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KTM land issue vs Singapore

25 May 2010 Latest update 7.35pm:

Blogger/Journalist Reme Ahmad wrote a good piece regarding this issue. Please click here. I feel somewhat reassured by this article.

Thank you.


Update 5.15pm : Utusan Malaysia carried the latest news on the outcome of this meeting. Basically, the KTM station and land from Tanjong Pagar will be moved to Woodlands. By 2018, Malaysia will leave Singapore altogether as the KTM station will be relocated to Tanjung Puteri in Johor. Do we get a fair compensation on the transfer of the said land? Is this strategic move benefits Malaysia more than it benefits Singapore? The answer/devil is in the details.

Stesen KTMB di Tanjong Pagar berpindah ke Woodlands 2011

SINGAPURA 24 Mei – Malaysia dan Singapura hari ini bersetuju stesen Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd. (KTMB) di Tanjong Pagar di sini akan berpindah ke Terminal Pemeriksaan Kereta Api Woodlands (WTCP) pada 1 Julai 2011.

Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak berkata, perpindahan tersebut turut melibatkan pemindahan kemudahan Kuarantin, Imigresen dan Kastam (CIQ) Malaysia juga dari Tanjong Pagar ke Woodlands.

Kedua-dua negara juga bersetuju, katanya, untuk membangunkan sebuah perkhidmatan rel pantas atau sistem transit pantas (RTS)secara bersama bagi menghubungkan Woodlands dan Tanjung Puteri di Johor Bahru, yang bakal beroperasi menjelang 2018.

Apabila, RTS itu dapat beroperasi dengan sempurna, Malaysia boleh menimbangkan untuk memindahkan stesen KTMB dan CIQ Malaysia di Woodlands ke Johor Bahru, tambah beliau. – Utusan


Original article:

As I reminisce the days when Malaysia lost her territories such as Pulau Batu Putih to Singapore and the two oil blocks to Brunei, I just hope that events like these will never happen again.

Both instances can be summed as an empathic display on how NOT to run a government.

Today, Malaysia and Singapore will discuss on how to resolve the KTM land in Tanjung Pagar, Singapore.

The Prime Minister, Dato Sri Najib Tun Razak must be firm in our own sovereignty rights and must not be cajoled into doing something which may not be beneficial for Malaysia.

If Singapore says it is going to be a win-win situation, please be wary.

There were so many circumstances during the previous administration that ‘win-win’ often than not proves to be a win-lose situation for Malaysia. Besides the oil blocks fiasco, other win-lose situations such as the cancellation of the scenic bridge and Singapore’s role in Iskandar Malaysia come to mind.

Hence, I wish Malaysia the best of luck today and will pray that Malaysia will not be suckered into agreeing something which will not only cause Najib to lose his job, but worse, losing something beneficial to Singapore due to our own leadership’s stupidity.

News article below:

Najib-Lee meet expected to resolve KTM land issue

SINGAPORE: The retreat between Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and his Singapore counterpart Lee Hsien Loong today is expected to pave the way for a resolution on the status of KTM Bhd land here.

Malaysian officials are looking forward to a positive response from the Singapore leader on a Malaysian proposal for a new location for the KTM railway station in Tanjung Pagar.

The KTM land issue has bogged down ties in the past with both sides playing hardball diplomacy and having their own interpretations of the Points of Agreement (POA) signed in 1990, on the terms of development and status of the KTM land that expands from Woodlands in the north to Tanjung Pagar in the south of Singapore.

Under the POA, Malaysia and Singapore, among other things, agreed that the KTM railway station be moved from Tanjung Pagar to a location to be decided later.

However, over the years, negotiations stalled after both sides failed to agree on where the new location should be in Singapore.

Najib, who made his first official visit as Prime Minister a year ago, has made it clear to Singapore that he did not want old issues to drag on.

Our KTM Tanjung Pagar sitting on a prime land in Singapore

Wisma Putra, in a statement, said Najib’s visit provided an opportunity for both leaders to cement their personal ties and enhance the cordial relations between both sides. He and Lee will start with a four-eyed meeting before being joined by their Cabinet ministers.

Najib is accompanied by Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman, International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed, Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat, Home Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop and Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Ghani Othman.

Malaysia is also looking south to invest in iconic projects, namely a wellness centre and mixed development township in Iskandar Malaysia.

Najib and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor arrived here on Saturday. They paid their last respects to Singapore’s former Deputy Prime Minister Dr Goh Keng Swee at Parliament House yesterday.

Lee later hosted a dinner for Najib at the Glass Pavillion Resort on Sentosa Island.

74 thoughts on “KTM land issue vs Singapore

  1. Hope Najib think and behave like Tun M..No win win situation and no discussing these issues as a package.

    If KTM land is given to Singapore, that will be the time I stop respecting Najib..At least now, I still respect him even though not as much as how I respect Tun M..:)



  2. Agree. Every diplomatic confrontations we done with the chinese chauvanistic Red Dot has only endup with us losers. We are to soft on them. during mahathir time, we have chance to reconquer to reunify under Malay Rule, but USA was protecting those chinese chauvanist. They now also have china as big brother. The PMs Najib & Badawi are just too soft with Red Dot, and also too willingly to take gift like this dinner from them.

    My friend, ex-retired colonel think we must strike Red Dot after Najib step down. The longer we let them remain republic, the worse it become for us. We always lose to them diplomaticly, socialy, economicly. The kiasu race in Red Dot is also funding and training the opposition to take over. They are working with Jews and Bolshevics posioning the minds of Melayu youth with communism, socialism, anarchism, and western entertainments. If we do not use military solution, we will lose the government to chinese chauvannist DAP/PKR/PAS.

