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Pakatan Rakyat and their myths

There are several myths running around this nation for the past half decade or so. This article will highlight what those myths are. Do not worry, this will be a short article.

Myth number 5 – Tun Mahathir is a mamak disguising himself as a malay

The people from the opposition kept calling Tun Dr Mahathir as Mamak Mahathir and even criticised him as someone trying to be malay eventhough he is actually a mamak.

Now, who in the right mind would call him this? Nobody except the racist among us.

To set things straight, Tun Mahathir’s grandfather was indeed an Indian Muslim. And the indian ancestry stops there. His grandfather married a malay woman and produced Mohamad Iskandar, the first headmaster of Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid.

Mohamad Iskandar married Wan Tempawan Wan Hanapi and had Tun Mahathir as the youngest son.

In any standard, he is a malay. But many people still see him as a mamak and ostracise him for trying to be more malay than a mamak. Even if we go technical, Tun Mahathir is 75% malay, and 25% indian. Isn’t that enough justification to see that he is malay after all?

But all this is besides the point.

The point is, wasn’t the opposition who drummed the idea that racial identification is racist, people should not be recognised through race so on and so forth. They even proposed that the race identity in identity cards be abolished.

The irony is, they themselves can’t stop being racist when criticising Tun Mahathir. All this diatribe and racial abuse come from the so called ‘antiracist’ opposition! Why demonising the Tun using racial card?

Do you think all the indian muslims in this country won’t get offended? Do you think you are damn good to racially insult people?

Sometime back, I wrote this:

And I deplore when people are calling him mamak or an indian. Why do you people keep on harping his paternal lineage? His grandfather was from India. But his dad is already half Indian. His mom was pure Malay. Why do you people being all racist and kept on highlighting this fact? If you wanna get technical then yes, he is 25% Indian and 75% Malay. Through this fact, of course he can claim himself as Malay. What does this got to do with anything?

Even MB Perak (Nizar then) is half Chinese. Did any Barisan Nasional leaders raise this fact? This is why I wrote the article Pakatan Rakyat – Kill with a Borrowed Knife. It’s the PR supporters like you who are playing racial card by pronouncing the racial lines. The racial differences are more profound under the propaganda weight of PR.

In fact, Anwar Ibrahim’s grandfather was an Indian too. But have you heard Tun’s loyalists calling him mamak? Have you heard me calling Anwar Ibrahim mamak? Yes I had called him a chameleon. Yes I had called him a desperate man and power hungry megalomaniac. But I have never insulted his ancestors or his lineage. So who is the racist here now? You, of course. You just cannot help to insult Tun Mahathir in every way possible. Even to stoop this low. And yet, you have the cheek to call him racist?

To all the racist bigots reading here, can you please look into the mirror?

Myth number 4 – “Soak the keris in chinese blood”

Those words were often highlighted by the opposition in Malaysia since 2006 in order to create racial tension among the chinese towards Najib. This will directly create animosity among the chinese community towards Umno in general. Nobody seemed to notice that there were no recordings or video evidence to substantiate this racist allegation. It became much more insidious after the 2008 general elections especially after Najib took over as Prime Minister.

In the end, it was found out that Najib did not make such statement. The matter was quickly come to a close in June 2009 after Karpal Singh, the only DAP leader which had some sense, asked Najib directly about the incident.

Those who created this slander must truly be a super racist, harping on hatred just to gain some votes.

Are you one of those people who had repeated this allegation? Have you no shame, racist?

Myth number 3 – Hang Tuah and his friends were chinese

A preposterous endeavour by some quarters in Malaysia. A hoax was created a while back in the form of an ‘excavation project’ by The Federal Association of Arc & Research of Michigan, USA. It’s task? To find the skeletons of Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Kasturi, Hang Lekiu, and Hang Lekir. They then proceeded in analysing the DNA composition from the bones and discovered that those 5 men were chinese.

The Association itself does not exist and there were no excavation project that anyone know of.

But the opposition then took the opportunity and use this unsubstantiated story to maximum effect. Poking fun at history with lies and fallacies was the order of the day. Not satisfied with this hoax, they then tried to connect Hang Tuah’s name with anything chinese; just to create a stronger version of their ‘truth’.

Anyway, it was purely coincidental that Hang Li Poh had a similar name to Hang Tuah.

This is where the racist opposition lost the plot. They reckoned, through their ‘extensive research’, that Hang Tuah and his friends were bodyguards of Hang Li Poh. They came to Melaka as part of the princess’ retinue when she married Sultan Mansor Shah.

From where they got this information?

From their own imagination. Have we seen any relevant piece of historical evidence about this so called ‘fact’? No we haven’t. Suddenly back then, the whole of Malaysia, through the racist propaganda by the racist opposition were caught up in this massive lie.

Intentionally, the Malays suddenly found out that their Malay heroes were ‘chinese’! Should they feel ashamed? Should they feel apologetic? I don’t know. But certainly they don’t feel glad.

In the first place, didn’t they know that Hang Li Poh’s surname was not in direct correlation with Hang Tuah’s name? ‘Hang’ is a Malay word and a Malay name. Can somebody prove this otherwise? I doubt it.

If the opposition had climbed down from their high horse and read the Sejarah Melayu and Hikayat Hang Tuah, they would know that Hang Tuah and his friends were born here in Kepulauan Melayu.

They were born even before Mansor Shah became a Sultan. They were here even before Hang Li Poh came to Melaka.

And these are all based on the two oldest books on our nation’s history. What kind of books were they referring to when they created this massive lie?

The chronology of this concocted, imaginary story by the racist propaganda machine of the opposition does not tally with the known facts and history of Hang Tuah and his friends. How sad. But somehow, many people believed it.

But since the Association does not exist and there were no excavation of any type ever done on those graves, the myth itself is wrong and insidious in nature.

Were you the one of those whom had declared in glee that Hang Tuah was chinese? How stupid were you?

Are you one of those who believed in this myth? How gullible are you?

Myth number 2 – Morgan Stanley report on Malaysia’s USD100 billion loss

Now, this elusive report which nobody has seen had been made referenced by the opposition time and time again. Has anyone seen this report?

