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Class divisions in healthcare. Yes, what about Malaysia?

The so called Dr. Azly Rahman really outdone himself with the latest article he wrote. In it, he assumed that the healthcare system  in Malaysia is much worse than that of the United States of America.

After hailing the Americans for finally realising that cheap healthcare should be made available to all Americans, Azly Rahman continued on to criticise Malaysia which in his mind, is preventing the poor people from accessing the healthcare system.

He wrote:

But what is the situation in Malaysia, as we have evolved as a modern state enculturalised by happenings in other advanced countries such as the US?

How do we care for the sick? Essentially is there also a class system in our healthcare system? Do the poor get the same treatment as the wealthy members of parliament or those in the list of billionaires?

With the proliferation of private hospitals, are we creating the foundations of a class system that will inherit the problems the Americans are trying to resolve?

Or is this merely a natural progression of an economic system that is also predatory in culture – that the rich will be richer and the poor growing in numbers?

With the urge for Malaysian private hospitals to venture into ‘medical tourism’, will our good doctors abandon their Hippocratic Oath in favour of professional hypocrisy?

Marx would say that we are defined by the economic condition we are in – we are homo economicus. I suppose how we live and how we die and how we are taken care of in-between this period of ‘borrowed time’, depends on how the state defines what human rights mean vis-a-viz our ability to pay for healthcare and how we lived our lives as a economic beings.

We must consider that each human being is a cog in the wheel of Capital. Those who own the machines of production oftentimes influence policies through political-economic arrangements.

A wealthy country such as Malaysia that prides itself on tall buildings and a growing number of billionaires ought to start reflecting on the need to ensure that each citizen will have affordable healthcare.

One wonders what the limit of wealth creation is and where the moral dimension is in capitalism, when the rich control the lives of the poor.

By shaping ideology and creating installations to change the social relations of production – and by doing this through the control of mind, media, machinery, and materials – we expect that wealth is to be shared. Socialism for the rich must be replaced with capitalism for the poor.

It’s 11pm here in New York. The historic Bill has just been passed, 219 to 212 in the House. God bless the life of 32 million more Americans. Let Malaysia learn from this victory!

Has Azly Rahman lost the ability to think?

It is the US that should learn from Malaysia on the proper ways to do things. Here in Malaysia, even the poor can have access to a good medical treatment. Just go into any government clinics and hospitals. How much are they charging you?

Only RM1 if you are a Malaysian. RM50 if you are a foreigner. Do you think if you require medical surgery, the government clinics and hospitals will turn their backs on you should you cannot afford to pay? Of course not.

In the US, if you do not have any health insurance, no hospitals or clinics will treat you. This is testified by Azly Rahman himself:

“I know friends who do not have health insurance and who question the human rights dimension of it – right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, endowed by the Creator who insist that ‘all men are created equal’ and cautioned by the Enlightenment thinker Jean Jacques Rousseau that “… everything is good in the hands of the Author of Things and everything degenerates in the hands of Man”.

From the point of view of the Democrats, the health insurance system is broken and in deep crisis. Millions cannot get proper medical health. The insurance system is predatory. Expanding health coverage and lowering prescription drug prices, and giving rebates to insurance companies are the main features of this proposal.

From the Republicans’ point of view, Americans need health reform but not to the point of bankrupting the country. A Bill which covers the cost of abortion is the controversial part of it; that Americans must not pay for those who do not have the respect for life. The Bill is said to be a wrong approach that will make winners and losers in the system. Essentially it will open up other complications in virtually all aspects of the system.”

As an American, you have to fork out hundreds of dollars, regardless if you are sick or not, to be able to get free medical treatment. Does the poor people here in Malaysia have to pay thousands in insurance premium just to get free cough medicine from the clinics’ counter?

The problem with America is its capitalistic system. Greed is good. Unabated competition and unregulated money making schemes are the panacea for human nature.

It is the pinnacle of all philosophical wisdom that to practise it, is the ultimate goal of all Americans in this world. Hence, you have silly old men in expensive suits walking about in the power halls in Washington D.C., dictating the social dogma of the American Way.

