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Malaysian Insider playing the fiddle

…and the fiddlers are just a bunch of nervous editors.

I find their latest editorial piece rather perplexing to say the least. In a nutshell, they are urging Tun Dr Mahathir to sue everyone that had tarnished his image and reputation.

This is clearly a red herring. An act to cover up the idiotic gamble Barry Wain, Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang et al had played for the past 2 weeks.

And with the opposition-aligned Malaysian Insider fully on the bandwagon through this editorial piece below, we can safely be assured that Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan and Brendan Pereira are contributing their handiwork to lend some feeble ammunition for the opposition.

Now get this, the opposition, through their unofficial mouthpiece – The Malaysian Insider, DO NOT WANT the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to be set up!

Now who was the one who accused and sullied Mahathir’s name with this RM100 billion wastage?

Barry Wain.

A week ago who called for the RCI to be established?

Lim Kit Siang.

Who had agreed for the RCI to be established?


Who had agreed to be judged?


Who should prepare all the documentary proof of the alleged corruption?

Barry Wain.

Who will be sued all the way back to the middle ages if Barry Wain could not prepare all the documentary evidence of this accusation so that the RCI can start its investigation?

Barry Wain, Lim Kit Siang and MalaysiaKini (does Malaysian Insider want to be part of this group as well?)

Who has more guts to go along with this RCI that was suggested by Lim Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim?


Now who are the cowards that suddenly made a u-turn on their own suggestion?

Lim Kit Siang (based on his twitter) and Malaysian Insider (based on the editorial below):

DEC 25 — All said and done, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s acerbic and impassioned defence of his administration boils down to one thing. That he should sue those who defame him for saying otherwise of his 22-years in power.

He should sue Barry Wain, the former editor of the Asian Wall Street Journal who wrote Malaysian Maverick which alleged the feisty medical doctor “burned” up to RM100 billion as prime minister.

He should sue DAP leader Lim Kit Siang, which he had reserved the right to, for claiming the same.

He should sue them for defamation if he believes he has been defamed. Dr Mahathir’s excuse that he isn’t like the litigatious Singaporean leaders does not hold water. What is he afraid of?

He should just put to rest, once and for all, all the speculation about his years in power. Not call for another Royal Commission to probe him and his successor Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Malaysia has had enough of wasting money on Royal Commissions, whose recommendations are ignored. The police management and VK Lingam video clip inquiries comes to mind.

The government of the day is already grappling with the fallout of the theft of two jet engines belonging to the RMAF’s F-5E squadron. It has to deal with an economy that is way behind its neighbours.

It shouldn’t waste time and money to assuage a vexed Dr Mahathir that his administration did not waste RM100 billion. After all, some of the current Cabinet ministers come from his and Abdullah’s time.

Would they feel different now apart from ignoring his wish for Science and Mathematics to be taught in English? Not when they still think building three iconic 100-storey buildings in Kuala Lumpur would provide a fillip for the economy. Or getting a RM628 million trade centre is worth government land that is potentially worth RM15 billion.

There is no dilemma here. Dr Mahathir has to do this alone. He has to sue to clear his name. The smirks, caustic and snide remarks in a blog isn’t enough to clean up his reputation except among his ardent admirers.

Come on, Malaysian maverick. Go sue those who sully your name. Just do it.

In the recent article, I wrote in the last paragraph:

The last thing we need to see is Kit Siang lambasting a Royal Commission of Inquiry by questioning that it ultimately won’t be impartial or lacking integrity even before it is being set up – just to save his face.

Malaysian Insider has proved that they tried to save the opposition from being labeled as cowards by lambasting the RCI even before it existed.

In the first place, the setting up of RCI is not “to assuage a vexed Dr Mahathir that his administration did not waste RM100 billion.”

It is to test Barry Wain’s and all the opposition’s claims that Mahathir was the person solely guilty of losing that RM100 billion, if there such amount anyway. The RCI was not initially suggested by Mahathir anyway. The onus is not on the  ‘vexed’ Mahathir. It is falls squarely on to the people who suggested the RCI. And who suggested it first? That’s right. The very person who is now feeling a bit jittery.

And the lamest spin of all is them saying that the previous recommendations of the VK Lingam  RCI are ignored, purportedly to the benefit of Mahathir himself. But what are these recommendations the bumbling Malaysian Insider are talking about that could cancel Lim Kit Siang’s suggestion?

Below are the recommendations:

What in high heavens would the recommendations above got to do with Mahathir in the first place? That particular RCI did not find Mahathir guilty of any sorts anyway. Therefore, whether the recommendations are executed or ignored, it will not affect Mahathir.