Lim Guan Eng first mentioned this in Parliament back in June 2008. How did he know this figure. From a Time Magazine article. The said article was published back in 2004. Therefore, when it was first mentioned in 2008, Lim Guan Eng was 4 years late.

Now how is this a myth?

Firstly, where was this originated from? Lim Guan Eng, in his ramblings, accused the Malaysian government of losing USD100 billion only through this paragraph in the article-

On the other hand, if Abdullah wins enough to follow through on his antigraft campaign, argues Daniel Lian, an economist at Morgan Stanley in Singapore, Malaysia could garner a “significant economic benefit.” Lian figures that the country may have lost as much as $100 billion since the early 1980s to corruption.

This myth originated from an economist working in Morgan Stanley. His name is Daniel Lian.

Basically, this Daniel did not give any concrete evidence at all. He just made a guess and an estimate. The so called report which every Tom, Dick and Harry in the opposition had used apparently came from an article  glorifying Pak Lah’s premiership before the 2004 general elections. The substance of the paragraph in turn is based on a spurious report of this economist.

Through the cunning yet malicious propaganda of the opposition, many had fall for this myth. In the end, the blame was solely laid upon the ‘Malay Government’ of Malaysia.

No doubt, like in many other countries, there are bound to be mismanagement, wastage and corruption. But to accuse the government based on unproven reports is truly pathetic.

Dropping names of international investment bank like Morgan Stanley just to win you votes can get you nowhere.

Just ask Morgan Stanley.

Note that Morgan Stanley nearly went bankrupt last year. The US government bailed them out using public’s money (part of the USD700 billion package) during the subprime crisis in 2008. How did they end this way? Probably relying too much on their dodgy economists.

Myth number 1 – Tun Abdul Razak, Datuk Harun Idris and Tun Mahathir were the architects of May 13, 1969 racial riots

Of all the myths perpetuated by the racist opposition, this one has to take the cake.

It has never been mentioned anywhere prior to 2007.

But as part of the attempt to stoke racial tension among the races, Kua Kia Soong published a malicious book which had instigated the chinese and indians against the Umno leaders of yesteryears.

This evil racist approach had created massive hatred towards all things Malay. How could a so called politicialleader have the heart to use sentiments this kind of way? Only the most vile and the most bigoted would use this approach.

The book itself claimed that it used many so called evidences and facts from ‘secret’ documents of the British Intelligence.

In an attempt to twist history, the opposition had managed to cover up their predecessors’ wrongdoings in that fateful day 40 years ago.

Kua Kia Soong delved on three main themes in order to satisfy the opposition’s twisted agenda. They were:

1) Tun Abdul Razak masterminded the May 13 racial riots as a form of coup d’etat from Tunku Abdul Rahman

2) Datuk Harun Idris led Umno Youths to spontaneously launched an unprovoked attack towards the chinese people

3) The racial riots were not the fault of the racist opposition or the subversive communist movement

After reading that book, and using simple logic and deduction, all the accusations above have been debunked in a series of articles that can be read here. The series received tremendous response from the readers with a total of 495 comments.

In the end, it was revealed that Tun Abdul Razak, Datuk Harun Idris and Tun Mahathir did not mastermind the riots, it was not spontaneously launched and it was indeed the fault of racist opposition and subversive communists that caused the riot to erupt.

Still feeling a tad bit racist?

Just read for yourself the series in separate form and the comments received for each articles below. It will be an enlightening journey I assure you:

1. May 13, 1969 – Part 1

2. May 13, 1969 – Part 2

3. May 13, 1969 – Part 3

4. May 13, 1969 – Part 4

Note that the opposition aligned Malaysia Today had published the first two articles but failed to publish the last two. Probably because they’re afraid of their own shadows. An excerpt from the series read:

As stated in the first part of this series, in 1969 PAS and DAP had aggressively conducted a divisive and racial politics to gain more votes from the ignorant and gullible people.

PAS, in their election campaign will accuse Umno of ’selling out Islam’ and the Malays to MCA. They accused Umno as un-Islamic and had gone astray from Islam’s way of life. They say Umno will not establish an Islamic Nation since they were in league with the MCA.  This made the Malay votes split into two and weakened Umno’s popularity.

This extremist view was frowned upon by Tunku and he labelled PAS as a bunch of wretched hypocrites in his May 13 book. Moderation had always been the main principles of the Alliance and the pillar of success in multi racial Malaysia. But PAS tried to instill hate, using religion as their weapon to split the Malay votes.

But at the same time, PAS was cooperating with the DAP (who is a polar opposite to PAS)  in an unofficial opposition coalition!

DAP meanwhile accused the MCA of selling out the rights of the non-Malays to Umno. In other words, DAP accused MCA of letting itself being bullied by Umno. DAP had used the same approach in gaining votes albeit though a reverse tactic. They accused MCA of being too soft when the National Language Policy was introduced a couple of years before. To the racist DAP, they could not recognise Bahasa Malaysia as the official language of the country.

They also pounded the idea that MCA was bullied into submission when Umno tried to pursue a more Islamic apporach in governing the nation. Hence, this very racist approach of instilling fear and hate towards the Malays and specifically Umno made the non Malays shunned MCA and the Alliance. In the end, MCA lost a lot of votes during the election.

But in actual fact, it did not make any sense for the DAP to accuse Umno of being too Islamic and bullied the MCA while in the same breath PAS accused Umno of being too liberal and un-Islamic and betrayed the Malays to MCA! What was more ridiculous, PAS and DAP worked together in their unholy alliance of opposition parties!

How on earth you people could fall for this sick and evil propaganda? Trying to attain power through racial hatred? Is this the kind of a people you want to lead this country?

As a conclusion, what is the similarity between all the 5 myths above?

All of them entirely evolve around evoking racial sentiment. That is why the Pakatan Rakyat is the propagators of racism (PR) in this country. And to think that they always accuse other people as racist. How arrogant!


63 thoughts on “Pakatan Rakyat and their myths

  1. JMD. Hope someone will translate this article of yours into BM. Then sent it to Utusan or MMail or any other newspaper that perchance they will publish it. People need to be told about all these myths especially kampung-folk-pakatan people.

