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Anwar Ibrahim is shamed by Financial Times?

From The Financial Times editorial:

Published March 24, 2010

Malaysia presents itself as a modern, successful and democratic nation. Many western leaders have hailed the country as an example of moderate, tolerant Islam – at ease with itself and with the non-Muslim world. Malaysia does indeed have much to be proud of. But the trial of Anwar Ibrahim, which is due to restart this week, is a massive blot on the country’s reputation for tolerance and political pluralism.

Mr Anwar is a vital figure in the Malaysian opposition. The coalition of opposition forces he leads represents the most potent challenge to the ruling National Front coalition in many years. But Mr Anwar, a married man with six children, is on trial for sodomy. He has already served six years in solitary confinement on charges of sodomy and abuse of power – although the sodomy charges were later over-turned by the courts, leading to Mr Anwar’s release in 2004. If he is convicted this time, he could face a sentence of up to 20 years in prison.

The first thing to say is that – even allowing for cultural and religious sensitivities – Malaysia should be embarrassed that it is threatening to send a man to prison for consensual sex with another adult. But there are also considerable doubts about the case against Mr Anwar. The evidence against him is thin and the political context is very clear.

The government of Najib Razak sees Mr Anwar as a threat and has been trying to wreck his political career, using a variety of tactics. Aside from the criminal charges that have been brought against the opposition leader, Mr Anwar has been crudely smeared as a tool of “Jewish” interests. Asked once whether Mr Anwar would make a good prime minister, Mahathir Mohammad, the former prime minister of Malaysia, replied: “He would make a good prime minister of Israel.” A modern state should be ashamed of exploiting racism and homophobia to head off a legitimate political challenge.

But it is not just the Malaysian government that deserves to be chastised. Malaysia is an important market and an influential voice in the Islamic world. As a result, western governments that claim to place human rights at the centre of their foreign policy have been very circumspect in their comments on the Anwar trial. Respect for the courts, for national sovereignty and for cultural difference are all worthy ideas. But sometimes, it is important to speak clearly. The trial of Anwar Ibrahim is a disgrace and an embarrassment to Malaysia.

Above is a recent article from Financial Times which Anwar Ibrahim had proudly posted in his blog. Just like Dr Azly Rahman, the editors in far London or New York couldn’t do a proper investigative journalism to save their lives.

I find that most parts of the articles are pandering towards what is obvious. Some are total lies, while a few is outright outrageous.

Firstly, Anwar Ibrahim was in jail for 6 years because he was found guilty for abuse of power. He used his position to stop an on-going police investigations about him. That is something a Deputy Prime Minister must not do. As the result, he was sent to jail for 6 years. He escaped the next six years of jail term which supposed to commence after the first jail term expire in 2004. But the independent Supreme Court, who had no doubts he committed sodomy, released him from the charges because the prosecution couldn’t agree on the fixed date of a sodomy act that had happened 6 years before the sodomy trial even began.

Secondly, yes Malaysia should be embarrassed.

Malaysia should be embarrassed if a man who self styled himself as the Prime Minister-in-waiting and a Muslim, be freed from the charges because he is only involved in consensual sex. In Islam, it is a sin for a man to commit ‘zina’, and it is even a bigger sin to commit homosexual acts.

Homosexuality is an abomination. Just look into all holy books.

Hence, the ignorant editors of Financial Times gave us the flimsiest of excuse on why this trial is a  bad thing in the eyes of the watching world – because although Anwar Ibrahim had extra marital sex with another MAN, it was still consensual.

Tell that to us a million times and we will still call you an idiot. Why? Because in other words, the editors of Financial Times is telling us that they believed Anwar did those acts! Their only line of defense? Anwar did it on consensual basis.

Financial Times is really doing a disservice to Anwar if their strongest line of argument is that there is nothing wrong about consensual sex between men.


Thirdly, the trial had hardly started and those editors thought that there is little or no evidence at all to implicate Anwar with sodomy charges. Are they clairvoyant? How can they assume that the evidence against him is thin?

Fourthly, what variety of tactics is the government doing to wreck Anwar’s political career? This sodomy charge is brought by his own former worker. It is by his own undoing. Nobody stopped him to become a candidate in Permatang Pauh back in August 2008. Nobody stopped him from appearing in Parliament. Nobody stopped him from opening his mouth on all the political platforms he had been to. What he is facing now is through the police report made by a victim.

In fact, it is Anwar who had used a wide variety of dirty tactics to tarnish the political career of his nemesis, Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak. The latest revelation by Anwar’s one time strongest supporter, Zulkifli Noordin revealed how dirty the hands of Anwar Ibrahim. You can see the disgust of his former stalwarts when one by one, as the house of cards crumbling down, had exposed Anwar’s dirty tricks in his power play.

Anwar even had the gall to smear Najib in international arena. Anwar had always been the typical antithesis of  how Malay trait should be i.e., he always have this ‘perasaan hasad dengki‘ towards the people that stands in his way.

Lastly, there is one sentence which the editors got it right – “Respect for the courts, for national sovereignty and for cultural difference are all worthy ideas. But sometimes, it is important to speak clearly”.

Alright, let us speak this clearly so that their blocked ears can hear our words – ANWAR IBRAHIM IS A DISGRACE AND AN EMBARRASSMENT TO MALAYSIA!

Respect our courts, national sovereignty and our own cultural and religious ways please. Thank you.


52 thoughts on “Anwar Ibrahim is shamed by Financial Times?

  1. Salam Saudara JMD,

    Sdr. sebelum ini pernah menulis yang Anwar tidak patut melengah-lengah perbicaraan kes liwat ini kalau beliau benar-benar innocent. Berdiri teguh dengan berani di dalam mahkamah, get it cleared soonest, once for all kemudian bolehlah menumpukan perhatian sepenuhnya kepada usaha-usaha menubuhkan kerajaan PR. Tetapi tidak, Anwar “berbicara” di mahkamah tepi jalan seluruh negara dan pelusuk dunia.

    Kini, kes DI TANGGUH LAGI !!!! Alasannya, Persidangan Parlimen. Tapi Anwar tak hadirpun di Parlimen selepas Zahrain “melondehkan” seluarnya. Terus saja dia ke mahkamah jalanan di luar negara, baru balik untuk MENANGGUHKAN KES lagi !!!! Ini dah boleh buat guiness book world of record ni!

    Tapi fakta-fakta macam ni, sahabat-sahabat luar negara Anwar akan cuba tutup sebelah mata la.


  2. JMD cilok sikit….

    “Malaysia is an important market and an influential voice in the Islamic world”

    yeah rite…….

    our important “market” is equivalent to Jakarta + bandung put together.

    and our voice in the Islamic world is long gone after Dollah came along…….

    and was he really in solitary confinement or “business class cell”


  3. Nice article JMD. One thing that disturbed me is this persistence from various quarters including foreign governments demanding our government to stop the trial. Don’t they know that executive can’t interfere with judicial process. This is basic tenet in every country and even in their own country.

    The demand to stop the trial should be directed to Saiful instead and not our government.


  4. Did Jebat actually kill thousands of people?

    Amazing for a man with a keris in a city that probably did not have thousands living within its walls.


    JMD : Please read more on the history of Melaka Sultanate. During the height of its civilisation, there were about 100,000 inhabitants.

    The Asian Millenium, Far Eastern Economic Review, June 10, 1999 stated, “Five centuries ago Malacca hosted 2,000 ships each day, as many as crowd in modern-day Singapore, which boast of being one of the three busiest ports (in the world)…it was a place where Gujratis, Tamils and Bengalis from India lived and traded in cure harmony with Malays, Chinese and Arabs; a city of 100,000 where 84 languages could be heard in the markets. The Malay sultans who ruled Malacca ensured that the Straits (of Malacca) was free from pirates. Goods could be stored safely in hundred of well-guarded godowns, and in case of disputes, the city’s law were administrated fairly to both Malaccans dan foreigners (page 136)

    Thank you.


