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Racist Dong Zong is at it again. Where is Lim Kit Siang?

The racist chinese group called Dong Zong, had time and time again come out in the open to attack the single stream education system. This time around, they had lambasted the sacked radio DJ from StarFM, DJ Jamaluddin Ibrahim for opposing the vernacular schools.

The details from The Star is sketchy. A departure from their usual in depth analysis whenever news involving chinese education system is concerned.

Dong Zong hits out at radio host over his remarks

PETALING JAYA: The United Chinese School Committees Association of Malaysia (Dong Zong) has hit out at former 988 Chinese radio station host Jamaluddin Ibrahim for allegedly making remarks opposing the vernacular schools system.

“His call for a single-stream school system shows that he does not respect the Federal Constitution and people’s right to mother tongue education,” Dong Zong said in a statement.

It said Jamaluddin did not understand the importance of having access to Chinese language education, which was different from learning Chinese as a second language in schools.

Jamaluddin allegedly made the remarks at a forum organised by DAP in Malacca recently.

But whatever it is, Dong Zong has got it wrong when they say the Federal Constitution has protection over the vernacular schools. This is the biggest myth Malaysians had been fed by Dong Zong and their equally chinese supremacist partner, the DAP.

In the Constitution, there is no provision for vernacular schools. There is no mention whatsoever about the existence of vernacular schools. Where did Dong Zong get the idea that Constitution is protecting the vernacular schools? This is what we will dissect.

I have written this before in my article nearly two years ago. I wrote:

“After all, in Article 152 of the Constitution, in which the existence of vernacular schools rely heavily upon  had stated;

1. The national language shall be the Malay language and shall be in such script as Parliament may by law provide: Provided that-

  • (a) no person shall be prohibited or prevented from using (otherwise than for official purposes), or from teaching or learning, any other language; and
  • (b) nothing in this Clause shall prejudice the right of the Federal Government or of any State Government to preserve and sustain the use and study of the language of any other community in the Federation.

6. In this Article, “official purpose” means any purpose of the Government, whether Federal or State, and includes any purpose of a public authority.

It clearly says there that you are free to learn and teach other languages. But it specifically did not say you have the freedom to learn History or Geography or Mathematics or Science in your mother tongue.

Again let me stress here, you have the right to learn and teach your mother tongue. Full stop. The Constitution did not say you have the right to LEARN any other subjects in your mothertongue.

And the term “official purposes” clearly clarifies the situation further. It means, whatever the Government thinks is ’official’, and especially if it deemed to be in the domain of public (read: majority) authority.

Thus, does the majority think the existence of vernacular schools, where the learning of most subjects are carried out not in the national language, are in line with the Constitution? Does the government feel that the vernacular schools fall under what we call as an ‘official’ education system? How can we have 3 education systems, with three separate languages as the medium of learning within one country?

It does not make sense!

The government must act on what it feels will be good for the social harmony and unity of the nation. Unpopular decisions must be made in order to have a progressive and unified citizenry.

Other communities and their languages are protected in the Constitution.”

You can read the rest of the article here.

The Dong Zong was clearly wrong when they say vernacular schools are protected by the Constitution. This kind of mentality befits the chinese first kind of thinking. This is not Malaysian. Like what Demi Negara had said, anything against the Constitution can be deemed as un-Malaysian and traitorous to the Malaysian entity as a whole.

And to throw insult to all Malaysians, Lim Kit Siang is proclaiming himself as Malaysian first, chinese second!

Hypocrite to the core that’s what he is.

At one hand he is lambasting Perkasa and BN ministers to proclaim themselves as Malaysian first and Malay second but on the other hand, he is fighting for chinese supremacy.

To worsen the situation, he is consciously denying Malaysians the opportunity to foster deep sense of unity from the very young age.

Lim Kit Siang, the DAP and certainly Dong Zong do not add value to our country. Why do we persist in giving them the opportunity to divide us further?

And by the way, where is Tony Pua? He was one of the strong supporter of DJ Jamal back then. Will he back Jamal up this time? Of course he won’t.

Tony Pua, just like his leader Lim Kit Siang is as racist as they can be.

So Malaysians, if we call ourselves, Orang Malaysia, what are you waiting for? Support national unity. Support One School For All.

To the question of where is Lim Kit Siang; what do you think he could have done after reading the piece of news above in The Star?

a) congratulate Dong Zong for their efforts?

b) continue lambasting the proponents of One School For All?

c) continue to write hate mongering articles that further divide Malaysians?

d) pretend to champion Malaysian first mentality?

e) all of the above?


50 thoughts on “Racist Dong Zong is at it again. Where is Lim Kit Siang?

