mix there. I am sure everyone will agree that an increasing number of urban residential areas with 99% of the people there comprises of only 1 race is not good and with the increasing prices of houses in the realm of stratosphere is certainly not good for the people’s wellbeing. Now, not only the bumis couldn’t buy the house, even the non bumis could not afford it.

    There are reports that Singaporeans and Hong Kong citizens are buying the houses through their proxies here. But that is another story altogether.

    I want to solve this 7% bumi discount once and for all. Anybody has suggestions that could be win win situation for everyone in all aspects? Thank you.


    • The Bumi discount should be regarded as an insurance plan that could proactively prevent against the recurrence of May 69 riots.

      If all the rich are chinese, there will be unrest. The Assoc Prof could just be 1% rich of the Bumi population. Msleepyhead could be the 1% chinese poor.


    • Dear JMD,

      Well I agree with your notion that there should be a fair and even composition of races in housing areas, but giving carte blanche discounts as incentive for bumis to purchase houses is not viable. To my Malay friends out there you see it as a privilege, to me as a non bumi I see it is as a form of discrimination. Before you all shout at me just let me speak my mind.

      These days it seems that the battle is between the Chinese and Malay. The Indians are left out cold. Just because they are the minor minority, no one seems to speak for them. If you want a even composition, then give the Indians discounts as well. How many housing estates (e.g middle class) have Indian families? The percentage..Think about that..

      JMD, your notion of even composition can never be realized as the Constitution does not allow it. Yes I am referring to Malay reserve lands…100% one race housing estate.

      I agree that discounts should be given to bumis to purchase house. Not houses… why should the discount be given to someone who buys his 3rd 4th 5th house? Absurd isnt it? Or discount is given to someone for buying a 5 million bungalow? Anyone care to justify and explain to me why it is so?

      Dont give a one liner that we gave your forefathers his citizenship. Give me a rational explanation so at least I can explain it to my fellow non bumi.


      • P.s no offence but Ray could be an alien…
        Pls note – not all non bumis are rich- that is a fact and not all bumis are poor. Please open your eyes and ears wider and dont give rubbish answers saying that 1% of Malays are rich and 1% of non bumi are poor.

        Go get your facts straight before you speak your mind.


      • gladfly,

        You have a tendency to let your fly go. Be careful, it might get zipped up. In more ways than one.

        ray did give some figures. Estimates or what, they are figures. When you disagree, you should counter by giving figures that you have. Authoritative and reliable ones. Because you are the one disputing what is said, the onus is on you. That’s the manner of civilized discourse. Calling some one an alien has invited a call for you to zip up.

        You should not and need not see the Bumi housing discount as a discrimination if you accept the Bumi Special Position and the rationale for the NEP, the re-structuring of society, the bridging of the gaps between the majority Bumis and the 23%, generally (repeat, generally) well off Chinese. Being a community that owns vast wealth and controls the economy, you should not begrudge the attempt to get the Malays and Bumis catch up with you to a satisfactory level. Be reasonable, man.

        The Bumi Special Position is stated in the Constitution. There have been very many explanations on the British giving your community the tongkat in business and education, not quite to the Malays who they wanted to continue as farmers and fishermen (not even a single English school in the large kampong that Klang was at that time) – to look after the food production of the country they said, tanam padi and tangkap ikan. You should have learnt Malayan history. Read up, man. And be reasonable to those who have been left far behind by the bloody British colonial rule. Indians and others included.


        • Dear Samaritan…

          Thank you for your kind comments. I shall be more careful in my speech then. But then again, I dont think I have to answer to a preposterous claim by someone do I? Its like saying Ray is an alien.. it’s preposterous isn’t it? Does Ray has to prove that he is not an alien? Dont think so la..Unless deep down you agree with his claim that 1% Malay is rich and 1% of Chinese is poor. That irked me ..and your comments as well because you know full well its not true and yet you seem to defend it. I will not give figures nor numbers as I am not a satistician..but hell anyone WILL know what Ray said was a blatant lie.

          And my dear Mr Samaritan, please read more before you try to zip me up. If you have read my previous posts in this blog, you will know that I am not an opponent of Article 153. I have mantained again and again that Bumis will still need assistance towards a fairer socio-economics pie in this country.The change I seek is the implementation in how this is being distributed. Unlike you who skirts on the issues by pointing out why Malays still needs the assistance. Fair enough..assistance is required but a rewamp on the implementation is needed. 40 years since NEP and yet no much progress (if 1% Malays are rich) clearly shows that something is horribly wrong somewhere.