  5. Any comments about PKFZ, VK Lingam, Barry Wain’s book, and the endless lists of corruption…

    Will AG charge Soi Lek with sex against the order of nature…

    Faisal….there are serious issues affecting the country…whether Anwar had sex with another man is not one of them.


    JMD : I beg to differ. Anwar having sex with another man IS one of the important issues to be addressed. PKFZ, VK Lingam, Barry Wain etc has been discussed thoroughly in the blogosphere and in the mainstream media. And who the heck is Faisal? Cheers.


  6. Consensual sex is when both partners are freely and willingly agreeing, or consenting, to whatever sexual activity is occurring. …



    Put political ideology and favour a side , those with right thinking can see clearly what Anuar really are.


  8. “modern state should be ashamed of exploiting racism and homophobia to head off a legitimate political challenge.”

    You should highlight this line too. 😉

    JMD : Ah yes, thank you for reminding. These modern Western countries indeed should be shameful to use the coined up term – homophobia (fear of homosexuals) as a means to save their pawn from political destruction.

    So people should not be homophobic? That’s the exact thing which made homosexuality flourishes in the West. People should shun homosexuality. Not embrace it by chastising people do not condone it as homophobic. Thank you.


  9. JMD its simple, the day Malaysia allows consensual sex between 2 male adults is the day Malaysia is deemed worthy of the title -“a progressive modern Islamic state” bestowed only by the West.

    God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve heh heh

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  10. You have said it all and I agree with what you say about the supposedly religious former ABIM (Islamic Youth) leader Anwar who is now accused of “masuk jalan belakang” for the second time. The Appeal judges of the first case cleared him on technical grounds but did state their reservations on the sodomy act. I now wish to say something about what appears to be Jewish thinking in the Financial Times article.

    For all their international reputation of objective and fair reporting all these years, one finds it strange that the Financial Times had not written much about the background of the man that they now seem to want to defend. No mention at all about the Appeal judges’ reservations on the first case. No pointing out that Anwar was first brought to court during TDM’s time. Only that he is said to be the political enemy of the current PM. And hitting at TDM’s comment on the Jews is naturally expected.

    One wonders how much Jewish control there is in Financial Times in terms of ownership, management and editorial hold. It is a well known fact that, like New York where the “Jewish Lobby” has “unlimited power” (according to one Harvard Professor and one Chicago University Professor), London, too, has significant Jewish influence on business life and on opinion-making enterprise there.

    The Jews have been having control over various aspects of the British economy and considerable influence on British politics. One Jew even became a Prime Minister – Benjamin Disraeli, who played a significant role in the creation of the State of Israel later. It is therefore not strange that the Financial Times tries to portray Anwar in a sympathetic light and put down Malaysia which is an Islamic state and whose Elder Statesman has been pointing out the unreasonableness of Jews like George Soros and of Zionist Israelis who occupy Palestine land and bully the Arabs.

    Say what they like. The sovereign rights of a democratiic state and the process of law in this country must go on. They and the Aussie MPs must learn to mind their own bloody business. We can also criticise the descendants of those convicts and those who sent them out – the British who had issued British Overseas Citizenship to their colonists and recently refused to recognise them and others from former colonies who wanted to taste “the grandeur” of being bloody British. They are a sad specimen of a so-called liberal and enlightened society. They even extended the period of detention without trial in the aftermath of heightened Islamist activities since Nine Eleven.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


    • @ Aku,

      why do you put the jews in a bad light?
      Our govenrment is no better, as bank negara too indulged in speculative forex liie soros, indulge in racially/religiously suppressive environment like the zionist and control the mass media like what happenend to the financial times.


      • What putting Jews in bad light, man? They are mostly bad.
        Have you been away for so long? Look at them in the US – Bernard Madoff made off with US$65 billion (repeat, billion, US dollars) of fellow Jewish money. One man, such a huge sum.

        What “racially/religiously suppressive environment ” are you talking about? You are getting political, aren’t you?


  11. Dear JMD,

    I would like to put it in a different context. Are they saying that VIPs leaders etc no matter which side of the fence are shouldn’t be tried? Are they saying like small fries cannot have their day in court against big people that has the financial capabilities to go all over the world to drum up support for him. While this small fry can only walk with his head upright because he feels he is right.

    Whatever conspiracies they can think of what remains is that a person may have been wronged. Shouldn’t that be established first. Or are justice only for selected people. Many keep on harping on AI. What about the victim? Does it mean that if this was not male but instead female AI would still get scot free because obviously he does no wrong and is therefore a conspiracy?

    We have seen angels fall before and angels will fall again. Can’t anyone put it in their head that this could just be another example?

    I agree that the article have definitely tarnished AI. Is he going to sue Financial Times now for alleging that he is engaging in some consensual acts.


    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  12. Dear JMD,

    This FT article and other extraneous efforts to stop the ongoing trial have conveniently forgetten the charge on DSAI was made during Pak Lah’s time.

    To link Datuk Seri Najib in the present charge is another anomaly and misreporting, not to mention mischievous.

    Best regards

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  13. I don’t know about Anwar, his sexual prefference or whether he is corrupt or not. I do not want to be dragged into something that may incur God’s wrath.
    I can only say that based on historical evidence, and in my opinion, he is an inept minister and leader.

    There is nothing more embarrasing that forbidding people from using arabic words/terms, flogging women for drinking beer, flogging single women for giving birth at govenrment hospitals, unjust judgement and tyrrany/threats subjected to the masses on ground of religion/race.

    For those who believe, we have a duty to confront the unjust and tyrrants.

    2:193 And you must confront them until there is no more slandering. And the orderly way of life is for God alone. Therefore if they refrain – thus there shall be no more hostility – except over those who are unjust.

    2:81 Yes indeed! Whoever commits injustice – he is shrouded with his crimes, thus they are the dwellers of the fire – it is they – who will abide in it forever. 2:82 And those who trust and do righteous deeds – thus they are the dwellers of the garden – it is they – who will abide in it forever.

    “And who is more wicked than one who is reminded of his Lord’s verses but he turned away from them, and he forgot what his hands had done. We have made veils upon their hearts from understanding them, and a deafness in their ears. And if you invite them to the guidance, they will never be guided.” (Qur’an 18:57)

    “GOD advocates justice, charity, and regarding the relatives. And He forbids evil, vice, and transgression. He enlightens you, that you may take heed.” (Quran 16:90)


  14. Salam JMD,

    ‘nyah…. kita cutilah malam ni, tak payah cari makanlah.. Jomlah kita ramai2 pi kolumpo, kita gi sokong Bang Nuar kita, nak ? Sian abang kita tu… ‘

    ‘ a-ah la, jomlah, kita claim je dari bang nuar nanti. Tak pun, kita pakai cantik2, kita kumpul ramai2 depan mahkamah. Glamorlah kita nanti… aaaaah, eeeeiiii…seronoknya ! Boleh masuk paper, boleh masuk tv… naiklah saham kita kaaaauu’

    ‘ Nyaaaaah, kau ni gila glamer je lah, tak kuasa nak layan! Kita pergi nak tunjukkan sokongan kita pada perjuangan Bang Nuar, menang dia kita juga senang nak cari makan nanti ‘

    ‘Eleh…. macamlah orang tak tau… Kau nak tackle kawan2 bang nuar kan ? kan ? kan? ‘

    ‘ Ada-ada sajalah kau nyah… tapi aku geram juga kat benggali sorang tu… kalaulah aku dapat… eeeee….! ‘

    ‘Jom, jom…. kau bawa sekali pom-pom kau tu, kita nyanyi, menari ramai2 depan mahkamah. vogue kau !’

    A – N – U – ar….. Anu-ar ! Yeh ! Yeh !


  15. Dear JMD

    You have been doing a great job!
    You are still a doyen of the Malaysian cyber world

    Please do not waste time and energy with people like Greg Lopez, people who are the scum of the earth, hiding behind the shirt of cyber space to talk big.