  1. salam raye JMD…lama gua tak cilok comment kat sini ..perhaps we should look at the Mark Koding Case re below

    “The question therefore arises as to the true interpretation of proviso (a) to Article 152(1). Having regard to the words used in the proviso, viz. “teaching or learning any other language” as opposed to “teaching or learning in any other language”, I tend to agree with the restricted meaning enunciated by Abdoolcader J when dealing with schools or other educational institutions. In my view, under proviso (a), although the National Language shall be the Malay language, the usage of any other language other than for official purposes, is guaranteed; so is the teaching or learning of any other language in schools, be it Chinese, Tamil, Arabic or English. But there is nothing in proviso (a) to justify the extension of the protection to the operation of schools where the medium of instruction is Chinese, Tamil, Arabic or English. This strict interpretation is consistent with proviso (b) which guarantees the right of the Federal Government or any State Government to preserve and sustain the use and study of the language of any other community in the Federation. Thus, the preservation and sustenance of usage of language of any other community is guaranteed. So is the preservation and sustenance of study of any other community’s language, but again there is no justification in extending the guarantee to the preservation and sustenance of study in the language of any other community in the absence of specific words to that effect. Any other interpretation of proviso (a) would result in abusing the words used in the proviso. It is absurd for instance to think that the proviso gives constitutional protection to teaching or learning in school where the medium of instruction is Russian or Japanese. To my mind, the protection only extends to language but not to medium of instruction in schools. In other words, no person shall be prohibited or prevented from teaching or learning Chinese or Tamil or, for that matter, any language which is not the national language in any school as a language subject, but such protection does not extend to the teaching or learning in a school where the teaching or learning is in any other language.

    Time for a Judicial Review of our Education Act and eradicate this menace forever from our Tanah Air

    JMD : Based on this case example, Malaysians can actually opt to go for judiciary review of the existence of vernacular schools. Because judging from this case, there is a good chance that vernacular schools is against the law and the Constitution! Thank you.


    • Ya, JMD, by having only 1 medium school, you Malays can have complete control over the non Malays….especially the Chinese. Now at least the Chinese and Tamil schools provide employment to the Chinese and Indians in these schools. But once the Malay medium schools are permanently established, 95% of the staffs will be Malays–what will be the position of the non Malays. At present all type of rules and regulations are introduced in the national type schools where the non Malays are exposed to extreme levels of discrimination. Malay school heads passing sensitive racist remarks against the few non Malays studying in those schools–but no action being taken against them. As young children how hurt are their feelings–these racist recalcitrant headmasters/mistresses are devoid of any human feelings. Do you want such disgraceful situation to happen thru out the country with the establishment of a single stream education system. Do you want to create more racist bastards like Hamim Husin of BTN who spits venom into the Malays to hate the non Malays. It is a fact that the Chinese schools are better than the national schools in terms of quality education and student discipline. In fact the enrolment in Chinese schools have seen a trend of incresed numbers from the non Chinese.

      JMD : There you go. Chinese and Tamil schools provide employment in chinese and indian centric companies. Further segeregation arise. I think your comment is getting redundant. There is a marked increase in the job intakes of the public sector among the chinese.

      This is encouraging. And yes, what do you think about Namewee? A product of vernacular school that spew venom and being treated like a hero by yourself Algojo? We must end all this by getting everyone in the same schools. Ignorance and accepted can be eliminated and learned respectively when everyone is studying under one roof. How can you eradicate ignorance when all around you are just chinese (in the case of vernacular schools) or just malays in the case of malay schools?

      How can you learn acceptance when there is no one beside you who are of the other race, which needs to be accepted?

      The quality of the education must be improved. That is one of the first requirement by the SSS campaign. Thank you.


      • JMD,

        You said “How can you eradicate ignorance when all around you are just chinese (in the case of vernacular schools) or just malays in the case of malay schools?How can you learn acceptance when there is no one beside you who are of the other race, which needs to be accepted?” What do you say about the malay only matriculation schools,ITM and the 98% dominated by malays in the civil service. Will this policy change by have a single stream school. You also mentioned quality of educatio must be improved. To my knowledge the quality of education at the chinese schools are much much better than the national schools.
        The national schools have produced what–big time robbers a leaders of the country. And most chinese educated students end up in the private sector which have been contributing tremendously to the country’s coffer. You rarely hear the private sector companies being involved in corruption and being wound up. But on the other hand it is common to hear corruption tinted scandals in the public sector and GLCs.

        JMD : Again, another chinese supremacist kind of thinking from you. Without even checking with reality. Currently, there are about 25% drop out rate from chinese school here in Malaysia. These students most likely turned out to be pirated dvd peddlers and immersed themselves in other unhealthy activities such as ah long and gambling circuits. And I am appalled that you think the chinese in corporate Malaysia do not involve in corrupt practices. Ah yes, chinese are pure and sinless. Right? Your kind of thinking is similar to the German Nazis. Anyway, SSS proposed that education quality in national schools must be improved as a prerequisite of having one school system. There is no need to resist this effort. Only your hateful racist persona is resisting this effort. Embrace it Algojo. What are you afraid of? Thank you.


