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Pakatan Rakyat clowning around over RCI

The last ditch of saving themselves from potential embarrassment and loss of credibility of Anwar Ibrahim came from Anwar’s own Deputy President of Parti Keadilan Rakyat, Dr Syed Husin Ali.

This newly appointed senator of Dewan Negara made a flimsy effort  to misdirect the people, trying to create a false impression that Dr Mahathir is challenging Najib Tun Razak to set up the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI). Please read his letter below:

Although we do not believe that former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad is serious about it, nevertheless the People’s Justice Party (KEADILAN) welcomes his challenge that the government sets up an Independent Commission to investigate the exposure by Barry Wain in his latest book that under the former Prime Minister more than RM100 billion disappeared due to corruption and wastage.

Actually, Mahathir was throwing a challenge to the Umno-Bn government led now by Datuk Seri Najib Razak. Najib should not dilly dally or give excuses but instead quickly set up the Commission. It should be given wide powers to investigate the claims by Barry Wain as well as all forms of corruption and waste linked to former PM Mahathir. Indeed if necessary and appropriate, the Commission should also investigate into all hanky panky that occurred under former PM Abdullah Badawi, as claimed and urged by Mahathir.

Consistent with the challenge by Mahathir, the Commission members should consist not only of judges or retired judges, but also respected political personalities from government and opposition as well as from among the Professionals (like the academia and members of the Bar Council). Obviously there needs to be an assurance that all recommendations of the Commission will be acted upon. It should not suffer the fate of the police commission or the commission on “Lingam’s Tape”.

KEADILAN Deputy President

Clever choice of words wouldn’t you say so? But ultimately, EVERYONE agrees that the one who made the challenge was Lim Kit Siang. Anwar Ibrahim agreed to this and pasted that article in his own blog.

These two were the ones who challenged Najib to set up the RCI and challenged Mahathir whether he is up for it. And now Syed Husin is trying his best to say that the idea was originally conceived by Mahathir and now Mahathir is the one challenging Najib?

Trying to put a wedge between Mahathir and Najib now are we?

This latest politicking is laughable indeed.

For once in your life, please own up to all your actions. You guys were the one challenging Najib to set up the RCI in the first place. Now you have to substantiate your slander with proof. Therefore, own it up, stand up and face the music!

You challenged Mahathir to stand up and be judged, now you guys in Pakatan – Barry Wain included, should show us all the proof so that we can deal with all these in the Royal Commission of Inquiry. Failing which, you guys will have to face any libel suit should you guys fail to convince the RCI’s panel of judges, ‘respected personalities from government and opposition’ and professionals.

Ada berani?

I doubt it. A few days ago, the unofficial mouthpiece of the opposition, Malaysian Insider made a swipe at any RCI by claiming that it is a waste of time and money for the rakyat.

A sad state indeed when the opposition who had vehemently trying to challenge the government with gusto made a u-turn on its own suggestion. Even Lim Kit Siang let out a whimper-ish twitter and an equally lethargic reply towards Mahathir’s response. It can be read HERE.

Lim Kit Siang should be happy that Mahathir had accepted his proposal regarding the RCI. But Kit Siang apparently went on and ridicule Mahathir for wanting to further broaden the scope of the RCI!

God knows what would Kit Siang say if Mahathir did not agree to the RCI. All hell will break loose I reckon.

Now it seems to say yes pun salah!?

Everything must conform to your plan right Kit Siang? I would have thought that Kit Siang would be tremendously happy that the RCI would include Mahathir and Abdullah Badawi too.


Syed Husin disagrees with Kit Siang in his letter above. He likes the idea that Pak Lah be accountable as well.

It is ironic that the opposition is in a state of disarray over their own proposal of this RCI.

What first came out as a gung-ho statement from this Mr Opposition had turned into a joke. If they want to start clowning around, quit politics and join the circus.

If RCI is a waste of time and money (as claimed by the Malaysian Insider), then why suggest it in the first place?


Update – Barely 48 hours ago, the clowns in Pakatan Rakyat challenged the government  to set up another RCI! Read HERE.


12 thoughts on “Pakatan Rakyat clowning around over RCI

  1. This is a game revolving around perception. Whilst some will see them for truly what they are there will be an many a number that will believe without question. Sadly the truth is the victim. BN’s lethargy and lack of ability to pounce and demolish their argument is a reflection of the system that rewards leaders at the grassroot levels regardless of their capability or ability to think. How many times have we cringed when the mouth overpowers the brain.


  2. Syed Husin Ali is a pathetic case of failed aspirations. He has been in politics even since his student days doing a Master’s degree stretched out over a period of time. He could not even become an MP, lost the elction contests he tried. Perhaps for lack of appeal of his brand of politics and ideals, even to the Malays. He was once a socialist but one is not sure of his brand now.

