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The Malayan Emergency

Last Tuesday night, I watched the History Channel on Astro Channel 555. It showed an amazing documentary called The Malayan Emergency.

It made the articles I wrote about the Malayan Communist Party here and here and the fight for our peaceful independence, pales in comparison.

It is a must watch for every Malaysian.

If you missed it, here is the complete tv schedule for the show:

So please book the timing in your blackberry/iPhone/etc calendar. It is a history lesson you will never forget.

I would suggest this show should be aired in TV3, BernamaTV or any other channels that will get the attention of the masses.

Yes, it is that good.

Thank you.

30 thoughts on “The Malayan Emergency

  1. I watched it too. Amazing piece of documentary, ain’t it? Of all people, RPK should watch it in hoping he’ll get the gist of what DAP is all about.

    JMD : Yes indeed it was amazing. Thank you.


  2. It should be aired on the TV channels that are most watched by those who spoke for the bloody terrorist Chin Peng entering and wanting to die in Malaysia.

    The bloke has no bloody right to enter after all those depicted in the documentary. The chap is not even a Malaysian citizen; Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim had checked the records and verified that he did not go through the formalities of his citizenship application at the time he was allowed to do so; he did not appear for the language proficiency test or something. As usual, he did not appear when required under set rules and regulations, but “appeared” for ambushes and instances of breaking law and order.

    He is unapologetic, unrepentant and unremorseful. Most importantly, he doesn’t want to get rid of the Communist Party of Malaya. Those who speak for him may be sympathetic to the communist cause (the CPM are not nationalists because they even fought the independent Malayan / Malaysian government) and should be exposed to the atrocities perpetrated by those terrorists.


  3. Yes it’s good. The young generation especially should watch so they know what happened in the country before they were born…it wasn’t all klcc, iphone, facebook and the good things they are enjoying now.

    As far as I know the History channel holds the copyright to the documentary so it’ll not likely be shown on local channels like tv3. i think only after a certain period of time, History would sell it to other stations if they are interested.

    kalau tak subscribe to astro’s news and documentary package, boleh lakukan segera. many good informative channels…about the price of 5 packs of cigarette or less. Saya tak dapat komisen, cadangkan saja.

    22 August, 8pm ada satu lagi dokumentari, VAT 69, bukan whisky tapi ‘Very Able Troopers 69’. Mereka juga melawan komunis di Malaysia tapi semasa Darurat kedua. History channel juga. Mesti tonton.


  4. My family and I watched it without leaving the room throughout the 2 hours documentary.

    We have never seen most of the clips, and are grateful that we now know how the history was made.

    How I wish the young generations could watch it too and perhaps they could somewhat have a new perspective of our beloved country.

    I too hope that the docu could be aired to all national tv broadcast.

    I say no to Communist and its kind …


  5. JMD,

    I took the trouble to watch Malayan Emergency on Saturday morning from 10 to 12. It had pitted the Chinese communist against the British rule in Malaya. The CPM was portrayed as ruthless. As Loardapes implied that RPK should watch and the DAP had similar inclination. Hence I presume you too had the same portrayal of the DAP. First and foremost, majority of the DAP members though they are Chinese, but they are an educated lot unlike the members of CPM. Therefore they will not behave like CPM. They are more akin to the Singapore Chinese, who under the able leadership of leaders like Lee Kwan Yew had transformed Singapore as a top nation in all fields of govt, especially in eradicating corruption. Malaysia under BN rule especially during Mahathir’s tenure had elevatd itself to the ranks of highly corrupted nation. What Barry Wain said in his book is totally true, if not why didnt Mahathir sue him for defamation. So pls dont equate DAP with CPM. DAP leaders are top class professionsl who are hell bent in wiping out corruption in the country.

    JMD : The show did not portray the communist as ruthless or had pitted them against the British. They WERE ruthless and violent and murderous bunch of group and they WERE fighting against the British and the common Malayan at that time.