  2. JMD,
    Thank you for such enlightening disclosure. I really wonder why this matter was not raised by our political leaders much earlier…… were they scared of losing Chinese votes in elections… or were they carried away by Chinese leaders who interpreted the Article 152 according to their own whims and fancy.
    I believe we have to look deeper into this matter. In the light of Lim Kit Siang, Chua Soi Lek, Koh Tsu Koon and other Chinese leaders are ‘pretending’ to adhere to ‘Malaysian first, Chinese second’….. lets put them to the real test of their ‘outwardly professed’ belief, by challenging them to openly make their stands about ABOLISHING VERNACULAR SCHOOLS.


    • I would love to see the day Lim Kit Sial eat back his own words recorder on video.
      Vernacular School is an issue totally different altogether from Malaysian First Chinese Second.

      Im actually a former communist now a sympathizer
      If given power I would name a street Chin Peng
      Maybe build a monument for him
      Nearby Tugu Negara
      He is one of Merdeka freedom fighters after all

      They say UMNO is a puppet of Bristish Gov
      Now they go to Britain & Europe as I type to garner support
      To get some backing from the ‘International’ liberal/’gay’ ;p community
      Gila kuasa mcm ni la jadinya
      Semua boleh


  3. JMD,
    serves him (Jamaluddin) right. if u work for the cina bukit, u must prepare at all time to be their lapdog. dont ever say anything against their interest or will. eventhough it’s for the betterment of the people n country. hopefully now he will repent and embrace his true roots, that is as a Malay n Muslim n not communist or a cina bukit wannabe. if he does i suggest UMNO ministers/deputy ministers/political leaders recruit him quickly to teach us Malays the Mandarin n the mindset of the cina bukit. that be, we’ll gain an upper hand to the onslaught of cina bukit. clearly he’ll be a valuable asset to us!


  4. typical…they will cite the constitution, even when they got it wrong, if its convenient to them and will challenge the consitution if its not convenient to their purpose


  5. Who the hell says Mandarin is th mother tongue of the Chinese in Malaysia? Don’t they habitually speak Hokkien, Cantonese, Teuchew, Hakka and so on?

    Even the Chinese in Mainland China don’t speak Mandarin as mother tongue. The Beijing Government has been whacking the southern Chinese for not using Mandarin, their official language, enough. There had been demonstrations against the Central Government over this in Canton and Hong Kong only recently.

    President of the Dong Zong is lying to the Malaysian public, isn’t he? If so, what a despicable act. They have been said to be alienating themselves from Malaysian society. But if they are lying, they would be alienated further. What kind of Malaysians are they?


  6. Impressed wz Dong Zong using the Perlembagaan to talk about their rights, and when they are the one questioning Malay rights from the Perlembagaan.


  7. Bukan takat ‘Judiciary Review’ jer- its time to take these ‘chauvinists to the core chinese’ headed by Lim Kit Siang to the court and sue them for subversive and seditious acts which are clearly undermining national unity and security! Cant rely on UMNO to initiate this but a PERKASA initiative will surely make people notice.Orang Melayu takut gunakan landasan undang-undang walaupun jelas undang-undang tersebut menyebelahinya.Sikap sentiasa berlembut dan bertolak-ansur ini langsung tidak dihormati malah disalahgunakan mereka.Sampai bila? Youre right how can a country have THREE diffirent education systems? Doesnt make sense at all! Oh ya, malay politicians wont take this up because nanti takut kot cina tak undi mereka..fat hope!!


    • So what, you all can have Perkasa and Perkida to defend Malay rights. But the Chinese cant have Dong Zong to fight for their rights–what nonsence is this. These 2 Malay NGOs have been spewing venom and instigating the Malays against the non malays, especially the Chinese–what are they up to. Are they afraid that their masters–the corrupt Umno will loose power come PRU13.

      JMD : So what, you all can have Dong Zong and Suqiu to defend chinese rights. But the malays cant have Perkasa to fight for their rights–what nonsense is this? These 2 chinese NGOS existed even earlier than Perkasa have been spewing venom and instigating the chinese against national unity and against the bumis, especially the Malays–what are they up to? Are they afraid that their master–the racist Lim Kit Siang will be exposed as the father of racism and thus lose all power come PRU13?


      • Yes it is b’cos of NGOs like Dong Zong and Suqiu that the chinese still have chinese schools producing high calibre students but not appreciated by the govt. But these bright students are readily accepted in overseas countries especially like Singapore which has benefitted tremendously from these bright students. Where is Singapore and where is Malaysia comparatively in all field of activities–Singapore ranks among the top in the world. It is b’cos of people like LKS that the chinese still have some dignity in the country. The world knows the economy of this country is in the hands of these chinese who are mostly from chinese schools.

        JMD : Haha now you are trying to justify the existence of the racist Dong Zong. Earlier, you asked why chinese can’t have Dong Zong. They can. And, if they can, then the Malays can have Perkasa. What, you want to be unfair is it? And yes, again… the chinese control the economy of Malaysia. We must bow the the most supreme race in Malaysia must not talk ill towards them. Algojo, you are sounding like KKK with every comment that you made. You are having the cake and eat it too. Must be delicious. Others can’t have it too?


