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Dear Nazri Aziz…

Dear Datuk Seri Mohd Nazri Aziz,

You said being a Malaysian does not mean one is anti Malay. That is the gist of your latest reply to Utusan Malaysia.

In the same context, being pro Malay does not mean one is anti Malaysian. Correct? Therefore why would you be rattled when somebody doesn’t declare himself as Malaysian first?

Even your boss had said that his 1Malaysia encompasses and transcends all. And by declaring one is pro Malay, does not contradict the Constitution.

And most importantly, you certainly cannot rank nationality and race because the two run on two different premises altogether.

Nazri’s usefulness in the cabinet is at its end. Unless of course those who hated him then for the alleged corruption and also his crude antics, now suddenly made a u-turn and love him to death.

I would advice Nazri to read these two articles below for his further education on the matter:

1) Race first or nationality first?

2) Malay first, being a Malaysian is a given

Thank you Nazri for your services to the nation. I know you feel you should be treated with due respect befitting your position.

But respect must be earned. Not demanded. The way you drummed your so called ‘contribution’ to the country in all your replies to Utusan just tells us that you carry a chip on your shoulder. You feel that you must be given respect at all cost!

Well, do you think you should be respected?

Respect on you was lost the moment you blatantly condemned your former boss using vile words and uncouth behaviour.

That’s when you lost it. No amount of self praises can justify the demand of respect you crave from the people here.

There’s only one thing left to do if you want to salvage yourself and sleep better at night. Being a Malay where respecting the elders is tantamount to having good manners, I am sure you would know what to do. Showing egoistical tendencies through the media is certainly not one of them.

Thank you.


20 thoughts on “Dear Nazri Aziz…

  1. “Politik perkauman kini tidak relevan”. What is he saying? That he himself has also become irrelevant? Why is he still in UMNO then?

    I suppose UMNO cannot help it but let people like Nazri Tan Sri Aziz – for whatever reason – climb up the ladder and remain loud and visible, notwithstanding his lack of intelligence. However, much of the dsilike for UMNO among its traditional constituency, can be traced to corruption and arrogance, the latter so effectively displayed by Nazri many times over. He will never get it will he? Every time he responds to Awang Selamat now with his skewed thinking and brazen self-praise, most people will laugh at him.

    He should shut up. Better still, leave UMNO, as Malay support for him will also become irrelevant. Why reamin in a Malay-based party if “politik perkauman kini tidak relevant”?

    I wait to see how far his “bravado” will take him before he himself becomes irrelevant.


  2. Hai jebatmustdie,

    Congratulation for your GREAT WORK in this portal.
    Fully agree with you that Nazri’s ‘usefulness’ to UMNO and the Malays is nearing its end.
    Afterall, as he himself confessed, his services is only to HIS BOSSES. This is a mark of a man WITHOUT PRINCIPLE.
    In other words, his services is to protect HIMSELF, his ‘periok nasi’….. what a shame.
    In the case of his TIT-FOR-TAT with Utusan, Perkasa and Ibrahim Ali, obviously his stand is NOT THE SAME as Najib or Muhyiddin.
    Considering that he is ONLY AN APPOINTED MEMBER OF MT, I believe Najib should seriously think of a more PRINCIPLED UMNO leader to assist him.


  3. Salam Bro,

    Nazri is obviously biadap…small wonder he’s claiming he’s a Malaysian first and Malay second…because his lack of manners towards the elders (kurang ajar) reflects his (negative) upbringing and also that of his parents too…(thats how the Malays see things).

    Is that’s how you raised your children too Nazri?



  4. Well said bro, he has past his usefulness. For ungrateful dogs like him, we have to put him in its place i.e. caged or silence him period! Nazri, focus on your son unIslamic behaviour.


  5. Salam..
    Thank You JMD for highlighting the matter. Nazri’s arrogance has no bound, it seems.
    This is from somebody who is supposed to be an UMNO elite. The way he talks and present himself has no class. He does not show any Malay characteristics. Rough, loudmouth and uncouth. He should be retired from the scene.


  6. hi JMD

    straight to the point. hope Nazri read this. Maybe all pak mentri should attend a leadership 101 course. respect can not be demanded but earned.



  7. Why is it when a Malay like Nazri says something not conforming to the usual a malay must abide most of the time even when its wrong you all get wild shooting in the dark.When an umno minister goes gun blazing with something that is so right you malays just cannot tolerate with an open mind.Why???
    Not all malays must follow your line of thinking Jebat!Thats the touble with you all bright sparks , you can right a wrong knowing the truth hurts!This are the followers without a mind of their own!

    JMD: Hi Fern, hope you are doing well. Same can be said when a chinese like Ridhuan Tee says something not comforming to the usual a chinese must abide most of the time even when its wrong, you all get wild shooting in the dark.

