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Anwar Ibrahim’s self victimisation

Update 8 February 2010: As predicted, Anwar asked postponement for the trial just to disqualify the judge. As written before,

He reckons that the conspirators are using the old tactics to ensure that he will be ostracized in the court of law. I am guessing that on the first day of trial itself, his legal team will further ask for postponement over the lamest of issues. I bet that they will not be satisfied with the sitting judge, citing the judge as unfit to conduct the trial. And technicality issues will continue to bog down the court’s proceedings.”

Original article:

And so, The Federal Court had ruled out Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s appeal and with this, the trial which came about from the police report made by his alleged victim, Saiful Bukhari will commence on February 2nd, 2010.

After more than 1 and a half years of wild goose chase, we can finally see the beginning of the proceedings to determine his innocence or the magnitude of his crime.

Anwar Ibrahim is charged by law for performing a lewd act of sodomy on another human being in June 2008.

He is charged under the penal code of 372B.

As his trial drew nearer, he had set his troops to start the nationwide campaign to show that he is a ‘victim’ of a conspiracy. A conspiracy, he deemed as reminiscent to his earlier sodomy trials in 1998.

He reckons that the conspirators are using the old tactics to ensure that he will be ostracized in the court of law. I am guessing that on the first day of trial itself, his legal team will further ask for postponement over the lamest of issues. I bet that they will not be satisfied with the sitting judge, citing the judge as unfit to conduct the trial. And technicality issues will continue to bog down the court’s proceedings.

Basically, on the day of the trial, instead of pushing for speedier trial process that may free him (should he is innocent), he will prolong the initial hearing on the basis of some minor technicality imperfections.

Afterall, didn’t we often hear from Wan Azizah that he has an iron clad alibi?

Knowing Anwar’s modus operandi for the past decade, his lackeys will make announcements, ad nauseam during this trial that Anwar Ibrahim is a victim of a highest conspiracy in Malaysia. Never mind the fact that this sodomy charges came solely from his own ex-employee.

We always know that Anwar is a knee-jerk, reactionary kind of politician. He often acts without thinking. That is why we always find him doing ridiculous decisions and making ludicrous attempts to gain public sympathy.

His foray into the Turkish Embassy (under the pretext that his life is in danger via death threats) was one that we always remember. It exposed him as someone so terrified with his own guilt that he would want to hide in a foreign embassy so that police will find it hard to catch him.

In the end, after noticing that the police report made by Saiful will take a few weeks for the police to investigate, he came out from hiding saying that he hid in the Turkish Embassy because he was afraid of an assassination plot.

Later, it took him more than a week to make a police statement after he came out from the Embassy smelling like a coward (to some, he smelled like roses). Since he thinks he is above the law, he felt that he should not be called upon to make any statement.

Kudos to the chameleon. He is the role model we all should emulate – law breaker, trouble maker, narcissistic megalomaniac and an overconfident liar.

One must not forget what he is. And certainly one must not forget the verdict of the Federal Court that had acquitted him on technical grounds.

The verdict, which Lim Kit Siang hailed as something that “can restore national and international confidence with  a truly independent judiciary and a just rule of law” is so damning to Anwar Ibrahim that he forever be labeled as a sodomite.

Going back to the verdict of the Federal Court judges, how did they come to this conclusion? –

“even though reading the appeal record, we find evidence to confirm that the appellants were involved in homosexual activities and we are more inclined to believe that the alleged incident at Tivoli Villa did happen”

The judges got this from the testimonies of two people:

“The testimonies of one Dr. Mohd Fadzil and one Tun Haniff and the conduct of the first Appellant (ie Anwar) confirmed the appellants’ involvement in homosexual activities.

We all know who Tun Haniff Omar is. But who is Dr Mohd Fadzil?

Dr Mohd Fadzil Bin Man was the psychiatrist that treated Sukma Darmawan Sasmitaat Madja back in 1994 for the latter’s acute depression.

Not many people realise this tiny but very significant portion of the trial. This is because, this part of the trial was blackout from the media due to the request from Anwar’s legal team at that time.

But the fact remains, this is one of the those items that had convicted Anwar. Many argued that Sukma’s confession was coerced by the police. That may be so. And this form of extracting confession became the basis of that 2004 Federal Court judgment which had technically released Anwar from prison.