          You said housing discount is not discriminatory? ROLF.. eg Ali, Ah Meng and Muthu goes to buy a house. Ali is buying the house as investment. Same goes for Ah Meng but Muthu is buying his first house for his family. Assuming all 3 earns the same money, so you say this is not discriminatory? Muthu has to fork out 7% more than Ali to buy his own house for his own stay. A fairer and better system is much needed. I propose that the discounts should be capped and if you read my comments above carefully I said no to carte blance discounts.

          No one is being unreasonable here. No one is calling for the abolishment of the special position of Malays. By all means since I belong to the 99% rich chinese, I dont give a damn about the 7% discount. Your nick Samaritan, carries a special meaning to the Christian community for being a good neighbour. The parable of the good samaritan is a clear example of having compassion on people irrespective of the background. Kinda of ironic as you seem to champion the rights of 1 race only.

          There you go, your turn to try and zip me up.


          • “why should the discount be given to someone who buys his 3rd 4th 5th house? ”

            Aha, see this statement by happyinsect – is this a fact or an exaggeration? It could be prompted by jealousy. Ray is human from earth not an alien from mars.

            The 1% quote was just an illustration. You say “I am not an opponent of Article 153” but you are against the very essence of Article 153. The bumi discounts is an implementation of the special position.

            In spirit, Article 153 is to LEVEL the playing field. If you find the bumi discounts UNFAIR, you are in actual fact OPPOSING Article 153.

            No matter how you try to justify your stance, you are really questioning the special position enjoyed by ALL Malays/Bumis (not just the poor ones).

            And in Malaysian context, if you go on trying to champion “meritocracy” you are also questioning Article 153.

            Imagine this scenario – the tenants of one room, demanding equal rights as to how the whole house should be renovated. This is preposterous, when ONLY the owner has the title deed.


            • Dear Ray or Samaritan’s alter ego.

              Its seems we can only agree to disagree. In my mind your views are blinkered. Perhaps you don’t really have other friends than bumis?

              I am not jealous for what I said is a fact. What irks me is the unfairness. My work deals with real estate transactions and I can assure you this is a fact. But blinkered as you are, you will still deny it.

              And blinkered as you are, you still refuse to understand my point. How many times do I have to reiterate that bumi discounts SHOULD stay. It’s the implementation my friend, a fairer and sustainable manner to the benefit of the rakyats.

              And I dont understand why you keep contradicting yourself. The special previllege is to level the playing field. True, but once the level is you still need it? Stop beating around the bush and hide behind the fact that in some scenarios the level playing field has been met. My partners are bumis and they live in semi-ds in a posh area. Do I envy them?..hell no..why because they earned it. But do I agree that they should have 7% discount in buying houses. NO simple as that because the discount is for the people who needs it most-ie poor people.

              And to answer your point on meritocracy, it seems that your are indeed living di bawah tempurung. If you deny meritocracy, then you deny talents and opportunities. Then the whole issue becomes racial, as you are who you are due to your skin colour- si sepat, si botol and si malas. Sakit hati for me to see such policy in Malaysia.

              Lastly, your example is flawed. The tenant pay rents, not staying for free. The landlord of course have a say at the end, but if the fixtures and fittings are broken..who is responsible to fix it? Fikir-fikirlah sendiri.

              Be a good samaritan, have compassion on unto others what you want others do unto you. The end goal is for my fellow bumis to have the same quality of life as non bumis. But once that has been achieved, then assistance should stop and channeled to others who deserve it more-the poor.


              • Poor happyinsect

                Samaritan and ray are two different people although errhmm, we are both calm and intellectual.

                happyinsect first declared, “How many times do I have to reiterate that bumi discounts SHOULD stay”

                and then comes, “the discount is for the people who needs it most-ie poor people”

                Now, who is, I repeat, who is CONTRADICTING itself?

                I rest my case.

                P.S. I was talking about renovation, dearie, not fixing fixtures and fittings.


    • msleepyhead says, “.. when you can’t discuss and don’t explain things in the open. Remember in the past, racial and religious issues are deemed sensitive and should not be discussed openly.” –

      Racial and religious issues must remain sensitive. That’s why there is the Sedition Act. That Act was promulgated in 1948 by the British colonial masters to control wanton talk of over-throwing the Government and the Communists wanted to do it by force. That Act was adopted by the independent Malayan/ Malaysian government. The so-called Malaysian Malaysia agitation wanting equality without due regard to the Special Position of the Malays and some exploitation by communist elements during the 1969 election victory celebrations had sparked the racial riots of 13 May. See how sensitive issues must not be discussed and exploited.

