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History repeats itself – Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah

If Umno and Barisan Nasional do not manage Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (‘Ku Li”) soon, there will be another round of strenuous politicking in the horizon. The loser of this impending collision will again be – Umno and Barisan Nasional.

Although the scale of this conflict may not be as huge as the conflict between the ex Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and the former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Badawi back in 2005 – 2008, the chasm between Ku Li and the party he represents will be bigger if nothing is being done to mitigate the risks ahead.

For a couple of months now, Ku Li had been voicing out his frustrations regarding the oil royalty issue.

And the Government had made a few attempts in answering Ku Li. The most notable one was the public explanation in main newspapers regarding the oil royalty and the Federal Government’s stand on this.

When this issue began to unfold, I almost tear my hair out in disgust.

Why can’t these two opposing parties meet in a more conducive manner and discuss this whole issue without having to cause an outrage on a public platform?

Ku Li had to resort in giving public speech in a stadium while the government had to advertise in newspapers because of this?

If Dato’ Sri Najib’s administration had arranged for a meeting with Ku Li a few months ago,  none of this would happen.

Ku Li has said that he is loyal to Umno. This in itself is a good and enough basis not to treat him like the enemy.

History seems to repeat itself and nobody is learning any lesson from the mistakes made over and over again.

During Pak Lah’s premership, attempts were actively made to shut out his predecessor from the media and from seeing Umno members. Attempts were also made so that this Umno president of 22 years will not be the delegate in the Umno General Assembly of 2006!

This kind of undignified politics was very embarrassing indeed.

In the end, those who were undignified lost power and respect.

Coming back to the present situation, does it kill you to talk at the same table about this matter?

Najib Razak is slightly fortunate this time around as the blogosphere, especially the ones sympathising with BN and Umno’s cause is quite muted in responding to Ku Li. At best, their criticisms towards Ku Li has been a bit restrained.

It’s either he is a non entity, or they still respect him. It could be the latter.

If Ku Li continues to remain unheard by the top leadership of Umno, Ku Li will go for broke and will probably offend a few more people. Blogosphere will have to take a stand on this one. And a full scale character assassination will begin.

This will not augur well for Barisan Nasional.

Naturally, the opposition is riding on Ku Li’s frustrations to gain maximum impact. As the opposition is rattled with so many defections and other problems of their own, this is an opportunity they can’t resist.

Ku Li in a press conference in 2008

Ku Li command some respect from the people, especially lately when all the opposition portals such as Malaysian Insider, MalaysiaKini and Malaysia Today had been singing praises for him in order to manufacture the perception that he is the voice of conscience within Barisan Nasional.

They are building up Ku Li’s clout through this form of thought control so that one day, they hope Ku Li will join the opposition. This will definitely strengthen the opposition’s credibility.

Hence, at every opportunity they could get, they will support Ku Li wholeheartedly. When one is in desperate need to  borrow Ku Li’s credibility, it just shows how lacking Pakatan Rakyat  is in that department.

I have written a couple of articles in the past regarding how Umno can gain a lot of strength and good reputation should they acquire Ku Li’s services.

One, was to appoint him as the Finance Minister.

Since that did not materialise, I suggested he be made an Economic Adviser to the government or, at the very least, a member of Umno’s Presidential Council.

Both did not materialise either.

In fact, he was not even appointed to be a member of Umno Supreme Council!

If he is so disconnected from Umno’s administration, how could any disagreement or dissent be amicably solved?

In the recent Umno’s supreme council meeting, his position was discussed without him being there to defend himself!

I am very surprise with all the callous remarks made by some supreme council members about Ku Li.

Let Ku Li speaks his mind. But more importantly, let him speak his mind during rounds of meetings within the party leadership.

As I recall, most of the people in the current supreme council spoke against Pak Lah without restraint in public not too long ago; even when Pak Lah was still the PM.

If you can do it, so can Ku Li.

Stop being hypocritical, stop playing politics, and do the right thing for God’s sake!

Arrange a meeting. Or a series of meetings.