At one end, you have the Democrats, which after decades of fattening themselves from the profits of war, finally comprehending the profiteering ill effects of their insurance system.  And only in 2010, they managed to expand the health coverage? A pat on the back for them, or a knock on the head? You decide.

At the other end, the ravenous Republicans, with their equally expensive suits decided that giving more money to the public is a bad thing because, the country will go bankrupt. This line of argument exposes the fact that the US has no money at all. Mainly because all the money meant for the rakyat, is being used to finance wars and other long term projects which may not yield expected returns.

Financing mega projects like the Iraq War or the war against terror in Afghanistan has used up all their reserves. You can bet that come next year, a major war will erupt just to cover this new healthcare budget.

For Azly Rahman to claim that Malaysia is worse off than the Americans is a con job indeed. Why is he trying to tell Malaysians to learn  from the Americans about something bad they had done all these years? It is the Americans who should have followed our more humane approach in serving our people.

The capitalistic nature of the US government feels no guilt or remorse when over the past decades, millions of their people cannot even access cheap medical treatment. Millions Azly. Millions! How many had died because they cannot afford minor surgeries such as appendectomy?

And only now, when a liberal fascist President like Obama came along, a socialist approach like this was approved. And to think it was approved with a razor thin majority showed us that the American Senate, is one greedy lot.

212 senators still think that depriving 32 millions Americans (that’s more than Malaysia’s whole population) of cheap medical welfare is a good thing to do!

All hail America right?

But the reality is, even this new healthcare bill which was passed by the Senate, is not a perfect bill of health reforms that one should expect. There are still nowhere near what we have here in Malaysia. For example, this bill does not cover foreign immigrants where they have no access to the healthcare system. We do.

And, people still have to buy health insurance to get free treatment whereas here in Malaysia, if the filthy rich Khalid Ibrahim wants to get a treatment in government clinics, he will still get it, just buy paying RM1.

Azly Rahman asked questions which any sane Malaysians can answer with a resounding NO.

Above all, we already are reflecting on the need to ensure that each citizen will have affordable healthcare. It has been done for decades here in Malaysia. Is Azly Rahman delusional?

For the man of his stature, that article is redundant at best. It was so irrelevant that the only point we can see from that article is  just a form of political posturing towards the nature of the opposition in Malaysia; oppose anything even if the act of them opposing is without any merit.

For how else could he wrote that article without even being cognisant to our healthcare system which is way better than the Americans?

Sure enough, Lim Kit Siang, who has a law degree, copied Azly Rahman’s article and thought that it could be a bonus point for Pakatan Rakyat. Just look at the poor souls that lap the article up. Giving misperceptions are the modus operandi for Pakatan Rakyat. Instead of being mature and give credit where it’s due, they relish any opportunity to degrade the government albeit, with a wrong assumption.

I guess even with a law degree, can’t save you from being less intelligent.

Yes, there is a class division in America’s healthcare system. And Lim Kit Siang asked, what about Malaysia?

Yes, what about Malaysia?!

Only a moron will answer that negatively.

It is the Americans who should emulate the affordable healthcare sytem of a developing country like us. Not the other way around. It took them several decades to rectify this capitalistic system. And we should learn from this ‘victory’? Get real.

All hail America!

Yeah right…


37 thoughts on “Class divisions in healthcare. Yes, what about Malaysia?

  1. Biasalah… seekor anjing terbuang menyalak di luar pagar…

    bersahut-sahutan dengan anjing-anjing kurap sesat di dalam pagar..


    Thank you for the comment.


  2. Salam JMD,

    Obviously Azly been misinformed by someone like Mr siput. Or he is indeed delusional.

    Kalau kita ikut sistem Amerika, ramailah budak2 kita tak bersunat ! Berapa ramai yang mampu bayar healthcare insurance, nak bayar 3rd party insurance kereta pun dah bising.

    Mr Siput, nak gi candat dok ?

