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PPSMI and 1School system

Update 30 July 2010 :

There is an article on the recent change of policy in Hong Kong. I spotted it in the malaymail. Thank you.

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I support PPSMI. Therefore, I support the initiative taken by the De Minimis blog:

Many Malaysians strongly believe that the usage of the English language as a medium of instruction for the subjects of Mathematics and Science in Malaysian schools is necessary.

They believe that using English as the medium of instruction for these technical subjects is necessary because a lot of the knowledge of these two technical subjects are written in English.

Young Malaysians equipped with the English language in Mathematics and Science will have full and unrestricted access to this wide base of knowledge in these technical subjects.

I count myself in this category of Malaysians.

As such, Malaysian students who are conversant with the English language will be able to acquire important technical knowledge.

This technical knowledge will help Malaysian students to acquire the necessary skills that will turn them into engineers, architects, doctors, technicians, industrial designers, software engineers and so on.

These are highly paid and rewarding jobs.

It is true that non-English speaking or literate people can also acquire skills in these jobs. It is equally true that English-speaking and literate people can be so lazy and incompetent that they cannot qualify for these jobs.

The fact is, Malaysia has a strong history of being a place where English is widely used. This has been a significant advantage in the global competition for economic progress.

If we never had English, we will not feel its loss.

The fact is, we do have English and, we will, therefore, be fully aware of its loss.

So, please indicate your support to allow parents and schools to CHOOSE to maintain English as a medium of instruction in the teaching of Mathematics and Science (aka the Bahasa Malaysia abbreviation, PPSMI) by signing the petition to the Prime Minister.

Let him know that those Malaysians should have a choice for our children to be under PPSMI.


At the same time, please sign another petition HERE if you are keen on seeing a unified and improved education system.

What are you waiting for?

Below is the recent 2009 SPM top 10 list. Notice the absence of students from schools that use other languages than Bahasa Malaysia as their main medium for learning. Wouldn’t it be more cost efficient, and not to mention beneficial to national unity if all the children are gathered into one stream education system?  Let’s nurture all of them to be Malaysians with the ability to interact with each other comfortably, using one common language and proud of their country and of their countrymen.

That is the intention.

The recent SPM 2009 results

In case anyone forgets, please read what Tunku Abdul Rahman said below in one of his books:

Taken from TAR's May 13 book

Wee Ka Siong, please take note. MCA must support the Constitution and must lobby the support of all right minded and loyal chinese of Malaysia. It is not me who said this. Your Father of Independence did.

62 thoughts on “PPSMI and 1School system

  1. Dear JMD,

    It’s proven that MCA, DAP, GERAKAN are all the same. They don’t care about National Aspiration but all they care – CHINESE FIRST.

    Maybe Hongkong and Taiwan will be their next destination.


  2. I am not against using the English language for technical subjects. But the idea of using English for these subjects were originally for improving the English command of our students, at that time graduates from our universities were very poor in English.

    So the introduction of English for these technical subjects was really a very bad taste because when the students cannot even grasp proper English in the first place, the government was making it harder for them to master these 2 technical and difficult subjects, as we all know NOT everyone are technically inclined or have the acumens for technical thinking.

    When it was the English language that our graduates were weak in, and could not construct proper sentences, what should have been done is to tackle the language problem. Improvement must be made in the teaching of the language itself! Things like having more periods for English in schools, better teaching methods, more experienced or qualified teachers etc. should be addressed first, rather than just making short cuts and introduce English for difficult technical subjects, this is very bad taste or rather very stupid decision from those responsible.

    Once their command of English has improved then they can use this newly acquired language skill into good use the the technical subjects. Even the increased English periods (if it had been done like this) could be tuned so as to cater for the technical subjects by explaining the terms in detail.

    Malaysian students were already weak in Science and mathematics even when they were taught in our mother tongue, and now when taught in English, students have TWO problems to overcome. The subjects itself PLUS the language barrier. In totality the abrupt adoption of English medium for these difficult technical subjects is really bad choice and should not have happened if much forethought and consultation had been done before implementation.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. There is a fundamental error in the assumption here. PPSMI was implemented not to improve the command of English. But to help the students to master the science and mathematics faster due to the slow translations done by our DBP and ITN. Getting well versed in English is just the secondary objective.

    I believe all this while, our universities use English as the main medium of instruction. Take UiTM for example. They use English all the way. No problems there. I should know. I was a diploma graduate from ITM.

    I looked at science and mathematics books of Standard One till Standard Four. The ones in English were to gradually introduce new vocabulary in English. Not too different with the ones we have back in the 50’s or 60’s. All those people who studied all subjects in English back in the old days did really well.

    Heck, we even said that those days, the students became better men in society than the current batch of students we have now.

    If our elders can do it, why can’t we? Granted, we have an implementation problem. But to throw away a well proven way of teaching our students to master science and mathematics and at the same time, improving English is just something I cannot accept. Improve the implementation. That is all there is to do.

    Even Hong Kong schools are switching back to English because they see the importance of it. They made a study here.

    Please read my previous article here.

    Thank you so much.


    • JMD a local uni reject? Possibly a science stream reject as well?
      Do you know that we are still continuing the science and arts stream when other nations gave students options on which subjects they wish to pursue? There could be brilliant students who ends up doing science subjects, but the heart wants to pursue subjects like law/english literature/design etc but our education system is not flexible enough for this.
      We all know that the enrolment in sekolah kebangsaan increased with the intro of PPSMI. However, that is not the objective of this govenrment, which is to make sure the “others” are kept out of the mainstream education and this may affect long term statistics which we are all bound to.
      Education is a basic citizen’s right. In this country, are one step ahead in alowing education to be in various languages.
      But the mother tongue policy has disregard the right of english speakers of various races, malay, indian, eurasian, chinese and those from sabah and sarawak, their right to a proper english education. I believe, their proportion to the total population to be about 20%. They are the most diverse and the true representation of 1 Malaysia.
      I was hoping the oppostion will cry for PPSMI to be broght back. Unfortunately, they are as brain dead as our administrators.
      Our only hope then, is for terrorist to make Malaysia their R&R stop and hopefully america will invade this country and put everything back fit and proper.

      JMD : The answer to both questions at the beginning is ‘No’. Try again ya. Let’s assume things shall we? Thank you.


      • And may I add that religious studies should be abloished in schools. Arabic studies or language should be introduced instead. It is not the responsibility of the govenrment to indoctinate school kids, but to provide them with education in order that they become reponsible, productive and valuable citizens and not sum bums loitering about.

        The education department should allow other publishers to participate in the supply of school text books and not alow dewan bahasa dan pustaka total monopoly.


        • 1. Problem does not lies on which language to teach these tech subjects, but the one who prepares the texts.

          2. Please look into the Science journals and Noble prize submissions, English is not the mainstream!

          3. a. Almost all science name are in Latin, should we not take up that language?

          3. b. Medical tech is most advanced in Germany, India and Russia (even Japan), shall med students learn all these?

          3. c. Arabs, India and China (and Jews in economics) has long history and still are best in Maths, I would love to keep my math in my mother tongue.

          If our Education Department could not do the proper translation fast enough (as evident in our TV subtitles) then let the student learn to do the translation themselves with proper guides from “qualified” teachers! If there’s no substitute for the name or phrase, then just migrate the whole word. What’s wrong with that, after all, almari comes from Arab al-mari, like dedikasi from dedication. All other languages in the world adapts to another, I couldn’t understand why Malaysian can’t?


  3. In their attempt to regain lost support from the Chinese Community, the MCA has now become more Chauvinistic than the DAP itself.

    The present group of MCA leaders does not have the BN spirit of old, theirs is now all about getting as much as possible for the Chinese community in the name of the much abused 1 Malaysia as if the Chinese are living separate and segregated lives oblivious to the fact that this is a very multi-ethnic but Malay majority country.

    So sad considering that many of the MCA lawmakers such as Wee Ka Siong are elected from Malay majority constituency in the spirit of BN tolerance and power sharing.

    On current form, maybe the MCA should decide to take leave of absence from the BN and ponder their political future, where do they want to be.


  4. Ditto to your statement:

    “Wee Ka Siong, please take note. MCA must support the Constitution and must lobby the support of all right minded and loyal chinese of Malaysia”.

    Wee ka Siong must not be looking to compete with the gregarious DAP in criticising the Government, including on the scholarships issue. He jolly well has to remember that his party is a member of the ruling coalition and not a member of the opposition.

    Ask what you want but do it behind closed doors, for goodness sake. Don’t say to the press you have objected three times at official meetings, after the Ministry officials announced the plan to streamline the standard of pass for Bahasa Malaysia in Chinese schools with that of the national schools. Official meetings are supposed to be private and confidential or at least restricted kind of information. Respect that.

    What you can say is that you will raise the matter through the proper channels. No need to try be a hero because you become seen as a terrible crook, undermining your own coalition.

