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Here comes Anwar Ibrahim’s alibi!

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim managed to delay the trial again till the end of time.

All because he had urged the court to strike out the sodomy charges because he suspected the plaintiff had an affair with one of the typist in the prosecutors team.

Yes folks, strike out the sodomy charges because the person whom it was alleged to be sexually assaulted by him had an affair with a nobody two years after the incident.

The fact that the judge needs more than 2 seconds to mull things over is really quite hilarious. What’s more hilarious is, Karpal Singh, wanted to get the judgment from the Courts of Appeal over this matter. One of the highest courts in the land is to decide whether a suspected affair will render the two year old sodomy charges to be null and void!

Yes, give our judges more work. They have too much time in their hands.

I stated sometime ago that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim should strike out the sodomy charges on the strength of his defence or his alibi; not on the result of other things. If he is innocent as he think he is, it wouldn’t be a problem for the courts to acquit him.

Why would it be a problem?

He has said he has alibis so on and so forth. And his alibi had said it in the open, in front of the whole gallery of reporters that Anwar Ibrahim did not perform that alleged sodomy.

This alibi went on record that there is no way Anwar Ibrahim could have perform that crime because Anwar Ibrahim was with them!

The video below is the proof.

Let’s look at the conversation.

Reporter: Do you happen to know what your husband was doing on that day?

Wan Azizah: He has that meeting..

Reporter: Where?

Nurul Izzah: He was with us. Please ask the relevant questions…

So why worry? Nurul Izzah and her mother, Wan Azizah were at the condominium with Anwar Ibrahim at the time the sodomy was alleged to have happened.

Nurul Izzah even revealed that information to all of us. Anwar Ibrahim did say during the trial that he was at the next room (Room 1152 is adjacent to room 1151).

Therefore, I can picture the scenario where Saiful Bukhari was safely sitting in room 1151 while Anwar Ibrahim, Nurul Izzah and Wan Azizah were having a meeting in the next room.

The sodomy never took place!

Karpal Singh just have to put both women in the stand and they will, under the oath before God, become the alibi that Anwar had been keeping a secret from all of us.

Has the prosecution team included both of their names in the witness list yet?

I mentioned in my earlier post, it is dumbfounding to see Anwar Ibrahim prolonging the trial when he could have made the trial be completed as soon as possible.

Or maybe we should just accept the fact that Anwar Ibrahim, Wan Azizah and Nurul Izzah are just a bunch of lying politicians. Together with a twisted lawyer, they are all out to bamboozle the Malaysian public.

You want liars to be your leaders?

siakap senohong gelama ikan duri,

bercakap bohong lama lama jadi pencuri.

Apa yang dicuri? Duit rakyat lah. Especially if they become the Federal Government. Not only duit rakyat habis, the public may also be sodomised.


28 thoughts on “Here comes Anwar Ibrahim’s alibi!

  1. Oh how I wish we had the late Augustine Paul as the residing judge.
    He would have said,”Its irrelevant” and that will end all the nonsense created by by the stupid lawyer Karpak Singh.
    Karpal Singh should be cited as contempt of court and shut him up.
    Don’t waste the taxpayer’s money by prolonging the case.


  2. Mari kita mulakan pantun dua kerat berasaskan Siakap Senohong untuk bakal Perdana Menteri….

    Sila sambung…

    Guridam Bakal Perdana Menteri

    siakap senohong gelama ikan duri
    bercakap bohong lama-lama jadi yahudi

    siakap senohong gelama ikan duri
    cakap bohong lama2 anak bini jadi pengerusi dan presiden parti

    siakap senohong gelama ikan duri
    Islam la konon, tapi lubang laki dia tubi

    siakap senohong gelama ikan duri
    mula-mula main telepon, pastu bantai isteri Azmin Ali


  3. liars to be your leaders?

    No doubt, anwar is as big a liar as mahathir. He leanrnt brilliantly from his ex-mentor, except, Malaysia was sodomised by mahathir, while Anwar was a little bit more discreet.

    JMD : Mahathir sodomised the country you lived in? Must have been hard for you to live here in Malaysia since 1981. Poor you. Try and have a nice day today okay. Thank you.


    • Olang ciakap pasat Anwar lu ciakap pasat Mahathir? Apa lu ini? Ada baca ka?

      Anyway, JMD, I like the last bit – the public gets sodimised.


    • An example of comment devoid of ideas to counterback the article laid by JMD. Instead of providing fact/alibi of Anwar Ibrahim, typical PR supporter will taint other people image when they are caught defending the indefensible.


    • sputjam is a PR fanatic to the core, man. Sometimes talk sense but most of the time nonsense, man. Biasa la tu penyokong PR. Suka comment luar topic. Syok sangat dalam dunia fanatic PR sendiri.