    JMD : Thank you for the comment Din.


  3. Out of topic.Actuallly I did remember your teory regarding Altatunya case sometimes ago.Today YB Zul indicate this matter at Parlimen and I believed your teory are right.

    The nasty person are Anwar and the Geng(Raja Petra).Its a conspiration to down Najib so that he will not be able to become PM of Malaysia after Pak Lah.

    Anwar games are dangerous and deserve to put him back at what he was few years ago.

    If you don’t mind, please publish back at your blog so that your teory will be read again.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. Are you talking about these two articles?




  4. JMD,

    It is always a pleasure to read all your articles.

    It is sad when you have a poor soul like Azly Rahman, who could have just ended up as roticanai seller or a fisherman had he not been given an opportunity to study at MRSM, Kuantan years ago, barking in the same tune as LKS, the greatest racist and hypocrite ever known in Malaysia.

    A person who thinks he is so smart and intelligent is actually being used by opportunist like LKS to achieve his own political agenda.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. Really appreciate it.


  5. Good one, JMD.

    Read his profile. Was blowing his own trumpet right and proper. Could smell the stench of the ego across the oceans to here… phew! Another one of those who benefited from ‘kemurahan hati gomen terhadap anak melayu’, after which he bit the hand that fed him.

    JMD : That he did….
    Thank you so much for the comment! 🙂


  6. Men like Azly and LKS should count their blessing. Look around us. Indonesia, Thiland, Philipines, Burma, even to some extent – Singapore. Do they have healthcare system comparable to us? Everyone gets proper healthcare here.

    What does these two ingrates expect? Pay RM1 and and still get VIP treatment?


  7. Bila masa laa malaysian healthcare ade class system. Wad Kelas 1/2/3 ade laa. Tu pon yg berbeza hanya katil/bilik je; makanan/ubat/rawatan tetap sama. Bayaran pun murah nak mampus. IJN berape kali nak privatised tak jadik2 pun so even Tok Nek buat bendang pun boleh buat bypass surgery. I remember a few years ago there were suggestions from the Govt to introduce compulsory medical insurance to help manage our ballooning healthcare costs, but they soon quit down. That’s “Rakyat Didahulukan” taking effect, tho admittedly there are vast areas of improvement. Giler kuat kencing laa si Azly bengong nih. Baguih laa UUM tendang dia.


  8. Dear JMD,
    This Azly Rahman fella must be a doctor of surat, not ubat, as he is blissfully unaware of whats going on at our hospitals and government clinics now. Go there at anytime and you will find the place full of pregnant Indon women waiting to give birth and the bangla fellows seeking cheap medicine.The situation is so bad locals are beginning to shun our hospitals and clinics. They prefer to seek better medical service at private hospitals/clinics even though it costs them more. Malaysia is now becoming a country that is kindly subsidizing other countries like Indonesia,Vietnam,Bangladesh,India and Thailand in their health care and their economic well being. We are indeed an examplary nation as far a health care is concerned. Americans too are most welcome to enjoy these generous health facilities in Malaysia.

    That Azly fella, I think he is wasting his time in the US.


  9. Well said JMD.
    A capitalist lunatic like Dr. Azly is best addressed as the joker of the year.

    I have been to many western countries before and I can testify that our healthcare system, if not perfect, better than theirs.

    Dr. Azly, go to hell!!!


  10. Dear Jebatmustdie,

    From your article, I am getting the feel of a hybrid-system that works well in Malaysia, ie Socialist-Capitalist just like the Scandinavians? I think. We encourage prosperity from capitalism but we uphold community welfare; and, its very Islamic as well. Hence, we, Malaysians, via the current government, has done well indeed particularly in the Health sector as you have rightly pointed out.

    A question for you: Do you think this is a product of us (Malaysia) exercising such “Socialist-Capitalist” approach? or if flipped, and referring to the state of affairs of the Americans, “…… a product of the Americans being fanatical about pure democracy-capitalist?