    No wonder you can’t get the support of the Chinese at PRK Hulu Selangor and at Sibu. You are seen not even loyal to BN. Change your stand for goodness sake, for the sake of BN. Do things together with the BN, not against it. It’s called espirit de corps, stick with your partners through thick and thin, whatever your differences may be.


  5. Dear JMD,

    I think we should introduce the term ‘anti-malay’ for those who choose to go against contitution.

    After all, we have so far being called ‘racist’ for defending it, ‘ultra malay’ for fighting for it and ‘meLAYU’ for succumbing to it.

    The fact that others are free to think only Chinese not malaysian, do only for Chinese not malaysian and act like Chinese in China not Chinese in Malaysia, we should have the same fairness.

    After all, we only do what Malay do in Malaysia.


    • I will agree if you put it Anti-Malaysian. By stating anti-malay, you yourself has understated the constitution. Fighting for the rights of a Malaysian is what the constitution is for. Any claims of the rights of a Malay/Chinese/Indian/any-other-ethnicity itself is plain racist to the core!


  6. Dear sir,
    I also would like to suggest that perhaps sometimes in the future the Ministry should look into the idea of promoting the usage of English in history lesson and help cultivate interest in English literature, because this would be the best platform to make people appreciate English and learn to enrich its usage.

    JMD : When I was in primary school, there was also a subject called cursive writing where we learn how to write properly. Not sure whether we still have it now. Thank you.


    • If the government has a tough time understanding old Malay texts, how you expect them to put history in English?

      cursive writing can be used in almost any language, doesn’t really make a point, does it?


  7. Dreamcatcher

    I think you and including myself have been left behind in our good old days syndrome. I don’t think they teach cursive anymore because I don’t remember seeing my children doing it. They just write their own way/style.


  8. I think this.

    The Ministry of Education in last 2 decades have failed to provide our children with the appropriate learning attitude. Educating attitude (my opinion) wasn’t given much emphasis. Go back one step, we have discipline that’s lacking. This from parents and teachers alike.

    English and/or BM are medium of learning only. Of course having good command of it helps very much. We all know this. What has been done about this? Very little. Policies on this are decided on popular consensus not the essence of learning. And implementation of it left much to be desired.

    Now we have pupils speaking rotten English and BM alike. Writing, it’s worse. Read STAR sometimes, we’ll find some flaws. Utusan and Berita will have them BM flaws too. The other BM dailies, use your imagination. University graduates must know university is where one acquires knowledge, so learn wholeheartedly so knowledge can be applied. Prerequisite of any knowledge application is communication. Don’t they teach this in the university anymore ?

    So new minister comes, new things adopted. If it is for better it is well and good. We parents and children become subject of our mighty ministers and MP’s ideas. Mahathir (or was it another minister) switched to BM in 1974 and it was not switched back to English until fairly recently. There was no problem then. Many of those educated in BM are important people today.

    I used to be slapped in the face for not speaking English during English lesson. That was a good lesson. My father was never mad at the headmaster because I never told him and even if I did, he would go “I had it worse”. I have heard his stories. That was how rigid leaning was then.

    Thank you very much.


  9. I think all you racist ****heads keep focusing on the wrong things. Chinese are no more racist than the next Malay. Some one called the Chinese pragmatic. Well, its true.

    If you want to remove the right to vernacular education, then it is quid pro quo. It is all part of the so-called social contract between the races at merdeka. So, how about the Malays give up their so-called “rights” in return for this removal of vernacular education.

    If it is framed in a us-versus-them, this problem will never go away.

    How’s this for a radical thought?

    Change the national education (the Kebangsaan stream) first by giving its customers what it wants — promote good teachers of all races, less religionization (e.g. no doa’s in school), teach language skills (not Bahasa at the expense of other languages), books that are veering toward glorifying one religion over others, appoint sports coaches who are not Malay-centric, etc. I can go on and on.

    If the kebangsaan stream can give the parents what they want out of their children’s education, I am sure many non-Malays will move their kids to it. There is no need to force a single stream where it becomes a zero-sum game.

    The fact remains is that the Malays also see this as a zero-sum game. So, my fellow Malaysians, it is check-mate. No one wins, every one loses.

    How did our promising nation come to this sorry state? Because you and I let it.

    JMD : Comment moderated with apologies. Thank you.


    • Spoken from the heart. But the aim of the Malaysian education system is systematic denial of education to “others” to acheive their racial quota. And in order to do this, they have to introduce more radically one race based education system and pushed the others into vernacular system which have no supporting higher education opportunities in this country. More like forcing you out of the system and country entirely.


    • if you ever read the above article again, there are NO vernacular school fit into the list. still you’are saying that your vernacular schools prevail?!


  10. Bro JMD,

    Jika tak pandai “English”, tambah saje extra hours for english clasess…

    Jika tak pandai “Malay”, tambah saje extra hours for bahasa classes…

    Jika tak pandai “science & maths”, tambah saje extra hours for both classes…

    Kan senang?

    saya bukan tak support ppsmi, tapi perlukan stronger “reasoning”… =)


    • emma49 pandai. memang tepat sekali. tak payah bentang dalam cabinet beratus-ratus kali

      politik songsang semua ni

      dalam pada tu kalau ada orang tak faham bahasa macam not a racist ****head, buat apa perkara pun tak boleh siap. he really is a ****head like his name and he knows it too, except that he likes to be one..

      some people don’t change, and never will


    • kepada yg masih tak faham-faham (munafik ke apa?), JMD sudah jelaskan buat kesekian kali dalam jawapannya kepada komen encik Nordin, bahawa PPSMI BUKAN untuk memperbaiki English tetaapi utk menyiapsediakan pelajar dari peringkat rendah supaya mereka lebih bersedia utk bergelumang dgn pelbagai istilah dan takrifan saintifik/teknikal di peringkat lebih tinggi yg mana semuanya dalam english belaka, apabila tiba waktunya kelak.

      kalau anda lemah, takkanlah anda nak anak2 anda mewarisi kelamahan anda juga!


    • Why must we add the extra hours? Kids nowadays wake up as early as 0530hrs in the morning just to get to school on time.

      Schools should begin at a more civilised time, say 0830 hrs. Each leasson should last for 50 minutes, with ten minute interval between subsequent lessons. Teachers in the west do not use text books but their own notes to teach. And the homework are photocopied and passed on to students to be handed in one week later, not the next day.

      Our system, even the teachers teach by rote, i.e. using DBP issued books, so students follow same method. Students are told ot fill in the blanks, or connect the right words by drawing lines, and are not taught to write full sentences on their own. It is the same whether they are taught BM or english. No wonder our present students cannot speak their own mother tongue properly, never mind another language.

      And instead of extra hours, it should be smaller classes. Our present teachers to student ratio is appaling. In europe, it would be about 20 to a classroom. Over here, it is nearly 50.

      And in secondary schools, students should have the option to pick their subject of interest, say 4 plus BM and english. That means you only need to study 6 subjects for SPM, not 9 or 12 or even 20. The less the subjects, the less the cost to teach, and hence accomodate a better student teachers ratio. Ugama class should be abolish as it costs the state money, with no significant gain economically.


      • Sputjam,

        I’m Ok with your suggestions, learning should be make “ease” && not as burden to students. However for ugama class, I think we can follow johore system to have separate session in the afternoon. I used to attend such classes, all I can say it’s still morally significant for the young Muslims…

        Another thing is to abolish “CGPA” system at university level as its can be very misleading. I’m suggesting, to increase the passing mark to 70 – 80 % but only with pass/fail grade. With that students can have more balance life && at the same time universities can have more quality graduates. The passing marks are quite high but still achievable …graduates should not only focus on academic but also other “soft” skills…



  11. Our system must be strengthened, fortified with solid foundation. I believe this had NEVER been done before. We are like lallang, just follow where the wind blows. In 1974 we switched to BM, then now we are coming back to English. If we want to call ourselves “advanced nation” we must act now and decide what to do with our education system.

    Just look at Japan, after 2nd world war they translated every technical books into Japanese, internally they don’t use English, and everybody can see how far they have gone now? Half of the robots in the world are in Japan! So does language really have to do with progress in Science & Technology?

    It is the desire of the people, translated into action and action-plan by the powers that be. Not like this, one time we switch to BM, after sometime… ohh we must use English… but there is nothing solid / concrete done. No radical change, we are just back to square one. We have no clear direction of what is best for us to do!

    JMD : That is why first and foremost, the SSS urge the government to organise a massive and comprehensive study of our education system – much similar to the ones we had 50 years ago i.e. Penyata Razak etc. Only then we know what is wrong with our education system. Thank you.


