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Update 30 July 2010 :

There is an article on the recent change of policy in Hong Kong. I spotted it in the malaymail. Thank you.

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I support PPSMI. Therefore, I support the initiative taken by the De Minimis blog:

Many Malaysians strongly believe that the usage of the English language as a medium of instruction for the subjects of Mathematics and Science in Malaysian schools is necessary.

They believe that using English as the medium of instruction for these technical subjects is necessary because a lot of the knowledge of these two technical subjects are written in English.

Young Malaysians equipped with the English language in Mathematics and Science will have full and unrestricted access to this wide base of knowledge in these technical subjects.

I count myself in this category of Malaysians.

As such, Malaysian students who are conversant with the English language will be able to acquire important technical knowledge.

This technical knowledge will help Malaysian students to acquire the necessary skills that will turn them into engineers, architects, doctors, technicians, industrial designers, software engineers and so on.

These are highly paid and rewarding jobs.

It is true that non-English speaking or literate people can also acquire skills in these jobs. It is equally true that English-speaking and literate people can be so lazy and incompetent that they cannot qualify for these jobs.

The fact is, Malaysia has a strong history of being a place where English is widely used. This has been a significant advantage in the global competition for economic progress.

If we never had English, we will not feel its loss.

The fact is, we do have English and, we will, therefore, be fully aware of its loss.

So, please indicate your support to allow parents and schools to CHOOSE to maintain English as a medium of instruction in the teaching of Mathematics and Science (aka the Bahasa Malaysia abbreviation, PPSMI) by signing the petition to the Prime Minister.

Let him know that those Malaysians should have a choice for our children to be under PPSMI.


At the same time, please sign another petition HERE if you are keen on seeing a unified and improved education system.

What are you waiting for?

Below is the recent 2009 SPM top 10 list. Notice the absence of students from schools that use other languages than Bahasa Malaysia as their main medium for learning. Wouldn’t it be more cost efficient, and not to mention beneficial to national unity if all the children are gathered into one stream education system?  Let’s nurture all of them to be Malaysians with the ability to interact with each other comfortably, using one common language and proud of their country and of their countrymen.

That is the intention.

The recent SPM 2009 results

In case anyone forgets, please read what Tunku Abdul Rahman said below in one of his books:

Taken from TAR's May 13 book

Wee Ka Siong, please take note. MCA must support the Constitution and must lobby the support of all right minded and loyal chinese of Malaysia. It is not me who said this. Your Father of Independence did.