    Tell lies. Repeat it again and again then the people will believe it is their efficient mechanism to destabilize our country. Too bad it is not TDM at the helm right now. He would know what to do…

    Praying to Allah for the next TDM..


  2. Myth no 6
    anwar never put his penis anywhere else besides into his lovely wife’s vagina n mouth


    JMD : Aiyah.. so crude lah SatD. You will get sued for this. 🙂


  3. Calling Tun M a mamak is not only childish but shows them up for the racists that they are.

    Racism is prevalent in this country but it is being practiced by many Malaysians from all walks of life. I don’t see any end to it, especially when politicians from all schools of thought are the ones actively promoting racial hatred.

    However, to lay the blame solely on PR’s doorstep is quite extreme. Are you saying the BN is innocent of playing the race card?

    Pull the other one mate.

    JMD : Both parties have imperfections. But the one that has always ridiculed the other party just to topple them must appear whiter than white. Sad to say, penetrating through the smokescreen, they are worst than the KKK. Thank you.


  4. Jebat,
    first and foremost I wish to say that, a racist would not, would not, listen to any logic or any reasoning.
    So the trouble you have to taken to debunk the myth would come to naught /zero.
    They would usually come out with some ridiculous logic or reasoning to INSIST they are right.
    Changing the mindset of a racist is a tough and an almost impossible task.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment DG. Very potent observations.


    • ‘So the trouble you have to taken to debunk the myth would come to naught /zero.”

      I begged to differ. “PR” people are not the only readers here. There are others. The silent ones…

      JMD wrote, so convincingly and almost imploring

      “How on earth you people could fall for this sick and evil propaganda?”

      Yes, how on earth…….



  5. Good one JMD. All your efforts one day will be remembered as among those that steer the hearts and minds of Malaysian cyber world. Keep up the good work!


  6. JMD,

    A well-researched and well-argued article. Kudos.

    These are fellows who find every and any thing at all that they can turn into an issue, capitalise and politicise it. The fact that LGE blames MACC for TBH’s death, even when the investigation on it was hardly begun, shows the kind of warped minds and demented thinking these people are made of.

    The communists have it as their common practice this exploiting of situations, of confusing and misleading the people, trying to gain their sympathy, cause alarm and despondency, thereby hoping to benefit from it. Disinformation is often alive in their vocabulary. The so-called “re-writing of history”, “editing” of the ever-changing Wikipedia is a known ploy. Book-writing is another avenue. Frequent quoting of so-called “history books” and Wikipedia appears to be the natural sequence.

    Others from the BN component parties have also joined the bandwagon. The UMNO-led Government must do something about this slapping on its face. Hang Tuah descended from Chinese my foot! Ridiculous! Tun Razak and Dato Harun Idris “responsible for” the May 13 riots bullshit. Nonsensical! Ludicrous! That is even seditious. The writer should be hauled in under ISA.

    When they could not get at the enemy directly during British colonial rule, they even slashed rubber trees to spread terror and cow down the poor and miserable rubber tappers and villagers into supporting them with food, etc. The tactics used by those you write about are not far different from those of the communists. Then these fellows speak for Chin Peng entering Malaysia. Are they not subversives?

    Many of them are certainly anarchists. They find excuses and attack each and every institution of established authority – the Police, MACC, BTN, etc. They even cohort with secret societies, thugs and gangsters (the “underworld”) in the premises of the Selangor DAP Excos, as alleged by one PKR ADUN and one PKR MP. They carry out street demonstrations even without Police permits. It’s high time the Government takes tough measures on them – curb their anarchistic tendencies so that pace-loving citizens can live reasonably happy lives.

    JMD : Thank you Aku for the comment.


    • “It’s high time the Government takes tough measures on them – curb their anarchistic tendencies so that pace-loving citizens can live reasonably happy lives.”

      Yes, yes……

      Please Mr Goverment. Listen up…..



  7. Bro,

    I am not saying anything neither am I insinuating anything. My question is just simple and straight forward and it will be up to you and everyone else to make their own deduction.

    When Communist Party Malaya surrendered did Min Yuen their propaganda and supporting arm surrender as well? If Min Yuen did not surrender together with Communist Party Malaya where did they go and where are the people and the machinery now?

    We know who were the CPM, but who were Min Yuen?

    Just a question that you may help to answer.

    Thanks and have a good day.


    JMD : A very good perspective indeed. Indeed, what did happen to Min Yuen? Only CPM surrendered in the Hatyai accord because they were an armed organisation. I believe some of the Min Yuen members absorbed into our society and led normal lives like we do. Syed Akbar Ali of syedoutsidethebox blog would be the best person to answer this comprehensively. Thank you.


  8. Thank you Bro, another well said and profound article which can and will be used to counter the propoganda of the propagators of racism(PR) in our beloved country.


  9. Dear JMD,

    Fact 1: The opposition thrives on creating myths.
    Fact 2: Their myths are always racial and politically charged
    and motivated.
    Fact 3: Their myths are always have the effect of dividing
    the community.
    Fact 4: They end up believing their own myths.

    As always, keep it up. Kudos to your continous vigilance.


    JMD : Thank you Freddie for the comment.


  10. “But in actual fact, it did not make any sense for the DAP to accuse Umno of being too Islamic and bullied the MCA while in the same breath PAS accused Umno of being too liberal and un-Islamic and betrayed the Malays to MCA! What was more ridiculous, PAS and DAP worked together in their unholy alliance of opposition parties!”

    Well said.


  11. Love you so much! Jebat.
    I came across lots of other nonsense being thrown to Malays and government and police and BPR and all everything Malay.
    I dont have the gift to counter all the points as best as you did here. But I normally dont give a **** as to what these bigots think.

    Warmest regards.

    JMD : Thank you all for the comment!


  12. Salam JMD,

    While YB PM NTR has been doing a great job of late in easing racial tensions, recently with the Malaysian-Chinese (here and here).