The reason why all these buffoons do not want the RCI and licking back their own spit is because Mahathir had agreed for all the documentary proof to be brought in for the RCI to investigate.

This will surely make all those that had been screaming for democracy, transparency and good governance to be undressed in public as their hands are also soiled when they were in the government back then.

The best way is for Barry Wain to present his substantiated claims in the RCI. And for God’s sakes Malaysian Insider, the RCI should also investigate the period from 2004 onwards as well. Unless of course the opposition now is no longer interested in trying to unveil any corruption that they themselves had claimed very rampant from 2004 onwards.

Is this true? Those that screamed in Malaysia Today, in Malaysia Kini around 3  to 4 years ago regarding the corrupt government no longer think it is necessary to do so?

If this is not true, then transparency and good governance must prevail at all times.

Mahathir is not afraid of the RCI.

Neither should his successor or the opposition. Malaysian Insider should be asked the same question that they asked Mahathir – what are you afraid of? Feeling a tad bit vexed yourselves are you?

The opposition is caught with their pants down. Anwar Ibrahim and his horde of underlings will surely be implicated if the RCI that they suggested is eventually set up. Now, by crook or by crook, these crooks must ensure they tarnish this RCI even before it is being established.

Cowards and spineless people usually do these sort of things. And some people think cowards and spineless people can become better leaders!


22 thoughts on “Malaysian Insider playing the fiddle

  1. Hi Jebat,

    Very good write-up.This bunch of noise but no substance politicians are suffering from munchausen.They make noise just to get attention.

    They ask for Royal Commission on the slightest anomaly, after that they denigrate the Commission and the government.

    Lim Kit Siang is the typical ’empty vessel makes the loudest noise’

    JMD : That is true Sir. Thank you for the comment.


  2. Those who make the U-turn now are idiots who have no cow-sense in their head. They are playing in the hands of a foreign power who would like to witness the fall of Tun Dr Mahatir. Once this is done, the unfriendly-friends of Malaysia from within and abroad will just stroll into the Malaysian soil and plunder. Only then, the Malaysians will realise and start singing, ‘there goes my only possession, there goes my everything’.

    It is high-time, the Malaysians fully back Tun Dr Mahatir and his small group of patriotic Malaysians and for heaven-sake, once and for all, forget about the politicians in the opposition parties and also, some of whom are in the government in power now. All Malaysians must from now on, learn not to trust Anwar Ibrahim and his Forty Thieves, before it is too late. Beware, Step-father is watching from abroad and waiting for the day when Malaysia falls into his iron-grip.

    We fully support and demand to see, Tun Dr Mahatir sue those devils in disguise, whether they are from within or abroad. Bring the defamation case to the highest court available and please do this, ASAP.


  3. Dear JMD,

    Is has always been apparent to me, that as far as the opposition and anti-TMMs are concerned, when their bluff is called, what is good for the goose is not good for the gander.

    Double standards as always. If it suits their purpose then its good for their gander.

    Flip flopping seems to be a common affliction to them.

    What you did not mention, importantly in relation to your piece, is the fact that TMM even asked the Home Ministry to allow the Barry Wain book to be distributed.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year.

    Best regards

    JMD : Thank you for the wish Freddie. Btw, I did mention in the previous article about TMM urging the government to allow the distribution of the book. Thank you.


  4. Sdr JMD

    Very good piece. For what it is worth, the RCI must be set up. The opposition has gain much political milage in their baseless accusations. About time they are made accoutable

    MACC please get ready.


    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  5. Haha. I think someone came out of retirement just to write that piece in the Malaysian Insider. Tak habis2 nak demonize Mahathir.

    It’d be interesting if someone can trace back the relationship that Barry Wain and one Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan enjoys since their press freewheeling (yeah right!) days in Singapore.

    I would love to do it tapi dah ada kes makhamah, kan, so takdelah freedom macam dulu bila nak tulis pasal specific beruks (NSTP & 4 Others vs RockyBru)*.

    One more point: it’s fascinating to read about the Godmullah here when at least one other blog (the Big Dog) also mentioned him in a posting this morning or yesterday in relations to people responsible for bankrolling RPK in London.

    How I wish I was spending Xmas in London. Sigh.

    JMD : Thank you Sir for the comment. Malaysian Insider trying hard to make it as if Dr Mahathir was the one who is pushing very hard for the RCI when in fact it was Lim Kit Siang who challenged Mahathir and Najib about this initially. Lim Kit Siang’s sole purpose in life last week was to urge this RCI be established. When Mahathir answered the challenge with gusto, Lim Kit Siang was taken aback and damage control plan was triggered. Everyone had to come up with some stupid articles to twist and spin the mistake Barry Wain, Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang made. The plan? To ridicule Mahathir for his support of this RCI. Isn’t this utter nonsense?

