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The most important question of all…

Dear Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak,

Just want to ask you a question which has been burning on our minds for the past year or so.

We had hoped that you could right the wrongs Pak Lah did since 2004. That is why you are now the PM.

But why is it so hard for you to do the right thing?

Do you owe anything from somebody? Are you afraid of something?

Thank you.


60 thoughts on “The most important question of all…

  1. Wow JMD,

    An open letter to our Prime Minister? I hope a reply is forthcoming..would be great to see how our PM response to this.

    Good luck and selamat berpuasa


  2. That is the question man. The burning question I was asking in the last one year or so too. He simply looked scared. Scared to Singapore. Scared to Chinese. Scared to NMY. Scared to kj. Scared to Rosmah. Scared to Amok. Scared to Soi Lek. Scared to Karpal. Scared to Anwar.

    Mau play safe pun ade limit lah…

    And its just not being scared. Working too hard to please lagi… Something is just not right.



  3. actually dia follow cakap datuk bahaman pahlawan kat pekan pahang kot,
    berundur bukan bererti kalah
    tapi mengatur langkah.

    problem nye, dah setahun senyap. tak ngatur apa pun. langkah tak de. nampak berundur je. macam ada perjanjian dibelakang tabir. mengundang banyak persoalan demi persoalan.

    will the real najib pls stand up!


  4. I think that if each of us were given a dashboard of what he sees everyday in terms of key indicators as well as the increasingly difficult political situation in the country, most of us would be at a loss on what to do.

    But we are not the PM. And the PM is supposed to be the one with the vision and the wherewithal to get things done. So where are the changes? We’ve seen the plans but his hesitation in implementing those plans is confusing everyone along the political divide. It is like he is hedging and not really sure where to lean.

    Maybe we need a fresh election to give a new mandate to a new team with better political capital. Any centralist parties out there who can inspire me and my fellow Malaysians, you have my vote!


  5. I’m happy that many readers are asking the same questions. Almost immediately after JMD’s post is out. I’m sure many more are out there.

    Say it out folks. JMD is a respectable blog. He gets read in the corridors of power. Even by those in power, I might even venture to say.

    He’s asking plain, simple questions. Nothing untoward about it. We don’t understand why, so we ask. Hope there’ll be some response. In a positive manner.

    JMD : Thank you for the kind words Abu. It is my hope that the leaders in Putrajaya know what they’re doing.


  6. Obviously he is beholden to the Chinese. Chinese votes. His father last time even went to China, established diplomatic relations with the Communist country (first time), got Chinese Premier Chou En Lai tell the Chinese in Malaysia to be loyal to country of adoption, etc, and Tun Razak got huge votes from the Chinese, as well as the Malays.

    Tapi lulu lain, sikalang lain. Sutak 53 tahung pong tatak bolit ciakap Mulayu. Chou En Lai pong sutak ciakap 40 tahung lulu. Apa maciam. Apa pasat Najib tatak mau bikin satu sikolah.


  7. Salam JMD,

    Now u start to make me worry …. if blogger like dinturtle say such thing…what does he know. But if JMD says it ….. saya teringat hampir dua tahun lalu sewaktu saat2 kemunduran paklah tidak dapat dielakkan lagi, saudara pernah berbunyi akan mengundurkan diri dari blogging …. setelah misi tercapai. Dan hampir semua pembaca mengharapkan JMD akan terus relevan dizaman Najib kerana misi yang sebenar bukan hanya pertukaran kepala tapi memastikan keamanan, keharmonian dan kesejahteraan negara terus dipupuk oleh siapa saja yang menjadi pemimpin.

    Ternyata negara masih memerlukan JMD. You are our voice !


  8. JMD, This is a very loaded question, but would a response direct or indirect be forthcoming from the PM. Sure is interesting to hear what the response will be though.


  9. He was brought up in an elite family. Najib does not have the advantage of Tun Dr M who had the privilege of mixing with the masses. Tun saw the commoner way of life and was toughened to be a risk taker (calculated one, of course).

    Well at least he’s not sleeping on the job, just taking too long to warm up. He also allowed space for Tun Dr M to express his views. Najib should just offer Tun the post of advisor in an official capacity.


  10. Worih,

    Soalan cepuemas yang DSN perlu fikir panjang sebelum menjawabnya, DSN perlu mengambil kira:-

    1. Perlukah lagi undi Melayu untuk beliau?
    2. Perlukah lagi beliau bertindak sebagai seorang Melayu?
    3. Perlukah lagi tindakan beliau untuk rakyat dan bukan untuk “bangsawan”?
    4. Perlukah hati dan perasaan Melayu dijaga?
    5. Perlukah lagi beliau memegang kuasa selepas ini?

    Kita orang Melayu, bangsa yang kuat budi bahasanya, baik dengan jirannya, bertimbang rasa, kuat berpegang pada Agama dan Adat Budayanya. Kita pula perlu mengambil kira perkara-perkara dibawah untuk masa hadapan kita:-

    1. Perlukah lagi undi kita untuk mereka?
    2. Perlukah lagi kita mengharapkan pemimpin Melayu bertindak sebagai Melayu?
    3. Perlukah lagi kita mendesak hak kita dibela oleh orang yang kita bela?
    4. Perlukah lagi kita menjaga hati dan perasaan kita, bila orang lain tidak memperdulikan hati dan perasaan kita?
    5. Siapakah yang perlu kita berikan kuasa untuk bekerja membela kita?