    At the same time, it is putting a damper on the SSS, if the current stand is ‘liberal’, then we can not expect the government headed by the PM to implement a single school system in the near future.

    JMD : Doesn’t mean one must go to SJKC to learn Mandarin does it? SSS does provide Mandarin and Tamil classes 🙂 Even his speech is working on twisted logic. May write an article about this soon. Thank you for the comment Msleepyhead.


    • msleepyhead,
      If we take it word by word.. then how about SJKT? I don’t remember PM mentioned about learning Tamil, but does it make it is not worthwhile to learn Tamil?

      And if we take it word by word.. if someone wishes to learn Tamil and Mandarin, therefore he/she must enroll to both SJKT and SJKC to learn both language. Is it possible to do? Enrolling two schools which parallelly run during the day can be troublesome…

      This is where, SSS has incorporate to put Mandarin and Tamil to be learned too as one of the classes. 🙂

      Just my two cents worth of opinion..

      ~ OnDaStreet


  13. Dear Jebat,

    One man with 75% Malay blood in him, but with 100% interest and commitment for the wellbeing of the Malays is worth 50 million Anwar Ibrahims, Zaid Ibrahims, and the like of both.

    JMD : So true.


  14. Sdr JMD,

    Satu lagi myth. Bagi saya kedudukan myth ini pada No. 1 atau sekitarnya.

    “Ketuanan Melayu – Org Melayu adalah tuan dan org lain adalah hamba”

    Pembangkang (e.g. DAP), Pro Kerajaan (eg. Gerakan & MCA) dan Melayu yang seangkatan dengannya mengatakan UMNO perlu mengekalkan kuasa lalu memainkan isu Ketuanan Melayu yang telah diselewengkan ataupun diputar-belitkan maknanya.

    Mereka semua sama, rakus utk mendapat kuasa, tetapi orang Melayu telah dihina begitu rupa dlm isu Ketuanan Melayu ini. SEDAR LAH WAHAI ORANG MELAYU!!!!!!

    Makna Ketuanan Melayu sebelum ianya diputarbelitkan:-

    “Demi Nusa & Bangsa”
    Semerah Padi

    JMD : Thank you Semerah Padi for the links. Pakatan Rakyat seems more like Pakatan Racist to me.


  15. Hello again JMD,

    I would like to try taking on Myth no. 5 because of the irony and potential comedy in it. Absolutely no disrespect to the great TunM whatsoever but in the same spirit of humour as your article:

    In what would normally be true for most cases I suppose is an exception in this case. What I meant is that usually when a interracial marriage occurs, the child ‘usually’ takes on the ethnicity of the father or in some cases nationality as well, unless the country has equal gender rights and the child can choose between the country of origin of both parents. So if we go by this traditional and conventional way of thought, then by right our beloved TunM is an Indian Muslim, or more accurately according to his wikipedia page is a Malayalee Muslim or Keralan Muslim. So the racists would be right in this sense as TunM would be an Indian Malaysian Muslim if we go by his roots.

    BUT as we know it, and as the ever funny satD said somewhere, some time ago, the Malay race is one that is not defined by DNA, but according to the Malaysian Constitution: The article defines a Malay as a Malaysian citizen born to a Malaysian citizen who professes to be a Muslim, habitually speaks the Malay language, adheres to Malay customs, and is domiciled in Malaysia or Singapore.

    So in reality anyone can become a Malay shall they choose to become one and that is what matters most.

    Therefore you are absolutely right in this sense and TunM is indeed a Malay by the Constitution, but unfortunatelythese guys are not so lucky.


    • So by the same logic, Obama is white. Very smart.
      I hate Mahathir. Worst form of human being because he is a Deceiver. 3 years when the Government implodes on its RM 600 b debt (its RM 360 b rite now) then you can continue sing his praises as 1 kg of rice will cost RM 10.

      Long live Dr. Mahathir
      Enjoy that Porche Cayenne!

      JMD : Malaysia’s debt is now RM360 billion? Where did you get this figure Wenger? When will this 1kg rice cost RM10 for sure? 5 years time? 10 years time? 20 years time? And why would Mahathir to be blamed for this rice price increase?

      I think Mahathir’s family is enjoying that porcshe cayenne just as much as Pak Lah’s family members are enjoying theirs too.

      By the way, don;t be a racist when harping too much on Mahathir’s ancestry. Are you gonna be one of those Pakatan Rakyat racists?

      A question, Tiger Woods (half black, half siamese) married Elin (white). His daughter looks really white (a fact). Do we categorise her as black? If her daughter married a white man, and has a son (Tiger’s grandson) and look white as well, do we still call him black?

      At school, will this grandson of Tiger Woods will still be subjected to namecalling by people like you who will call this boy black?

      Does it even matter in the end? Only racists think it matters. Hence, the gist of this article.

      Thank you for the comment.


  16. JMD,

    I hv exp on this mamak matter..
    My Moyang laki is org Kedah on my mom’s side and he had 4 wives and 20 kids..
    He was quite a rich dude and the houz/mansion is still standing in Gurney Road Penang so having 4 wives under the same roof is common among old ‘barons’..
    My granpa came fr d 1st wife a mami penang (50% malay & 50% indian)..
    The rest of lineage are 100% Malay..

    But I learned fr the net that DNA(mamak,cina,singh,bugis & all DNA) can skip generations so I looked more like a mamak penang (beard,brown skin and hairs growing everywhere) than a normal jawa/bugis Malay like my sisters.
    My kelantanese wife,sisters,relatives & frens always takes d mickey out of me by saying I’m adopted,born at night,terkenan,mamak,keling,DKK etc..haks2..
    Many people choose not to read the constitution.
    Heck many never ever read the most important piece of paper in the land so I guess they don’t know the meaning of Malay.
    U r Muslim
    U practice Malay customs and traditions
    Then u r Malay.Period.

    I eat budu,sambal belacan,tempoyak,cencalok,durian,ulam fr jantung pisang to pegaga.
    Anything that is halal I sapu licin.
    I wear songkok,baju melayu & sarong often even during Friday Prayers in Ireland..
    The most comment I received from Arabs & Africans is Malaysia must be a colourful & beautiful country because your national dress reflects that<– saje selit pujian utk Malaysia.