  8. Hi all,

    For starters, let me just say its common myth that all non-Malay’s are for vernacular education. Most middle class urbanites who’ve been thru the national system find it quite strange that in a country that’s so diverse, unity takes a backseat at an early age when our young are streamlined by race/culture (the argument that anyone can join a vernacular school is ridiculous because its counter-instinctive).

    It seems to be another problem with our “intergration not assimilation” policy which we proudly flaunt, somewhat knowing that it stemmed from the insecurities and fear of loss/impurifying each cultures from ALL races around the time the Federal Constitution was drafted. Before I make my point, let me just state my stand – I think there should only be national schools with the national language as the medium, primary, secondary, tertiary, like in any other country. Because some hold their mothertongue so dearly, teaching can be obtained outside the national education system – vernacular streamlining is a financial and logistical burden to national resources (syllabus, geographical overlapping coverage, teacher training etc). Having POL for non-Malays is also an acceptable compromise – but we know learning a language takes more then the twice a week classses – story for another day.

    What Dong Zong’s arguments are, and in fact any supporter of vernacular education’s arguments are; streamlining primary school children still gives them plenty of time to understand and mingle with other Malaysians at the secondary years. This could be true – there were remove students in my school who fitted in flawlessly, and there were those who didn’t. Then again, throughout secondary school most students tend to stick to their own anyway – what’s to say having a single schooling system throughout will solve that? Rather than argue along the lines of the often obscure constitution; an extensive (and probably result sensitive) social study should be undertaken so Malaysians can decide once and for all exactly what the impact of vernacular education is on national unity.


    • Raja_Rajan,

      Good to know that you think “there should only be national schools with the national language as the medium, primary, secondary, tertiary, like in any other country”. That would be in line with the Constitution Article 152 on the position of Bahasa Malaysia.

      Dong Zong’s arguments that “streamlining primary school children still gives them plenty of time to understand and mingle with other Malaysians at the secondary years” is not valid. Primary school is where children are in their formative years, very susceptible to their surroundings, to ideas and concept of togetherness. The fact that most vernacular schools are not multi-racial in composition, the sense of multi-racial togetherness does not exist while there and is likely to lead to a continuation of single-race mixing and values when they are in the secondary schools. On top of that, there are the 61 fully independent and entirely Chinese-attended secondary schools.

      Whether “throughout secondary school most students tend to stick to their own” is a matter of opinion. Many others say it’s the opposite. Having a single schooling system may not solve many of the problems we have nowadays, but would at least pave the way to multi-racial mixing, learning about the ways of the various races and developing common hopes and aspirations so essential for the forging of strongly united Malaysian citizenry.

      You made a good suggestion that an extensive social study be undertaken. The Kempen SSS (see the blog by that name) has been proposing for an in-depth study be carried out by the Government into the education system(s) existing in the country today to determine its strengths and weaknesses, and recommend actions to remedy and improve them.


  9. Can some one, from the legal fraternity, who supports the SSS and strongly against the vernacular school system, initiate/file a constitutional/legal suit against at least one the vernacular school (or even against the Kementerian Pelajaran for acting unconstitutionally, permitting the establishment of vernacular school, for a test case. It’s like Zaid Ibrahim’s suit against the PAS-led Kelantan state government over the Hudud law. Reading JMD’s explanation and KijangMas argument about Article 152, I think, any Malaysian have a locus standi to initiate such suit. I remember some one suggested for a referendum, but we all know the UMNO-led government is rather ball-less when it comes to questioning chinese interest.
    Can some one from the legal fraternity to enlighten us about this bold step?


    • Hi Denone,

      Had asked for the same last year when SSS came out, too bad the SSS is a faceless, anonymous entity of well meaning Malaysians.

      Admin SSS replied something along the lines of “Cadangan menggunakan saluran Mahkamah bagi menyelesaikan perkara ini mungkin nampak keras diperingkat ini. Biarlah kita teruskan usaha pujuk memujuk dan debat mendebat sehingga mendapat reaksi Kerajaan yang lebih jelas.” (


    • denone

      sometime ago, 4 students took the Govt to court for implementing PPSMI..claiming it was against Art 152,they lost as the “medium” was Bahasa

      go here

      if 4 students can bring a case against the Govt… imagine thousands of SSS supporters….on the flip side imagine if the case was actually brought forward by Vernacular School students do you think High Court would rule the same?……monkey also wonder if that judgement applies to Sekolah Kebangsaan Only?

      We just need a lawyer to analyse the merit of the case and offer to do a Pro-Bono..

      I bet there are Thousands of Nationalistic Lawyers who will step forward, Perkasa have officially supported the cause…tak kan takde sorang lawyer kut dalam 300 ribu member?

      Alternatively we can always seek support from the Bentong Bastard who seem to love taking on Constitutional case……..just kidding aje beb…satu bijik pun tak pernah menang lagi…..loser betui bastard ni

      Or maybe get Karpal since he just became “champion” for Bahasa Kebangsaan


      • Agreed, a judicial review is the way to go.

