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The Quintuplets in Umno

Update: A Voice wrote a similar piece here.

_____________________original article:

There is a lot of stupidity going on in Umno these days. This legion of stupidity is headed by Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi, Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan, Datuk Khaled Nordin and Khairy Jamaluddin himself.

This quintuplet of misguided souls will spell the end of Umno’s political hegemony if Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak could not rein in their extreme views and dare I say it, desperation.

Umno cabinet reshuffle is getting near.

It is normal that those who feel that they are unsafe, will make the most noise. It is pathetic to see all five of them trying to project themselves as relevant to the PM.


Yes you.

You remember who this Nazri Aziz is? Do you know which one is he? Wasn’t he the one you hate prior and after the 2008 general election?

Have a read here, here, here and here.

And you think he has the clout to speak on Umno’s behalf? What do you think? And Tengku Adnan? What do you think about him? Even his deputy Ketua Bahagian in Putrajaya does not agree to his statement that Umno will not support Perkasa.

How about Zahid Hamidi? Is he a leader that you can trust?

What do you think?

And Khairy Jamaluddin? Well, we just agree what Datuk Anifah Aman had said about him – someone who is intelligent; but not necessarily wise.

And the fact that many Umno members, especially the Pemuda had embraced and become members of Perkasa just revealed to us that Khairy had lost touch with his own team. And to make a statement that ridicule Perkasa? How would Pemuda members feel? Again, not very wise.

For God’s sake, Perkasa is an NGO. It is not even a political party. We have many Malay NGOs as they are chinese and indian NGOs. They are over 76 malay rights movement in the Majlis Perundingan NGO Melayu. All are championing Malay rights and issues. Most of them are members of Umno. Some Pemuda leaders are leading these NGOs!

Nazri needs to differentiate the differences between an NGO and a political party. Perkasa is not Semangat 46 or PKR. It won’t take away any of your votes. In fact, it will increase votes for Umno.

Do you know why Umno is unable to stem the tide of Perkasa? This is because all the thinking Umno members have joined Perkasa and become more active in it. Umno now, and I do think Najib is unaware of it, is better known as the Unthinking Malay National Organisation. All the brilliant ones are becoming more active in Perkasa.

No wonder everytime the NEAC presented their NEM proposal to MPM, their representatives such as Amirsham and Professor Dr Norma Mansor were shred to pieces! They simply could not muster any facts and figures to back their lopsided proposals which are devoid of any Malay Agenda because they themselves had never made any thorough research of the bumiputera situation!

They relied heavily on foreign consultants.

During one of the NEAC presentation, Amirsham was asked on the inclusiveness of the NEM. One of the delegates asked why wouldn’t NEM urge the government to streamline the national schooling system to make it more inclusive and transform the vernacular schools into proper national schools. His remark? “it is a sensitive subject”. Of which the delegate retorted ‘why is it that NEM would not deem abolishing the 30% quota as sensitive but the removal one of the stumbling block of a unified nation as one? Double standard? Fear of backlash?

Amirsham mumbled some incoherent reply and the matter was left hanging.

Anything regarding poking the Malays are not sensitive. But to cuit sikit the issues of the non-malays, God forbids!

The NEAC could not even retort all the research made by the experts in MPM. The rebuttals of the NEM document led the NEAC to re-study their document. As we all know, NEAC did not make indepth research on their assumptions. When assumptions are erroneous, the solutions will be wrong.

And for the benefit of all who hates Perkasa, they do not disagree completely with the NEM. Only those who are afraid of shadows would think that. MPM conditionally accepts the NEM as long as NEM takes into account a more comprehensive outlook of the bumiputeras. MPM has made suggestions. They are Malaysians too. NEAC thinks only non-Malays are Malaysians?

Hence, Umno looks pathetic against Perkasa because only idiots in Umno are opening their mouths to speak up against this NGO.

So, what’s the beef with this quintuplet?

Easy. Umno cabinet reshuffle is coming up. Sin Chew is half correct when it says there is a power struggle within Umno. There is alright. It is the struggle to keep their power alive. Nazri, Zahid, Adnan, Khaled and Khairy. All are trying to gasp for that air. Perkasa, the NGO, is just giving more rope for this quintuplet to hang themselves.