  12. I agree with Nordin. Language has nothing to do with progress. We must have our direction properly set. We need think tank intellectuals to contribute ideas, brainstorming sessions with the ministers, maybe for 3 months until a solid decision can be achieved on what to be done over the next 50years, for example

    Even Korea, China, Germany, Russia are not using the English language but they can produce rockets and German cars are among the top in the world. It is English that is important, but a proper direction must be set and followed

    JMD : That’s because those countries you mentioned extensively and religiously translated English books into their own respective language at greater speed than our own DBP and ITNM are doing. Thank you.


    • Then we should start translating faster! Language is not an issue, gravitiy is graviti, oxigen is oksigen, the problem is when DBP trying to be smart by translating mouse to tetikus, joystick to papanria. Look at Indonesian, they don’t translate if the things come from other country origin, i.e., we should not translate Pizza to roti lempeng the same thing Englishman should not tranlate durian to sharpfood, or orang-utan to forest-man.

      Heck our ancestors did not translate alot of words from other origin like “tuala” (from portugies), bumi (from sanskrit). The problem is DBP… nak memandai!. If they don’t try to change the “term”, the translating work can be done faster. The student can learn faster because it is presented in BM and the term can be understood within the context of explanation that is made in BM.


  13. Technical subjects are not language dependent. It can be taught in any language but the most important is the understanding. If the terms are the issue, we can use all the English terms, because BM language is poor in terminology. But instruction can be done in BM then there would be no problem at all. What the ministry had done was really, really short sighted and done in a hurry, without any discussion with the academicians. I am very sad such thousands of school children are becoming the victim of such hasty decision by those in power and (thinking) they know everything, but in fact they know next to nothing!


  14. The Malaysian government / ministers are playing with the lives and future of every Malaysian school children, making them the guinea pigs of an education system that has no system at all, no clear direction such as language itself, while language is actually the ESSENCE of every education!

    The ministers themselves send their children overseas for education, while at home they corrupted our education system to the core! We do not need these kind of people to lead our government. Any stupid fool can do that!

    JMD : Mind you, the most of the ministers, past and present, do not send their children overseas. Thank you.


  15. JMD,

    I am quite baffled & confused of some commentors whom seem to understand ‘ THE LANGUAGE ‘ but yet failed to comprehend the gist of your writings.

    Perhaps they understand the language but not learned its full meaning.

    Perhaps they got confused with the language itself.

    Conflict of opinion is understandable but keep deviating & arguing of the article’s content is degrading to yourself
    Mr Nordin.



  16. The spiks, the frogs, the Nips and the wogs. you name it, they have surrendered translating new english technical words into their language and are basically using full english terms into their own.
    new words like “apps”, “widgets”are applied fully into their language and spelt in english, and pronounced similarly.
    It is only in BM where “circuit” is spelt “sirkit” and “squash” as “skuasy” that makes everything confusing.

    But I hope, Muhyiddin did not use the abolishment of PPSMI as an excuse to deter the ever growing “nons” into the sekolah kebangsaan system. But deep down, i cannot find another reason why he came to that decision.


    • Unfortunately still, one could easily see many Chinpigs still chauvinistically cling to their mother tongue and are proficient in neither english nor the national language of the country they claim to belong. but when they failed the Public Services Commission (SPA) interview for govt jobs due to their lack of language and communication skills, they accuse the government for discriminating against them, without addressing their own weaknesses.

      At least those Spiks, Frogs, Nips, Wogs and Rusks know how to behave and adopt the local language of the host country once they relocated. But the same could not be said for this group of Chinpigs.


      • I remember when CHINPIG ger was promoted to be PKNS CEO. All the layus make a huge protest saying that PKNS top job is reserved for Malaise. So dontch come and tell me govenrment is all fair and square and all that bullshit. PPSMI was abolished as nons were enrollling into sekolah kebangsaan again and that is not what Muhyiddin wants.


        • That lady’s appointment was heavily criticized NOT because she is a Chinpig BUT rather because there were other top officers more senior and more capable for that position. Not a single claim has ever been made made saying that the post is a Malay-reserved one. So, stop cooking up stories, you Chinpig!

          Should the government (no matter which level- state or federal) appoint just any Chinpig to spearhead a good number of government agencies, sidelining better, more senior and more qualified candidates just to be seen “fair and square to all races” all according to your BULLSHIT CHAUVINIST CHINPIG perspective???


          • Average Joe

            To give a term like CHINPIG (i assume is chinese pig / china pig), it speaks a lot about yourself. When you lose out to non-malay, the only think you could coin us is chauvinist or whatever terms ……. maybe you should just work harder and compete on level ground. Even your UMNO who always condemn communists/chinese are sending their UMNO Youth to communist china to learn something or 2. They might come back with fluent mandarin and later on implement more mandarin classes in kebangsaan school.
            If you are good, you don’t need special rights.


  17. Pakcik, little deviations are inevitable due to the reasons given by JMD for adopting English for technical subjects. But citing examples like Russia and Japan are stark proof that LANGUAGE has nothing to do with progress! Once we understand HOW THINGS WORK, we can develop without even knowing the terminology in the English LANGUAGE.

    If terminology is the problem, we can borrow 100% English terms for all these technical subjects and at the same time the medium of instruction can be in BM, no problem with that…!!!

    And because many good technical books are written in English, then we must strengthen the grasp of the LANGUAGE by IMPROVING THE ENGLISH TEACHING such as more experienced and qualified teachers, more periods for English, use effective audio visual teaching techniques etc.

    There is no need to burden the poor children into DOUBLE PROBLEM i.e. to understand a foreign language PLUS having to understand difficult technical subjects for the non-technically inclined souls!

    JMD : Your comment here runs contrary to the comment by Sputjam here especially on the borrowing of terminologies.

    By the way, the children have no ‘DOUBLE PROBLEM’ because at the age of 7, learning maths and science in English would just be learning new vocabularies. Campur can also be ‘addition’. Tolak can be ‘subtraction’.

    How else did you think our elders back in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s studied? It was English all the way for them without any problem at all.

    The DOUBLE PROBLEM, as you say it, actually reflects more on the teachers. They have to learn how to teach maths and science in English. That is the challenge. If this is solved, then PPSMI will be a success.

    Thank you.


  18. The ideal one school system would be all subjects taught in BM, with Science and Maths in English and students to master a third language that is most probably their own language like Chinese, Tamil, etc. This is only a dream as we know that politically this is not going to happen at least for the next couple of years. Look at the teaching of pupils’ own language (POL), which has been an ongoing unsolves issue for decades. When my child who started Primary One in 2003, I remembered that POL will be a subject. Until today, we are still talking about making POL compulsory.


  19. JMD,

    I agree with Rock on the DOUBLE PROBLEM for school children because in PPSMI limits the use of English for technical subjects only. In contrast to our olden days, for English medium schools EVERY subject was taught in that foreign language. Now, THAT makes the difference.

    It would be much more wiser if the English instruction had been chosen for NON-CORE subjects such as History, Ugama, Art etc. so failing these will not be that disastrous like failing Maths & Science.

    I strongly believe the switch to English for the core subjects Science & Maths is totally crazy!

    JMD : Of course you would agree with Rock. It would be odd if you didn’t. Anyway it is good that you understand the value of learning English. The way you describe the olden days, you must obviously know the positive benefits should the medium be English in all subjects.

    Before PPSMI, all subjects in national schools are taught in BM except English. During PPSMI, all subjects are taught in BM except for English, Maths and Science although both Maths and Science can have dual language delivery in the exams (BM and English).

    This is much closer to the olden days. Mind you, during PPSMI, English is still being taught as a subject. The objective of PPSMI is for the student to grasp the English terminologies faster than the waiting period of a book being translated into BM.

    After all, those who did not study Maths and Science in English will have difficulties in studying Science subjects in English medium universities.

    You must have greater confidence with the ability of our children to learn new things. Especially when they are still young. They usually have less resistance in absorbing new things and new way of learning things. It is the adults i.e., the parents and the teachers that give a lot of resistance. Plainly because some of them do not want to carry the extra burden of doing something they do not understand.

    For the sake of our children, we fall for the whims of the ignorant parents and misguided teachers? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

    For the sake of our children, the adults must sacrifice their time, open to new ideas and acquire more knowledge in order to make our children a well equipped generation for the fast paced future.

    Thank you.


  20. Cakap kosong tanpa sebarang bukti ! PPSMI telah dilaksanakan di negara-negara lain dan semua kajian menunjukkan anak-anak mengalami masalah untuk memahami konsep sains/maths dalam bahasa yang MAJORITI tidak fahami.

    Belajar Sc/Maths bukan setakat menghafai istillah. Teori disebalik istillah yang penting dan perlu difahami. Bagaimana anda menerangkan konsep ini?

