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Wise words?

A political leader once said this in his speech in 4th September, 2004.

The interests of a few must not stand in the way of the welfare of the overwhelming majority of the people and the nation.

That leader was Lim Kit Siang.

31 thoughts on “Wise words?

  1. Like the proposed University Campus in Serendah lah. The interest of Pakatan X-Rakyat’s MB Khalid Ibrahim is more important than the interest of the Selangor people lah.

    MCA did not say this, but PKR said this: “DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng is a “dictator, a chauvinist and communist-minded””.

    MIC did not say this but PKR said this: “DAP’s Lim Guan Eng had failed to deliver its general election promises”.

    Gerakan did not say this but PKR said this: “It is a shame for Pakatan and its principles when projects are awarded by DAP’s Lim Guan Eng based on who knows who”.

    “Racist UMNO” did not say this but PKR said this: “A third of racist ultra kiasu Lim Guan Eng ’s speech during the Pakatan convention was in Mandarin. As a racist leader of the Pakatan, the DAP Middle(finger)Malaysia leader did not respect people of all races and speak in a kiasu chinese language understood only by the Chinese”.

    Hoi Lim Kit Siang, who said your son is a dictator! Only Tun Mahathir is a dictator, remember? But how come Tun Mahathir want to retire if he was a dictator?

    I am sure father will not agree that son Lim Guan Eng is a major failure because son is more qualified and smarter than any Orang Cina DAP in the whole Penang to be a CM.


  2. how many of political leaders have anyone seen who have not eaten their own words, or at least, play with their words?
    and Lim kit siang? Is he a truly political leader or a mere puppet been played by the puppet master?
    questions begets questions. truly a wise answer would be
    “kill them all and let god sort them out”. wow.


  3. I love Lim Kit Siang!!!

    Because of his stupidity lah most Malays hate the ultra kiasu and ultra racist DAP…but if he joins BN after PRU13, I will suggest that Lim Kit Siang be appointed as Minister of Royal Commission. Setuju?

    Like father like son, Lim Kit Siang is a Nepotism Dictator too……who loves to sack people whom he feel threaten him, or smarter than him………..remember Tan Sri LEE LAM THYE?

    Not many younger generation people know who Lee Lam Thye is. But ask all DAP leaders, they all know him as the “kapal singh” of Malaysian Politics in the 1980s. He was not fiery and arrogant like Kapal, but one of the most liked opposition DAP politicians, loved by his entire Bukit Bintang constituents. Lee Lam Thye was a people champion, hard working and vocal in his critism of any Government shortcomings. Even people in the Govt, MCA, UMNO like him when he was the MP of Bukit Bintang and the opposition Star. But what happened to him suddenly?

    Well…he is still alive and active until now, contributing towards the betterment of society, and a true middle malaysia politician if you want to believe the new DAP sloganism.

    Yet, our beloved Lim Kit Siang decided to kick out Lee Lam Thye out of DAP into political bewildment. And so Lim & family live on to be the longest Secretary-General of the ultra racist kiasu DAP (well, he quit DAP out of respect).

    (they also addressed Chin Peng the big boss in Party Komunis Malaya as Secretary-General. No wonder lah why Zaharin PKR call the son Lim as communist-minded).


    • They also want the Government to allow Chin Peng to enter and die in Malaysia. “Return” they said, completely ignoring Professor Khoo Kay Peng who has checked the records and verified that Chin Peng is not a citizen of this country. Chin Peng who, with the MCP, terrorised this country for decades, setting back development of the country, wasting huge financial and human resources for controlling their bloody terrorism.

      And he said, “The interests of a few must not stand in the way of the welfare of the overwhelming majority of the people and the nation.” Bloody hogwash kind of double talk, this LKS fellow.

      And they want to change the history of this country, of the fact that the Malays have had a kingdom with a system of givernance here since the days of Langkasuka, of the Social Contract entered into between leaders of the major communities just before Merdeka, etc. Like Emperor Chin Shih Huang Di who burnt books in China over 2,000 years ago and Communist Mao Tze Dong who did it again as recent as 60 years ago.

      His mentor has got a “Little Middle Kingom” down south, LKS wants a “Little Middle Malaysia” up north. He and his so-called “Malaysian Malaysia” crowd should instead be given the Middle Finger!