    Tidak ada niat untuk menghasut atau memecahbelahkan “keharmonian” tetapi kita Melayu, baik dan berbudi pada yang sedar diri. Kita menerima saudara berlainan bangsa dan mereka perlu juga menerima budi baik kita dengan tidak menikam kita dibelakang.

    Fahamilah lirik “Anak Kecil Main Api” …. anak-anak kita perlukan Negara ini, jangan kita merempat ditanah sendiri.



  11. Wow. Not that I’m not expecting that. I ve been feeling uneasy since KijangMas posted “3-in-one Malaysia” article long time ago. Like you I thought (or rather hope) Najib will do the right things. I even close down my socio-political blog after Pak Lah left the building. Maybe I did it too soon. Then again, DinTurtle is right, if it coming from people like us – what do we know? But if JMD says it………


  12. I like what Cicit Dang Rombeh said up there. I have a few questions myself. But wait till we hear some answers to JMD’s and Cicit’s questions.


  13. Yes Najib “Are you afraid of something?” If you are, please “letak jawatan”. We need a strong leader . You cannot be our leader if you are afraid.


  14. Scared of Badawi/Khairy lah? Bodohnya orang UMNO. Why do you clowns think AAB took over the Defence Ministry 6 months before he stepped down? What can a man who have promised to resign and hand over the PM post to Najib do at the MOD in a few months. Obvoiusly AAB was there to dig up all the dirt on Najib before he stepped down. Remember when AAB switched portfolio with Najib the former was still the PM and he had only volunteered to stepped down. Do you think anyone at the MOD then had the balls to stop AAB from looking into anything or to take anything with him? Why are you UMNO people so afraid to face up to the fact that Najib’s balls are being squeezed in a vice operated by AAB/Khairy? Are you people afraid that if you were to push Najib too hard through your evil twin PERKOSA that Khairy may cut a deal with Anwar? What kind of person is Khairy? Why must Khairy personally deliver Anwar’s passport after the latter was freed from jail? Do you clowns see the answer now?

    Pakailahlah otak sikit. I know UMNO/Perkosa brain is filled with nothing but ‘Ketuanan’ shit but don’t tell me you people have also become clinically defined mental retards too. Stop blaming the Chinese, stop blaming the non-Malays, stop blaming Rosmah and stop blaming the opposition. Blame UMNO, for it is UMNO’s greed and racism which creates people like Badawi, Najib, Mahathir and Khairy.

    To Cicit Dang Rombeh says: September 7, 2010 at 8:52 am, do not try to intimidate the non-Malays with your BTN racist “Anak Kecil Main Api” rubbish. If you really have the balls do as you speak but do not cry when the non-Malays defend themselves. So you people are unhappy that the Chinese only gave the BN 30-35% of their votes in the elections. I want to know how confident you UMNO people are of getting 66% of the Malay votes in all the racially mixed constituencies with a significant percentage of non-Malay votes. As it is UMNO have lost badly in the Malay states of Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu. For all the racist intimidating rubbish which you UMNO people have poured on the non-Malays, we shall punish UMNO to no end at the polls. Tell you what, keep up your intimidating rubbish and we will reduce the non-Malay votes to 10% for BN in all subsequent elections. You UMNO/Perkosa heroes happy now? WE will NEVER allow ourselves to become UMNO’s whipping boy again. To the UMNO moderates if there are any left, leave UMNO before it is too late.

    JMD : There’s a tinge of desperation in your comment Vinnan. Feeling the uneasiness? Pakatan Rakyat’s own stupidity, politics and corruption weighing you down? You made a fantastic assumption about Najib being afraid of AAB and Khairy. You might be right. And, what’s more, I hope we can squeeze Najib so hard that Khairy will jump over to Pakatan and make a deal with Anwar (like you assumed as above). Personally, I am hoping that day will come where Khairy will join Pakatan as you predicted. From now on, I will squeeze Najib more (like how you challenge us in your comment above); just to see Anwar and Khairy hand in hand leading the Pakatan Rakyat. After all, like you had alluded, Khairy and Anwar are in league together since the passport handing over days… Good luck to you Vinnan. I am sure you will be happy when Khairy is on your side. Whatever going to happen to all your previous comments in blogosphere that had criticised Khairy? Hmmm… what a predicament.. Thank you.


    • vinnan,

      Why is it that almost very time I see our comment, it’s full of unacceptable words? Bodoh, clowns, Perkosa, Ketuanan shit, mental retards are examples you use above. Why pour so much acid, so much vitroil? What’s your problem, really? Do you know that it only reflects on your upbringing?

      By all means, say what you like. Even highly disagreeable views. But do it with decorum, Mister. This is a decent blog, I and many others like reading it. Why do you have to spoil it by using unacceptable language? You wouldn’t like it if people use such words on you, would you?

      So, please man, let’s be civil and air our views in a decent manner.


  15. Paklah is weak but the main weakness of Malaysia is just debt from Mahathir’s era…JMD is reluctant to accept the fact that our debt damage our economy…
    like he post the table of only foreign debt-

    ( )

    in this table trapping himself..our debt in 1997 is RM170billion…meanwhile the right equation;-
    Total Public Debt= Domestic Debt+Foreign Debt
    In majority, most nation’s domestic debt is represent 2/3 of their Total Public Debt(except africa and latin america continent)

    ( )

    but still with my noble heart and positive thinking, i can considering our ‘HIDDEN’ domestic debt is only same amount of our foreign debt(1998);-

    -and yes, in 1998 our GDP is in RM270billion only
    RM341.514bil/RM270bil X 100%= 126.49%!!!!
    -and of course when our own Public Debt/GDP ratio exceed 100%, we are in same situation with Greece with their Public Debt/GDP is in 113% only!!!

    and if we ask David Copperfield to transmit our own malaysia to one of nation on africa or latin america(with only half domestic debt from their foreign debt)-
    for total public debt-
    RM170.757+RM85.38bil=RM256.14bil(very imposible for reality Malaysia!!)
    for Debt/GDP-
    RM256.14bil/RM270billion X 100%=94.8%!!!merely only 5% to backrupcty!!