As the result? The gangster-ish response from Nazri Aziz. And the out of nature remarks from the other four. Why would Umno be upset when an NGO wants to fight for the same thing as Umno had been fighting all this while? Instead of collaborating, these five stooges want to kill Perkasa. Remarkable indeed.

Yes, Najib did say during an Umno meeting that Umno need to distance themselves from Perkasa. Yes he said that. But he did not say that Umno MUST ATTACK Perkasa! Umno must distance themselves from Perkasa in the way that they must set themselves apart from the NGO.

They must organise more activities that will make the public endear themselves to the party. They must organise something better than what Perkasa is doing. They must uphold the agenda Agama, Bangsa dan Negara all the time.

That’s how you distance yourself and set higher standard than Perkasa. But alas, the fools have spoken. They have misconstrued the words from the party president and launched themselves in behaving just like how we know they would behave.

The fact that Tengku Adnan pre-empting the party president by saying that Umno will not support Perkasa is the beginning of the end for Umno. That is the apex of his stupidity. Didn’t he know that the party president had never spoke against Perkasa? Through observation that:

1. He attended a Perkasa event;

2. He met Ibrahim Ali quite a few times and they are at ease with each other;

3. He has made no direct remarks against Perkasa all this while whereas if he had wanted to disavow them, he could have done it much sooner;

4. There is no reason for the PM to change his stand now because Perkasa’s stand has not changed since it was formed.

We can see that it does not look like the PM is against Perkasa. Any sane and reasoned man can see that.

But of course, those who are desperate saw it differently. Their expiry date is getting near and they hope by doing this (although they had misconstrued it), they can gain some brownie points from the PM.

By the way, when an amateurish analysis in The Malaysian Insider stated that Perkasa is undermining Najib’s reforms, it only gives the impression that The Malaysian Insider do not know the difference between 1Malaysia and Malaysian Malaysia.

The writer of that article may think that he is helping Najib pursue his reforms. But the opposite effect is happening. Do you think liberalising the economy and imposing total meritocracy while the Malay political standing is on shaky grounds is wise?

You can be liberal all you want when the Malays are strong economically and unified socially. You want to be meritocratic? By all means. But ensure that the playing field is level and your political powers are intact.

Doing so at the current state will only leave you with ‘yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran’.

The Malaysian Insider seems afraid of something. And it shows with that highly inaccurate observation of the real situation on the ground. Maybe because the writer himself has never been to the ground. Sitting in a comfortable chair in one of the high buildings in Kuala Lumpur makes his senses dull.

To all the desperadoes trying to attack their own shadows, good luck. You will become a political “has-beens” soon enough.

To PM Najib Tun Razak, I urge you to do the right thing.

Your recent article is apt. You must curtail the extremist views within your cabinet members as a start. Your Ketua Pemuda, Nazri and the other three are beginning to show less tolerance to the views of others. Therefore, do you think they are well equipped to be a member of your team?

Some may think you are talking about Perkasa, Dong Zong, Suqiu, Hindraf, PAS and DAP. But it is Perkasa who will be having the last laugh on this one.

20 thoughts on “The Quintuplets in Umno

  1. Salam JMD,

    The quintuplets will be your frequent readers for this post ! Habis…. nak tengok respons reader. Macamanalah rasa agaknya bila kena perasap jub*r ngan JMD hahahahaha….

    Thanks for the new angle in explaining their sudden outburst against Perkasa. Never thought of that. Orang2 macam ni ada ke tidak semangat Melayu ? Hanya untuk terus kekal relevan dalam kuasa politik, semuanya dihalalkan. Semuanya tidak lebih hanya sebagai set pieces dalam percaturan politik mereka.

    Kasi sembelih je 5 ekor kambing tu buat jamu orang kampung !
    oya, i’m honoured to be linked here… 🙂


  2. JMD,

    A very good piece, very well argued and sufficiently linked to relevant facts and records of past statements and events.

    Yes, The Five Stooges, these being not only the slap stick comediennes but also the stone hurling ones. Very damaging to Malay interests. Gangster-like behaviour on the part of 1-2. All for their own personal interest. Completely ignoring long-term UMNO’s and overall Malay interests. Beating the gongs to attract Najib’s attention on their so-called eligibility for a place in the next cabinet. They should really be in the kitchen cabinet. With the smelly and dirt sucking cockroaches.