    JMD Keep up you sound rationale of comments

    Thank You


  16. Dear JMD,
    Im not sure that all his sexual acts are with willing partners.Otherwise some of them wont squeal like Azizan or Saiful. In the later’s case it borders as a rape case- submit or else type. But that aside, I find your counter argument a worthy read, alas, by the wrong audience here. Is there anyway that this article of yours be publish in the FT as a response?
    BTW, I think Zahrain is right in saying that our missions abroad esp in the West,Australia,HK and even S’pore have utterly failed in giving the right facts and information about this issue to their respective hosts resulting in the continued misinformation and misconception.


  17. Actually, Anwar is only effective if Malaysians are influenced by what he has to say.

    To counter this effect, blogs like CheDet, JMD, BigDog, Rocky Bru, Deminegara has done a great service to ‘educate’ the masses.

    I for one, learnt a lot from these blogs.

    The foreign press and media can only hope to intimidate thru psywar. They can do little damage if majority of Malaysians are well-informed and not easily brainwashed.

    These writers are skilful at ‘slanting’ facts to influence your views like Carolyn Hong of The Straits Times.

    These tactics include positioning articles with another explosive article. Some photos are juxtaposed in such a critical angle to create maximum impact. And of course sensational headlines add to the pscho-attack.

    Sometimes the headlines do not reflect the actual content of the article just to influence lazy readers who only read headlines.


  18. Salam, JMD.

    Sometimes, it’s quite funny when we hear this whole issue of Anwar committing homosexual acts with his workers. Now, I’m not sure if he did it or not, but on the whole, when I hear people defnd Anwar, it’s never denying outright that he committed the act. It’s more of the Shahnon Shah-type defence (yes, I heard the Nut Graph journalist’s view about the issue)-“So what if he’s gay?”

    “So what”? Personally, I’ve never judged people for their sexuality and I’m not going to start now. Honest. But it seems when Anwar supporters forward this defense, they seem to forget the convenient fact that HE’S A MARRIED MAN!

    Seriously, we gave Chua Soi Leck hell until he had to quit his job as minister for having an affair and getting it on tape. Even Karpal Singh called for Chua Soi Leck to be put on trial for engaging in oral sex, which is apparently against the law.
    And yet when Anwar’s accused of it, his supporters say it’s ok and he shouldn’t be tried, because such laws discriminate based on personal preferences in the bedroom.

    What are the Anwar supporters trying to say? That’s it’s ok to cheat on your spouse as long as the lover’s the same gender as you? Seriously!


  19. JMD,

    Mana pergi KakSu kita ya? dia sudah faham ke kedudukan sebenar isu Anwar ni, agaknya? atau dia dah tak sempat baca blog ni sebab dia dah bekerja, no longer a typical singaporean malay housewise?



  20. Azly Rahman is nothing but a pseudoliberal intellectual wannabe idiot.

    Why oh why he thinks that everybody in this world must be like the Americans?.

    People have cultures. People have religious backgrounds. Americans, most of them – dont.

    If you are preaching about accepting people of who they are, (including homos and rapist), then you surely must be able to accept people of different cultures and religious backgrounds.

    You don’t go and say things which implies – You should accept homos like we do but we won’t accept you and your conservative thinking. I.e. You should be uncivilized like us.


    • Azly Rahman laki-bini ni dah settle ke HUTANG diorang dengan UUM? Malangnya UUM dahlah masih kekurangan pensyarah berkelayakan PhD berbanding IPT-IPT lain, dapat pulak 2 ekor macam Azly Rahman dan bininya.


  21. 40 Reasons why the Sodomy Charge against Anwar is too Ridiculous to Believe
    By Malaysian Spring
    It seems a simple enough plan. Get a willing pro-Umno young man. Stick him in Anwar’s office and let him get close to Anwar. Then have him accuse Anwar of sodomy. The police, the judiciary and the government machinery will do the rest. This will put Anwar out of the political scene for good and he will never threaten Umno’s power again.
    But something happened on the way to the courthouse. The public is not buying this story. Too many holes have appeared until the whole rickety structure of deceit has all but collapsed. No doubt there are a few clueless souls in Umno trying to maintain this ridiculous charade but they are flogging a dead horse. They only succeed in earning the contempt of the people.
    Saiful made many mistakes before and after the alleged act by failing to conceal his movements and being an incredibly lousy actor. Perhaps he thought playing the victim isn’t important as the powerful players behind him will take care of everything. But there’s a limit to how much idiocy the public can take. A real victim of forced sodomy or male rape does not appear smiling and waving to the press in public as if he’s damn proud of it.
    It all looks like a hastily conceived, bumbling, incompetent and ill-thought out plot. So here are 40 reasons why the sodomy charge against Anwar is too ridiculous to believe.
    The Charge
    1.The charge of consensual sodomy is structurally flawed as it does not a tally with Saiful’s public stance of forced sodomy for which he has already sworn on the Koran.

    2.The government has absolutely no interest in prosecuting consenting gays so why the sudden interest in prosecuting Anwar for alleged consensual sodomy? How about all the gay activities going on under the nose of the authorities in the seedy streets of KL? Nobody has been prosecuted for consensual sodomy since independence except Anwar and his alleged partners in Sodomy I.

    3.Why isn’t Saiful prosecuted as a consensual partner? Shouldn’t he be at least prosecuted for indecent behaviour against the order of nature for allegedly bending over out of his own free will?
    Saiful’s behaviour
    4.Claimed to be have been sodomized a total of eight (8) times. Why did he tolerate it for so long? To keep his RM1000 a month job? What can he possibly fear from an opposition leader who holds no influence in government?

    5.Despite being a 24 year old big strapping youth, this lowlife claimed he was sodomized against his will by a 62 year old man with bad back. How ridiculous can you get?

    6.Made a police report 2 days after the alleged incident. Was he waiting to see if he was pregnant?

    7.Went to work as usual next day and was seen walking straight.

    8.Attended a function at Anwar’s house in the evening with Anwar present and served coffee to the guests. Would a rape victim do that?

    9.Sent a friendly quit e-mail to Anwar that he was resigning because he was lazy and incompetent. No mention that he couldn’t take the sodomy.

    10.Show no sign of being victimized and traumatized. Smile and wave to press after he made his police report. Looks proud to be a victim of male rape.

    11.Met and photographed with senior officers in DPM dept a few months before the alleged incident. Claimed to have gone there to apply scholarship but the DPM Dept is the wrong place to go for scholarship. Why all the lies?

    12.Met Najib who was Deputy PM at his official residence 2 days before the alleged incident. Najib at first denied the meeting, later claimed Saiful wanted a scholarship? Is the Deputy PM so easy to access? Why would college dropout need scholarship?

    13.In a final twist Najib said he advised Saiful who was traumatized to lodge a police report. But this was before the alleged act!

    14.Met police office SAC Rodwan in Room 619 of Concorde Hotel Shah Alam 1 day before the alleged incident. Were they discussing scholarship?

    15.Saiful’s god mother Mumtaz Jaafar is a close friend and ‘bag lady’ of Rosmah Mansor, Najib’s wife. It is widely believed that the plot was hatched by Rosmah and Najib.

    16.Known to be a rabidly pro-BN while in college.

    17.Went to Pusrawi hospital to get a medical examination and told the doctor that he had been sodomized by a plastic object. The doctor said he looked and behaved normally. Why didn’t he go straight to the police?

    18.Went to mosque to swear that Anwar sodomized him against his will during the Permatang Pauh by-election so that BN can make political capital out of it.

    19.Must be the most publicity hungry rape victim in the world, male or female, bar none!
    Police & prosecution
    20.Why are huge resources and manpower devoted to this case as if consensual sodomy is the most heinous crime in the country, worse than the murder of a Mongolian woman? How does an alleged consensual partner in sodomy suddenly become a victim for whom the whole apparatus of government must be marshalled to seek “justice?” Tie this with no. 2 and see if you can make any sense.