      Zaharin is right in using words like “communist-minded, dictatorial”, etc, to describe the kiasu and chaunivistic fellow.


  4. This Lim Kit Siang persuaded a last melayu di dunia Tunku Abdul Aziz to join parti racist DAP pada tahun lepas and instantly memayung-terjungkan (paracuted) Tunku Aziz as a Vice Chairman of DAP in a desperate move to “multi-racial”kan parti perkauman kiasu ini.

    Yesterday this Tunku had to send an apology letter to the MCA Youth Leader for wrongly defaming him……an apology by a paracuted malapyu DAP to a chinaman MCA is a rare specist in DAP. DAP chinese kiasu would never apologise on anything especially to malays. yet, at least this last malapyu has the audacity to admit when mistake was made….but never Lim Kit Siang lah, this double barrel hipocrite.


  5. If Mahathir was a Dictator, he would still be the Prime Minister until now and appointed his sons Mukhriz as the King and Mokhzani as the President.

    If Mahathir was a Dictator, he would sent Lim Kit Siang, Kapal Singh and Anwar Ibrahim to Sq Buloh Prison for life.

    If Mahathir was a Dictator, I would never vote for him because he would not need a General Election to be a dictator.

    ……but Lim Kit Siang is indeed a Dictator, otherwise he would’nt be the Chief of DAP until old age and appointed his son as Chief of Negara Penang. and Betty as Pro-Tem Chief of Negara Melaka.


  6. Kiasu,
    You’re right bro! The real reason why the Malays hate DAP is because of characters like Kit Siang & Son and that benggali Karpal & Sons fellas. Chauvinist DAP needs to figure out how to rule Malaysia without the Malays. Im sure they are already in consultation with Uncle Chin Peng and Minister Mentor Lee on these matters. And Lim Guan Eng being young,aggressive and impatient,already showing his true colors in Penang.


  7. Alah, the words of this Kit Siang fellow bukan boleh pakai – dari dulu, sekarang dan selamanya. Knows only how to kutuk kerajaan (only for the sake of mengutuk); bila dah bagi peluang to govern, tunggang terbalik dibuatnya. I have never forgotten how he dissed the development of North-South Highway. His mulut has always been at his pungkoq…


  8. DAP should be called Lim Kit Siang & family Sdn Bhd, himself, his son & his daughter in law are key players in the party.

    Is this is called cronyism, for TDM, it was.. For LKS, it was not.


  9. Nepotism! How come the whole Lims get involved in Dap’s politics? Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and his wife, Betty Chew are all related and got a high position in Dap.


  10. Yes ampatuan jr. Daps think tank suggested they have to attack anything malay in order to boost up to 85pc nonmalay support. At the same time they admit that they only managed to get 40pc malay support which is we all know that contributed by pas and pkr supporters. Im glad to see that malay pkr leaders like zahrain, zul kulim and a few more are able to see the true color of dap. Dap chauvinist, ultrakiasu, communist! No doubt!


  11. The question is do you have “overwhelming majority”?

    Many in M’sia think of Sabah and Sarawak as their poor 2nd cousins, but Malays and Muslims do not form the majority there, not by a long way. Sabah and Sarawak, by OUR M’sian Constitution, do not have an official religion!! How many M’sians are aware of that?

    And of course, context is important. What were the circumstances under which LKS uttered those words?

    Remember too, the tyranny of the majority which is exactly why we have separation of powers as to the Executive (Govt/PM), Legislative (Parliament) and the Judiciary, all of which have been corrupted over the last 30 years by Dr.M and UMNO/BN, not DAP or LKS/LGE. You doubt that?

    Ask yourself who is responsible if after 40 years (of absolute abuse of NEP), the 30% equity target has not been met and the gap between the haves and have nots has increased – UMNO/BN or LKS/LGE? Don’t read the Utusan or listen to Dr.M and Najib and be fooled by them!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

    JMD : I can ask the same question when LKS said that. Did he have the overwhelming majority in 2004? 🙂 By the way, Muslims in Malaysia is the majority compared to the small flock Tan Sri Pakiam has over there in East Malaysia. This is a fact. Another fact is, Official religion in Malaysia is Islam. Sabah and Sarawak is part of Malaysia. Thank you.


    • DPP,

      for your kind reading..

