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Why Royal Commission was turned down

And so in the end, the proposal by Lim Kit Siang for the government to set up the Royal Commission was shot down by Najib Tun Razak.

I must thank Mek Yam for highlighting a good article from which puts everything into perspective. I am copy pasting parts of her article here:


The call by Opposition leaders Lim Kit Siang and Dr Syed Husin Ali for a royal commission to investigate the allegations of corruption against Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in Barry Wain’s book Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times is typical of the knee-jerk reaction that Malaysian politicians are well-known for. Instead of  trying to understand the substance of the issue and seeing it for what it really is, they take the easy way out by echoing each other in a politically – motivated stand.

To invoke a royal commission to substantiate the findings of  a book written by the journalist- turned- researcher at a Singapore think- tank is to instigate the whole nation into giving credence to one writer’s perception and interpretation of Malaysian political history. The assumption here is that the researcher’s credibilty is so highly respected and his allegations so expertly substantiated that they warrant a royal commission of inquiry to serve the national interest.

Writing a sensational book alone does not make one a credible researcher or writer. Defaming the leaders of both the government and the Opposition may be politically expedient in the highly-charged mood of local politics in the run-up to the next general elections. There may be groups with vested interests who churn out these character assasination slurs to influence those who are gullible and believe in rumours and loose talk. However, a larger section of the Malaysian electorate are rational and expect the validity and truth of these charges and counter charges to be proven with evidence or in a court of law.

The onus is thus on Barry Wain to provide reports and documentation of  Dr Mahathir’s alleged corruption and misappropriation of public funds to the tune of RM 100 billion as appendices in his book if he wants to be hailed as a credible researcher. Otherwise, he will remain as a sensationalist political analyst who is tempting fate by exposing himself to a string of libel charges not only by Dr Mahathir but the other individuals implicated in his book.

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8 thoughts on “Why Royal Commission was turned down

  1. By this argument, RCI will be very busy investigating every blog, Malaysia Today, etc etc. None of these, just like Barry Wain, provide credible proof. Let’s think Barry Wain’s book is just a very very long blog post.

    Malaysians have more or less fixed their perception on Mahathir, good or bad, being citizens, we do not need some mat salleh to tell us about our backyard history.

    It won’t be a bestseller. A bestseller would be a rebuttal by the old man.


  2. Sir,
    This administration and the one before it will never be able to douse the flame long ignited in the deepest corner of Kit Siang’s heart. Mahathir is his nemesis.He will not rest until we all cruxify Mahathir to the pit. So all these talks about RCI,transparency,Malaysia’sMalaysia,equality,meritocracy etc.etc are mere smoke screen for Lim Kit Siang to launch his his personal attacks on Mahathir. Yes Sir, its personal as far as Unker Kit is concern. Ok,we accept that Mahathir is no angel but Kit Siang is no where near ‘Mr.Opposition’ like the late Tan Chee Khoon who truly earned the Malays’ respect. Instead, Lim Kit Siang will go down in our historical annal as a small time political bandit despised by all for racist and chauvinistic attitude towards Non-Chinese in Malaysia.


  3. Let’s read it like this. Royal Commision Inquiry ni bukan hal boleh main-main. Kit Siang is a lawyer, ain’t he or is he really loyar buruk ? He talks without thinking. Padan muka, telan air ludah sendiri.

    Syed Hussin ni pun satu. Apa yang nak di Royal Commissionkan ? Kalau perkara yang yang belum tentu arah betul-tidaknya boleh qualified for RCI, memang malang Malaysia ni.

    These two PR clowns act for another clown who uses a foreign clown to cloud the heads of Malaysians to avert some present disgusting news. That’s all. Mahathir is not easily fooled. Neither is Najib.

    RM100 billion is not easy to blow. What’s that worth.. 25 KLIA’s ? That’s 2 for each state. One can exercise common sense and some imagination.


  4. Kepada e-Patriot SSS,

    Sempena kita melangkah ke tahun 2010, kami di Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS) ingin menghulurkan setinggi perhargaan dan terimakasih kepada Tun/Tan Sri/Puan Sri/Dato Seri/Datin Seri/Tunku/Tengku/Tuan/Puan di atas sokongan padu yang kami terima terhadap kempen SSS ini.

    Kami juga ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk kita sama-sama menyemarakkan lagi sokongan terhadap kempen ini dengan melibatkan saudara mara dan sahabat handai yang masih belum lagi menandatangai petisyen kempen ini di SINI dan juga para bloggers untuk menzahirkan sokongan masing-masing dengan mempamirkan logo SSS di laman blog masing-masing.

    Terima kasih sekali lagi atas sokongan padu yang diberikan. Kami amat menghargainya.

    Salam Sejahtera,

    Admin SSS


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