    The tricky is to attack withotu making us look as the agressor. Not easy to provoke Red Dot, they are smart. We can do something like Tongkin Gulf. Get TUDM bomb few village on Johor and make it look like Singapore. In war with Red Dot, the Chinese porblem, Indian problem, liberal malay problem, ungrateful sabah/sarawak natives, will easily taken care off.

    Indon and Thailand must also be takencare of but that I will explain next time.


    • If the leepublic of cheenapore had ruled us, KTM could be using bullet trains instead of our 90km/hr china made locomotives. and commuter service in klang valley and penang and jb will have trains like like the mrt.

      JMD : Really?


    • Pocong I think you Colonel friend needs to have his head examined. Attacking a sovereign nation just because they are better than you? First Singapore, then Indonesia, then Thailand? Whatever you’re smoking I would like to have some.

      Dude, stop wasting your time fantasizing that you are some kind of Rambo. Better still, stop watching those reruns of Combat.

      I can’t believe we still have this kind of crap!



      • Bugger. This is not fantasy. This is real solution to problem MALAYsia is facing. We thought Najib will bring back umno power. But you see he keep giving and giving. Yesterday he give away KTM land to the chauvanist red dot. Ketaunan Melayu and Ketuanan Umno now is losing and in trouble.

        – many young Malay do not support umno. this is worst in city. I know friends with kids that follow socialist, comunist, anarchist, liberalist
        – immigrant races now naik tocang demand rights and meritocracy
        – Iban orang asli kadadusun bajau also naik cawat. now learn from immigrant races to lawan the Abang Besar and demand land and use Allah in church
        – blogger, tweeter, face booker poisoning minds of Malaysian on internets. now even many young malay support iban to use Allah
        – PM not listening to DPM, perkasa, Tun dr Mahathir to priority Malay and Muslim. Just like badawi

        2013 is coming. umno is fighting opposition and chauvanist chinese and indian. But we now are fighting losing battle using loser strategy. To solve the probelm properly SOURCE must be destroyed. The source which supply opposition money, trainings, moral is the chauvanist Red Dor to achieve ther chinese agenda.

        The Red Dot has superior army, air force, navy and training. but we MALAYsia have superier numbers. Many young Malay conscript warrior will die on battlefeild in JB, on Tambak, in selat tebrau. KL can be bomb like dresden. we may even lose entire generations to win a Red Dot. but we ultimatedly be victorious. once Singapura is reunited under MALAY rule, power of the Tuan Tanah is complete.

        War also give us opportune to declare darurat. A excuse to jail opposition worms, ngos, and pariamilitaris groups to handle the kaum pendatang and traitor Melayu.

        We cannot conquer Indon militarialy. But we can put puppet in power. The Susillo is too friendly to Red Dot, Zionist, China, australia and American. Give supports to our brothers Golkar, Suharto family, and pro Goldcar army generals to take over by coupe. Think on it my brothers. A Third Riech of Malay Power from Surat Thani to Papua and mindanau. Control of the shipping selat melaka, south cina sea, and resource.

        JMD : Haha ok mate. Whatever floats your boat.


    • @pocong

      why is the red dot chavinistic?

      how are they working with Jews and Bolshevics and Nazis and Fascists?

      Are they also working with factually challenged people like yourself?


    • That how it is with our armed forces, some how and always the “jambu one” are promoted .

      A real thorough bred “panglima” were never given a second look.



    • I agree with you, Pocong. Tell your ex-Kolonel friend that I support him. Never mind the Bugger fella. His sense of patriotism is buried under the name he uses to blog.

      We may have to wait for Najib to go or for a new system of government to see changes in the county, bringing back self respect, and the total and utter protection of our territorial integrity and national sovereignty thereafter.

      Our KTM land in the red dot needs to be studied from the point of view of that very territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Malaysia. The so-called kicking out of Singapore or the Separation Agreement of 1965 needs to be re-looked in so far as changeability is concerned of that vast tract of land that formed part and parcel of Malaysia that has been recognised as belonging to Malaysia even after separation.


      • Aku,

        Why don’t you start a campaign to recruit the warriors for your little war to protect your “Ketuanan UMNO”? Pocong by the sound of it can be your chief strategist, he seems to know his history well. All you need is a Goebbels to spin it well, you obviously needs a Goering to oversee the indiscriminate bombing and perhaps a Himmler to make sure the people are cowed enough to tow the line. Throw in a couple brigades of SS stormtroopers ( this one shld be easy, you can call on the Pekida gansgters), voila you have your utopian state that will protect your precious “Ketuanan” for the next 1000 years. Heil Pocong!

        What the f#%k do they teach you in school???


        • What the f***k, bu***** and Cl****** did they teach YOU in school, you Hitler-know-all bugger? At least I got my grammar correct, didn’t I? Unlike you, poor sod.

          I hope JMD will print my comment – it’s only a counter-comment, using the same style the Bugger was using!

          We don’t need your advice, lousy Bugger (what a name – it fits you perfectly, man). If we do, we’d be calling LKS, LGE, KS, ABI (sometimes addressed as Brother and becomes BABI). Or even LKY. No time to even spell their names – SS style!

          Mentioning Combat reruns, Hitler and all makes you an old timer, aren’t you. Now let’s see what school you might have gone to and what you were taught.

          Your English (despite the grammar) suggests not a vernacular school. It may even be higher than a secondary school. Your mention of Ketuanan suggests you belong to the non-Social Contract and Malaysian Constitution-respecting, perhaps, “the Penang crowd” school.

          Addressing a commenter as Brother suggests his familiarity with Malaysian blogging etiquette.
          Leaving a comment ending as what appears to be the name “Jawa Kg Pocong” appears attempting to mislead and suggests the ruffian kind of school. Asking Mona, “Wouldn’t it be easier to merge the 2 countries?” suggests … dunno where this fella is going. Sure difficult to know what school he went.