        SatD I too am surprised that no lawyer wants to take up the cause. Or is this typical of our Malay trait- to procrastinate? I can just imagine all the malay lawyers “rilek dulu bro rilek, nanti2” lol

        Neway if we do go ahead with this, get somebody non-partisan.

        Hidup SSS!


      • U can count on me chipping in a few euros for the legal cost – if 10,00o SSS Supporters donate RM100 thats RM1 million. Yes, now I can sense a few lawyers counting the figures & figuring out the time cost total for the case.

        Its about time we play ball with the racist DJZ & its poster granpa Lim Kit Sial.


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  11. When najib introduce his 11111 Malaysia ideas dees he really think what is the core factor in really developing to be 1 Malaysia. Does he think by taking nasi lemak the Chinese ,Indian and the Malay could be develop into 1 Malaysia ?, he might does think so ,its look like it and I would say he is a dreamer.
    Born and raised to a different then innitialy go to different tabika and tadika before enroled to vernicular school with etenic enviorment and language what are the possiblelities tahat this could be develop into 1Malaysia that you and I understand.

    After 53 years of indepandance language is stll a majour barrier of intereaction and it is very simple if the people dont’s interect how could understand each other what more of tolerence into acceptance tahat Najib purposing. Noble ideas should come along with noble preperation not just like organising function like hari raya open house where the only words that spoken there is “makan” or sudah makan.
    Many may not agreed but this is the reality of Malaysian today, it’s does not matter what come first ,wather Malaysian first Chinese second or Malay first Malaysian second ,the reality is if you cannot interect with each other how could understand and accept each other and what would be 1Malaysia.



    • To 1Malaysia looks more like “menjaja” or “mempromosi” negara kepada “orang luar” BUKANNYA “membina” negara (nation building). That is is why 1Malaysia, if not very silent on the issue of Bahasa Kebangsaan and vernacular schools, 1Malaysia in fact in support to these two elements which has never been in the Constitution.

      This is by looking at Najib and his acts so far.

      1Malaysia, because of the “menjaja” instead of “membina” negara, has somewhow affects the efforts of nation building, at least through SATU BAHASA. Read “Raja Bogel & Sotong Lembik


  12. to me, the blame on dong zong, dap … and the likes etc are just secondary, the main responsible should be the current prime minister, who have been playing double standard game regarding sensitive race and religious issues since he has been crowned.

    when the non-malay can say and do whatever they like and not the malay, and when everything must be preceeded by the bloody numeric 1 and not when it comes to educational system, i see nothing can be expected out of this 1cheap-talker.

    and he also likes to play that so-called elegant silence kind of bloody gesture when serious issues need to be settled immediately, just like the previous sleepy head. are they clueless, speechless, brainless or what?

    i can’t help but to see that he just doesn’t has the right balls to do what is right.


  13. Great post JMD, I am having a lot of discussions with friends during hari raya visits, besides the mass murders in Banting we do seriously talk about the national ,vernacular and religious schools which we agree are in effect segregating of our young in childhood.

    The Government is talking rubbish when they talk about unity in diversity, because lets face it, there is never going to be unity without integration. Simple test, just go to a mamak restoran or kopitiam you have individual tables occupied by just one race talking to each other in their own mother tongue, is that the unity and diversity that the Government wants?

    Integration on the other hand could very well start during childhood under One School for all system, where young students Malays/Bumis, Chinese, Indians, Eurasians and others learn to mingle with each other, then hopefully one day you will have the various races occupying each table talking to one another in language that they can understand. The truth is except for very isolated cases, this is not happening…there is no integration therefore the unity that we are talking about is like the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

    Your idea together with SatD’s comment is great but who among our political and NGO leaders who talks about justice and the rule of law will have the intellectual clarity, political will and financial capacity to request for a judicial review of the existence of the vernacular schools.

    Maybe Perkasa can take up the challenge they do have the intellectual clarity but do they have the political will? They have been villified more than enough by the vernacular schools supporters so more brick bats is not a problem for them as long as what is done is within the Law and the Perlembagaan. Just my thoughts.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  14. Why do we need to listen to Dong Zong? As NGO, they should be treated just like Perkasa. However, when they misinterpret the Constitution, the Home Ministry should suspend their registration indefinitely until they clarify their wrong doings. We have a government that is not only weak, biased, clueless and not functioning as it should be! How would BN expects the rakyat to continue voting for them with this shambled & poor performance. Get rid of ‘out-of-date’ ministers namely Nazri, Hishamuddin, NMY, etc. I suggest PM Najib transfer Anifah as Home Minister to put the country in order immediately.


  15. Salam JMD,

    Come on man. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. It was first Perikatan, then BN, approved in the name of racial harmony back in the days and now whenever there is an election.

    A comment at Dr Rafick’s site:

    “An overview of Chinese Language Classes in SMJK, 2010. This is a very detail report, it pointed out all the problems that the chinese classes is facing, if you understand this , you probably will understand why some Chinese are so reluctant to change. … too bad it is only available in Chinese version.

    Google Translate the pdf.

