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Lim Kit Siang – sleepless in Tokyo

These are the words that came from Lim Kit Siang’s brains on 21st December 2009:

What is Mahathir’s stand on whether Wain’s new biography on him should be released to the Malaysian public without any more obstacles from the authorities in Malaysia?

If Mahathir thinks that he has been defamed or maligned by Wain in the new biography, he should avail himself of the legal process to clear his name and reputation and not to support any ban or censorship of the book.

What is of more pressing national interests and importance is the serious allegation by Wain that Mahathir had wasted or burned up as much as RM100 billion in his 22 years as Prime Minister on grandiose projects and corruption – working out to an average of some RM5 billion a year during the Mahathir premiership.

What Najib should do is to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to investigate whether Mahathir had “wasted or burned up” RM100 billion on grandiose projects and corruption in his 22 years as Prime Minister, as this will also reflect on Najib’s commitment to frontline “combating corruption” as one of the seven agenda-setting key performance indicators (KPIs) and National Key Results Area (NKRA) in his Government Transformation Programme (GTP).

Mahathir should declare whether he would co-operate with such a Royal Commission of Inquiry to prove that Wain is wrong in blaming him for the legacy of “wasting or burning up” RM100 billion in his long tenure as the fourth Malaysian Prime Minister.

The above is what Lim Kit Siang had written in his opportunistic article to criticise Tun Dr Mahathir. What he did not foresee was Tun Dr Mahathir’s reply to him.

Tun Dr Mahathir, much to Lim Kit Siang’s horror, had welcomed the proposal to set up the RCI. Not only that, he will fully cooperate with the RCI and had also urged the government to release the Barry Wain’s book into the market.

Kit Siang was hoping that Tun Dr Mahathir will not adhere to his requests so that he could prolong this issue. Instead, Tun Dr Mahathir had made his stand and the ball now is thrown in Kit Siang’s, Barry Wain’s and Najib’s courts!

An excerpt of Tun’s article that had replied to Kit Siang’s bluff read:

I welcome Lim Kit Siang’s proposal for Najib to set up a royal commission on whether I burned RM100 billion on grandiose projects and corruption during my 22-year reign. I also agree with Lim Kit Siang that the investigation would reflect Najib’s commitment to “combating corruption”.

In order that the enquiry by the commission would be successful, Government must give the undertaking to give full access to the commission of all the documents and accounts of the Government over the period 1981-2009. There should be no cover-up of any kind.

Barry Wain must provide documentary proof of any sum that he alleged I had burned.

I will co-operate fully with the commission.

Depending upon the result of the commission, I reserve the right to sue Barry Wain, Lim Kit Siang and for libel for a sum to be disclosed later.

If the Government is witholding the book: “Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times”, I would request that the book be released forthwith. I am not in need of Government protection.

In any allegations, it is up to the accuser to bring out any proof that had substantiated his claims. In this case Barry Wain must show all the evidence that made him think ‘Mahathir wasted RM100 billion in 22 years’.

If he couldn’t substantiate his claims then his writings are purely slander.

The RCI is there to investigate this evidence prepared by Barry Wain and make a decision out of it. If Tun Dr Mahathir is found innocent, I think he will then proceed in suing Barry Wain, Kit Siang (for repeating the allegation) and other people he sees fit. This is because, these two people had defamed and maligned him unceremoniously.

Please be aware that Barry Wain clearly stated Mahathir’s name in making his allegation. He did not say it’s the Government of Malaysia that lost the RM100 billion.

The ramifications of this is huge on Barry Wain’s part since we all know that all decisions were made by the cabinet. The cabinet of 1981 to 2003.

Unless the whole people that were part of that cabinet are plunged along together with this accusations in this RCI, it will be hard to find Mahathir as solely guilty of it.

And who were in the cabinet of 1981 to 2003? Tun Musa Hitam, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Najib Tun Razak as well as Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar’s peons such as Azmin Ali and Kamaruddin Jaafar will also be implicated as their names will undoubtedly appear in many dealings Anwar made during his time as Finance Minister.

Mahathir even called the government to release all the documents and accounts from 1981 onwards so that the RCI can peruse over them. Now, if the RCI is set up, Najib must declassify all these historical documents. I bet many heads will roll especially the ones running around in Pakatan Rakyat.

