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Race first, or nationality first?

Update 6 April 2010: Chandra Muzaffar wrote a good piece in New Straits Times today

“A Malay who is committed to the Constitution and appreciates Malaysian nationality would defend the rights of all religious and cultural communities and their economic and political roles.

Likewise, a Chinese or Indian Malaysian who is passionate about his Malaysian nationality would not only champion his community’s own rights and roles as envisaged in the Constitution but also demonstrate a commitment towards the economic well-being of the Malays and other Bumiputeras.

He would be enthusiastic about propagating Malay as the national language and strengthening the Bahasa Malaysia-based national school as the school of first choice for all Malaysians. An appreciation of the role of Islam as the religion of the federation would also be part of his outlook.”

Not much different from what a reasonable Orang Malaysia should think. A view which PERKASA can relate more  to than Lim Kit Siang could ever hope to comprehend. Please click on the above link to read the rest of the article. Thank you.

Original article:

There is no right or wrong answer to this.

Because, ladies and gentleman, race and nationality are two separate issues altogether.

Hence, I really do not get it when Lim Kit Siang, who by the way I suspect is at wits end trying to dent the rising popularity of 1Malaysia, asked Tan Sri Muhyidin Yassin the most idiotic question ever – is he malay first or Malaysian first?

Actually, whatever answer Muhyiddin gives would be correct.

The only wrong answer he could give would be for him to say as an example, he is Taiwanese first or an indian first. Why would this be wrong?

Because he is neither.

He is neither a Taiwanese national nor someone of the indian race.

Therefore, when someone who is politically bankrupt as Lim Kit Siang and his equally bankrupt cadres in DAP asking Muhyiddin to declare he is Malaysian first instead of he being Malay first, what were their true intentions?

I would find it hard to believe that Lim Kit Siang, who used to study law, is so stupid not to recognise the difference between nationality and race.

He was trying to merge two different context into one. Which is by far, the most idiotic thing to do.

Let me put things into perspective.

Imagine Schumacher, the former F1 champion, won the F1 race in Sepang yesterday. He will be a toast to his country, Germany. He would be proud as a GERMAN. Because that is his country. His nationality.

He does not say he is proud to be a CAUCASIAN if he had won the race. Because that is his race. His “bangsa”. Afterall, the F1 racing is between nations and engine make. Not, between caucasians and indians and japanese or malays.

Schumacher adalah orang Jerman berbangsa kaukasia.

Muhyiddin adalah orang Malaysia berbangsa melayu.

In another context, I am sure Schumacher is very proud to be a caucasian also. As a caucasian, he has his own  characteristics that befits for one to be called a caucasian.

Hence, nationality and race are two sets of different things.

So what if Lim Kit Siang declares himself as Malaysian first, chinese second?

Is he not a Malaysian? Is he not a chinese? The word chinese here means your race, not Chinese as in the citizen of the People’s Republic of China. Is it wrong to say that?

In this context yes, because there is no race called ‘Malaysian’. Only nationality. He will be shunned by the chinese if he say he puts his race as second because his main race is ‘Malaysian’.

See the confusion?

So what if I say I am malay first?

I am a malay!

I talk malay, I eat using my fingers. I live in the malay culture. Kalau berkahwin, ada adat meminang dan bersanding.

Sejak lahir hingga meninggal dunia, semuanya dilakukan dalam adat melayu.

Why should I declare myself as malay second?

Sebagai orang melayu, mestilah saya berbangga menjadi bangsa melayu!

Some malay liberals had the audacity to say they are Malaysian first, and malay second. What kind of stupid symptom are they displaying?

You have malay names, you live in the malay culture, and yet you shun being malay because you want to be known as a Malaysian?

Hello?! Being Malaysian is not a “bangsa” my friend. That is nationality.

Unless of course all of us are assimilated into one  dominant culture, having one religion and one language. Now that we can call everyone as “Orang Malaysia Berbangsa Malaysia”.

But for now, with the hypocritical Lim Kit Siang leading the way of not wanting Sekolah Wawasan or the abolishment of vernacular schools, we just have to settle with “Orang Malaysia Berbangsa Melayu/Cina/India/Iban etc”.

That is why, when you are overseas, you call yourself as a Malaysian to differentiate yourself from other people there. But when you are here, and talking among your fellow Malaysians, you can call yourself malay, iban, bidayuh, indian or chinese. All of us ARE Malaysians! And it is not wrong to be proud to declare your ethnicity.

Afterall, one of the values of 1Malaysia is the culture of acceptance. You accept the diversity that is within the scope of the Constitution.

Why must you ridicule someone who said he is malay first? Nobody will ridicule you if you say you are chinese first (unless of course you are saying you are a citizen of China  – that would be an unpatriotic thing to do).

Now, what is the real motive of Lim Kit Siang asking that particular question to Muhyiddin?

The DPM got it wrong when he said Lim Kit Siang wanted to drive a wedge between him and the PM.

That is only partly true Tan Sri.

But the real reason for the vile Lim Kit Siang to ask you that question is for him to tell all the misguided opposition supporters, especially the chinese, that since Muhyiddin had declared he is Malay first, he will not take care of other races in Malaysia.

He hoped to get more political mileage that way. We know the racist propaganda of the DAP all these years. They can only survive if they use the racial card.

That was his real reason.

And a few did took his bait. You can read Lim Kit Siang’s followers in his twitter account to know the effect of this racist question.

Muhyiddin said he is malay first!


That means, he will not take care of the chinese!


He will further alienate and will not support other races!


But he is the Deputy Prime Minister for God’s sake! How can he say such things? How racist can this malay leader be?! The chinese will be ruined!!!!!

Double *GASP!*

So you see, that is the real motive of the DAP. Lim Kit Siang, the father of racist politics will use whatever means to criticise others as racist although he is the one who had been playing the racism card all this while.

Yes you can shout you are Malaysian first. That shows you’re patriotic.

But never forget who you are too. That’s what makes Malaysia unique. A multi ethnic country with a lot of diversity and a headache for any ruling government to manage.

Especially when we have racists like the DAP stalwart in the opposition.

I challenge Lim Kit Siang to tell us all what is the prerequisite of being Malaysian?

How should they live? What should they speak? What religion should they profess? What should they learn in school? What kind of names should we have? Chinese names? Malay names? Indian names? English names? Esperanto names?

Lim Kit Siang’s cheerleader, Kee Thuan Chye, wrote an article to say that he is Malaysian first.

Another misguided soul who could not discern the difference between nationality and race. The effect of Lim Kit Siang’s racial politics had this one poor fellow writing a view as if the Deputy Prime Minister will shun other races! He is writing as if the Barisan Nasional government will not be inclusive. He is writing to say that the DPM must walk the talk and be more inclusive than exclusive.

Being a part of a race is already an exclusive thing to be in. I can’t be chinese even if I change my name into one.  Other races can become a malay. But not vice versa.

So why is declaring oneself as malay first be such a bogey to other races?

Luckily, Muhyiddin did not say he is Communist first. Unlike some of the supporters of Chin Peng reading it here. But that is another story altogether.

Furthermore, Kee Thuan Chye should direct most of his lamentations to Lim Kit Siang instead of Muhyiddin. DAP is the most exclusive anti-Malay party out there who claimed erroneously that they are multi-racial.

Back in 2004 and 2008, is there any malay candidates from the DAP that entered the general elections? None.

They are not interested to field any malay candidates. Only AFTER the 2008 general elections did they take in Tunku Aziz as a token vice-president. What a farce.

I challenge Lim Kit Siang and all those who dare say they are Malaysian first to:


The New Economic Model should pursue it. Most Malaysians want it.

If you can change or amend the New Economic Policy, surely you can change this mistake we call the ‘Education Policy’. If a touchy and sensitive subject like the special position of the malays are being discussed and criticised by some quarters, why can’t our education system be discussed and reviewed as well?

Does Lim Kit Siang want single stream school? A simple yes or not answer will do. This will show how real a Malaysian he claims to profess. Hope he will sign the petition here.

But knowing Lim Kit Siang, he will counter this challenge with another challenge; or with some other diversionary tactics.


DAP ruler 1969 - present

Lim, you have been in politics since 1969. You helmed DAP for the past 41 years. The longest serving ruler in Opposition politics in any parts of the world. In fact you are the longest serving politician in the world! Maybe except for Lee Kuan Yew.

Two peas in a pod yeah? Hence, the bigoted dictatorial tendencies huh?

Dinosaurs like you should have called it a day long time ago. Give it a rest will you?

So what should we answer if any racist people ask you what kind of Malaysian are you?

Just say you love your country. That’s why you’re a Malaysian. And you are also a malay/chinese/indian/others too because you are of that race and culture. You can’t rank race and nationality into first and second because those are two separate things.

Now do we understand how stupid all these fiasco that Lim Kit Siang had started?

Now here’s a bomb I would love to ask Lim Kit Siang personally – Is the basis of middle Malaysia to do away with the malays and bumiputra’s special position, namely Article 3, 32, 152 and 153 and eradicate them completely from the Constitution? Please answer in perfect Bahasa Malaysia.


108 thoughts on “Race first, or nationality first?

  1. JMD,
    I like this part:

    And a few did took his bait. You can read Lim Kit Siang’s followers in his twitter account to know the effect of this racist question.

    Muhyiddin said he is malay first!


    That means, he will not take care of the chinese!


    He will further alienate and will not support other races!


    But he is the Deputy Prime Minister for God’s sake! How can he say such things? How racist can this malay leader be?! The chinese will be ruined!!!!!

    Double *GASP!*

    Let’s change it if someone has the opportunity to ask back LKS the similar question to TS Muhyidding..

    Which one are your first? Malaysian or chinese?

    And a few did took his bait. You can read Lim Kit Siang’s followers in his twitter account to know the effect of this racist question.

    IF LKS said he is chinese first!


    That means, he will not take care of the bumis!


    He will further alienate and will not support other races!


    But he is the one of those who proposed Middle Malaysia (and hoping to be in ruler’s seat) for God’s sake! How can he say such things? How racist can this chinese leader be?! The bumis will be ruined!!!!!

    Double *GASP!*

    So, to racist bigots, think about it.. will ya? Don’t use cheapshot ideas cause it might hurt you back. 🙂

    ~ OnDaStreet


    • Any country in this world, will be ruined, if Muhyiddin Yassin becomes a leader. He has a tarnished reputation as johore MB in land govenrment land acquisation and the now defunct ASJ (amanah saham Johore) whereby rich and elite johore malays conned the savings of mak Cik and Pak Ciks for their own benefit. Police reports have been made, but the poilce remains on the side of the elites, who can confer them datukship. Mak cik’s and Pak Cik’s on the othe hand, cannot even afford to give these cops a pisang goreng.


      • Sputjam,
        It is amazing how you come to a conclusion and generalise things, especially matters to Barisan, UMNO, bumiputeras and islam..

        I wonder how he managed to get the votes of his Parliament if he is really a bad leader…

        Care to explain?

        ~ OnDaStreet


  2. Syabas Jebat, syabas.

    One correction tho’, other races CANNOT be a Malay. Period.
    But they can be a Muslim.

    Dang Anum? (no, im still sujini)

    JMD : Thank you Sujini. Anyway, I would like to direct you to the definition of Malay in the Constitution –

    “Malay” means a person who professes the religion of Islam, habitually speaks the Malay language, conforms to Malay custom”

    That means, anyone who fit all the criteria above can become a Malay. Basically, what this mean is, our Consititution state that a Malay is a Malay not because of his DNA, but because he conforms to all three criteria above. In this case, what’s stopping Ustaz Ridhuan Tee to claim he is a ‘Malay’? Hence, Melayu is the most inclusive race in the world. Anyone can legally and technically become one. A melayu who behaves like a christian, speaks english and living the life like a mat salleh tak sedar diri, can never be called a caucasian 🙂

    What do you think?


    • I was born to a malay family, but not a muslim religionist. That makes a mockery of the definition of malay in the constitution.

      better the definiton of chinese in china. anyone who speaks mandarin is considered a chinese. race and religion is thrown out the window


      • sputjam,
        You’ve said:

        “I was born to a malay family, but not a muslim religionist. That makes a mockery of the definition of malay in the constitution.”