    21.A copy of the police report was given to Anwar only after he had been questioned by police and after much pestering by his lawyers. Usually a suspect should be given a copy of the police report before taking his cautioned statement to prevent him unwittingly incriminating himself. Why was this procedure not followed? Did the police upset the procedure to design the charge and fabricate the police report to fit in with Anwar’s movements?

    22.Why was Anwar unnecessarily held overnight in jail cell when he could have been released on the same day? The next morning he was asked a few perfuntionary questions and released. But it was revealed that his jail cell was carefully swept by forensic after his release. Were they looking for traces of his DNA?

    23.Anwar was asked to give a blood sample during the medical examination but he refused. After that Umno leaders made public calls for him to give a sample. Why such a tussle to get Anwar’s blood sample with no safeguards whatsoever? In view of the fact that his blood sample had been planted on a mattress in sodomy I, why should Anwar make it so easy for them?

    24.After Anwar refused to give his blood sample a new DNA Identification Bill was proposed in which the police are allowed to forcibly take blood sample from any suspect, custody of DNA samples will be managed by the police, the accuracy of DNA evidence cannot be challenged and the judge must consider DNA evidence to be conclusive. The Home Ministry wanted to rush this bill through parliament. Do you smell a rat here? Thankfully this DNA Identification Bill has not been passed into law yet after much opposition.

    25.The prosecution fought tooth and nail to transfer the case from the Sessions Court to High Court without giving any creditable reason. If they have real evidence they could have convicted Anwar in any court under any judge so why the lengthy fight to transfer the case as if their whole case depends on who hears it?

    26.The prosecution also fought all the way to the Federal Court to deny giving Anwar document necessary for his defence according to the Criminal Procedure Code, not even most basic list of witnesses. Why such unbecoming and sordid loser behaviour if they have a real case with real evidence?

    27.In any sexual offence where penetration is a crucial factor no prosecutor will proceed without favourable medical evidence. In this case the prosecution decided to proceed with unfavourable medical evidence (see no.28 & 29). Were they depending on a compliant judge? (see no. 25)
    28.A medical report by Dr. Mohamed Osman of Pusrawi Medical Centre, a Burmese expatriate doctor with 30 years experience certified that Saiful asshole had never been penetrated.

    29.A separate medical report by 3 specialists at Hospital KL also confirmed that Saiful is an anal virgin.

    30.The prosecution claimed that they have DNA sample extracted from Saiful’s rectum which incriminate Anwar but experts say that this environment is very hostile to semen and prone to contamination. It is unlikely that any usable DNA can be found after 2 days.

    31.The prosecution refused to give Anwar a DNA sample for independent verification so any claim of positive identification is just the word of the government chemist against his.

    32.The prosecution cannot prove that the DNA sample in question was actually extracted from Saiful’s rectum although they claim it.

    33.The possibility exists that any DNA sample may have been spiked with Anwar’s DNA collected covertly. (see no. 22 and 23)
    Anwar’s Personal Life
    34.Anwar is 63 year old grandfather with 6 children and a loving wife. Would a homosexual person father 6 children and have a close relationship with his wife?

    35.If Anwar’s sexual inclination is true then where are the other partners? Why has nobody come out of the woodwork to claim a relationship with him? Anwar’s associates who were convicted of sodomy with him all repudiated their confessions as extracted under torture the moment they were released.

    36.Anwar had just led the opposition to stunning gains at the Mach 2008 polls and was plotting to take over the Federal government by engineering defections. Why would Anwar risk everything for this college dropout? If indeed his lust is so great, ther must be many others so where are the other partners?
    Testimony during trial
    37.Claimed Anwar was his idol but his college mates say he hated Anwar’s guts.

    38.Claimed he was shocked and disgusted by Anwar’s indecent proposal by still took a shower and prepared himself. So was it consensual or was it against his will as he has sworn in a mosque?

    39.The prosecution produced a tube of KY jelly. Did Saiful come prepared with KY jelly? If it belonged to Anwar wouldn’t it be taken back by Anwar?

    40.Claimed did not pass motion for 2 days in order to hold the vital evidence in his rectum. How heroic. Wouldn’t it be easier to just go to the police immediately? Didn’t he wash the KY jelly from his asshole?


    • Algojo,

      You have 40, probably 100 reasons why the sodomy charges is too ridiculous to believe (or a Governmenr conspiracy against Anwar).

      So what’s the issue here Algojo? Just go tell Anwar Ibrahim to expedite the Court hearings and expose all the so-called liars and conspiracy.

      Everyone, whether pro or anti Anwar want to know the truth, not just you and me. Why keep on postponing the Court when you have 40 evidences to proof your innocence?

      Oh I see, evidence no.41 the Court is also part of the Conspiracy. Then Anwar should just walk into jail just like Nelson Mandela to proof that he is the People’s champion.

      I paste here some of your dumb evidences –

      15.Saiful’s god mother Mumtaz Jaafar is a close friend and ‘bag lady’ of Rosmah Mansor, Najib’s wife. It is widely believed that the plot was hatched by Rosmah and Najib.

      —god mother a close friend
      —widely believed

      what kind of proof is this?

      34.Anwar is 63 year old grandfather with 6 children and a loving wife. Would a homosexual person father 6 children and have a close relationship with his wife?

      ….then, why would’nt Anwar being a Muslim figure just volunteerily swear before Quran of his innocence. As a Muslim, I found this refusal to swear as an admission of guilt. It is not a crime or a sin to swear to God that you did not commit something accused against you. On the contrary, had he made the sworn without slightest hesitation or delay, you would’nt need the remaining 39 evidences to proof his innocence.

      Apa la susah sangat nat pergi Mahkamah dan Bersumpah Latnat. Do this two things first then we talk about your 40 teories and Labu-labu.


  22. JMD,

    I forgot to add this, the attorney-general preferring sodomy charges against Anwar while declining to charge Chua, under the same section–377B of the penal code, for an act the former health minister had himself admitted committing exposed the AG as transparently biased. There was solid evidence in the form of a video tape–despite that the polis and the AG refused to take any action–WHY. Is this not a classical case of selective persecution.


    • Johari said…
      Kesan daripada sumpah mubahalah Saiful, solat hajat oleh penyokong-penyokong Anwar, kebenaran telah ditunjukkan oleh Allah Subhanahuwataala bagi mereka yang mahu melihat.

      1. Kegagalan rancangan mengambil alih kerajaan melalui pintu belakang pada 16 Sept. 2008.

      2. Jatuhnya kerajaan PR negeri Perak kerana dua orang ADUN dari PKR keluar parti dan menjadi wakil rakyat bebas.

      3. Tiga AP dari PKR keluar parti dan menjadi AP bebas dan seorang dipecat. Mereka telah membuka pekong Anwar Ibrahim tentang rancangan 16 Sept 2008 yang penuh dengan pembohongan sehingga melibatkan YDP Agong, Ketua Angkatan Tentera, Ahli2 Parlimen dari BN dan Timbalan Speaker. Semuanya adalah pembohongan belaka.

      4. Akibatnya hilang majoriti kerusi PKR di Dewan Rakyat. Sepatutnya Anwar bukan lagi menjadi ketua Pembangkang kalau berdasarkan demokrasi. Jawatan itu patut disandang oleh Lim Kit Siang.

      5. Penangguhan demi penangguhan perbicaraan liwatnya adalah satu bencana kepada Anwar sebenarnya. Tiap kali ia ditangguhkan semakin jelas kepada rakyat bahawa Anwar bersalah. Tak perlu hakim jatuhkan hukuman, rakyat sudah dapat menilainya.

      6. Orang yang yakin dirinya benar pasti hendak perbicaraan dijalankan dengan segera supaya dapat dibersihkan namanya di mahkamah. Lihat sahaja Saiful. Dia mahu perbicaraan disegerakan supaya dapat dibuktikan kebenaran tuduhannya.Apa yang berlaku terhadap dirinya adalah benar semuanya.