    DAP is sympathetic towards the Malayan Communist Party particularly towards Chin Peng. We do not accuse DAP on this. They portrayed themselves regarding this issue. Are you the spokesperson of the DAP now Algojo? Please do not get me started with Singapore and their ‘lack of corruption’. The fact that most of Lee’s family members hold key govt positions shows us something is wrong in the state. And yes, DAP in Malaysia are top class. Their entire life is spent on wiping corruption in the country. You can read about it here for a start. If the DAP is an educated lot, why would they support Chin Peng? Showed us they are not that educated after all. Maybe they do have to watch the show. Thank you.


    • Well said, JMD. And no need to mention, PAP’s gerrymandering with drastic re-delineating of Singapore’s electoral constituencies within very short time before their general elections.


      • Delination, yes this what the PR would do if they form the goverment for this country which we once called Tanah Melayu.

        TUN may be right when he said if we lose once only,we may lose it forever politically.


  6. JMD

    Reminded me why I hated the MPAJA coz my late grandfather was one of their earliest victim as he was the Tok Sidang of our kampung leaving my late father a yatim at 2 years old and my Wan (Grandma) had to struggle to put my late father through school.

    Remember, asking my grandma…of all the the things that she loves about being Merdeka…The clean running water coming out of the pipe which we take for granted these days was her answer and here we are contaminating and polluting our water source with “modern activities”

    BTW she was one of the home guards that was train in fire arms shooting. One tough cookie my grandma. May Allah bless her soul.

    Guess that’s why I have no love for the Chinese, its in the genes for me….

    Keturunan Jebat


  7. Rite on bro JMD,..& why not we continue to deepen our tots by watching Vat69 on same history 555 channel Astro (not fergeting Al-Maunah),..dun ferget to hear wat d ex Vat69 veterans says at d end as a reminder fer us Malays, Chinese,Indians & other minority ethnic who loves living in a peaceful & harmonious life,..fer those who wants chaos den go fork & spoon urself,..heheh,..wat else can I say,..(,”)

    p.s. bro, jst wish KDN wud ISAed dos who r not thankful wth wat Malaysia is, a peaceful & harmony land of multi ethnic.. miss d gud ol days wen Tun M woz d PM.. to DS Najib, sudah2 le tu.. Lari dari Sum Dol dapat Sum 1 aje, bukan d One,..wakaka..(“,)

    ” Cud there b a new Amok Tok Nading coming up”


  8. Dear JMD,

    Memang bagus sebab dokumentari ini nampaknya diasaskan kepada buku Noel Barber “The War of The Running Dogs”. Saya baca buku ni tahun 1977 – 78 (masa dalam Universiti). Baru-baru ni saya nampak buku ni di Kinokuniya. Cetakan baru dan saya beli semula. Baik siapa yang dah menonton dokementari itu beli buku ini dan baca sebab cerita dalam buku ni lebih banyak dan lebih dalam. Baca dan kenal siapa itu Chin Peng dan apa yang telah dilakukan oleh CPM kepada rakyat Malaysia. Melayu, China dan India.

    Semalam saya tengok VAT 69. Tak bagus sangat. Ceritanya tak begitu tersusun dan hanya bertumpu kepada pengalaman satu squadron sedangkan VAT 69 lebih besar pada itu dan lebih banyak pengorbanan dan perkara luar biasa yang mereka lakukan. Saya agak terkilan kerana dalam dokumentari ini walaupun mereka kelihatan “heroic” tapi tak begitu efektif sedangkan kita tahu yang VAT 69 merupakan pasukan yang sangat digeruni CT. Tak ada disebut berapa orang CT yang berjaya mereka bunuh atau tawan dan kejayaan-kejayaan lain mereka menyekat kemaraan CPM kali kedua. Satu lagi saya percaya tidak begitu ditekankan dalam dokementari ini yang VAT 69 itu ialah pasukan polis dan bukan tentera sebab ada satu ketika mereka digelar sebagai “soldiers”.