        Muslim religionist? In what way do you live your faith, my friend? Care to enlighten us?

        ~ OnDaStreet


      • dear sputjam

        one who has to look up to a definition and be defined what he or she is has a problem with identity, don’t you think?

        there is no mockery. you must listen more than talk.
        you may find some answers.


      • I think what sputjam wanted to say is that he/she is a secular malay (sputjam, I can only assume at this point. Please do correct me if i’m wrong).

        Secular lifestyle is a lifestyle that has no religious influence in it. From my observation (can’t really say I observe, I live it), secular malays come in many form:

        There are several degrees of being secular malay, in my opinion. There are some mild secular malays who practice islam occasionally, most likely for appearance than anything else; probably puasa during ramadhan, solat jumaat, come to tahlil function. But in everyday life and conduct, devoid of any religious influence. (probably pays zakat or not. Probably replies to salaam or not)

        There are some secular malays who have/ haven’t any knowledge of the religion and choose not to practice it, even on social level (that includes not paying zakat or puasa etc). In this group, they may go as far as drinking alcohol (openly or privately), free love (you know what I mean), and other naughty things.

        And then there’s ultra secular malay, where their secularism is practiced with almost religious zeal (irony?). Example: me mum went berserk and threw me out of the house when she found out I was wearing headscarves in school. That’s pretty hardcore. (I can say extremism can go both ways. Relax, 3 hours later, I was back inside the house when me dad let me in)

        Of course, there are mix and match between these 3 degrees. Example my family is a mix of the mild secular malay and the ultra secular malay. But we don’t go as far as drinking, eating non-halal food and free love etc. Even without religious narratives, I personally think these things are dumb moves and I might as well have salt lick laced with cyanide than taking these poisons (even smoking. Guess which movie I quote this from :D)

        Might I add?

        Truly, Iman is a gift (to me, probably The Gift) from God. You can grow up in a secular family (even extended family), environment, secular community, secular friends, but when God chose you, by golly you’ll get it (Iman, I mean). I’m happy to say that my parents and family let up about me with the headscarves issue, seeing that I was really serious about it and not just a teenage fad. I’ve been praying 5 times a day long before that (to them, it’s razmataz’s 10 minutes ‘toilet break’. Remember, they are ultra secular. Made a mistake of telling my mum I’m going to surau while shopping, she dropped everything, drag me to the car, drove home, threw me in my room and said, “Hah! Sembahyanglah puas puas!”). ok. enough of the butthurt (sorry for the language JMD!). I love my family, they are good and the best people I know. They can demonstrate to you that people can live on good morals and principals, even in secular lifestyle (it’s just I don’t roll that way).

        On hindsight (more than 10 years now), I realized why they were so upset. It must have been awkward for high profile folks like my parents who had to explain to their friends about me (“Madam Razmataz, why your daughter sorang tu…”), even my sisters was not spared from the ‘inquisition’ from their friends. (Sorry, Mama. Sorry, Sis)

        I do not agree with all of sputjam’s posts so far. Even my family would think this bloke’s mental. My father witness first hand the atrocities of those communists. “Takut. Takuuuut sangat” he tries to explain to me the way that a 6 year old me could understand. Let them in, you say? Mental idea, that is.

        Why don’t you help them? these poor malays you despise so. You’d be surprise how dilligent these folks can be. It doesn’t have to be big. My mother would scout for girls yang kampung hulu to work and live in as maids. I remember my mum would sit with them for two hours every night, teaching them to read and write, maths, Qur’an recitation etc. These girls when given the chance, they really worked hard. They’d go back to their kampung as confident literate ladies and brides (usually they’s get a calls for marriage proposals and everytime they have to put up with my drama “kakak, jangan balik!”).
        My parents used to take in ‘anak angkat’; university students from poor background to live with us in the city. The scholarship will pay for the tuition but my father would take care of the food, lodging, textbooks and allowances. “what’s an extra mouth to feed?” he told me.
        They don’t do these things anymore. Both my parents are old now and have no stamina to do it.

        This reply is for sputjam’s “not a muslim religionist” post. Reading along sputjam’s posts, i feel like I know where he/she come from as far as being secular. (where sputjam’s heading, I cannot fathom).

        JMD : Thank you for the comment. Just curious, how come your mom would go out of her way to teach your maids 2 hours everynight to read the Quran but you on the other hand, can’t even pray or wear the tudung because she will get angry with you?

        By the way, I do not despise secular/liberal malays. I despise the Malays who despise and hate the Malays and hate being one.


        • There lies the enigma. She teaches all her girls to read the Qur’an and solat. In fact, she teaches the neighborhood grannies basic Arabic as well (she can speak and teach arabic). Until now, I have no idea why she gave me a hard time about it, and I never asked. In retrospect, she was probably acted the way she did because I was too young to don the scarf (maybe).

          As for me, growing up with liberal Malays, I don’t hate them. But if I have a family of my own, I’ll try and avoid them if it’s possible. They are alright, but when these liberal/secular Malays do what secular Malays do (if you get my drift), my heart bleeds, mate.

          And what’s all this Anglophiliac attitude they’ve got? Cripes, I grew up in Iowa (from my writing tho’ my accent’s from the other side of the puddle). Coming back to Malaysia we made a point to blend in. We don’t throw the american slang/ways in people’s faces (Go! Green Bay Packers). We all speak bahasa like we never left. My elder sisters managed to ‘localize’ their accent when they speak english; there’s no point being pretentious. So, there!

          I have to say it, these girls as old as 25 speak like a twelve yr old from the states (believe me, I know) and thinks they’re all that, they make me gag. Worse, fellas who speaks like the only english they’ve got was from MTV. End rant.

          Thank You.


    • haha..thats true Jebat. it seems like most malaysian do not know about the meaning of malay in the constitution. I have been trying to explain this to most of my friends that a malay is not bind by blood but through a certain merits. A malay must be a muslim but a muslim don’t have to be islam..If everyone understand this then the fight for the malay is not rasist.


        • Hazou, the definiton of malay in the constitution is inappropriate in this day and age. We need a more holistic definition.

          JMD : Don’t just give vague comments. Since you are the one suggesting it, please give us the example of a more appropriate and more holistic definition of a malay. And to ensure no more loopholes, please give the most appropriate and holistic definition of chinese, indian, and other races too. Thank you.


    • So true Jebat. Even Dr. Redzuan himself admit to it. (I attend his ceramah Maulid Rasul last week). It seems the chinese has ‘disowned’ him.


  3. The rhetorics of Lim Kit Siang can best be understood by alluding to a euphemism involving bees and pigs.

    Observe the Bee. It flies in search of good things, bivouacs from flower to flower and gets therefrom the sweetest nectars from the flowers he visit. The ones that could not provide any sweetness, he leaves them alone and moves forth to search for some other sweet things in some other flowers. He doesn’t spoil the aromas and colourful atmosphere of the garden by complaining.

    Now observe the Pig. He gets into the garden. He is surrounded by the fresh air, the vibrant colours of the flowers, the beautiful settings, the fragrant ambience of the entire bliss. But what does he search for? What truly satisfies him?

    The filthy faggots. The miry maggots. The repugnant worms. The dirty things. The fecal, the bedraggled, the icky, the murky. He would snort the dirty grounds with his equally dirty nose in search of these things. He LIVES by this dirtiness: his own existence strives upon the most despicable of things.

    For forty odd years, this personality by the name of Lim Kit Siang has been showing nothing more than the characteristics of that vilest of creatures (which, succinctly, happen also to be a delicacy in his diet list). Nothing that comes out of our government leaders are good enough for him. Each syllable our Prime Minister and his cabinet team spew out, he would scan and scrutinize and study and theorize and tap, tap, tap – there comes out from him the following morning an exact opposite, a critique to that. Whether it be good from the PM or whether it be bad, one is almost assured that Lim Kit Siang will portray it as bad. Sometimes I wonder if all he ever does is this, then when is he going to do some real work?

    But it’s funny, sometimes. Before the Penang bridge was built, he was the staunchest opponent to Mahathir’s plan to build the bridge. Oh never mind if he didn’t have any strong points at all to back up those qualms of his: he just needs to oppose, is what he is. But then AFTER the bridge had been built, this vehemence was deflected elsewhere for a good cause: he whizzes and zooms along said bridge like there is no tomorrow, he and his son.

    (who writes like a butterfly, but stings like a bee)


    • “…..that vilest of creatures (which, succinctly, happen also to be a delicacy in his diet list)….”

      They said we are what we eat…..



  4. Sdr JMD,

    Saya lebih suka menyatakan diri saya sebagai Bangsa Malaysia berketurunan Melayu, atau kaum Melayu. Di sini ‘Bangsa’ adalah ‘Nationality’ saya, dan ‘Keturunan/Kaum’ adalah ‘Race’ saya.

    Mungkin Sdr JMD atau pembaca dapat memberi penjelasan kepada saya yang kurang mahir mengenai ini.

    Adakah ‘Cina’, ‘India’, ‘Melayu’ itu Bangsa?

    Atau mulai sekarang, kita perlu menerima hakikat wujudnya hanya ‘Bangsa Malaysia di bumi ini? Maka Bangsa Cina atau India hanya wujud di Tanah Besar China dan India?

    Maka Tionghua, Hainanese, Hakka, Singalese, Punjabi, Malayali, Telegu, Iban, Kadazan, Dayak, Jawa, Bugis, Minang etc dan Melayu itu adalah keturunan-keturunan atau kaum-kaum etnik yang ada di Malaysia?

    Sekiranya kita menerima hanya satu bangsa sahaja yang ada di sini, iaitu Bangsa Malaysia, maka saya fikir kita tidak lagi keliru di antara ‘Nationality’ dan ‘Race’. Maka lebih senang untuk mengatakan kita semua ini adalah SATU BANGSA (Nationality) yang mempunyai pelbagai keturunan (Race).

    Keadaan menjadi “parah” apabila seseorang itu mengatakan bahawa dirinya adalah orang Malaysia berbangsa Cina (Orang Amerika pun hairan kenapa rakyat Malaysia mengatakan dirinya adalah Chinese – ini pengalaman saya sendiri), tambah pula dia tidak fasih berbahasa Kebangsaan. Seharian dia hanya bertutur bahasa cina baik di tempat awam, restoran, taman rekreasi, perbualan telefon etc. (Bukankah ini sememangnya realiti terutamanya di bandar-bandar?) Ini membuatkan dia ini lebih dekat kepada Tanah Besar Cina daripada bumi Malaysia dari segi tingkah laku dan pertuturannya. Ini, bagi saya, akan menambahkan lagi jurang polarisasi.

    Negara Malaysia adalah berteraskan adat resam orang Melayu dan bahasa kebangsaan juga adalah berteraskan bahasa Melayu. Sepatutnya tidak ada bahasa-bahasa lain diguna-pakai secara umum selain dari Bahasa Kebangsaan dan Bahasa Inggeris (BI mengambil tempat kedua). Di mana-mana negara yang tidak celaru identitinya hanya menggunakan Bahasa Kebangsaannya sendiri diikuti oleh Bahasa Inggeris di papan-papan tanda umum.

    Bahasa-bahasa ‘etnik’ sepatutnya hanya digunapakai secara ‘private’ dan sekali sekala ditonjolkan kepada umum bagi tujuan pengekalan ciri-ciri tradisional sahaja.

    Bila lagi kita semua akan mengatakan “Saya orang Malaysia”, di dlm negara sekalipun, tak perlu tunggu keluar negara? Bukankah ramai yang tidak berpuashati apabila terpaksa pangkah Bangsa sebagai Melayu, Peribumi, Asli, Cina, India dalam borang-borang? Borang rasmi, bagi saya, tidak sepatutnya menanya lagi bangsa seseorang itu, tapi hanya menanyakan keturunannya.

    Mungkin pembaca dapat juga memberikan pendapat kerana sebenarnya, saya pun agak keliru.



  5. As always i love reading your article. But this statement, “….The chinese will be ruined!!!!!…..”
    makes me grin gleefully



  6. Sebagai sambungan kepada komen saya di atas, soalan “Are you Malay first, Chinese first” etc sepatutnya tidak diluahkan langsung oleh rakyat Malaysia yang benar-benar Malaysia.

