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Recolouring May 13th 1969

Exactly one year ago, I wrote an analysis on the May 13th racial riot.

The compilation of the articles can be read by clicking the picture below:

In one of the paragraphs within the analysis above, I mentioned:

May 13 needs to be remembered because racism and unhindered freedom of speech will cause unrest in this multi racial country. That is why we have the Sedition Act. The Act is solely to prevent the people from being too extreme in their views.

Now, in the aftermath of the 1969 incident, what now for the nation? I propose National Harmony Day should be celebrated on May 13 every year to remind ourselves how blessed we are living in a land where moderation and acceptance are the keys to national success in whatever there is to come. We should learn that, when hatred and resentment towards each other is no longer existed, we can now look forward towards building the nation with so much rigour, trust and mountainous sense of pride in our history.

Our founding fathers and leaders of the past had painstakingly upheld their selfless deeds and worked hard in making our Malaysia a successful nation. The greatest achievement we had was to live in harmony in the face of so many malevolent foreign and domestic challenges. We should not dirty this greatest achievement just because of a certain racist and political agenda.

Like the wise words I learned from school – “A society which does not look back with pride upon its past can never look forward towards its future”.

Anas Zubedy made an effort to change the perception of what we can learn from May 13th 1969 and I wholeheartedly agree with him. Thank you for reading this article. Lets have good, non abrasive comments please.

21 thoughts on “Recolouring May 13th 1969

  1. Sure. But we still have to learn from history what actually caused 13th May 1969.

    So that the same culprit that had caused it will not be allowed to do it again.

    Yes to I.S.A.


  2. Bro JMD, I propose alternatively a May 13 Remembrance Day dedicated to the remembrance of ALL the victims of the race riots and why we Malaysians should make every effort to prevent a repeat of the horrible incident.

    By the way your analysis on the May 13th incident is a masterpiece in investigative reporting.


  3. Kadang2 saya terfikir alangkah eloknya kalau ‘pembesar2 negara’ dari kedua belah pihak membaca artikel tuan atau lain2 artikel yg senada dgn nya, tak lah susah sangat kita nak gerakkan sentimen rakyat supaya sayangkan negara untuk masa depannya.Mungkin simtom “Aku Tahu Semuanya” masih menebal dikalangan ‘pembesar negara’ kita hinggakan mereka tak peduli langsung pandangan dan nasihat yg nak disampaikan oleh rakyat jelata.Tidak terfikirkah bahawa sekadar menegur tidak bermakna kita membenci mereka!


  4. Putting it as “National Harmony Day” is an excellent idea. An alternative is a plain “National Unity Day”.

    It may sound cliche to some people but everybody must realize the importance of national unity for racial harmony and long-term peace and progress in the country. We now want to achieve a developed status by 2020 and we must have uninterrupted progress to do that.

    May 13, 1969 caused a disruption in the political, economic and social life of the country. Suspended Parliament, curfews, soldiers patrolling the streets, shops opened for limited hours. Business people at the time must have realized the loss of income, the dwindling of their businesses during the period. And we were lucky in having a moderate Prime Minister then – Tun Razak – who brought back democracy within 2 years. Remember, it was entirely at his discretion – the power rested solely on him as to when to return to Parliamentary, democratic and normal way of life.

    Let us therefore remember May 13, 1969 always, so as to avoid its recurrence. Efforts must be made to get the younger set of people who were not around at that time, who may not have read much about the dark patch in our history, to know the circumstances that led to that situation and try to avoid such circumstances in the future.


  5. Jebat

    Saya geli hati membaca komen pembesar-pembesar kaum Chinoise di dada akhbar bila mengetahui Gertak nak buat Rally M13 semalam. Penceramah jemputannya pula Tun DM.

    Tapi nasib baiklah PM kita seorang yang cintakan keamanan dan kedamaian. Makanya beliau telah mengeluarkan arahan supaya dihentikan perjumpaan tersebut.

    Ada pula seorang pembesar ini, merujuk kepada 1Malaysia. Kalau Gertak teruskan maka pincanglah konsep 1Malaysia.

    Bukankah penasihat agong parti mereka menuduh konsep 1Malaysia itu berunsur ide Yahudi?
    Kenapa tiba-tiba saja 1Malaysia ini disanjong pula?

    Takutkah kepada Rally M13?

    Saya rasa Presiden Gertak tersalah pilih tajuk tujuan Rally diadakan. Jadinya pembesar-pembesar semua dah mengelabar.
    Tapi Gertak hanya gertak saja….

    Terima kasih.

    ps. Sesekali kita kena tunjuk yang kita ada darah Jebat mengalir dalam tubuh badan kita.Barulah masing-masing terkencing dalam seluar. Betul tak JMD?

    ps.ps. I hope my comments are
    not abrasive.Tq.


  6. Why should we commemorate the darkest day in Malaysian history? We do not have to scream out loud OneMalaysia or recoloring May13th every year or even having National Harmony Day when the reality is vice versa. Put all races in one school, one system, then you can talk about recoloring May13th. This is what Malaysians like to do, talk without action.


    • Yup…anything the Malay do or say is wrong..is racist…but what the DAP say is all true…sigh..

      Time is up..dont give in to the impossible demands of the chinese..you give them, they want more,,even if they get what they want, it is still DAP which they wil vote for..



  7. Well bro, some people tell others that they’re open minded person. Some keep telling they’re “colour-blind’ person. And some say they’re standing behind their beloved country principle.