    I had suspected a couple of days ago an article like Malaysian Insider will come out soon derailing any RCI’s reputation. And I was right.

    Guilty and malicious people are always predictable.

    Barry Wain will now have to prove that he has the documents. If not, he will ultimately be ostracised as a compulsive liar with Lim Kit Siang whimpering not far behind like an overgrown but toothless pussycat while the people in Malaysian Insider gawking about like mindless parrots.


  6. kill them all and let god sort them out. or. above all do no harm. two quotes. but both has no meaning. it seems that PKR/DAP/PAS will go all the way to win the election. but when challenged, they would say, we are honest and very democratic people.
    weirdly people believe it. remind me those x-files tv series, people want to believe.
    to all malaysians wherever you are, think.


  7. A few things which escape common scrutiny.

    (i) Kit Siang categorically says, “Hey it wasn’t me. It was Barry Wain. Why look at me?”. Now where in heaven, hell or earth would a has-been journalist from half a hemisphere away, stationed just a degree or two down south, get his facts from, albeit wrong and cooked ones? Well from the opposition of course, helmed by Kit Siang. So Kit Siang in particular and DAP in general would be the sole party responsible for this libelous slander, and Barry Wain should be sued merely for parroting without researching.

    (ii) Eh how come nowadays blog here blog there kena sue, but whenever the opposition says something libelous, and in public too that could affect general opinion, it is merely a case of “being called by the police?” I think Lim Guan Eng should be sued, For defaming an entire government department, and the general Malaysian government indirectly.

    (iii) I think enough of flexing muscles which are going to be ridiculed by the opposition anyway. The following events should have been brought to court merely by the hurt it caused the malay population in particular, the sanctity of the royals, the mistrust the general populace have towards the malays, the ruling government and the Sultans:-

    –a– Any blosgsites, speeches by oppositions that instigate that the prime ministership should be chosen by the chinese-dominated opposition rather than be chosen by the King as had been the practise in this Tanah Melayu for more than a thousand years.

    –b– That Namewee fella for desecrating a symbol of the sanctity and sovereignty of Malaysia by ridiculing the National Anthem. What were we THINKING when we just sent in a couple of Policemen to admonish him? I am sure he would just listen into one ear and out another. Suing in court would have fixed things better and become deterrents for would be traitors from future irresponsible actions.

    –c– Anyone who questions article 153 or anything related to it. These should be brought to court because the impact of non-action would cause so much mistrust and uneasiness among the malays. In order to prevent from such happenings, the next instance of this happening shall be brought to court.

    –d– Freewheeling allegations from irresponsible parties using unsubstantiated comments. Example: Guan Eng alleged MACC of murder. Gobind Singh alleged Najib a murderer. RPK alleged Rosmah was present during murder of the Mongolian girl (she was elsewhere officiating an orphanage function). Why did we have to stop just by sending in warnings? Just sue them fellas up to their underwears laa…

    –e– Yes that college girl and guy whose blog chats were revealed several days ago detailing how they hate the malays etc etc. In this case, libel actions will surely become deterrents, make their parents more alert and responsible (the legacy of hatred could have come from them no doubt).

    Hey come to think of it. We rid ourselves of obnoxious politicians, we make deterrents out of them from irresponsible mudslingings, and best of all, we get some money too — a lot of them. Err … the above cases too late ker, atau masih ada chance lagi untuk bring to court?

    And these court actions do not have to come from the government. Individuals, NGOs, small organisations — they can come forward and sue — and reap whatever money they get from the proceedings themselves.

    How about it people. I am already salivating at the mere thought.



  8. Never thought Mahathir would also be infected with the UMNO pondan virus. If Mahashithead has the balls and thinks he is clean then sue. Suing someone in this context is a civil matter. In other words if you think or know someone has defamed you there is nothing in the law which says you cannot sue the offending party.

    Finally, Maharacist shows his pondan colours. Nizar is right, UMNO all pondans.

    JMD : Have you thought things trough before you post this comment? The so called pondan virus originated from that fella who ran and hid in the turkey embassy as soon when he heard that his own coffee boy had made a police report on him. He hid in the embassy after a panic attack and stayed there for almost 24 hours. Trying hard to save face, he stated afterwards that he hid there because there was an assassination plot against him. Well he is still alive today and I can’t help laughing when remembering this incident. Why are you supporting a ‘pondan’ like this Vinnan?

