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Do the right thing about Ku Li

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (“Ku Li”) made a statement on 12th March 2010 that may have caused some heartbreak among certain quarters.

It is about his decision to remain as the quintessential member of Umno, and by default, a member of Barisan Nasional. In other words, he wants to continue to be a member within the Government of Malaysia.

The most profound thing he had said was:

”Kenapa saya perlu meninggalkan parti yang saya telah sertai sejak sekian lama. Saya mahu kekal dengan parti ini dan terus memberikan khidmat bakti selagi mana diri saya masih diperlukan,” katanya.

Today, we read his one time partner, Datuk Seri Dr. Rais Yatim giving him some qualified support over the statement.

I hope BN will do the right thing this time.

I am sure Ku Li wants to contribute more to the country and to his party. I am pretty sure that this Government of 2010 which claimed it doesn’t necessarily know what’s best for them, can find ways to bring about the best from its own Members of Parliament.

Never hesitate.

Those who hesitate, will be dead.


12 thoughts on “Do the right thing about Ku Li

  1. Saya tak ingat apa-apa komen Najib mengenai Ku Li. Kalau adapun, tak begitu kedengaran lah.

    Never hesitate.

    Those who hesitate, will be dead.


    Pemimpin, bukan seorang yang “play safe”.


  2. If Ku Li plays his cards right, is patient and “Carpe Diem” (Seizes the Day), we may well be looking at M’sia’s ext PM!!

    Given the current polarized nation AND political scenario, Ku Li may well be the compromise candidate acceptable to all M’sians and political parties, and take us to new heights. Believe me, stranger things have happened in politics. His sticking to UMNO and not frog-jumping is a stance that is bound to impress all.

    “Cometh the hour, cometh the man!!”

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race


  3. Ku Li’s time has passed when he lost to TDM to be president of UMNO, although the win is doubtful in my mind because TDM won on basis of being supported by ghost branches, which the court found to be true and UMNO deregistered.

    And nobody in UMNO wants him today, as he may jeopardise their position.

    My advice to him is to set up an NGO, which he will lead, to stear the country back to its original intentions, which is to decentralise power from federal govenrment (or rather the EPU) back to the states (legacy of TDM), the syariah law only for family matters only (marriages, inheritance etc) and to allow parents, teachers and sudents to conduct their education in any language and subjects they are confortable with, and to make the govenrment of the day secular and neutral with regards to religon.

    JMD : When the Gang of Umno 11 dragged Umno to court back in 1987, little did they know that the Judge, Harun Hashim will give such surprising judgment.

    They wanted to use a fact which was exposed that some branches were not registered to the ROS. Hence, they want to use this fact in court to overturn the 1987 Umno General Assembly elections.

    Their only intention was to get the court annul the election results.

    To their horror, Harun Hashim followed the letter of the law very closely and decided that Umno as a whole was an illegal organisation; due to some of the branches not registered.

    Shock and dismay ensued. Ku Li did not want to proceed with the intention of Gang 11 because it was a party matter and he knew that those unregistered branches has been around since way back in the 70’s. I imagine that he would thought that the court could even decide that all those results from the Umno elections all through the 70’s and early 80’s can be declared void as well. Heck, even Tun Hussein Onn’s presidency which he won against Sulaiman Palestin back in 1978 could have been doubtful.

    But history has it, the Gang 11 continued to push for the court ruling. The rest is history. YOu can read the analysis here.

    Lastly, centralised government is not Tun M’s legacy. It has been like this since independence day. The power of the government lies in Kuala Lumpur with the Prime Minister calling the shots. Why should the states be given the power to govern themselves separately and in its entirety? The Federation was created because many small states united as one is much stronger than smaller states kept separated and a unified nation can be a force to reckon with.

    Decentralising the government to the states will create unhealthy competition and historically, will not produce any viable results. In fact, history had shown that the more power given to the states, the more politically unstable a country would become. I don’t see any country in this world which had propelled itself to become 1st world country with a decentralised governing system. US? UK? Japan? France? All have strong centralised federal government headed by one leader and all of their regional states are under the control of people reporting directly to this leader.

    Thank you.


    • @JMD
      A very good example of an entity allowed to govern independently and prosper from federal authority is singapore.
      If it had remain within Malaysia, Penang or JB would be a good example of what it would be.

      In US and UK, the local authorities/states have powers over garbage, sewerage, roads, airports/ports, public transport apart from land matters and water. London underground is financed by the city of london. Los angelos airport is built, managed and financed by los angelos county.