    Hanya seseorang yang tebal perasaan perkauman, chauvinist, kaki berpijak dibumi lain, langit lain yang dijunjungnya yang menanyakan soalan-soalan racist sebegitu.

    Cabaran Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS) Sdr JMD terhadap mereka-mereka ini adalah amat tepat sekali. Bagi saya, mereka-mereka yang menentang SSS ini sepatutnya malu untuk memegang taraf kerakyatan negara ini. Usahlah berhelah tentang kepincangan yang ada di sekolah-sekolah kebangsaan kerana perkara-perkara ini boleh diperbaiki dari masa ke semasa. Jgn jadikan kualiti pendidikan sebagai asas utk menegakkan sekolah vernakular. Sekolah venakularpun hanya indah ‘spin’ dari rupa.



    • @..NJ

      cadangan satu sekolah untuk semua hanya boleh dijayakan jikalau kerajaan penduduk negara ini kebanyakanya dari satu “ethnic’ atau monoethnic.

      Malaysia patut dibandingkan dengan negara eropah saperti switzerland dan belgium, dimana pelajaran diajar mengikut ethnik masing masing.

      Untuk mencerahkan lagi sistem pelajaran kita, saya cadangkan bahawa setiap pelajar wajib belajar tiga bahasa.

      untuk mengakhiri pendapat saya, penentuan pelajaran dan bahasa yang dipelajari, patut ditentukan oleh pelajar itu sendiri, dan piihak berkuasa patut beri sokongan untuk menjayakannya.


      • sputjam,
        Merujuk kepada komen-komen anda di atas, anda melayu, tetapi tidak begitu muslim religionist.

        Anda kata:

        “cadangan satu sekolah untuk semua hanya boleh dijayakan jikalau kerajaan penduduk negara ini kebanyakanya dari satu “ethnic’ atau monoethnic”

        Terdapat beberapa yang bercanggah..

        satunya, kebanyakan daripada satu etnik.. memang pun majoriti etnik bumiputera.. jadi, apa masalahnya?

        Keduanya, monoethnic? Kawan, negara kita berbilang kaum.. kalau monoethnic, tiada masalah untuk satu sekolah.. sebab dah satu etnik dan tidak akan dipanggil satu sekolah untuk semua..

        Makanya… adakah anda benar-benar faham apa anda tulis atau anda kurang arif berbahasa Malaysia?

        ~ OnDaStreet


      • sputjam

        Rata-rata rakyat negara Eropah yang anda sebutkan termasuk Jerman, Perancis dan Belanda fasih bertutur di dalam bahasa kebangsaan negara masing-masing. Suatu perkara yang amat membanggakan.

        Di negara Malaysia, tahap kefasihan berbahasa Malaysia masih lagi belum boleh dibanggakan seperti di negara-negara yang anda sebutkan. Kecenderungan berbahasa Inggeris dan berbahasa ibunda masing-masing masih lagi tebal di kalangan rakyat Malaysia yang bukan bumiputra terutamanya di bandar dan kota. Jauh lebih mengecewakan ialah ketidakupayaan menulis dengan nahu yang betul di dalam bahasa kebangsaan Malaysia yang menjadi bahasa rasmi di negara ini.

        Manakala di pekan-pekan kecil di Malaysia hal yang sedemikian kurang ketara dan bahasa Malaysia mendapat tempat di kalangan penghuninya dalam perbualan seharian.

        Cadangan anda bahawa setiap pelajar diwajibkan mempelajari tiga bahasa adalah sama sekali amat bernas dan wajar diketengahkan di dalam Parlimen untuk diusulkan. Adalah menjadi lebih afdhal sekiranya Encik Lim Kit Siang sendiri mengusulkan sedemikian dan mendapat sokongan Encik Karpal Singh. Saya amat yakin beliau kelak akan mendapat sokongan dan menampakkan semangat keMalaysiaan yang terpuji. Dan ini akan sedikit sebanyak boleh juga disulamkan kedalam erti perjuangan Malaysian Malaysia yang beliau laungkan selama 41 tahun di Parlimen.

        Telah ramai di kalangan bumiputra Malaysia diketahui giat mempelajari bahasa ketiga atas pilihan sendiri. Sesuatu yang harus dibanggakan berbanding dengan keengganan berbahasa kebangsaan di kalangan bukan bumiputra.


        • Orang air silap pendapat terhadap negara eropah. Memang benar, negara besar eropah saperti Jerman dan England menggunakan satu bahasa penyatuan, tetapi, ada juga negara kecil dieropah yang membenarkan pelbagai bahasa saperti switzerland (perancis/jerman/italian/romanian) dan belgium (belanda/perancis) untuk digunakan selaris.

          JMD : Note that there is nothing wrong if SSS wants us to follow England and Germany one stream education because that is what they think is best for the kids in this country.


  7. Lim Kit Siang is a stupid fool and bloody fool.Son of the gun.He only think about his Chinese people.How can people like him to be a Malaysian.He supposed to be a Singaporean with his ex-boss Lee Kuan Yew.

    All the while Lim Kit Siang looks arrogant,think like a smart guy but actual fact like orang Melayu cakap “Sudahlah bodoh tapi sombong pula”.

    Lim Kit Siang with his crony Lim Guan Eng, today try to spin to ensure all the Malaysian Chinese hate the Government lead by Malay.

    Their motive to make sure all Malaysian Chinese with them and to ensure this country no more longer rule by the Muslim. Both of them including Karpal Singh and family will ensure this country to become “REPUBLIC” as soon as they can split the Malays as sooner as possible.

    Their strategy almost becomes reality but do remember not simple as they can think. Orang Melayu bila terdesak mereka akan bersatu dan siapa yang akan rugi nanti.

    Lim Kit Siang is the most racis guy in this country.He looks like a person who very eager to take over this country named Malaysia.

    To all Malays in this country,time for us to show our unity as what we are 50 years ago.Don’t ever let people like Lim Kit Siang,Lim Guan Eng and Karpal n Geng together with Lee Kuan Yew to take over this country.Remember who burnt the Malaysian Flag 2 or 3 days before 13 May 1969.Everyone knows about it.

    Today the Chinese economy are strong because the Malay rule this country but if they to rule can their economy sustained in this country.

    Fikir-fikirlah sendiri rakyat Malaysia yang berbangsa Cina.


    • Dear kamarul,

      if the country has no chinese, central KL will look like Kampung baru.
      Therefore, the others have a reason why they think the malays are not fit to rule the country, especially after they compare bukit bintang with kampung baru and jalan ampang with kampung datuk keramat.

      God has given us eyes to see and brain to think. I hope you use these wisely, for you are responsible for their usage.


      • you keep going back to this hypothetical argument. the malays have chosen to run malaysian in a coalition. the malays have never said they wanted to run the country by themselves and they never act like they would want to.

        we all have eyes and we all have brains to see and think what happens in Thailand


      • If Malaysia is run by DAP,KL will look like Jingjang..Petaling Street looks better bcz of the Malays in DBKL..If there was no social contract Malaysia would have been a fully developed nation by now..1st the Chinese sabotage with communist guerrilla warfare..Then the PAP chauvinist..Then DAP harping on race issues promoting multi racial Malaysia..Feck U n Ur Mama!!!MU JUST LOST SO IM PISSOFF..


  8. In our country we identified ourselves according to our race. Are we not patriotic by that? Say you are in a faraway land, alone, and you met another Malaysian of whatever race, are you not going to be buddies after that? Like being in a buddy movie?

    Unless maybe you Lim Kit Siang. If he see a Malay, he will turn away.


  9. Dumb Kit Siau…
    Even if he look at the name of this country, Malay comes first before all the sia.. See MALAYsia.. MALAY first.. got it..

    So what else to do now Kit Siau? pick ur nose and calit ur nosewax somewhere under the table as u and all the siaus always do and pretend nothing happened with the same expression of ur monkey face?

    If any genie granted me three wishes, all i would spent just to wish ur ancestor tongkang terbalik somewhere farther than this shore of Malay Peninsular…


  10. 41 yrs as a leader of a political party! and we all thought Mahathir as being too damn long as a Prime Minister!! So,what have Kit Siang got to show for all these futile years? What kind of a legacy does he wants to leave behind? Interesting isnt it? This guy who goes by the name of Lim Kit Siang. Alas,he will always be remembered as an arrogant,boisterous hard core Chinese Chauvinist who is deeply anti-Malay and deeply anti-Islam. The DAP can paint him in any color they like to make him looks pretty but in my eyes and in my heart Lim Kit Siang is utterly loathsome as a person. He is vile and evil. No,its not only me in this- as I also speak on behalf of my family,my relatives,my friends,my kampong and all those who can see Lim Kit Siang for what he truly is – a chauvinistic old man full of hatred even against his own kind. The funny thing is Lim Kit Siang often wonder why the Malays do not like him or his son despite his incessant barking about democracy ala ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ and now ‘Middle Malaysia’! Oh yes,his party the ‘Democratic Action Party'(DAP)- the name sounds so much like ‘Peoples Action Party (PAP) and the ”Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) of old. Sorry Kit Siang, after helming the DAP for 41 long years,your rocket has sadly failed to go anywhere at all. Pathetic isnt it? That is probably your legacy as well – people will remember you as a failure, a non-achiever. May God has mercy on your soul…


  11. Jebat,

    What is perfect Bahasa Malaysia? Anyway I always believe that Muhiyudin isn’t a smart cookie.

    JMD : You will know it when you hear it 🙂


    • Go listen to habibie begging Indoensian parliament not to sack him way back in 1998, or bambang u-do-u-no’s (bambang yudhuyono’s) speech in parliament/press conference. Perfect malay the way it should have been taught in our schools. We should import indonesian teachers to teach us malay. dewan bahasa has failed miserably and should be shut down and it’s executive forced to commit suicide due to treachery.


      • dude, don’t confuse between Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia ….

        acuan bahasa Indonesia berteraskan budaya dan persekitaran di Indonesia …

        acuan bahasa Malaysia berteraskan budaya Melayu dan persekitaran di Malaysia …

        also please do not confuse with Melayu Malaysia which is defined clearly in our constitution with Melayu Indonesia which is define as ethnic …

        Bahasa Indonesia clearly have its own characteristic although we both have some similarity …

        btw, if we started to take wholly bahasa Indonesia, they ppl there will again start to called us ‘Maling’sia …

        i have tried to look at your view at least as discussion material … but until now you are still looking like LKS, dispute everything and thinking that ONLY your point of view matters …

        i bet you are a very difficult person to please …



      • my god sputjam,

        that would be bahasa indonesia habibie and bambang are making their speech in. do they sound anything like mahathir?

        you live in denial, man


  12. I must say it’s a bloody good article this one, Sir. I agree with you 100%. Including the words stupid, idiotic and so on. It’s time the fellow gets a dose of his own medicine – plain, direct and matter-of-fact kind of affront.

    He has been giving the impression that he doesn’t care two hoots about the Malays. He couldn’t care a damn about the fact that the Malays had agreed to citizenship for the non-Malays at Merdeka and the relaxing of citizenship rules in the issue of certificates after Merdeka. That which Tun Tan Siew Sin said in 1969 that “The Malays have been generous enough”. Of course, he shunned those words and Tun Tan Siew Sin. Ungrateful ingratiates, said in a double whammy way. He was fervently holding to the coat tails of his Master and demigod, Lee Kuan Yew. One wonders how much that so-called Malaysian Malaysia they hogged then (which DAP labours on now despite the new “Middle Finger” slogan) had contributed to the racial riots of 13 May1969. Once getting citizenship they simply hold their heads damn high, bludgeon on their anti-Malay rhetorics, not bothered about the interests of others. They even want the bloody communist terrorist Chin Peng be allowed to enter and die in Malaysia when the bloke is not even a citizen, when the bastard had caused thousands of death and untold sufferings to so many of our people.

    I fully support DPM TS Muhyiddin’s statement about being Malay first and your point that being Malay and being Malaysian are two separate things. The history of civilisations the world over shows that nationals identify themselves with their ethnic community when among fellow citizens but as citizens of the country when with non-citizens, especially when overseas. LKS certainly has evil intentions when raising the issue of being Malay first and being Malaysian second that TS Muhyiddin had uttered.