    PPSMI di Botswana

    Kajian di Afrika

    Click to access 1205421604.pdf

    Kajian lagi

    Click to access 01274082_25.2.2007_29-54.pdf

    Kajian PPSMI tak boleh di HK

    JMD : Kita tidak perlu pergi hingga ke Afrika untuk membuktikan bahawa tidak elok mengajar Sains dan Matematik di dalam bahasa Inggeris kepada anak-anak kita.

    Kita lihat sahaja jiran kita Singapura. Semua murid belajar menggunakan bahasa Inggeris di dalam semua matapelajaran dan mereka semua berbangsa Asia (cina, melayu, india). Tiada masalah bagi mereka. Practice makes perfect.

    Saya rasa kajian 2006 di Hong Kong tersebut tidak begitu betul kerana di dalam tahun 2009, hampir semua sekolah bertukar kepada bahasa Inggeris. Boleh baca laporan tersebut di dalam update saya di atas.

    Begitu juga dengan Malaysia di zaman 50an dan 60an, anak anak Melayu, Cina dan India belajar di dalam sekolah Inggeris yang menggunakan English sebagai bahasa pengantar. Majoriti mampu melakukannya. Adakah anak anak kita sekarang begitu malas untuk belajar atau adakah para pendidik yang malas mengadaptasi kepada sesuatu yang baru?

    Jika kita mahu samakan anak anak kita dengan pencapaian anak anak di Afrika, silakan. Tapi saya tidak rela mereka ini dibiarkan belajar pada tahap yang lebih rendah dari kemampuan sebenar mereka. Terima kasih.


  21. JMD ni cakap lebih dari putar lidah laaa, hari tu JMD kata Sc&Math jer perlu guna BI, sbb terminology & buku2 science bnyk dlm BI, saya pun lupa, buku Maths dlm BI org tak baca dah selepas sekolah! Now bila Dato’ refer ke negara lain, JMD buat reference ke S’pore plak, kata kan yg di S’pore SEMUA pelajaran dlm BI.

    So JMD, you jilat ludah you balik lah, hari tu pun saya dah komen, kalau semua subjek guna BI mcm zaman dulu mmg blh catch up, sbb SEMUA guna BI. Ini tidak, pilih2 subjek guna BI, dah tu pilih subjek yg PAYAH! Betul cakap Dato’ the theory tu pun kalau dah tak menguasai BI, mmg payah nak faham.

    JMD you tak blh nak refer to S’pore sbb diorang ALL subjects in BI, tak pilih2 macam Malasya nii…

    Dato’… hi5

    JMD : Laaa.. apa yang bercelarunya? Betul lah saya kata. Oleh kerana DBP lambat menterjemah buku buku ilmiah sains dan matematik ke dalam bahasa Melayu, lebih mudah jika orang Malaysia belajar sains dan matematik dalam bahasa Inggeris.

    Singapura lagi hebat, semua mata pelajaran dalam bahasa Inggeris. Tiada pun yang membantah. Anak anak mereka boleh terus membeli dan memahami buku buku engineering, medicine di dalam bahasa Inggeris tanpa perlu diterjemahkan kepada bahasa tamil, atau melayu atau mandarin.

    Dan siapa kata tiada orang baca buku buku maths dan sains selepas sekolah? Yang tidak membaca mungkin kamu dan kawan kawan kamu sahaja sebab itu kamu bole berkata begitu. Banyak journal journal antarabangsa mengenai teknologi dan matematik menggunakan bahasa Inggeris. Takkan para graduan yang seumur hidup belajar sains dan matematik di dalam bahasa ibunda tiba tiba begitu lancar memahami terminologi sains dan matematik dalam bahasa inggeris? Mereka akan terpinga pinga dan mengharap ada terjemahan. Di mana terjemahannya? Mungkin tidak ada langsung dalam masa terdekat.

    Jika kita tahu bahasa Inggeris sejak kecil, apatah lagi Scientific English, lebih senang mereka melayari arus globalisasi. Jika anak anak Singapura dengan senang memahami dan menghayati sesuatu ilmu terbaru berunsurkan sains dan matematik, para graduan kita lewat kerana terpaksa menunggu terjemahan dari DBP.

    Malaysia baru cuma hendak mengajar sains dan matematik dalam bahasa inggeris, sudah hiruk pikuk, terpekik terlolong orang kita menjerit bahawa ini akan memusnahkan masa depan anak anak mereka. Saya lihat anak anak Singapura berjaya sahaja. Mengaa perkara yang tidak sepatutnya menjadi perkara susah, di susahkan oleh mereka yang pesimistik?

    Kalau ibu bapa pesimistik dan pemalas, generasi kana datang lebih malas lagi.

    Saya tak rasa saya mejilat ludah kembali? Bab mana saya berkata begitu? Hujah saya mengenai Sinagpura menguatkan lagi andaian bahasa penggunaan bahasa Inggeris sebagai bahasa pengantar murid murid yang tidak menggunakan bahasa inggeris sebagai bahasa ibunda boleh berjaya.

    PPSMI perlu dipraktikkan dan implementasinya diperbaiki. Sepatutnya ianya dijalankan ikut berperingkat. Sebagai contoh, ia hanya perlu di jalankan pada tahap tadika. Bermakna, dalam tahun 2003, semua pelajar bermur 5 tahun yang memasuki tadika, perlu belajar bahasa inggeris dengan lebih mendalam. Dua tahun berikutnya, pada tahun 2005, apabila mereka berumur 7 tahun di dalam darjah satu, para pelajar sudah mula di ajar sains dan matematik dalam bahasa Inggeris.

    Bermakna, peringkat demi peringkat, pada tahun 2015, mereka yang mula belajar bahasa inggeris dalam Tahun satu pada tahun 2005 akan menghadapi SPM dalam tahun tersebut.

    Tetapi kerajaan tidak memperbaiki dengan cara begini, ianya dimansuhkan terus! Adakah anak anak ita akan menjadi lebih pandai di dalam sains dan matematik jika mereka belajar di dalam bahasa malaysia? Mungkin ya, mungkin tidak. Tetapi adakah mereka dengan pantas dapat menyelami dan mengakses ilmu ilmu dan pencapaian terbaru dunia sains daripada para generasi muda yang belajar sains dan matematik di dalam bahasa inggeris di negara lain? Tepuk dada tanya selera.

    Terima kasih.

    Mau hi 5 sama saya juga?


  22. JMD.

    Perlu relistik. Adakah rakyat Malaysia berpeluang tinggal di negara kota seperti Singapura? Saya tiada masalah sekiranya MAJORITI rakyat kita tinggal di kawasan kota seperti Singapura. Kenapa tak ambil contoh Filipina, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Pakistan yang laksanakan PPSMI? Mana bukti kemajuan mereka?

    Anda perlu bawa statistik berapa kerat anak-anak Melayu yang belajar 50an dan 60an masuk ke UM membuat Medic, Engine/Sains di UM pada tahun 60an? Mana buktinya PPSMI akan meningkatkan pencapaian Sc/Maths? MCE pangkat 1 pun boleh bilang dengan jari nak masuk UNI? Mana majoritinya? Semuanya berbangsa Cina di UM dulu terutamanya Fakulti Sains/Medic/Engine.

    Kajian di atas menunjukkan PPSMI dilaksanakan di Afrika dan sampai sekarang mereka masih mundur. Apa kata UNESCO mengenai pendidikan?

    UNESCO (1951:691) telah meluluskan resolusi pendidikan yang berbunyi:

    On educational grounds we recommend that the use of the mother tongue be extended to as late a stage in education as possible. In particular, pupils should begin their schooling through the medium of the mother tongue, because they understand it best and because to begin their school life in the mother tongue will make the break between home and school as small as possible.

    Terjemahan: Berkenaan kepentingan pendidikan, kami menggesa supaya bahasa ibunda digunakan selama yang boleh dalam semua peringkat pendidikan. Ini lebih-lebih lagi penting supaya kanak-kanak memulakan pendidikan mereka dalam bahasa ibunda sebagai bahasa penghantar, kerana itulah bahasa yang sangat mereka fahami, dan penggunaan bahasa ibunda akan menghapuskan kelainan antara bahasa di rumah dan bahasa di sekolah.

    JMD : Kajian UNESCO sudahpun dibincangkan di sini. Terima kasih.


  23. TIMSS 2007? PPSMI berjaya?

    The TIMSS 2007 had been an unmitigated disaster in the three assessments which Malaysia had participated, i.e. TIMSS 1999, TIMSS 2003 and TIMSS 2007 and it was a direct reflection on the quality of his leadership as Education Minister.

    The proud statement of Hishammuddin in December 2004 that Malaysia was placed 10th in Mathematics, scoring ahead of Australia, Britain, United States and New Zealand while in Science, Malaysian students were placed 20th, ahead of countries like Norway and Italy, had all turned to ashes.

    TIMSS 2007 was a total reversal, with Malaysia losing out to Australia, England, Scotland and the United States in Mathematics (New Zealand not in the TIMSS 2007 list for Year 8 students) as well as being overtaken by Norway and Italy in science!

