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Nazri Aziz battling against his own intelligence (and he won)

I am quite reluctant to write this piece as it involves unnecessary childish behaviour from a senior minister of Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak’s cabinet.

The minister, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz went crazy all of a sudden after Tun Dr Mahathir gave a statement after being asked by a journalist about Biro Tata Negara course.

Lets talk what really happened.

The opposition, who often oppose just for the sake of opposing anything under the government’s sun, had criticised BTN as a propaganda machine of the federal government. This led the Pakatan Rakyat’s state government of Selangor to bar all its civil servants to attend BTN courses.

They claimed it incites hatred towards the opposition and above all, it is filled with some Ketuanan Melayu brainwash (why,what else can they say but this?)

Suddenly without any provocation, Nazri a prisoner of some ‘siege’, claimed that yes, BTN do need revamping.

But his peers is stating otherwise. Ahmad Maslan, the Deputy Minister in the PM’s Department claimed that there will only be upgrades to suit the 1Malaysia concept.

Even the Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin defended BTN courses. The issue would have been resolved with Nazri Aziz being asked to keep his thoughts to himself and not poke his bald head onto other people’s affairs.

But matters became complex when an elder statesman was asked about his own opinion.

Last weekend, at a function, Tun Dr Mahathir was asked by journalists about the possible revamp/upgrade of BTN courses, and of course, explaining things from his experience and point of view, he stated that these courses should be retained.

Summarily, he said:

The former prime minister was also of the opinion that the BTN curriculum had helped foster unity as the courses conducted by the agency were attended by Malaysians of all races.

“No need to revamp…I think it is better to retain the modules,” he told reporters after opening the World Aids Day 2009 here today.

Commenting further, Dr Mahathir said he too had given talks at courses organised by the BTN and among the subjects touched on were Malaysian history.

“Sometimes, people cannot understand the underlying value of BTN courses. I do not see anything bad about it, it explains the nation’s history,” he said.

His remarks jived with the other current leaders in Barisan Nasional – Ahmad Maslan, the deputy minister directly responsible for BTN and with the Deputy Prime Minister.

Then how come, just because of this statement from Tun, Nazri barked out unprovoked and uncouth comments regarding Tun and labeled him as racist? Which part of Tun’s statement above is deemed racist?

Nazri’s tantrum sounded like this:

Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz has called Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad a “bloody racist” for defending the Biro Tata Negara (BTN) courses, and reasserted the Cabinet’s earlier decision to overhaul the programme.

Nazri pointed out to reporters in Parliament today that patriotism was not meant only for the Malays but for all Malaysians.

“You must be a Malaysian whether you’re a minister or not. You must walk your talk. Don’t just because when you were PM, you wanted everyone to support you, you’re Malaysian and the moment you’re no longer PM, that’s it, only talk about the Malays so I cannot accept his comment. When you read his blog it is bloody racist.

“I strongly feel the BTN courses must be in line with the 1 Malaysia slogan by the PM,” he said.

Again, which part of Tun’s statement about BTN earlier that made Nazri hopping mad? It was not insidious and certainly not racist in nature. Tun did not even solely talking about the Malays! And to be sure, Tun was not even ridiculing Nazri for his call to revamp BTN.

Why didn’t Nazri launch an attack to Ahmad Maslan and his number 2 boss as well?

Can they be labeled as bloody racist as well for saying that there will only be an upgrade for BTN?

Mind you, Tun was merely stating his opinion on what he knew BTN during his years in the government. Whatever the grievances people might have about BTN happens only recently.

The blogger Hantu Laut put it succinctly in his latest article.

I believe Nazri Aziz was just trying to gain some mileage in the possible cabinet reshuffle. After all, after more than 6 months down the road from the last cabinet announcement, what kind of value-add has Nazri provided to the government?

What are the things that no other people can perform better than him? Is he an asset to this Kerajaan Untuk Rakyat, or is he a liability?

In April this year, after hearing the new cabinet line-up, I wrote:

When hearing the announcement, among my first reaction was; are there no other parliamentarians more proficient in Malaysian laws than Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz? Nazri should know that he is very lucky to be reappointed into the cabinet this time around. But I guess, his service is still needed in Parliament. However, I will shudder if he still persist in being too gung-ho in his approach towards any sensitive issues in the future.