    It’s the hallmark of LKS and the DAP crowd – exploit each and every situation they can find to weaken anything they identify as Malay – the Government, the Police, the Military, MACC. Imagine, his son LGE even put out a letter blaming MACC for Teoh Beng Hock’s death when the Police was just about to begin their investigations. How ridiculous and ludicrous they can get. The communists have a doctrine – it doesn’t matter what you say, as long as you say it often enough, some people may come to believe you. They must be challenged and not be allowed to say anything they like and as often as they like without being told off from time to time.


    • Dear nono,
      i beleieve, if the malaysian govenrment has given its word to CPM, or anyone else, that they would be allowed to return after signing the peace accord, then the government of malaysia should honour it.

      similarly, once the malays agreed to allow others citizenship, then they should not keep on harping on this issue year in year out. Just bite the bullet and live with it.

      Not keeping to your word as a sin.

      The racial riots of may 1969 is a real tragedy. anyone who killed another man, is as if he has killed all humanity. These are the wise words in the quran.


      • similarly, once the non-malays agreed to have the special status for the Malays, then they should not keep on harping on this issue year in year out. Just bite the bullet and live with it

        Yeah !!


        • trouble is, citizenship is well defined. malay/bumi special status could mean anything. we must all sit down to define what special status means once and for all. And if anyone cannot agree to this new definition, then they have the option to optout of citizenship. I think this is a fair deal, no?
          And please include orang asli as bumiputras, as they have suffered and being neglected long enough.


          • hahaha

            sputjam sputjam

            That is really a sneaky way of chasing away/getting rid of “recalcitrant” non-bumi citizens.

            My dear, the devil is in the details.

            Would you care to draft this “definition”?? We’d love to see you try advocate this proposal.



          • sputjam

            believe me man, there is nothing so special about the bumiputra status to mean much to an average bumi that you and your like keep shouting about. we don’t need to waste our time to redefine it either like you suggest.

            the non bumi’s look at it like a ghost. it is equally a ghost to the some bumi’s too. if you keep telling yourself you don’t get a fair deal, then you really don’t. and you start thinking opting out of citizenship. what talk is this?

            orang asli has all along been included. try be with them and here what they have to say, will you.


      • Missed seeing your comment addressed to me earlier and other comments have passed since. I’ll respond to you up down, man.

        1. Can you quote here that part of the peace accord where you claim “if the malaysian govenrment has given its word to CPM … they would be allowed to return after signing the peace accord, then the government of malaysia should honour it”? If the government gave its word, why the hell do you use the word “if”?

        2. Then you said, “once the malays agreed to allow others citizenship, then they should not keep on harping on this issue year in year out.” You are so daft, aren’t you? Do you mean that only others can harp about the Special Position of the Malays and the Malays should just keep quiet? Don’t be so dumb, man. Do you know that talking the way you do is a sin?

        3. Then you said, “The racial riots of may 1969 is a real tragedy. anyone who killed another man, is as if he has killed all humanity.” I suppose you would next say the communist terrorists and the CPM killed for the sake of humanity? What warped mentality you have.

        Don’t give me that crap about being nationalists and so on. Chin Peng took orders form Communist China and the Communist International. He fought the government even after the British left. He wanted Malaya to be an appendage of communist China.

        4. Finally you said, “These are the wise words in the quran.” You are a non-Muslim for you don’t even know how to spell the word “Qur’an”. You don’t know the Qur’an, man. Do you know that the Qur’an allows Muslims to fight in self defence? You just want to exploit the Qur’an to serve your own purpose, don’t you?

        Now, don’t try to argue about self-defence and the events leading to May 13. We don’t want to incite racial ill feelings, do we? Our problems are not with the Chinese as a whole but with people like you.


        • dear nono
          1) right for ex-CPM fighters to come home is entrenched in the peace deal with CPm. trouble with the Malaysian govenrment under Dr M is that it rarely honor its obligation except with their crony companies.
          The “If” word was used, because, if the malaysian govenrment had honoured its part of the treaty, then guys like chin peng should be able to return home. But eventually, thy will find all sorts of excuse to deny him this right, even after signing the treaty.

          2)trouble is, citizenship is well defined. malay/bumi special status was not. we must all sit down to define what special status means once and for all. And if anyone cannot agree to this new definition, then they have the option to opt out of citizenship. I think this is a fair deal, no?

          3)CPM killings were despicable. In the next life, they will have to answer for all their deeds. You cannot escape from “The God”.

          4) Those who beleive and have faith in “The God” can only kill for just causes. Just causes may include self defence. But “The God’, He hates the aggressors, the arrogants and the boastful.
          I am a non-muslim by your definition. But I seek for God’s guidance, some of which is written in the quran. the quran is made easy to understand, is there anyone who wishes to read?

          JMD : Right after the Hadyaai Accord, government of Malaysia offered amnesty for the communists for them to return to Malaysia. They were given the timeline of 1 year to do that. In return for this kind gesture, these communists were to be rehabilitated and their whereabouts be monitored. You simply can’t let an ex commie let loose in this country without any security measures imposed. Many took the offer. Chin Peng did not. He only applied to come back after the amnesty period ends.

          Now he cried foul over his own mistakes.


  13. Jebat,

    Oops..Thank you for highlighting the definition of a Malay as per the Constitution. Overlooked that. Tho’ if given a choice, I think a Malay is more than that.

    So as per the definition, it explains why we have persons claiming they’re “Malay”when there’s definitely a three-white stripes on their foreheads and whenever they speak their heads will swing from left to right as if there’s a spring attached to their necks. At home their wives are wearing sarees.

    Oh..that kind of Malay is having an identity crisis. He needs to look for his roots like Alex Healy.

    Thank you.


  14. If the chinese, indians and others know the GREAT advantage of supporting the MALAY and her psyche, they would want to preserve the MALAYNESS of Malaysia.

    Imagine if the Malay is not tolerant, generous, humble and many more good attributes, the social contract will never have occurred.

    That means the kaum pendatang would never have been given the chance to become citizens. Other countries draw up a stringent list of criteria in order for foreigners to become citizens.

    Malaysia offered the kaum pendatang free citizenships provided the Malay/Bumis are taken care of through the provision of special status.

    This may have been influenced by the older generation’s wisdom. They could have seen through the greed, perhaps, of the kaum pendatang.

    The new Malay may not be so NICE. The awakened Malay are already vociferous in their comments in the blogosphere, and more to come.

    Perkasa is a REACTION to dong zong and hindraf. Please take note.


    • Dear ray,

      why are you so angry on the situation in the country. This country, and some malays are evolving into something else, for better or for worse.
      Some malays are capable of speaking three languages, and are in demand overseas, or for foreign owned companies here.

      Unfortunately, some, especialy the Perkasa types, insist that malays be monolingual and speak malay only. Now who wants to work with or employ these types.

      Man only flew about 100 years ago, and today, we have laboratory in space. Apollo flights to the moon used less computing power than the latest hand phone today. And with the internet, comments made by many, gives away vital information, which could be used by a few.

      The angry malays are the ones who cannot catch up, and themselves being left behind. No amount of subsidies and assistance from the govenrment will help them, unless they themselves change their mindset and attitude towards this new environment.

      Except for the older folks, The humble malay has disappeared. The young ones are agressive in terms of religious fervour, but not on the science and maths front, vital in the information age.


      • sputjam dear

        The ‘Perkasa types’ are REACTING to demands by dong zong, suqiu and hindraf who are (in essence) challenging the constitution.

        Now the ‘sleeping tiger’ has awakened and demanding their rights as provided for in Malaysian constitution.

        To quote you: “Unfortunately, some, especialy the Perkasa types, insist that malays be monolingual and speak malay only. Now who wants to work with or employ these types.” – Factual ERRORS influenced by faulty perception or simply mischievous intent.

        Perkasa wants BM to be the medium of instruction as provided for in the constitution. If the official language is BM, everyone MUST be working/employed speaking only Bahasa Malaysia/Malay domestically.

        See how erroneous your stance is. Which is PRECISELY why Perkasa came into being – to tackle INGRATES who question the constitution.

        Science and Maths are the very reason we have GLOBAL WARMING and WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Mother Nature will not be able to withstand anymore ADVANCEMENT of science and maths.

        Sure we can fly and communicate in real time. But we are still at war, diseases have multiplied, family units are being destroyed with gay rights whateva and hapiness is not within easy grasp.

        With all the technology, we are still BUSY – can’t send sick parents to hospitals, can’t make it to son’s soccer finals, daughter’s graduation etc etc.

        So sputjam (what a nic) it is time to go back to basics, live by the religion – it is kinder to mother nature.

        The humble Malay must disappear (thru Perkasa) primarily on the premise of survival of the ‘endangered species’.

        Don’t be surprised if the aggressive Malay gives you a run for your money. I have personally seen hardworking but way-below-average-ability chinese and indians nationwide. And of course I have personally seen highly capable but simply contented MALAYS.

        So watch out, the rest will be history – don’t get caught unawares, simply due to your misplaced self-righteous arrogance and chronic myopia.


        • right wing malay extremist re no different from any other right wing groups. hate and agression is their hallmark.
          waving a keris has all the intention of showing their aggressive nature.
          The chinese right wing groups only want their right to study in mandarin.
          The chinese who do not support their right wing groups are caught in the middle, as they have no govenrment support, so many opt out of Bm as their chances of progressing is limited, and many try their chances in english and strive to work overseas.
          If the govenrment wants to promote the national lnguage, then they should be giving incentives for minorities to use it. instead, they deny them places of higher education and employment. What more can I say.


          • “waving a keris has all the intention of showing their aggressive nature” – how naive can you be? In this day and age, the gun is more effective – kill quickly at a safe distance – it also offers anonymity.

            The keris is nowadays a symbolic and cultural representation, why the irrational fear and insecurity?

            I have watched the chinese burn lots of paper stuff even today, in a satellite age. To me, it is a form of pollution, littering, social nuisance – but no one is going to stop them from practising their beliefs.

            Can we sputjam, turn to them and say, “Look you are worsening the global warming situation and really there is no obvious benefit from this traditional practice.”

            Social etiquette dictates that we graciously refrain from commenting let alone interfering.

            Hisham waved the keris in a symbolic gesture for the benefit of the Malays, why should the chinese OVER-react?

            Actually no one is stopping the chinese from learning Mandarin but it is against the constitution to use government funds for it, as it is not the official language.

            What is happening is the polarisation that resulted from a different syllabus, different standards as well as an alienised culture within the educational content that promotes allegiance to another country not Malaysia.

            If this is not arrested/addressed SOON enough, there won’t be a united psyche as part of nation building process. Malaysians need to identify as Malaysians and that my dear is based on the official language of BM and Islam.

            But even with this definition, the minorities are allowed to practise their own way of life that does not jeopardise the “official” identity.

            Quote: “they deny them places of higher education and employment” – this is a serious allegation, care to substantiate, sputjam?


            • Ray need clarification on :-

              Quote: “they deny them places of higher education and employment” – this is a serious allegation, care to substantiate, sputjam?

              Trust me bro, if you come from a multi ethnic school, then you will know what I mean. The minorities cannot even get into form six with a grade one in SPM/MCE and a credit in BM, never mind getting into local universities.

              Many have decided, from a very early age, to opt out of the system, by learning languages other than BM, in order to get into fereign universities, like in singapore, uk australia, taiwan and now, even in china.

              JMD will probably accuse me again of “talking cock” like when I mention that the non-elites citizen of this country has to pay exhorbitant fees in govenrment hospital for terminal diseases, whether you are bumi or not. Many malays are barricaded from the truth, as many are from the civil service, the forces, GLc’s where medical expenses are paid for. But if you drive a taxi. or sell goreng pisang, then you get the full burden of paying in full for medicine (no more RM1 for a big bottle). Outpatient treatment is still free. giving birth may cost up to RM300 plus depending on which government hospital.

              I still cannot imagine, a girl student who scored 8 a’s, with all science and maths done in malay language, cannot proceed to higher education, because she fail BM. What has peri bahasa or sajak got to do with science and maths, except these boundaries are purposely placed, to prevent the non’s from progressing. And her generation speak bahasa fluent enough for everyone to understand.

              on the keris, wearing a keris is part of malay culture, and you can see this at malay weddings as it is part of the attire. But waving a keris and saying things like shedding blood and not to question malay rights etc is definitely threatening.