All 3 Federal judges stated that they did not rule out sodomy because there were evidences that Anwar did it. Anwar was released because the judges were suspicious that the manner of getting the confession might be inadmissible under the legal process. The key sentence here is – sodomy was not ruled out.

Now, what damned Anwar to prison in the first place was the prior confession of Sukma back in 1994. This confession took place years before the 1999 trials. Sukma confessed being sodomised by Anwar to this psychiatrist in November 1994 as he was suffering from acute depression. He confessed everything to this doctor. This doctor eventually became the 2nd witness in the 1999 sodomy trial.

Note that Karpal Singh vehemently wanted to rule out Mohd Fadzil’s statements during the trials. His reason? Because Mohd Fadzil will violate the Hippocrates Oath should he disclose his patient’s confessions.

The Court decided otherwise saying the matter of seeking the truth is much greater than any Hippocrates Oath. To me, Karpal’s lame excuse made Anwar looked even more guilty.

Furthermore, Christopher Fernando, in exasperation, claimed that the doctor’s statements may cause ruin to Anwar’s case!

Very interesting indeed.

Excerpts from this part of the trial can be read here.

Now, with regards Tun Haniff Omar. We all know the infamous line uttered by Anwar after he was confronted by the then IGP at his home.

“Are you going to blackmail me?”.

Which Tun Haniff Omar replied, “We are not in the blackmailing business”.

Now, if I really did not sodomise anybody, I would have been really angry towards Tun Haniff Omar’s allegations and asked him to leave my house or even ask for proof.

But Anwar did not. Instead, sounding like a guilty person that he is, he asked, “ARE YOU GOING TO BLACKMAIL ME?”.


Anwar never denied this claim either.

The only way out is to show people that he is a victim.

But we know better now.


39 thoughts on “Anwar Ibrahim’s self victimisation

  1. Why was the evidence denied to Anwar?
    As a neutral this stinks. It is also giving the country a bad name.

    Remember the fate that befell all the conspirators in Sodomy I?

    The Government should stop this fascination with trying to frame this homosexual paradigm on Anwar. As a non Malay, let me be frank and tell you that it makes Malays look bad.

    Why not you start to take pride in your race for once. You can call Anwar a Malay traitor, the fact remains that everybody else in the world looks at him as a Malay politician who used to be the ex-DPM of Malaysia before Mahathir sticthed him up.

    Who was the one who tried to put this entire sodomy thing up on the first place?

    Was it a Malay leader?
    Who was made to look bad?

    The Malays.

    That was what the common phrase spoken amongst non Malays when discussing this homosexuality thing “Amongst the Malays this thing is common.”

    Where is the dignity of the race? On one hand you talk about protecting the dignity of the Malays and on the other hand a posting like this.

    Before you think me as a one of those “Destroy Ketuanan Melayu” sort, personally I couldn’t care less. I am overseas, I have escaped the country but I will still shoot this arrow. You can chose to publish it or not. Thats your right.

    Furthermore, I hate DAP as much as any UMNO guy, but I hate this mentality of UMNO people not bothering to even consider the ramifications of what is happening in the country but to ascribe all blame to Anwar.

    If the UMNO thinkers could spend 1 day of their miserable lives actually listing down the problems and putting forth a solution, DSAI will never be a factor.

    Just 1 day. Let me start

    1) Crime
    2) Economy
    3) Education
    4) Religious – social fabric disintegration
    5) Lack of human dignity
    6) Cleanliness
    7) Politics
    8) Media
    9) Cost of Living
    10) Police

    But instead, they let a couple of Indian Muslims, past and present lead them by the nose. They let these Indian Muslims bait the entire Malay race with this homosexuality theme.

    Come to think of it, I am beginning to suspect you may be one.

    JMD : From the way you wrote the comments above, if we were to call you a racist, you won’t realise why right? Hope you’re having a good time down south. I’m sure that tiny, democratic country is treating you well. And by the way, what is it about DAP that you hate so much? Care to share?


    • This “Non Malay” fellow began by saying, “As a neutral this (attacking Anwar) stinks”. Then he started disparaging the Malays, the Government, UMNO, etc. Where got “neutral”, man? Where got boleh percaya whatever you say because the moment you open your mouth, it’s already tidak betul.