    Another comment worthy reading is by a commenter named Han ( September 23, 2010 at 10:05 AM), too long to reproduce here but a part of it,

    If you ask any chinese educationist, they would probably tell you how they feel cheated by the federal government when they were sweet-talked by the BN coalition into accepting the conversion to SMK from Secondary VS, and then how the government ate the words.

    Among others, one of the government’s promises that time was to keep the identity of SMJK in terms of preserving the language teaching, and handling human resources such as hiring language teachers. That was slowly gone too, and assimilate to Standard SMK. The feeling of discrimination and cheated was generally felt by chinese cummunity while they gave the government benefit of doubts and showing goodwill and ready to compromise , but do not get to see what they were promised.

    So, chinese (educated) community everytime is told about One school system, the ghost of SMK conversion comes back to haunt them , make them disillusioned by the politician promises anymore. In their eyes, they see the move having ‘evil’ intention by the government to assimilate other languages/cultures into just One Malay.

    Perhaps you can see in this light, how would you implement your One School system proposal, without giving people impression that it is One Malay school system, which discourage the preservation of cultural identity via language? When we learn our mother tongue language IS NOT THE SAME as learning other languages such as german or french which is of interest, not towards the goal of culture preservation. We need more than just to be able to converse and read and write, but to think in cultural sense (in which Singapore fails in this one) So, the language teaching hours should be preserved but not reduced, if this second choice of my proposal goes.

    I think cultural preservation as the author mentioned is one of the issues not taken into account when we talk about the one school system. In SK schools, where I studied all the way, no cultural classes or societies existed for this purpose, the Malays have their Islamic Studies and others are not provided for except for the generic Pend. Moral. Even if you (Malays) are uncomfortable with other religions, the least you can do is provide cultural classes for the others.

    Even a simple thing like the setting up of religious societies have to be brought to the ministerial level by students as reported in the papers recently.

    Unless all these issues are taken care off first for the existing other students in SK, the VS and DZ remains skeptical.

    JMD : I do not understand the gist of the comment. Basically a commentator named Han was saying that they were cheated by the government when the latter wanted to switch the vernacular schools (SMJK) into a national school (SMK). This is where the comment gets dodgy – that the government promised the SMJK to retain the medium of instruction in Mandarin and the hiring of teachers are only authorised by the school itself.

    What kind of SMK is that? No difference from the original SMJK!

    Here the commentator exposed the fact that the existence of vernacular schools is to preserve the culture of the chinese, and not so much of the learning and teaching in Mandarin itself.

    I don’t see the relevance of ‘retaining’ the culture through vernacular schools because all this while, I don’t see the loss of culture among the chinese who had gone to national schools! The chinese in the USA still retain some bit of their culture.

    Is he saying he lay so much important towards the chinese culture vis-a-vis in the Malaysian context that by hook or by crook, culture can only be learned in vernacular schools?

    If culture is so much important, why I don’t see chinese ladies walking around with bounded feet anymore?

    The substance in the comment above doesn’t make sense. These are all excuses to segregate the society apart. I do not know what they fear. Ah yes, to make all chinese become Malays?

    The Malays too have many cultural traits that had long been forgotten. Why? Because we live in a multiracial country where we forego our traits just to blend in with other people. And of course, modernisation crept in.

    It is a total fallacy when he said – ‘how would you implement your One School system proposal, without giving people impression that it is One Malay school system, which discourage the preservation of cultural identity via language?’

    Accusing national schools as Malay oriented is a racist strategy to enable them to maintain their own supremacist kind of thinking. National schools in Malaysia must be Malaysian in nature. What is Malaysian in nature? We all know that already. Moderation is key. I’m sure by now, everyone has looked into the SSS website in all its entirety (the many tabs and pages eg. FAQ, memo, etc).

    If he wants to have more hours in language learning, so be it. If he wants extra subjects of knowledge in culture, of course we can do it. But all these must be within the One School system.

    Just like in any other country, 1 school system is the way of integrating people into a unified citizenry.

    Thank you so much for the comment.


    • Thanks for your reply, JMD.

      All of us already know the solution.

      But the political parties (both sides) are in the way, so it appears that suing them is the only avenue we have right now.

      Amacam Admin SSS, boleh tolong keluarkan notis di laman web SSS untuk mencari peguam yang berjiwa kebangsaan untuk kes saman kerajaan ini?

      Have a nice weekend ya’ll.


  16. Integrasi mesti bermula dari umur yang muda. Saya masih ingat semasa saya bersekolah rendah saya mempunyai beberapa kawan berbangsa Cina dan saya amat rapat dengan mereka. Salah seorang pelajar Cina di kelas saya pergi ke sekolah tanpa membawa duit belanja. Kami sama2 menderma kepada rakan ini supaya dia dapat pergi ke kantin. Tidak terdetik langsung sikap diskriminasi kaum semasa saya di sekolah rendah. Kami sama2 melukis komik dan saling meniru kerja rumah. Saya percaya dengan pergi ke 1Sekolah kita dapat mewujudkan 1Malaysia yang sebenarnya. Bukannya 1Malaysia dengan pelbagai bahasa. Bahasa 1Mlaaysia mestilah “satu” sahaja iaitu Bahasa Melayu. Period.