    Another one of your ‘pondan’ leader is this bald pondan who wrote nasty and untrue article about a certain lady. When press charged, he ran away like the pondan that he is and hid himself in God knows where because he does not have the nerve to face any judgment. The one who challenges all sundry with his articles can’t even bring himself to face his own action?

    Stand up and be counted for once.

    Bye Vinnan. Go play with your buddies. Thanks.


  9. These Pakatan RaKERAyat and racist DAP goons are daylight hipocrites….

    One moment they screamed for the Royal Commission, but when caught with their pants down by Tun M, they made U-Turn on the commission. So pathetic…

    And their collaborators, these Kutumullah, Pareria and KJ’s goons, when they realised that they are stepping on their own trap for the RM270 billion 5-year robbery during Tun Tidurllah, quickly tried to side-step the Royal Commission issue.

    Ooops sorry, its not RM270 billion really. These smart KJ goons in fact made our nation proud by selling MV Augusta for Euro 1. There ain’t any smart businessmen around anymore after the departure of Tun Father In Law.

    Really, these guys are not just getting nervous, they are chickening put as well…

    Kutumullah, I know who you are….well, your hired me back then!


  10. JMD,

    The accusation by Kit Siang was too general. Otherwise, he should have listed down the mathematics of how he arrived at the RM100 billion figure. Does it include the building of Petronas Twin Towers, and does it include the development of Putrajaya.

    Wild general allegations and slander have been the TRADEMARK of the opposition. If we leave this unchecked, more of such allegations will be floating about in the run up to the forthcoming General Election.



  11. It amazes me how people can be so gullible to believe everything a lim kit siang, an anwar , a rpk and some blog like Malaysian insider..said. Dear Malaysian and Malays especially , wake up please…akal kenelah mendahului nafsu……..


  12. I bet the they did not see that one coming. And the only person who could deliver that kind of blow would be Tun M. Just one move and Lim kena siang.

    Is that Badawi guy in DAP’s payroll these days? I think he burnt more of our money in a shorter period but it seems that he escaped scrutiny. Even the UMNO guys were more critical of him then Anwar, LKS, LKY, LGE, PAS, PKR, RPK whoever combined.

    Why go after Tun? Still scared of him kah?


  13. Salam JMD,

    LKS has been playing tin kosong for so long that he does not know any other mode to change to even with DAP’s so called tsunami into parliament.

    Shout at parliament, shout at ceramah come GE, what else does he know.

    How about some ideas to make the country better for a change?


  14. Hellloooo Kit Siang,

    Why ain’t you be calling for the setting up of a Royal Commission to investigate the RM270 billion in 5-year spent by Tun Abdullah?

    Tun Mahathir will fully support you on this commission, but not your Kutumullah.


  15. Bravo.well-explained, as usual.
    i’ve been followed your blog since your first post.
    but this is my first comment..:D

    JMD : Thank you for commenting and visiting this blog. Really appreciate it.


  16. I believe one of the reason Malaysian Insider now regress is solely that Kali is worried he too will be implicated when RCI routed AAB Pmship. Kali, KJ et al are very much involved to finished off the RM260 bil, so why should they pursue to hv them indicted. Tun Mahathir will be laughing hard if RCI materializes. We the rakyat too pray that RCI takes place so that all those actively participate in the scheme get undress fast.


  17. Dear Jebat,

    Thank God that you are on Tun’s side. You are so precise and so good with your analysis not many opposition bloggers dare to make stupid comments here. Oh there is one Vinnan guy and you took care of him nicely.

    I pray that you will keep writing and help Tun all the way. The great Tun is our only savior. Lim Kit Siang knows it and I believe he will keep his mouth shut or consider using his brain the next time he wants to say something about Tun. In just one statement, so many people wet their pants including Kalimulah especially when Tun want to drag Pak Lah and the Petronas’s money. Something fishy here and I say that the RCI should go on.


  18. Kit Siang should also ask Anwar Ibrahim on the RM500 fiasco with MBF Group in the ’80’s in which he put his ‘sidekick’ , the late Dato Nasaruddin to be the nominee. What happen to the fund which is supposed to salvage the projek2 perumahan terbengkalai .


  19. Kit Siang should also ask Anwar Ibrahim on the RM500 million fiasco with MBF Group in the ’80’s in which he put his ‘sidekick’ , the late Dato Nasaruddin to be the nominee. What happen to the fund which is supposed to salvage the projek2 perumahan terbengkalai .


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