      In Malaysia, only the guys in the economic planning unit of PM’s department has the power over all these isuued. The can not only banish the states, they can also banish the various federal govenrment departments. and allow EPU total control.

      JMD : When was Singapore allowed to govern independently from it’s “Federal” authority? I do not recall it ever happened in our history. Before 1957? There was no Federal government back then. Before 1963? Singapore was not part of Malaya back then? Between 1963 to 1965? Singapore was part of Malaysia with its Chief Minister reporting directly to the Prime Minister. There was no indication that Singapore was able to govern independently back then. His powers were the same like any Menteri Besar or Chief Ministers of other states. After 1965? Singapore was an independent country at that time.

      Your example about the US is also irrelevant because our states here in Malaysia manage their own garbage, sewerage, roads, airports/ports and public transport. Ever heard of Majlis Perbandaran? Management of such amenities are wholly handled by each state (just like in the US). Butt he regulatory functions are moniotored by the federal ministries – just like in the US.

      Huge infrastructures with strategic national impact are often financed by the Federal government if the state does not have enough funds. The Department of Treasury in the US funded many national projects through its Department of Transportation by giving grants to specific states and localities. Please read their Budget if you have the time.

      Here in Malaysia for instance, we have similar traits. Melaka built its own stadiums for the Sukan Malaysia event this June 2010 with some help from the Sports Ministry.

      What makes you think Malaysia and US are different? The President of the United States governs his country through the help of his Departmental secretaries (here they are called Ministers). The most powerful of them is the Treasury Secretary. he controls the purse. Our style of government is very much the same like that of the UK. What makes you think our system differs from them that made you suggest we should follow their ‘independence’ in the first place?

      Like I said before, no country have a decentralised government system and become successful.

      London underground is financed by the City of London you say? So? What does that got to do to strengthen your claims that each state should be independently managed from the Federal Government?

      You think the operating costs of the public bus transportation company in Melaka is managed by Ong Tee Keat? Or do you think the Kota Kinabalu taxi services accounts is monitored by the people here in Putrajaya?


      • When singapore gained independence, they gained full control and no intereference from a higher authority, with their own self interest. It is a very good example of full autonomy. If say, Penang were given similar rights, I wonder what they would have become, as trade with Myanmar, east coast india and bangladesh could have bloomed like during the time of the british, but stagnated due to federal govenrment policies and interests.

        On garbage, comuter buses and sewerage, federal govenrment has contracted these services out to private contractors, probably with no input from the local authorities. These companies who benefited were indah water(sewerage), DRB-Hicom(garbage) and rapid buses. Even if local authorities want to initiate a bus service, the cannot do so, as licenses comes from federalist. They are more interested in planning their london holidays than solving local problems.

        The question is, why can’t local authorities determine the fate of these local services? It seems to me also, that the EPU in the PM’s dpartment wants to swallow everything, including the bones.

        It is true that federal grants were used, to build infrastructure like airports. These money were obtained by income taxes collected within the vicinity and therefore, some funds should be alloocated back. Why can’t the federal govenrment, like what Tengku Razaleigh mentioned, just give the taxes that are collected, directly to the states, and let them manage it by themselves.

        Why is it all planning has to go through the EPU and federal authorities? They are slowing things down and making things more expensive.

        For example, sarawak. If they were left alone to be an independent state, I am sure, they would be like Brunei, i.e. no income tax, no import duty for motorcars, no health care worriies as it is free and their currency pegged to S$, as they are financially more prudent. Unfortunately for them, they merged and form Malaysia, and now suffer from incompetencies and neglect, while their oil and gas money, are spent on F1 and Petronas symphony Orchestra (around RM 1 billion annually) and the construction of Putrajaya. The returns given back to the state, after their minerals were plundered, is a mere pittance.

        And this govenrment could only offer a token RM50 million in wang ehsan, to the poor folks in kelantan.

        What we need is a small federal govenrment and bigger say in local matters, i.e. more state powers, like what it should be.

        Either that, or scrap all states and become a totally federal legacy, and save countless billions on state administration costs.

        Presently, we are both, hence, huge cost of administration and wastage. We have big state and federal government.

        JMD : Dear Sputjam, it is comment like this one that got you into trouble the first time around and had your name blacklisted. This comment is really misleading. I know that you know what you wrote are bordering fiction and only want to create uneasiness among the readers. Tell us, what aim do you hope to achieve by writing lies like the one above?

        Singapore had gained autonomy when their became independent? Who said that? One of the reason why they got kicked out from Malaysia was because Lee Kuan Yew felt he should rule Singapore WITHOUT the interference from Kuala Lumpur.

        From which abyss did you get the notion they were self ruled from 1963 to 1965?