  17. Salam JMD,

    “In the Constitution, there is no provision for vernacular schools. There is no mention whatsoever about the existence of vernacular schools. ”

    I think most Malays don’t even know that this statement is actually enshrined in our Constitution all along. Good job JMD…I only hope that more Malay politicians would study on this subject and counter back at the bloody racist ultra-kiasus.



  18. Yeah, the leaders can talk much bout how big/ high the building can we made. But they don’t look how seriousness of having a well development of nation. No such country like ours (when we say bout nation), of having a vernacular school. And not even in China does the same. I don’t care much on what we had now, but our speaks today for future gen.


  19. JMD,

    About time we have one school system for the public or government funded school. They can have whatever school they want under the privately funded school. That’s the only way that we can be ensured that everyone is on the same platform. Then if they want to do whatever else, go ahead but not at the expense of unity.

    Keturunan Jebat


  20. One big misconception I often hear is that when people say ‘national school’, certain quarters will immediately think of it as ‘Malay school’ because of the language used as medium of delivery. That kind of thinking is already racist in my opinion, because you immediately perceive it as something racial. I mean, seriously – the language used in national schools, Bahasa Malaysia is the national language. NATIONAL LANGUAGE. The language that’s supposed to be the bridge and common ground for all the races in the country. Everyone who is Malaysian is supposed to know this language and use it in their daily interaction. It’s practically common sense! There’s no such thing as ‘Malay schools’ unless it’s sekolah pondok (correct me if I’m wrong but does these type of schools even exist anymore after independence?) – a national school is a national school!


  21. Salam to JMD and All,
    I had just issued the following message to the SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA Facebook Group, which has 3,843 members.

    [Cut & Paste]
    Admin II
    Thursday 30 September 2010

    Assalamualaikum, and Salam Sejahtera to All,

    WARNING: Supporting the SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA; ONE SCHOOL FOR ALL is hazardous to your career! StarFM, DJ Jamaluddin Ibrahim was sacked for supporting this; and by extension opposing the vernacular schools – the main obstacle towards national unity in Malaysia.

    United Chinese School Committees Association of Malaysia (Dong Zong) wants our children to remain separated from the very first instance – from Standard One in the primary school and right through to their Upper Six in secondary school. This is from the age of 6 to when they are18 years old.

    And when they do meet in college and universities, there would be social and racial walls that separate and prevent them from mingling with one another. Due to the years that they were ingrained with this “Us and Them” system of education, they would be separated into racial groups; with suspicion, distrust and intolerance of others.

    This would continue after they graduate and enter the workforce and would remain this way for decades until they retire. And then they grow old and die. But the cycle continues with their younger siblings, their nieces and nephews, their children and their grandchildren.

    DJ Jamaludin Ibrahim realised this. As with those who support the SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA, he knew that national unity could never be achieved when our children are kept separated. But national unity isn’t of any importance to Dong Zong, it seems. And it had the temerity to issue this twisted and misleading claim:

    “His call for a single-stream school system shows that he does not respect the Federal Constitution and people’s right to mother tongue education,” Dong Zong said in a statement.

    See who it is that “does not respect the Federal Constitution”. Read this excellent post by JEBAT MUST DIE:
    “Racist Dong Zong is at it again. Where is Lim Kit Siang?”


  22. dong zong sememangnya kepala rasis dimana lim kit siang ketua rasis……satu sekolah adala terbaik untuk rakyat malaysia ……sepatutnya mereka setuju demi malaysia…..kalu demi bangsa mereka adalah rasis


  23. What I hear (but stand to be corrected) that the fear is that the SJK (Chinese) will eventually be malaynised. And this has been the reason that PPSMI is rejected by the chinese schools as they see it as a step towards being malaynised.

    JMD : Their fear is understandable but very misplaced. This is because they are fed with massive propaganda that belittles the national schools all these years. Many Malaysian chinese went to national schools. Until now, when I see my chinese friends I came to know since I was little, they haven’t turned into Malays. They still celebrate chinese new year and uphold their chinese customs. I haven’t seen them as being ‘malaynised’. Thus, national schools is not about trying to make everyone in Malaysia become Malays. Even the SSS campaign does not state this.

    Unless the correct term to use is ‘they are afraid to become ‘Malaysianised’. Now, this is very potent preposition. Why are then the vernacular supporters do not want to integrate themselves and become ‘Malaysian’? Rather mischievous isn’t it?

    I think if you are the citizen of Malaysia, we should stop being recalcitrant and accept the fact that it is now time for One School System. Shouting for national unity rings hollow if this basic element is not implemented. Thank you.


    • Dear JMD,

      I too is a by-product of the national school and yes.. I support the notion of having 1 school system. In my humble opinion, the wall of racial segregation begins when children are tought based on race, i.e chinese school, tamil school and malay school. The seed of racism is inevitably planted there and it is very difficult to uproot such idealogy once it is planted.