Again, the ball is in Barry Wain’s and Najib’s courts. Wain with the documentary proof to prove his allegations and Najib to give the green light for the RCI.

Anwar Ibrahim must get ready to be called in for this RCI with the proof that he did not authorise any transactions or contracts during those period while Kit Siang must get ready to be sued along with Wain if the slander is not true.

I see terrible times for Anwar Ibrahim. Pakatan Rakyat’s reputation as anti BTN shattered when  Anwar could not muster a good rebuttal on the BTN controversy which he was part of back when he was the Deputy President of Umno. With a sodomy trial fast approaching brought about from the police report by his own employee, coupled with the inability of Pakatan Rakyat to form an official party due to differences in ideologies, Anwar Ibrahim’s task as the opposition leader is made worse by Kit Siang’s malicious exuberance. How on earth would people treat Pakatan Rakyat seriously?

Kit Siang on the other hand, sensing his blunder could not enjoy his time properly in Tokyo. He tweeted yesterday:

1. Why Mahathir reserved right 2sue me 4stmt calling 4RCI into allegation in “Maverick Mahathir” RM100 bil wasted or burned in 22 yrs PMship?
12/23/2009 09:31 PM

2. Why his suit conditional on outcome of RCI into Barry Wain’s allegation when M will do utmost 2block RCI though claiming support publicly?
12/23/2009 09:35 PM

3. Why Mahathir don’t sue me now if I had libelled him calling for RCI into Barry Wain’s RM100 billion allegation in his book Maverick M?
12/23/2009 09:39 PM

4. Mahathir wants Wain’s book 2b released forthwith.Who really believe Mahathir? Or is Najib or Hisham culprit blocking “Maverick M”’s release?
12/23/2009 09:45 PM

I took the liberty to rearrange the twitter in chronological order. You can sense the befuddled brain trying its best to strategise a lame defense over Tun’s reply.

Let me just reply to Kit Siang with obvious answers.

1. Mahathir reserved the right to sue pending the results of the RCI which you in the first place urged the government to set up!

2. Did Mahathir say he will block the RCI? In fact, Mahathir had also urged the government to set it up. The stupidest remark from Kit Siang would be  ‘Why his suit conditional on outcome of RCI?’. This is because if the RCI did indeed find him guilty, then he does not have to sue the two of you!

3. Sigh. We have to wait for the results of the RCI which you called for in the first place! If Mahathir is declared innocent, only then Wain and yourself no longer have the position to defend against the impending suit as the RCI  has revealed that the allegations are indeed libelous and defamatory.

4. Now this is redundant. Mahathir already called for the book to be released. Kit Siang has no more concrete things to say at this juncture.

I find it very amusing when people accuse others without a shred of evidence. For politicians to simply accuse people using lame Statutory Declarations, or in Parliament (hoping to be protected by parliamentary immunity) or in the case of Tian Chua, simply saying he has the evidence that Rosmah spent RM600K in shopping spree but stop short in showing people the evidence itself doesn’t work anymore.

The rakyat now is more sophisticated than before. We demand concrete answers. We demand concrete action. Barry Wain and Lim Kit Siang and the whole gamut of the opposition must walk the talk and prepare for the consequences of your actions. Judging from his reply, Tun Mahathir is prepared to be responsible for his actions.

The last thing we need to see is Kit Siang lambasting a Royal Commission of Inquiry by questioning that it ultimately won’t be impartial or lacking integrity even before it is being set up – just to save his face. Or the very people whose leaders had been suing everyone else urging Tun Mahathir not sue anyone.

Thank you.

16 thoughts on “Lim Kit Siang – sleepless in Tokyo

  1. i think tdm should sue barry wain, kit siang & co. immediately and ask for a certificate of urgency from the court considering his age etc. because the onus of proof will have to come from them on how he squandered RM100b.

    why should tdm have to prove anything? everything is on record. there’s the petronas towers, putrajaya etc for all to see. it’s not like he put the money in swiss bank a/cs fo himself.

    i’m sick and tired of people with no balls who cannot counter tdm while he was in power but suddenly trying to be heroes now!

    JMD : Sometimes I do not get the opposition. They are the opposition in 2009. Lim Kit Siang is trapped with in time when he actually would want to investigate an alleged ‘wastage’ by a past leader. It’s been 6 years since he left office.