    I pray,fast and pay zakat.(Hajj Insyaallah)
    Many of so called 100% Malays here and back home don't even satisfy one of the requisite criteria to be acknowledged as a Malay.
    My conclusion is simple that is coming out from a Malay pussy x make anybody a Malay but how u live ur life makes u a Malay.

    -TDM 100% Malay-


  17. Dear JMD

    Do you know that the notable journal Science recently published a very interesting study? Apparently, contrary to popular belief that the Malays originated from Taiwan/Yunnan, it was found recently through genetic mapping that it is the other way round! China Chinese actually originated from Southeast Asia with migration pattern some 20,000 years ago.

    You may read it here :

    So, should this SJKC people belittle Bahasa Melayu again, I will tell them that Bahasa Melayu is a part of Austronesian language which is your ancestral language lah!

    But of course we can always interpret the findings in another way:

    1) When the mainland Chinese came to Tanah Melayu in the 19th and 20th century, it is like a journey back home to their ancestral homeland. (so, like they always harp to us about this is also their land, betullah tu kot! haha)
    2) Oh man, Hang Tuah is indeed Chinese lah macam ni! LOL 🙂

    I say, no one should question one’s race or origin like they did to Tun Mahathir. Infact, to be precise we all originated from Adam and our DNA trails back to a common ancestor somewhere in Africa. If the same ‘mamak’ logic could be applied, are we all Africans then?

    and JMD, I particularly love this mythbusting article! 🙂


  18. Salam JMD,

    A Najib’s myth – 1Malaysia akan melahirkan perpaduan rakyat.

    The original concept by Najib pun rakyat masih blur, ditambah lagi pembodek2 PM – Salam 1Msia, Cuti-cuti 1Msia, Tarian 1Msia, Klinik 1Msia, F1 1Msia bla bla bla. The best is 1World !

    People are making fun of this ‘1’ thing and now nobody take it seriously anymore.

    1Petang ni we will see the whole 1nation comes together in 1voice, 1politics aside, supporting our 1football team againts 1Vietnam in the final of 1SEA games. The best slogan ever – MALAYSIA BOLEH !


  19. on December 17, 2009 at 10:38 pm | Reply wan zaharizan
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Well Jebat it’s funny you borught up the issue of race. Tun Mahathir is half indian.His grandfather was an Indian Muslim who came here with his son Mohammad Iskandar. He later would marry a Malay wife as the customary of Indian Merchant then. An eg of Indian Merchant family in Penang is the family of Barkath Store. Datuk Ali Backer Mom is Indian while his half brother Datuk Nur Muhammad is half indian(his mom was malay).

    Proving that fact is difficult unless i have ascess to NRD files! But I would like you to refer to the book written by Ahmad Mustapha Hassan the nephew of Tun (he is the son of Tun sister) the Unmaking of Malaysia.

    In the History channel it mention that Mohammad Iskandar marry twice the first wife was Indian (although her race was not mention) the second was Wan Tempayan, Tun’s Mom.

    I have to rely on the admission form in King Edward’s college of Tun that shows under race he is catagorize as Indian.

    But as i said under the constituition he is a Malay so i leave it at that!


  20. Your rebuttal of Myth 2 is very shaky.
    The Wengerkhairy blog has good write-ups on the legacy of economic ruins from Mahathir’s rule.

    Maybe you should stick to posting on your pet subjects, on Chin Peng and Single Stream School.

    Pro-Mahathir bloggers like yourself are just not credible on economics, Malaysian or otherwise.

    Focus on your core competencies.


    • How ruined it is? Malaysia is worse then Gabon and Bostwana, perhaps?

      Wenger’s rantings more on GDP and Per Capita, but not dwelling on other issues on Economic Indicator (using the same country as comparison) such as unemployment rate and inflation rate. He also do not consider comparison of illiteracy rate and social development on the nations he took.

      As for such, if he is really an economist, he should also consider other factors in determining economic conditions. Like JMD said to him which applies to you too:

      “When will this 1kg rice cost RM10 for sure? 5 years time? 10 years time? 20 years time?”

      Plus, if really we are in ruins.. how come the likes of Haji Khairy (who is considerably anonymous under Mahathir’s era) can gain so much wealth?

      Anyway, I’ve rebutted Wenger’s article one year ago (with permission)

      And I say, Tun Dr Mahathir is also not an angel.. at least he has tried in doing a good job.. at least not caught sleeping.. haha

      ~ OnDaStreet

      p/s: it seems interesting to see Wenger harping same issue and countered on the “annivesary” of his rantings… one year ago on the same date, he said KJ is foolish to bank “success” on football, which eventually he did it few days ago..

      and today, again, well, harping on economic thingy in ridiculing Tun.


  21. Salam JMD ,

    A good piece of article. I’m so fed up of these ungrateful Malaysians who love to provoke the Malays . Recently , I heard that this Chinese newspaper Sin Chew Jit Poh suggested that Mandarin is to be made as a compulsory subject in secondary school.Is this true? Then , it’s the Chinese newspaper is racist not Utusan Malaysia .

    This is what the Malay say , beri betis nak paha’ .


  22. Bro. Would be worth noting that Pakatan is presently being led by a Mamak – DS Anwar Ibrahim! Well, he is at least as Mamak as many are claiming TDM to be! Many in Penang know of DS Anwar’s father’s favourite UMNO Branch to officiate – ‘Pak Brahim’ used to enjoy officiating the Chowrasta UMNO branch… where the proceedings were entirely in Tamil!

    Or maybe that’s a myth…

    As well as the myth that Anwar is ‘of the people’ … oi, Anwar anak Ketua Bahagian and Setiausaha Parlimen la beb … ‘Bangsawan’ merdeka!


