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What is Lim Kit Siang’s excuse when Lee Kuan Yew lambasted DAP’s style of politics?

After more than 24 hours have gone by, I am surprised that Lim Kit Siang still has not provided us with his thoughts on what his mentor, Lee Kuan Yew had said.

Anyway, there is another reason why Lim Kit Siang went silent on Lee Kuan Yew’s interview with the New York Times. This will be shown in the later part of this article.

But firstly, it is not like Lim Kit Siang to be silent when an opportunity to crucify the government comes along his away. Even for the smallest of an issue, he would find a way to find fault with the government.

Is there not an ounce of goodness our government has that would merit a tiny praise?

Thus, the level of opposition in this country is not yet mature. They will never, ever pay compliment to the government for any success this country has produced. Just look at his blog. All doom and gloom.

The infantile Lim Kit Siang will cry like a baby over the smallest of issue and spun whatever success stories into something bad.

Therefore it is mindboggling to see Lim Kit Siang did not spin Lee Kuan Yew’s apparent attacks on Malaysia last week.

Apart from the divisive politics Lim Kit Siang is playing (as exposed in the previous article), Lee Kuan Yew made a swipe at the communist front as well as the communists’ sympathisers in the democratic government.

We all know that DAP and Lim Kit Siang is a great admirer of the murderous Chin Peng and his band of violent Communist Party of Malaya. Most of DAP leaders currently openly praised Chin Peng for his communist struggle.

And we all know the reasons why the racial riots of 1969 started. The biggest reason was when the communist elements in DAP and Gerakan at that time openly instigated the masses with their vile insults and unearthly provocations.

Thus, Lee Kuan Yew uttered these words below which greatly coincide with DAP and Lim Kit Siang’s brand of racial politics:

“Well, yes, because otherwise they are running around and causing havoc playing on Chinese language and culture, and accusing me of destroying Chinese education.  You’ve not been here when the Communists were running around. They do not believe in the democratic process.  They don’t believe in one man, one vote.  They believe in one bullet, one vote.  They had killer squads.  But they at the same time had a united front exploiting the democratic game. It gave them cover.  But my business, my job was to make sure that they did not succeed.  Sometimes you just got to lock the leaders up.  They are confusing the people.  The reality is that if you allow these people to work up animosity against the government because it’s keeping down the Chinese language, because we’ve promoted English, keeping down Chinese culture because you have allowed English literature, and we suppress our Chinese values and the Chinese language, the Chinese press, well, you will break up the society. They harp on these things when they know they are not true.  They know that if you actually do in Chinese language and culture, the Chinese will riot and the society must break up.”

There you go. Siapa makan cili, dia terasa pedas.

Lim Kit Siang and his ilk must stand down and embrace this country for what it is. The agents of disunity such as the DAP, Dong Jiao Zong and Suqiu must ask themselves whether their struggle will be beneficial for this country, or otherwise.

Lee Kuan Yew made an insightful revelation to us about his own people.

Singapore has their own Constitution that Lee Kuan Yew strongly supported.

Our Constitution must be respected. The third principle of the Rukun Negara is ‘keluhuran Perlembagaan‘.

Do all of you chinese and tamil school graduates understand that meaning?

Can Lim Kit Siang embrace the Rukun Negara wholeheartedly now?

You are Malaysian, governed by the Constitution and yet you openly rebuke the supremacy of the Constitution by instigating divisions within the society? If you do not understand the meaning of national unity, and worse, I suspect you openly inciting people to support racial segregation within our society, please do the honourable thing and retire from politics.

Malaysians do not want you as a leader in any type or form because you do not add value to us.

Thank you Freddie Kevin and Aku

16 thoughts on “What is Lim Kit Siang’s excuse when Lee Kuan Yew lambasted DAP’s style of politics?

    • Salaam JMD,
      When I read the entire interview on Fudzail last week, I was wondering why there was no response.
      Thank you for squaring away my wondering.
      Still wondering though, if LKS and his ILKS would have been different had we put up English as our national language.


  1. If one has to go personal, one does. After all, the Americans even blame Obama for having a Muslim father!

    But Lim Kit Siang has never even smiled in the photographs I have seen. Perhaps I have never seen the “right” photographs, not read the papers and magazines which feature him smiling and laughing. The ones I saw are always the stern looking face. The gloom and doom he portrays in his blog as stated above.