    I must echo the statement that Najib had said UMNO should “distance” itself from Perkasa and The Five Stooges exploited it. One shouted to Ibrahim Ali “do you want civil war?”, another immediately rang up buddy buddy Wee Ka Siong saying “I’ve got great news for you, Ibrahim Ali is dead now”, the bloke in Parliament jumping up and down shouting like shown in the video, and so on. I cannot believe that the statements of The Five Stooges have been cleared or authorised by Najib beforehand but that they were entirely the personal opinion of the Stooges.

    That talk of a civil war is utterly irresponsible. Tengku Adnan is said to have also used those words in 2007. Perkasa was denied permission to commemorate 13 May 1969 in May this year. How come this fellow can now talk about civil war? What kind of an UMNO Secretary General is he? We know that he was appointed by Tun Dol who also appointed him to his Cabinet in 2008. Najib had merely let him continue as Secretary General but had not included the man in his Cabinet. Is there some personal vengeance against Najib, supported by the other Tun Dol men? Now the five of them are ganging up to embarass Najib in front of Perkasa and like-minded Malays or putting pressure on Najib to give them places in the Cabinet.

    Najib would do well to distance himself from those Five Stooges. He may end up a Stooge if he appoints any of them to his new cabinet. More Malay votes would run away if he does that.


  3. “…stupidity…”? may i know what makes you think they are stupid? what makes you think they didn’t do it on purpose or even with a plan?

    “…misguided…”? arrr…, excuse me sir, these aged men can be misguided! these are all regular players in politics!

    “…them trying to project themselves as relevant to the PM…”, what makes you think they are not ordered by the PM? personality like nazri appears in his department by chance? or the PM need these players to do all the “dirty” works for him?

    “…Najib did say during an Umno meeting that Umno need to distance themselves from Perkasa…”, of course! is he a saint and able to stand the idea of an external force
    influencing his “throne”?

    what i see is either the mr number one is preparing his “retirement packages” after the opposition take over the government, since he is doing all things pro-“haves”, so when the “game” is over, he will be deemed “friendly” to the “haves” and will have no problem surviving, or he is exchanging all the needs of the “haves” with staying in power, just like a puppet.

    no matter what, sorry to say, i can’t help but to see nothing good is in his so called plans.

    i see a pattern, the more pictures of him pop up everywhere in the daily life, the more i see he syok sendiri and getting self-high and more arrogant acts from him. i can’t forget that he was the one who wanted to play high by declaring no pictures of him hanging anywhere! check out the one on the bandar wawasan building at jalan sultan ismail. for malaysia sake, the theme is national day, not his face!

    i see nothing can be expected out of a leader who is double standard, i.e. everything like dong zong, suqiu, hindraf, pas, dap … etc the likes can do whatever they like, but not perkasa! please tell me honestly you can see this man having a future?

    it is a total pissed off after one sleepy head, comes another self-proclaimed “saint”! i admit i’m bias out of frustrations, but i’m just a commoner, don’t intend to pretend like a “saint”.


  4. Salam JMD,

    You mentioned about a presentation of NEM by NEAC …. heard the final draft to be tabled soon. U think Najib would again let us have a peek before finalising it ? I mean with so much disagreement with most of his proposals from the initial draft, wouldn’t it be logical to have the rakyat another chance of viewing it ? We are talking about many years of our future here ! ( not mentioning the fate of Malay survival )

    With all that have been exposed of our politicians lately, i no longer trust our representatives in Parliament making the right decisions !

    JMD : The first presentation was made to some people a few weeks before the PM announced it in late March.


  5. I agree with u..the 1st thing that we should focus is on education..from here we can see the sincereness of the other races to become equal..abolish vernacular school and we wil let go of the qouta sytem to enter tertiary education..give and take..if they refuse to do so then there is not point of asking for equality for everybody..and for god sake just implement SSS. After that is done then we can talk about other things. I wonder why pak2 ministers nowadays unable to use the mind and creativity to tackle problems.


  6. “All the brilliant ones are becoming more active in Perkasa.