    PR gave the poor sod some credibility and image. Naturally he has been willing to accept Anwarul, despite the Jalan Belakang case and the alleged amassing of RM2 billion fortune as Finance Minister, even working as Deputy to Anwarul’s wife. Of course, like PAS Nik Aziz, Syed Husin is prepared to tidur sebantal with the likes of Lim Kit Siang. So, he joined in the effort to hammer a wedge between Tun Dr Mahathir and DS Najib. A bit like Lim Kit Siang – anything will do so long as you say something against the opponent.

    Syed Husin has in the past been fairly consistent. Unlike Anwarul, he had not appeared to have sacrificed principles. He stuck to his guns and was not reported to have been approached for katak-lompating into BN. Perhaps more for lack of lustre and crowd-pulling power than anything else. But now he clearly is in the “in-crowd”. Very much Anwaristas. And Lim Kit Siang-ing. Driving a wedge and all. But the question is: does the public give much to what he says?


  3. Bro,

    Truth is the cry of many but the game for the few…..Looks like we can see this being true…..and that is the truth….. siapa berani kasi mari…. u throw the gauntlet to Tun and he has pick up the challenge and now…the PKR are backing out….

    Aiyah what do you expect from all the lompat si katak lompat gang…..

    Hak tetap hak dan bathil tetap bathil.

    Keturunan Jebat


  4. Actually LKS adores TDM and he wants people to respect him like they respect and admire TDM. But LKS is a chauvanist, a Chinese racist to the core.The Malays dont trust him and they hate this egoistic Chinese gangster who is nothing but trouble. And LKS will continue to attack TDM until the day he himself kicks the bucket as he harbours the darkest of hatred against that man whom he can never bully like he bullies Pak Lah and now Najib.
    Im sorry Unker Kit – you’ll never be a ‘Mr.Opposition’ the like of Tan Chee Khoon or Lim Chong Eu. Two Chinese gentlemen who truly earned our respect.You will go down in our history as one of the most dispised politicians of all time. A non-achiever, a failure even to your own kind.
    May God have mercy on your soul!


  5. Is this another variation of the opposing politicians damage control measure ? For a small and progressing nation, we have too much f…..g politics and off late since the “shout more but don’t do enough saints” got several seats in in parliament out of protest votes and shout louder, we Malaysians have had to swallow a lot of craps.

    Why don’t we Malaysians, pause for a minute (no need to stop) and think ? Is this what we want ? For 50 years we have heard this f…ed up political agenda which suggested anything Perikatan and/or BN is corrupt, is wasting taxpayers’ money. And the last 2 years, this became an evidently louder shout. The game is not played right, people. An opprtunity was handed down and what have we f…..g got out of it today? Louder shout and and still playing with words. Suddenly “sleepless in Tokyo”? The balls shrink or what ? He got a double dare scare, hasn’t he?

    Mahathir administered the country he love very much I believe with his best ability. He knew how it was to fail for he once had. He didn’t fail us , did he? He never surrender. He used the 22 years and 7 years preceding those 22 laying down the foundation for what it is that we fu…ng have and own and are proud of today. Just blink for a second, you know what I mean. You think South Korea had a smooth sailing ? We can be better, yes. Are we less better now ? We don’t have to be the best everytime. We are not a nation of saints. We make mistake sometimes. RM200b mistake, think for yourselves. We would have gone under and many of us would have ended up living on the streets.

    If Mahathir had burnt RM200b, yes I’d like to know how he did it. Wouldn’t you ? Talk is cheap. Evidence is not. Why we need a foreign b….rd to tell it to us. What have you f…..g been doing all these years? Mahathir is no God. Nab him lah! Anwar would have had a lot of evidence in his top pocket, back pocket, underpants. Show lah. You turn to a camera boy to provide evidence to drag Mahathir down and turn him into a candidate and expect me to vote him! This boy couldn’t even speak in mind properly in parliament. The modern legislator! Fu***ng crap! A famous blogger parachuted to politics. What has he done to this date ? An ear biting parliamentarian, we never had that in 50 years. You call these men lawmakers today. Nice going.

    I feel sorry for Syed Husin. He can have better things to say really. Why choose this topic ? Hate politic has caught on him ? He’s a deputy trying to cling on his position or what ? This is worst than UMNO. Or maybe Anwar learnt this from his UMNO days. Anwar never ceases to amaze us, doesn’t he ?

    Anyway this is a free country. One can choose to speak for himself. Where has his guts gone to ?

    Wait. Zahid doesn’t have to order new fighting jets. Liow doesn’t have to build 1Malaysia clinics. That’s why we need to keep our politicians. New ones come, new projects come. Redundant projects. And Nazri doesn’t have to be defensive, just leave. Koh doesn’t have to monitor KPI. Just get all in Parliament to vist the mosques, churches, temples more often and Koh monitors that. They’ll gradually find themselves.