    Malaysia plunged from No. 10 placing in mathematics in TIMSS 2003 to No. 20 placing in TIMSS 2007.

    With the disastrous showing in mathematics at the eighth grade level, Malaysia not only lost to the five top Asian countries which took the first five places, namely Chinese Taipei (1), South Korea (2), Singapore (3), Hong Kong (4) and Japan (5) but also to Hungary (6), England (7), Russian Federation (8), United States (9), Lithuania (10), Czech Republic (11), Slovenia (12), Armenia (13), Australia (14), Sweden (15), Malta (16), Scotland (17), Serbia (18) and Italy (19).

    In the three TIMSS 2007 for mathematics in eighth grade level, Malaysia dropped a hefty 45 score points from 519 points in 1999, 508 in 2003 to 474 in 2007 (500 is the TIMSS mathematics scale average). The Australian national report on TIMSS 2007 noted that Australia’s mathematics achievement score of 496 was “not significantly different to the TIMSS scale average” and “significantly higher than the remaining 31 countries, including Italy, Malaysia and Norway”.

    For science, Malaysia also plunged below the TIMSS scale average of 500, falling to 471 points in 2007, a drop by 39 points as compared to 2003 (510). In 1999, Malaysia scored 492 points. Malaysia’s ranking in Year 8 science in TIMSS 2007 is No. 21, behind Sinagpore (1), Chinese Taipei (2), Japan (3). South Korea (4), England (5), Hungary (6), Czech Republic (7), Slovenia (8), Hong Kong (9), Russian Federation (10), United States (11), Lithuania (12), Australia (13), Sweden (14), Scotland (15), Italy (16), Armenia (17), Norway (18), Ukraine (19) and Jordan (20).

    JMD : TIMMS bukan bertujuan untuk mengkaji jika murid lebih pandai di dalam matematik dan sains jika mereka belajar di dalam bahasa Inggeris. Ianya bertujuan untuk mengukur pencapaian mereka secara am di dalam kedua dua matapelajaran tersebut. Ini terbukti apabila methodology mereka di dalam siri soal jawab terhadap murid sekolah membolehkan mereka menjawab di dalam bahasa inggeris ATAU bahasa Malaysia.

    Sila download kertas kerja tersebut di sini. Kita juga berminat untuk mengetahui keputusan TIMMS 2011 apabila iaya dilakukan kelak.


  24. Tahniah pada Dato’!

    JMD mmg cakap bercelaru laa, nak menegakkan benang basah jer, nampak sgt supporter BN. U kata guna Inggris sbb DBP lambat nak terjemah terms to BM, jadi dah berapa lama yg kita guna 100% BM for these two subjects, what terms they had been using? It was all in BM!

    So kalau masaalah terms, guna saja terms Inggris, but the teaching can be in BM. Kata nak mendaulatkan Bahasa Melayu?

    This change is really crazy. Mentang2 jadi Menteri sbb bapak pun ex-PM buat decision tak pikir panjang, nyusahkan rakyat jer!

    JMD you defend yourself with different reasons all the time. You don’t show consistency in your reasoning. We can see you through already, what your true color is

    JMD : Saya supporter BN? BN (Tan Sri Muhyiddin) juga yang memansuhkan PPSMI! Nampak sangat u ni supporter pembangkang… 🙂

    Saya tidak menyokong membabi buta sahaja. Apa perkara yang saya rasa tidak elok, saya bangkang. Sesetengah orang membangkang hanya kerana perasaan benci sahaja. Sesetengah orang menyokong kerana terlalu taksub.

    Saudara, sebab sudah lama sangat belajar sains dan matematik dalam bahasa ibunda jugalah puncanya sistem pelajaran kita tidak sehebat di era 50an dan 60an dulu.

    Oleh kerana sejak dua dekad lalu, semuanya ‘in BM’, ilmu yang terkini tidak dapat sampai dalam masa yang pantas. Apabila sudah siap diterjemah, sudak keluar pula teori teori baru.

    Terima kasih.


  25. JMD said

    “Tapi saya tidak rela mereka ini dibiarkan belajar pada tahap yang lebih rendah dari kemampuan sebenar mereka”

    Maybe our children are brilliant, but language is something else. If they did not speak English at home, they will only use it in Std.1 so there will be a language barrier. For affluent society living in the cities maybe they can send their children to English nurseries, and also speak English at home because the parents are also learned individuals who work in many big corporations. But these families are not the majority.

    But there are thousands of others living in villages and remote areas and the grasp of English is very, very minimal. JMD, you should go to these areas and SEE FOR YOURSELF the usage of English there! In fact the Minister of Education should tour all these places before embarking on such glamorous projects like using English for these very important core subjects. He should not come to the villages only before elections, just to garner support from them!

    And now we hear rumours about coming back to using BM again, what the hell is this? The rakyat are just like guinea pigs, as a test material for an unproven system!

    It could have been better if the transition was done gradually, like first improving the teaching of English itself in primary schools, and so after they have a firm grasp of the language, Sc & math can be taught in English in SECONDARY SCHOOLS, that move is much wiser and more practical!

    Because in primary school these children are just coming to learn A,B,C and counting 1,2,3 etc. They don’t even have the grammatical knowledge of their own mother tongue, let alone English! And you expect them to learn to excel in these two technical subjects? And JMD, you have the cheek to say those words?

    “Tapi saya tidak rela mereka ini dibiarkan belajar pada tahap yang lebih rendah dari kemampuan sebenar mereka”

    What kind of talk is that JMD? Maybe your children are super bright, well enough. But those in the villages are not as fortunate. They can be bright but the language barrier will be their handicap.

    So this unwise and crazy move by the Minister of Education will create a big gap between the affluent society and the poor families who cannot afford to send their children to English tuition etc. Many poor children will fail or score low marks in these two subjects, thanks to the stupid move!

    JMD : Sila rujuk jawapan saya kepada ‘rakyat susah’ di atas. Jika ikut logik saudara, mereka yang pandai di bandar terpaksalah mengikut rentak para pelajar di luar bandar.

    Jawapannya mudah sahaja, kita pertingkatkan kemahiran mereka di luar bandar supaya akan mengejar mereka di bandar.

    Saya belajar sekolah rendah di pendalaman Sabah dari darjah satu hingga 3, bersekolah di Melaka dari darjah 4 hingga 5, dan darjah 6 di Kuala Lumpur.

    Apabila saya di kuala lumpur, saya terpaksa belajar dua kali ganda lebih keras untuk mengejar mereka yang belajar di Kuala Lumpur. Pencapaian mereka lebih baik apatah lagi apabila berada di dalam Victoria Institution di sekolah menengah, kebanyakkan para pelajar belajar di dalam bahasa Inggeris hinggakan Fizik dan Kimia juga kita bertutur di dalam bahasa Inggeris walaupun skima mata pelajaran dan buku teks di dalam Bahasa Malaysia. Apabila berada di dalam ITM dan kemudiannya di universiti di London, saya tidak menghadapi masalah yang banyak untuk memahami journal journal dan pembelajaran di dalam semua mata pelajaran di dalam bahasa Inggeris.

    Alangkah baiknya jika ssemua pelajar sudah tahu asas sains dan matematik di dalam bahasa Inggeris sejak di bangku sekolah rendah lagi. Mereka mungkin lebih senang menjalani pembelajaran apaila memasuki era universiti dan alam pekerjaan.

    Kita acapkali mendengar graduan universiti tempatan tidak kira melayu, cina atau india begitu segan untuk bercakap di dalam bahasa inggeris sewaktu di dalam temuduga kerja. Di mana puncanya?

    Saya tahu pencapaian mereka di luar bandar. Jika saya di luar bandar boleh melakukannya, orang lain di luar bandar juga boleh.

    Yes, I have the cheek to say these words -“Tapi saya tidak rela mereka ini dibiarkan belajar pada tahap yang lebih rendah dari kemampuan sebenar mereka”

    Terima kasih.


  26. JMD,

    Anda adalah bukti bahawa asas Sains/Maths dalam BM memudahkan anda memahami konsep sains peringkat lebih tinggi.

    Saya 100% percaya, jika anda belajar PPSMI sejak darjah satu di Sabah anda tidak akan mengenal pintu gerbang universiti. Anda sekarang hanyalah nelayan pesisir pantai di Sabah sahaja.

    Membawa bukti diri sendiri yang belajar dalam BM dan kemudian mengatakan PPSMI bagus tanpa sebarang kajian, kertas kerja, sokongan pakar pendidikan bagi saya itu bukan contoh pelajar sains yang baik.

    Logiknya beginilah.

    Apakah logik bagi anak-anak seawal 7 tahun belajar hukum agama, tajwid dan fardu ain dalam bahasa Arab dari Ustaz yang bercakap bahasa Arab? Bagaimana Ustaz hendak menerangkan semua perkara ini dalam bahasa yang mereka tidak fahami?