      The way I see it…it is by interacting with different races at a very young age can the notion of prejudice can be put to rest. Children can see with their own eyes that “other races” do not fall nor fit the racial stereotyping fed by the adults. I saddens me that today in Malaysia, we still harp on my race, your race when in truth we are only 1 race, the human race. And everytime when I hear such bigot statements like “si sepet” “si botol” or “si malas” I just sigh in frustration.

      Yes, we need to eradicate such idealogy in our future generation by having 1 school system. Banish the streotyping in our children, teach the virtue and values of unity.

      p.s least not before I forget, when I said 1 school system its means 1 school for all races, thus no more SRKJ nor Mara schools. That is my wish for our future generation.


  24. Hi JMD,
    I have friends middle income malays who did analysis of government schools and chinese schools.In the end it was chinese schools for their young ones!Why ? it was the stark differences and attitudes between both type of schools. Further more an added languge was a plus point for the future .Versatality is the game nowadays and their children’s future.Forget about those craps of one school and unifying factors as they are practical .Could we say this parents are wrong?Its the way to go for the future and they wont be caught in this globalised world.They are on a running pace and not walking .

    JMD : It is only due to lack of better options these parents opted for vernacular schools. That is why one of the core recommendations of SSS is to review and improve the syllabus, curriculum and the overall system of national schools. There won’t be enough success if the national schools is not performing well. The SSS recognise this problem. Please go to their website and read the memorandum. Thank you.


  25. Salam JMD, Belum terlambat nak ucap selamat hariraya buat semua.
    No doubt about LKS the number one racist in our country, but I won’t be surprise if this snake will nullify all the accusations thrown at him by being the promoter of one school one system for all.
    Right now he think that he is so strong and ready to be the de facto leader of PKR, all his supporters will follow whatever direction he took.
    Malays must be carefull not to be conned by this snake, we must unite to preserve the only power and leadership that we still have – POLITICAL. If we cannot hold this one we will lose everything. Even if UMNO is not all bed of roses we must not stop supporting.
    We must be like Hang Tuah, even after what the Sultan did to him, he still came back to defend the Sultan.It was not because he loved the Sultan but because he loved the unity of his race more. He did not want to see his race divided by the action of Jebat.
    Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal.

    JMD : Terima kasih. Selamat Hari Raya dan maaf zahir batin.


    • “We must be like Hang Tuah… ”

      I like the way you think. when you are left with no options, you just do what you have to do but UMNO seriously needs better leaders.


      • Yeah UMNO needs better leaders, but more importantly Malays need a single umbrella to be more respected. Eventhough I am not an UMNO member,at the moment I see UMNO is more credible and capable of leading and safe guarding Malay interest if given more support by Malays. I don’t trust PAS – easily change their stand for political expediency. PKR -Ah! what can I say? Too busy fighting for their Ketua UMUM, they got no time for Malays or for anybody for that matter.


  26. Dong Zong is trying to misguide ethnic Chinese Malaysian into believing that the setting up of vernacular school is provided in the Federal Constitution. IT IS NOT TRUE. BLATANT LIES. Article 152 only provides for citizens to learn and speak their mother tongue not AS A MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION in schools. No countries in the world that allows multiple mediums of instruction AS IT IS THE SEED OF RACIAL DISUNITY. Not even in the USA. The medium of instruction of all schools is English. But they do have language and cultural schools which one can attend AFTER the attending the normal schools.. USA is more multi ethnic than Malaysia but everyone attends the English medium school regardless they are of ethnic African American, German American, French American and also Chinese American. Why can’t the Chinese Malaysian accept the same? If we accept Dong Zong’s argument, then all Malaysian citizens of the various ethnic can set up their own language medium schools. We would have ethnic Jawa, Minang,Panjabi,Gujerati,Melanau,Iban,Bajau,Cantonese,Hokkien medium schools. Why restrict to Tamil ( why Tamil medium schools when the official language of India is Hindi not Tamil) and Mandarin when Iban and Bajau medium schools are more deserving as Bajau and Iban are bumiputeras. ADVOCATE RACIAL HARMONY. STOP VERNACULAR SCHOOLS.


    • Bloody good points, brother.

      The Dong Zong are self-alienating themselves. Want to promote Mandarin. Even the Chinese in southern China are not promoting Mandarin. The Chinese Central Government had to muscle in to make them use Mandarin. They demonstrated in Canton and Hong Kong recently. Are they always the opposing type? Lim Kit Siang certainly is. He will oppose when the sun rises in the East to-morrow. Slightly off trajectory, he’d say.

      But, for goodness sake, Malaysia has Bahasa Malaysia written in the Constitution as the National Language, and is used as the official language. Schools are the official business of any country. If they claim to be Malaysians, they jolly well should respect the Constitution and not use Mandarin as the medium of instruction in schools. They can study the language as an elective subject in schools with Bahasa Malaysia as the medium of instruction.

      They claim wanting to promote their culture. But I like JMD’s analogy by asking why the Chinese no longer have bound feet these days. Or their men still wear pigtails, for that matter.


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