    • When you have an argument you don’t want to respond, you change the subject. So say, somebody writes about the simplicity by which a person can prove he’s innocent in a court case. Now a person may agree/disagree on several points; innocence, simplicity of the method, or even the charge, if he/she wants to respond to the argument. But if he/she doesn’t, the person will throw in something totally unrelated to the subject at hand (for starters, “Yeah, but he’s a bigger criminal”).

      The reason is very straightforward; if now the speaker/writer neglects what you have unnecessarily thrown into the argument, the audience will think that you’re avoiding and will think more and more about the new subject and lesser about the original. On the other hand, if you now respond to the “red herring” and choose not to stick to the topic, the subject is also changed, so you win both ways.

      The only way to really counter this is to raise the consciousness of the audience, who are very intelligent people, to the mischief so that once the deceit is deconstructed, they can better judge the truth for themselves. Nevertheless, since the subject changer will win both ways, I think it’s in the interest of the speaker/writer to counter the “red herring” briefly, very briefly, and then get back to his/her subject to maintain the attention of the audience.

      Keep your eyes on the prize, hold on.


  4. What a joker this guy, Anwar. Looking for an acquittal via technicality instead of submitting the evidence which can prove beyond reasonable doubt that he’s not guilty!
    Thus, depriving us from watching Wan Azizah giving her statement in court without Nurul Izzah’s assistance. 😀


  5. Dear JMD,

    The moment DSAI made that flight to the Turkish embassy, more than less confirmed his guilt.

    An innocent person would not take flight in the face of any allegation. What more a defecto leader of an Oppostion leader, riding the crest of the wave at that time.

    Woe betide us should the trial drag until the next GE and the unthinkable happens.

    That had been and always will be, Plan A, from the very beginning.

    The delay tactics forming the strategy for the plan to succeed.

    On another note, its interesting that the the “affair” was exposed by none other than that fugitive meRePeK fellow. The way he’s living in the lap of luxury, wont be surprised to see him in the company of Paris Hilton.

    Very best regards

    JMD : YNWA!


  6. Does anyone remember Abu Hassan Omar?
    he was the menteri besar of selangor after Mohamed bin Mohamed.
    Abu Hassan opposed the giving away of selangor state land to federal govenrment for Putrajaya.
    During the appointment, he was deemed Mr Clean and Nice guy. After the protest, he was a sex maniac and had affairs with his sister-in-law.

    That my friends, was how mahathir dealt with anyone who interefered with his projects, or opposed him. During the time of mahathir, not only the chinese, but also the sultans were scared of him.

    Oppose, and you will not only be releive of your duty, but humiliated as well.

    In the case of anwar brahim, in sodomy 1, the alleged guy who was sodomised could not even give the date of the incident correclt, not once, but several times. Only in the court of malaysia, is the victim’s testimony accepted as gospel. In other courts of law, he would be deemed as a liar and thrown in jail for lying in court.

    In sodomy 2, The alleged sodomiser, is not allowed to study the investigaive documents in order to defend himself in court. Is it becasue it is still being written, and they are ensuring that no loopholes will occur like in sodomy 1, where it was glaring?
    I still do not understand, why this govenrment wants to waste time of such a trial if it gives Malaysia’s a bad name. Even schoolkids jokes about sodomy naturally.

    I do not support anwar, nor BN. But I will support any leader, who fights for justice and righteousness. He can be from any creed and colour. And his faith is not important to me.

    How may will follow my call?

    JMD : It is cute you chose to lie about the issue of putrajaya, mahathir and abu hassan omar. Did you make proper research on this? The land of Putrajaya was bought by Federal Government in the mid 90’s. About 2 years before Abu Hassan became Menteri Besar. Where did you get the idea he opposed the move? He was a Federal Minister (I think consumer Affairs Minister) during that time.

    By the way, the alleged scandal happened due to Abu Hassan’s own undoing. You are making up stories just to fit your sick delusions about Mahathir.

    It’s quite laughable when you said Mahathir dealt with Abu Hassan ‘protests’ by giving him a bad reputation. To think that Mahathir would go out of his way just because Abu Hassan protested about Putrajaya? Sputjam, you gave Abu Hassan to much credit. And he wasn’t even the Menteri Besar then!

    And yes Sputjam, during Hari Raya open house in Seri Perdana, I see thousands and thousands of chinese quivering in fear when they shook hands with Mahathir.

    You know what we call people who make up stories?

    A liar.

    And finally, hypothetically, if ever in the future your close family member is sodomised by a VIP against his will, please have the right frame of mind NOT to report it. It will only give Malaysia a bad name.

    The fact is, it was that sodomising VIP who gave Malaysia a bad name in the first place. But you don’t mind right? Let that close family member of yours deal with his situation on his own without any justice being done. Thank you.