      Perkara 3 dalam Perlembagaan memperuntukan:

      (1) Ugama Islam ialah ugama bagi Persekutuan; tetapi ugama-ugama lain boleh diamalkan dengan aman dan damai di mana-mana bahagian Persekutuan.

      (3) Perlembagaan-perlembagaan bagi Negeri-negeri Melaka, Pulau Pinang, Sabah dan Sarawak hendaklah masing-masing membuat peruntukan bagi memberi kepada Yang di-Pertuan Agong kedudukan sebagai Ketua ugama Islam dalam Negeri itu.

      And for Nazri to say that’s NO SULTAN to preside over the
      Islamic welfare in sabah and Sarawak..
      He should go to school all over again!!


  12. this country has one misfortune to have a man like kit siang voted into parlimen. his double meaning word twisting BS unfortunately has followers too.

    6 years on and has he and his men done all that he preached ?

    1. Parliamentary reforms and modernization to create a First-World Parliament;

    We should interview the speaker to find out if he has First World Parliament; we have seen that the representation from opposition bench are not for this. And we have “under the tree parliament”. That’s counter-modernization.

    2. Restoration of local government elections;

    Not only it has not been restored. There is reluctance.
    We’d like local government election too. Can it guarantee efficiency and effectivenes in handling local issues ?

    3. Elevation of the status of the Anti-Corruption Agency into a fully independent and credible body, answerable only to Parliament;

    Right. When ACA elevated MACC reveals its finding against DAP men, his top men made unwarranted allegations. Many have been charged, and they are not DAP’s men; and still kit siang and men have reservations about MACC independence. It will never satisfy him until we have MALAYSIAN PRESIDENT perhaps. He will die unsatisfied.

    4. Create a free, independent and responsible press starting with the repeal of the annual press licensing laws and dismantling of political ownership of the media;

    Free press ? In this country free press means ABUSE OF FREEDOM and we will have dozens more RPK.s and Jeff Ooi’s to poison the minds of our young.

    5. Repeal of the Official Secrets Act and enactment of a Freedom of Information Act;

    OSA which country doesn’t have one. The WORLD’s DEMOCRACY POLICE too has similar enactment.

    6. Repeal of Internal Security Act with all ISA detainees charged in an open court of law or their immediate release

    ISA repeal, let’s have WORLD CLASS OPPOSITION party and members first. Then we repeal the ISA. The faster the better.

    If have all the top lawyers running the country, we will have to perhaps build more courthouses; one for every municipality maybe so that law will be upheld like we don’t do it today!

    We have another misfortune – an influential man once DPM was tried, convicted and sentenced to jail. And he is a fighter. His “at all costs” fight is wrecking the country’s harmony which took blood to build. The courts found him guilty not the PM. The courts must have had no reasonable doubt in his conviction.

    We will have better Malaysia without these 2 misfotunes.
    What is happening today is much time is spent on addressing politically motivated issues that less time is devoted to actually looking into the people’s problems and future. Ministers could develop exhausted too and become less effective.

    Who asks for it ?


  13. kiasu,

    you should also continue with Wee Choo Keong, Kerk Kim Hock and many others.

    ppl should know that many leaders who has potential to be Sec Gen of DAP (in case of Kim Hock, he is already a Sec Gen) kena pancung by Kit Siang in order to put his son Guan Eng as the Sec Gen.


  14. “The interests of a few must not stand in the way of the welfare of the overwhelming majority of the people and the nation.”

    Agreed no more. Malay stalls have been demolished for the welfare of the overwhelming majority of the people and the kiasu nation of Pulau Pinang.

    The ‘caliph’ appointed has done a tremendous job of keeping the margin of malay businessman to the other businessman to the larger scale.

    Syabas Kit Siang & co.


  15. itulah jadinya bila Melayu yang sokong DAP sekarang sudah hilang punca. Tell Zaharin if he quits he should be an independent and not join UMNO. he can be vocal on the outside but he will not get any project ma..do you think he will be on the outside (of kerajaan) No he will find ways to be with the BN.
    And if the BN takes him then in semua politic untuk menang lah. hehehehe


  16. Dpp, deb dilaksana hanya dlm tempoh yg singkat. Cukup ke masa 25 tahun? Hasil dasar ekonomi
    British menyebabkan kaum cina dan india jauh kehadapan berbanding pribumi. Dasar ekonomi british ini digunapakai british 200 tahun. Jadi saya fikir, deb lg elok dilanjut selama 200 tahun.