    I find it interesting that the Socialist-Capitalist model was actually a concept that Adolf Hitler strongly believed in as written in his Mein Kampf. Where he went wrong was the third link to the model, ie. Dictatorship.

    p/s: I am reading Mein Kampf at the moment and your article seems to fit in nicely into my struggle to comprehend what that Aryan tyrant was thinking about.

    * kopihangtuah

    JMD : The fundamental difference between us and them is a simple term called – Asian Values. In actual fact, this is a term that is based on basic human to human relationship within a community.

    Asian values reflects the psychology of many Asian governments. Over in the West, the absence of these values led them to have high expenditure in social welfare tools such as money spent on jobless workers, for old folks home etc.

    The safety net doesn’t exist there because whenever you grow old in the West, your own children will often send you to care centres for the elderly. Or, when you reach 18, you’ll get kick from the house to go to college or find work. If you remain jobless, there will be food coupons or free food at welfare centres. So there is no real motivation for you to find work.

    Over here, children take care of their parents most of the time. The act of sending them to old folks home will attract frowns from your relatives or friends. And young adults stay with their parents way until their mid twenties. You get pressured by your parents if you can’t find a job. You do not want to embarrass your family by being a bum after school do you?

    So all these are some of the Asian Values that we have which enabled us to be more caring towards other people. We are brought up with this kind of culture. Hence, government do not have to waste any money to build infrastructures for old people of spend money on wasteful allowances for the jobless.

    In a way, a socialist government is like that. But being 100% socialist will not propel the country into first world status. You must have a certain element of capitalism in it.

    Bear in mind, the word Nazi back in the early 30’s had a positive connotation to it. Hitler and Mussolini were the heroic symbols of the Americans back in the early 30’s. Facing with the Great Depression, the full effect of super-capitalistic economic downfall made people realised that socialism could be the only way out from that economic quagmire.

    Hence, they turned towards Germany and Italy as role models. Only when Hitler propagated his dictatorship rule did the word Nazi became a dirty word.

    Thank you.


  11. Ok, I was at a government hospital in Johor Baru some time back. I was accompanying my friend who was there to fetch his son. His son had a fall and had fractured his arm and the doctors had put him in a cast and prescribe some medicines.

    What SHOCK me was when my friend ask the counter services how much was the payment (consultation).. The lady at the counter replied RM1.

    I thought she was joking but it really turn out to be RM1. How I wish that the medical cost in my country is that cheap. In my country, to X ray a fractured arm alone cost RM 150..and yes that is without service tax yet..


    Malaysian should be truly grateful…


  12. Dear JMD,

    All Dr. Azly Rahman articles should be read purely from a political angle. Nothing less and nothing more which is why his numero uno thought process are “Oppose for the sake of opposing”! We do not need foreigner to run down Malaysia in the world stage, we have him a so called intellectual doing it from U.S.A. and he is a MARA/Goverment sponsored students too boot.

    Flyingman, an acquitance of mine from Singapore also made the same “Malaysian should be truly grateful…” statement to me when he had the same Malaysian public hospital charges experience himself.

    Abdul Razak Harun

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  13. Hi JMD,

    Just to share. My daughter had to go for an eye surgery the other day. After going through various consultations with different doctors in different hospitals (both private and public) I decided to go to GH in KL. Why? Because I was told that their doctors and nurses and equipments are the best in the country.

    Okay, the wards are not first class or hotel class but it is comfortable and we had caring nurses. If I went to a private hospital I would have to fork out thousands of ringgit for the surgery and hospitalisation. What did I pay for the surgery in GH KL? RM100.

    For that I had first class doctors and nurses and equipments. Not sure what this person is talking about. But I am glad that I am in Malaysia and that I do not need to depend on insurance to give my daughter the best.

    Take care,


    JMD : Thank you for the comment. What is also important in government clinics and hospitals is that service must be friendly and risk negligence must be decreased at all times.


  14. I can personally vouch for that the professionalism of doctors, nurses and admin staff at the 1st class ward at KLGH is on par, if not sometimes better, than that at many of the swindling private sector over-charging hospitals in KL.