      • This sickman sputjam, give him a break lah…will just waste tax payer’s money sending him to Hotel TR for examination. His mind already contaminated with nonsense theories and presumptions.

        At least he’s got ball to vindicate Anwar Ibrahim as A BRILLIANT BIG LIAR….so many PR supporters are still malu2 to admit this in public, while many too don’t mind having a gay PM.

        For once I totally agreed wit you Sputjam – that Anwar Ibrahim is a big liar – Anwar Ibrahim harus bertaubat………..but wait a minute, how come Karpal Singh never said Mahathir harus bertaubat?


    • Yes this guy sputjam can go round spreading fitnah. A big sin to a muslim. Being a kafir it means nothing to him. But those muslims who is in cahoot, tak ada maruah diri ke?

      Mahathir is brilliant, but most of the time and he admitted indirectly that he is too soft and too forgiving.


  7. Jebat,

    The arguments of lawyers and supporters of the Pakatan Rakyat can be summarised by a few latin sentences, as follows:-

    AD HOMINEM : Atacking the man rather than the argument.
    “And I am I saying to you, Saiful, you are not a good muslim because you did not pray. And you did not pray because you did not mandi wajib. And you did not mandi wajib because you had just finished an act of sodomy with … err… your honour, please strike out that last sentence”.

    SUGGESTIO FALSI : Suggestion of something which is untrue.
    “All the billions spent by Mahathir now become what? All useless and we taxpayers do not have anything to show.”
    (The KLIA, world’s tallest twin towers, Penang Bridge, Beautiful sprawling highways, increased GDP, Sepang circuit, Behemothian Stadiums, award-winning airports are actually a teeny weeny bit more than nothing)

    PRIMA IMPRESSIONANIS : On First Impression.
    “Kak Jah sikit pun tak percaya weh, si Anwar tu meliwat. Bukan kah dia orang aleeeeeeeem. Dia warak orangnya. Dulu suami Kak Jah ceghita, sembahyang belakang Anwar kawan nu baca do’a sikit punya panjang! Mustahil weh dia nak kelakuan lagu tu”

    DOLI INCAPAX : Incapable of Crime.
    “Hang tau tak. Aku sikit pun tak percaya si Anwar meliwat. Hang tahu pasai apa? Sebab Anwaq dah umoq 60 tahun lebih. Dalam diri dia tu hang nak tahu, yang boleh berdiri tegak sekeras-kerasnya hanyalah semangat dia saja. Aku dengaq khabaq anu dia tu dah tak boleh lagi dah. Kena flying kick Saiful sekali jatuh tersungkur, ini kan pula nak meliwat”.

    PAR DELICTUM : Equal Fault.
    “Kalau betui dia kena liwat, pasai apa saya sorang yang kena dakwa? Kalau suka sama suka tentu dia pun patut kena dakwa jugak!”
    “Shhhhhh! Shut up! Are you crazy man? Don’t say that: that’s like admitting! Leave all the defending to me!” – overheard in courtroom just before trial

    NON SEQUITUR : It does not follow.
    “I am sure Pakatan Rakyat will takeover Putrajaya because God is Merciful. Allah hu Akbar!”

    DIVERSUS SUSPICIO: Shifting suspicions by Misdirection.
    “You just think for yourself. In the Teoh Beng Huat case, the DAP was always there…to finance the lawyers, to hold candle light vigils, to accompany the family wherever they go. How can you say DAP was responsible in Beng Huat’s murder?”

    POST HOC, ERGO PROPTER HOC : It happened after, so it was caused by…
    “As soon as Dr Mahathir took the reign of the country, Malaysia fell in world rankings.”

    IN VINO VERITAS: There is truth in wine (truth is told by him who has drunk wine).
    “*&%^#$^%$@ :” – overheard just before the Hulu Selangor by-election.