          Mentioning Hitler, Goebbels, Goering, Himmler and the SS suggests he knows the history of the Nazis. Does he think the Hitlers of this world are all kapputz?

          And does he know of the little red dot’s intentions? Or is he trying to lull us into believing all is well that always does not end well. Right from the time the chauvinist LKY, when Singapore was in Malaysia in 1963, started the slogan “Malaysian Malaysia” that was subversive to Article 153 of the Malaysian Constitution. That was picked up by LKS when LKY and Singapore was very regrettably so-called “kicked out” of Malaysia in 1965. The flogging of the concept under that slogan that led to the racial riots of 1969.

          Now the little red dot has submarines – to patrol an island only several hundred km2? They have been employing Zionist Israelis advisers in their Military, completely disregarding the sensitivities of their Muslim neighbours. Love thy neighbour and irritate, provoke them? Let’s not talk about what “the Little Emperor” did when on an official vist to Malaysia some time back.

          Don’t want to waste time guessing what school this Bugger fellow went, la. Just bugger him off on whatever agenda he has. Only that we’ll f*** him again and again when he appears in an unschooled fashion.


          • Wow, such bile. Where’s the love , bru? Anyway did you finish your homework before you wrote your masterpiece? What do they teach you in school?


            • Frankly, I don’t get the drift of this fellow’s arguments here, there and in other blogs that I come across him.

              I think he is sewel sikit. I will cease to layan him after this.

              Good bye, old boy.


    • Youve got a point there Pochong. From singapore till sabah/sarawak, youve got that right.

      But remember, nowadays, psychological weapon is THE ULTIMATE weapon. By using it, attacks can be made without the enemy even realizing it. (Yes and they have been using it against us and our illiterates and pseudo liberal natives minds are quickly poisoned by it for sure.

      Dude, if you really want to terrorize Singapore, just a single bomb, the tiny Singapore will perish. What can you say? .:).

      Oh you mean, how to unite the whole Malaysians? By being united against Singapore?


  3. I have trouble in believing Najib, since a few of his bungles in 2 by election, which favoring Chinaman.
    Do he really has the skills to negotiate?


    • Me and friends, too, Kay. His “Trust me” is now loaded with a lot of question marks.

      The problem is Najib, in wanting to get votes, panders to the Chinese interests too much. Not just in Malaysia but now in Singapore, too. In the belief what he does there will be seen as being liberal, which is preferred by the Chinese. He took the trouble to go to Singapore to make the so-called deal which, after all, has not been hailed as a success for Malaysia. A matter which was stuck for 20 years he easily unstuck with the stroke of his pen.

      My fear is that he has been over-doing the pandering thing and will continue on that course no matter what. There has been increasing anxieties expressed by the average Malay, other than Perkasa and the 76 Malay NGOs. His pronouncements so far have hardly been Malay-friendly.

      If he persists in doing that, his actions will not only increase Malay-Chinese but also Malay-Najib polarisation. The result might be another tsunami at the general elections like it was during Tun Dol’s time.

      His excessive running after the votes of the minority appears to be at the expense of those of the majority.

      His taking for granted the votes of the 70% Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak may be costly for him. And those he takes for granted.


  4. Speaking from a logistics point of view, .

    If the government had pumped money into KTM, and allow part of its services to be managed in a commercial form, KTM would have
    a) A frequent and regular commuter service between Kulai airport to tanjung pagar. This line can be extended to Senai airport, which lies 0.5 kilometres from the main line turning Senai into a low cost regional airport serving Johore Baru and Singapore,
    b) JB/southern johore would have acted as a inland container port for all containers passing through johore baru to/from Singapore to all major town connected to the rail networks. Unfortunately, the rail links between tanjung pagar to the container port and pasir panjang in Sinapore had been dismantled by several years ago as it was unutilized for decades.

    In short, because of the failure of KTM to link southern johore and Singapore by way of modern commuter and container services, the people of johore suffer tremendously by having to endure massive traffic jams every morning and senai airport fail to be a regional low cost hub and many other industrial opportunities are lost.

    So instead if selling away KTM land to Singapore, we should instead pump money into KTM so that it could offer such services.
    But if the government is desperate and sell KTM’s land, then the money should rightfully be handed over to KTM to improve their services in klang valley etc and the rail line to Singapore ends at a convenient MRT station, which is linked to the whole island.
    KTM land in KL have been systemetically taken over by
    a) UDA for Dayabumi
    b) MRCB for KL sentral

    I believe, KTM got nothing significant in return for these two projects. So let us hope for the best.


  5. Hmmm…I wonder how much it will cost Singapore to get our PM & wife to sell out KTM land….. Just feeling cynical that’s all.

    Keturunan Jebat


  6. too late.
    they have announced that KTM station will be relocated to woodlands at 1432hrs. The KTM land will be given to MS Pte Ltd, with Malaysia holding 60% but held by khazanah, remaining held by temasick.
    So looks like KTM gets no cash to impove their service. Is najib doing an anwar when he was defence minister, when he meekly gave woodlands naval station back to cheenapore on grounds that the leasing charges is too expensive if we were to continue using woodlands, whilst forces from other commenwealth countries were encouraged to continue having their bases there?


  7. Salam to all,

    my very first posting here, so as a gesture of respect to the tuan rumah, i will try to stay cool eventhough i feel like blowing my top over the stupidity of our leader in protecting the interest and sovereignity of our nation.