              Believe me. The non’s are not bothered about malay rights. All they want is access to quality education, in any language. But when that opportunity is not given, then they have no option but to forgo the local system altogether.

              Have you seen anyone complaining about malay native land? none what so ever. Or the use of BM in offcial government correspondent? nope. There is however, protests, not only amongst the non’s, but also amongst the malays, on the usage of BM in science and maths. Teaching scienc and maths in bahasa cost more money due to translation cost, which is money in the bag for those zombies at Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka.

              In UK, you do not require O or A level english to do physics, chemistry or any other technical subjects at university level, unless you are a foreigner, in which case, an “o” level in english is a requirement. Reason? If you can answer and understand the science subject and able to answer the questions/write thesis in english, then you are deemed english proficient.


              • sputjam

                Your “explanation” is still an anecdotal rambling, without substantiated empirical evidence. You need to state names, numbers, dates, etc.

                “Believing in one or two stories as the norm” is perilous and to be avoided. Otherwise all of us will REACT based on ‘rumours’ and hearsay or stories from so-and-so. Worse, if it is instigated tales – the repercussions will be damaging.

                If you fail your National Language, are you qualified to be identified as a Malaysian, to be given privileges as a citizen?

                The Japanese studied M & S in their national language – do you see any problem? The fast rising China studied M& S in English? Many Chinese are now millionaires (if that is your criteria of success).

                If the money expended for translation ENHANCES the identity of Malaysians, then I would say it is money well spent – regard it as parked under nation-building expenses.

                Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka is a national heritage – you should not only support it, you need to contribute to its viability and success, as a true Malaysian.

                If you witness Lim Kit Siang speak in parliament, you can see your hair standing on end. Would you pick him to represent a typical Malaysian?

                He has been a Malaysian all his life and he speaks with that kind of standard – still struggling?

                Quote: “But waving a keris and saying things like shedding blood and not to question malay rights etc is definitely threatening.” – is this a fact?

                Let’s take this perspective – He is merely reminding his audience of the constitutional provision, albeit in a dramatic style. Cool it man!


      • What are you trying to do now, sputjam? (Agree with ray, what a name – Nono at least means double No to you). What are you trying to insinuate? Read my response to you above.

        1. What do you mean by saying “some malays are evolving into something else, for better or for worse.” Speak up, man. Let you say clearly your intentions and we can then say what we think of what you say.

        2. Can you show proof that “The angry malays are the ones who cannot catch up, and themselves being left behind”. We believe that even the Malays who have caught up and not left behind in various fields of activity in the country can speak up. Indeed more and more Malays are speaking up up now, no longer taking things lying down from people like you. But, you are the fellow who made the statement, you have to produce proof that you are not talking thru your nose.

        3. Then you said, “No amount of subsidies and assistance from the govenrment will help them, unless they themselves change their mindset and attitude towards this new environment.” Now, this is a pretty loaded statement, man. Have you thought about what you said? Did you read again what you wrote before publishing them? Do that always, man, so that you would not appear ludicrous or even kurang ajar. Now, don’t get excited when I use these words. Check with your Kamus and see what they mean.

        4. You are even inciteful when you said, “Except for the older folks, The humble malay has disappeared.” Learn to qualify your statements and you wouldn’t be made to look stupid like I’m doing to you now. I cannot keep quiet and let you say whatever you like, whenever you like without telling you off when you desreve it. You make the Malays feel angry making generalised statements like you did. Don’t do that. It’s not good for racial well being.


        • Nono,
          Another Bigdog apparthick.
          The issue has nothing to do with the Malays because the Malays will always rule Malaysia. The issue has to do with the leadership, specifically that man Mahathir who single handedly bankrupted the country.

          We have two kinds of Malays. Level headed people who can bring the country forward by leaps and bounds and those Mahathirists who will drag the country down to the level of Zimababwe. (after all Mahathir loves Mugabe)

          That man decided to pervert the national psyche by making everybody focus on race as opposed to mental or intellectual development to the extent that most of his supporters are well known for their ignorance and plain stupidity. He did that to protect his own position.
          People must be clear on that. If Maha did that out of his own supposed love of race, its a separate matter altogether. But look even in Opcom, who are the leading office bearers. So Maha-apologists should ask themselves first how many senior exces in Opcom are Malay and what kind of example are they setting?

          Contrast this with the enlightened thinking of his then Deputy. But Maha knowing he was threatened came up with the most ridiculous excuse to protect himself.

          Maha said he did not want to borrow from IMF. What nonsense – Maha borrowed from every single person willing to lend. Billions and billions from Mistsubshi UFJ, JICA and 2 huge 8% billion dollar bonds were borrowed because Maha had bankrupted the country and he needed US Dollars fast

          We talk about education. How many billions has been poured into the educational establishment – yet what are the results? Its not the people – its the BTN compliant leaders Maha instituted to pervert peoples thinking. Your an example of a bonafide BTN product.

          So dont get yourself confused. DAP will never be a part of ruling Malaysia so long the Maha perverted folk wake up to reality and support DSAI. Once DSAI is in power, Malays and non Malays for that matter have nothing to fear as the country will be governed in such a way to take the best from the Malays and the best from the non Malays as well.

          By the way, care to tell everybody why the PM has to issue a soverign bond for USD 2 billion? Is it to refinance a Mahabond issued in 2001?

          Dont be embarrassed if you don’t know. Mahaapologisits are rarely known to have an IQ in the double digits


          • Quote: “Dont be embarrassed if you don’t know. Mahaapologisits are rarely known to have an IQ in the double digits”

            But yours is definitely known to be the gullible-IQ brand. What a load of crap, you sound like a confused and obviously brainwashed homo sapien.

            This comparison to Mugabe/Zimbabwe is really cropping up all over blogosphere to be like an identification logo for your club. It has a photostated and distributed effect.

            Poor chap – so deluded.


          • I should really not reply to you – when you say such things as “those Mahathirists who will drag the country down to the level of Zimababwe (after all Mahathir loves Mugabe)”, without trying to justify what you say, you are not worth my talking to. But I’ll humour you one time, man.

            You are so hung up on Anwarul Jalan Belakang that I know whatever one says of Tun Dr Mahathir you’ll detest and whatever one says of Anwarul you’ll caress. Enjoy it while it lasts, man. The fact that the Appeal Court Judges on the first Jalan Belakang case agreed that the jalan belakang act took place but cleared Anwarul on technicality and now a 2nd case is haunting him, suggests that even if he gets out of this one, a 3rd one might be in store. You see, the man loves Jalan Belakang. You watch out when with him, man – Mugabe or not.

            Malaysians will not have and simply cannot have DSAI in power. The man has no principles. Bit the hand that fed him, the hand that lifted him from political nonentity, couldn’t wait for his turn. The man who started the katak lompat issue, presumably using cash and other baits, who asked to see sleepy Pak Lah and wrote to the YDP Agong when he did not have the numbers for a Parliamentary coup de’tat. The man who his former aid accused of having amassed RM 2-3 billion during his Finance Ministership. There’s more – the list is long, man. But I’ve gone off topic because you must be told in no uncertain terms that you talk through your nose, and perhaps, even thru Anwarul’s lubang belakang.


        • Unsuccesful people are alway angry and most likely to create mayhem, as they have nothing to lose financially.

          some malays have already sent their children to chinese primary schools. they want their children to be tri-lingual, which will lead to good employment prospect for conglomerates. once in seconday schools, they should focus on their core subjects, whatever it may be. Unfortunately, our HP6 education system, still maintains the science and arts stream, for reasons i do not understand.
          Subsidies benefit the businessmen. If you want to asist, why can’t this govenrment help the poor directly. But the poor the govenrment helps must be able and willing to succeed. otherwise, they will keep on asking for assistance till doomsday, like the fishermen, who will stay home, after their marine engine kaputs, blaming the govenrment for not helping more, or the kampung herdsman, who do not have anymore cows, after the kenduri, and in some cases, allow their cows to roam freely, endangering road users, not nothered with the fact that the cow is an assets which could multiply in value, if done correctly.


          • sputjam

            memang betul ada lagi orang macam pak kaduk ni. tapi ramai juga orang melayu sendiri pun tak berkenan dengan tabiat orang macam pak kaduk ni. orang melayu lebih risau juga dengan perangai kaduk naik junjung.

            “central KL looking like kampung baru”, you implying something? LKS, LKY ideology? do you not have comprehension of the word “kampung” to compare it to central KL? we got to have a balance too. that’s malaysia – everything for everyone. you are too blinded.

            you speak as if the entire bumi population in malaysia is still having pak kaduk mentaliy. this is so untrue and than you care to admit.

            “unlike Sputjam who thinks that all government officers are SPM 3rd graders”, these JMD’s words quite sum you up. really. this is not very malaysian.


          • “Unsuccessful people are alway angry and most likely to create mayhem, as they have nothing to lose financially”

            Unsuccessful and angry people like LKS, DSAI and the likes? yes, I noticed that they do like to create mayhem. And think of the financial gain that they will get IF they succeeded.

            Finally sputjam, you are making some sense!


  15. Dah lah, bosan dengar cerita pasal kaum pendatang tak sedar di untung nih…mari buat REFERENDUM tanya setiap individu yg layak mengundi di Malaysia, samada ada mereka ingin berbahasa Malaysia dan English as second language, hanya satu sistem sekolah dan jika tidak setuju get LOST!!!

    Aku dah rasa nak ***** jer kaum pendatang nih kalau layan semua arguments nih…



  16. Salam Jebat,

    PRU12 DAP meletakan 2 calon parlimen Melayu :

    P80 Raub Abu Bakar Bin Lebai Sudin (DAP) menentang Oei Yang Yang @ Ng Yen Yen (BN)

    P165 Tanjung Piai Ahmad Bin Ton (DAP) menentang Wee Jeck Seng (BN)

    Ahmad Bin Ton juga bertanding di N55 Pekan Nenas menentang Tang Nai Soon (BN).

    Ke tiga-tiga calon Melayu DAP ini tewas kepada calon Cina dari BN.

    Yang menariknya ialah kemenangan tiga calon BN ini juga menampakkan pola undi Cina di PRU12. Ia seolah-olah mengatakan jangan undi BN melainkan calon BN itu Cina dan lawannya bukan Cina.

    8 lagi kemenangan calon Cina BN di peringkat Parlimen di Semenanjung adalah ke atas calon bukan Cina.

    P54 Gerik Tan Lian Hoe (BN) menewaskan Mohd Noor Abdul Rahman (PAS)

    P74 Lumut Kong Cho Ha (BN) tewaskan Suwardi bin Sapuan (PKR)

    P77 Tanjung Malim (BN) Ong Ka Chuan tewaskan Mohd Azman Marjohan (PKR)

    P89 Bentong Liow Tiong Lai (BN) menewaskan Ponusamy AL Govindasamy (PKR)

    P100 Pandan Ong Tee Keat (BN) tewaskan Syed Shahir (PKR)

    P148 Ayer Hitam Wee Ka Siong (BN) tewaskan Husin Bin Sujak (PAS)

    P151 Liang Teck Meng (BN) tewaskan Atan Bin Gombang (PAS)

    P158 Tebrau Ling Ban San (BN) tewaskan Roslani Sharif (PAS)

    P162 Gelang Patah Tan Ah Eng (BN) tewaskan Zaliha Binti Mustafa (PKR)

    Hanya empat kerusi parlimen sahaja menyaksikan calon Cina (BN) tewas kepada Bukan Cina.

    P52 Bayan Baru Ooi Siew Kim (BN) tewas kpd Zahrain Mohd Hashim (PKR)

    P83 Kuantan Fu Ah Kiow (BN) kalah kpd Fuziah Binti Salleh (PKR)

    P124 Bandar Tun Razak Tan Chai Ho (BN) tewas kpd Abd Khalid Bin Ibrahim (PKR)

    P128 Seremban Yu Chok Tow (BN) kalah kpd John A/L Fernandez (DAP)

    Kita tidak terkejut jika pola ini hasil daripada permainan sentimen perkauman anti Melayu DAP sepertimana slogan mereka ketika itu “Setiap Undi Bagi MCA adalah Undi Bagi UMNO”.