Nazri must know that being a hatchet-man to the PM will not work this time around. Najib Tun Razak does not need to defend himself against Tun Mahathir in the first place. This particular episode revealed how erratic Nazri is. The old statesman was not even taking a swipe at the government. In fact, he was defending Barisan Nasional.

Why make a mess when you don’t need one?

Noticeably, all the opposition jumped the bandwagon and glorified Nazri for his outbursts. How bizzare! Nazri, the Pakatan hero? Well maybe he is vying for a cabinet post IF Anwar Ibrahim wins the next general election. Amacam Kit Siang, can Nazri be the Home Minister then? You can have Nazri, his childish tantrums and his IQ all to yourself.

In my opinion with regards to the BTN itself, it is a matter of execution and implementation that needs to be upgraded and streamlined. Maybe there were certain cases of overzealous officials within the BTN that had used extreme approach to instil patriotism. Again, it’s a matter of execution. Not the ideology itself.

The courses need to be properly conducted so that each participant may get the same level of motivation and patriotism which is in line with the original goals of BTN. The trainers need to be more dynamic and cognizant to his audience.

Nazri himself need to attend a refresher course in BTN. I hope they will teach him some manners as well.

Thank you.

34 thoughts on “Nazri Aziz battling against his own intelligence (and he won)

  1. nazri – as usual JMD, he is the master of ‘bodek’. last time he condemn TDM and defended Pak Lah, now he is doing the same thing against TDM but under Najib.

    once upon a time, he slammed oppositions when he was under TDM cabinet.

    that is Nazri Aziz(anyone knows why aziz’s son always makes controversy?)

    welcome JMD. long time no writes.


  2. That’s right JMD. It looks like he is more irritated with Tun rather than Tun to himself. Tun didn’t even mention his name in his comment. Poor Tun. What an ungrateful s**t Nazri is. Hope DSN knows better and not to get involve with this latest Nazri’s shit drama..


  3. Mungkin menang tapi apa untungnya Nazri bertindak dan bersikap demikian kepada Tun kecuali serangan bertalu talu yang akan sampai dan apakah UMNO sudah kembali kepada asal atau lebih kuat dari dahulu untuk menentang hujah hujah Tun.

    Nazri sendiri tahu bahawa pembangkang tidak perlu bekerja keras kerana peranan itu kini diambil alih oleh Tun dan apa yang Nazri buat sekarang sekadar mencurah minyak ke api yang sedang membara.

    Tukang bombanya Najib dan Muhyiddin, dan akhir sekali keduanya akan bertelingkah pendapat sesama sendiri.

    Nazri memang menang tetapi bodoh.


  4. Nazri himself need to attend a refresher course in BTN. I hope they will teach him some manners as well. <<<— Love your ending… Superb!


  5. Dear JMD,

    I’ve been dying to read your thoughts on this since it happened a few days back. I feel relieved that you posted something on this.

    Why is Nazri attacking Tun on an issue that is brought up by Lim Kit Siang, (who I bet must be smiling right now with so many others who want to see BN fall? What is his true motive)? I feel something more sinister is brewing behind the scene.

    Whatever it is, UMNO MT and Najib must act quickly. He must be sacked. Nazri has shamed all Malays to its core (except those yang tak sedar diri). Surely they must do something. Kita ada maruah. Nazri sudah tidak ada maruah dan adab. He no longer has Malay spirit in him. Why didn’t he jumped on the issue of Chinese/ Tamil schools which is clearly a breeding ground for racism? Why pick on BTN? Apa makna semua ni?

    I do hope stern action will be taken on Nazri. He doesn’t belong with UMNO or deserve to call himself a Malay. The PM musn’t condone this sort of behaviour!

    Tun Teja


  6. kalau nak tunjuk hero pun agak2 la nazri ooooiiii….
    kalau hang rasa diri tu bukan melayu tak pa la hang cakap macam tu…. cuba pikir dulu sebelum bertindak membabi buta….kenang kembali sapa yang cover hang punya kes dulu pasai permit teksi….sendiri mau pikir brooooo


  7. madey sepeti besa la bila dengar nazri belasah legasi dia naik hangin le satu badan. tapi cakap nazri memg ada betoinya. bagaimanapun teman doakan madey sentiasa sehat dan panjang umur supaya dia boleh teruih belawan dgn nazri.