        Even your 2nd paragraph is filled with wrong facts. I don’t find any Alam Flora services in Melaka, Johor, Perlis, Perak, Sabah, Sarawak etc? Do you? What does this show? These states are independent?

        The reason why Alam Flora existed is precisely because the some state like Selangor and Pahang do not want to manage these kind of services. They would want to allocate their resources in some other services.

        And why is this preoccupation about federal and state rule? Is your life depending on it? Why is it an issue here when we have ascertain the fact that many countries in the world such as UK and the US have strong Federal Government. What are you trying to prove? That you must have the last say? Even if it is bordering nonsense? You think that if Sarawak if given autonomy, it would have fared better? What if it’s state boss is as corrupt as Marcos? You see Sputjam, all of us are tired when you want to put an argument based on assumptions of ‘what-ifs’ and ‘could-be’. That doesn’t work here because that is the flimsiest of all arguments. If you don’t have a proper and strong facts to back your argument, please do not even write anything.

        EPU is there for a reason. As a strategic planner. As a nation called Malaysia, we must have a proper plan on how to do things. If you want a disjointed nation building? Try not having the EPU there. If you sense that now there is a lot of unstrategised development within Malaysia, imagine if the EPU is not even there! It would be more chaotic!

        Yes Federal government collect income taxes while the state governments collect other land related taxes. The fact that you think Federal government does not give the tax money to the states showed how inept you are in this area. Either you are inept or you are hoping the readers will believe your lies. Because you see, all the income taxes collected will go back to the state. Every year the Finance Minister will announce allocation during his Budget Speech.

        Kelantan for instance, get billions of ringgit every year to develop it. On top of that, the government give RM50 million wang ehsan. Every state is given the money by the Federal govenrment. Even Perlis, the state with the lowest income gets so much from the states. We are helping the less fortunate states as well. In other words, the income tax paid by the people in Kuala Lumpur is financing the development of the people in Perlis or Sabah.

        If you think Federal government is bad, then all the countries in the world share the same fault.

        Even the PDA is an act of Federal government taking over states right. Ku Li did not make any noise when the oil from the states is given to Petronas back then. Why didn’t you hound Ku Li and ask him why on earth would the Federal Government took over the oil from the states in the first place? Wasn’t that some form of *gasp* ‘federalism’?


  4. Ku Li must be a threatening figure to many of his contemporaries (politicians) during his early heydays. When you become the finance minister you must be up and coming and perhaps groomed for the pinnacle (Zahid excluded!). If he was on a fast track and overtaken by ambition or arrogance then it would not be as bad as wanting to be the youngest PM.

    When people feel (their interests) threatened, their insecurity and jealousy will concoct ways and means to rid off the cause. However, there were also politicians who were ambitious and used or colluded with him to promote their agenda. If the UMNO leader at that time was a weakling than Ku Li would gain to be the PM. He was outmatched by TDM.

    Now that UMNO-BN is a weakling Ku Li’s service is needed more than ever. With the ups and downs he has undergone, he should be a much wizened and down to earth politician.









  6. All I can see, KuLi need the best platform desperately to survive and stay relevant in his politics game since time and time he is rejected within UMNO…

    Its not about his state … Its not about UMNO… but his political survival… preparing himself for the next GE13

    He would have done it in GE12 but why now? Oil royalty issue is nothing new!


  7. JMD,

    We need more than twitters updates laa BRo… still waiting for ur new articles “patiently”… nway just when for Super Junior concert last night.. its was FANTASTIC!!!

    Thank you…

    ~~sorry lari topic… =))


  8. Dear Sir,
    Ku Li days are over. We may think he is the right candidate but his past record is also not so bright when he was the Finance Minister. Go and check.
    Let us move with what we have. Nobody is perfect. NGOs are also not perfect if it is not in line with their ideas. All are double standards. Just like US. I am not perfect also. So what the heck are we arguing about. We should be grateful with what we have now , bershukor lah. GOD gave a contry that is peaceful, that is why we have so many races and all are living in peace. Politicians will create perceptions that will be chaotic as if we are at war. Look at the Middle East, chaotic all the time, Palestine is one example. Bye.


  9. KUSOH,

    You’re dreaming and can’t remember the fall of Bank Bumiputera history. It was KULI reign as Finance Minister and he used a lot of Ringgit to ensure its value always the same as Singapore’s Dollar. It cost a lot and wasted a lot on that unproductive money trading. It was Tun Daim who rights the wrongs (by KULI).

    KULI just as good as state leader in Kelantan, not any other state and let alone National level. He was there, done that and failed.


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