    LKS and the opposition did not even call for the RCI to investigate Pak Lah’s own alleged corruption. Allegations which Lim Kit Siang and co had vehemently highlighted since 2005. RPK’s attacks towards Pak Lah in Malaysia today was relentless back then. During that time, you cannot turn around without reading an article about Pak Lah and his alleged misdemeanors.

    It is ironic that LKS now chose to turn a blind eye towards his own struggle against Pak Lah only a few years ago but chose to lambast Tun Mahathir instead.

    Now why is that? Why the need to attack an old retiree?

    This is because, Pakatan Rakyat sees Mahathir still having a strong force in Malaysian political landscape. I myself feel very proud for the old man. An 84 year old statesman still beat and scare the bejesus out of them. Imagine that!

    An old man which Najib is not even listening to, is still being attack almost on daily basis. It is almost as if Mahathir is still the PM! Even Najib gets milder treatment from Lim Kit Siang.

    Now that is not an ordinary feat to accomplish.

    It seems that the ones that put Mahathir up in the pedestal are not just his fans but his opponents alike. They feel the need to beat the old man who happened to be the past PM. They forgot that they are the opposition of current times, not the old times.

    To raise a cloudy issue over something vague and unsubstantiated from the past just show that the current opposition has no more ammunition to propel itself as the alternative to the current government. Thank you.


  2. Dear JMD,

    A good one.

    I would like to urge you to please translate this into Bahasa so that those who are not very proficient in English could understand the issue.


    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  3. diorang tau sumbangan TDM tapi diorang sengaja spin supaya:-
    sokongan melayu pada umno makin lemah
    memburukkan imej pemimpin melayu dr umno

    JMD : Glad someone could see through the lies they propagated. Thank you.


  4. LKS is a lawyer by profession but living as a politician since what year.. so long a gola.. and now has the chance to hold some high position in Malaysian government (God Forbid) haha..

    From what has been written and uttered by this kiasu.. Man please don’t acquire his service as your lawyer because clearly he do not know what he doing.. talk cock (like ayam berak) and at last.. he being blasted by TDM.. Padan muka.. you will loose your case and he can easily charge you thousand RM for his kiasu service.

    JMD.. thanks for the article.. yeah we need fact and prove..
    enjoy reading your stuff.. not like others especially those coming from the other camp.. i bet you Homer Simpson can write better stuff then those S#^t Head like the Pette coward guy.!


  5. Lim Kit Siang will always find anything that he can use to put down the Malays and anything that represents the Malays. He worships and apes Lee Kuan Yew and pursues the so-called “Malaysian Malaysia” concept that made Tengku A Rahman kick LKY and Singapore out of Malaysia. Malaysia lost hell of a lot there but a point was made.

    His son, a part of him in ideas, thoughts and temperament, even accused the MACC of responsibility over TBH’s death even before investigations went half way. LKS even questioned the Governement’s prerogative in the selection of the IGP candidate. He, his son and the DAP goons have been a menace to Malaysian society. They found support from among the like-minded. They resorted to crude ways, even those of secret societies, thugs and gangsters. Indeed, even fellow PR law-makers – one Selangor PKR ADUN and one PKR MP – accused the Selangor DAP Exco of cohorting with the Underworld in the premises of the Selangor State Government. Imagine that!

    Not much has been done to rein them in since flip-flop and sleepy Abdullah’s time. Now Najib appears trying to placate the non-Malays endlessly to the chagrin of the Malays. Meanwhile the Chinese in DAP and even the MCA Youth naik tocang. LGE recently urged the Chinese to “grab, grab and grab” what the Malays are not able to take. At a time when the Kedah State Government (of which the DAP is a key player) was proposing the non-Malays take half of Malay Reserved land when developed into housing schemes. These are too much. LKS, LGE and the DAP do not acknowledge the Social Contract and are never thankful for the citizenship right that Malay leaders leaders agreed to at Merdeka. They don’t respect Aricle 153 on the Special Position of the Malays. They want more, more and more, endlessly.