    Cerita Al-Maunah pula lagi kronik tak tersusun langsung. Kronologinya tak betul. Kita tak dapat rasa yang peristiwa itu memakan masa 5 – 6 hari. Tidak ada cerita mengenai pergolakan “dalaman” baik dikalangan pasukan keselamatan atau di kalangan Al-Maunah sendiri. Cuma cerita Sarjan Mohd Shah. Ada satu ketika diceritakan bagaimana salah seorang anggota Al-Maunah ini kena tembak dan akibatnya Si Amin ketua Al-Maunah mengambil tindakan membunuh Korperal Saghadevan tapi tidak pula diceritakan siapa yang menembak anggota Al-Maunah itu dan kenapa? atas arahan siapa? Tidakkah itu satu kesilapan memandangkan Al-Maunah ada orang tebusan? Satu lagi cerita DSP Razak (VAT 69) bertembung dengan anggota sedang ambil air sembahyang dan lepas bercakap-cakap anggota Al-Maunah itu kenal dengan salah seorang anggota Razak kononnya orang kampong dia. Sebenarnya anggota Al-Maunah itu ialah seorang bekas anggota VAT 69 (Zahit Muslim) dan mungkin anggota VAT 69 yang dikenalinya itu pernah berkhidmat bersamanya.


  9. Thanks JMD. I caught the last 15 minutes the other day, that itself almost moved me to tears. All those bitching about patriotism, racism, whatnots, these are nothing compared to what our people went through those days, nothing!


  10. Chin Peng Tze..

    ” I’ll put down my weapon, but I’ll not disarmed”

    ” I am a communist, you hate communist, we can never co-exist”

    Sounds like a modern day DAP to me……


  11. If CPM had won, KL could be like shanghai today, clean and well thought out, including pedestrian malls and metro lines.

    bumis will be more disciplined and less religiously inclined, and therefore, more productive and an assets, instead of a burden to the country.

    sex education will be introduced in school, and therefore, students will know the consequences of their action.


    • if CPM had won, not only KL but the rest of the Malay Land will be in total chaos. We, the Malay will always be your worst nightmare and terror. And we, the Malay will be more incline on destroying you and your lot until the day we, the Malays kill or be killed.


    • Awh, Mr Ku Klux Klan is back. How sweet…

      If CPM had won, we will all be dead. Don’t believe me? Check out Mao’s resounding success with the Great Leap Forward. Yeah, inspiration to us all…

      Shanghai became modern like it did today because it accepted the hated ‘capitalist’ economic system. Or did we all collectively dreamt China’s opening to the world for the past 30 years?

      Yeah, bumis should be more disciplined and less religiously inclined. We should close down mosques. In fact, we should close down all religious schools and places of worship. Then we should send them all to work in small cubicles in the office where they have access to Facebook and troll in JMD’s blog all day. Yeah, really productive…

      But then again, this is just a dirty bumi problem, isn’t it? The oppressed Herrenvolk minority are way to cultured to be affected by FB and trolling actviites…

      Sex education? Yeah, let’s follow the Chinese (nation, not race) model, ok? Let’s have a one-child policy, forced abortions and systematic wiping out of minority (Uighur and Tibetan) culture and lifestyle…

      Yes, I can see how CPM can be much better than


      • *Yes, I can see how CPM can be much better than the corrupt government of Barisan Nasional, who has done nothing but oppress minorities while most of us live in huge mansions…oh, wait, I don’t write fiction.


    • speaking like a brainwashed cia agent from america. cultivating the society towards super liberal and godless society. turning people of a sovereign country into western modern slaves. yes u heard me, slave..exploited by money, who are being exploited by the top world guns who are now currently holding many world leaders as hostages.

      and corruption will never prevail in those kind of society? think man!

      i guess it is no surprise coming from stereotype race who treat money as their god.

      dude, u shd liberate ur mind. dont listen to cnn and mtv too much.


  12. Chin Peng may not be a malaysian citizen, but he was born, bred and fought two colonial masters in malaya. It was indeed unfortunate, he and tunku could not agree to peace terms in baling.