  23. Bercakap tentang “kesamarataan”…. ia telahpun wujud sejak merdeka lagi. Melayu sebagai peribumi bersetuju memberi hak kerakyatan secara jus soli (serta kebebasan mengekalkan bahasa, budaya dan identiti) kepada kaum Cina dan India – sesuatu yg JARANG dinikmati kaum-kaum imigran di negara-negara lain. Sebagai balasannya dan timbal-balasnya, Melayu diberi sedikit hak keistimewaan. Malays and non-Malays alike, each gave some and got some. Nah, that’s EQUALITY. Itulah equality/kesamarataan yang sebenarnya sudah lama wujud, wahai cauvinist2 DAPigs dan pseudo-liberal Melayu sekalian!

    Tapi sekarang pihak-pihak yg tak sedar diuntung ini meminta hak keistimewaan Melayu dan lain2 Bumiputera dihapuskan, atas alasan inginkan kesamarataan. Jika kesamarataan baharu yg diinginkan, adalah tidak adil dan tidak sama rata kalau hanya hak keistimewaan Melayu & Bumiputera dihapuskan. Hapuskan juga hak kerakyatan orang2 Cina dan India sebagai timbal-balasnya. Barulah namanya KESAMARATAAN. EQUALITY!



  24. Saudara-saudara ku!

    Marilah kita jadikan Ma’al Hijrah ini sebagai bibit bibit penyatuan semula orang orang Melayu.

    Saudara-saudara kita yang tidak berparti, atau berparti bebas, yang dalam UMNO, yang dalam PAS dan yang dalam PKR.. di mana jua.. marilah kita bersama-sama membimbing saudara-saudara Melayu yang terkeliru sehingga telah menjadi ahli DAP, saudara-saudara kita yang telah termakan pujuk rayu tipu helah Malaysian Malaysia, yang berselindung di sebalik meritokrasi dan berbagai helah itu..

    Ingatlah, secara politiknya kita hanya ada UMNO dan PAS yang tidak bertegur sapa..

    Secara politiknya puak-puak pelampau mereka sudah diam-diam bekerjasama. Mereka ada DAP, Gerakan, MCA, Gabungan 7 persatuan yang amat kiasu..

    BANGKITLAH MELAYU.. bersama-sama keturunan cina, india dan lain-lain yang cintakan negara ini.. Bangkitlah.. kita lenyapkan golongan ultra kiasu yang sedang merancang untuk menerajui negara ini..


  25. Myth No. xxx – The convicted UTK personnel acted on their own free will in carrying out the murder.

    Do an expose on that too Mr JMD

    JMD : Please write a story based on real evidence of this so that people can evaluate your side of the story. As a start, please get the copy of the judgment paper on the case and cross reference it with RPK’s article. You know which one – where Rosmah was there at night in the middle of the jungle supervising the murder. Thank you.


  26. JMD,
    I think sometimes you get carried away with your analysis on May 13 incidents and about TDM.Blaming pakatan to be racist is kinda hitting below the belt ! Have you ever seen the letters TDM wrote and ciculated during his sacking by the PM TAR.If he was’nt racist that time then we are just blind ! We lupa very easily!
    The truth on the May 13 lies in many factors and Harun by the way was the fall guy in todays term ! It was no accident and it was premeditated because the PM TAR was seen to be weak and outdated with the times!If you believe in kharma then you know why TAR had the last laugh.


  27. I will make this nice and short.

    Myth no 1- In football, you can insult your opponent in whatever form you want, the moment he hits you pyysically, that player is sent off.
    In the May 1969 massacre, the malays were the ones doing physical harm. And the ones leading them were the ultra nationalist like Harun Idris and mahathir Mohamed.

    Myth No 2 – The amount of wastge in our economy due to race based policies is beyond description.

    Myth No 3 – There are no archeological evidence to show that a malay palace was built in Melaka. So the book, Hikayat Hang Tuah and sejarah melayu could be a fiction.

    Myth no 5 – Mahathir himself wrote “indian” when filling the admission form into King Edward’s college in singapore.

    JMD : You’re the fine example of racist bigot that this article tried to highlight. Thank you for coming and putting your racist views here. To equate football with racial abuse during the May 13 victory elections? Scrapping the bottom of the barrel I would say.

    And please, if you have not a shred of evidence, please do not come and extol your racism here. As everyone can see it here, I don’t see you brought out any evidence to back up your claims above. Just simple, unabated racism.

    My last advice? Please read Sejarah Melayu and Hikayat Hang Tuah. To say both books are fiction just because you haven’t seen any archeological site for the palace is laughable. The Melaka Sultans have been cross referenced with other historical books from Tom Pires and even the books from Ming Dynasty. Re-read the links I provided in the relevant paras in this article please. Thank you.


  28. Dinturtle tinggalkan komen ini:

    Ur take on the Dap strategy is very much possible to happen come PRU. Malah baru ni sewaktu undi bajet yang dikatakan BN hampir tumbang… bayangkan jika ia terjadi….. Melayu masih teraba2 hala tujuan, sibuk berpolitik, sibuk mempertikai siapa lebih Islam sedangkan Dap walaupun belum bersedia menjadi govt of the day, mereka lebih tersusun dan berdisiplin, dan yang lebih menakutkan mereka lebih licik.

    One way or another, jika tidak ada perubahan drastik dalam senario politik negara, kemungkinan Dap berkuasa secara direct maupun secara proxy amatlah besar. Dan dalam kita memperkatakan apakah yang bakal terjadi selepas itu, ada baiknya kita cuba realistik, sedikit demi sedikit kita cuba gambarkan langkah2 yang bakal Dap lakukan. Kalau main perang2 ni walaupun ia tidak mustahil tapi agak ekstrem dan the whole thing would be taken as a joke.

    Dap walaupun satu species dengan orang seberang, they would rather be the ‘owner’ of their own country rather than be charity to spore. And no point in winning a spoilt and unproductive country. They would built a ‘better’ and ‘richer’ Malaysia, very merit based approach to everything, everything so democratic. No more protection whatsoever. A role model of a democratic country !

    Because in doing so, they have ALL to gain ! Everything would be done under the guise of equitability, fairness regardless of race and PAS could not refuse because those are the values of Islam that they’ve been promoting all these years (without taking other factors into account which gave birth to all the affirmative actions/DEB)

    Slowly but surely, Dap would literally take over the country, power and soil !