    LOL….please, i dont really proud with our 1998’s PM when he make malaysia same as Greece nowadays!!

    JMD : Wah.. welcome back Scanzew. I see that you had not grown smarter from the last encounter. From the table listed here, we see that during Pak Lah’s time (2004 – 2008), the debts grown up to RM200B to 235B. And that is just the external debts.

    Now Scanzew, we know you lied (bila tipu masuk neraka tau) about saying back in 1998 our debts was 372B. There was no mention of this in the parliament hansard. So, in 1998, there was only RM170B external debts consisting Federal government’s debt of RM15B while the rest are the private sector’s debt externally. The Federal Government owed about RM18B domestically back in 1998 based on this table here.

    So, your assumption above is indeed wrong. How the hell you say the government hid another RM170B of debts to make the total debt of RM341B? Did you fall down the floor and hit your head? The government’s domestic debt is only RM18B as provided in the link I provided.

    And here’s the clincher, Tun Mahathir paid off most of the domestic government debt by the year 2003. Pak Lah made a new one at a much higher amount but failed to pay off most of it (Look at the tables Scanzew). That is why by 2008, our national debt (external and domestic, public and private) stood at a whopping RM271B! (external of RM235B + RM36B public domestic).

    And you blamed Mahathir for the state the country is in now? He retired 7 years ago. And please do not equate Greece with Malaysia. Are we bankrupt now that you have to eat from garbage cans these days?

    And about the link you kindly provided to us; thank you so much. Did you even read the whole paper? I did. In the list of the nations that had defaulted on their domestic debts, Malaysia is not even one of them. Our financial standing is secure from 1957 till 2007 (based on the tables on pages 40, 41, 42). Malaysia is absent in all the tables.


    Because our federal government’s domestic debt is low! RM18B in 1998 remember?

    The research paper talks about government’s domestic debt. Which should have enlightened you tremendously. Yes most countries, the government owes more than 2/3rd of their total PUBLIC debt. Which may be true. Lets look at the figure – Domestically, the federal government owed RM18B in 1998. It owes externally about RM15B. Total PUBLIC (government) debt is RM33B in 1998. Look at the table please. That’s about 55% of the total PUBLIC debt. The total government’s debt is only 12% of the GDP at that time! Again, where did you get the idea that government owed RM170B of domestic debt? Maybe an idiot would think that. What more with an absence of valid data to back his claims.

    You know what I think? I think you just googled the word ‘domestic debt’ and carelessly linked that paper without even reading it through. In fact, I am proud of Malaysia for not being lumped into the same fate as the countries that had defaulted on their domestic debts. Thank you Scanzew for opening our eyes. I hope your eyes are opened too.

    Please do not be a desperado in trying to undermine this country’s excellent track record.

    Have you even read this?

    We have discussed this so many times here and it is getting repetitive.

    Thank you and Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin. Now go out and play! Too much time in front of the screen makes you a dull boy.


      • well i bet u learn faster than this JMD…when understand every milimeter or nanometer of my writings…
        but i still afraid u’re just as same as JMD league….LOL…super slow learner


      • LOL…finally this slow learner cowardly delete my ‘JMD’s termination’ comment because he do not know to answred my point…
        -scanzew- kebenaran ajan menang

        JMD : Which comment of yours did I terminate Scanzew? Please do not be syok sendiri ok. In fact, the call for you to proof that Government had RM340 billion debt in 1998 still left unanswered by you. You even lied about the parliament hansard. Thank you.


        • well is not a parliament hansard…it’s just small error..19 october 1999….
          ( )
          and of course, im very ‘proud’ with this error…since this manipulated transcript is adjust by tdm’s hidden hands is totally opposite with original transcript….
          of course dato’ wong see wah profesionally tell the truth to Dewan, total foreign (public) debt,total domestic (public) debt and total public debt in 1998..
          he said very similar with JMD’s refferances
          of course dato’ wong see wah not under Perturan mesyuarat 36(12), when he not lying in dewan rakyat….
          but in manipulated version, seems contradiction occurs with RM190billion foreign debt(LOL foreign debt is growing!!haha)…it’s also totally contra with opposition transcript….
          well well…it doesn’t matter in 1998 or 1999 where the calc;-debt/gdp ratio(GDP 1999-$79.1bilXRM3.8=RM300.58)
          RM372bil (what wong see wah said in original transcript)
          -well we’re still in bancrupt status no matter what haha LOL

          JMD : Saudara, let me just summarise what Datuk Wong See Wah said (page 8 and 9):

          Foreign debt:
          govt debt (RM17.4B) + private debt (RM173.5B) RM190.9B
          Domestic government debt: RM 91.0B
          Total debt RM281.9B

          Scanzew, jumlah diatas adalah hutang Malaysia. Hutang saudara pada kredit kad Maybank yang tidak dapat dibayar dalam tahun 1998, adalah bukan hutang negara Malaysia. Dan Tun Mahathir tidak bertanggungjawab jika saudara tidak membayar hutanghutang saudara. But he does directly responsible for the RM17B foreign government debt and RM91B domestic government debt.