    Yours forever,



  8. Jmd and cahoots,

    Pls read this news:-GEORGE TOWN: A young gas deliveryman was acquitted of murdering a 69-year-old traditional masseur who made sexual advances towards him and tried to harm him seven years ago.
    High Court Justice Abdul Halim Aman, who acquitted and discharged Mohd Hairi Sabdin, now 29, after finding him not guilty, ruled that he had killed Abdul Rahman Hussain in self defence.Mohd Hairi was on trial for murdering Abdul Rahman by stabbing him with a pair of scissors at the latter’s home in Kampung Makam, Jalan Datuk Keramat here, at 4.30am on Sept 25, 2003.
    Justice Abdul Halim said Mohd Hairi testified in his defence that Abdul Rahman offered to give him a massage for the pain in his shoulder, hip and leg but made sexual advances when he turned up for treatment.
    He said Mohd Hairi said that at one point he saw a “cruel look” on Abdul Rahman’s face, and the latter tried to stab him with the scissors and tried to strangle him.
    “The accused said he was scared as he had never been in such a situation before. I understand how he must have felt,” he said.
    He added that Mohd Hairi’s actions were appropriate in protecting his honour and even his life.
    “After careful consideration, the court finds that the accused has managed to raise reasonable doubt to the prosecution’s case,” said the judge.
    This will be the natural reaction of a young and strong man.
    The most laughable thing is a 60 year old man forcefully sodomising a young and well built 21 yr old youth. Is Sialfool so meek to submit himself when he said court that, DSAI told him he want to fuck him and he obediently went and took a bath and prepared himself ready with the KY Jelly to be sodomised. But the irony is I remember reading that he was forcefully sodomised 8 times. Majority of the Malaysians and around the world are still laughing…heeeeeeeeeeeeeee,haaaaaaaa
    JMD said”Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim managed to delay the trial again till the end of time”.
    But pls remember it was the prosection who had mati mati wanted this case to be transferred from the Sessions court to the High court. The presiding judge was HH Komathy who is well known for impartiality. If only the case has been continued the case would have been thrown out.
    Human Rights Watch has urged Malaysia to drop the charges against Anwar, condemning the case as a “charade of justice” and saying his lawyers had been blocked from preparing a thorough defence.
    The standard procedure in criminal cases is to provide all documentary evidence to the defence before the start of a trial.
    This follows provision of and amendments to Section 51 of the Criminal Procedure Code.
    “Dr Wells said this had not happened in other Commonwealth countries where materials and evidence are given before the trial commences.
    “That is the purpose why we had an amendment to Section 51 and Section 51A of the CPC to facilitate the smooth running of the trial.
    “However, the apex court ruling in not allowing the documents had resulted in the defence being stumped in getting the documents. This only happens in high profile cases like Anwar’s. It does not happen in other criminal cases where such documents are provided during pre-trial.”
    What are you trying to imply recalcitrant mule, by showing the Youtube. DSAI is not there, doesnt mean he is sodomising the Sialfool. Use your brains to rationalise things, dont just deposit somewhere down there.

    JMD : A 69 year old can actually initiate strong sexual desires…! Thank you for highlighting this. For a second, I thought a 63 year old male no longer have that kind of desire. Heterosexual wise or homosexual wise. Thank you.


    • Even the hardcore PR supporter Sputjam called his own idol Anwar Ibrahim a BIG LIAR.

      I see you still hold on to your dubious “100 reasons” why Anwar is not guilty though you got thrashed in the relevant topic.

      Unfortunately, Sputjam has confirmed that your beloved Anwar is a LIAR, A BIG ONE.

      That about sums it all.

      P/s: the mati mati word you copy from my earlier comments eh?


  9. Kiasu,

    You must be a mule headed recalcitrant. You said Sputjam called his own idol Anwar a big liar. Either you could have misinterpreted his comments or JMD and his cahoots could have brainwashed him. I am not a blady fool to be brainwashed by you all. As to your dubious 100 reasons claim–you all have not provided me with a lot of facts to rebutt my assertion. For example you all have not provided a single case law in the world to justify your conspirators action against DSAI. International legal oraganisations have condemned the lopsided action against DSAI as a charade of justice. If you cant abide by international guidelines then what justice are you all talking. 98% of the legal fraternity in Malaysia are against the action. Kiasu, you say I got thrashed — actually who got thrashed—the one providing internationally recognised arguments or the one who is just giving jaguh kampung opinions–without any established supporting evidence.
    Are you claiming ownership of the words mati mati–which means recalcintrantly insistent–but I wanted to use this word simply b’cos to portray what kind of person you are.
    Didnt you watch the Teoh Beng Hock’s inquest video–whereby the HEAD of Macc’s legal dept Dato Razak made a blady fool of himself for the whole world to laugh–hence I equate you with this blady fool.
    JMD : A 69 year old can actually initiate strong sexual desires…! Thank you for highlighting this. For a second, I thought a 63 year old male no longer have that kind of desire. Heterosexual wise or homosexual wise. What are you trying to imply. I was just trying to say that any normal youth would have reacted exactly how Md Hairi reacted but you are talking nonsense–but anyway what to expect from people like you who are Umno cybertroopers–whose brains are not on the top but at the bottom.

    JMD : I am trying to imply that your earlier assertions that no way a 63 year old guy can sodomise a 23 year old boy could have happened after all. The case above shows that even an older man can have strong sexual desires. As to your inclination that all youths will react the same way, well, I just have to say, each person react differently to each situation. Not everyone is the same. People are not clones you know. Thank you. by the way, is this an intelligent enough reply for you? Like you said, all those that does not idolise Anwar has their brains down at their bottom.


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