Najib can do more than saying “We have to hear what the party members have to say”.

Have more dignity please. Umno must not make mistakes over and over again.

As for the oil royalty itself, Umno and BN need to settle this problem before it becomes a disaster. The only people that can give a clearer issue would be Tan Sri Wan Mokhtar and Tun Abdul Rahman Yaakub.

They would be the only living former chiefs of state that had signed the Petronas deed back in 1975. They may still give their input about this issue.


22 thoughts on “History repeats itself – Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah

  1. Dear JMD,

    Yes. Why DS Najib does not seem to act on any troubling issue? He seems to hope thing will mend by itself. For example, I dont think MCA’s crisis is over and do we hear loud and clear DS Najib’s voice to put an end to this crisis/ I dont think so. He seems so very quiet.

    I think the Malays also beginning to voice out their satisfactions against UMNO. People are saying UMNO no longer take care of the Malays. Isn’t this serious enough to the party President? Do we see DS Najib doing something about this? or again, wait for the dust the settle by itself?

    But DS Najib have no qualm and almost instantaneously will look into the “plights” of other races, especially the chinese. Latest being the legitimate name for Soh’s (out of wedlock) baby who claims TBH was the father? This clearly defying the laws that already existed governing the naming of legitimate father of a child. This is clearly an out of wedlock case and there was doubt that TBH was the real father. But DS Najib bulldozed this? What signal is he telling the Malaysians regarding this?

    I agree with you. People respect Ku Li. I also think people respected Tok Guru Nik Aziz before, until TGNA started to utter nonsense. I dont think Ku Li will become like TGNA uttering nonsense.

    Yes. The loser will be UMNO and BN, especially DS Najib in the oil royalty case.

    JMD : Thank you Kenn for the comment.


  2. The issue is actually quite simple.

    The Fed Govt should not deny Kelantan the royalties when it has already compromised its position in Terengganu, Sarawak and Sabah on the same issue.

    And let’s not have another Patrick Badawi, Sil, Monsoon Cup and other debacles to confuse the issue. Just let Kelantan have their dues and let them manage it.

    If they try and rubbish Tengku Razaleigh with more APCO PR spin, UMNO will only end up shooting its own foot!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

    JMD : Thank you DPP for the comment and I agree with you. Kelantan should manage the money if it’s really their right.


  3. Dear JMD,
    Im NOT an UMNO member but I love my country above all else except Allah. I admire the good leaders and despised the bad ones.I admire Ku Li as an astute person who charted out our country’s economy during his time.But Ku Li is old now and he may not be as strong as he used to be.(Tun Dr.M is an exception) Resorting to airing his view on an Opposition’s platform on the Oil Royalty issue clearly indicate that normal channels to the powers that be for him have been effectively shut down.But there are many ways to skin a cat. Ku Li is saying something loud and clear here.But to me his stance appears parochial in nature tho I agree absolutely that the people in Kelantan deserve a better quality of life than what they are enduring now.(deplorable road conditions,housing,health issues etc.). But I honestly think Ku Li has erred in handling this issue the way it was handled. His ‘friends’ in Putrajaya surely cannot accept being run down publicly by him in fronts of their ‘enemies’. This is what I meant by Ku Li has erred. You are absolutely right in saying that this issue should be thrashed out within the confine of the PM’s chamber.We dont know, perhaps he has tried that approach. Ku Li sounds a bit patronising in KB, telling the Government he knows better.Clearly he cares a lot for Kelantanese and want to give them the best. He should try again,using another tack.But I dont believe state should be given a free hand at spending the oil money.Too many bad examples.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


    • Ampatuan,

      “But I don’t believe state should be given a free hand at spending the oil money.Too many bad examples.”

      Is this statement referring to Kelantan per se or other states that enjoy oil royalties? if you are referring to Kelantan, then it doesn’t make sense since they have never been given any royalties ever since PAS came to power.

      If you meant that states are not really capable of managing their finance, then we can easily say the same thing about the Federal government.