    • Tempoh 25 tahun atau satu generasi itu Melayu sendiri yang menganggarkan. Oleh Jawatan Kuasa berkenaan dibawah pimpinan Menteri Tugas Khas pada masa itu, Tun Ghazali Shafie. Tiada siapa tahu menggarkannya dengan tepat sebab tiada siapa pernah membuatnya pada masa sabelom itu.

      Mengarut mereka yang mengatakan Melayu lambat sangat mencapai sasaran DEB. Melayu tidak pernah berniaga besar-besaran sabelom 13 Mei 1969. Pada tahun 1970 Melayu ada hanya 2% (dua peratus) kekayaan, pada hal Melayu majoriti dinegara ini.

      Penjajah British tidak pernah menggalakkan atau memberi kemudahan untuk Melayu berniaga walau pun mereka beri lesen melombong, tanah pajakan melombong, lesen loteri berbagai jenis (senang buat duit), lesen berniaga getah dan lain-lain kapada kaum Cina. British mahukan Melayu tanam padi dan tinggal dikampong mengusahakan pertanian dan pengeluaran makanan.

      DEB digubal dalam rangka Artikel 153 Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu walau pun tidak diwarwarkan begitu dengan nyata sebab keadaan sensitif salepas peristiwa 13 Mei. Rekod perbincangan Jawatan Kuasa berkenaan masih tidak diumumkan. Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu adalah balasan kapada kerakyatan kapada bukan Melayu. Kalau hak kerakyatan bukan Melayu itu adalah untuk selama-lamanya, mengapa DEB tidak boleh untuk selama-lamanya? Anak cucu cicit mereka boleh mengecap nikmat kerakyatan sampai bila bila, turun temurun Melayu pun mesti mahu merasa nikmat DEB selama lamanya. Tak kira apa namanya, asalkan dasar itu serupa tujuannya.

      DEB sekarang sebut hanya 30% kekayaan korporat sahaja. Mengapa tidak dalam bidang-bidang ekonomi lain? Tun Dr Mahathir kata kekayaan hartanah komersial ditangan Melayu tak sampai 15% pun. Kenapa tak dijadikan suatu lagi sasaran DEB? Jangan DS Najib banyak sangat condong kapada bukan Melayu untuk meraih undi, anak dikendong ketinggalan. Mana boleh?

      Dengan liberalisasi ekonomi pemerintahan DS Najib sekarang, kemana haluan DEBnya? Dia pula dikatakan mahu hentikan “bonus points” yang diberi kapada kontrekter Bumiputera. Lagi menjejas kepentingan Melayu. Apa ini?

      Hanya satu sahaja yang disebutnya untuk kepentingan Melayu – Ekuinas. Tapi tidak ada butir lanjut pun, tidak ada dengar apa lagi sejak kebelakangan ini. Mahu majukan Kampong Bahru bagus, tapi berapa ketul Melayu dapat faedah darinya? Kita juga mahukan projek-projek yang memberi faedah kapada purata Melayu – the average Malay. Jika tidak, sungut merungut tidak baik untuk keharmonian negara dan tidak baik untuk PRU13.


      • ya, 200 tahun dominasi british, 200 tahun penindasan terhadap orang melayu.

        orang melayu hilang pengaruh dalam perniagaan dan perdagangan bila Patani rebah menyembah bumi dan siam mengangkut 3 meriam gergasi pulang ke bangkok, satu terjatuh dalam laut.orang melayu rebah bila empayar johor dibelah dua, dan Acheh lembik diserang belanda.

        Tanpa pengaruh politik yang kuat dan jaminan daripada Sultan, orang melayu tidak dapat maju dalam perniagaan dan apa-apa bidang pun.Puncanya adalah British, kerana mereka mesti menjaga kepentingan mereka.