      You see, folks, this type of fellows simply say what they like, attack the Malays, UMNO, the Malaysian Government, thinking they can get away with it, nobody will challenge them. When challenged, they run away to the Little Middle kingdom, hoping to get under the Little Emperor’s arm pit. Then he finds he can’t utter a word of criticism there because Big Brother is always on the wall and he vents his frustration on us. Silly,
      frustrated fellow.

      He says “everybody else in the world looks at (Anwar) as a Malay politician who used to be the ex-DPM of Malaysia before Mahathir sticthed him up”. It must be a very small world that
      this Non Malay fellow knows about. He probably thinks this world is only made up of William Cohen, Paul Wolfowitz, the Turkish Ambassador to Malaysia and a few others who had entertained Anwar. He knows not that the world news services also carry unfavourable reports on the sodomist
      that get published in New York, Washington, London, etc.

      Wake up man and don’t say neutral when you are not. Even if you are really “overseas” instead of just “over the causeway”, you have not really “escaped the country” as you claimed you have, because you still want to “shoot arrows” at Malaysia showing that there must have been things good in this country that you cannot let it go. Others who have absconed usually don’t look back and are usually busy showing their loyalty to their country of adoption. Or maybe you are alrady thinking of absconding to yet another country. Try Papua New Guinea, man. I hear they resent your kind even opening a sundry shop there. Good riddance to you.


    • I am telling you the facts. This is what people are saying behind your backs about Malays because of this trial. You should be aware.

      DAP is chauvinist, nobody denies that, but when the party that is supposed to be defending the Malays goes and parrots to the entire world these disgusting issues concerning somebody who at one time was the heir designate, how do you think the other races will look at this.

      Its time some people understand the truth.\

      JMD : You are seriously one bigoted human being. Since when this is about ‘Malays goes and parrots to the entire world’?

      The one that went around the world claiming he was ‘victimised’ was Anwar. The victim in this case is Saiful. And the case is not brought out by a Malay party. It is being conducted in a trial set by the judiciary. Why are you highlighting the Malays only? Are you anti Malay? Are you not a racist?

      Malaysia has a government filled with people from all races – in a significant role too. What can you say about the country you are residing in?

      Hence, please stop all this stupid comments. You will only reveal how sick you are in your opinion. DAP is chauvinist? What are the symptoms of being a chauvinist? Straighten them up first won’t you? If not people are saying a lot of things behind your back too.

      And what is wrong with flushing out a Malay who is involved in lewd and nasty habits like sodomy? The Malays in general do not need this kind of destructive leader. This trial will decide who is wrong once and for all.

      Anwar was heir designate? He rose up the rank at unbelievable speed solely through the support of his boss and was the heir designate until he chose to be involved in this extra curricular activities. What is wrong in flushing out the bad seed?

      Thank you.


      • “Its time some people understand the truth” – who are these some people??

        And what truth?? – you are super confident that YOU know the truth, the absolute truth.

        My personal opinion is that you have been ‘brainwashed ‘ by a monopoly newspaper.


    • Neutral??? That is the most laughable excuse I’ve ever heard…
      How can you be neutral when in the same breath you speak of just the Malay short coming but none of the other races??? What is so special about the Malay that you have to come all the way from down south to spill your gibberish trash here? Is it because the Malay is still the majority here? 🙂
      Why don’t you highlight the short coming of the majority in down south? In a portal maintain by your fellow countrymen and ran within this Kingdom of Heaven down south??? Or are you just another coward???
      You see, whatever the short coming of this Independent and Sovereign country called Malaysia (something most foreigners seems to forget), people here are still allowed to speak their mind and show their feeling toward the government!!! Unlike the Kingdom of Heaven down south where by just thinking something bad about the government would land you in a state run hotel where checking out is not an option. 🙂
      You speak of conspiracy in trial no.1…. Is it hard evidence or hearsay or just your imagination? Have you gone through the court record of the trial??? The prosecutor has every right to bring any evidences, witnesses or experts to facilitate the trial and so does the defence. It is up to the judge to decide which is permissible and which is not. If the judge erred in making the judgement, an appeal can be lodged. But have you notice something? The defence only went for character assassination and blaming the government when the case was heard. No rebuttal of the prosecution evidence, witnesses or even presenting their own evidences. Lo and behold, the High Court ruled that the sodomy did take place and so did the Court of Appeal. Surprised? He was only left off the hook due to technicality. So tell me, where is the conspiracy???
      The only conspiracy that I can think of is the sudden attack of amnesia by Karpal Singh and Mat Sabu who suddenly forgotten that they were the one who first to inform the public of Anwar immoral hobby. You can Google that if you don’t believe me.. 🙂


  2. so many facts were written. So many truths were revealed. But to some people, they wanted to believe. So bad that , like biggots, they would die for it.
    All i could say to all anwar fans out there, grow up. Please, if you have the facts, please showed it to the people.