    As for that at 3rd class wards and others GH at Klang, Serdang and Sg. Buloh, I can’t say. But it can’t be that bad. In any event the cost of consultation, medicine and surgical and other treatment is affordable (often free and sometimes too cheap) and certainly gives the poorer Rakyat a much needed service.

    Whether is it is as good as those in USA and UK etc., I don’t know but I think LKS and Azly Rahman got this one wrong!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  15. Azly is used by political corrupt who always take advantages in everything example Lim Kit Siang ..

    Dont this Azly ever watching documentary by Micheal moore entitled SICKO . Azly you should shame your self !!!


  16. Pingback: Anwar Ibrahim is shamed by Financial Times? «

  17. I have always been irritated by even watching that dr’s face at u know who’s website and his so called intelectual assesment of topics that concerns our local political environment. By having someone who I admire as a blog writer condemning him gives me a huge smile tonight and for that I thank u. I don’t think any person would take his writing as a tool for wisdom or information and his only real audience are the racist cheerleaders that forms the commentators possie at that u know website..


  18. This Azly Rahman Melayu yang tidak sedar diri . hiding behind his DR but this guy is always talking nuts, go to Malaysia today where he had his posting normally published.
    He and RPK are in the same class.


  19. Seems to me, most of the comments made are those who served the government, and therefore, their healthcare are well provided.

    If you are not a civil servant, or those from the GLC’s like tenaga or telekom, then prepare for a shock.

    IJN will perfom a bypass @ RM50k upwards, even if you are a taxi driver/hawker operator. This is similar to private hospitals.

    Cheapest rate i heard for a bypass is @ Penang GH which cost RM5k nine years ago. This was done on a relative who comes from kampung with no fixed income.

    Cheapest stent treatment in klang valley for the non-elites and pampered is at serdang – RM5k per stent.

    What about medication? full fees @ IJN for non elites and pampered, coming to several hundreds a month.

    Now compare this with the system they have in UK France or scandinavia, where evryone is well taken care of, the elites as well as the commoner, and you don’t even have to pay RM1 ringgit. Everyone is treated as equal, even if you are LKY’s wife, you have to wait for your turn.

    And if you need to be cared at home for a few days, they will even send a nurse for free.

    JMD : Hahaha. Sorry to say, you are too ignorant to save your own life Sputjam. ALL MALAYSIANS will get the same treatment in government hospitals and clinics. Doesn’t matter in which industry or sector you worked in. What makes you think only civil servants will get cheap service in government hospitals?

    You must be one really rich guy to have never been into government hospitals and clinics. Or too cool to be seen in there.

    Please stop commenting on things you do not know.

    IJN had performed difficult bypass for the poor at RM10. It all depends on your income. Government hospitals will treat you at lower price than that. By the way, this country’s healthcare system is modeled from the NHS system of the UK.

    Do you think your comment should be treated as spam again?

    You should know that as a chinese, masquearding as “Truthseeker”, using Quranic verses to ridicule Islam itself was too much for most people here. You were lucky you didn’t get spammed then.


    • Sputjam,

      Not just GLCs, most private companies and businesses in Malaysia provide free medical benefits to their staff and employees, even some extend these medical benefits to parents or spouses/children of their employees.

      Where some unlucky folks are concerned especially those with critical illness or urgent cases, there are various NGOs, Government agencies,charity organizations and private donors who would come forward to provide assistance to them in various forms.

      Do you get such treatment in countries like Indonesia, Sri Langka, Philipines, Myammar, Laos or neighbouring regions? Dont compare with the super rich developed Western nations la, afterall they have developed more then a few hundred years before us albeit after ploundering trillions of natural resources from the Far Eastern Asian countries during colonialization years.

      Btw, my step-mum fell ill whilst on a trip to Jakarta about 2 years ago. For being “demam” the nearby private hospital billed her Rp700,000 for meddicine (ubat demam) without being admitted. Thats a whopping RM260. Is it more expensive here Sputjam?