    Please put more thinking than what you have written. Or else, dua kali lima sahaja. What is wrong with me saying being pro Malay doesnt mean anti Malaysian? Along with the need for him to be more cognisant to his past mistakes, those are the central theme of my article. What, i now cannot chastise him for being uncouth? I now cannot dissect his thinking to find loopholes in them? I must always conform to your kind of thinking so that i will get your approval?

    Have a nice day!


    • Fern,

      1st of all do you what malay means?

      Malay must be
      a muslim
      able to speak malay language
      practice malay customs
      born in Malaysia

      we are not like other races. If you can understand that then when can move on to other topics. When we talked about malay we are talking about everybody that fill the criteria set above. In no such way a well educated malay would associate malay with such a shallow timid concept that define what you understand about race.

      I hate malay people to try to differentiate themselves as bugis, jawa, arab etc. We are malay by definition. Only small minded malay would think that they are bugis,jawa,arab etc. When we met our indonesian brothers only we associated as the specific roots because Malays in indonesia does not have the same meanings as Malays in Malaysia.


  8. Dear JMD,

    “Respect on you was lost the moment you blatantly condemned your former boss using vile words and uncouth behaviour”

    Agree 100%.

    Awang has rightly responded articulately and in your facely

    “It is superficial for anyone to accuse Utusan as a racist paper as this paper has always represented the voice of the Malays who have been tolerant for a long time.

    “There are other forms of racist media, especially the Chinese papers and online portals, however, they were not criticised. Why must there be a difference between judging a Malay newspaper and a Chinese newspaper?” asked Awang


    “Even before independence, this newspaper has never run away from its responsibility of protecting the official religion, race and interests of the country.”



  9. Bravo Nazri! He has certainly lured those Perkasa fanboys into a trap where they blatantly contradict themselves. Earlier, those Perkasa fanboys claim non Malay Malaysians are pendatang, or not true Malaysian because they practice non Malay custom, culture and religion. Now all of a sudden, they try to refute Nazri’s brilliant rebuttal by claiming nothing wrong putting race above nationality.

    Very simple… do you put the interests of your ethnic community first, or your nation first? Simple as that. No need to ting-tong-lintang-pukang Shumacher-Hakkinen SouthPark-style Chewbacca defense. Simple question only.

    JMD : Don’t be stupid Max.. When did perkasa said non malays are pendatang because they don’t practice malay custom? Who wanted to get all of the chinese to eat nasi minyak and have upacara bersanding in your wedding? Nobody asked the non Malays to embrace the Malay custom and religion. So that was the first lie from you.

    Since Perkasa never asked you to embrace malay’s custom or religion therefore Perkasa never said it is nation before race. That is your second lie. By the way, to digress, you are labeled as pendatang simply because you could not speak the national language fluently and you do not know the spirit of the Constitution. Only outsiders can be so ignorant of these elements. These are the basic requirements for you to become a citizen. If you do not know BM, are you not proud to be Malaysian?

    All Malaysians must speak bahasa malaysia as their first language. That’s what article 152 of the Constitution is for.

    Can you accept this? I’m sure Nazri can. So the question of Perkasa has not been consistent does not arise.

    It has been consistent. They just want to defend the Malay’s rights. The Constitution even provided it.

    It is Nazri who is inconsistent. He is in Umno. Yet, he was confused with his own party’s struggle because he is grasping at straws. In my previous articles, I said those who feared his position the most, will make the loudest noise. The cabinet reshuffle is near.

    As for your question of “do you put the interests of your ethnic community first, or your nation first?”, why can’t it be both? You don’t have to prioritize the two. Both are equally important if you want to. This is because both are different in nature. have a read to the links I provided in this article.

    No need to foam in your mouth stomping your feet on the ground crying foul whether he or she is malay first or malaysian first or otherwise. In essence, every leader is looking over their own ethnicity. There is a total hypocrisy in Lim Kit Siang when he said he is Malaysian first, chinese second when in fact, he always disparage Malaysia amongst foreigners, never want to support 1school and would fight tooth and nail for the chinese vernacular schools. He is by far, chinese first through and through.

    Why are you so racist in saying that a Malay cannot fight for his race? If chinese can do it, why can’t the Malays?

    The fact is, Nazri has got it wrong. In fact, he sounds so exasperated. Utusan and Perkasa are just giving him enough rope for him to jump across to the other side. Like I said earlier, he is desperate to remain relevant.

    I hope PKR will give him a huge hug once he is in there. He and Zaid Ibrahim will be the toast of PKR. Judging from all the compliments Nazri is receiving by the opposition supporters, I am sure he will be a great asset to Pakatan Rakyat for the next general elections.