    My point is, the ‘blueprint’ must be as real as possible. Then we can all be in solitary and imagine the REAL threat thats facing us. Kalau ada pro Pas yang baca, pleasela, jangan kata Allah akan jaga umatNYA. Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib satu kaum kecuali mereka mengubahnya sendiri ! Ingat Bosnia? Itu dah ekstrem, tengok Singapura dah… rasa2 setelah beberapa lama Dap berkuasa, agak2 Pas ada lagi tak ? Mungkin ada, tapi ditumpukan pada kampung2 Melayu dan bilangan kerusi yang mewakili kampung2 tersebut tidak akan membawa sebarang makna di Parlimen.


  29. Lagi satu dari Dinturtle

    1- against Raja2 – yes, mereka tidak merasa apa2 pun akan fungsi raja2, hormat mereka hanya luaran. Raja hanya berguna bila nak dapat title Datuk, Tapi mereka sedar Melayu sensitif bila sebut Raja makanya mereka – oklah, takde hal, nak hormat pun . bukan rugi apapun. Tapi bila kuasa Raja tiba2 menempelak mereka semasa kes Perak, mula2 mereka melatah ( waktu melatah inilah mereka menunjukkan diri sebenar mereka ) kemudian cool down, sedar mereka tidak ada gunanya aggresive jika tidak mendatangkan hasil. Tapi perasaan tidak puas hati terhadap institusi Raja2 sudah mula membengkak dalam hati. Makanya sekali sekala mereka test water juga. Tapi untuk menghapuskan institusi Raja2, mereka akan bersabar. Sehingga mereka telah yakin Melayu dalam tangan, barulah mereka akan bertindak. Risiko terlalu tinggi sekiranya Melayu memberontak. All their strategies are within the law, to be defended by their legion of lawyers. Jika Melayu memberontak atau mengamuk, pastinya tidak akan mengikut undang2 ! Mereka akan amat berhati2 dalam hal ini.

    2- ‘use that power to oppress’… yes and no. Oppress agak keras bunyinya tapi oppress they would but secara halus. They would control the economy and politics. Mereka akan menentukan hala tuju negara dan bagaimana mentadbirnya. Pada mata kasar atau pada orang luar, apa yang mereka hajati itu adalah demokrasi sebenar yang harus dicontohi dan dipertahankan. Disini mungkin campurtangan asing akan masuk – bukan untuk mengambil alih tapi menjaga keamanan status quo tika itu. kerana waktu itu pelaburan asing akan masuk dengan banyak sebagai sebahagian strategi Dap. Demi kekayaan dan pembangunan negara DAN keselamatan kerana negara2 pelabur akan ‘memastikan’ pelaburan mereka yang banyak dinegara kita terjamin. Dengan itu, Dap akan punya ‘sahabat’ yang akan campurtangan sekiranya kedudukan mereka tergugat.

    3- seperti saya katakan dalam komen terdahulu, tidak ada gunanya mereka mengambil alih negara yang kacau bilau. They are ‘peace loving people’, they just want everything to be FAIR. Tidak ada kelebihan pada mana2 kaum. Itu saja – true democracy ! Semuanya terpulang pada merit. Masalahnya jika itu keadaannya, Melayu akan ketinggalan. Ada sesiapa yang berani katakan Melayu mampu bersaing malah akan meningkatkan lagi % ekuiti sekiranya tidak ada lagi perlindungan ?

    4- Semuanya mengikut undang2 ! Tidak ada kapal perang atau jet atau bunyi tembakan meriam malah tidak akan kedengaran walau satu das tembakan pistol pun. Melayu yang bersekongkol dengan mereka, pada mulanya akan bersorak gembira meraikan kemenangan. Malah segala perubahan2 yang bakal dilakukan Dap juga akan mereka sokong kerana waktu itu semuanya kelihatan adil, untuk semua tanpa mengira kaum. Seperti sekarang , apakah pemimpin merasa kepayahan yang terpaksa dilalui rakyat dalam mengharungi kehidupan harian ?
    Makanya, tika perubahan2 itu dilakukan, pemimpin2 Melayu yang bersama mereka tidak akan sedar keterlanjuran mereka sehingga sudah terlambat. Kerana segalanya mengikut prosedur undang2 !

    5- Setelah berkuasa, mereka akan memastikan kuasa mereka tidak tergugat. Bagaimana mereka lakukan ? Pastinya mengikut resepi yang telah terbukti berjaya di Singapura. Ya, Singapura akan menguasai Malaysia tapi bukan dalam bentuk menjajah tapi dalam bentuk cara pemerintahan yang sama.

    Segalanya yang saya tulis diatas amat berkemungkinan terjadi dan amat menakutkan. Ia pernah terjadi diSingapura dan tidak mustahil berulang di negara kita. Tika itu Melayu sudah layu dan tidak mampu berbuat apa2 kecuali memberontak… malangnya untuk memberontak pun sudah terlambat kerana ruang untuk memberontak pun akan mereka tutup. Seperti saya yang cuba menggambarkan apa yang bakal terjadi, mereka juga akan menggambarkan apakah reaksi Melayu terhadap setiap langkah yang bakal mereka lakukan. Ini bukan lagi zaman keris atau lembing dimana kekuatan fizikal mengalahkan yang lemah.

    Maaf Tuan Dal, panjang sangat. Tulah, yang pergi tulis benda yang sensitif pada saya ni kenapa ?


  30. Yang pelikya, kalau mereka dah tahu senang jadi Melayu, kenapa mereka tak mahu jadi Melayu? Masuk Islam, cakap Melayu tiap-tiap hari, hidup cara Melayu, … ramai orang Melayu tak kisah, malah menerima dengan tangan terbuka lagi, macam saudara Ridhuan Tee. 50 tahun lagi, anak cicik Riduan Tee berkawan baik dengan orang Melayu, malah mungkin dianggap sebagai Melayu, sebaliknya anak cicik orang non-Melayu yang berkeras sekarang ini masih dengan isu yang sama. Siapa yang rugi?