      7. Anwar lari ke kedutaan Turki apabila Saiful membuat laporan di balai polis adalah satu sifat tidak bertanggungjawab.

      8. Kemudian menuduh bahawa nyawanya terancam sebab itu dia mendapatkan perlindungan di kedutaan Turki adalah pembohongan yang nyata. Sampai ke hari ini Anwar bebas pergi ke mana-mana didalam negara, malah ke luar negara juga dia tidak diganggu.

      9. Meminta-minta pertolongan negara asing untuk turut campur dalam kes liwatnya adalah satu perbuatan yang sangat hina sebenarnya.

      10. Mana ada kes dalam dunia yang dibela oleh lebih dari 10 orang peguambela. Dalam pada itu takut juga untuk menghadapi perbicaraan.Senjatanya tangguh, tangguh, tangguh dan tangguh. Dan lebih 20 kali.

      11. Yakinlah kalau Anwar di pihak yang benar bila dicabar untuk bersumpah dia pasti akan melakukannya bukan sekali bahkan berkali di seluruh masjid di negara ini. Bukan itu sahaja dia akan panggil media asing untuk merakamkannya.

      12. Dan akhir sekali pasti dia minta supaya mahkamah menyegerakan perbicaraannya untuk membuktikan kebenarannya.

      13. Dan pasti jalannya ke PUTRAJAYA cerah.


      March 31, 2010 2:22 PM


  23. quite right algojo.
    many people can’t be bothered if anwar is homosexual, bi-sexual or anything in between. Anything anwar does sexually will be between him and mother nature.

    this blog should be appropriately re-named “anwar-must-die”.


    • Hey….
      i can’t be bothered about his sexual inclination too.
      But this is just a normal Criminal Law taking more no less. A victim has made a report.

      That’s just to it.

      And as a MUSLIM, being a MUSLIM… It is not acceptable.

      P/S :
      oooohhh…40 reasons??… nak balas satu satu??..boleh but its not worth it. What a pity….10 lawyers that Anwar have, tak seorang pun boleh pikir camtu.
      Anwar should have hired you!! LOL.


      • Yes! of course. Muslims like hero tamil!
        It is acceptable for them to marry underge girls, four at any one time. that is acceptable for them, but unacceptable for others.
        same with homosexuality. for some it is ok. for others, no-k.
        We can only interfere is an injustice have been done.
        In saiful’s case, it looks like willing buyer, willing seller.

        JMD : Marrying underage girls is a crime punishable by the law in this land. Marrying four at a time is not punishable by law if you are a Muslim, unless the circumstances of taking another wife did not follow the proper procedures. Just embrace and accept the diversity Sputjam. Some non Muslims can drink liquor and the Muslims accept their right to do this.

        Just accept the fact that Muslim have their set of laws to be adhered to by Muslims.

        Since you are not a Muslim, learn to respect the Muslims.

        I know you will now say, hey how about the Muslims respecting other people’s faith? Ok please refer my statement above regarding liquor.

        If Saiful was willing, he wouldn’t make a police report by the way.

        Thank you.


        • Salam JMD,

          Dengan izin…

          Mr Siput, ‘Muslims like hero tamil …..’ care to explain ? I find nothing wrong with hero tamil’s comment. Which type of Muslim is hero tamil were you refering to ?

          careful not to cross the line !


  24. Kiasu/Herotamil

    I am surprised that you are not aware of simple legal requirements in a rape or sodomy case. Hypothetically, lets assume if a woman is raped—the standard test is the doctor has to examine whether there is any forced penetration and any related injury. If the doctor says there is forced penetration, can I swear on the Quran and say I did not rape. If criminals can just swear and say that they did not commit the crime, then there will be full of criminals around us. But unfortunately, 4 doctors examined Sialfool and found no evidence of penetration. The prosecution’s evidence is DNA. But when DSAI brought foreign experts to verify the DNA—they were not allowed—WHY. Can you cite one single case of sodomy or rape whereby DNA is used as evidence instead of the standard requirement of the doctors medical report. You accuse DSAI of delaying the case. I want to ask you, have you been following the case from the beginning. If yes then answer this question. In the first place why didn’t the prosecution continue the case in the sessions court. Why did they mati mati wanted the case transferred to the high court. If only the case was heard by Justice Komathy—I am very sure the case would have been thrown out long time ago.
    As for those ex PKR YBs who abandoned PKR, this is the right words to use on them” Birds of the same feather will flock together”. Since they cant cari makan with PR, hence they become BN friendly Independents to gain monetary and other benefits–a case in point Zahrain and Zul following Najib to America–this is the reward given by Najib to those deserting PR.

    JMD : You mean to say Zahrain and Zulnordin so hard up to be taken to the US, they are willing to throw away their loyalty from their long time friend, Anwar Ibrahim?

    Why can’t the case be transferred to High Court? It is a high profile case involving a public figure. How are you so sure that Komathy will throw away the case? Why are you selectively prosecute the courts? Session courts has more integrity in your eyes as compared to the High Courts is it?

    I am confident that after I ask you why shouldn’t the case be transferred, you will say that the High Court judge is paid by the Government.

    Is that a fair assessment to make? Your answer will be based on a mere accusation and paranoia which reflects the sense of foreboding doom coming from Anwar Ibrahim’s undoing.

    have you seen the medical reports from the other hospitals that Saiful went after visiting Pusrawi? Have you heard his testimony?

    Bear in mind, you are making assumptions based on your own limited knowledge of the case without even hearing the CROSS EXAMINATION of Anwar’s lawyers yet.

    Let them expose Saiful if he indeed a fraud. But alas, the defense lawyers are not interested even to counter Saiful’s testimony in a cross examination because they kept on delaying the trial!

    Now you tell me who seemed to be more afraid to uncover the truth?

    Thank you.


    • I prefer to ask you algojo
      what type of person if you abandon your old friend that already sacrifice his future to support you, but at the end, being thrown away because of ‘new friend’?dont you think that person with such mindset is hypocrite? or did u one of people who also have that kind of mindset? well, Anwar is one of them, and it is not possible if he could do the same with his other backbenchers if he find other people that can give him opportunity to be in power. I bet if one day UMNO offer him to be PM, sure he will leave PKR without any words. such a greedy monster. better mamee monster. nyum3.


    • Algojo,

      Yes I am not aware of the simple legal requirement of sodomy case. You wont be surprised most or many people are not aware or ignorant too……………….so, thats the reason why people (excluding Anwar and you) want this case to be expedited, not postponed, postponed and postponed 23 times, so that people (excluding Anwar and you) can hear all the “bluffs” by Saiful and the “conspiracy theory” involving Najib, Rosmah, Tun Mahathir, Azizan, Meor, doctors, policemen, hospitals, fire-brigade, DNA specialists, judges, security guards, politicians, MPs, drivers and coffee makers,…and exposed how much money were involved. I am sure, since conspiracy involved so many people, some one will eventually “betrayed” the conspirator for fear to God.

      About the swearing matter, you missed the point or pathetically try to spin. No Court (except badminton court and you) in this civilized world will accept anyone’s swear as verdict of innocent or guilt. Don’t make yourself look stupid with your spin Agojo, nobody suggest that. What I and most people especially Muslims in Malaysia suggested was for Anwar as a (so-called) Muslim Leader to, without any delay or hesitation, swear before Quran according to Islamic procedures that he was innocent and did not commit the crime, and at the same time he bravely face the Court to prove his innocent and accusation of conspiracy. Remember, he is not a “Criminal” yet in respect of this case, but an accused who is an elected MP and a so-called PM-in waiting. The people need to be assured by he himself first, but by refusing to swear and giving thousand of excuses, people like me and most Muslims do not trust him.

      He refused to “swear” which is not a sin or a crime in Islam, he postponed the case numerous times, he ran hiding to Turkish Ambassador residence on the night Saiful made police report, he claimed someone wanted to murder him, his family and supporters (how many people the killer want to kill eh?) yet never made police report until now, he went around the country and overseas making roadshows to claim innocent yet he was scared to be judged by Courts, these kind of antics by a so-called innocent Muslim leader and you expect us to believe him? What the fish.