    Sila jawab soalan ini? Ya atau tidak? Tiada bezanya PPSMI yang dilaksanakan.

    Jika graduan lemah BI, baiki kaedah pembelajaraan BI. Ehhh…bukan ke kata dalam posting anda di atas PPSMI bukan bertujuan meningkatkan BI??

    Memberi alasan sistem pelajaran kita tidak sehebat di era 50an dan 60an dulu juga tiada alasan kukuh. Sila beri contoh? Mana Saintis ulung dari generasi ini? Ada Sabahan? Berapa % masuk Uni berbanding sekarang?

    JMD: Kamu juga bercakap hanya berdasarkan andaian. Kita juga tidak tahu jika para pelajar sekarang belajar PPSMI, mereka akan hanya menjadi nelayan sahaja. Mereka juga mungkin akan menjadi saintis terkemuka suatu hari nanti!

    Betul juga kata-kata saudara, akibat sistem pelajaran kita di era 50an dan 60an yang tidak hebat, kita tiada pakar pakar yang hebat di dalam pelbagai bidang (mereka ini berumur dalam lingkungan 60an, 70an dan 80an). Mereka ini dahulu belajar semua mata pelajaran di dalam bahasa Inggeris. Amat malang mereka ini semua.

    Tiada satu pun dari mereka yang menjadi doktor atau peguam atau hakim atau jurutera. Semuanya mungkin nelayan sahaja. Tajam betul ‘observation’ saudara. Malah di Singapura pun, mereka tidak melahirkan generasi yang berkaliber kerana mereka belajar semua matapelajaran di dalam bahasa Inggeris. Malang sungguh Singapura kerana tidak belajar di dalam bahasa ibunda mereka.

    Di samping PPSMI, subjek bahasa Inggeris juga patut di lipatgandakan. Ada sekolah akan mendenda para pelajar 20 sen jika mereka tidak bercakap di dalam bahasa Inggeris sepanjang hari di hari hari tertentu.

    Pelajaran bahasa Inggeris juga perlu lebih kepada pengajaran secara praktikal yakni, latihan percakapan yang lebih banyak.

    Jika para pelajar di luar bandar mempunyai masalah mengikuti PPSMI, kementerian pelajaran patut membuat lebih banyak aktiviti luar sekolah yang membina kekuatan bahasa Inggeris para pelajar tersebut. Peruntukkan yang lebih banyak patut disalurkan kepada kegiatan memperkasakan murid murid di luar bandar. Kelas tiusyen, guru-guru Bahasa Inggeris tambahan, peralatan pembelajaran yang lebih mesti di adakan untuk memastikan murid murid di luar bandar akan setanding dengan murid di bandar.

    Pemansuhan PPSMI akan membuatkan murid murid di bandar setanding dengan murid murid di luar bandar pula!

    Saya bernasib baik kerana belajar di sekolah menengah di Kuala Lumpur di mana pendedahan terhadap bahasa Inggeris lebih tinggi. Jika saya terus belajar di tempat tempat yang mempunyai pendedahan terhadap bahasa Inggeris yang minimum, di tambah pula tiada PPSMI, saya mungkin mempunyai peluang yang lebih kecil untuk mendapat pekerjaan yang bagus.

    Pengajaran sains dan matematik di dalam PPSMI bukannya di ajar di dalam bahasa Inggeris 100%. Mereka yang di dalam darjah satu hanya perlu didedahkan kepada terminologi bahasa Inggeris sahaja. Contohnya di dalam darjah satu, mereka di dedahkan kepada

    ADD (campur)
    SUBTRACTION (tolak)

    CLOUD (Awan)
    RAIN (Hujan)
    ANIMAL (Haiwan)

    Tatabahasa tidak penting di dalam PPSMI. Tatabahasa dan susur galur English, di ajar di dalam kelas Bahasa Inggeris.

    I AM…

    YOU ARE…

    WE ARE…


    Soalan, di dalam kelas Bahasa Inggeris, adakah para guru tidak akan memberi makna di dalam bahasa ibunda langsung kepada murid murid mereka?

    AKhir kata. kita ada pendapat masing-masing. Tidak mati jika masing masing bersetuju untuk tidak bersetuju dengan pendapat orang lain.

    Terima kasih.


  27. Semua yang menyokong belajar sains dan matematik dalam bahasa melayu salah anggapan.
    Dalam bahasa melayu, tiada perkataan untuk Science dan mathematics. Perkataan matematik dan sains adalah andaian DBP dan lanun bahasa.
    Apa lagi perkataan saperti “Quarks”, “photons”, “quantum mechanics”, “dark matter”.
    Ini baru perkataan dari bidang “Physics”, yang diterjemah sebagai “Fizik” dalam bahasa melayu.

    bagaimana dengan -perkataan bidang mathematics saperti calculus, algorithm, dan sebagainya. sudah pasti orang yang berkenaan di DBP akan mencipta perkataan untuk menyesuikannya dalam bahasa melayu.

    malangnya, dengan mengubahkan ejaan perkataan inggeris untuk BM, mereka telah membingungkan lagi murid-murid kepada kefahaman dalam sesuatu mata pelajaran.

    Jadi, apabila mereka mendapat keputusan cemerlang dalam SPM, dan dihantar keluar negara untuk menyambung, ramai yang keliru dan gagal memahami perkataan-perkataan sains dan matematik dalam bahasa inggeris. Jadi, ramai yang pulang dengan tiada keputusan langsung dan merugikan negara ini.

    Adalah lebih baik, kalau mahu sains dan matematik dipelajari balam bahasa mleyu, untuk menggunakan terus perkataan inggeris secara penuhnya, saperti perkataan “bank”, dari segi ejaan dan sebutan dan difahami dalam bahasa melayu dan inggeris.

    Kegagalan murid-murid diluar bandar untuk memahami bahasa inggeris adalah kerana mereka tidak diberi pendidikan “pre-school” saperti kindergarten. Dinegara lain, ini sudah dikira sebagai standard untuk memulakan persekolahan dari umor 5 tahun.

    Malah, anak saya sendiri, yang masih berumor 6 tahun sudah bertutur dan bertulis dalam 3 bahasa, iaitu melayu, mandarin dan inggeris. Kalau mandarin tidak digemar oleh pendudok luar bandar, bahasa arab boleh dipelajari, atau dua bahsa sahaja. Tetapi jangan lah beranggapan bahawa satu bahasa sudah mencukupi untuk penduduk luar bandar. Ini akan menyebabkan mereka tercicir apabila menghadapi pekerjaan kelak.


  28. Dato’,

    Saya setuju sesangat sangat dgn hujah Dato’ yg terakhir, dgn membawa tamsil belajar tajwid etc. dlm Bahasa Arab. Sampai tak terjawab JMD. Sebenarnya itu juga yg ada dlm kepala saya, tapi tak blh nak keluar ditulisan, mungkin sbb saya bukan seorang pengarang yg bagus seperti Dato’.

    Syabas saya ucapkan pada Dato’ kerana hujah2 Dato’ amat jitu dan tegas sekali.

    Ada ke belajar benda yg susah, dan diSUSAH kan lagi dgn perkara nak menguasai bahasa? Sungguh tidak masuk akal langsung!

    Saya ingat lagi semasa adik Najib (masa tu Timbalan PM) kawin, anak PM ada balik dan keluar wawancara diTV. Saya perhatikan saja, sepatah haram pun dia tak cakap Melayu! Berabuk cakap Ingris saja, bangga betul dgn bahasa penjajah itu, mentang2 lah dia belajar di UK. Ini lah dia contoh yg ditunjukkan oleh anak seorang pemimpin negara?

    JMD : Alahai Nordin. Saya gelihati membaca komen saudara.

    Di dalam ulasan saya dalam komen terdahulu, saya menulis – ‘Soalan, di dalam kelas Bahasa Inggeris, adakah para guru tidak akan memberi makna di dalam bahasa ibunda langsung kepada murid murid mereka?’

    Inilah maksud tersirat yang menjawab persoalan mengenai contoh pembelajaran Islam di dalam bahasa Arab tadi.

    Boleh guna akal dengan lebih mendalam lagi? Okay saya terangkan.. di dalam PPSMI, untuk menerangkan istilah istilah yang saya berikan di komen di atas, para guru sudah semestinyalah memberi tahu maksud tersebut di dalam bahasa ibunda masing-masing terdahulu. Contoh, jika orang Melayu belajar bahasa Mandarin pun, dia akan belajar maksud perkatan seperti, Ni Jiao Shen Me Ming Zhe?, Ni Qu Nali Ma?, Wo Qu Zai Jilongpo, xie xie ni dan sebagainya..

    Begitu juga dalam membelajar bahasa Inggeris. Begitu juga di dalam mengajar PPSMI.