    – why the hurry in helping the red-dot to resolve the KTM land issue??
    – why can’t we hold the KTM land issue until the red-dot agrees to purchase our water at reasonable price??
    – why can’t we hold the KTM land issue until the they agree to our demand regarding the CPF issue??

    najib and rosmah is a deadly combination, no matter how hard APCO is trying hard to potray otherwise and embark on ‘damage-control’ missions.

    najib could have easily secured solid malay votes if he for example set-up a committee just to look into and to deal with any outstanding matters (or whatever matters so to speak) with singapore. and he could score more points if he puts TDM as the Chairman of the committee.

    but, knowing najib now, the best statement to describe him is : YANG DIKEJAR TAK DAPAT, YANG DIKENDONG BERCICIRAN.

    najib, memalukan kaum bugis saja.


    • When Singapore first proposed to resolve all issues as a package, who were the ones refusing to do this?

      JMD : I am curious. Please enlighten us with the details of the package, what were the things that Singapore proposed to Malaysia in order to resolve the issues and who actually refusing the package and on what basis of the refusal? Was it an unfair package? Or was it a ludicrous package? Thank you.


  8. I hate you Najib!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tun Dr Mahathir,my idol…I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!argh…argh…….argh………….TUN…I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. will the demolition of the causeway take effect and be replaced by a bridge?
    that will be a win for us, but i doubt that will happen.
    Oh please mr postman…oops…mr prime minister
    dont la go n give give only, have some pride la
    im stiill supporting u but please la dont make me think otherwise. haiya susah susah….


    • Tuan rempahman,

      From utusan report ” Kedua-dua negara juga bersetuju, katanya, untuk membangunkan sebuah perkhidmatan rel pantas atau sistem transit pantas (RTS)secara bersama bagi menghubungkan Woodlands dan Tanjung Puteri di Johor Bahru, yang bakal beroperasi menjelang 2018.”

      Looks like the causeway will stay as it is until doomsday, unless something else happen. It also means the ecology, alternate shipping lane will remain status quo…

      Yes haiya susah, susah



  10. JMD

    Ada beberapa persoalan dan tanggapan/jawapan saya diatas isu ini.

    1. Kenapa Singapura hendak pindahkan stesen KTM Tanjong Pagar?

    Tanggapan: Landasan KTM merentas ditengah-tengah negara Singapura dan sekali gus membelah Singapura kepada dua bahagian. Setesennya pula terletak diatas tanah yang tinggi harganya.
    Makanya sang ultra kiasu tidak boleh terima hakikat ini kerana selain tanah tersebut tidak dapat dibangunkan dan memberi keuntungan kepada mereka yang paling penting landasan serta setesen KTM ini mengancam keselamatan negara mereka.Dengan lain perkataan mereka takut kita akan taklok negara mereka melalui landasan KTM ini.

    2. Kenapa setelah Khazanah Nasional diberi hak 60% untuk membuat pembangunan di tanah yang masih kepunyaan KTMB tapi selepas siap dibangunkan(munkin pada 2018) akan ditukar ganti dengan 3 kawasan lain yang kononnya nilai kawasan-kawasan ini setara dengan tanah-tanah KTMB yang telah dibangunkan?

    Tanggapan : Maaf saya tidak dapat buat tanggapan untuk soalan ini. Munkin JMD boleh bantu saya.

    3. Khazanah Nasional dan Temasik Holdings diberi hak 50-50 untuk membangunkan satu kawasan di Iskandar Malaysia. Kawasan yang hendak dibangunkan itu hak siapa?

    Jawapan : Tiada disebut siapa pemiliknya.

    4. Adakah pemberian kompleks rawatan air di Skudai secara percuma kepada pihak Johor itu berbaloi atau setimpal dengan apa yang Malaysia akan kehilangan sesudah kawasan di Iskandar Malaysia dan tanah-tanah kepunyaan KTMB dibangunkan?

    Jawapan : JMD, tolong buat kira-kira.

    Akhir kata, kita ini umpama mentimun. Mereka durian.Kalau kita memberontak,kita akan ditangkap dan masuk lokap. Kita buat bising macam mana pun mereka juga yang kaya raya dan senang lenang. Kita masih duk takat lama.
    Melainkan kita buat anjakan paradigma dan ikut pepatah Inggeris ini;

    If you can’t beat them, then join them.

    Terima kasih.


  11. I am perhaps the only Singaporean on here, but reading comments made be some Malaysians here motivated me to write this: if these comments are summative of how the general Malaysian public thinks, then it does nothing to shore up its negative reputation amongst its neighbours.

    Malaysia has repeatedly proven itself to be a regional bully, and an expansionist wiling to wreak its relationships with all its neighbours. And to think it wants to quibble over inches of land with countries much smaller than it, often times based on issues caused more due to the British colonisers than the current governments. And I tot Malaysia likes to tell others it is “friendly and brotherly”?

    The British annexed Brunei’s land without consent (would have been considered an invasion in today’s contexts), and happily denied Brunei of its deep-sea territorial waters unilaterally as thou it has sovereign right over the entire northern coast of Borneo. Since when must Borneo concede anything to Malaysia just because Malaysia decides to lay claim to territories not its own?

    The agreement on railway land was formulated by the British to allow Malaya to operate rail services into Singapore. Nowhere did it say that Singapore must compensate Malaysia if its stops railway services, an action which automatically returns all KTM properties to Singapore. The only reason Malaysia insists on continuing operations to Singapore is its desire to milk financial returns from any negotiations with Singapore, which Singapore is not obliged to give anyway, and which Malaysia repeatedly walks away from the negotiation table because they want to maximise benefits.

    To Singaporeans, that is pure greed, the very same label some Malaysians like to pin on Singaporeans.