    Pasti ini juga mendorong pengundi Cina untuk tidak mengundi calon Cina BN bila lawannya juga Cina. Kalau tidak macamana lagi boleh kita terangkan keputusan P104 Kelana Jaya di mana Lee Hwa Beng (BN) tewas kepada Gwo Burne Loh (PKR).

    Ramai khususnya penyokong PR mendabik dada mengatakan keputusan PRU12 menampakan pengundi kini sudah matang boleh mengundi melampaui batasan ras dan mengutamakan mutu calon.

    Namun melihat bagaimana susah bagi calon Cina BN untuk kalah kepada lawan bukan Cina khususnya Melayu kita tidak dapat lari daripada merasakan yang PRU12 merupakan yang paling rasis khususnya sentimen anti Melayu.


    JMD : Thank you Amri with the info. I stand corrected. And thank you for the comment.


  17. Salam Jebat,

    Sedikit tambahan bagi pola undi Cina di PRU12 yang seolah-olah mengatakan jangan undi BN melainkan calon BN itu Cina dan lawannya bukan Cina.

    Di P100 Pandan Ong Tee Kiat (BN) menewaskan Syed Shahir (PKR).

    Di dua DUN di dalam Parlimen tersebut kita boleh lihat dengan jelas pola tersebut :

    N21 Cempaka Nosimah Binti Hashim (BN) tewas kepada Iskandar Bin Abdul Samad (PAS)

    N22 Teratai Lee Ying Ha (DAP) menang ke atas Lum Weng Keong (BN)



  18. We have one Malaysia ,does we have one Malaysian ?, i guess not.
    We have verity of Malaysian who cant even communicate with each other becouse they dont speak the Malaysian language,that is bahasa Malaysia.
    There could be millions who cant even understand what more to speak,so are we on the right parth to talk about one Malaysian just yet ?.
    Instead of provoking Mahyudin in parliment ,wasting paliment time on his political ajenda ,it would be better for lim kit siang go to his supporter and explain the concept of one Mlaysia,make them understand and work toward it,if kit siang really belive in developing one Malaysia.
    After 52 years of independent we still failed to reconized the core factor in devoloping 1 Nation that is the language ,could we claim we belong to the Nation when we couldent speak the language and how could we ever felt as 1 Malaysian if we cant even communicate.
    If you are lost, and asked for the direction ,they just ‘geleng kepala’ make you wonder are they deaf or dump or couldent understand you,just giving you ONE MALAYSIA answer !.

    5:22 PM


  19. Dear JMD,

    I have always stated that the DAP is a chauvinist party. Bapa borek anak rintik. Bapa PAP anak DAP.

    Their leaders (DAP) are always baiting with loaded questions.

    Sigh, keeps bringing back to AAB being the reason for these dinosaurs to tohchang naik. Can’t seem to help it. They were nearly extinct in 2004.

    Can you blame me for thinking such?

    Sigh, but regards to you always. Keep the flame burning!


  20. Salam JMD,

    Dap patut bukukan semua spin LKS dan jadikan satu kitab pembangkang – Memoirs of an Opposition. Tebal giler !

    Untuk benar2 spin tentang sesuatu, kita perlu benar2 faham fakta yang hendak di spin. Tak timbul soal LKS tak faham, dia faham benar.

    And Dap is squeezing the issue for all its worth, passing the baton to Karpal pulak.

    Wonder if all these fall under Akta Hasutan …. Unity konon but what they’ve been doing is challenging unity itself disguised as their fight for equality.


  21. I’m afraid there is a distinct HUGE difference between saying I’m a Malay or Indian or Chinese first and then only M’sian. That’s why Schumacher would say “I’m proud of/for Germany or I’m a proud German” and not “I’m proud for Causasians of Bavaria descent!” Remember Germany is also composed of various distinct tribes unified under 1 Germany concept!

    As is very clear in our undisputed Constitution, our KIng, PM, DPM, Ministers, MP’s, Aduns etc. hold their positions of governance and representation over ALL M’sians equally and not just the Malays first. When they and our diplomats present their credentials locally and to foreign dignitaries visiting us and when the go on official overseas visits, they always say “I am are so and so from MALAYSIA” and not “I come here as first a Malay or Chinese or Indian!!” In the eyes of the world, it’s our nationality, Malaysian, that comes first as is the norm in all nations in this world!!

    As for Art 153 and the special position of the Malays and natives in Sabah/Sarawak, you and everyone including my uncle bob all know that it is not remotely under any threat because it would require 2/3 majority in Parliament AND the assent of the Council of Rulers/Agung to amend the Constitution. That’s not going to happen unless the Sultans menerhaka! Can you honestly see that materialsing anywhere in the foreseeable future?

    So, PERKOSONG’s rhetoric is all hot air racism and religious bigotry designed to revive S..t! S..t! S..t! Spongbob’s failed career after he gaji buta’d at Dunham Bush in Berjaya Group as “Independent Director!!”

    And do stop of this demonising of DAP which has never demanded the dismantling of Art 153 etc. Ask yousrself which political is open and which is race based. DAP or UMNO, MCA and MIC?

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

    JMD : Let me put it this way, Jennifer Lopez comes to Malaysia and was asked, “Are you proud to be an American?” To all the Malaysian journalists, she answered, “Yes, I am very proud to be an American”.

    Back in America, she was asked, “Are you Hispanic?”. She will say, “Yes I am an proud to be one”.

    Nationality and race is different. The point I’m getting at, you cannot ask which one is more important because that is not a fair question. You cannot compare apple to orange. Race and nationality are different things.

    Only Pakatan Rakyat can spin a non issue into a racial one. Just like I had written here sometime ago.

    Why are your Pakatan leaders trying hard to portray people as racist, using your own racist and divisive tactics?

    Do you honestly think that when Muhyiddin said he is proud to be a Malay, he will not take care of other races? If any Umno leaders didn’t give a damn about other races, why should they have other component parties in BN? Umno could have ruled this country alone since 1969. But they didn’t.

    To ask someone what is he; Malaysian or Malay first was so petty that the poser of that question is a hardcore racist by heart. Hence, the ulterior motive of Kit Siang making things awkward for Malaysians to hear is just to create the very feelings you are feeling now about Muhyiddin. That he ONLY think about the Malays.

    What kind of culture was Kit Siang thinking and defending when he shot down a suggestion about one stream school system?

    Lim Kit Siang said he is chinese second and Malaysian first but he never really did anything for the Malays. If not, the Malays will be warming up to him for the past 41 years. He would have been the Prime Minister even.

    And yes, I never heard any Malays that went overseas and claim himself to be Malays when asked by the locals there. They will say they are Malaysians. But that doesn’t mean they are not Malays. Lim Kit Siang is chinese.

    And he is also a Malaysian. Do we now want to argue whether which one he thinks more important now? Race or nationality?

    Article 153 can be under threat if a government consisting a majority of non Malay parties feel that they want to amend it. Please do not say that Article 153 won’t be changed. PRU13 is just around the corner. Perkasa may feel that since Umno is not strong, there is a threat to this Article 153.

    Any changes in the Constitution will be automatically approved after 30 days even when the Agong did not sign it. The Legislative does have the power to change the Constitution and the sitting Agong is there for formality.

    But I am glad you are one of those who never wish to change this provision in the Constitution. Aren’t you? However, I often hear your Pakatan leaders repeatedly saying that the Constitution should be more equal and the special position of the Malays must end. Latest was Karpal Singh.

    You must be sleeping all along when you claim that DAP never demanded the dismantling of Article 153. Have you even read that Article? That is why not just Perkasa, but many other Malays feel disturbed with DAP’s brand of politics. Even the recent survey by the opposition’s Merdeka Centre revealed that 2/3rd of the respondents agrees with Perkasa.

    Thank you.


    • dpp, please show basic decency by referring to the NGO as PERKASA not Perkosong (cheap shot).

      “Sultans menerhaka”
      1 Just what are you trying to say here?
      2 Care to clarify?
      3 Is this also a reflection of your grasp of the national language?


    • Donplayp*****

      Seeing you attempting to denigrate Perkasa makes me want to address you the way I saw you being addressed in one blog. I know you have been banned in 1-2 blogs.

      You should be selling your wares in MT, MI, MK and such blogs. But since you choose to get entertained here, I’ll try to humour you – up to a point.

      You must have been pricked so hard by the words and actions of Perkasa that you try to humiliate it and those behind it. So hard the pricking that you use that blogging name, implying a plea that people not touch your puks. Cover it properly, old hag, otherwise all sorts can enter and it will rot further.

      Yet all that Perkasa and its leaders have been trying to do has been protecting Malay rights and furthering Malay interests. Those that have been stated and implied in Article 153 of the Constitution. And I don’t think they have uttered one word questioning the right to citizenship of non-Malays and their descendants, which was the quid pro quo for the Malay Special Position which non-Malays have been trying to get at.

      Shame on you and people like you.


  22. Sujini says

    “So as per the definition, it explains why we have persons claiming they’re “Malay”when there’s definitely a three-white stripes on their foreheads and whenever they speak their heads will swing from left to right as if there’s a spring attached to their necks. At home their wives are wearing sarees.

    Oh..that kind of Malay is having an identity crisis. He needs to look for his roots like Alex Healy.”

    Could you be so kind as to point me in the direction of these folks with three white stripes on their foreheads who claim to be Melayu? As far as I know, those stripes denote Hinduism and a great majority of Malays (maybe 99.9 percent?) in this country are Muslims and Muslim Malays definitely do not decorate their foreheads with stripes of whatever hue.


  23. Salam JMD,

    U r d man la bro.U should become Parliment Sec to TMY la.
    As soon as Kit finish his 1/2 wit Qs TMY can wancai him and all will see how low Kit’s political methods are..

    I wrote to the Bayan MP who tried to use the 13A+ Chinese student who did’nt get the Biasiswa Nasional bcz of skin colour.Pointing the fact that the top 30 is based on marks not number of A+.She did not reply yet.

    I tot DAP will stop using the race card once PR is formed.I now totally agree that DAP will cause severe instability once vote into power at Fed level.They want 70% economy 50% power 70% scholars.Shout about meritocracy all day long.Everybody knows that 5% of population is smart and another 5% at the opposite end.80% lies between the top and bottom.Most of the people are average but how these particular Malaysians control 70% of the action?Greed & monopoly of wealth with the assistance of a few bumi blind toadies with weak political will!


  24. Jebat , Kama seemed irked at my comments.

    Memang ada Kama. A group of gentlemen claimed they are Malay and representing a Malaysian company. Im sorry, but that’s about all I can point to you. Maybe someday you’ll come across.

    Thank you.


  25. It’s about compromising. If you want to build a satu sekolah concept where the Chinese and Indian community let go of their ancestry language, then you have to give them more rights. The one Malaysia concept only works if we are all equal. But I don’t know how much the Malays are willing to sacrifice their special rights. And I don’t know how far Malaysia can go in her current state.

    Hopefully, everything will be fine.

    Four Kings

    JMD : Nobody asked the Indian or Chinese community to give up their ancestry language. What gave you that idea? Satu sekolah concept is just a logical way of unifying our people together under one system. They can learn their ancestors’ languages in language classes provided in this one stream national school system. They can practice their culture anytime they want. Malaysia can go far if our education system is revamped this way. Please read this –

    Thank you.


  26. JMD, just wondering. Do you have the statistics on how many Chinese and Indian schools are in Malaysia? I can’t seem to find it online. And if possible, a rough figure on how many students and teachers/administrators are involved in these schools?

    I’m thinking that these school teachers and administrators are going to be very worried about their jobs and how they can absorb into the satu sekolah untuk semua concept. I actually like the concept very much, but the opposition for it will be strong.

    Quite honestly though, I think the reason for opposition of this satu sekolah untuk semua is this notion – “why should I give up my Chinese and Indian schools when I’m still going to have the same rights that I have right now?”. The tit for tat culture of today….

    Four Kings

    JMD : There are 525 Tamil schools in Malaysia while there are about 1,200 chinese primary schools and 60 chinese secondary schools.