      You talk about doctors report, DNA, foreign DNA and so on, but how are we going to find out the truth or the “falsified evidences” if you dont want all these findings, evidences and mis-findings to be presented, exposed, argued and counter-argued in Court. Oh I see, reason no. 41 – All Judges from Session, High, Federal, Appeal Courts (except Komathy and you) are part of the conspiracy!!! What the cat.

      Why did they mati mati wanted the case transferred to the high court. I ask you Agojo, why did Anwar too mati mati did not want the case heard in Court at all? After all, sooner or later, the case will still be appealed to the higher and higher and higher court after all (except Courts Mammoth and you), so why mati mati dont want to expedite to High Court? Oh I see, Anwar mati mati innocent by not going to court or swearing to God. What the fc…

      Oh Agojo, would you like to know why Anwar mati mati mati mati mati want the Sodomy case to be heard in Syariah Court? Want to know why? I give you a clue – “4”
      but not “4 doctors”.

      haiyaaa, why we argue argue Anwar is guilty, Anwar is not guilty, Anwar yes sumpah, Anwar no sumpah maaa. Lets the Court decide maaa….unless you dont want to know the truth maaa,

      or maybe you also like this Sputjam aka Lee Kwan Yew’s wife whose principle is “many people can’t be bothered if anwar is homosexual, bi-sexual or anything”, then I too can’t be bothered by this kind of people who doesnt respect other people’s religion.


      • hahahaha … very funny post kiasu … lol

        what the cat, fish & fc.. is Algojo?

        another mati x 100 Anwar’s so called educational supporter ….

        actually i also want to know what is presented during closed session before … aiya forgot the terms laaa …

        why should it be heard in closed session?

        very very intrigued ….

        algojo, for better or worse, anwar should be a man and face the court …



  25. Dedicated to Sputjam and Agojo,

    unday 11th April 2010
    Malaysia Today – Raja Petra Kamaruddin reported from London:-

    No Israeli was ever involved in the upgrading of the police force’s information and communication system as alleged by Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

    Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said this was because Master Plan Consulting (MPC) Sdn Bhd – the company awarded the job to carry out the upgrading work terminated Asiasoft Sdn Bhd’s contract.

    The termination was carried out when it was revealed that Asiasoft’s Singapore partner had two former Israeli intelligence officers on their payroll.

    Year 2005
    “The Home Ministry had awarded the upgrading work to MPC in 2005. MPC then engaged a local bumiputra company called Asiasoft Sdn Bhd to carry out the work for them.

    Year 2007
    “In 2007, Asiasoft sold 30% of the shares to Asiasoft Pte Ltd Singapore. When we conducted a due diligence check on their Singaporean partner, we discovered the presence of the Israelis in the company,” he said.

    MPC immediately terminated Asiasoft’s contract.

    Musa said police then conducted a thorough investigation into the matter and found there was no infiltration by any Israelis.

    So 1 Anwar 1 Israel, what actually is your allegation?

    The above was reported by an established Media, not by Malaysia Today which will definitely not write anything that is truth.

    So you see Sputjam and Agojo, yet another lie by your moron-hero Anwar. WTF.


  26. JMD and cohoots,

    Dont think we are blady fools like you all. The whole world knows what is the integrity of our Judiciary. The Linggam video scandal had already revealed to the whole world, how corrupted are our judges–the chief justice even ask to buy for him a handphone–how hard up can he be. The Zahrain fellow tried to get a RM40 million contract with a rm2 company–I am sure he gets a lot of money when he went to US with the BN robbers. 90% of the legal fraternity has lost confidence with the courts–they are the courts legal officers who are suppose to work with the judiciary–this was revealed by a survey. The congenital liar, diploma in law IGP who lied in open court that he has a law degree turned doctor to examine Azizan–making a mockery of the court process–this mockeries can only be acceptable to fools like you all. Kiasu, I am also a muslim but not an stupid muslim like you. During the Permatang Pauh by election, BN played dirty by screening every day Sialfool’s sumpah–hoping the Malay/muslim voters will not vote DSAI–but what happened–DSAI won with a big majority. The voters knew the Sialfool idiot is lying for money. In the first sodomy case–DSAI did swear at the Kg Baru mosque–but what happened. We have become a laughing stock of the world b’cos of idiots like you all.


  27. Agojo said: In the first sodomy case–DSAI did swear at the Kg Baru mosque–but what happened….

    What a balatant lie by this spinner Agojo. We is the video proof that he actually swear? Oh, those were old ages where videos and tape recorders were non-existence yet! Wtf.

    Ok never mind, assuming he swear in Kg Baru many2 hundred years ago, so then what’s the issue for him not swearing again to the current generation of people Agojo? If he had sworn before, why cant he do it again, now, in front of every one now? Is it a sin or a crime to swear again a second time?

    Oh I see, Komathy said its a contempt of Court Mammoths to swear a second time!!!Kahkahkah. You yourself suggested he had sworn before, yet you defended him for not swearing again!!! Wtf.

    Why try to divert Anwar’s SODOMY case to Linggam la, Zaharin la, Osama Bin Ladin la, Mr Bean la Agojo. Wah, you simply accused Zaharin got a lot of money from BN. You got proof? Your uncle Sputjam aka LKW’s wife the mediator who passed the money to Zaharin? Wah you can accuse people without proof yet you question Malaysians court is tipu tipu court!

    You said “90% of legal monkeys have lost confident of Malaysian courts!!! Wah you sound so familiar eh! oh I see, Mr Porn tip said 80% chances Teoh Beng Hock was murdered, but Porntip dont want to be cross-examined now coz Malaysia is 100% criminals people”. You lagi terror than Porntip la goon, you beat her by 10% even without bedah siasat!

    Agojo, I think you are trully a badminton court and court mammoths guy lah….We talk about Anwar issue, your 41 theories and labu-labi, yet you choose to divert issue to Linggam and Zaharin. Did Linggam and Zaharin sodomised by Anwar too?

    I rest my case!

    JMD : Note that Anwar Ibrahim never swore regarding his sodomy case. The closest he said was – “Saya berani bersumpah saya tidak melakukannya!’. But he never did. Once or twice he had said -‘Saya telah bersumpah..’. And he never done that either. A proper ‘sumpah’ must be done just like how Saiful had done. Thank you.



    Anwar Al-Jub tentu berasa kecewa dan marah terhadap kes Qazaf di mahkamah Syariah Wilayah Persekutuan semalam. Tuntutan Anwar supaya pihak pendakwa mengambil tindakan qazaf terhadap Saiful adalah satu tindakan yang melucukan.

    Anwar sepatutnya yang menfailkan dakwaan terhadap Saiful sahaja, bukan mengheret semua orang seperti Menteri Agama Dato Jamil Khir dan lain-lain pegawai agama. Bukan mereka yang terlibat dengan kes liwat. Tak ada kena mengena dan tak ada kaitan langsung. Bodoh tahap maksimun namanya.

    TM melihat bila kes ini di bawa dan disebut di mahkamah syariah memang nampak berat tuduhan terhadap Saiful. Sebab mana bukti Saiful nak cari 4 orang saksi. Yang ada ialah 4 penjuru dinding sahaja.

    Si Mangkok ini pula bagaikan isu mengangkat sumpah semasa tuduhan kes liwat 1998. Sampai ke Johor dia dok jaja untuk bersumpah. Tunggu punya tunggu dia tak juga bersumpah tetapi pusing cakap

    ” Saya bersumpah bahawa segala tuduhan yang dibuat oleh akhbar ke atas saya adalah fitnah belaka, tidak benar” Itulah sumpah Anwar di Johor 1998 dahulu.

    Kemudian di Masjid Negara dia kata nak bersumpah dan junjung quran. Tak buat juga. sebaliknya dia bawa pembesar suara ke balkoni masjid bagi ceramah dan bab sumpah dia kata ” Saya sudah bersumpah di Johor kelmarin”.