          Jumlahnya hanya RM108B yakni kurang separuh dari KDNK negara.

          Kami menanti dimana saudara dapat jumlah hutang negara berjumlah RM340B atau RM372B tersebut. Saudara tidak tahu malukah?

          Terima kasih.


    • well well JMD showing again his own ignorance….after dozen comment i made before…he still not get the economic phrase on mahathir’s debt..LOL…by then, i include Lee Kuan Yew’s debt in 1998…
      Kuan Yew’s Debt 1998-Public Debt – International reserves
      Kuan Yew’s Debt 1998-$106.088bil-$75bil=$31.088bil
      -clearly we saw Lee Kuan yew’s debt is only $31.088bil and the truth is his debt only 37.73% of GDP!!

      meanwhile mahathir in 1998-
      mahathir’s debt 1998-RM340bil(min)-RM76bil=RM264billion(minimum)

      check this out PakLah’s debt in end of his reign 2009-
      RM362.6billion-RM330billion=only RM32.6billion(seems our account is very healthy same as Singapore’s in 1998

      -in conclusion, Public Debt in backup by forex reserves..and amount in Forex reserves totally in PM’s hand..

      B) foreign debt
      another ‘LEM…’ statement by JMD….i suspecting u not reading my reference’s..please refer page 6

      in Asia-Domestic Debt is 65-70% of Total Public Debt in 1998…and of course, Foreign Debt is only represent about 30-35% of Total Public Debt….but in my noble heart..i suspecting Malaysia’s domestic debt is only 50% of Total Public Debt..and of course Foreign Debt at only 50% of total public debt….
      and is the wrong of your calculation is from ur own references

      when ur foreign debt is adding all the long, medium and short term loan from government,PABK,private sector,bank and non-bank sector, AND of course domestic debt must also include domestic short,medium and long term loan from government,PABK, private sector,bank and non-bank…all this loan is from domestic lender(KWSP,local banking institution)….and of course in my healthy mind, domestic debt is far bigger than our foreign debt….
      banks and private sector is not stupid and eager to lend from foreigner lend….in 1997, their foreign debt is swelling to almost 70% from their previous debt because of fluctuation of ringgit value…

      And now please smack ur head on nearby wall!ROTFL….

      C) important of Forex Reserves
      a)ringgit reflecting totally on amount of BNM forex reserves
      b)backup for debt(public debt)
      c)solid collateral (cagaran) for gomen to make a new developement loan
      d)gomen able to manipulating ringgit value on their own by manipulating forex reserves that neccesity to control prices of oil…(u can see gomen is playing with ringgit value within changing the ringgit’s value,oil prices remain at Malaysia(oil sold in USD)..after dollar converted to ringgit,oil prices seems not moving)(china also manipulating Yuan Renmimbi to widened their surpluses on Balance Of Trade…
      d)hedging our economy from speculative attack.

      of course PakLah’s developement cost is fatter within his era…because he saves 100% gomen revenue to forex reserves, and to make a new loans by collateralling forex reserves for his viable and high multipting effect project…
      in paklah’s era.. project with high viability and high multiplying effect is compulsary..the strong evidences is, lenders (kwsp and other institution) not reluctant to lend their money on his viable and high multipying effect of economy….
      Meanwhile for mahathir he spend 100% of gomen revenue(mostly came from petronas) with zero savings… That’s make our forex reserves ‘ciput’ in 1997-1998..
      i bet TDM’s project such as Putrajaya will never get loan for it LOL…of course he using fund directly from petronas without worries don’t get any loan or get any approval for his wasted mega-project

      after made gigantic wasted investment by TDM for almost 2 decades…and RESULTING malaysian gdp percapita is leaves far behind other emerging and developed countries-

      Year 2005 (Financial Times).
      USA GNP per capita US$35,400
      UK GNP per capita US$25,510
      Australia GNP per capita US$19,530
      Singapore GNP per capita US$20,690

      Meanwhile Malaysia reported only GNP per capita only US$5159.21….PLUS market sentiment between 1980-2010 is;-


      With 2020 Malaysia as Developed Nation….pesimistic is arose…maybe Wawasan 2020 it’s just Mat Jenin’s dreams…person that develop wawasan 2020 is the same person destruct it……


      Average GDP growth in USD($)
      mahathir- US$4.65billion(1981-2004)
      PakLah- US$ 24.25 billion(2005-2008)
      ( )

      (do ur own math JMD…or u can pass this easy work for ur grandchildren or ur greatgrandchildren to do it oldman LOL…of course it’s to easy maa)

      WELL,seems ‘weak’ PakLah is 3times better(include 2009’s GDP) OR 6 times better (exclude 2009’s GDP) than ‘very successful’ TDM…

      Maybe it’s not suitable comparisons between TDM and paklah because on different i proceed to other evidences…
      In early 80’s, malaysia, south korea and taiwan is in very similar playing field…with almost similar GDP percapita,population and have very similar economic models….furhermore, malaysia have far comparative advantages between 3 countries that’s blessings by abundant natural resources and very strategic maratime…

      And this is solid comparation between malaysia and south korea because both experiencing economic crisis in 1997…

      i) GDP percapita in 1981
      a) south korea- US$1845.66 #66
      b) malaysia- US$1804.12 #67
      ( )
      -malaysia and south korea is in same playing fields

      ii) GDP percapita in 2006;-
      a)south korea- US$18,674.21 #27
      b)malaysia- US$5,780.37 #51
      ( )
      – malaysia are leapfrog by southkorea almost 323.06%!!