    I don’t think the employees of these schools should be overly worried about their jobs because I am sure a transitional period will be given if this one schools concept is implemented. We still need teachers who can teach subjects like Mandarin and Tamil under the One School system anyway. Since most teachers in SJKs are Malaysians, I am sure retraining them to teach their subjects in Bahasa Malaysia won’t be too much of a problem.

    One school concept is very cost efficient and with greater benefit to the nation in the long run. With the advent of the NEM where some quotas meant for the bumiputras are getting slashed, I am sure the rest of the people in Malaysia won’t find it hard to give and take.

    Thank you.


  27. JMD,
    Sad to say you belong to that jurassic age with your thinking!You believe that this country has only malays and nothing!Hell !might as well you malays do your own thing and let the chinese and indians do their thing.Best divide the country and lets live and let live.Then compare how you malays progress!You are doing a bad job on damage control for the DPM and umno goons!Stop pretending on race and nationality.Maybe its time we call ourselves chinese or indians first from a divided country.Malaysian a no ,no! Sounds good is’nt ?


  28. An excellent article. LKS intentionally wants to confuse the rakyat of the meaning of ‘race ‘ and ‘nationality’. Race-wise , Malays shall always be ‘Malays’ no matter what are their nationalities whether a Malay Singaporean and Malay Bruneian. Likewise, a race-wise Chinese is a Chinese no matter what their nationalities, Chinese Singaporean, Chinese Australian. Even in the USA , there are identified by whether they are African American, Asian American or Caucasian.

    In the US , everyone regardless of their race attends only English medium schools. However, they are allowed to attend language and cultural schools other than English.

    No other country in the world practice multi-medium schools like Malaysia and this was a mistake that need to be rectified immediately if we want to achieve a lasting racial unity in Malaysia.


  29. Bro

    To rebut some of your comments on my earlier points.

    I, like most M’sians of any hue, have never had any issue with the provisions of Art 153. All we ask for is that it be applied reasonably and fairly, bearing in mind that non-Malays have rights too under our Constitution. An over-skewed bias in employment or promotions at the top end in Civil Service and Govt related institutions and Glcs’s serves no one any good.

    Someone jumped the gun and Karpal was misquoted by, the MM, I believe. He has given a clear account of what he actually said and he did not ask for the abrogation of Art 153!!

    Equally, I and many wish for a a single school system with BM as the main language, with safeguards for English, possibly appreciation of 1 other Euro language or even Mandarin seeing as to how doing biz with China is becoming very important – the 21st century will belong to Asia. The curriculum should included the teaching of vernacular languages as was the case in the ’60’s with “Pupils’ Own Language.” That way, we can all dispense with vernacular schools, put our children back in Govt schools and save a small fortune in fees for private school and colleges. But, there is also a need for a total revamp of the education system, qualifications and training of teachers as well as male:female teacher ratios. Extra-curricula activites ans sports should be encouraged with appropriate budgets, teachers and equipment – not mere fiats by DPM!

    Ray, don’t try and hang me for a typo error. You know what I meant. It will be a cold day in hell before the Sultans allow Art 153 to be altered to the detriment of the Malays, whoever forms the Govt!! As for my command of BM, it’s not brilliant, but acceptable. I worked for the Govt at a time when it was compulsory to pass the BM paper on Malaysian History and Culture!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

    JMD : DPP bro, nobody is questioning the legitimate rights of other races here in Malaysia too. But I often hear other people questioning the Article 153 vis-avis, special position of the Malays, the quotas, the position of Islam as the official religion of Malaysia and BM as the national language. Back in 2000, the government sector for instance, nearly 30% of the top posts are filled with non Malays. How many percentage do you think would be fair for the non Malays to be in there?

    Bear in mind, unlike Sputjam who thinks that all government officers are SPM 3rd graders, the top posts in government sector are filled with qualified people.

    I agree with the rest of your comment pertaining our education system.


    • dpp,

      while we accept your typo excuse, you conveniently “forgot” about the Perkosong, Sighfool, Rosmajib etc

      Care for self defence? Any mitigating factors?


      • Bro JMD

        “…often hear other people questioning the Article 153”.

        Often is not the same as many nor is it DAP or PKR’s credo; do remember these are the only stand-alone multi-racial political parties around here. It’s only a few extremists who pursue this line that causes knee-jerk reactions everywhere!

        For years most voted for BN, including me, regardless of the candidate. It changed when corruption, cronyism, open economic looting and plunder became the Govt’s main order of biz. They also failed to resolve to our mutual satisfaction when inter-faith issues came to the fore. More than that the Govt made a mockery of the principle of the separation of powers in the various arms of Govt, casting grave doubts on the independence of our Judiciary, Police and MACC, not to mention corruption within as revealed by 2 RCI’s which the Govt and AG have completely ignored!

        The NEP had fundamental flaws in that it did not properly assess the middle and lower income groups (regardless of race) who genuinely needed affirmative action assistance or imbed safeguards to block the hijacking of it by a few! We can go on and on, but in the end the main thrusts of the NEP were not achieved.

        My fear is the the NEM will be nothing more than new wine in old bottle, and it will be back to the drawing board. And the Govt spending RM77 million on APCO to spindoctor to paper over the cracks ain’t gonna help us at all!!

        We are all of 1 race, the Human Race


      • I should apologise on statement that the executives in civil service are SPM third graders. It should be, after a stint in the civil service, no matter how qualified the person is, he ends up acting like a third grader. All races suffer this effect. The Universities should do some research on this, except that the “proffesores” also suffer from same problem.


    • For the first time I hear this man talk in a cool, sensible and acceptable manner. Well done, man, I must commend you. This kind of talk would enable us to have many good and useful discussions. By all means criticise the implementation but not the concept of NEP.

      And now let’s talk about NEM – it’s wisdom or otherwise. Whether it will make us Malaysian first or Malay, Chinese or Indian first. One wonders why the up-to-date data TDM asked for have not been made vailable until today. It implies that the consultants peparing the NEM did not have them at their disposal. If true, would the thrust of the new policy being recommended be right?

      I also agree with JMD that no one wants to deny the non-Malays their right under the Constitution. No one ever questions the right of citizenship to non-Malays and their descendants unless the Malay Special Position under Article 153 is questioned.


    • Bro JMD

      “..nearly 30% of the top posts are filled with non Malays..”

      Frankly, I don’t care if it’s 100% Malay or whatever in between. I clearly stated that no one should be there by patronage or bias.

      What matters is that they are there by merit, they perform according to acceptable standards (KPI’s) and achieve tangible results. We have sufficient internationall economic indicators – GDP, PCI, stromg currency – that no one can fool us when it comes to performance!

      We are all of1 race, the Human race

      JMD : I agree with you DPP. But hear me out. Isn’t calling for merit negates the quota element stipulated in Article 153? Hence the predicament. Some quarters see this as the abolishment of the Article 153. Thank you.


    • Well then, your choice of ‘skewed” names actually reflects you as a person.

      May I conclude that your 1 human race can be subdivided into those you respect and those you taunt.

      I wonder what have these 3 personalities ever done to you, personally?

      I believe Saiful has the right to self-defence, Perkasa has to safeguard their constitutional rights, and Rosmah has been busy helping implement policies/initiatives (as opposed to vocally criticising and not taking any positive action).

      So why the need to be so petty?


  30. “Doesn’t calling for merit negate the quota element stipulated in Article 153” JMD.

    Bro, as confirmed by none other than Nazri himself to Ibrahim Ali in Parliament a year ago, Art 153 does not state a fixed % or number. Therefore, we must go by the test of what is reasonable and fair that the King is entrusted with. I fully believe that reasonable M’sians, the majority of us, will not find it too difficult to determine what is reasonable and fair when we sit down and talk ernestly and sincerely!

    You stated that in 2000 there was 30% top post rep for non-Bumis. The latest statistics released a few days ago clearly indicate this position has been eroded severely since, across the board. If you go State by State, the disparities are even worse e.g. in Johor where the figure is 90:10.

    As I emphasized earlier, frankly the % don’t bother me. If we go by merit, I dare say the Govt will attract the best brains and we will have the kind of performing civil service we usually praise France for (not to mention the GLC’s), and still satisfy the test of “reasonable and fair” as per Art 153. This will fuel more jobs and increased wealth all around translating into increase GDP and PCI.

    If the Govt also tackles the two other areas that it largely ignored the last 40 years, i.e. the 50% classified as poor and widening the economic base, then many more opportunities will open up for many more to be absorbed in the private sector, which must be targeted as our main engine of growth for the future.

    I say 50% poor, because the Govt ‘s number of 40% probably fails to take into account that those earning even gross income of $2,500-3,000 per month in KL, parts of Selangor, Penang, Ipoh and JB, live pretty much on the borderline with little savings other than EPF or or cash to invest, in say unit trusts, shares or property for the long term! A double-storey terraced house in these areas cost upwards of $400K!

    Planned and implemented properly, the economic cake and equity will be properly and fairly distributed and owned. I urge all to remind themselves that if we think short term and cepat kaya, then like before, $52 billion equity will dwindle to $2 billion in no time! And don’t forget we must stop corruption and related “leakages!!”

    If we’d had the right leadership all along, by now we should all by now actually be in the position Singaporeans find themselves in – too busy working and “making” money and enjoying life to bitch about racial quotas and politicking about everything under the sun!

    For want of space and time I have kept in simple, But that’s how I belief we should tackle the problem to achieve the desired ends.

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

    JMD : Yes there is no fixed percentile of quota. But there must be a quota still. Regardless if it’s just 1% or 99%. Article 153 states that a quota must be given to the bumiputras, not only in the public service, but in education and also business. I did not write this word. It is in the Article itself. Hence, Perkasa was quite miffed when they hear every now and then people wanting to abolish quota etc.

    So you agree that quota can continue to exist. Now, how much should the quota be? That is the prerogative of the Government. As long as the majority of the people are happy with it, there is no reason to change it. I agree that the bumis must be helped to achieve their potential by devoting more time and money to develop them. But what is the reasonable quota percentage for the bumis? 80%? 60%? 30%? 10%?

    Any of that figures will be disputed by some quarters. Unless we have mature society who accepts one another’s weaknesses and strengths, there is no way a figure can be re-fixed.

    By the way, the NEM is developing safety nets for the bumis because some of the, will not be in the quota when the NEM starts to reduce the quota percentage. This is why Perkasa got worried. Whether, whatever that will be lost because of the reduced quota cannot be supplemented with safety nets because of wrong assumptions and data.

    True, the government do not act fast enough to attract best brains in the service. Goh Wei Liang wrote about it before. A good article to remind JPA on what should be done. Can be read here. If people do what they supposed to do, then the public sector may give out the perception that it is manned by the best manpower the government could find.

    Yes, Singaporean can’t be bothered about politicking. Must be because of its strong but matured opposition they have there. They have balanced news from both sides in their traditional mass media and also the new media.

    The RM52 billion equity did not dwindle to RM2 billion. In essence, there is still that RM52 billion, perhaps now there is more due to price appreciation. It’s just that the rest of the RM50 billion is not in the hands of the Malays anymore. The equity now belonged to the very lucky non Malays millionaires 🙂

    Also, I would like to read on the link that provided the latest statistics please. I might have missed the news story. Sorry. Thank you.


  31. It is a different thing when you say “I am Malay” and “I am Malay first”. The connotations are different. You need to go back to English school

    JMD : Muhyiddin was replying to a question whether he is Malay first of Malaysian first. He answered Malay first as required by the question. Why are the connotations different? What kind of connotations do you think Muhyiddin is saying when he said he is Malay first? Are you insinuating that there is something sinister behind the line – I am Malay first?

    Please tell us more about what you think Muhyiddin is really saying. Thank you.


  32. Bro JMD

    The figures were from LKS’ blog at

    “…the answer from the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz to my question on the latest ethnic composition of the civil service show…..

    As of 31st December 2009, the racial breakdown of the Malaysian civil service comprising 1,247,894 employees are:
    Malays 78.2%
    Other Bumiputras 7.7%
    Chinese 5.8%
    Indian 4.0%
    Others 4.2%

    This the worst multi-racial composition of the government service, with the lowest Chinese and Indian representation in the public service in Malaysian history of 53 years.