    Under the circumstances, I think the only way to deal with LKS and check the DAP goons before they get out of control under Najib’s rule is for Tun Dr Mahathir to sue him to bankruptcy. LKY has been doing that from time to time to people in Singapore. I support Kassim’s Ahmad’s suggestion above – sue the bugger and get a certificate of urgency on grounds of old age or whatever for the case to be heard in court as early as possible.


  6. quite simply, lawyers just hate tdm…

    karpal, LKS, the whole bar council…

    not to mention, that the grand old man famously utter the sacred words,

    – ‘the first thing is we hang the lawyers’… –

    surely it gets under their skin…


  7. a) It will be easy for mahathir to win any libel suit in a malaysian court as many of the judges are still aligned to him, especially if Lingam is his lawyer.
    b) It will be very difficult for anyone to find any shred of evidence as many of the documents are under OSA.
    c) I suggest Mahathir be tried at the Hague on ethnic cleansing allegations.
    d) Mohamed Nor Yakub, presently 2nd finance Minister, lost many billions betting on the british pound whilst at Bank negara. But in this country, we promote incompetency, whilst some highly creative and gifted talents are asked to leave the country.
    e) We all know that mahathir was a quiet student whilst at sultan abdul hamid college until the japs spoiled his studies during WW II and turned him into a racist monster who cannot tolerate dissent. Was it his father, who home tutored him, or the japs who left a lasting impression on his personality?
    f) we should ask Mahathir, why he signed in as an indian when enrolling at the King edward’s college in singapore.

    JMD : Dear Sputjam, I will accept this particular comment of yours to be published as people will know how sick your mind is. All the points above have no validity at all. That is why you shall continued to be labeled as a spamming troll. You couldn’t even get your facts right in the first place. MNY is not the 2nd Finance Minister, what ethnic cleansing are you talking about, Mahathir was a vocal student in SAHC (being the editor of school magazine, participated in the debate team etc, and how come he entered SAHC as a Malay student but enters college after that as an Indian? This in itself showed how vile your racist rhetoric are especially when you do not have any evidence to back your claim. So long Sputjam.. all the best in the spam section.


  8. Askm JMD,

    TDM is just like the de facto PM. This is not what he planned but things happen naturally.He has the charisma and strong attraction for people to respect him for his wisdom in handling the various facets of running a country like Malaysia.

    He is a born leader.

    Though he is 84 now, TDM’s prowess is just like a man of 40s at his prime, full of energy and strong committment and conviction in upholding his principles.

    Hang Kasturi.


  9. Sir,
    The way I see it the Malays have to defend a lot of things being thrown at them.Some they handle very well but many issues were left on the table to become canon fodder for the like of LimKit Siang,Karpal,LGE etc.This is made worst when Malays like Anwar Ibrahim join them for his own personal agenda.PAS leaders knew what is happening but decide to go along for political expedient.
    The way I see it the Malays need a real RCI to seek compensation from people like Lim KIt Siang and Co. for causing much hardship,uncertainty,racial disharmony,political discord,damage to public properties and other harm to the nation thru their irresponsible actions including slander to the Malays since May 1969. You cannot win a war sitting around waiting for the enemy to whack you at their whimp and fancy.I believe a RCI of this nature will send the right signal to everyone.

    Thank You.


  10. Got This somewhere from the internet..

    Dan tindakan kami mengharamkan Biro Tata Negara (BTN) bertujuan untuk menghapuskan sifat sayangnya Melayu kepada sifat Perkauman ini bakal membuahkan hasil. Silat juga kami akan haramkan di Pulau Pinang seperti kami haramkan BTN, kerana dengan silat inilah Melayu begitu angkuh dan kejadian Pemuda UMNO menjulang keris amat ketara perkauman. Dengan diharamkan silat di Malaysia, kami warga cina dan India akan berasa begitu selamat. Kerana kami mementingkan pendidikan daripada membuang masa. (2 days ago)

    Channel Comments (111)

    LimGuanEngBlog (1 week ago)
    Terima kasih dengan sokongan rakyat Malaysia.Sokongan anda amatlah kami hargai untuk memajukan malaysia.Lihatlah di Pulau Pinang, semakin hari semakin banyak dan pesat.Kami mahu jadikan P.Pinang seperti Hong Kong.
    Pembangunan yang dilakukan oleh DAP dan di bantu oleh rakan-rakan Parti Rakyat demi kesejahteraan Malaysia.
    Jatuhkan ketuanan Melayu UMNO demi Perpaduan Rakyat.