    So it is indeed a refreshing change that the current Malaysian government finally realised that enough is enough, and that what Singapore has offered on the table is already far more than Malaysia deserves. So after wasting decades of needless debates, Malaysia goes back to honouring practically the same terms which has already been agreed on in 1990, along with another three batches of land Singapore has offered to throw in this time.

    So as far as we are concerned, Malaysia has gotten all it wanted and more, none of which are required in the original agreement. I am therefore highly amused why some Malaysians can still attempt to “count the costs”. Since when does Malaysia deserve even an inch of land belonging to Singapore?

    And about that comment on water, again I am highly amused. Singapore will cease buying water from Malaysia completely when the current two water agreements expire by 2061, a time many Singaporeans will celebrate. Water is no longer a bargaining chip Malaysia can use, as the current government long realised!

    JMD : No you are not the only Singaporean here and thank you for visiting. You might be surprise that some of the commentators from Singapore here has a very pro Malaysia stance. And at the same time, some of Malaysians commentators here has a very pro Singaporean stance. Anyway, everyone has the opportunity to say something as long it is not too profane or derogatory. And please tell us when did ‘Malaysia has repeatedly proven itself to be a regional bully’.

    What the British did does not count. If you have a problem to what the British did when they were in Malaya and Singapore, please take it up to them. Thank you.

    By the way, did you drink any water today? You’re welcome! 🙂


    • huaiwei, don’t gloat too fast

      singapore is sinking 2 inches annually

      the brightest brains are migrating to be replaced by foreign talent

      drinking recycled water (WASTE water) may be OK for the initial years but for decades and centuries, is it still OK ?? can you guarantee that he filtering membrane will NEVER malfunction??

      high HIV rates, high heart diseases, high divorce rates, high abortion rates, too many singles, not enough babies, high fees for education, medical, houses, cars …… the list goes on and on

      as for SMILES, what smiles?? it is almost non-existent

      the old and elderly are abandoned, many commit suicide and the red dot had toimplement the parents maintenance bill

      still gloating??


    • Singapore, not Malaysia, is sucking the blood of other asean nations, by being a money laundering hub for illlegal money, especially from indonesia.

      KTM land lease has another 950 or so years to go. The 2011 water agreement expires next year.

      I have not heard of any money being offered. Seems to me, the land will be exchange for shares in a company where khazanah will own 60%, meaning, if there is a development, we have to come up with 60% of the money. Money meant for poor rural kids, ends up propping a country that makes a living by encouraging the corrupt and the tax evaders to deposit their ill gotten gains in singapore. It is so easy to open a bank account in cheenapore.

      it was temasick, who single handedly brought down thaksin. It was temasick, who partnered with drug lords from myanmar in hotel JV’s. when temasick and singapore GIC invested in US and UBS, it brought the world economy down. And now, temasick is on a mission to bring down the Malaysian govenrment. unforunately, we do not have a credible opposition, as its leader, anwar ibrahim, was also involved in returning the woodlands naval base back to cheenapore. Time to bring Chin peng home and lead the nation, I’d say.

      And what does KTM get for their loss? Nothing. All the money goes to the guy who lost RM25billion in forex, Mohamed Nor yakub, and the guy who controls khazanah.


  12. I’m not surprised but am saddened by the many comments made here. Singapore and Malaysia were brothers at birth but have grown up with different world views.

    As in many families, sometimes not everything is shared equally and disputes maybe deep and longstanding. But this should not stop us from realizing that we cannot live in the past and that this generation can change everything for the better.


  13. This Singaporean need to wait another 50years to celebrate the expiry of water agreements?

    Bengap benar.. why need to wait so long? Just seal off your taps now and go celebrate..


  14. Jebat,

    This is a bit off topic but have you noticed that there is dearth of intellectually stimulating blogs (politics,socio-economy etc) from Singapore?

    Most of my Singaporean friends are big fan of Malaysian blogs like yours.

    For some reason, despite their high paper chasing education level, the masses still cannot grasp the concept and engage in intellectual discourse hence, end up writing like the above.

    Talking to Singaporean over a good coffee with an intellectually stimulating topic is really hard to come by. You always end up talking about business and have shallow conversations.

    I wonder what went wrong.


  15. Hoooi, huaiwei.

    You are Singaporean yet you come into a Malaysian blog and try to gangsterise and terrorise here with you unwelcome and unacceptable views. Alleging Malaysia’s “negative reputation amongst its neighbours”. Who the hell says that except you and the likes of you.

    You probably find it unbearable that you cannot say anything about Singapore because Big Brother is always on the wall watching your every move and listening to anything you say. You might be placed in a cold store without promotion in your work place or get sued to bankruptcy if you complain or criticise the authorities in Singapore, and there are only 2 opposition MPs in your city state at the last count. But don’t vent your frustration on us by making wild remarks, you dirty and uncouth “neighbour”. And don’t try to drive a wedge between us and Brunei by recasting the history of this region which we know you people would like to re-write.

    Instead of thanking the Malaysian Government for whatever it has done up to now, you start to talk about what is deserving and what is not. We recognise the mistake of Tengku A Rahman in letting Singapore go to ungrateful people like you who keep wanting more, more and more. Enough of creating the Malaysian Malaysia slogan that led to the Tengku letting you go, now you want to rub it in on us by saying unwelcome things in this blog which is aimed at the Malaysian audience. Why the hell do you want to try and interfere in our internal affairs?

    Coming out with statements like “regional bully” is not only unacceptable but also unjustifiable. There’s only one word to describe you and people like you – bugger.


    • Hey Nono

      This is the product of monopolised mass media in the red dot. They can only have one OFFICIAL view.

      Sad but true, that’s why the brains are migrating.


      • I’m glad you think the brains are migrating from Singapore, my friend.