      Since i suspecting JMD will blaming PakLah for his 2years reign(2006), so i includes other refferances

      iii) GDP percapita in 2004;-
      a) South Korea- US$14998.61
      b) malaysia- US$4758.53
      ( )
      -still malaysia been leapfrogging by korea on astonishing 315.19%!!

      iv) Since the greatest ever PM(for me) is Tun Razak and JMD hate Tun Razak…
      GDP per capita for 1973-
      a) South Korea- US$403.46 #80
      b) Malaysia- US$697.26 #59
      ( )
      -well malaysia have clear comparative advantages with south korea…but start 1981, all becoming very wrong…

      D) Malaysia not in list
      of course, just i said earlier,malaysia in hidden their public debt from rakyat…gomen show only their foreign debt, but for domestic debt, we have to use our own individual intelectuality to figure it in our own…
      AND of course gomen will never retrieves their domestic debt because they will lose their power after severe missmanagement ROTFL….

      E) Capital Control(offshore ringgit)
      Well in your healthy thinking…can u tell be why;-
      a)Malaysia imposed capital control for at least more than a decade and
      b)Malaysia imposed ban of offshore ringgit for the last 13years?!

      In capital control make Malaysia;
      a) severe reduction of FDI(capital control can create natural block to FDI)
      b) low value of Ringgit
      c) make Malaysia accounted average only 2-3% GDP growth

      ( )

      -YES, it’s because government collecting money from Balance of Trade(BOT) through surpluses & save in forex reserves…it’s normal for a nation have large public debt, make should be balance with International reserves…many country progressively build their reserves within 90’s such as China, Taiwan and Singapore, meanwhile in Malaysia, TDM spending on his wasted mega-project…when countries like Taiwan and Singapore using their revenue with 50% spending and 50% savings…Malaysia use their abundant revenue with 100% spending…that’s make we have to CLOSED our economy for 13years!! And of course, we have to cover up all expenses in TDM’s over-glorious times era…

      So rasionally who we can blame on 1997’s catasthrophic?!?!

      F) Oxen years & speculator attack
      Seems human facing several economic crisis….and it’s totally exact with oxen Chinese zodiac….
      b)1973-oil crisis
      c)1985-economic crisis
      d)1997- Asian economic crisis
      e)2009- subprime crisis
      f)2021- ?!?!?!
      and of course in this ox years, economy become very WEAK that allowed speculator’s attacks…

      G) Crony Capitalism
      After catastrophic crisis in 1997, economist decides the main factor that allow economic crisis for Malaysia and Indonesia is crony capitalism

      ( )

      “The same type of situation happened in Malaysia, and Indonesia, which had the added complication of what was called “crony capitalism”.”(Wikipedia)

      Definition for cronism-the practice of favoring one’s close friends, esp. in POLITICAL appointments.

      ( )

      And of course u can accused Tun Razak and Pak Lah without solid proof…but scandal in TDM era have too many solid evidence such as;
      a)The Malaysian Maverick- Barry Wain
      b) JMD’s own refferances- ( ) page 93-97 (and of course, if I’m a TDM supporters, I will not dare to post this jurnal LOL)

      But wait, the most solid proof that 90’s is very severe with cronyism and nepotism…like before, u accused Tun Razak and Pak Lah also practicing cronyism, but we do not see any speculative attack on oxen years in-
      1973- Tun Razak- No speculation attacks
      2009- Pak Lah- No speculation attacks
      1985-TDM- No speculation attacks
      1997-TDM- severe speculation attacks

      -AND best evidences available is our prophet’s hadith (in Malay);-

      Imam Ali bin Abi Talib r.a di dalam satu riwayatnya menyatakan, Nabi Muhammad SAW ada menyebut, dihalalkan Allah SWT turunnya bala ke atas muka bumi, apabila berlakunya 15 perkara, di antaranya ialah, apabila kekayaan negara hanya berlegar di kalangan orang tertentu sahaja (hadis riwayat at-Termizi)

      -when 2009 and 1973, cronysme and nepotisme is very minimal coupled with strict law….meanwhile in 1985, law is less srict but fdi is not abundant yet…but starting in 1989, FDI become so abundant and inficiencies start to rises…
      In 1997, cronysme in Malaysia and Indonesia becoming very severe…when their leader stealing most of public fund, and of course leaders not able to stop their substitutes to also practicing cronyism….then BALA arrives…..when all duit rakyat circulated within their friends and family!!
      And the truth is Mokhzani Mahathir is one of Malaysia’s Richest Man………

      2007 is trully karma year of cronysme , nepostisme and severe public fund missmanagement…

      JMD: I bet u don’t get my point just like my previous comment….i just showing u’re just a very dull & super slow learner oldman…….