    • Salam saudara/i Hee,

      Boleh saya bertanya apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan ‘senang’? Sekiranya, kita berbincang mengenai kedudukan khas Melayu yang tertera dalam perlembagaan, ia adalah untuk melindungi serta membantu keturunan orang-orang Melayu asal Tanah Melayu yang pada masa merdeka masih ketinggalan oleh sebab faktor penjajah, penempatan di luar bandar, kurang peluang pendidikan, perniagaan, dsb. Sekiranya, calang-calang orang boleh menjadi orang Melayu maka tujuan kedudukan khas Melayu dalam Perlembagaan tidak lagi bermakna.

      Soalan saudara/i seakan bertanya kalau rakyat Cina Malaysia dikaitkan dengan kekayaan, celik berniaga dan memegang kekuatan ekonomi serta nadi perusahaan kebangsaan, mengapa orang Melayu tidak meninggalkan budaya Nusantara, jikalaupun tidak, buang yang keruh dan ambil yang jernih untuk meningkatkan pegangan ekonomi.

      Bagai peribahasa kuman di seberang laut nampak, gajah di depan mata tak nampak, sekiranya budaya dan agama orang Cina (Buddhisme, Taoisme, Kristian, atau yang lain) berasaskan ‘kelahiran’ dan tiada kebebasan memilih agama maka dikhuatiri saudara Tee tidak akan bergelar Ridhuan hari ini.

      Seandainya keinginan saudara/i itu dimakbulkan, semua rakyat bukan Melayu menjadi Melayu, maka tiada perlu lagi kedudukan khas kerana semua rakyat akan menjadi Melayu. Kemungkinan besar semenanjung boleh kembali bergelar Tanah Melayu dan seperti kata saudara/i semua rakyat akan menjadi senang kerana semuanya Melayu.

      Cuba terangkan apa yang senang? Adakah pak tani yang tekun dibawah bahang mentari dan anak nelayan yang berani membadai ombak senang, atau susah? Kesenangan dan kesusahan hidup tidak memilih kaum, tidak kira Melayu atau bukan Melayu, susah senang hidup pilihan sendiri. Hanya Tuhan yang menentukan asal-usul kita, kita tidak dapat memilih keluarga dan tempat kita dilahirkan, malah asuhan pada peringkat awal pun di luar tangan kita, tetapi Tuhan adil dan mengkurniakan otak dan tubuh sihat kepada kebanyakan daripada kita.

      Hargailah kurniaan dan amanat tersebut, gunakan dengan sebaik-baiknya untuk diri, keluarga dan masyarakat kita.


      • Sdr/i mysleepyhead

        I have read your thought at various blog especially at DN. Your comment here allows me to see your stand a bit more clearly,especially on SSS and parallel society in this land.

        Perhaps you like each race chart its life course parallel to each other and hopefully never to cross path, ever.

        I think we will cross. This is what most Malays do not like to see happens.

        Yes, we cannot choose where we were born. Your ancesters may not be from here, but they choose to migrate here anyway. Choice is the word.

        How nice to go back to Tanah Melayu again. Before our independance we were 80% majority. But after independance this majority was reduced, with a stroke of
        a pen, to less than 60%, .

        Jumping from the frying pen into the fire? Nasib Melayu!

        When saudara/i HEE suggested all races should be Malay and solved a few problems I believe he/she does not refer to solving problems of catching fish and farming alone.

        Many thing you put here, are food for thought though. Like we bangsa nusantara sould try to emulate what is good from the nonMalays.

        Yes, especially in the “networking” and looking out for each other.

        May be we should.



        • Saudara Mohamed,

          Thank you for your comment.

          I personally wish for a united front and single sociocultural identity in public space not each race living in parallel within the confines of their own culture.

          Do not be caught up with the percentages as the population growth of the Malays have acceded the others since Merdeka, so with time, it may go up to 80 or even 90 percent.

          IMHO at the end of the day, it is up to the Malays how the country will move forward and everything else.

          I don’t think anyone can tell us now what is the one Malaysian identity that can be adopted by all regardless of race.


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    • I nearly choke while reading ur comments…

      PR the only hope?? less than a year,yet so many problems…
      wonder if it rule Malaysia,,it will only take less than 6months before Malaysia lose its independence and become “hamba” again.

      So u think JMD is a liar?? Why not you prove some points here to support your evidence,u piece of ****


  32. I think wats da prob is those power manipulating backstaber inside umno dat had brought bad features 2 umno itself…pple lose their trust bcoz of these selfish bratt!! so umno nid a lot of cleaning to do…


  33. I just cant believe politician in Malaysia…

    be it UMNO, MCA, MIC, PKR, PAS etc etc…

    Most of them in my opinion, are looking for own wealth… The Rakyat for them is their family and friends…

    I hope that UMNO will do good, i mean real good to the masses… but… maybe it will be when IMAM MAHADI and ISA AL-MASIH come and the current politicians is all dead…


    • yeah, can’t agree more. apparently, semua rosak. ada yang masih bersih dan ikhlas tapi itu pun tinggal SEGELINTIR ajela… yang lain2 tu semuanya grassroots yang ada kesedaran tapi malangnya tak ada kuasa.


  34. Cerita hal Melayu ni memang tak pernah boleh habis. Apa nak ungkit2 ? Yang sedih ni sampai keturunan Dr. Mahathir pun nak dibahas ? Kan buang masa.

    Kita semua ni should be happily Malaysian. Melayu ke, apa ke, tak kira.

    Like it or not, we are changing. Live parallel with one another, crosspath will happen. Choice is individual but don’t question others. When one starts to question, there the problem begins. Federal Constitution has the answer, bacalah kalau tak faham Perlembagaan Malaysia. Bila baca, baca tekun sikit, biar sesungguhnya faham dan tak lupa.

    Jadi orang Melayu tak senang. Nak kena jawab banyak soalan dari orang bukan Melayu. Ia tak sepatutnya jadi macam ini. Apa perlunya orang Melayu jawab kalau cara bertanya pun tak beradab ?

    Orang Melayu dilimpahi dengan peradabannya. Banyak orang bukan Melayu tak faham perkara ni tapi nak buat kesimpulan.


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