  8. Boody hipocrite Nazri,

    Your “bloody computer” you installed in Parliment recently cost RM12,000 per unit. It cost only RM2000 each at Low Yat (not including pc game, adobe or grafikcard lah, unless MP Nazri want to play games during parliment session) .

    What do you say Nazri? You kow tim ke? That is “bloody people money maa…

    About this BTN thing, its the Govt of the day’s choice maa. You dont agree with Tun M, why u still hang on as minister during his time?

    Since you were not “bloody racist” at that time, you should have quit then maa.

    Btw, what’s wrong with Tun M defending the Malays, like Lim Kit Siang defending the Chinese and the expired Sam Vellu defending the Indians? Or Pairin Kitingan defending the Kadazans?

    Bloody hipocrite Bloody fool


  9. Dear JMD,

    He continues to play his role as an attack dog. As you know some attack dog attacks for no other reason then because they are a dog. And some attack dogs would just as soon put their tail between the legs and apologise to Singapore. Not to the PM of the day but to Singapore. Now we always know where his priority actually lies. He have always and will be a liability to UMNO and BN but well if the leaders want an attack dog to guard and start yapping away what can we say. Effectively the DPM have more or less told him off but since the top dog have not saying anything as he is sooooo far away he continues to yap away. As you know he is not sorry and he will not apologise except to Singapore….

    A useless Youth Chief once a point a time. I will as soon as squarely put the blame on the beginning of the rot in the Youth squarely on him and now he is an even more useless Minister that cannot even do his job of really just to manage Parliament properly. Again since they need such attack dog to guard Parliament…..Oh well….

    Have a good one,



  10. Dr Sid, dia pemanas, macam bapak dia dulu. But no excuse to behave the way he does – Melayu kata kurang ajar kalau memaki hamun orang tua, bekas pemimpin yang banyak dihormati orang pulak tu, yang mula mula bawa dia masuk Kabinet pulaknya.

    “Unbecoming”, to say the least. Rude, unthinking, jumping on statements made by others, without checking the details, without due thought process. He is unfit to continue as a Minister and Dato Seri Najib is well advised to kick him out.

    JMD, let’s campaign to get him out. Big Dog and Rocky’s Bru I think are doing that. So many are expressing their disgust at this Nazri fellow.

    Malaysia has long been a laughing stock and stupid, arrogant and corrupt Ministers have been the butt of jokes at international cocktail circuits, in club bars and hotel lounges, locally and abroad. Fellows like Nazri will continue to make discerning foreigners laugh, disconcerting anti-nationalists clap their hands, and poor fellows like us aghast.

    He cannot have interpreted the cabinet discussion (his claim) as a decision to “revamp” BTN when the Deputy Minister in charge of BTN said it was merely “upgrading”, when the Minister of Information didn’t say anything, when the Cabinet Secretary and/or the Chief Secretary to the Government, who attends all Cabinet meetings, didn’t come out in support of what he uttered.

    And, going by the testimonies of many BTN course participants given at Big Dog and Rocky’s Bru, there was nothing evil about the BTN module. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in, in fact there is a strong need for, urging people to give regard to historical facts of the country, to the important clauses of the Constitution in the attempt to forge national unity. Indeed, the role of BTN as I understand it is to bring about national unity. Only that it has been politicised, exploited and propagandised by the anti-national, divisive and sometimes subversive elements in the country.

    Dato Seri Najib must not allow his own Department, specifically, BTN as a unit in his Department, to be ridiculed by those fellows. He must not allow Nazri to assist those fellows in demonising and demoralising the BTN staff and others. “Revamping” BTN would certainly appear as dancing to the tune of those evil-intentioned fellows. Tidak ada maruah jika DSN berbuat demikian.


  11. I had just written a post on this as well. It’s all becoming like a circus really. This issue, which started out as an issue of whether BTN needed a revamping, is now being splased around in the media as a spat between Dr M and Nazri.

    Seems like it’s becoming a trend to label anyone and everyone a ‘racist’ these days. I really wonder what is to become of Malaysia if this trend continues on for long..

    Entahlah.. The more I read the news, the less convinced I am of anything at all.