    Where is the politics of serving the people ? We goddamn put you all in the seats. Give something back. Don’t go drain our brains with these unwanted childlike politics.


    • Dear Orangair,

      Its true what you have said. I too am sick to the bones of the opposition showboating and loud mouthing but with very little substance. Not to mention dishonouring what is respected like the Sultans, the sanctity of the house of parliament and state assemblies, and yes TMM.

      This blind leading the blind opposition and their gullible supporters would want us to believe that 2008 GE 12 ‘tsunami’ result had been achieved solely thru their own efforts and endevours.

      Blindly believing that the widespread support of the electorate for the loved and good BN in 2004 GE could somehow become a hated and bad BN in just 4 years.

      Well, if you believe in fairies then most likely it is because there some among you.

      Sorry to bring up the bogeyman but their antics are the same brand as 513. Only in a different packaging.

      Enough lah PKR and your running dogs.

      Thank you


      • Dear Freddie Bro

        You know, the name LKS itself can make me puke and politics are getting funnier by the day. I feel the media must stop reporting politic crap too and try to sell papers. These polticians keep the propaganda going and they don’t realized we are all chocked up.

        I can deal with names like Tan Chee Koon and Chong Eu. We knew they fought for something. And they proved it. They all got to fight for greater good not smearing campaign. I mean this grudge on Mahathir, he can lay it off deal with the current issue.

        Not that I’m a big fan of the BN.

        I don’t get it what PR fights for. Does this country not carry out justice adequately til we have to have “Parti Keadilan Rakyat”? Do they really fight for justice ? Orang yang mengata-ngata orang lain tanpa terbukti kebenaran ni bukan dipanggil buat bidaah ke ? Orang Islam dituntut menjauhi bidaah. What is not democratic about this country ? Does democratic action means they can talk any nonsense ? SADLY THEY HAVE BELIEVERS.

        Don’t you think the people know now what the PR is made of ? There’s something dangerous about this, BN may stop changing.. ha ha



  6. Haha. PR leaders are all at a lost. Too many captains on a boat. So, susahlah ! In fact, I got a hunch that they will crumble because of their contradicting policies or statements in the next election or so.

    Of course, Anwar will act gung-ho and step in to stop the circus play.



    December 28, 2009 15:24 PM

    Anwar’s Former Speech Writer Loses Bid To Expunge Sodomy Judgement

    PUTRAJAYA, Dec 28 (Bernama) — Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s former speech-writer Dr Munawar Ahmad Anees today failed to get parts of the Federal Court judgment relating to his sodomy case expunged.

    Chief Judge of Malaya Tan Sri Arifin Zakaria and Federal Court Judges Datuk Wira Mohd Ghazali Mohd Yusoff and Datuk Raus Md Sharif unanimously dismissed his application for a review of the judgment dated Dec 17, 2008.

    The judgement was handed down by the Federal Court in dismissing his application for a review to remit his appeal against conviction and six-month jail sentence for sodomy to the High Court for argument on merit.

    Neither Dr Munawar nor his counsel Manjeet Singh Dhillon were present today while deputy public prosecutor Awang Armadajaya Awang Mahmud was the only party who appeared before the court.

    In putting an end to the legal bid, Justice Raus who read the 15 pages of the judgment said the court found paragraphs 20 to 26 in it were not something “plucked from thin air”.

    “From the impugned judgment itself, it is clear that what was said by this court in paragraphs 20 to 26 was in relation to something which was argued by the parties. Hence, there is nothing wrong for this court to express its view or opinion on the matters submitted before the court,” he said.

    Justice Raus said whether what was said in the paragraphs 20 to 26 is obiter dicta (remark) or a ruling was not for the court to determine through the review application.

    “As rightly pointed out by the learned deputy public prosecutor, there should not be a declaratory order to pinpoint which part of a judgment is obiter or a ruling. Such determination has to be done by the skills of counsel appearing before the courts. It cannot be done by way of an application as it being done in this case,” he said.

    Justice Raus said in this case, the court did not see any circumstances to invoke its inherent powers to review its own decision.

    He said only in very limited and exceptional cases, the court had the inherent jurisdiction to review its own decision such as when the decision had been obtained by fraud or suppression of material evidence, there was a clear infringement of statutory law and where bias had been established.

    None of the above could fit into the facts of the present case, he said.

    Justice Raus said in a criminal matter which originated from the Sessions Court as in the case, the appeal should stop at the Court of Appeal.