    LimGuanEngBlog (8 months ago)
    Sekali lagi saya mahu ingatkan, rahsia tetap rahsia.Kita semakin hampir untuk mentadbir Malaysia.Dan saya tahu, channel saya di dalam youtube hanya dapat dibuka dan hanya boleh dibaca kenyataan saya ini hanya untuk rakan-rakan ahli yang berdaftar sahaja.
    Sekian,Terima Kasih

    Salam Sejahtera,
    Taresa kok tidak sepatutnya terburu-buru mengeluarkan kenyataan untuk menghentikan azan,mahukan 30% zakat kepada non muslim dan tulisan jawi.Kenyataan taresa terlalu terburu-buru tanpa persetujuan Ahli parti dan saya sendiri amat kecewa dengan kenyataan beliau.Sepatutnya ini adalah rahsia DAP sehingga Anwar menjadi Perdana Menteri dan waktu itulah kita boleh menekan DS Anwar Ibrahim.Terlalu awal Taresa membuat kenyataan.Dan sekarang Taresa menafikan.Tetapi Taresa terlupa yang semuanya telah tersebar luas didalam blog DAP sendiri dan di internet.

    LimGuanEngBlog (1 year ago)
    page 2/3

    Saya berharap semua Ahli DAP berhati-hati dalam menjalankan gerakan kita.Kita semakin hampir dan DS Anwar Ibrahim tidak boleh berbuat apa-apa.Ingat,gerakan kita ini adalah untuk anak bangsa kita yang selalu dikeji oleh Melayu.Ayuhlah bangun Cina, kuasai dan rebut apa yang melayu tidak mampu.Jangan kita berhutang budi dengan Melayu.Biar mereka yang berhutang dengan kita dan mengenang jasa kita.Kerana dengan itu kita boleh jadikan alasan yang, kita (cina) telah bertukus lumus dalam memajukan Malaysia.Dan kita mungkin dapat menukarkan tulisan Jawi kepada tulisan cina dan yang berkaitan dengan Melayu dan Islam.Seterusnya Melayu sudah tidak mempunyai apa-apa lagi.Disaat mereka berpecah itulah kita akan dapat mengambil alih tampuk kepimpinan daripada orang Melayu.

    LimGuanEngBlog (1 year ago)
    page 3/3

    Sekali lagi saya mahu ingatkan, rahsia tetap rahsia.Kita semakin hampir untuk mentadbir Malaysia.Dan saya tahu, channel saya di dalam youtube hanya dapat dibuka dan hanya boleh dibaca kenyataan saya ini hanya untuk rakan-rakan ahli yang berdaftar sahaja.
    Sekian,Terima Kasih

    Apparently LGE has his own YouTube channel which is accessible only for certain ‘members’ and while promoting his Malaysian Malaysia, he is quietly trying to kill the Malays?

    F him!


  11. joe bro,

    i could smell stinking sputjam and his twisted thought. Glad Jebat made it clear.

    Pondan.. that’s the noun for it.
    We all own up to what we say and do. We don’t run and hide like RPK thinking he couldn’t be found.


  12. Typical of those who wants power but couldn’t even grasp its meaning – they merely mock the people who has helped the nation.

    Has Anwar or LKS, etc, worked harder than the NGOs towards a cause that does not concern their political clout, eg the eradication of poverty and the stengthening of racial harmony in the country?

    Or do these so-called ‘leaders’ need to be a PM or character-assasinate a former PM first before they could really serve the country at all?

    If they don’t start acting like real leaders soon, talking and bad-mouthing may (in history) be considered as their greatest talents and ‘contribution’.


  13. Fellow readers,

    I would like to ask Saudara LKS tentang saman yang dibuat kapada Esso dan Shell dimana telah menuduh kedua2 syarikat minyak ini mencuri minyak dari pengeluaran bernilai berbillion ringgit pada suatu ketika dahulu.

    Nampaknya senyap sampai sekarang. Kami cuma nak tahu apa kesudahan nya. Setahu saya syarikat2 minyak seperti ini akan membuat ‘deal’ untuk menutup mulut. Thnks


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