    Yet, these very people were the one who plays racial politics. Who try to stop anak Bangsa Malaysia from attending the same school, learning the same knowledge in the same language. These people were the one who says that I’m Malaysian first, but their loyalty to Malaysia is questionable, as they always undermine on what’s written in the Constitution of Malaysia.

    We need to look back and learn from history, and not to be afraid by it. After all, why being afraid of history? Fear that the history contains the only truth? Takut pecah tembelang?

    13th May is a reminder to all Malaysian, that we are of different race in the past, and we are trying to be of 1 race in the future, that is Bangsa Malaysia, yang bertutur dengan fasih dalam bahasa Malaysia, yang menjunjung Perlembagaan Negara Malaysia, yang menghormati dan menghayati Rukunegara, yang berdiri mempertahankan maruah negara dan harapan bangsa.

    Bukan yang bergolek-golek di atas jalan didepan kenderaan yang membawa Sultan. Atau yang berlagak ‘lebih sudu dari kuah’ ‘macam kaduk naik junjung’…

    Anda dah sedia nak jadi bangsa Malaysia ? Then search and learn about the real history and facts about 13th May 1969 incident, instead of babbling about racist and racism. Stop labelling and let the truth prevail !

    Jangan memperbodohkan diri sendiri hanya kerana kita mendengar suara dari sebelah pihak.



  8. JMD

    Reading your piece led me to Anas Zubedy led and me to razaleigh.com. I read the NEM article intently for I know what the YM Tengku has to say must have a lot of essence.

    It is the fairest view on politics ane economics I have read in a while and I need to hear that. Many of us Malaysians, race regardless, are so fed up with what have been chocked into our ears and minds. One side of the divide we have a group of bastards and bitches clinging hard to not lose power; on the other side all these power-crazed bastards and bitches who stop at nothing-including fabricating crocks of shit to plunder their through.

    We got in the papers, blogs, primetime news same story that exhausted our minds over and over. This must stop. We have had it to our noses. The problem is neither divide provides for the quiet people at large.

    It is a real test to the present administration to recolor May 13th; nevertheless they must do and do quickly. They cannot continue to pander those within their circles only to also look at our aspirations. Winning elections means very little to us Malaysians and we don’t really give a damn who wins. Tengku Razaleigh talks facts. I have always admired the man. True Malay gentleman indeed; admirable political and economic idealogy.

    If I were najib, I will not be thinking twice. Just order it done. he must act like Mahathir in this sense and not be like abdullah. Be more like his Father and Tun Ismail. We all mourned their passing. It is NOT very difficult to bring the people together. The government of the day with its rich resources sure can better manifest its manifesto’s. If they have forgotten them, then they don’t deserve the votes we entrusted to them.


    Thank you JMD.
    I always the pleasure of “singgah sebentar” here. Always.


    JMD : Your welcome. Appreciate your comment. Thank you.


  9. 13 may harus dikenang….orang melayu tak harus ulang kesilapan membiar puak2 minoriti buat sesuka hati, tak berunding dengan orang melayu….just imagine kalau chin peng berjaya dengan misinya…..dan sekarang suku sakat dia guan eng and bapaknya masih dengan agenda mereka


  10. oi JMD why talk about past history May 13 where no one actually knows what is truth and what is wayang kulit.

    focus on present issues which need immediate investigation – such as, the PM who should be investigated asap !!!

    Not only should SPRM investigate Najib for corruption BUT ALSO declare hulu selangor results invalid !!! Clear case of corruption.

    see youtube video and judge for yourself if you are fair minded person –

    JMD : Have you actually read what I had written in my May 13 articles? It was Kua Kia Soong who had written the book about May 13. I was just reviewing it. Why don;t you send an email to Kua Kia Soong demanding why did he talk about past history?

    Anyway, in the midst of reviewing his book, I discovered many discrepancies. Since he had referred most parts of his book to the very same books I refer to, I believe I am not far off the tangent in saying that Kua Kia Soong was very diabolical in writing the book.

    The truth is from the books/reports written by Tunku, the NOC, few police officers and a former journalists. If you have other versions of the incident, please give me a viable source of reference.

    Do not be lazy and simply commenting without taking the time to read the whole articles.

    Yes, Najib should be investigated because I do not agree with giving money before a by election. You can promise development etc. But to give money before voting day lacks class. Especially when you give money to those who don’t really need it. What a waste.

    And this method of giving money/rewards before a by election is used by Khalid Ibrahim’s state government of Selangor too. It’s just that people like you chose not to highlight it.

    Thank you.


  11. My dad’s colleague was hacked into pieces in full view of her daughter who suffered emotional trauma in her life ever since. Lots of testimonies from relatives too such as how they locked the cinema & hacked everyone inside. This is the kind of grotesque & gruesome murder racial hatred lead to. Dead man tell no stories. Only the living can & it must be told. May 13 has to be commemorated for the lives lost & a reminder to everyone that racial differences have got to receive acceptance, not tolerance.


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  13. Nice try on trying to fake this.

    “The communist sympathisers taunting the Malays with Chairman Mao’s idealogy ”

    i googled “The Enemy’s Might will Never Defeat Us Mao” and I found no such quote said by him.

    It is suspected with such a violent and intolerant name this blog has, this blog is bound to have some sided opinion.

    nice try, I’d spit it out for you. 10 years before 1969, UMNO Singapore incited the racial hatred in Singapore.

    Might as well reveal Tunku Abdul Rahman is part of the illuminati, that’s why Dato Onn Jaafar quit UMNO.


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