      JMD : Belum sampai separuh komen, saudara dah mula nak menipu. Bila masa hutang kerajaan berjumlah RM340 bil dalam tahun 1998? Bila saya kata awak menipu mengenai hansard parliament, tak pula pandai nak minta maaf. Masih nak teruskan juga dengan penipuan? Dan saudara kata tiada kronisme langsung di dalam kepimpinan Pak Lah? Saudara ni mengigau ke? :p

      Sayang sungguh, makin putar alam nampaknya komen komen saudara ini. Senang sahaja saya bertanya dulu, adakah Malaysia sekarang nasib yang sama seperti Greece? Tidak pula. Adakah Malaysia di tahun 1998 seperti Greece? Tidak pula. Keadaan cukup stabil. Adakah saudara mara saudara dirogol orang ramai seperti yang berlaku di Indonesia semasa pergolakan ekonomi tahun 1998? Tidak pula. Adakah saudara mara saudara yang juga pegawai kerajaan dibuang kerja oleh kerajaan dalam tahun 1998 seperti apa yang dilakukan oleh Greece sekarang ini? Tidak pula. Hakikatnya, saudara cuma salah seorang cybertrooper Pak Lah yang cuba sedaya upaya memberi sedikit kewangian kepada kepimpinan Pak Lah yang banyak sungguh cacat celanya.

      Sebab itu tiada satu blog pun dalam negara ini (kerajaan ataupun pembangkang) yang mengagungkan Pak Lah. Ini kerana, Pak Lah melakukan banyak kesilapan menguruskan negara ini. Baik dari segi ekonomi maupun sosial. Ketirisan berlaku amat tinggi semasa Pak Lah memerintah. Membina masjid kristal di Terengganu dengan kos sehingga rm300juta ringgit? Itu hanya satu contoh sahaja. Ada banyak lagi contoh sebenarnya. Masalah besarnya sekarang, saudara tidak tahu apa maksud PUBLIC DEBT. Saya nak mengajar saudara benda asas macam ni pun saya segan. Public maksudnya KERAJAAN. Ini bermakna, hutang DARI pihak swasta, tidak termaktub dalam tanggungjawab PM. Takkan bila CEO public bank nak meminjam wang, PM pun kena tahu. Orang yang mungkin patut tahu dan yang sepatutnya menguruskan masalah kewangan negara ialah Menteri Kewangan. Kamu tahu siapa menteri kewangan dalam tahun 1997 dan 1998?

      Hutang domestik kerajaan malaysia sudah tertera di dalam table yang saya linkkan dulu. Bermati-matian ingin menegakkan benang basah dengan mengatakan hutang kerajaan (public debt) adalah RM340b cuma akan menyebabkan saudara diketawakan. Ish.. saya nak lepaskan komen saudara sebegini pun saya seganlah! Saudara fikir mengapa Pak Lah kalah teruk dalam GE2008? Dan mengapa dia terpaksa letak jawatan tahun 2009? Pak Lah dan saudara maranya dan kroninya fikir mereka boleh menongkat langit dan hidup selama-lamanya. Tapi sayang, akibat kebodohan sendiri, impian tidak jadi kenyataan. Fikir fikirkan dulu ya.

      Mereka yang pakar ekonomi tidak bergantung sekadar income per capita sahaja untuk membezakan taraf kebaikan sesuatu negara itu dengan negara yang lain. Kita perlu gunakan pelbagai faktor dan variable seperti kadar pengangguran, mortality rate, GDP growth rate, Gini Coefficient (income gap between poor and rich), household income, poverty rate, dan kadar inflasi. Jika saudara lakukan research lebih mendalam (seperti ahli ekonomi yang lain), saudara akan terperanjat apabila mengetahui yang Malaysia mendahului negara negara yang saudara maksudkan di atas di dakam kebanyakkan faktor-faktor di atas. Fakto faktor ini dinamakan output mix. Saudara kenal Alfred Nobel? Beliau ada mengatakan bahawa kejayaan sesuatu negara adalah apabila boleh mengimbagi kesemua faktor fator di atas. Tiada guna berjaya di dalam satu faktor jika faktor lain lemah. Contoh, USA. Kadar GDP tinggi tetapi kadar kemiskinan dan pengangguran juga tinggi. Singapura -income per kapita adalah tinggi akan tetapi Gini Coefficient dan kadar inflasi mereka juga adalah tinggi. Tidak payahlah hendak emburuk-burukkan Mahathir apabila saudara tiada sebab untuk melakukan demikian. Saudara cuma takut jika nama Pak Lah tidak disanjungi. Itu sahaja. Oh ya, kami menunggu fakta dari mana saudara dapat RM340 billion sebagai hutang kerajaan dalam tahun 1998. Terima kasih.


      • Finally JMD just talk using his air liur…without even a solid evidences and religion hadith or al quran…
        Shame on ur visitors JMD.. u look like slow learners…of course u’re in shame because u’re the bloggerz…and i’m just visitor…ni effect at all..LOL
        well when u talk about COE, means disparity in very high for malaysia…when cronysme and nepotism is very severe..this disparity widened..
        And of course Allah not lied and not his hobby send bala’ in 1997…muhasabah is important for u JMD!!

        -scanzew- kebenaran akan menang

        JMD : Saya ingin memberi standing ovation kepada saudara kerana menggunakan Hadis di dalam komen saudara. Saudara berkata: Nabi Muhammad SAW ada menyebut, dihalalkan Allah SWT turunnya bala ke atas muka bumi, apabila berlakunya 15 perkara, di antaranya ialah, apabila kekayaan negara hanya berlegar di kalangan orang tertentu sahaja (hadis riwayat at-Termizi)

        Adakah ini juga sesuai dengan Pak Lah semasa zaman pemerintahannya? Sudah tentu. Satu jari menunjuk pada orang lain, 4 jari menunjuk pada diri kita. Cerminkan lah diri ya.

        Aso, please check the COE for Singapore. It is even higher than us. Thank you.


