Racist Dong Zong is at it again. Where is Lim Kit Siang?

The racist chinese group called Dong Zong, had time and time again come out in the open to attack the single stream education system. This time around, they had lambasted the sacked radio DJ from StarFM, DJ Jamaluddin Ibrahim for opposing the vernacular schools.

The details from The Star is sketchy. A departure from their usual in depth analysis whenever news involving chinese education system is concerned.

Dong Zong hits out at radio host over his remarks

PETALING JAYA: The United Chinese School Committees Association of Malaysia (Dong Zong) has hit out at former 988 Chinese radio station host Jamaluddin Ibrahim for allegedly making remarks opposing the vernacular schools system.

“His call for a single-stream school system shows that he does not respect the Federal Constitution and people’s right to mother tongue education,” Dong Zong said in a statement.

It said Jamaluddin did not understand the importance of having access to Chinese language education, which was different from learning Chinese as a second language in schools.

Jamaluddin allegedly made the remarks at a forum organised by DAP in Malacca recently.

But whatever it is, Dong Zong has got it wrong when they say the Federal Constitution has protection over the vernacular schools. This is the biggest myth Malaysians had been fed by Dong Zong and their equally chinese supremacist partner, the DAP.

In the Constitution, there is no provision for vernacular schools. There is no mention whatsoever about the existence of vernacular schools. Where did Dong Zong get the idea that Constitution is protecting the vernacular schools? This is what we will dissect.

I have written this before in my article nearly two years ago. I wrote:

“After all, in Article 152 of the Constitution, in which the existence of vernacular schools rely heavily upon  had stated;

1. The national language shall be the Malay language and shall be in such script as Parliament may by law provide: Provided that-

  • (a) no person shall be prohibited or prevented from using (otherwise than for official purposes), or from teaching or learning, any other language; and
  • (b) nothing in this Clause shall prejudice the right of the Federal Government or of any State Government to preserve and sustain the use and study of the language of any other community in the Federation.

6. In this Article, “official purpose” means any purpose of the Government, whether Federal or State, and includes any purpose of a public authority.

It clearly says there that you are free to learn and teach other languages. But it specifically did not say you have the freedom to learn History or Geography or Mathematics or Science in your mother tongue.

Again let me stress here, you have the right to learn and teach your mother tongue. Full stop. The Constitution did not say you have the right to LEARN any other subjects in your mothertongue.

And the term “official purposes” clearly clarifies the situation further. It means, whatever the Government thinks is ’official’, and especially if it deemed to be in the domain of public (read: majority) authority.

Thus, does the majority think the existence of vernacular schools, where the learning of most subjects are carried out not in the national language, are in line with the Constitution? Does the government feel that the vernacular schools fall under what we call as an ‘official’ education system? How can we have 3 education systems, with three separate languages as the medium of learning within one country?

It does not make sense!

The government must act on what it feels will be good for the social harmony and unity of the nation. Unpopular decisions must be made in order to have a progressive and unified citizenry.

Other communities and their languages are protected in the Constitution.”

You can read the rest of the article here.

The Dong Zong was clearly wrong when they say vernacular schools are protected by the Constitution. This kind of mentality befits the chinese first kind of thinking. This is not Malaysian. Like what Demi Negara had said, anything against the Constitution can be deemed as un-Malaysian and traitorous to the Malaysian entity as a whole.

And to throw insult to all Malaysians, Lim Kit Siang is proclaiming himself as Malaysian first, chinese second!

Hypocrite to the core that’s what he is.

At one hand he is lambasting Perkasa and BN ministers to proclaim themselves as Malaysian first and Malay second but on the other hand, he is fighting for chinese supremacy.

To worsen the situation, he is consciously denying Malaysians the opportunity to foster deep sense of unity from the very young age.

Lim Kit Siang, the DAP and certainly Dong Zong do not add value to our country. Why do we persist in giving them the opportunity to divide us further?

And by the way, where is Tony Pua? He was one of the strong supporter of DJ Jamal back then. Will he back Jamal up this time? Of course he won’t.

Tony Pua, just like his leader Lim Kit Siang is as racist as they can be.

So Malaysians, if we call ourselves, Orang Malaysia, what are you waiting for? Support national unity. Support One School For All.

To the question of where is Lim Kit Siang; what do you think he could have done after reading the piece of news above in The Star?

a) congratulate Dong Zong for their efforts?

b) continue lambasting the proponents of One School For All?

c) continue to write hate mongering articles that further divide Malaysians?

d) pretend to champion Malaysian first mentality?

e) all of the above?

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