    Well, as always, JMD. Appreciate your post and thoughts on this. =)


  12. Maybe he realize he is threading on thin ground with respect to his parliamentary seat in Perak. A 5% swing vote may see him ousted from his seat, so obviously he is playing to the opposition tune to gain some sympathy support for the next election.
    I have disagreed with some of Mahathir’s policy in the past but the manner Nazri attacked him as ‘racist’ is certainly not proper and unacceptable. He simply does not know how to articulate gracefully. Perhaps Nazri has run out of ideas to outwit the political master or perhaps he is suffering from syphilis in the brain just like ‘Big Dadda Amin’ of Uganda!


  13. JMD,

    Begitulah sikap orang yang lahir dalam kehidupan mewah sejak dari kecil. Bapanya orang kuat UMNO berjuang untuk kepentingan Melayu. Nazri hidup dengan kemewahan hasil yang diperolehi bapanya bersama UMNO. Nazri tidak pernah merasa pengalaman kesusahan orang Melayu dulu di tanahair sendiri. Sebab itu beliau tidak mempunyai perasaan atau roh orang Melayu. Orang Melayu di tanah Melayu bukannya anti perkauman. Kalau tidak lama sudah kaum lain akan terpaksa hidup seperti pendatang di Indonesia, Thailand, Filipina dan malah Amerika Syarikat. Bangsa lain di negara lain adalah lebih rasis. Berbalik kepada Nazri, beliau sebenarnya cetek fikiran. Beliau hanya membaca fikiran orang Melayu, tetapi tidak mahu membaca fikiran orang lain yang mempunyai cita-cita lebih besar dari orang Melayu. Jangan terantuk baru terngadah nanti.



  14. Nazri should have gone further and suggest that BTN courses should be shut.
    I remember in the 80’s malay students who had completetd this brain washing courses were very convinced that the “mat sallehs” were stupid and lazy and malay d**** are as hard as rock and should satisfy any sex craving anglo saxon lady.
    Suffice to say, 20% of them probably never did complete their studies.
    This BTN and National service stints are a waste of time and money.

    JMD : Please tone down the obscenities. Thank you.


  15. Sdr JMD,

    “How bizzare! Nazri, the Pakatan hero? Well maybe he is vying for a cabinet post IF Anwar Ibrahim wins the next general election.

    Saya pun terlintas benda yang sama. Seakan Nazri ini menjadi gunting dalam lipatan, seorang ejen pemusnah di dalam UMNO.

    Dan juga seolah-olah ada sesuatu yang telah berlaku di antara dia dan Tun Mahathir, yang tidak dapat dilupai oleh Nazri. Nampak macam Nazri menyimpan dendam yang teramat terhadap Tun M.

    Saya rasa, amat tepatlah saranan Tun M supaya Nazri keluar dari UMNO, kerana UMNO itu “rasis” seperti juga DAP, Gerakan, MCA, MIC dan PAS.

    Bezanya, DAP, Gerakan dan MCA adalah semata-matanya untuk kaum China sehinggakan sampai ke tahap chauvinis. MIC adalah khusus untuk kaum India. Dan PAS pula parti ultra Melayu yang mempolitikan agama. Cuma sejak PAS menjadi ahli PR saja sikap ultra Melayu menjadi kucar kacir sedikit akibat bersekongkol dengan DAP.

    UMNO walaupun parti politik orang Melayu, tetapi masih tetap berganding bahu dengan MCA & MIC dan lain-lain.

    So Nazri, jadilah gentleman dan keluarlah dari UMNO, maybe join PKR?

    “Negara ku Malaysia”

    Semerah Padi


  16. Berlanjutan kepada komen saya di atas mengenai persoalan yang saya tulis:-

    “…seolah-olah ada sesuatu yang telah berlaku di antara dia dan Tun Mahathir, yang tidak dapat dilupai oleh Nazri..”

    saya terbaca di blog OutSyed The Box perenggan ini yang ditulis oleh Tuan Syed:-

    To digress a little, I had breakfast with an ex Judge – who used to be a very senior Judge. He told a story about a junior Minister (no names ok) during Dr Mahathir’s time who once got into some trouble and was called up by Dr Mahathir. It is said that after the meeting, the junior Minister actually wet his pants ! ! Urban legend or true?