    I believe that, even though I have not read his blog. It’s the mental image formed in my mind when the idea of LKS blog crosses my mind. It’s all the negative things that I imagine he will be putting out. Hardly anything pleasant or worth reading. It’s mostly propaganda, twisting and spinning whatever he can find to do so. Any news item, any development on the local, even international scene if it affects Malaysian leadership or
    Malay prominence. Such is the influence of the unfriendly man who I once found sitting at the next table across from me and who I observed hardly smiled in the course of the dinner. I cannot be blamed for those impressions built and developing in my mind. Such impressions get enhanced reading about him here, there and elsewhere.

    How then can we expect anything good from the man? The so-called Malaysian Malaysia subversive concept he inherited from Lee Kuan Yew after his mentor was kicked out of Malaysia in 1965 he pursued with determination and vigour. It was both subversive (not acknowledging even eroding the Malay Special Position) and divisive. No national unity can be expected from such a man with such an ideology. Now that Lee Kuan Yew himself has denounced such leaders who may break up society, Lim Kit Siang should really stare hard at the photo of Big Brother on the wall for some time, then spit on it and tell him to go to hell. Then join him there.


  2. Dear JMD,

    I believe there is a mistake here..I may be wrong

    ‘Therefore it is mindboggling to see Lim Kit Siang did not spin Lim Kit Siang’s apparent attacks on Malaysia last week.’

    Best regards

    JMD : Have made the necessary correction. Thank you Freddie!


  3. Dear JMD,

    LKS must be very sad and disappointed, that his minister mentor, by whom he had moulded himself almost in mirror image (read LHL and LGE), has practically debunked his malaysian malaysia.

    By the way, I found this link very interesting for the comments therein. Please moderate as to its suitability for post. I have no intention to arouse, and to have your goodself to be accused of allowing, extreme (racist) comments.

    Best wishes


    • Dear JMD,

      *LKS must be very sad and disappointed, that his minister mentor, by whom he had moulded himself almost in mirror image (read LHL and LGE), has practically debunked his malaysian malaysia.

      Because for his malaysian malaysia to be realised, LKS has to sacrifice and be prepared to be incarcerated. That was and still is, the formula and modus operandi whiich his minister mentor unashamedly admitted, for a nation to succeed.

      Thank you


  4. Lim Kit Siang simply cannot and must not be allowed to promote the so-called Malaysian Malaysia concept endlessly and unchallenged. It’s clearly subversive to the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak when it speaks of unqualified equality for all citizens. Equality in this country must take into account Article 153 of the Constitution on the Special Position of the indigenous groups in the country.

    That Article was placed in the Constitution not for the fun of it. It was in recognition of the fact that the Malays have always had that Special Position “since day one”, according to the British Colonial Secretary when presenting the Malaya Independence Bill to the British Parliament in the 1950s. The British had recognized and respected that since the time they first had contact with this country. If the British could respect it, there is absolutely no reason why those who claim to be Malaysian citizens cannot do so.

    Those people must remember that they got citizenship right at independence. Whereas the Malays got only their Special Position written into the Constitution.

    All those who do not respect that Article 153 are not respecting the Constitution fully. On the basis that respect for the Constitution is the measure of loyalty, they therefore have questionable loyalty to this country. Respecting the Constitution is a good measure of loyalty. Members of the Armed Forces of many countries swear to protect the Constitution of their country. Those who do not respect the Constitution ought to be looked at with suspicion. In times of war, loyal citizens have to keep a close watch on such people. Remember that during World War II, even US nationals of Japanese origin were kept in internment camps because their loyalty was doubted by fellow Americans.

    There was talk some time ago about the slogan Malaysian Malaysia being changed to “Middle Malaysia”. But there were reports of people showing the Middle Finger instead. For so long as that concept does not openly spell out recognition and support for the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, it must be rejected.

    The proponents of Malaysian Malaysia are not only subversive to the Malay and Bumi Special Position, they are also sympathetic to communist terrorist Chin Peng and the Malayan Communist Party. Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and group called for Chin Peng be allowed to enter Malaysia, some wanting to re-write history by calling them nationalists. Nationalist my foot, said many Malaysians. Renown historian Professor Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim had checked the records and verified that Chin Peng is not even a Malaysian citizen. Let him wrinkle and wrangle in the jungles of the Betong salient of south Thailand where he belongs. Meanwhile we watch out the loyalty of his sympathisers like Lim Kit Siang, the son Lim Guan Eng and group.