      My friend employs 4 staff for her small shop. Each staff have medical benefit a minimum RM150 per year plus RM800 if married staff delivers her child.

      BTW, where are you attached to Sputjam?


    • >Now compare this with the system they have in UK >France or scandinavia, where evryone is well taken care >of, the elites as well as the commoner, and you don’t >even have to pay RM1 ringgit. Everyone is treated as >equal, even if you are LKY’s wife, you have to wait for >your turn.

      Not a true story.

      In Scandinavia, a citizen who visits a doctor will need to pay SEK 99 (equivalent to RM 50). Non-citizen will need to pay SEK 1090 (RM 495). That is for consultation only, the cost does not include medicine.

      Next, you have to go to a “apoteket” or pharmacy for medicine. As an example, an inhaler for athma patient costs SEK 612 (RM 280). A citizen pays the same amount.

      Compare that to Malaysia. If you visit a government hospital, you will only pay RM 1 for consultation + inhaler.

      One can argue that in a soclialist countries, welfare is taken care by the socialist government.
      If you are willing to pay 25-40% of income tax, and 25% VAT (or GST) tax for every service/goods, then be my guest.

      Here is Malaysia, a large amount of budget is allocated for healthcare (for staff salaries, medicines, facilities).
      One does not need to pay a fortune but need to Q to get an operation done. Don’t compare that with IJN as it is a corporation under Ministry of Finance, not under Ministry of Health. How much is your tax? 27% Maximum, if you are a CEO.

      You can opt for private hospitals if you have a family medical insurance, or employee benefit /insurance or have money to pay for that. Still, it won’t cost that much to have operation done in Malaysia, a lot cheaper than Singapore and Thailand.

      What we are lacking in our healthcare is to have sufficient number of specialists and doctors. That for sure, due to low salaries and stressful working hours.

      Credits must be given to our government for this social welfare.



  20. Sputjam said “Everyone is treated as equal, even if you are LKY’s wife, you have to wait for your turn.”

    this tale must have been told by Lim Kit Siang during bed time and some PR goons would have believed it.

    dont rediculed your own intelligence la sputjam, LKY will surely sent his health minister and hospital chief to Pulau Ketam for asking LKY’s dying wife to queue up……

    mau kelentong biarlah berpada2….terlebih kelentong anda kelihatan bodohla


  21. It amazes me that this azly rahman guy, despite his capability somehow rather disconnected with healthcare system at operational level … talk about someone who loves verbosity…


  22. Sputjam said “Everyone is treated as equal, even if you are LKY’s wife, you have to wait for your turn.”

    Get your facts right then open your mouth!!! In 2003,while LKY’s wife was in London, she suffered a stroke. An empty Singapore Airlines aircraft was send from Singapore to bring back LKY and family back to Singapore ASAP. There was a complete team of medical personnel and equipments on board.

    Hei Sputjam,mau tembak,agak2 ya…



    • Hellllooooooo Sputjam, have you called your uncle Kuan Yew and untie Kit Siang to verify Flyingman’s statemen? Surely Singapore Airlines will do same service to all citizens of Singapore who suffer stroke like LKY’s wife yo?

      ?????? or you kaki tembak and kaki temberang like bro ANWAR?


  23. JMD said :-

    IJN had performed difficult bypass for the poor at RM10. It all depends on your income. Government hospitals will treat you at lower price than that. By the way, this country’s healthcare system is modeled from the NHS system of the UK.

    My reply :-

    and what if you are neither poor nor rich? stuck in the middle like Malaysia’s stagnating economy.
    A poor ritired fishmonger will have to pay for his angio at IJN. Only after protest, he gets to pay 10%. That still works out to be RM1350. That was six years ago. He decided against it.

    Or giving birth at HUKM. It still cost RM350 for the common folks. not free of charge you know. It is much cheaper at KLGH. But why the discrepancy in charges at govenrment hospital.

    I have given the charges for inserting stent in the heart at various govenrment hospital and it varies from one to another, from RM25k at IJN to RM5k at serdang/PJ

    And if the govenrment healthcare is so good, why are there mothers begging for donations for babies health conditions every now and then. Why are these babies not treated for free?