    Adakah ini jawapannya kepada persoalan saya? HA ! HA! HA!

    “Negara Ini Negara Berdaulat”

    Semerah Padi


  17. I hope the PM will remove Nazri from Cabinet in the next reshuffle. Buat perabis beras je dia ni jadi Menteri. He is not outstanding as a Minister and only suitable as a backbencher.


  18. “In my opinion with regards to the BTN itself, it is a matter of execution and implementation that needs to be upgraded and streamlined. Maybe there were certain cases of overzealous officials within the BTN that had used extreme approach to instil patriotism. Again, it’s a matter of execution. Not the ideology itself.

    The courses need to be properly conducted so that each participant may get the same level of motivation and patriotism which is in line with the original goals of BTN. The trainers need to be more dynamic and cognizant to his audience.”

    Well said! Although, saying that ‘overzealous officials’ were the exception rather than the rule is a bit of an understatement. As far as my friends and I are concerned, everyone of our peers (from scholars to medics attached to the government) are against the programme because of what they teach/preach. Perhaps the main purpose of the course has deviated over the years, but no one can deny that it has — something just has to be done about this and I’m glad it is being brought to the table for discussion.


  19. Okay, you can be really funny when ranting, JMD. Had fun reading it. “butting his bald head”…”opposing for the sake of opposing”…Hahaha! Classic JMD.

    Anyway, been long time since I’ve dropped by. Been tied up. Will be coming in more frequently. Again, good post.


  20. JMD,
    There’s always 2 side to every story. For Nazri to go shooting off with the racist statement on TUN M is certainly a childish action. What sparked that emotion? That’s really a mystery…

    As for BTN issue, you brought out a valid point that its the execution that is wrong and not concept.

    Friends in the government sector who have attended BTN do claim that its a “brainwashing” session. Some have expressed that it puts every race in their place so to speak. This is really only been happening in the recent years. Could it be that in the past, the trainers executed the concept right? Somehow or rather the message of patriotism as a Malaysian ( irregardless of race) could have been diluted within the years by narrow minded and intellectually challenged trainers.
    There definitely should be a “tweek” in the module and most importantly revamping the trainers to those who embrace the 1Malaysia concept.

    For every problem, there is always someone to blame. In this case its TUN M. Funny how no one blamed him before in this many years BTN has been implemented. Do they not know that if you point a finger on someone, there’s 4 fingers pointing straight back at you?


  21. Well done Nazri well done. Now it is 2 for 2 with the taxi drivers next with UMNO telling him off too. Is he about to do a Zaid Ibrahim? I wonder. No matter what he said is sometimes true but still. Wonder what next? Picking a fight with the PM himself? Nahhh he is too much of a wuss to do that.


  22. heiyyaa nazili kaaa? itu mintili botak kaaaa?

    lia atak naik gwa teksi. cilakak busuk punya mulayu. lia atak ciakap lia lulok ameno saja mau kasi kolik lobang kasi olang hantam ameno.

    gwa ciakap tatak baik itu maciam latok. kilija mau butut butut. mau hantam ameno sana lulok dap laaa.

    lia ciakap dap lasist. lagi arrr sana luluk dap summa mulayu sutak tau lia sapa. lagi arrr sana lulok dap tatak lapat kautim kautim punya. itu maciam lia ciakap. heiyyaa manyak busuk ini mintili.

    tengok sikalang apa lia ciakap? teksi kilija selupa toilet kaaa? ini maciam arrr summa teksi olang manyak malah orrr.

    lu jiaga nazili. lu naik kita teksi, kita kasi kuntut sama lu. kita kasi pica satu telok busuk lalam keleta. kita kasi kunci summa pintu. lu mulut busuk punya mintili.


  23. for me what nazri says is VERY TRUE. Nazri has been an old timer in the cabinet and he knows BEST. We are only watching from the outside. The BTN courses are creating RACISM among malaysian. HOW many non malays are happy after attending the course???? u ask them for a honest reply. I have a friend who attended the course quite some time back, he says its INSTILING HATRED. Ask those who attend the course and they have lots to say.


  24. two decades under Tun Mahatir they were no programs for uniting the various RAces in malaysia. THAT two decades has contributed all the MISERY we SEE today.


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