Twitter and business corporations

One of the best and quickest way of relaying news is through Twitter.

Everyone does it.

Politicians do it.

Bloggers use it.

Celebrities are hooked on it.

Teenagers can’t get enough of it.

Even big corporations started to get the hang of it.

I think GLCs will do itself a big favour by using twitter as part of its public relations tool. With the advent of mobile applications such as Ubertwitter, any news imparted can be quickly discerned by the public through their handphones.

For example, one of the biggest GLC in Malaysia has already using it to reach its stakeholders.

Telekom Malaysia Berhad.

Or better known as @TMCorp in Twitter world.

With the new HSBB (High Speed BroadBand) project is currently a work-in-progress in Klang Valley, it is imperative for them to constantly educate the public about it and at the same time gauge the public’s responses and feedback.

Twitter is becoming more than just a social networking tool. It will be a potent marketing tool in the near future.

I am urging all other GLCs to do the same. The benefits are too great to ignore. Thank you.


13 thoughts on “Twitter and business corporations

  1. Mana? Mana cerita pasal Teoh Beng Hock mati kena bunuh dgn MACC?

    Inkues dah mula tapi kau cerita pasal benda2 tak berfaedah!

    Takut la tu! Memang dasar anjing Umngok! KAH KAH KAH KAH!

    JMD : ??


  2. Thanks for the tip Jebat.

    Would like to point out that it is odd that maxis dpont have an official twitter but only an unofficial one @mymaxis
    this twitter is manned by a staff and it is unofficial.


  3. Thanks JMD,
    This is very refreshing!
    Boring juga asyik bertekak hal2 politik siang malam.Sekali sekali sedap juga baca benda2 yg betul2 relevan dgn kehidupan kita.Well done!


    JMD : Your welcome!


  4. Hahaha… talk about HSBB, I’m currently in a veryyy stressful condition as I’m involve directly with this project.. Hopefully the Malaysians appreciate what the government tryin’ to improve especially in advancing the ICT infra.


  5. jeb, the best and most prolific political twitters out of malaysia right now has to be kuli and lks.

    i esp love following kuli’s tweets and retweets. it gives his followers a good insight into his current back and forth movements, energetically pursuing his state’s oily issues.

    and i’m sure you notice how the old dude can be quite innovative with the 140 character limitation.

    i love it when senior folks, like tdm and kuli, go tech. somehow when they get the hang of it, they’re actually more deft than people half their age at getting the most bang out of these communicating & networking tools. 😀

    JMD : Thank you Mek Yam!


  6. Guys, KJ’s top cybertrooper has ‘revealed’ to me KJ’s latest achievement,

    nak tau ape bacalah di SINI

    I guarantee you will like this posting

    If you don’t laugh just tell me and I will come and give you 10 hits on your blog today


    • Bro,
      Bosan la bab-bab KJ ni.. dulu baca bolehlah nak tengok hasil apabila digembar gemburkan kehebatannya.. tapi la ni, buat je kerja as apa yang telah dipertanggungjawabkan, baru cerita..

      Sorry Wenger,
      You, your antics and whatever newly created KJ cybertrooper making people tired la.. style tulis macam tak jauh beza.. siap dengan dirimu sekali buka tutup blog..

      ~ OnDaStreet


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  8. JMD,
    Pse help me out on this twitter thing.

    Ok, lets say you’re following someone on Twitter. You want to communicate with this person.
    If you click on ‘reply’ to the person’s particular tweet to give your comments, will the person be able to receive?

    How does one know if the person has received the comment?

    Any fees for this?:)

    JMD : Hi Sujini, yes that person can read your reply. He will be alerted when someone is replying to his particular tweet. You will see your own reply in the twitter page so you will know that he has received it.

    The fees are waived just for you 🙂

    Thank you.


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