  3. We know “better.”

    I said it before that Anwar is that gooey and sticky stuff that bind “em together. It is ugly, tastes bad and smells so yucky… but its the only thing that keep ’em going. You take Anwar out and the whole thing will crumble. So, swallow aje lah. Haram pun haram lah.

    Its pathetic aint it? The so-called fight for reform, justice and what have you hinges on one such man.


  4. Best…i like this post..haha…gonna be a very interesting trial..everyone including his close counterparts from the US will be watching this trial..

    But i personally feel it will be exciting only at the start of the trial, after which people would rather do their own business and daily activities..

    Haha,,i really wanna see what Anwar is up to this time round..Poor Saiful, he didn’t manage to go on a “road show” to prove his innocence..



  5. Salam JMD,

    Pada satu hari ketika Anwar sedang berbincang dengan barisan para peguamnya tentang kes liwat yang bakal didengar diMahkamah……

    ‘ Ok, sekarang kita kena buat brainstorming, kena fikirkan angle baru pula untuk postpone lagi hearing. Think ! Crack ur heads ! Thats what i’m paying u guys for ‘

    ‘ Bos, kita guna angle Patail, ur suit against him still pending. Conflict of interest ‘

    ‘Ok juga tu… then we set the motion to throw everyone in his team out. Dapat gak setahun situ….’ kata Anwar.

    ’emm, bos, sorry ah, but we tried that before. No Go ‘ sampuk sorang lagi expert lawyernya.

    ‘ Kita minta pihak pendakwa serahkan bahan2 bukti yang ada untuk kita kaji. Tak adil la kalau mereka ada bukti tapi defendant tak dibenarkan lihat,’ kata sorang expert.

    ‘Yes ! we do that ! Prepare the necessary motion. Bernafas gak 5-6 bulan. In the mean time, u guys fikir alasan lain pulak. I ada roadshow nak buat. ‘ Anwar mula bangun..

    ‘ Bos ! Kejap bos… emmm I rasa itu pun kita dah buat dulu ‘

    ‘ Betul ? Tak boleh harap, useless ! My friend, Karpal, as always, sure u got something up ur sleeve..’

    ‘ Emmm, bos, Mr Karpal tak ada bos ‘ kata sorang lagi.

    ‘ Mana dia ? Kan i dah suruh SEMUA datang.. Secretary, u dah call Mr Karpal ? ‘

    Dengar nada Anwar yang marah, takut2 budak muda jambu 24 tahun yang menjadi Secretary Anwar jawap,
    ‘ Bang, eh.. sori, Bos… emmm.. Mr Karpal dah meninggal bos.’

    Terkejut Anwar…’ Hah ? Meninggal ? Bila ?’

    ‘ Dah 10 tahun bos… ‘

    Tergamam Anwar mendengarnya… matanya lantas melihat pada kalendar GUYS yang tergantung didinding. Tahun yang diprint warna merah jelas kelihatan – 2040 !


  6. Whatever hard facts presented in court on this case will be treated as malicious lies (fitnah) by Anwar and his team. Obviously Anwar has decided long time ago that come what may, he is going to deny everything and instead turn the table on his accuser. Karpal, Kit Siang & Co. will definitely come out with some beautiful statements to put the prosecution team and the government in a bad light. Karpal is very very clever you know while Kit Siang is very garang! Anwar’s supporters are already conducting Sembahyang Hajat to ask God to free their leader from this charge.They may also take to the streets again. While it looks like curtain for Anwar, miracles can still happen in Malaysia.What borders me is what is going to happen after this- Malaysian public are so weary with this particular character that many just refuse to think beyond whatever the court is going to decide. Looks like UMNO is busy patting each other’s back confident that Anwar ‘sure kena this time!’ Well,what happen if Anwar ‘tak kena’ this time? He may still get off on a technicality. What happen then? Carry on like before? Any plan ‘B’? Well, I pray for a definite end to this so that I sleep well at night again.