        It’s only logical that it happens. Brainy people usually can’t stand having to parrot their leaders all the time, controlled to the extent of mental degradation. No wonder some one in here comments that Singaporeans only talk business when meeting over coffee and drinks. That’s one way of ensuring they don’t go out of line in the politics of the city state.

        Tun Dr Mahathir spoke about the fairly recent legislation empowering their Police to accost two people walking in the park, on grounds of security, etc. Some years ago, the Government had those who took landscaping plants beside the streets return them under Singapore TV cameras and screened to publicly disgrace them like Mao Tze Dong’s Red Guards did to Professors, teachers and even parents during the so-called “Cultural Revolution” in the 60s.

        Sorry for the digression, JMD, but hope I’m allowed to comment on a comment emanating from the rude Singaporean’s interference in Malaysia’s internal affairs.


  16. I’m ok to lose Tg Pagar if we get the following in return:

    a) Peninsular Malaysians can take out their CPF when they resigned from their Singapore jobs

    b) There will be a commuter train link: Senai – Iskandar – JB – Singapore network – Changi

    c) Use the compensation $$ to build the scenic bridge

    d) Easy access to SG using MyKad, no need passport

    No worries about the water deal coz as mentioned by one commentator it will end in 2061 anyway. In the meantime, be charitable to thy neighbour ok..

    Actually I will be more happy if our currency is as strong as or stronger than Singapore. Then Malaysian public can easily buy properties in SG as the Singaporeans can buy properties in MY. Less Malaysians will want to work in SG coz there are no longer exchange rate benefits. If our income tax rate reduced to the same rate as SG, maybe more young Singaporeans want to work in MY coz our working environment is more relaxed and cost of living is cheaper.

    The key is to get our house in order, Malaysia will then be a power house. No need to be antagonistic to our neighbours.


      • bugger bugger, sigh …

        you think that is a great idea huh??? – what with red dot sinking 2 inches annually

        the problem (big one) is – on WHOSE terms will the merge preside on ???

        Ketuanan Melayu (article 153) or Malaysian Malaysia (Middle Malaysia) ???


  17. We have another 950yr lease on this KTM land.. Give our future generation an opportunity to decide on this too.. why the hurry?

    Mahathir was PM over 20years, he could have come up with solutions then, but did not.. Najib hardly 3yrs and already wanting to make such historic decision?

    Guantánamo Bay
    The Lease Agreement signed on February 16 1903, granted the U.S. “the right to use and occupy the waters adjacent to said areas of land and water… and generally to do any and all things necessary to fit the premises for use as coaling or naval stations only, and for no other purpose.”

    To the U.S. this means an “open-ended duration” that can only be terminated by mutual agreement. To Cuba it means that Guantánamo Bay is “occupied territory.”

    Similar situation?


    • 950 years wait! Why pass the buck? Calculate the opportunity cost lost. KTM is subsidising the rail service to Tg Pagar. The trains are old and rusty, toilet smell leaks into the cabin etc Only the foreign tourists are excited about it. Singapore will never allow the land to be re-zone unless KTM agrees to other proposals. So roadblock, jam etc with no money gain for both sides. So better co-operate and make money out of the land. In the process we build confidence and can go into other win-win projects like Iskandar Johore, etc, etc.

      Malaysia is such a big country and what benefit does it derive from the stalemate. Just to inconvenience Singapore? Since the malay rulers had made huge huge mistakes before like giving Singapore to the British, and Tunku for allowing Singapore to separate, why be a spoilt kid and cause unnecessary frictions like ban sand, ban water, KTM land etc
      Look at the big picture, once relations and trust improve, maybe Singapore will join Malaysia again and probably Singaporean malays will play a big role in the Malaysian Govt.
      You allow Mersk to invest in Pelepas. You can also allow Singapore to invest in Pelepas.


  18. In today’s globalized world, we are no longer competing with each other (eg. Malaysia versus Singapore), instead with the RISE of China & India, they out number us by the billions ! As we speak today there are 100 “singapores” (cities in China with 5 million or more) being built and will be completed in 5 – 10 years time. Even if Iskandar Malaysia and Singapore work togerther we are both still in deep “trouble”. Please wake up and understand that ONLY if we work together, regardless of race Indian, Chinese, Malays regardless of religion, Muslim, Hindu, Christian or Buddisht then maybe we can survive. There’s not much time left, the world is moving at lighting speeds.(eg. QATAR city was a dessert in 3 years there now about 20 – 30 high rise buildings all over.) What it took KL and SG 20 years to build, today Globally, they (our real so called “enemies”) can do it in 3 years ! Yes Malaysians “so called hate” singaporeans cause this and that or singapore “hate” malaysians cause this and that (over small stuff la), but if we are too busy “fighting” among ourselves, we will not save our ship from sinking. It’s time to forgive and stop this madness, and lets get on with the real issues. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing, better place, a better world for all our people of different races and religions. Get back to the basics of life, back to those days when everyone was “poor” and had a “rich” life. today we have cars, malls, houses etc and still jelous of one another ? In the end, we are only humans, doesnt matter how big ur assets were, u still cant bring it with u where ure going. Right now, we must stand togerther to build a better life for all. and yes we all can still believe and practise our respective faiths or cultures (races) without putting others down. There’s no longer a “pro-malaysian” or “pro singaporean” way to look at things in today globalized world. Instead, its either a “pro-co operation” or “pro – non co operation” view. If we truly love our respective countries, (being malaysian or singaporean) then understand that we got to do look at the BIG picture.
    If we choose to co operate, we will win globally.

    This is a story of 2 friends, One owned all chicken farms (no rice) and the other all rice farms (no chicken). Both wanted to have a better life so they started selling their chicken and rice separately for many years at lower prices than if they were to have worked together selling “chicken rice”.
    Each argued over a small piece of road land between them (and some other small issues). Because of this arguments they the owners never co operated.