        • @ Scanzew

          Quote: “Finally JMD just talk using his air liur…without even a solid evidences and religion hadith or al quran…”

          What a munafiq you are, Scanzew. JMD has already shown us tonnes of facts, figures, and evidences that effectively debunked all your claims, (after all his well-backed points and rebuttals, only a jahil murakkab super-idiot would claim that JMD is talking using just his air liur) it turns you into being so pathetic that you resorted into stupid one/two-liners like above.

          Salah satu sifat orang munafiq ialah masih berkeras memaksakan dan mempertahankan segala cakapnya sebagai betul sedangkan ia telah dibuktikan salah. You fit really right into this category, Scanzew.

          Satu soalan mudah: sila buktikan hanya SATU saja perkara yg kamu katakan dari awal… sila tunjukkan di mana buktinya mengatakan Malaysia berhutang RM 340B pada tahun 1998. Ini baru satu saja, banyak lagi dakwaan kamu yg tak dapat kamu buktikan, tapi kamu marah dan meroyan bila JMD tunjukkan satu-persatu bahawa kamu silap.

          JMD is right when saying that you’ve not grown any smarter from your last encounter with him. More stupid, adalah!

          Of course, Allah does never lie. But a munafiq like you really does!


          • mmg la anda tuduh sy munafiq hanya kerana sy berbeza pendpt dgn anda…itu biasa di alam maya nie…manusia dicipta dgn perbezaan pendapat…that’s very normal


            • quote:
              “mmg la anda tuduh sy munafiq hanya kerana sy berbeza pendpt dgn anda…itu biasa di alam maya nie…manusia dicipta dgn perbezaan pendapat…that’s very normal”

              kau, kalau dah bodoh tu jangan le pulak ingat orang lain pun bodoh macam kau. berbeza pendapat tu tak salah, dan bukan satu kesalahan untuk berbeza pendapat.

              tetapi kau perlulah bersedia menerima kenyataan sekiranya kau dibuktikan salah, in this case you’ve been repeatedly proven wrong by the tuan rumah JMD. ini tidak, kau masih berdolak-dalik dan terus mengeluarkan hujah-hujah songsang yg kemudiannya ditunjukkan terbukti salah juga. itu pun kau masih nak memaksakan pendapat kau ke atas orang lain dan masih nak mengangkat apa yg kau cakap sebagai benar belaka biarpun telah dibuktikan salah belaka! itulah yg dimaksudkan dengan MUNAFIQ.


        • LOL….u been proud with ‘big’ number on GINI coe?! but in reality, GINI is calculated by 0 for total equality and 1(or 100) for maximal inequality…and logically, malaysia is have bigger number because of inequality dipersion;-
          b)cronism and nepotism by leader(TDM)
          malaysia is totally ‘above’ and same league as Zimbabwe, Costa Rico, Gambia, Niger, Swaziland that JMD really proud about ROTFL!!

          JMD : Wow… are you really an economist? GINI coefficient meant that the higher the number, the bigger the gap between the rich and the poor. I asked you to look at Singapore’s gini coeeficient earlier but you did not. Malaysia’s gini coefficient is lower than singapore. That means, the income gap is smaller in our country, hence lower inequality dispersion.

          Please look at the table here.

          In fact, Singapore’s gini is similar to all the african countries you mentioned above. So, can we safely say that NEP and TDM leadership is way better than Singapore’s fate because our gini coefficient is lower than them?

          By the way no country could achieve 0 coefficient unless there are truly a socialist country where everyone is getting the same income and lifestyle. Malaysia’s gini coefficient range doesn’t change much because we are a capitalist country. You can see the average gini from 1992 to 2007 here. Where is Malaysia and Singapore there?

          Scanzew, please do not stupify us more with your comments.


          • it just GINI index for family distribution…that totally different with Gini Coe…
            well in singapore, individual percentage is getting married is reduce dramatically is several decades…they reluctant for comitment..and become very severe in recent years…means the phrase of ‘family’ is just one person rather than income distribution in malaysia…
            for rational comparasions…we have to compared with Taiwan or South Korea for similar economic model…
            think again, how we can lose to singapore GDP in 1998…
            Malaysia- US$72.2billion
            Singapore- US$82.4billion
            seems singapore leapfrog malaysia…malaysia lose to nation that have populations only 4.987millions citizen(malaysia-28.31millions) and have area only 710.2km2 (malaysia- 329,845km2)?!?!
            (seems u proceed the irrational comparasions, i can start my own…

            JMD : Like I said earlier, your have to compare each country using a basket of variables to be able to get an accurate comparison. USA has the highest GNI. BUt their poverty level is high too. Singapore has high GNI but their gini coefficient his high and their cost of living is high too. South Korea has high GNI but their unemployment rate is higher too. Taiwan has high GNI but their country is not even recognised by the United Nations as China deemed them as their subterritory. There are pros and cons of each country. But the fact is, this country had fared better than any other countries in the world given the various problems and intricacies it faced since Merdeka. Your pursuit to ridicule one man is getting ludicrous. It is exposing as nothing more than an unrefined adolescent. Please learn more about this country in the right way. Oh by the way, I never made an irrational comparisons. You did.

            Since you are making pointless comments over and over again, you may be treated like a troll and be classified as a spammer. I know you wouldn’t want that. Also, please state your cases clearly. Some of your sentences are hard to comprehend. Thank you.


        • khusus untuk si bengap – si bengap yang perasan pandai ekonomi hingga menjadikan percapita income sebagai satu-satunya petunjuk kemajuan sesebuah negara, sila kaji SEMUA laporan yg dipaparkan dalam web berikut:

          kamu akan dapati banyak negara yang so-called percapita income nya tinggi tetapi tidak begitu berjaya dalam kebanyakan petunjuk-petunjuk pembangunan yang lain.