  7. “iron clad alibi”? More likely a towel clad one, hahaha.

    Court of public opinion Vs Court of Law.

    He tries to get public sympathy when he knows that Judges will only look at the facts presented before them. And the facts are going to be damning. It’s his own ex-staff accusing him this time.

    Amnesty International and the like may be sympathising him. But AI even supported bloody communists in the past. And they can shout until they get foot-in-the-throat disease (a newly discovered one!), George Bloody Bush couldn’t care a damn and detention without trial is still there today in Guantanamo Bay.

    Of course this man with no principles and very few scruples would do anything to get what he wants. He has slept on people’s behind (even the Judges agreed but let him off on techinicality), slept with chauvinistic and subversive blokes (metaphorically speaking), did and said all sorts alone and with his political bedmates to put the Establishment down. He might get some sympathy but overall he is already down.


  8. Ingat lg x ms anwar ckp dia kena suntik hiv? Sy antara org yg kutuk dan marah kerajaan dan polis. Tp bila tgk skrg dia ok je. Mlh dh tau dia hanya tìpu buat sy meluat.


  9. Salam JMD,

    Somehow thjs post of urs brings back memories to ur older posts….eg ‘the one where anwar raised more questions’.. 🙂 hehehe… damn, i miss ur battle with andipool !


  10. JMD,

    Saiful’s motivation to charge Anwar may or may not be political. It is not the point. The point for me, a simple voter, is whether or not I would vote for someone with a ‘questionable hobby’ as a leader of my country. One who portrays, a so-called, ‘Islamic’ image but practice something opposite is dangerous and shubahat. I hope if he really is clean, I pray that Allah should help him, if not, let him rot in jail for all the lies, and pain that he caused his family, his supporters and people of this country.


  11. Salam JMD,

    Minta izin untuk link kan ‘The one where Anwar Ibrahim raised more questions’ didalam artikel saya.

    JMD : Ia, silakan terima kasih.


  12. I’m totally amazed at this obsession with Anwar by both sides, BN & PR supporters alike. BN thinks if Anwar goes away, things will turn around i.e. the economy will get better, Najib will be a better leader, UMNO will be stronger etc etc. PR thinks Anwar is the answer to all the nation’s ills. Me, I think the nation is going to the dogs no matter what happen to Anwar.

    The problem is Najib, highly over rated just like Rooney!


  13. This is from the holy book :-

    7:80 And Lot, he said to his people: �Do you commit lewdness such as none of those of the worlds had done before?�
    7:81 �You are approaching the men out of desire instead of the women! Indeed, you are a transgressing people.�
    7:82 The only response of his people was: �Drive them out of your town; they are a people who wish to be pure!�
    7:83 We saved him and his family, except for his wife; she was of those who were destroyed.
    7:84 And We rained down upon them a rain, so see how was the punishment for the criminals.

    But then it could also relate to this :-

    14:42 And do not think that God is unaware of what the wicked do. He is merely delaying them to a Day when all eyes are watching.
    14:43 They will approach with their heads bowed, and their eyes will not blink, and their hearts will be void.
    14:44 And warn the people of the Day when the retribution will come to them, and those who have been wicked will say: �Our Lord, delay this for us until a short time, and we will heed your call and follow the messengers!� Did you not swear before this that you would last forever?
    14:45 And you resided in the dwellings of those who had wronged themselves, and it was made clear to you what We did to them; and We had put forth the examples for you.
    14:46 And they schemed their scheming, and their scheming is known to God; and their scheming was enough to make the mountains cease to exist.
    14:47 So do not think that God will fail to keep His promise to His messengers. God is Noble, capable of seeking revenge.
    14:48 The Day the earth is replaced with another earth, as are the heavens, and they will appear before God, the One, the Supreme.
    14:49 And you will see the criminals that Day bound together in fetters.
    14:50 Their clothes will be of tar, and the fire will overwhelm their faces.
    14:51 Thus God will recompense every soul for what it had earned. God is swift to reckoning.
    14:52 This is a proclamation for the people and so that they are warned with it, and so that they know that there is but One god, and so that those who possess intelligence will remember.