  5. In your haste to pillory Lim Kit Siang, you have chosen (quite blatantly, I might add) to ignore what LKY has done for Singapore – to the point where Singapore has been held up as a benchmark (Singapore Airlines, Changi Airport, Orchard Road, Integrated Resorts etc). All built on the foundation of an education system based on English as the defacto “national language” of Singapore.

    If the Malaysian One School System can come anywhere near the standards of the Singapore school system, then there’s some hope for education in this country. Or if the Malaysian universities can aspire to achieve the standards of their Singapore counterparts, wouldn’t that be something to brag about?

    JMD : Then we should not waste time. We should implement the SSS as soon as possible and hope that it will be of high standards. That is why one of the prerequisite of implementing the SSS is to conduct a comprehensive study on our education system.

    We want only the best for our children. And we want them to be unified too. By the way, whatever LKY had done for Singapore, does not give an excuse for Lim Kit Siang not to be criticised. He is not a sacred cow that cannot be criticised at all. And I do think my criticisms of him is legit. Thank you.


    • But please do not emulate singapore because at this point in time, young children at pre-primary and primary level are seeking psychiatric help. Even the employment sectors are abuzz with talks and advice on MENTAL health.

      Suicide rates and HIV rates are a national shame. Divorce, singlehood, gay rights and soon-to-be bankrupts from casino-induced disease and broken families are not the trade-offs you want for Malaysia.

      Appreciate Malaysia and keep all that is good. Never let the hype from the red dot distract from what is already a great nation. Most singaporeans may not want to admit their liking for things Malaysian but if you were to check the daily traffic as well as public holiday jams – you would conclude that Malaysia serves as a “release from the tiny pressure cooker”.

      A great nation especially under Tun Dr Mahathir leadership.


  6. Dear JMD,

    I agree whole heartedly with all your postings..especially on your counter argument with regard to the May 13th tragedy. Unfortunately even until now many Malays don’t even understand the very reason the whole mess happened. And that’s why we see today the majority of them (even the top Malay politicians) are being apologetic everytime the ultra-kiasu brought up the matter. I guess the word ‘political wisdom’ is getting more and more alienated to these politicians.

    Sukarno tried his best to psyche-up the mindset of the Malays by launching the confrontation then but failed, Tun Mahathir again tried to do same (albeit through his writtings in The Malays Dilemma). He succeeded only halfway to see all he had worked for so hard gone into the drain when his successor foolishly play to the tune of the ultra kiasu just in order to be the most nicest PM in history…and now DSN…with his Menteri Dalam Negeri by his side, I guess the Malays can’t put so much hope now…



    • OniYon,

      I don’t think it is as easy as that. In the first place, it is still not clear where the uncommitted voters would go to, considering the kind of politics being played by the various parties in recent times.

      The Malays have been split. But so have the Chinese. To the extent that MCA has even tried to play the racialist line by allowing a Seminar organised by them call for the abolition of the 30% Bumi equity. They certainly have been trying to get back Chinese run-away votes, though in ways unacceptable to the Malays and making the Malays wanting to question their citizenship right.

      The DAP has their own problems. The corruption image has been seen in the MACC investigation leading to Teoh Beng Hock’s death, the Ronnie Liu letterhead issue which has not been resolved as seen by the chair throwing involving 200 of Teoh BC’s supporters at a recent Klang Divisional meeting. Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng are not national leadership material. The younger Lim jumped up accusing MACC of responsibility over TBH’s death whereas the cause of death is not known until this very day. He can’t even handle a Federal Officer, wanting to fight the poor Government servant through the newspapers. Pathetic fellow.

      There are of course other considerations for the extension of the Malay leadership, like the role of the YDP Agong and the Conference of Rulers. In the case of Perak recently, the Sultan had the discretion and did exercise it in favour of the UMNO-led group in the formation of a Government. No doubt that was in the instance of loss of confidence. But the Malays being the majority in this country and, despite the existence of opposition and so-called liberal Malays, the “loss of confidence” and such can occur at crucial times where other factors come into play in ensuring the continuation of the Malay hegemony.

      What we individual Malays can do is try to get the uncommitted Malays and the pseudo-liberal ones see the light of day and think of the Malays as the majority in this country yet marginalized economically, educationally, etc.


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