    No wonder everytime the NEAC presented their NEM proposal to MPM, their representatives such as Amirsham and Professor Dr Norma Mansor were shred to pieces! They simply could not muster any facts and figures to back their lopsided proposals which are devoid of any Malay Agenda because they themselves had never made any thorough research of the bumiputera situation!
    They relied heavily on foreign consultants.”

    Betul bro, I have proof of their stupidity – they are not only guilty but idiots too.


  7. I wish to correct you that Zahid Hamidi never commented anything bad about PERKASA. Be a gentleman, write what is true and dont spin too much, afterall your blog bukan popular pun.

    JMD : Iya, blog saya tak popular pun. Sebab itu jika saya laporkan apa yang Zahid kata di sini, tiada siapa yang peduli…

    Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi further distanced Umno from Perkasa, pointing out that the group’s struggles were very “ethnocentric” in nature.

    “We should reject ethnocentricity in this country. It should not be encouraged.

    “I am worried that other groups will start fighting for their own ethnic needs,” he said.


  8. JMD,

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.! Finally Tan Sri Amirsham true colours are out in the open. I used to work under him when I was in Maybank. He had never had “Semangat Melayu” in him. In fact it was under him that there was enmass Malay Officers left and whoever was left are all kaki bodek tak dak otak. He and the other two Datuk (JCM & MH) who was his deputies pun dua kali lima. When Datuk Wahid took over from him, he had to overhaul the management because there was no more leadership within the ranks of Maybankers. Maybank lost its Tiger spirit under TS Amirsham. It was under him too, that the Malay portfolio was eroded, pergilah check. Gue tahu sebeb gue ex internal auditor. I got tired of fighting the management so I left.

    Rasa terubat hati yng sakit ni sebab kena aniaya masa kat Maybank dulu. Tunggu dulu….. Bila kita panggil Pak menteri keldai orang marah kat kita….nah ni dia….memang Pak menteri yang keldai semua orang dah nampak….Saya sakit dgn DS Zahid, sebab masa dia jadi menteri untuk LTH, duit penyimpan kena main…mulut tempayan boleh tutup lah babe.

    Saya sakit hati dengan Datuk Khaled of all the wasted money yang sepatutnya tolong usahawan bumiputera tak berhasil. Itu saya tahu first hand sebab saya kena aniaya kat MeCD dulu. Kita cakap lebih je sikit kena pangkah. Sekarang jadi Pak Menteri untuk University, budak U yang keluar pun bengap jugak. Kita tahu lah sebab kita yang duk intern bebudak praktikal.

    Saya sakit hati dengan DS Tg Adnan sebab perhabis duit bodoh bodoh je esp kes buat webiste sampai lima juta dgn kes buat iklan mahal mahal kat Korea tapi orang Korea tak datang pun? Pergilah check statistik arrival.

    Saya sakit hati dengan DS Nazri sebab kes mulut celupar dengan org teksi. Pernah ke duduk cerita cerita dgn pemandu teksi betapa peritnya hidup mereka terutama kalau teksi pajak. Bodoh! Bukannya tolong mereka dapatkan permit teksi send iri supaya tak kena jerut dengan syarikat teksi. Itu baru satu contoh. Banayak yg lain lagi.

    Yang budak berhingus Khairy tu, tak usah nak ceritalah. Lagi boring…..Spoilt brat big time. What has he built with his own hand from scratch? Nada…

    Bayangkan macam ni lah….saya ni suka campur orang….kalau nak tahu sentimen orang biasa saya jadikan diri saya sebagai contoh. Kita orang dah menyampah dengan pucuk pimpinan yang ada sekarang. Semuanya tak ada otak, tak ada telor, tak ada brightness of the future. Memang betul cakap JMD. Yang leaning towards PERKASA are the intellectuals. Pergi tengok their profile. Most likely between the age of 35 to early fifties. Had some kind of tertiary education with minimum diploma. Makan gaji as well as professionals. Katakanlah there is 25,000 of them and they are centre of influence of minimum 50 people there will come out to 1.25 million. Can UMNO afford to alienate them? They will not be using money as an inducer…they will use aqal and justice and haq. Can UMNO beat that? Itu tak masuk yang covert…..pakai colour UMNO pun tidak colour PERKASA pun tidak…..