    During WW11 many malays probably cannot distinguish between the japs and the brits. But the china and japan were at war for almost a decade before WW11, and chin peng and many of chinese descend and the japs were hostile towards each other. Many were butchered and executed. But the champions of many south east asian chinese, Lee Kwan Yew, found work as a translator for the japs, together with the present president, navaratnam (or prataman as the chinks call him over there).

    The fact is, when we go into agreement with anyone, we should honour it. The sanctity of the contract was one of the reason why the government and tenaga continue with their lopsided IPP agreement.

    Unfortunately, malaysia fail to honour, not only the ending fhe war with CPM, but also our obligation to some of the AFTA treaty, like imposition of duties on cars from asean countries and many more. The word of the malaysian govenrment is worthless, except to their cronies.


  13. Watched it finally. This and VAT: 69, the latter being something I didn’t know much at all, only a footnote in history. Courageous people. They stood for something those days.

    Well researched, and presented in easy to understand manner, these documentaries should be made a must-watch for all the schools, yes all schools! It was an emotional 3 hours for my wife and I. Kudos to the filmmakers (there were writeup about them in NST on Sunday). Thanks again, JMD, for the alert.

    BTW, don’tlah say your research is pale in comparison. Let’s say this is a companion piece to yours 🙂

    Need to catch the one on Al-Maunah keep slipping off the remote control.


  14. I have concluded that, if CPM had ruled malaya,

    a) there would be no bumi equity issue as the state owns everything.

    b) no “allah” word issue, as nobody will be allowed to say the word.

    c) there will be no class issue as title like datuks and tan sris will not be awarded.

    d) and there will be no quarrel with singapore because it would have been part of the communist country.

    e) and after the folly of commusim wears off, the structure of the society could be built from the bottom up, by privatisation, whereby, the workers will own the factories, and the farmers, entities such as bernas.

    Everything will be fine and dandy.


  15. If CPM had been given power, then Chin Peng would most likely have followed the Mao Tze Tung model and established himself as the dear leader. Under the strict guidelines of Communism as practiced then, all lands would belong to the people. Private property would have been illegal. I suspect the the merchant class would either have left Malaya for better prospects elsewhere. How to do business ma…

    Culture would have been made a tool of the people and as such self expression would have been made illegal. P. Ramlee would most likely have been shot or hung for being a lackey of the proletariat.

    Most Malays would most likely be either fighting a decades long battle for supremacy to establish a sense of identity or be cowed by those who own the weapons… for was it not Mao who said that power grows out of the barrel of a gun. Indians being a minority would still be marginalized due to the lack of numbers.

    Chin Peng would either go the way of Kim Jong Il’s father and establish a quasi mystical dynasty or be deposed by his inner circle. After a few rounds of succession in electing a dictatorial leader maybe one would emerge and say the magical words…To be rich is glorious. Cronies and the kin of those in power would quickly gain access to the choicest properties and assets.

    Who knows…we could have been addressing Lim Kit Siang as Dear Leader…


  16. Ahh so much fuss over a so called ‘documentary’ in collaboration with Finas. In case you chaps start to give this so called doc film much credibility…have a read here of furious comments on the documentary by the people who fought that war. Again…selective history.
    At least 1 of you have read those 1st hand books by the Brits involved.
    Try and get your hand on ‘The Jungle is neutral’ by F. Spencer Chapman and then be able to discern closer to the real history.

    JMD : What’s the fuss? History did not change with this omission. Communist did terrorise the nation. Many innocent people died in the hands of the murderous Chin Peng. Sarawak Rangers was absorbed to become Rejimen Askar Di Raja in the early 60s even. They now become part of Malaysian army. The documentary did not lose credibility just because of this. Many other units and battalion did not get a mention in the documentary. After all, it was only 2 hours long. It has to be edited to compress a 3 decades of history into a 2 hour show.

    Again, what’s the fuss?

    Please behave like a Malaysian too. Not just like a Sarawakian


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