    • Jebat, with due respect, you think I don’t read, speak, or write in Malay? Do you think we have not been reading what Perkasa fanboys have been writing? Do you think we don’t know what Utusan (with 21% dropping circulation) prints in their columns and what they pass as news?

      Nazri has put it clearly. Interests of nation first, or race first? No need for hammering keyboards with long long alasan. Nazri just exposed the hypocrisy of the Perkasa fanbois & supporters when they responded like Puad Zarkashi, to name one.

      Do you think a person like Nazri acts without sanction from his boss? I leave that for all of us to ponder.

      JMD : With all due respect Max, I would like you to furnish us with proof that articles in Utusan had said that Perkasa called the non Malays as Pendatang because “they practice non Malay custom, culture and religion”. This is what you said earlier.

      You are accusing the Perkasa as saying that non Malays will only be called Malaysians if they profess Islam, and embrace the Malay culture and custom? Which part of Utusan that had ever said this? Please provide us with the proof and I will apologise to you. I myself do not agree with Perkasa if they had really said that.

      Please do not create a lie just to justify your defense on Nazri. I am flattered actually that a fan of Nazri is actually commenting on this blog. What I resent is the fact that you had to lie in order to justify your attacks on Perkasa and Utusan. Relax Max. People love this nation and they can love their race too. No need to tear your hair out if some people see Nazri they way he is – a desperate man.

      And just like him, his supporter has started to make assumptions as well about Nazri being sanctioned by Najib to say whatever he said. Tell me, are you Najib? Please give us the reasons on why do you think Najib gave Nazri his blessings to act that stupidly?

      By the way, I based my reasoning on Najib having no problems with Perkasa on this:

      1. He attended the Perkasa event;

      2. He met Ibrahim Ali quite a few times and they are at ease with each other;

      3. He has made no direct remarks against Perkasa all this while whereas if he had wanted to disavow them, he could have done it much sooner;

      4. There is no reason for the PM to change his stand now because Perkasa’s stand has not changed since it was formed.

      How did you arrive to the conclusion that Nazri was sanctioned by Najib? Stop the lies Max. Who wants to ponder your lies anyway?


      • Dear JMD,

        To Max

        Why thus this article specifically states the SPECIAL POSITION of THE MALAYS (and natives of Sabah and Sarawak) only? Please read MALAYS only.

        “153. (1) It shall be the responsibility of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to safeguard the special position of the Malays and natives of any of the States of Sabah and Sarawak and the legitimate interests of other communities in accordance with the provisions of this Article”

        Not Indian, Chinese, Siamese, Ceylonese, Portuguese, Dutch, British, Indonesian, Burmese etc etc.

        Its an accentuation that our founding fathers must have had deliberated and with foresight, included this proviso, to affirm that the Malays (and natives of Sabah and Sarawak) are to be prioritized in the socio-economic, political and legal context.

        Seeing the present the “racial” and political imbroglio the country finds itself in, the wisdom of that Article becomes apparent.

        Those like you who need to question, argue or debate the intent of the Article can do so for all you want, but you cannot do this – you cannot challenge its existence.

        Thank you


  10. DS Nazri certainly being arrogant in his reply to Utusan.

    Well, using this platform (with permission),

    DS Nazri Aziz,
    Indeed you have been voted to be Padang Rengas MP, and yes, you have the experience of being an MP. So do other ex-MPs who have fallen and voted out in the history of Malaysian politics (in fact worldwide politics).

    So, if you keep on showing your stupidity and arrogance, I’m pretty sure in due time, you have another experience to be added in your resume -voted out or losing in election.

    By the way, I have to ask this (if you happen to read this…) you can warn people to beware of what they are doing, as if you can control and crush others (also referring to the warning you gave way earlier).. why you cannot control your son and behave?

    Just wondering… boasted with so much power, not even cannot control own son doings… but have the intent to warn people of his power. Even Prime Ministers do not do that (can we recall any PMs warn people to “watch out” because people question their attitude or family?)


    ~ OnDaStreet


  11. I wonder if Nazri’s parents were properly married off when was born?..If not- it is good if we can somehow arrange for a proper marriage (belated-boleh ka?) so that Nazri can sleep well. This is important to establish one’s current state of mind, which in Nazri’s case is clearly very unsound……………
    What? His son? Ahh – well, you tell me!


  12. I know that deep down Nazri has a very patriotic feeling towards the Malay. And Loyal to his leader. That is why since he appears to be having major differences with PERKASA and Utusan, two Malay bastions, he could be a hindrance to Najib’s effort to consolidate Malay siport. I would suggest that Nazri offer to resign to PM. A vital decision by Najib on his offer could determine whether he is a liability or an asset to Najib’s team..

    Nazri should offer to resign.


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