    Sebab itu contoh diberikan oleh Dato tadi kurang tepat.

    Yang susahnya ialah ‘how to train the trainers’. Itu sahaja. Jika ini boleh diatasi, tiada masalah yang sukar untuk para pelajar itu sendiri.

    Yang malas belajar dan takut benda yang susah sedikit cuma mereka yang memang sudah tertutup otaknya untuk menimba ilmu baru.

    Di tambah pula dengan memberi komen yang lari dari tajuk asal iaitu anak Najib tidak bercakap bahasa Melayu. Maksudnya, seumur hidup saudara Nordin ini, tidak pernah langsung bercakap bahasa Inggeris kerana saudara rasa saudara membanggakan penjajah dengan bertutur walau sepatah perkataan Inggeris?

    Inikah contoh terbaik yang saudara hendak tunjukkan kepada semua pembaca di sini.

    Tersenyum simpul kita dibuatnya.

    Terima kasih.


  29. Tuan Jebat,

    Janganlah emosional dengan saya.

    Saya tidak pernah pun menulis di sini ” Tiada satu pun dari mereka yang menjadi doktor atau peguam atau hakim atau jurutera. Semuanya mungkin nelayan sahaja dari generasi yang belajar PPSMI dulu. Jangan memfitnah saya.

    Saya kata golongan ini sedikit, minioriti, langka, jarang-jarang dari orang yang seketurunan dengan saya dan Jebat. Sebabnya adalah PPSMI. Saya bagi contoh UM pada zaman itu kerana berapa kerat anak-anak Melayu yang belajar 50an dan 60an masuk ke UM membuat Medic, Engine/Sains di UM pada tahun 60an?

    Apa salah pemerhataian saya? Pelajar Melayu era itu hanya mewarisi kemiskinan ibu-bapa mereka kerana dasar British dan PPSMI ini? Sedangkan generasi Cina/India yang di bandar yang mempunyai kemudahan lebih baik bersekolah di sekolah mubaligh Kristian.

    Tentang cadangan kaedah membaiki pembelajaran di sekolah saya sokong 100% cadangan Jebat.

    Jebat, suka diingatkan belajar bahasa ialah belajar kemahiran berbahasa. Belajar pertuturan, belajar tatabahasa belajar kosa kata, belajar struktur ayat dan belajar membuat karangan dan lain-lain kemahiran berbahasa. Cara belajar bahasa dengan cara belajar sains dan matematik adalah berbeza.

    Bagaimana anda cuba menerangkan konsep, eksperimen, pemerhatian dalam bahasa yang tidak mereka kuasai?

    Maka sebab itu PPSMI dibantah kerana zalim, dungu dan salah dalam kaedah pembelajaran bahasa dan konsep Sains/Maths.

    Anda membawa contoh, cikgu turut menerangkan dalam bahasa Ibunda. GURU TERPAKSA. Itu jawapannya. Sedih melihat anak-anak murid macam TIKUS MELIHAT BESI apabila diterangkan konsep dalam bahasa yang asing pada mereka. Apa yang terjadi? Silibus terpaksa direndahkan kerana hanya kerana dasar songsang ini.

    Cuba guna lagi akal saudara, bagaimana pula murid2 ingin menyampaikan idea, berhujah, bertanya konsep Sc/Maths ini? Dalam BM? Dalam BI? Bukankah minat mereka terhadap Sc/Maths dibunuh sejak awal lagi dengan dasar ini?

    Berulang-ulang saya kata, pengalaman peribadi, anak, nenek, kucing di rumah tidak boleh dijadikan sandaran dalam mengabsahkan PPSMI. Sila bawa kajian, contoh, data, laporan menunjukkan PPSMI akan meningkatkan pencapaian Sc/Maths.

    Anda dan penyokong PPSMI yang lain masih mengejar mirage/fatamorgana bahawa PPSMI akan memajukan bangsa dan negara kita. HINGGA kini cabaran saya tidak pernah disambut apabila saya meminta negara, tamadun dan bangsa yang maju dengan PPSMI.

    Asyik2 Singapura sebagai contoh jawapan anda. Saya telah jawab di atas:) Nak tanya jugalah dengan PPSMI berapa banyak doktor/saintis berbangsa Melayu di Singapura berbanding generasi kita yang belajar dalam BM?

    Tentang terminologi,

    Janganlah memalukan diri anda sebagai pelajar sains. Terminologi/istillah adalah paling asas/mudah dalam Sc/Maths.

    KONSEP disebalik istillah itu yang anda perlu fahami, cerna, debatkan, fikir, mengaju persoalan. Alasan saya pelajar kita belajar dalam BM selama 11 tahun ada yang ke Korea, Jepun, Perancis, Russia, German mereka boleh menamatkan pembelajaran mereka?

    Apa istillahnya sama dengan BM? TIDAK! Asas Sc/Maths telah ada jadi mereka tidak menghadapi sebarang masalah bila belajar dalam bahasa asing. Lihat saja pelajar dari Korea/Jepun /Taiwan/ pergi ke US/UK apa terminologi/istillah masalah besar kepada mereka?

    Tiada bezanya burung kakak tua yang sekadar menghafal istillah jika anda tidak mengetahui konsep Sc/Maths di sebaliknya.

    Mana pelajar dari negara PPSMI? Filipina, Bangla, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Zimbabwe. Mengikut logik Jebat mereka inilah sepatutnya menerajui bidang Sc/Maths.

    Ada, minioriti saja yang berjaya Jebat. Majoriti terus bodoh dan kebodohan bertingkat-tingkat mereka terus diwarisi dari satu generasi ke generasi yang lain. PPSMI membawa kita ke arah itu kecuali anak Jebat, anak saya, anak di Damasara/USJ yang akan berjaya dengan PPSMI. Kita hanya minioriti. Kita bercakap untuk memajukan majoriti rakyat khususnya orang Melayu.

    Nak contoh lagi? Hafal baik-baik.

    Generasi pertama, majoriti dari keluarga Melayu yang menjejakkan kaki di universiti belajar asas Sc/Maths dalam BM. Mana bukti kegagalan BM?

    Terima kasih.

    JMD : Sememangnya saya tidak emosional. Sebegitu juga saudara tidak pun berkata di dalam kometar saudara yang lepas bahawa – “golongan ini sedikit, minioriti, langka, jarang-jarang dari orang yang seketurunan dengan saya dan Jebat.”

    Saudara hanya berkata, “Mana Saintis ulung dari generasi ini? Ada Sabahan? Berapa % masuk Uni berbanding sekarang?”

    Sudah tentu ini hanya semantik. Yang pentingnya, PPSMI mungkin boleh melahirkan ramai lagi graduan yang lebih berupaya daripada mereka yang tidak belajar PPSMI di dalam tahun lewat 70an, 80an dan 90an. Kita boleh mengetahuinya dalam tahun 2020an, 2030an nanti.

    Melentur buluh biar dari rebung.

    Memang tidak ramai doktor Melayu atau jurutera Melayu dihasilkan dari era 40an, 50an dan 60an. Ini kerana mereka ini tidak ramai yang masuk ke universiti. Yang belajar di sekolah yang menggunakan English sebagai bahasa pengantar juga tidak ramai kerana ramai orang Melayu yang tamat pengajian selepas peperiksaan senior cambridge. Ramai lagi yang tidak sambung belajar lebih dari junior cambridge. Masalah kewangan, tiada biasiswa kerajaan dsb.

    Masalah ini berlainan dengan masalah sekarang. Sekarang tiada alasan untuk Melayu tidak tinggi belajar. Dan yang lebih penting lagi yang cuba ditekankan, Melayu yang masuk sekolah Inggeris, tiada masalah besar untuk belajar semua matapelajaran di dalam English. Mereka yang masuk universiti bukan calang calang orang sekarang ini. Ada yang pernah menjadi Perdana Menteri pun.

    Jadi tiada alasan untuk berkata, wah PPSMI akan merugikan murid kita. Hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih.

    Hong Kong pun sekarang ini sudah menukar bahasa pengantar mereka dari Mandarin ke English, sepertimana di Singapura.

    Cuba lihat senarai pelajar terbaik di Malaysia untuk SPM 2009 di atas. Ada yang belajar di luar Kuala Lumpur. Jika ada sesetengah pelajar di luar bandar boleh menjadi sekolah terbaik semasa sistem PPSMI berjalan, tidak mungkin pelajar luar bandar di tempat lain tidak boleh mendapat keputusan yang sama. Belakang parang kalau di asah, lagikan tajam.

    Di tambah pula dengan kegiatan meningkatkan lagi mutu Engish di luar bandar, kita akan mendapat pelajar yang lebih berkualiti untuk mengharung dunia globalisasi di dalam beberapa dekad yang akan datang.