      I believe the best way is to let them Kelantanese have their cake. I can’t believe that Najib is so obtuse. The amount of goodwill generated from this simple overture throughout the country can at least repair some of the damaged image of UMNO.

      But in a nutshell, Najib’s performance as a leader has been disappointing. The “neither-here-nor-there” leadership is damaging. Very soon, he’ll be compared to PakLah and that is no mean feat.



  4. I agree with commenter Kenn above. DS Najib is just not being proactive enough. I dont know if it is his nature or APCO’s inaptitute but he has to buck up before the walls start crumbling around him.

    Great thoughts, by the way.


  5. Dear JMD,
    This is my humble analysis, Either we realized or not …our beloved No.1 actually very slow in settle down /neutralized any party (UMNO) or component party problem or crisis. I think his think tank should alert about this. Work harder…no more honeymoon. Look at the MCA crisis or PPP….no one are settle! Forget rhetoric leader like Ahmad Maslan. Sengih sana, sengih sini…di mana saja ada PM. In Ku Li case, as a Kelantanese…im totally agreed with JMD, Kelantan UMNO Leaders such as Tok Pa or Awang Adeq looks like really forget Ku Li. Ku Li are is of the most credible veteran UMNO Members, how come both of the orang kuat UMNO Kelantan lupakannya…so now…when Ku Li cuba cari jalan lain…semua panik. Dalam politik, orang veteran perlu dihormati…bukan dimusuhi….era Pak Lah telah membuktikan teori ini.
    So…fr me No.1 seems so slow in action, too much buffer…..and slow as a snails is really not good in politic…BE A TIGER BRO!


  6. Ku Li’s camp have been feeding RPK with lots of juicy lies about Altantuya’s death. the famous one was about Rosmah being there when the c4 blow up.

    there are few books written about how Ku Li & his cohort ran Petronas. and how Mahathir had to cleaned them up.


  7. Amtuan Jr,
    I think the federal government should not be given free hand in handling oil money. Look at Terengganu — Masjid Kristal, Monsoon Cup, Taman hadhari, collapsed stadium etc etc. This happened after the royalty was converted to wang ehsan (compassionate payment) and channeled through Umno warlords.

    JMD : Good point as well. Thank you.


  8. Ku Li, the mastermind who conned the states into giving up their oil rights to Petronas, controlled entirely by the PM.

    I am unsure about gas rights, as sarawak got nothing in terms of royalties from it. And sabah probably wants to keep all the LNG found in the state for itself.

    The largest recipient from the 5% oil royalties went to terengganu. But KL got the remainder 95%, in terms of Putrajaya development, KLCC etc. So ther money meant for the poor malays end up in the klang valley where malays are minority.


  9. Sdr JMD

    I am sorry. I sense a tinge of dislike towards this government from you. May be it is not because of this only one incident.
    Is there anything that we should know?

    Over the years I have observed Ku Li. I cannot say I like him. It is the same for Najib.


    JMD : It’s not that I do not like this government. I am just appalled at the stupidity of some people. Ku Li had raised this issue before. Why was there no discussions between him and the government’s leadership so that this issue can be nipped at the bud?

    It is a simple matter to resolve yet, people do not take them seriously. Some cannot even see the path of certain incidents that would happen based on what transpired today.

    Whatever we do or do not do today, will effect something in the future. A couple of months ago, Ku Li had began to show his uneasiness on the fact that Kelantan doesn’t receive any oil royalty.

    But Umno did not even make any private response to him. What happened next? The opposition took advantage out of it.

    Sure, Ku Li is a spent force. But with the help of the massive propaganda of the opposition, a spent force can breathe a new found energy.

    What Umno did not do a couple of months before, can see its effects today.

    They had to scramble and advertise in the mass media in the end. What nonsense.

    One advice given to me from my current boss is – whatever issue that is affecting you today, will generate different outcome for you in the next few months or years. And these outcomes depend on how you handle those issues today. An action or even an inaction will yield different results.