    This is clearly seen from the three sets of comparative figures of the racial breakdown of the civil service in the past four decades:

    Malay Chinese Indian Others
    Before NEP 1971 60.80% 20.2% 17.40% 1.6%
    June 2005 77.04% 9.37% 5.12% 8.47%
    Dec. 2009 78.2% 5.8% 4.0% 4.2%

    The Johor figures were in the MSM or MI. I presume full details are available at the Govt statistics website.


    JMD : Thank you for the data. I hope there is a data on the ethnic breakdown in the private sector as well. We have about 11 million workforce in the country. 10% of it are those working in the public sector. Since NEP started, the government had been the employer of last resort for the bumis since private sectors do not offer the same kind of quota. The problem became more acute as years gone by. As more and more non Malays shun working in the govt, most of the malays get promoted. I think the chinese and indian parties such as MCA, Gerakan, DAP, MIC, PPP, IPF and Makkal Sakhti must ensure that more chinese and indians graduates apply for government jobs. Although the starting pay for government is low, they are entitled to a lot of benefits. You must bring the horse to the water and ensure they drink it. Then, changes can be seen. No point talking in Parliament till the face turn blue but stop short of doing anything beneficial. Thank you


  33. Ray said,

    “So why the need to be so petty?”

    Dpp is what he is because he is having his menopause…..err ..andropause…that is why he is very very petty, condescending, bad tempered etc is also that time of the month when his hormones fluctuate uncontrollably. He needs to get his toddy again.

    Frankly, I think if Dpp had a chance to govern the country, he would put all Malays into gas chambers. He is a damn racist bigot of all time in Malaysian blogosphere. His hatred for anything Malay is unfathomable.

    Dpp, do cut this crap of ..”We are all of 1 race, the Human Race”…What kind of derisory slogan this is, laughable and idiotic at the same time especially coming from you. Poddah!

    Salam JMD.


  34. The Bee

    If JMD and I can have a fairly friendly and mature debate at his blog despite our differing views on several issues, why can’t you and what’s your beef that you have to get personal?

    If you equate my crtiicizing the Govt with hatred for the Malays to the extent you think I “would put all Malays into gas chambers” were I to govern this nation, then by virtue of your (ill)logic you’d probably have to gas more than half the citizens of this country as well.

    Among those who take this Govt to task are Art Harun, Haris Ibrahim, Din Merican, RPK, Sakmongol, Malik Imtiaz, Tulang Besi, and sometimes Marina Mahathir, Rocky’s Bru, Outsyed the Box, Another Brick On The Wall, Tulang Besi and even Dr.M. Don’t forget 48% of the electorate voted against this Govt in GE 2008. So, is it your contention that all these M’sians hate the Malays and should also be exterminated?

    As for race, do note that in June of 2009 the United Nations changed its charter REAFFIRMING that all peoples and individuals constitute one human family, rich in diversity, and that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights; and strongly rejects any doctrine of racial superiority along with theories which attempt to determine the existence of so-called distinct human races. Thus the United Nations no longer uses the word “race” as a cultural determinant; instead, we will all be considered a part of one race: humans. Check it out at

    So, “we are all of 1 race, the Human Race” is not the “crapppy laughable, idiotic derisory slogan” you image it to be due to your apparent ignorance and prejudices; it has a very solid factual basis supported also by the fact that DNA variations among the “races” in this world is less than 5%. Other than colour and sex, from a structural point of view, is there any difference among a Chinese, Indian or Malay at birth or one born to a Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or Muslim?

    So, I can only shake my head sadly and say podah yourself for your own self-evident racism, ignorance and bigotry!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race


  35. JMD, will you please reply to comments not by editing the comments but instead in the manner as how everyone else does it? It confuses me a bit when I try to speedread them. If you are concerned about masquerading (people faking as JMD) I assume you are able to remove the comments concerned .

    JMD : If many people strongly feel about this, then I will make some changes. Thank you.


  36. The chinese in Malaysia want everthing as long it benefits them irregardless the history of the country.They are not willing to give up chinese education although they know only Malaysia allows thatThey claimed they are loyal to Malaysia and want equality in all aspects.Never did they realise they are not in China.They want to abolish Malay Rulers and want Malaysia to be Republic.Look at Lim kit Siang he cannot even speak bahasa correctly it is embrassing to see a veteran politician who struggle to speak bahasa malaysia in parliament.Almost all DAP members failed to speak concisely and correctly and yet they claimed the love Malaysia.If they are sincere they all should demand to do away with chinese education and maintain only one stream of education.


  37. Malaikat,

    Take it easy, man.

    I think when your great-great-great grandchildren read this posting of yours, they would probably laugh at such ridiculous comments.

    The reason I said ‘great-great-great grandchildren’ is bcuz I believe in 100 years time the Malaysia we all know, would have progressed into becoming a 22nd century country, very in line with the progress of the rest of the world where race & religion would hardly matter in any discussion at all.

    We are really getting there esp. with this information age. Many countries & their population recognise the concept of equality amongst humans. Unfortunately Malaysia still has some way to go but unevitably all Malaysians will be more matured in their thinking and follow the rest of the world.

    We are still a very young nation so there is still lotsa opportunities….as long as we all really do care for this country…think of this very soil we stand on have very special meaning to all of us.

    I am a Chinese myself and I recall my confusion when my parents bad-mouthed certain races. I was lucky to ignore them and made so many close friends of all races. In fact when I was young I dont even see them as another race, I only see them as a friend (or foe…hahah classroom mischiefs, etc)

    Of course its easy for me to remain cheerful and happy-go-lucky as I have a pretty cozy life. I am now a professional working overseas and started a family there too. So I guess I’m considered lucky compared with my peers who remained in Malaysia who had to experienced & face some hard truth.

    I can understand why my Chinese friends or my parents blaming the Malays when they experienced hardship, my grandparents cursing the Japanese till today….but lets hope such hatred doesnt carry on forward too far into the future.

    Anyway I am quite optimistic somehow all Malaysians will sooner or later come to their senses…..remove any artificial barriers installed to stifle anyone’s progress.

    I still keep in touch with fellow Malaysians living overseas and we still go ‘lepak’ & enjoy together for Raya or Deepavalli…MUHIBBAH is the way to go!!


  38. This is one of the most racist article I have read, with sadness. Very saddened that fellow Malaysians think so strongly and petty, for I am sure the writer is a well-read educated one.

    Be responsible in your writing. It is precisely these thoughts that would divide the people into racial thinking.
    Why kind we all just forget about race, and be Malaysians. Let politicians do their warfare – politicis anyway.

    A leader, or co-leader of any country, should put the nationality first, before his origin race — that is the thought that all leaders should have. And that should be the message you should emphasize to all people.

    JMD : Obviously you did not understand my point of view in this article. You cannot rank two different aspects under one context. Please read also all the comments and replies above. Thank you.


  39. I understood your point but your writing resulted in obviously racial-tinted thoughts and comments from either very emotional readers or those who tried to be rational.

    My point is this should not be a material worth your intellectual writing, if you truly think as a Malaysian. It is when one continues to think one as a Chinese, a Malay, an Indian that one feels strongly about this topic.
    Rest my case.

    JMD : 1) Tell me please, which line of my article that is deemed racist by you? There is nothing racist if one wants to say he is a Malay, Chinese, Indian etc. All of them are Malaysian. If I say I am a Muslim first, then Malaysian, am I now be labeled as terrorist? Of course not. It doesn’t matter right?

    2) The point is, Lim Kit Siang was wrong in trying to rank which one is more important when race and nationality are two different things altogether. The ulterior motive is to make Muhyiddin Yassin look bad in the eyes of the chinese when we all know that Muhyiddin won’t treat the chinese any lesser. This motive is racist in nature and Lim Kit Siang wants to gain political mileage.

    3) So you see, you are coming from different angle in order to criticise this article. Yes sure, we all must be Malaysian. We are not from China. We are not Indonesian. You are not wrong. And neither am I. But by all means, we have to act like Malaysians! How to act as Malaysian?

    4) By ridiculing your fellow Malays? By sneering at your fellow indians? By suspiciously looking at the chinese? How did that happen? Because some people, are taking too much effort highlighting the racial difference within our community.

    5) Chinese must go to chinese school. Indian must go to tamil school. Malays must go to national schools. Chinese is 2nd class citizen (when clearly there are not), indians are being murdered everyday by Malays (eventhough they are not), Malays are lazy, corrupt bunch of people (eventhough they are not).

    6) Therefore, it is not me who has racial tinted thoughts. Who then? I am only trying to say that it is not important if one wants to say anything as long as people tolerate and accept their moderate views.

    7) For instance, eventhough it is wrong to rank race and nationality, why can’t Lim Kit Siang accept the statement made by Muhyiddin that he is Malay first and Malaysian second?

    8 ) Which part of his brain that was hurt by that comment? Did Kit Siang think that Muhyiddin then will not take care of the chinese, or will not give a damn about Malaysia? Why would he felt hurt?

    9) Suddenly, the promoter of middle Malaysia cannot accept that other people would think about their race more?

    10) Then would he all these while fighting for chinese schools? Shouldn’t he concentrate on national schools since that is more Malaysian? The answer lies in para (2) above.

    11) This issue is worthy of my writing because I need to correct the perception among the people that has been skewed over the political expediency of Lim Kit Siang. Thank you.


  40. Good articles and good reading. So we all should call ourselves Malaysians. Thats a very nationalistic notion. To be truly Malaysian, we must all look beyond our own ethnicity and religious background,right? We should also equally benefit from all Government policies and whatever decisions the Government of the day makes too, correct? I lived through May 13th. Whoever was right or wrong, I was too young to know, comprehend or understand.To this day, I cannot forget the day I was informed that there was no place for me in my own school where I studied for so many years- from primary until secondary level,because my fellow Malaysian, with a much much lower grade in the MCE(SPM now) exams was allowed to go to the next level, and me, another fellow Malaysian(not one of those who came off a boat), had to leave school, work to pay for my own way through private college. This fellow Malaysian of mine went on to become a doctor and here I am reflecting on what could have been.No Government loan or grant because I am not a true Malaysian(son of the soil). Throughout my working years and adult life, toil and work and knock on many many doors to make a living.Buying my own home was more a dream. After many many years of going through the same struggle,listening to the same promises by politicians,I gave up and left the country of my birth. Whatever seems ‘fair’ in the eyes of some, for me is totally the opposite. True I am a son of a migrant but I was born in Malaysia. Brought up and educated the Malaysian way.But I doubt if I was ever treated fairly like other fellow ‘Malaysians’. Same policies exists now. 1Malaysia? Maybe on the surface.Deep down,more skeptical then hopeful. As long as power is dictated by one political party, this will be just one big dream.As long as the priviliges are held by one race, policies dictated by one party and power and wealth concentrated in the hands of a special elite group, nothing will change. Look at the entire structure of trying to bring the standards of education, health and wealth of the sons of the soil to be on par with other fellow Malaysians. How much has it cost,financially and socially? Has it really united the country in any way? MALAYSIA BOLEH! Yes….only for some…


    • Good response Joe.
      Goh Chok TOng, Vincent Tan, Tan Sri Ananda and that Quek guy, they were all oppressed.
      To this day they remain poor and subjugated.
      But Joe, you were the smart one.
      You left the country of your birth.
      You left your other fellow M’sians who live in misery so that you can be rich on your own.
      You are so rich now compared to that Vincent, Ananda or Quek guy.
      Joe, you are a true Chinese!


  41. Joe Tan has spoken the truth. For the non-bumis, even grade one is not enough to secure a place in form six. But bums are promoted even if they get grade three.

    As for why there are no bumis in the present rich man’s list when prviously, there were Halim Saad, Tajuddin Ramli etc? Because they were nominees for some elites in the country. So when they could not perform, the elites fire them. The truly rich malays remain hidden from society.

    What about Amin Shah? The guy who secured the multi billion ringgit navy patrol craft contract? He lives in dubai with Tajuddin Ramli and Thaksin.

    So those whom the govenrment assisted to become rich malays abandoned the country. What more the non-bumis.

    Malaysia can only acheive true unity when all these unjust policies are abolished. Until that is done, you can forget about everyone speaking one language etc as there is no point for “others” to do this.


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