    Sumpah apa? Sumpah sumpit lah kut….. Akhirnya semalam kes QAZAF di tolak…..padan dengan dia penipu pemutar belit fakta. selepas ini sudah tentu kes qazaf akan jadi modal politik murah tahap mata wang Zimbabwe .

    Dicatat oleh TAIPINGMALI (TM) di 4/15/2010


  29. JMD/Kiasu

    You all are trying to portray that you all are MORE MUSLIM than the Malays/Muslims of Permatang Pauh,P.Pinang. DSAI won with a big majority, proving that the majority of the malays/muslims didn’t believe the daily screening of the video of Sialfool. Hairan bin pelik, you fellows trying to project—you all are MORE Muslim than them. Your Bekas PKR has admitted he did swear ” Saya bersumpah bahawa segala tuduhan yang dibuat oleh akhbar ke atas saya adalah fitnah belaka, tidak benar” Itulah sumpah Anwar di Johor 1998 dahulu.Is this not enough. I dare say DSAI’s islamic knowledge is more than you all—you all expect every time there is a political conspiracy against him—he has to swore on the Quran—what nonsense is this. Kiasu asking where is the video proof. Now I am asking Kiasu—where is the video proof—DSAI sodomised Sialfool. 4 doctors have confirmed no penetration into his arsehole—conspirators insisting there is DNA proof. I had asked you all just CITE me one case in the world where DNA was used as evidence instead of the standard requirement of medical evidance. I am sure you all cannot cite—simply b’cos DSAI’s case is first in the WHOLE WORLD. Chua Soi Lek had his long cock lollipopped and video taped—but why was there no charges preferred against him despite having CLEAR CUT evidence and he also admitted he is the HERO in the video.
    As for the question of diverting DSAI’s sodomy to Linggam video scandal is to refresh FOOLS like you the integrity of the Malaysian courts—simply b’cos “all is not well in the house of Denmark” as said by the former court of appeal judge—the eminent NH Chan who had openly attacked the lopsided judgments of the malaysian courts—especially those cases that have political inclination. As for Osama and Mr Bean, I didn’t mention any of them but you are making a fool of yourself by behaving childishly—making fun of these people. As for Zahrain and Zulkifli—I want to ask you what business have they got to follow Najib to the US—they are not BN MPs. Use your brainlah, don’t keep it down therelah—its simple arithmatics—the flight cost,the accomadation cost, the makan cost and etc—all are tax payer’s money. Since Zahrain has gone there twice—so you just calculate how much money is used on him. As for the integrity of the courts—the whole world knows—so the question of me accusing the courts as tipu tipu is based on the general perception.
    As for your labelling of the lawyers as legal monkeys—it reflects on your idiotic mentality that cant accept REALITY and facts of statistics. It’s the same with Dr Pornthip who is an internationly renowned pathologist—reflecting your JAGUH KAMPUNG mentality devoid of any GREY MATTER.

    JMD : Algojo, since you are not a Malay/Muslim, then you wouldn’t know whether whatever Anwar swore in Johor was the correct way to do it or not. No problem because you are just an innocent ignorant.

    We just have to wait for the trial to restart in order to see any evidence. Please get your idol to not waste more time.

    Chua Soi Lek was not brought up to caught over his sexual travesty because the woman did not lodge a police report. As simple as that.

    Wee Ka Siong and several other opposition MPs did go out on parliamentary trips paid by the government. Even their allowances are paid by the government. Why are you so hard-up over Zahrain and Zulkifli?

    Cat out of the bag? Feeling a tad bit frustrated with the way PR is going? Feeling a bit of unfulfilled satisfaction that Anwar is still not the PM since 916, 2008?

    NH Chan has more questions over his integrity than what he or you would care to think. But whatever NH Chan says, is the truth for you right? So it is okay. We have our difference of opinion. Thank you.


    • “As for your labelling of Saiful as SIALFOOL—it reflects on your idiotic mentality that cant accept REALITY and facts of statistics.”


      Badminton Court & Courts Mammoth


    • Agojo,

      Your views are rather prejudice –

      1. Your potrayal of muslims being more muslims than others based on a “by-election” is such a narrow conclusion.

      2. Not all muslims in permatang pauh voted for anwar. popularity does’nt not prove one’s innocent.

      3. If non-muslims in permatang pauh voted for anwar, are they more islamic than the muslims who voted against him?

      4. BekasPKR did not admit, but commented that anwar swear about a newspaper’s accusation, but not specifically about sodomy, that’s totally different and i believe not according to Islamic procedures.

      5. I am curious too why anwar so reluctant to swear again because this time it involved a different person. Surely if he was perceived to have sworned before, he could easily do it again, wouldnt he?

      6. About the anwar swear video proof, yes why not? Anyone who swear in front of public or witnesses could openly record/tape the swearing by anwar because indeed it was purportly done in public.

      7. About the anwar sodomise saiful video proof, ha ha ha, this is so laughable agojo. Would you expect anwar or saiful to record their activity? Or engage someone to video-tape or witness while they are carrying out the act? ha ha ha sorry agojo i just couldnt stop laughing, excuse me please.

      7A. ha ha ha i still cant stop laughing, coz all sodomizers, rapers and robbers, thiefs in our country will be laughing too coz everytime they commit crimes, the victims need to produce video recording.

      7B. ha ha ha DNA is the most advance scientific technology used in the modern world today to find proof of crimes, yet agojo suggested that Malaysia should not practice this advancement.

      7C. but video camera technology to sodomize can use! ha ha ha, still cant stop laughing, sorry JMD

      8. Why not we give it the benefit of doubt and allow court proceedings to determine and cross-examine all the said doctors confirmations and dna proofs. anwar engaged 10 top lawyers so it would not be that simple if one were to conspire. besides, anwar needs the court to present all his conspiracy proofs, wouldnt he agojo? Come on, we all want to hear them!

      9. About Zaharin and other oppposition politicians going on trips sponsored by governments, I am not too sure whether it is illegal or wrong to do this, but i believe it is in the spirit of a good government to put aside political diferrences when MPs represent our country in overseas events.

      10. I remember during Tun Mahathir’s time, he also brought along the opposition leader Mr lim Kit siang on the launching of our first satellite in Khazashtan (correct me please). I saw the event on tv and mr kit siang was there too. wonder if mr kit siang paid for his on flight, accommodation and makan! care to answer this agojo?

      10A. Those PKR politicians chasing after BN’s MPs in Taiwan- the flight cost,the accomadation cost, the makan cost and etc—might not be tax payer’s money, but shouldnt it be better used, say for the people too?

      11. Well i suppose mr kiasu wasnt so polite to call lawyers legal monkeys but he must have reason for saying that. But for you to call saiful SIALFOOL who is “innocent until proven guilty” is reflective of your own idiotic mentality too (oops, you said that agojo, not me).

      12. the Malay proverbs on “idiotic mentality” – terkena batang hidong sendiri. I learned this in school.

      13. Ms Pornthip is indeed a renowned Thai forensic expert. Internationally? i wont be too sure about it. anyway, what bother me is why is she not coming back to be cross-examined after making the 80% assumption? The excuse that she felt for her safety and could not made official report to our authority is so lame and filmsy excuse. As a professional, she must finish her job under whatever circumstances, would you agree agojo? Otherwise people will poke joke at her and surely you cant blame them.

      14. I remember anwar claiming his life was in danger, yet he did not make any effort to report officially to authority. dont you think this would create doubt to the public?

      15. “Chua Soi Lek had his long cock lollipopped and video taped” – he he he agojo, you naughty naughty watch porn movie ya, he he he.

      To mr JMD, my apologies for writing too long, but i really got pissed by some jaguh dunia mentality, i can’t help but wanna express my burning views too.

      P/s: about the mr lim kit siang’s Khazasthan trip, please correct me if i am wrong.