      The Americans have tons of resources to “explain things openly”. Yet even they practised ISA-like detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay. There can never be enough explanations to those bent to subvert and to cause irritations and racial discord, with intent or unconsciously in pursuit of their kiasuness. As some one said in an earlier posting here, people like Lim Kit Siang only respects the use force. ISA and the Sedition Act.

      True, “the internet has changed all that”. Tue the proper and official explanations will need to come out to counter the damage that is getting worse, but people cannot continue to make seditious remarks and resolutions without being hauled to court or dragged in under ISA. True, ISA should be used judiciously, usually for militants, subversives, religious and all kinds of fanatics. But where there are no other means to prevent the damage getting worse, it may be used. The interpretation of what constitutes “the national interest’ is very wide. Even the British had recently changed their laws , giving the Police a longer remand period.

      It is interesting that Najib used the words “national interest” and “national perspective” when talking to the MCA AGA. Hopefully everybody takes not of those.


      • Correction:

        Last 3 words of my comment –

        “not of those” should read “note of those”.

        See how even missing the letter “e” can cause a misunderstanding. And this one needs a correction, not an explanation.


  13. Salam JMD.
    To tell you the truth, I once silenced the radio when Najib was hollering ‘1Malaysia’. I don’t know why. It really ticked me off. What 1Malaysia? We were more united during Tun Mahathir time. Remember KL’s Commonwealth Games? I was so proud to be a Malaysian then when we hold that game in KL. I also remember, my younger days having other ethnic groups as friends as we went to the same school. We were really 1Malaysia. No slogan, no catchphrase… We were living it!

    Mr Prime Minister. Please do explain what did you mean by 1Malaysia. As of right now, it is just some abstract concept that you use, to say one thing to one community and another thing to another community.

    Dr M wrote on the same article JMD quote:
    “This prosperity would be fairly shared between the races. There would be less jealousy between them. There would also be less fear of any race being dominated by any other race.”

    From where I am, FEAR seems to be running the country now.


  14. Looks like 1Malaysia but many identities.

    With the influx of foreign immigrants, soon we will see Little Nepal, Little Hanoi, Little Myanmar and many more littles to come…

    Thanks for your reply regarding the house sale policy, hopefully they can curb the current free market speculation of properties. You are right, rich foreigners are buying it up either for MM2H program which is ok, or merely to make a profit, still in the end the locals end up as losers as the property price increases. We already see this effect in JB and Miri in terms of food and service prices a long time ago.



    German multiculturalism ‘failing’

    “Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, has said that the country’s attempt to create a multicultural society has “utterly failed”, adding fuel to a debate over immigration and Islam which is polarising her conservative coalition.

    Speaking to a meeting of young members of her Christian Democrats (CDU), Merkel said allowing people of different cultural backgrounds to live side by side without integrating had not worked in a country that is home to some four million Muslims.

    “This [multicultural] approach has failed, utterly failed,” Merkel a the meeting in Potsdam on Saturday.

    The chancellor said immigrants needed to do more to integrate, including learning German.

    Merkel has faced pressure from within her party to take a tougher line on immigrants who do not show a willingness to adapt to German society and her comments appeared intended to pacify her critics.

    She said too little had been required of immigrants in the past and repeated her usual line that they should learn German in order to get by in school and have opportunities in the labour market.”

    When Germany, as a labeled 1st World Country also question the inability of the immigrant to integrate and speak their German language; Malaysian Government have to take the toughest stand possible for the future of Malaysia.

    Read thoroughly what Kijang Mas had articulated in his article ( ).

    Malaysian Government! The time is now to make a stand on the SSS!


  16. it looks like you took pictures of people that seems to me, are waiting for hand-outs. UMNO has created/continued the feudal tradition, of creating welfare addicts.

    these kampung folks supported the umno led government buying protons, and their clever and brainy sons and daughter that work in glc’s like proton, gave away all their money to rich people in italy an uk in the likes of ducati and lotus.lotus is asking for about rm2.5billion more to introduce 5 models while proton has no money to develope a perdana replacement model.

    JMD : You were there to see them getting handouts? If not, please do not allege something just to satisfy your prejudice. Thank you.


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