    One day, the 2 sons of the 2 owners got togerther and reliased that what thier fathers did were understandable (old man have too much ego to co operate) , but these 2 sons relaised that there were now other persons ( one named C and the other named I were planting rice and having small chickens. C and I also started taking over many other places.

    The 2 sons then due to the alarming competition, jointly upgraded the road (on a 60% 40% basis) and then got a lorrry, with it they jointly started selling chicken rice together and started to open up many other chicken rice shops.

    Come on guys, grow up, let go of the past, and make Iskandar Malaysia & Singapore or where ever a good place to live work and play. My warmest regards to everyone.


    • Malaysia and singapore.. we are a small country. What is it to chase and to win about?. Tell me exactly.

      Malaysia should not care about Singapore.
      Malaysia should take care of its own country and people.
      Malaysia is blessed with its tropical weather and all year season and food.
      As long as we concentrate on our people and not so called foreign investment, I think our country can accommodate its people without ‘winning’.

      Chasing this and chasing that, is there any threshold for it? Will we ever win and how do we define win?

      In the end, its all about the quality of life. Why do we have to compete when we can compliment?


  19. Under the British, KTM railway to Singapore was meant to support Keppel Harbour as and entrepot with Malaya as its Hinterland. Now Malaysia is a developed country with its own ports like Klang and Tg Pelapas, the KTM railway to Tg Pagar is of no benefit to Malaysia or KTM anymore. The services is rundown because it is not worth the investment to upgrade train nor track. Now the service is mostly treasured by western backpackers who wants a cheap mode of transport and some feeling of nostalgia.
    Without transformation like a caterpillar to a butterfly, KTM will remain status quo and worse still a reminder of the bad blood and mistrust. No one win in this game.
    Najib is honouring a POA that was signed 20 years ago. He has the guts and wisdom for we have been distracted for too long over non-issues.
    To Malaysia your enemy is not Singapore and similarly for Singapore, our enemy is not Malaysia. We are historically the same people.


      • CPF money is in the law of Singapore. Foreign workers from Malaysia are the exception and they know when they started working and contributing to CPF. Well one can still go and work some other places.
        On the contrary CPF earns good interest much much more than the 0.4 to 0.8% paid by banks.

        The dirty water is mainly from Johore. It is true the Western Johore Straits is more polluted than the Eastern side. It is open to negotiation as cost is needed to construct the bridge.

        Malaysia is not thinking about the water flow alone but the link-up between Pasir Gudang and Pelepas. So why don’t be upfront and pay the price.


        • Oooohhhh … so now it is the LAW that counts – not the unfairness of the deal.

          You can advise singapore to pay MARKET prices for SAND and also WATER – this is FAIRNESS.


          • Ray, Yes it is in the law. East Malaysians can withdraw but not west malaysians. People think it is politics but it is simply geography and economics. Geography because Johore is too close to Singapore and there is no way you can prevend the person from coming back to work again and again due to the close proximity. Economics is that we can use the money to invest and hopefully earn a better rate of return. So fair or not is not the issue here. Singaporeans do feel it is unfair not being able to withdraw, but it is the law. Of course law is made by man.


          • You have already ban the sale of sand so what market rate are we talking about?

            For water you must go and see the big picture. I do not want to belabour myself explaining to you. The big picture is that there is the construction of the dam, operations, piping potable water to Johore at subsidised rate etc etc It is not a case of 3 sen!


  20. Chauvinist Chinese dan Hindu..Diaorang ni sume nye perompak-perompak di Tanah Melayu..Duri didalam daging,gunting dalam lipatan,api dalam sekam dan macam2 lagi kalau boleh aku nak labelkan daorang nie.
    Semua ni angkara pemimpin Melayu juga.Cucu-cicit bangsa Melayu juga yang susah.Long Jaafar,Ngah Ibrahim,Raja Abdullah,Raja Mahadi,Orang Putih bawa masuk diaorang ni dari tahun 1800 lagi.Mula-mula bawa puluh-puluh ribu saja..Sekarang dah jadi Juta-juta..Ada sign kontrak ke bawak diaorang masuk sini dulu?Kerana kelembutan org Melayu le diaorang ni pijak kepala balik.Tujuan diorang ni bukan apa..nak cari kesenangan dan kekayaan di Tanah Melayu.Akhir nya wujud le Negara Sing..Penang..dan dah tentu tempat2 lain seperti di Perak, KL,Negri Sembilan, Selangor dan kawasan lain yang sewaktu dengannya.Perompak2 ni makin mendabik dada setelah diberi tempat dan kerakyatan di Tanah Melayu.Apatah lagi bila diberi kebebasan politik.
    Jalan akhir untuk melihat cucu-cicit bangsa Melayu hidup aman di Tanah Melayu dan tidak di rompak oleh kafirin ini hanyalah satu..Iaitu peperangan FiSabillah.Kita start cari pasal dengan Singapore..


    • Dan cara untuk start cari pasal dengan Singapura ialah dengan membuat insiden ‘false flag’. Macam Nazi yang mengebom parliamen sendiri lalu menyalahkan anaser komunis, atau USSR mengebom askarnya dan menyalahkan Finland.