        Orang melayu yang kaya-raya dan menguasai laut serta Sultan-sultan yang memiliki peti-peti yang penuh dengan emas, mengancam Bristish. Emas bermakna kemampuan untuk membeli senjata dan membina kota kara.Dengan senjata dan kota yang kuat, mereka mampu mengancam kepentingan British.

        orang cina dan british menikmati kemakmuran yang tak terkata selama 200 tahun, menuai dan menyedut kekayaan Tanah Melayu.Lihat Kedah, disaat orang Kedah menjadi pelarian, menderita dan kebuluran diserang siam, Pulau Pinang makmur dan maju.

        orang melayu hanya bangun bila merdeka selepas dihina selama 200 tahun, jadi kita mesti kekalkan kuasa yang kita ada untuk terus maju.

        Jadi tak salah kalau kami nikmati hak istimewa lagi 150 tahun..orang lain bukan ditekan seperi mana orang melayu ditekan selama 200 tahun.betul tak DPP?


  17. Penang dh jd mcm republik cina singapura. Pemimpin melayu pakatan rakyat dah sedar. Kena kuda dap. Mcm di singapura la. Sekali je melayu jd presiden. Pastu langsung xde. Sampai skrg xbyk wakil rakyat melayu dlm kerajaan singapura. Bleh bilang dgn jari. Xsampai 10. Kat msia je untung. Semua ada wakil. Malah terlalu byk kalu nk banding nisbah kaum.


    • mia

      you need not waste your words. you sould not even waste your breath. they will not take it, not ever. you should get it by now. they will have to live in Australia, USA, UK or other countries where it is thought there are”democracy”, they will know better then.

      we all bumi’s have not sufficient intelligence to run this country, neither did we have sufficent funding. so we abused and continue to abuse via deb like dpp said, funding provided by the merchant class tax paying citizens.

      the fairer and superior citizens are better administrators, like in penang ? those who symphatize with themselves said. not all of them, only the sympathizers. there are brown sympathizers too who are not satisfied until they have power. we brown people continue terima zakat. do you think you can change their mindset ? NOT EVEN THE GREAT TUNKU CAN. truth is anyone who is power will abuse it.

      if the 5 Rukunegara continue to be questioned, you should know better.


  18. Salam JMD, it’s been a while since I last visited your site. And thank god you still have the same dedication and sharp tongue when it matter.

    We have 3 opposition parties in Malaysia that are ‘fighters’ again corruption, cronyism and nepotism. Such cause are laudable if indeed they practice what they preach. Unfortunately, all 3 have these “virtue” embedded that any sane people would not only question their cause but laughed at them. Case in point, Democratic Action Party (DAP) has LKS as Parliamentary Leader, LGE as Sec Gen and Betty Chew are related, Karpal Singh as Chairman and Gobind Singh Deo in the Central Executive Committee. Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR or Keadilan) is led by de-facto leader DSAI, presided by DSWA and Nurul Izzah as the ‘attraction’. Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) has TGNA as spiritual leader (have no idea why they need one 🙂 ) Arifahmi as the infamous son-in-law and Nik Abduh as the prodigal son.

    Could anybody not see the obvious culture of corruption, cronyism and nepotism here??? And they have the audacity to call others??? Is it a surprise that the quote is LKS but not practiced by him??? Same goes to TGNA and DSAI, they can do anything but others (by others I meant BN) is wrong to even breath any air in this world? How hypocrite are Malaysian that support these people? Are they that blinded by the “charisma” and “piousness” of this hypocrite or are they just that dumb???

    We need strong opposition in this country to offer check and balance against the ruling government but in order for that to happen, we need opposition that is accountable and trustworthy. A strong opposition with the right criteria can ensure a fair and just government. But if the opposition has the same or worse attribute than the government, what chance that the government will be fair or just?

    By the way, BN and UMNO in particular should do spring cleaning, kick out all the incompetent, corrupted and down straight idiots out… starting with the Minister in the Prime Minister Department. Anybody disagree??? 🙂


  19. JMD,

    Remember it was KS who alleged DSAI was involved in sodomy when he was still the DPM?

    Remember it was Mohd Sabu who nicknamed DSAI ‘al juburi’ in his lectures when DSAI was still the DPM?

    It seems the view of the majority is that DSAI did actually commit the act and he is trying every means to unlock himself. One way is to prolong the trial until the next election.

    The general view is that he hoped his PR will win the election and he’ll become the PM; then he will tell the court what to do.

    Uncle Sam & Aussie will proclaim our govt is very democratic and transparent and our court is indeed very independent and impartial! Hurray!


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