    It looks as if I have an axe to grind. I do. Dah tak larat kena aniaya dengan kaki bodek tak ada otak. About time we recognize our own people yang mempunyai perwatakan kepimpinan daripada keldai keldai yang patut disimpan dalam kandang. Time to overhaul 1Malaysia.


    BTW JMD, list quintuplets you tak cukup. Patutnya lebih lagi heads kena roll. ie NMY, Awe Adik, Mat Noh, Bin Hussein…..hmmm…kalau kita kasi list kita alamat PM kena cari orang baru aje…Mana dia nak korek sebab memang dah tak ada yang tinggal pun…..Yang pelapik tinggal semuanya hampas….dan tercemar….

    Keturunan Jebat


  9. There a lot of stupid leaders currently in UMNO and for that reason UMNO has lost it crediblity as a leading Malay base party that lead the barisan national. Actually there no point telling UMNO to revive themself to regain the support of the Malay, stupid people would always regards others are as stupid as themself.


  10. Dear JMD,

    As far as I agree with your point above, I will have to consider other perspective as well.

    Other perspective – the connection of all these people with Najib.

    Khairy – Former PM’s in-laws. He has baggage but you can’t just cut the ties easily with former premier.

    Zahid Hamidi – His old best friend. They practically grow together where Tun Rahah trust Zahid to guide Najib. Zahid is Najib’s connection to others and his informer. He has baggage but his family ties ensure loyalty.

    Tengku Adnan – He work with Najib for more than 20 years starting from Pemuda UMNO. He has baggage but his loyalty to Najib can’t be questioned.

    Nazri- he’s loyal to the ‘prime minister’, not the person. As direct as he is, he’s tough headed and people use him as the messenger.

    Khalid Nordin – I don’t know much about him except that he’s Shahril Samad’s boy. He probably has baggage but I think Najib’s is keeping him because he’s the only option from Johor yang muda-muda.

    One more that you may missed is Hishamuddin Tun Hussein. He didn’t perform well but he’s Najib’s cousin. Loyalty is out of question.

    Another is Nor Mohamed Yaacob – He’s Mahathir’s former economic advisor. One channel that Najib kept open for former premier.

    In the end JMD, you need to have your loyalist that can fight for you no matter how the perception is. Being a politician yourself, it’s better to have a loyal friend with baggage than having a supporter with baggage. In the end, it’s the power that you have is important and a loyalist will keep that for you.

    Of course, other contractual staff who can deliver is important too such as Idris Jala etc, but they will leave you once you’re not in power.

    I believe Najib did all these because of his political survival in UMNO, not the survival of UMNO. But, it’s no point too if UMNO survives but you don’t, right?

    p/s: Jamaludin Jarjis also a close aide with baggage. He also has his use when he can execute bad boy’s job.


    • quote: “I believe Najib did all these because of his political survival in UMNO, not the survival of UMNO. But, it’s no point too if UMNO survives but you don’t, right?”

      well said. but, what we fear most is that if neither of the two would survive, as the result of their current actions and attitude.


  11. If they are that wise, they are CEOs of big companies listed in Fortune 500, not politicians.

    JMD : To point out that some CEOs of big fortune 500 companies also brought down their companies due to mismanagement. Thank you.


  12. I’m sorry to not comment on your article, but would like to bring your attention to this piece I found on the net.. which is a very well written piece IMHO. And to a certain degree is quite related to the matters you talk about in your piece 🙂

    JMD : Just to clarify, the Malay race did not exist from the union of Alexander the Great to some indian princess. That so called ‘fact’ is not true at all. We came from the province of Yunan and Funan some two thousand years ago. Thank you.


  13. Hi JMD,

    Maybe abolishing vernacular schools is a leap too big… so why not limiting ATM machines to only Malay and English…. to make it better, make it compulsory for the ATM user to key-in their I/C or Passport number. Those keying in their I/C number would then be directed to Malay based screen while using passport number be given options to use either Malay or English. It would make the ATM machine usage a little bit tedious, but hey, it’s a start in forcing them (you know who I mean by “they” right, JMD?) to use and respect Bahasa Malaysia regularly. I used to think Indonesia’s ruling of barring any Chinese name as bad, but now I think they are wiser (on this particular ruling) than us.

    After that, maybe we can start one school system and then later on no Dong Zhong (or whatever its name is), no Hindraf and certainly no Perkasa.




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