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Nazri Aziz again?

I just had to hand it to Nazri Aziz.

The weekend just ended. Joceline Tan wrote two articles about him back to back during that period. She had the cheek to insinuate Nazri as the last samurai; the last of the fearless politician.

Joceline must have been high on something that weekend.

Nazri, spurred by the samurai label, began to revel in it. Now, he is the samurai while Najib Tun Razak is the Shogun.

What a cheap stunt.

In the first place, a samurai is never reckless. Far from it.

This is how I see it.

This issue was started by Pakatan Rakyat ostracising Biro Tata Negara. Rightly or wrongly, it was a tussle between the Federal Government and the State government of Selangor.


What an idiot. He is certainly not a fearless politician.

The Deputy PM had made not-so-subtle hints when he defended the BTN. A clever politician would take the hint and ended the tiff there and then.

But not Nazri.

He is too dumb to comprehend this.

In the end, the PM himself had to meet him and order him to stop all this buffoonery. Why can’t he think for himself? He has to wait until the PM calls him in? Only then he would realise his antics?

How childish.

Nazri was one of the many politicians that made the rakyat loathed the Barisan Nasional leaders back in 2008.

I believe he will AGAIN be the black sheep as the next general election approaches.

With this kind of politician, we do not need the opposition. He will commit the seppuku for the entire BN. Pakatan Rakyat is smiling ear to ear because of this dumb samurai.

9 thoughts on “Nazri Aziz again?

  1. I think it is insulting to Samurai’s associating this fella with a Samurai. Samurai’s live following and abiding certain codes. He have none. No principles either. At the current state BN is in they seriously cannot afford a Nazri. People are watching very closely and if such rubbish continues to be part of the Cabinet, ah well. Ah JMD, it is a waste of time talking about such person. Might as well talk to the wall or some inanimate object. Most animals know they’ve made a mistake. Never this guy. I am done talking. Have a good week Bro.


  2. “Nazri was one of the many politicians that made the rakyat loathed the Barisan Nasional leaders back in 2008” …along with Ketuanan Melayu, UMNO, MCA, and MIC


  3. what do you expect from Nazri? even his siblings are known thugs believe to be operating in the area of masjid india and pudu. the idiocy part, was a very good and vivid interpretation of nazri. anyways, good for you JMD, and i hope he read your article, but then, can he really read in english. i guess nazri vocab would only consists of the four letter words and ‘golf’ is not even in his mind. he he he.


  4. JMD,

    He is not magnanimous even in defeat. He won’t even regard it as defeat. He doesn’t consider it as a dressing down by a boss. He considers it as being advised as an equal. What pure unadulterated arrogance.

    Listen to what he said: “What I can say is that the Prime Minister is very concerned that some quarters may think that I am being used by the leadership to criticise Dr Mahathir. That is not true at all. What I said and did was on my own free will. You know me, I am my own man.” No apology to TDM, no expression of regret, not an iota of remorse.

    He further said, “I agreed to end this whole thing because I do not want to make things difficult for the Prime Minister, I don’t want to hurt his image.” As if he is an equal to DSN. He “agreed” instead of saying he was instructed or told by the PM not to … This is the kind of man we have in the Cabinet. Many have been calling for him to be sacked. The campaign continues.

    He definitely has hurt DSN’s image. DSN wouldn’t have called him in otherwise. Not some but many “quarters” have indeed been thinking that DSN wanted or didn’t mind him running down TDM because the senior statesman has expressed views not fully in line with DSN’s. He would continue to be making things difficult for DSN. So long as DSN keeps him there many people will continue to think that DSN wants to use the loud-mouthed fellow as an insurance to keep TDM at bay.

    JMD : Thank you Dot for the comment.


  5. High time Nazri should go. In fact, long overdue! If someone has more info on his children antics, do share. Let’s strip him naked. See if he can take it.


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