  30. JMD, have I revealed what race/religion am I—since you are an anonymous blogger, so I don’t have to inform you what is my race/religion. It is also for my own safety—since my comments are strictly anti govt I don’t want to get into trouble with the polis dogs.
    As for waiting for the restart of the trial—it is a foregone conclusion—the conspirators will see him imprisoned—Malaysia again becoming the laughing stock of the world.
    As for Chua Soi Lek—if you are not aware of the law then don’t talk cock—saying the lady didn’t make a polis report. Under Section 377A of the Penal code, ‘any person who has sexual connection with another person by the introduction of the penis into the anus or mouth of the other person is said to commit carnal intercourse against the order of nature’.In layman speak, it means it’s a crime for any man to engage in anal sex or penile oral sex — fellatio. Since there is video evidence why didn’t the polis act on this—a clear cut case of selective persecution.
    As for Zahrain and Zulkifli, they are in the same boat as Fairus—the former Penang DCM—who paid cash Rm109,000 to settle his car loan—where he got the money when ealier he couldn’t afford to pay his installments till they wanted to repossess his Mercedez. The rakyat marhain are aware of BN’s money politics and the robbing of the rakyat’s money in the billions. Perak PKR has solid proof that BN is buying PKR politicians. Some of their members have recorded it in their mobile phone.
    There is nothing frustrating, in fact we are more contended that PR managed to capture 5 states in the PRU12. It is BN who are desperate, who did a coup in Perak by buying over 3 corrupted frogs and even conferring a datukship to one—whose constituents treat her like shit.
    As for NH Chan, it is not me alone who have high regards for him but about 95 % of the legal fraternity accept his criticisms and recognise him as a sifu of the Malaysian law albeit due to him being the ex court of appeal judge.
    Kiasu, why I labeled Saiful as Sialfool is b’cos when he joined DSAI as a teaboy—he brought along his SIAL to tarnish DSAI’s image for money. FOOL b’cos he managed to make people like you all real BLADY FOOLS—supporting him despite not meeting standard legal requirements—You all have not CITE one single case in the world where DNA is used to convict a rapist/sodomite without the standard medical evidence. What to do, with the courts corrupted to the core as exposed by the Linggam video scandal.

    C’sense you say my views are prejudiced but you are not using your common sense.
    70% of the voters in Permatang Pauh are malay/muslims and about 60% of them voted for DSAI—therefore only 10% of them believed what the conspirators say. So I used this as a general yardstick—use your common sense.
    Yes popularity doesn’t prove one’s innocence but it is a standard legal requirement that medical evidence is the prerequisite of all rape/Sodomy cases. But you are trying to divert from the norm and introducing your own DNA standard. This are established international standards—use your common sense.
    You are so insistent that DSAI should swear—but I ask you this—if someone rape your wife, sister or daughter and swear that he did not do—will you accept this. Use your common sense.
    What is so laughable, when CSL got his act video taped. Since the BN conspirators is fond of accusing DSAI a sodomite—why didn’t they plant a small camera somewhere to tape his activities—when CSL can be taped. The most laughable thing is a 60 year old man forcefully sodomising a young and well built 21 yr old youth. Majority of the Malaysians and around the world are still laughing…heeeeeeeeeeeeeee,haaaaaaaa
    If you don’t have concrete evidence then abide by international standard of medical evidence—but you are relying on DNA—but cant cite a single case as precedent. Use your common sense.
    The integrity of the courts have been exposed by the Linggam video scandal. The whole world is laughing at us—the chief justice hardup for a handphone. An overwhelming of lawyers have no confidence in our judiciary especially that have political inclination. In the Altantuya murder trial, motif was not established which is a prerequisite in murder trials but the court deviated from the norm. Even worse, when Najib’s name was mentioned, even the defense counsel objected—no where else in the world you can have such scenario. In the trial of 2 ex PKR aduns—they were acquitted despite they confessing in TV news –siapa tak nak pelacur cina. And they cant deny b’cos BPR had video taped their act. But hairan bin pelik they can still be acquitted—so that the BN govt in Perak wont fall. Use your common sense—what is all this nonsence—the courts dancing to the tune of the BN govt. The Malaysian courts have become a laughing stock of the world–haaaaaaaaaaaheeeeeeee
    Ya, Fairuz the former DCM of Penang is a classical example that he has been bought over by BN. If not where did he get the money RM109,000 cash to pay off his Mercedez loan when earlier he could not pay his monthly installments till it was nearly repossessed.
    I dare say the Zahrain and the Zul fellow are in the same boat. Use your common sense where did Fairuz get his money—spirit of good govt—haaaaaaaaheeeeee
    As for TBH’s case the whole world knows he was murdered—use your common sense why should a man, whose fiancé is carrying his child and was also about to marry her commit suicide by jumping from the 5th floor of the MACC. The whole world knows the Malaysian authorities are capable of doing anything—immigration dept erasing Altantuya’s entry record, the heartless polis using C4 to explode a poor Mongolian girl to pieces despite she begging for her life and she was also pregnant. The polis dogs killing Indians in lockup and shootings.
    As for Chua Soi Lek—Under Section 377A of the Penal code, ‘any person who has sexual connection with another person by the introduction of the penis into the anus or mouth of the other person is said to commit carnal intercourse against the order of nature’.In layman speak, it means it’s a crime for any man to engage in anal sex or penile oral sex — fellatio. Since there is video evidence why didn’t the polis act on this—a clear cut case of selective persecution. This was posted in the internet—the whole world would have watched. Use your common sense—why didn’t the polis charge him—they still enjoy watching his long dildo.
    C’sense(I dont know you have got any common sense or not), SODOMY 2 has generated so much interest all over the world, simply b’cos people like you all have made a mockery of the legal system, now the whole world is laughing–you continue laughing to yourself like a mad fellow.

    JMD : You better take a look at your comment again bro. So many factual mistakes there. For one, it was not the Adun that confesses having a sexual tryst with hookers on tv. It was one of the local council member. And since nobody has the evidence (be it on mobile phones or otherwise) regarding ADUNs being bought by BN, please refrain from saying anything bogus like that. It shows how desperate you are to propogate your rhetorical propaganda. Zulkifli Noordin is in the same boat as Zahrain? Did he receive money? Please substantiate your claims. Plus, even bar council was involved in lobbying judges and lawyers for a promotion. Case in point, the British High Commission incident where Bar Council and the British Commission allegedly colluded to lobby for judges appointment. If the judiciary is corrupted, then it is the fault of the lawyers and judges themselves. Not you or me or anyone else. Bribery and corrupt practices extend to both the receiver and the giver. Please do not be shortsighted.

    You cannot make a judgment about the sodomy trial before any proof or evidence are presented. Listen for the trial first. It is not even started yet. TBH could have committed suicide. Why can’t your thick skull think this is not a possiblility? Even a remote possibility? Oh one more thing, please make a police report about Chua Soi Lek, as a ‘concerned citizen’, you must act upon it. Everyone will be waiting for this report of yours. Save BN the trouble of tolerating Chua Soi Lek all this while and maybe Liow Tiong Lai can be the next President. What happens in the room is between them. The law is there should someone want to make a police report. If we follow your logic, there will be police report made everyday because fellatio is being performed everyday here in Malaysia. The provision in the law is provided when there is a need make a police report. Hence, Saiful made a police report when he could no longer tolerate Anwar’s bestiality towards him.

    Thank you and God bless! Have a good weekend!


  31. Agojo,

    Wow, you really can’t sleep over your own “idiotic mentality’ medicine eh!!

    Your comments are simply too presumptuous to merit my further response. I would say you really have some problem accepting different views….typical of ultra kiasu idiotic mentality, right Mr kiasu?

    The rest, JMD said it all. Have a nice day.

    pelik bin dumby


  32. hehehe kinda fun reading here, with all the mouthing goin on. i dont support anyone actually, just sittin on the fence coz i dunno whos rite n whos wrong. but readin the debate here, hmmm i guess anwars supporters r loosing hehe. anyway, may the real truth prevail.


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