    Obviously Umno leadership do not know this advice.

    But don’t get me wrong. I am not routing for Ku Li about anything. He has his fair share of colorful history as well. And may not survive any character assassination.

    Thank you.


    • Sdr JMD

      Sigh of relief.
      Thank you so much. I appreciate your reply tremendouly. UMNO does, at times, take things for granted. It can be frustrating.



  10. Salaam,

    It has been a long time since I visit your page JMD.

    Frankly I’m quite surprise to hear your tone on this issue and this is the tone that all UMNO leaders should follow. We must stop being hypocrites and start being leaders.

    Give the money to whatever government in Kelantan to manage, as the rakyat is the main focus; not I-wanna-be-the-champion politician.

    If the state government failed. Than the next election strike them out. Easy.

    If BN is trying to bank in on the royalty issue alone, than the Kelantanese should by now know for the fact that, BN is tapped out…

    What say you JMD?

    JMD : No complaints with that. Thank you.


  11. The hardest part of being a leader is having to make decisions. Pak Lah simply refused to do so all the time while DSN tried not to make one most of the time. They should know that making bad decisions is always better than not making one.

    DSN has the tendency to play safe, hoping that things would resolve by itself. But for whatever reason, he was quick whenever the issues were about anything non-Malays. Why ah?


  12. I just wonder whether this is about rights, federal or state, or is it about love for one state over UMNO.

    If it is rights to oil, shouldn’t it be clear as some have suggested that any findings beyond state territory becomes federal owned? And yes, all oil reserves thus far are way beyond the 3 nautical miles from land in all states. Some have claimed that historically the development in oil and gas supposed to benefit the state as well. Surely, that was a discretionary issue and not legal rights. So, how is Terengganu, Sabah and Sarawk different? Well, for one thing, all the oil found beyond the state zone are piped to or landed on these states for processing. Thus, state land and infrastructure were used to make economic benefits to Petronas. Specifically to the Peninsular, due to historical events, once the pipeline was landed in Terengganu, there really was no more economic reasons to have another in Kelantan or Pahang for that matter. This is because the way the oil platforms were built, they are interconnected with web of pipelines, hence only one big trunkline is needed to pipe it to shore. So, as I see it, this could have been properly explained to justify the situation.

    Now, if the above is true, what is actually KuLi championing? It does look to me that he is very much for Kelantan rather than anything else. Could it be that he is bias in this instance towards his own state? It will be very unfortunate if this is so. A leader should go beyond state and to serve the greater good for the entire nation.

    For one, if Kelantan is given ‘wang ehsan’, shouldn’t all the other states have the right to it too? After all, if you allow any findings in the federal area be given to one state like Kelantan, what is the reason to not give to Perlis or Melaka?

    JMD : An excellent diagnosis of the problem. Thank you.


    • I agree with anakpakross.

      Kelantan should not be given the “oil royalti” let alone wang ehsan. The oil is found and extrated within our country EEZ. It belongs to Federal Government. Wang eshan to Kelantan? Why and for what?

      “state land and infrastructure were used to make economic benefits to Petronas. ” And thus the “royalty”. This is a good after thought reason for a handout.

      In the case of Trengganu the name “royalty” was given and changed to “wang eshan” when PAS “captured” Trengganu. And now change to “royalty” again.

      This is the only confusing case here



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  14. JMD,

    Something fishy with the way Fed manage the Petronas money. Even Trengganu MB complained about the quantum they received.


  15. jmd,

    shabas, you are the real one malay who i well agreed with. very hard to find one now. carryon with your beautifull hard work. life isnt easy anymore as what UMNO had done to their people – the malays for more than 50 yrs. KESIAN…KESIAN…KESIAN
    what do you say ?



  16. JMD,

    Talking about UMNO warlord, isnt there anyone else they can pun as chairman of wang ehsan for kelantan? awang adek is rejected by his own people and DS put him in charge of money for kelantanese….and this is as good as putting the fox in the chicken coop….

    Keturunan Jebat


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