    I have witnessed, taxi drivers who cannot afford to treat their heart conditions, due to their family financial commitments, who just drop down and die, leaving the family in a lurch.

    And we have families, who keep their parents, only so that they can collect and spend their parents pension. How they treat their parents is another matter.

    Just goes to show that asian values is no different from that of others.

    JMD : Your fishmonger friend should have gone to KL General Hospital then. IJN is semi government. Is HUKM government hospital? The less budget you receive from MOH/government, the higher the charges of their medical bills. Hence, it is always better to go to KLGH if you want to pay lower.

    I have friends who paid less than RM200 for delivery of their children in KLGH. Before you sneered, these friends are not Malays, mind you.

    Sputjam, no where else in this world is there free healthcare. Maybe in Cuba. Even in the America, people have to buy insurance to get free medical treatment. Millions could not afford insurance. Hence these people are marginalised by their capitalistic government. Hence, Malaysia’s healthcare is relatively as good as any country in the world.

    Other commentators had proved you were wrong in assessing our so called ‘poor’ healthcare system. It is in fact better than most.

    Granted, healthcare in Malaysia is not perfect. There will be cases of untreated patients due to negligence or bureaucratic buffoonery. But the government is not consciously being malicious through any act of its own. If there are people needing help, then there are a lot more people willing to GIVE help. You think there were no instances of Malaysians willing to donate to those who needs help. This is the Asian value I was talking about.

    Only those who doesn’t have one will scorn and criticise the Asian values. Thank you.


  24. Further to my comment, please read the plight about Yasmin Area Abdullah, whose husband is bed ridden and unemployed, unable to utilise the EPF to pay for medical expenses, due to her age being less than 55 years old, in the nst page 18, letters to the editor, 2nd april 2009.

    There are many more such cases. But many of you are just too pompous and pampered to bother. Even the orang asli’s medical facilities are neglected, as announced recently by a devoted doctor.

    I am telling you guys again, medical expense is not free for the non-elite member of the society. It is not me who is under the coconut shell.

    JMD : Huh? If medical expenses is not free for the n0n-elite members of the society, you meant to say, the elite among us get free healthcare? They do not have to pay a single sen? Get real sputjam. Do not be condescending Sputjam. The case of Yasmin Ariea Abdullah was one of the bureaucratic issues that the government need to be aware of. And she went to a private hospital to treat her husband. She should have gone to KLGH. Her burden could be lighter.

    Like I said in my response to your earlier comment, our healthcare system is not perfect. But it is sure a lot better than many other countries.

    If you hate Malaysia so much, and love the healthcare in other countries, please send your sick families to be treated there. I’m sure like you said earlier, these countries give free medical services even to foreigners.

    Thank you.


    • Sputjam,

      RM350 for giving birth, you scream loud as if so expensive. RM3500 for new sport rims, modify your car, you smile like a beem… old mum charged RM260 in Jakarta just for fever, you could see the world of difference.

      Sputjam, before you drag on with your not-so-smart illusion about healthcare in Malaysia, first do answer Flyingman’s statement about LKW’s wife lo.

      Ya, Lee Kuan Yew’s wife n whole family flown by empty Singapore Airlines from London to Singapore.

      Oh, have’nt you read the comment? or about Pulau Ketam?


  25. sputjam ..

    thank you for your argument , the more you argued the more we get good comment and answer, the more you argued we realised that you are insane….


  26. Dr? Azly Rahman x MRSM student? wow!!!!!! one of the worst hipocrite I had ever known….. your parents must be ashamed of you.. Im a tax payer… haram kau makan duit aku…


  27. My dad just went for a medical check on his eyes in GH. The doctor diagnose as Glaucoma and say need to charge RM3k per jab for medic and my dad needs 3 jab? How is that so?

    He is already retired at age 66 and has no insurance. I would like to find out aren’t GH medicine suppose to be cheaper?


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