    “This court had ruled it could not deal with the matter for want of jurisdiction. Surely, after declining jurisdiction, this court cannot now assume jurisdiction. The matter has come to an end. It has to stop otherwise there will be no end to a litigation,” he added

    Dr Munawar, 61, had served six months in prison in 1998 after he pleaded guilty at the Sessions Court, to allowing Anwar to sodomise him in Anwar’s house in Jalan Setia Murni 1, Bukit Damansara, during the month of March in 1993.

    Dr Munawar had served his sentence but pursued to challenge the court’s decision to clear his name, claiming that he was coerced into pleading guilty to the charge.



  8. jeb,

    i think datin halimah saad has one of the best responses to this whole obvious bid at distracting the public’s attention form anwar’s oncoming trial.

    here is her link:

    i’m c&p’ing her blog-entry here as well for convenience:


    The call by Opposition leaders Lim Kit Siang and Dr Syed Husin Ali for a royal commission to investigate the allegations of corruption against Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in Barry Wain’s book Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times is typical of the knee-jerk reaction that Malaysian politicians are well-known for. Instead of trying to understand the substance of the issue and seeing it for what it really is, they take the easy way out by echoing each other in a politically – motivated stand.

    To invoke a royal commission to substantiate the findings of a book written by the journalist- turned- researcher at a Singapore think- tank is to instigate the whole nation into giving credence to one writer’s perception and interpretation of Malaysian political history. The assumption here is that the researcher’s credibilty is so highly respected and his allegations so expertly substantiated that they warrant a royal commission of inquiry to serve the national interest.

    Writing a sensational book alone does not make one a credible researcher or writer. Slandering the leaders of both the government and the Opposition may be politically expedient in the highly-charged mood of local politics in the run-up to the next general elections. There may be groups with vested interests who churn out these slanders to influence those who are gullible and believe in rumours and loose talk. However, a larger section of the Malaysian electorate are rational and expect the validity and truth of these charges and counter charges to be proven with evidence or in a court of law.

    The onus is thus on Barry Wain to provide reports and documentation of Dr Mahathir’s alleged corruption and misappropriation of public funds to the tune of RM 100 billion as appendices in his book if he wants to be hailed as a credible researcher. Otherwise, he will remain as a sensationalist political analyst who is tempting fate by exposing himself to a string of libel charges not only by Dr Mahathir but the other individuals implicated in his book.

    The onus is also on the Malaysian public to accept that one writer’s interpretation of local politics (past and present)does not spell the doom of the nation’s history. In the quest to respect freedom of speech and basic human rights, there must be a greater tolerance of differing viewpoints and perspectives on the nation’s development. The Malaysian journey has been and will continue to be strewn with the good, the bad and the ugly both in terms of national policies and procedures as well as the individuals managing them. And we must accept that there will be many more writings on the politics and history of the nation – some defamatory, some complimentary. History will place us where we deserve to be as a nation! History will place our leaders where they deserve to be warts and all!

    For the moment, it is imperative that Malaysians are given the right to read Barry Wain’s book and judge for ourselves whether he is a credible writer/researcher and not just a stooge of the Opposition! ***


  9. I like Ampatuan Jr’s take on Lim Kit Siang. There’s a lot in what he says.

    Indeed, LKS will go down as the worst opposition leader in history. Nothing compared to Dr Tan Chee Koon and Lim Chong Eu. Those two had the respect of the people despite being Opposition figures. What they said people listened to and read even though they disagreed.

    True, Lim Kit Siang appears to many gangster-like. What he says people just roll over or flip the page over. Only his diehard and hardcore supporters bother.

    Nothing in his face, which was God created, but in his demeanours and disposition he always gives the impression of tenseness, of suspicion, of dissent, of questioning other people’s rights. Indeed he and the DAP fellows keep raising issues that are tantamount to even questioning the Malay Rights/ Special Position under Article 153 of the Constitution.

    LKS conveys the message of ingratitude for getting non-Malay citizenship after 100 years of being stateless in this country, of non-acceptance of the Social Contract, of non-respect for Article 152 as well – the position of Bahasa Malaysia as the National Language. He of course supports the Dong Zong and speaks for Mandarin continuing as the medium of instruction in Chinese schools.

    LKS challenged Tun Dr Mahathir. Now that TDM has accepted the challenge, he and his cohorts say something else. LKS will find any and everything that he could exploit, twist and spin to get political mileage. The kind, like his son, who would accuse MACC of being responsible for Teoh Beng Hock’s death even before the Police fully launched their investigation. What terrible fellows they are.

    It’s understandable though when you consider that the Selangor DAP Exco has links with the Underworld (secret societies, thugs and gangsters), said to be cohorting with them even in the offices of the Selangor State Government. This is said by fellow PR members – one Selangor PKR ADUN and one PKR MP.

    Understandable but intolerable. The Police must hunt them down and bring them to book. Bloody secret societies, thugs and gangsters in the corridors of power. What the heck! Utterly and completely terrible.


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