    • Very good math for JMD….when my refferance’s show that domestic debt at 65-70% of total Public Debt(1998), and foreign debt in totally around only 30-35%…i can see JMD’s calculation-
      Foreign Debt- RM 170.575billion (represent 30-35% of total Public Debt)
      Domestic Debt- RM18billion?!?! (represent 65-70% of total Public Debt)

      This is Keynessian economic…whole world used this system….althought is not perfect and have several weakness, but it still the best that we can used…
      Well greece cases, in reality have higher gdp percapita than malaysia..but seems their economy is out of fuel..we can continue with calc…
      Public debt-forex reserves/gdpX100%
      $405.7b-$3.474b/$343b X 100%=117.27%
      (wikipedia economy of greece)
      Well their public debt/gdp ratio exceed 100%…backrupcty

      Conclusions- u must go back to basic JMD…u even know now the economic phrase ‘government debt’ and ‘public debt’….
      Well just pathetic for bloggerz like u doesn’t know this basic phrase…just go to basic, start reading and one days u will know the truth like I did before…I even before is one of TDM’s supporters’, but after entering my university days, read a lot of books and start realizing the truth…..well, u will be………..
      -scanzew- Kebenaran tetap akan menang

      JMD : Where are the proof that we seek? You still havent provided us with the details. RM18Billion was provided by Datuk Wong See Wah in his parliament hansard. Your reference of 65% – 70% domestic debt was a general statement. It did not even mentioned Malaysia, son. In fact, your reference did not list Malaysia as one of the country which were facing unserviced debts! I think your comments are getting pointless. Masih ingin menegakkan benang basah kah? Kamu belajar universiti mana dulu? I am curious. Did they teach you how to comprehend data properly?

      Thank you.


      • orang yg bongok selalu menjadikan wikipedia sumber utama untuk dia berbahas, tak kira benar atau tidak. again, Scanjew, WHERE ARE THE PROOF THAT WE SEEK? still you haven’t managed to show it until now!


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  17. My Brother JMD,

    True and timely.

    When I posted this on my blog, a person as inconsequential as me, had come to feel that calls for change was an exercise of futility.

    It had seemed that once Tun AAB had stepped down, an objective had been achieved and BN friendly SOPOs turned their sights on the opposition.

    Subsequently, comments on many of these prominent SOPO blogs were only that, comments and nothing more.

    Cries to right wrongs were going unheeded.

    The REASON for the objective was lost.

    To finally come out and ask what many have wondered but just wondered about, not brave enough to ask, shows not only a righteous person in you but the patriot that is you.

    You have always lived up to the highest standards, that we your readers, have come to expect.

    You write with your heart, without fear or favour.

    It is my prayer that Datuk Seri Najib will respond in good faith, in the same good faith that the rakyat places upon him.


    With all my best wishes.
    Freddie Kevin De Souza


  18. “But why is it so hard for you to do the right thing?
    Do you owe anything from somebody? Are you afraid of something?”

    Ha, ha, ha soalan yang amat bernas… jawapan nya bole di dapati di kedai mamak ., roti Najib satu (roti takde telor)



  19. Salam Aidil Fitri JMD.

    Yes I have the same burning question in my head & heart. In all honesty I never did have faith in DSN. You want to know why? He will always live within the shadow of his late father as his father was a bigger man. Secondly, after having a PM like TDM, anyone else therafter needs to be equivalently brilliant as the bar has been raised even higher.

    He does not have the passion and the attributes of a great leader because he has baggage where he has been too accomodative to be liked rather then to be great. Well, that is my take….Don’t have to agree with me….Let DSN record speak for him…I am just the observer and when the time comes…Pangkah kotak what is right…

    Keturunan Jebat


  20. Salam JMD,
    Believe Najib will start to do something once Muhyiddin start alluding to do something.
    Thai has been the pattern so far when he took over the leadership from Lelah.
    Hope Malaysia and the Malays get a better leader if Najib do not improve.


  21. It might be hard for DSN to do the “right thing” now as his administration is based on the mandate of GE12 under AAB’s watch. He is walking on a tightrope and looking to preserve whatever support/popularity he/BN might still possess now till the next GE. Should BN be re-elected and he becomes the PM, I foresee a different Najib, one who is more sure of his actions and the right things to be done .

    I have faith in DSN. The only worry is, should the rakyat not vote for BN in GE13 then Najib’s “gambling” would have been in vain!

    Currently his actions are all about political survivability.


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  23. I just discovered your blog. Your take on almost all the major issues in the country is the right and rational one. Keep up the good work. There are not too many wise bloggers in Malaysia.


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  25. Salam,

    Comments from DS Najib for not giving open statement to public & being cautious…to avoid manipulation from other “parties”…

    dont worry, a baby step at a time, nanti kita pecuttlaa!!! PM nak warm up dulu… hahaha… =)

    “Kalau kita buat kenyataan terbuka, amat sukar untuk tukar pendirian kita tanpa kita merasakan kita dimalukan kerana kita terpaksa buat kompromi dan sebagainya.”

    “Kita juga tidak mahu kalau kita buat kenyataan terbuka, orang lain tumpang semangkuk. Orang lain akan komen atas statement (kenyataan) kita dan akan jadilebih buruk kerana sesuatu isu itu akan menjadi lebih hangat,” katanya. (DS Najib)



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