    • Shamsul,

      Consider this hypothetical statement – “Shamsul, I think you are fucking your good friend’s wife. I have heard from the grapevine that you are a serious womaniser which reinforces my suspicion that you are fucking your friend’s wife. I’m going to tell everyone to be aware of you”.

      Now, you know I’m lying but aren’t you embarrassed? Do take a deep breath, engage a bit of your brain before you start opening your mouth.

      Have you heard the word “fitnah”?

      Seems to me both love and hatred for Anwar is a convenience to spout nonsensical statements. Grow up Malaysians, there are better things to worry about.

      JMD : Generally, I find it ironic that PR could accuse somebody from BN without any shred of proof, and even escaped the country to avoid being called to court. Some even made nonsensical allegation that our ex PM watch porn movies with his grandchildren. But I think all these are not deemed as an embarrassment to the family of the people accused by PR.

      Hence, here in this case, the accusation and allegations are about to be tried in court, WITH evidence that will be defended by 13 lawyers from the defence team. Yes it is embarrassing. But if the accusation is true, justice must be served. If it is true, it is not fitnah then. Right?

      If all accusation that were brought to court were fitnahs and should be dropped, then how can we dispense justice? Thank you.


      • Jonie,
        Try taking your own advice to Grow Up and Worry about Better Things.
        Why get so obsessed about people discussing about Mr.”Can I F**k You Today?”.


        • JMD,

          hence my statement about love or hate Anwar. I don’t care about Anwar, oh yes, RPK is spouting fitnah. About the only thing I care is that Nero fiddles while Rome burns.


          Whatever floats your boat dude. I don’t see any worth engaging a peabrain.


  14. Do we have real justice in this promised land?

    Anwar Ibrahim if were to be indigenous to a foreign land, his ‘purported crime’ will only doom him to be teased by those so-called wannabe martyr as a gay or a dud who has peculiar interests of having broke back mountain activity with a male lover! Anal sex has become part of sex hobby of the modern trends! No big deal..!

    Comparing to one wanton who would screw around the aliens and set bomb on her, not only inhuman, insane and much more cruel than Jebat who would only kill for a reason, that gay is to be short dead in a communist country!

    To the contrary, he’s now enjoying the good taste of power at the expense of the Nation’s bad fame and the nationals had doomed to become all the motherfuckers, and the laughing stocks!

    World class laughing stocks!!!!!


  15. Dear JMD,

    Malay Mail today refers.

    “I bet that they will not be satisfied with the sitting judge, citing the judge as unfit to conduct the trial. And technicality issues will continue to bog down the court’s proceedings.”

    Game, set and match prediction. On the button.

    Any ampat ekor for me? 🙂


    JMD : Ah Freddie, I can’t help you on the empat ekor thingy. But as for Anwar, he is very much predictable 🙂


    • Dear JMD,

      Mission accomplished. Recusal is refused and appeal is on the way.

      While Anwar is as you say predictable, how about the following scenarios:
      1. Anwar wins appeal
      2. New judge assigned
      3. Anwar wins case
      4. Prosecution appeals!
      5. Acquittal overturned by 3 member Court of Appeal
      6. Defence appeals to Federal Court!
      7. Conviction affirmed by 5 member Bench.
      8. Defence seeks judicial review!
      9. Full 9 member bench affirms conviction
      10. No justice in Malaysia. Malaysian judicial system deemed corrupt with international condemnation
      11. Anwar wins judicial review!
      12. Justice has prevailed and Malaysian judicial system is vindicated and praised by the whole universe
      13. Corrupted PDRM, all is forgotten
      14. Biased AG office, all is forgiven
      15. Conspiracy motive, now only a theory



  16. i did mention earlier regarding foreign interference…true enough,australia mention regarding anwar case in their parliament…

    its anwar’s close allies anyway..nothing new..


  17. This chapter concerning slandering from the Qur’an :-

    Chapter 104
    In the name of God, the Almighty, the Merciful.
    104:1 Woe to every backbiter, slanderer.
    104:2 Who gathered his wealth and counted it.
    104:3 He thinks that his wealth will make him immortal.
    104:4 Never! He will be thrown into the Destroyer.
    104:5 And do you know what is the Destroyer?
    104:6 The kindled Fire of God.
    104:7 Which reaches the inside of the hearts.
    104:8 It will confine them therein.
    104:9 In extended columns.

    Do good deeds in this life. Let God be the Judge.



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