    Kita sampai ke PPSMI pada tahun 2003 kerana kita tahu bahasa sistem pelajaran kita lembab dan tidak mengikut arus zaman. Kita kena mulakan sesuatu.

    Sebenarnya kita sudah membincang perkara ini beberapa bulan yang lepas di sini:

    Jika ingin melihat perubahan ketara, kita perlu tunggu dua dekad untuk lihat hasilnya. PPSMI baru sahaja berumur 7 tahun. Sudah ada yang mengkritik.

    PPSMI patut dimulakan sejak darjah satu dan bukannya seperti yang berlaku pada tahun 2003 di mana ianya dimulakan dalam darjah satu, DAN JUGA dalam tingkatan satu. Pemahaman mengenai terminologi akan berlaku dengan lebih mudah.

    Kita juga mempunyai terminologi bahasa Malaysia yang asing untuk orang Melayu sendiri. Perkataan seperti fatamorgana, pemeluwapan, pengaturcaraan, stratosfera, kekonduksian elektrik dan sebagainya.

    Walaupun ianya di dalam BM, kita kena tahu juga maksudnya kerana ianya adalah ‘vocabulary baru’. Mahu tak mahu, kena hafal juga perkataan perkataan tersebut.

    Tiada beza dengan menghafal terminologi sains dan matematik di dalam English.

    Saya yakin anak anak Melayu akan pandai jika di ajar dengan betul walaupun ianya susah. Jika ada yang pessimistik, susahlah jadinya.

    Sememangnya, kita ada pelbagai pandangan mengenai PPSMI. Saya sudah menulis pandangan saya di dalam beberapa artikel sebelum ini. Boleh baca dan buat pandangan sendiri. Saya rasa pandangan saya agak bernas. Tidak bermakna pandangan orang yang tidak bersetuju dengan saya tidak bernas sama sekali. Kita boleh bersetuju atau tidak bersetuju.

    Saya rasa PPSMI akan menaikkan taraf orang Melayu bandar dan luar bandar di masa yang akan datang. Saudara berkata sebaliknya.

    Pandangan dan isi butir penjelasan kedua dua pihak ada yang benar. Yang penting ialah betapa komprehensifnya kita membuat kajian sebelum membuat keputusan.

    Bagi saya, saya tidak bersetuju dengan keputusan Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin berkenaan PPSMI. Ini kerana saya rasa kajian yang dilakukan oleh pihak beliau kurang tepat. Ini saya sudah terangkan di dalam beberapa artikel saya yang lepas. Saya cuba juga sedaya upaya melakukan apa yang saya anggap betul. Saya amat bersetuju dengan usaha PAGE yang sedang mereka lakukan.

    Terima kasih.


  30. Tuan Sputjam,

    Bahasa Melayu, bahasa moden. Jadi proses penyerapan/pengambilan istillah akan terus berlaku. Itu ciri-ciri bahasa yang dinamik. Maka istillah sains/maths yang belum ada di”Melayukan” dan dicipta. Maka sebab itu Quarks”, “photons”, “quantum mechanics”, “dark matter”, “Physics” diserap.

    Perkara yang sama juga berlaku pada BI. Istillah sains diserap dari Bahasa Arab, Latin, Greek dan Perancis. Apakah ini juga bermaksud BI lemah kerana tiada istillah ?

    Bahasa Jawa, yang kini MANDUL tidak perlukan istillah ini kerana hanya digunakan di pasar, kampung dan kenduri-kendara. Jadi tidak perlukan istillah ini. Secara automatik ianya bukan BAHASA ILMU.

    PPSMI menghakis BM sebagai bahasa ilmu. Tiada keperluan membuat istillah baru kerana peranannya diambil oleh BI.

    Dahulu atas nama kemodenan, tulisan Jawi dihalau keluar dari bilik darjah. Kini atas keset buruk yang sama, BM pula mahu dihalau dari Sc/Maths.

    Anda mengatakan istillah BM membingungkan dalam masa yang sama anda kata mereka cemerlang SPM kemudian mereka gagal bila luar negara. Soalan saya, adakah anda sedang menghisap ganja?? 🙂

    Bagilah kajian, ini berdasarkan pengalaman seorang, dua yang gagal anda membuat kesimpulan sebegitu. Tidak saintifik langsung cara anda berfikir.

    Kalau sudah ke luar negara paling kurang umurnya 18 tahun (A Level) dan 20 tahun (ijazah pertama). Kalau gagal maksudnya dia yang malas, masalah peribadi. Kenapa hanya melihat pelajar di UK/US/AUS? Bagaimana pelajar kita di Korea, Jepun, Perancis, Russia, German mereka boleh menamatkan pembelajaran mereka?

    Tentang kaedah penyerapan istillah kita hormatilah keahlian DBP. Mereka ada kaedah dalam meminjam istillah. Jika mengambil saranan Tuan Sputjam kalam-kabut jadinya penulisan BM.

    “Bank” itu contoh terpencil. Banyak istillah sains diambil terus dari BI seperti frekuensi, genetik, kromosom. Bagi istillah yang telah ada dalam BM maka tidak perlulah lagi dipinjam seperti halaju, pecutan, jisim dan sebagainya.

    Seperti saya jelaskan, istillah itu perkara paling mudah. Masalah cikgu adalah menjelaskan konsep sains/Maths disebaliknya. Jika ada anak sendiri, sila jelaskan konsep pecahan dalam bahasa yang tidak dia kuasai. Agak-agak bersemangat tak dia nak belajar?

    Tidak pernah ada sesiapa pun yang waras menghalang anak-anak kita belajar bahasa asing hatta bahasa Yiddish sekali pun. Belajarlah dengan kaedah yang betul.

    Masalahnya PPSMI,

    *Lain sakit lain diubat, lain luka lain dibebat

    *Yang dikejar tak dapat,yang dikendong berciciran.

    PPSMI merugikan majoriti anak-anak kita. Itu yang ditentang.

    Terima kasih


  31. Dato’, memang best betul lah hujah Dato’. Sepatutnya orang yg pandai macam Dato’ ni kita lantik jadi Menteri Pelajaran. Bergeliga betul Dato’. Memang kalau kita nak buat sesuatu MESTI selidik dgn mendalam. Ini tidak, mereka tetiba saja ubah dgn sesuka hati. Tak ada pun satu THINK TANK yg dilakukan among the academicians, memang tidak ada langsung! Bila dah jadi bubur macam sekarang, baru TPM kata nak balik semula ke BM. Apa jadah ni?

    Kalau si JMD mati hidup balik pun sokong 200% PPSMI ni, kalau benar PPSMI ni betul2 bagus, kenapa TPM kata nak balik semula guna BM? Cuba jawab!

    Mesti lah ada yg tak kena disitu, ibarat meludah kelangit! Mentang2 bapak dulu jadi PM, anak dilantik jadi Menteri Pelajaran, satu jawatan yg teramat penting, kerana sedikit kesilapan will have disastrous effects on the nation, the results of which can be seen after students finish school.

    These poor souls who fail these subjects due to this stupid, uncalled for fiasco will blame the MOE for their whole life. What a pity! Nasi sudah jadi bubur, siapa mau makan bubur? Bagi laaa MOE makan, sumbat dalam tekak, hentak dengan belantan biar tercekik

    Anak orang senang boleh laaa hantar anak2 pergi tuition Ingris sana sini, bayar RM500 sebulan pun takda hal. Tapi org kampong RM500 cukup besar, nak tangkap ikan di Johor pun, dah kena tumpahan minyak, apa dapat? Nelayan yg di Pantai Timor dan Utara, dicerobohi oleh nelayan negara jiran. Yang dapat tangkap sorang dua, banyak yg lain lepas.

    Jadi Menteri senang laaa,,, duduk kerusi empuk, bilik aircond, duduk bersandar, main komputer surfing sana sini then tetiba dapat idea… Haaa! Aku nak tukar guna BI untuk Sains&Maths! Rakyat diluar bekerja bagai nak rak, mambanting tulang ditengah panas, semuanya tiba2 jadi terkejut beruk, orang kampong yg tak faham apa itu Sains&Maths pun jadi mangsa juga. Anak2 mereka terkorban disekolah, tak pass exam.. Kesian nya…

    JMD : Setiap orang ada pendapat masing masing. Orang yang tidak bersetuju dengan PPSMI juga menyokong 200% pembasmiannya (dan mereka berjaya juga membasmikanya).

    PPSMI berlaku ketika Tan Sri Musa Mohamad menjadi Menteri Pelajaran dalam tahun 2003 oleh itu saya tidak pasti anak PM yang mana satu yang saudara maksudkan.

    Tusyen bahasa Inggeris atau lain lain matapelajaran bolehlah disediakan oleh kerajaan (seperti cadangan saya sebelum ini).

    Sila baca juga di sini mengapa saya rasa kajian oleh MOE mungkin tidak lengkap. Terima kasih.


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