      Ini mudah dilaku dengan bantuan TUDM. Beberapa perkampungan Melayu di Johor boleh dibom dengan jet pejuang Su-30, atau dibedil dengan mortar/misil ASTROS. Media boleh menyalahkan Singapura lepas ini. Ini memberikan alasan demi kita memulakan peperangan suci untuk menghapuskan Singapura. Ya, beribu-ribu orang kampung akan terbunuh, tetapi inilah demi agama bangsa dan negara. Beratus-ribu pahawan Melayu akan terkorban demi seketul batu bersebelahan Terbau. Dengan bantuan sekutu Zionis Amerika, Australia, UK dan Isreal, kemungkin besar bandar kita akan dihancurkan oleh pengebom B52 mereka. Tetapi kita akan menang memandangkan nisba populasi kita kepada Singapura. Demi bangsa, agama, dan negara pengorbanan seperti ini adalah harus.


  21. JMD,

    To pacify the sceptics, it is incumbent on the part of the government to be transparent by:

    (1) enumerating the gains,
    (2) listing the losses,
    (3) rationalising why this issue is given priority over others?,
    (4) explaining how and when other pressing issues are going to be dealt with?




  22. As a Singaporean, it’s interesting to hear the views from Malaysia’s side. I think bilateral ties between both countries have always been a thorny issue and tension and emotions are usually riled. But personally (and a strong opinion here in the red dot) is that the deal is really to foster closer Malaysia-Singapore ties. I think many of you can rest assure that Singapore does not harbour any military ambitions over Malaysia. For if it so, the island-state would have been more outright in provoking arm skirmishes for the past 4 decades. Truth be told, LKY still sees Singapore to be part of old Malaya, now Malaysia. If you look at the crest of Singapore, you will notice a tiger and a lion.

    The lion without much explanation signifies Singapore. The tiger however represents Malaysia, and a symbol that Singapore and Malaysia is too tied up in kinship, geography and culture. Plus you only need to see LKY teared on national tv to see he really did care a lot for Malaya, when the separation was officially announced. For traditional Asian cultures, a man crying in public is not the most admirable thing.

    Perhaps the past 40 years have been quite pricky. But as we enter a new generation who did not experience the days when both countries were one, we run in danger of further isolation both territories and creating a greater divide. Malaysia and Singapore has realised that the world is its stage, not the straits of malacca. I believe this is only one of the first few steps in working together. The real threat is the rise of China and India, which might outshine the region and we will be at the losing end in no time.

    It’s only time to work together, my dear friends.


    • My dear chap,

      No offence intended by coming in when my blogging name has been Dot for a long time now.

      You sound a reasonable guy and I hope most people in our respective countries are. But there has been too much water under the bridge and old wounds die hard. We can’t even get a bridge that would enable water flowing across the Causeway making it cleaner than otherwise, among other reasons.

      But why can’t leaders from both sides put all the facts on the table for their respective publics to see, explain the pluses and minuses, give the history of the railway land, its legal status and all. After all, they have the Ministry of Information and national news agencies to do it. Not having done those leaves people to suspect, speculate and accuse all sorts.

      Wish you could get your people there to do them so that we also can benefit over here. I’m about to give up hope of getting good PR from our people over here. If not, we’ll continue having the kind of talk seen above.

      Can you also tell me the rationale for Singapore having submarines and Zionist Israeli military advisers, as has been commented by some one above. These do touch on the sensitivities of your Muslim neighbours, you know.

      It’s more sensitive when one considers Lee Kuan Yew’s so-called Malaysian Malaysia concept (now being flogged by his worshippers Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng who he officially visited some months ago) is subversive to the Special Position of the Malays – that, which the British Colonial Secretary told the British Parliament when discussing the Malaya Independence Bill in the 1950s, had always been there “since day one” and placed in the Constitution of Malaya (and later Malaysia) to reaffirm it.


    • Sorry xiong

      Most people I know believed that the tears from lky was deep regret for the lost opportunity to be Malaya’s PM.

      The younger generation asks, “Why is that man crying and why must it be broadcasted repeatedly on TV so many times??”.

      That’s the consequence of blinkering the youth from politics.


      • Aiyoyo, their propaganda is fantastic, ray. Hardly any opposition (2 MPs – you talk salah, you get sued and bankrupted out), Big Brother as stated above, then whatever the boss says, everybody listens la, stay away from conversing political issues, follows what he says.

        And over here the wayward fellows talk about no freedom, praise Singapore glowingly. What nonsense.

        Sure he wanted to become Malaysian PM and tried to do it in a mischievous way. He was nasty using the subversive Malaysian Malaysia slogan. Many Malaysians remember his nastiness. Now his admirers want to change the slogan to Middle Malaysia and I read in one blog many Malaysians are giving them the Middle Finger.

        Hope xiong will reply above.


  23. Sorry !!Ah Sing Super Ultra Kiasu..If I am a Malayland PM. I will attack you all in Pulau Batu Putih issue. Like North Korea fired torpedo to 1200 tonne South Korea Cheonan Warship.Then the war begins and we can see who’ll stay in Malay land to fight untill the end..and who will pack their belonging and run for life.I know, thousand of innocent will die.but it’s for our next generation life in Malay land…Waiting for the day!


  24. you can see the new proposed MRT into here

    there does not seems to be any connection with KTM. Or maybe, unlike the singaporeans, our administrators are busy doing nothing usefull except day dreaming about buying the bentley continental turbo R or having a second wife (thanks to the relentless research on tongkat ali by our research facilities)


  25. In the first place, the supposed Malaysian land which KTM holds should have belonged to Singapore. When the soverignty of Singapore was gained when we were expelled from Malaysia, that land should likewise have done so.

    Malaysians are getting a FREE 40% of land around our prime downtown. What more are you asking for?

    UMNO and its cronies should stop being ridiculus


  26. Dot,

    I am muslim too and I would appeal for your to stop bringing Zionism or whatever shit into the argument. I hate to say this as I am a Malay Muslim too but sometimes I do feel ashamed that some Malay Muslim in Malaysia are constantly playing up racial/ religious politics. Oh come on get a life.


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