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Pro ‘freedom of speech’ senator suing blogger/former editor

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim is suing Datuk Kadir Jasin over a blog article written by the latter on 21st October 2009.

The said article is entitled – “Zaid, The Hurricane Hattie of PR”.

Zaid then wrote a rebuke on the same day some 12 hours later. His is entitled – “Kalau Hati Dah Busuk”.

After reading both articles, I believe Zaid had made a faux pas..

He ended his ‘Kalau Hati Dah Busuk’ article with this paragraph:

“Bagi saya, kalau PKR, PAS atau DAP yang mendakwa saya ini satu watak kartun dan seorang pengacau, maka saya perlu meneliti tuduhan tersebut. Tetapi kalau setakat penulis upahan UMNO yang membuat tuduhan, saya rasa saya masih lagi boleh tidur nyenyak. Lagi pun tak berapa syok nak melayan budak-budak upahan, terutamanya yang hati mereka dah terlalu busuk.”

I think after 5 weeks gone by, Zaid still couldn’t sleep soundly. Hence this litigation suit.  In the end, he wanted to feel ‘syok melayan budak-budak upahan‘ afterall.

Datuk Kadir Jasin

Which comes to another point, Kadir Jasin is blogger upahan Umno? Meaning Najib pays him to write articles to criticise Zaid? Wow.. imagine that.. The PM, paying someone from the ‘old regime’ (Zaid’s own words) to do the writings…

Is that Zaid’s defence against any criticisms?

No wonder he couldn’t sleep soundly.

What is so wrong about the article which made him issue a writ of summon to Kadir Jasin?

Is there any element of defamation in it? Didn’t Zaid write a few allegatory statements concerning Kadir Jasin in his own rebuttal as well?

So, what is the contentious issue? All of Pakatan Rakyat supporters are supporting Zaid Ibrahim anyway. Who cares if one negative article was published in blogosphere?

You mean to say, people cannot write whatever they want? Since when?

We have been doing that since the MSC was set up some 10 years ago. And we got away with it.

This is simply the case of – “do what I say not do what I do”.

When he and all the opposition bloggers write tremendous amount of unfair accusations and uncouth articles defaming everyone else, it is fine. But when one is confronted with a ghost from the past, he became rattled and couldn’t sleep peacefully.

The irony is, he would like to be seen as liberal and the fighter of press freedom and freedom of speech.

Nevertheless, it is his right to sue people as much as it was Kadir Jasin’s right to write that article.  Unlike some people who ran away like a coward, I am sure Kadir Jasin will commence all the necessary legal actions to defend his article based on any evidence that he can produce.

Accountability is after all, a mantra all these old school editors hold on to. Too bad Zaid has no faith in his own writings. Otherwise, the accountability and the substance he tried to convey in his article could easily counter or negate whatever Kadir Jasin had originally written.

Anyway, from now on, listen up people. Nobody must criticise Datuk Zaid Ibrahim!


News update 3.40pm : Kadir Jasin is puzzled with the lawsuit.

11 thoughts on “Pro ‘freedom of speech’ senator suing blogger/former editor

  1. Zaid desperately wanted to blog to show to people that he openly embraces freedom of speech in the blogsphere. Apparently, he is either in utter ignorance of the fundamental rules in blogsphere writings or he has little faith in his own writing ability. That’s why he needs to hide behind the court.

    Apparently, Zaid is a softy. So lembik. Cannot tahan when being lambasted and criticised. Not surprising, he has to take a 6 months sabbatical leave.


  2. I hate this guy. Just like rakan2 yang sewaktu. Yes, pondan. Hypocrite. Cakap terlebih lebih tapi tak serupa bikin. Ran to mama and shouted foul play everytime they get beaten in their own games. Anwar’s September 16th was so okay but they turned into cry-babies with black eyes in Perak. They hid behind free speech when threw accusations (unless Bala’s SD can be considered truth and RPK’s words are wahyu) but ran to court when others open their mouths. Malu lah.You created the game, you agreed with the the rules and and whenever you lost asked for compensation. Letih lah.

    Hello zaid sir, I thought you don’t belive in the Malaysia’s Court System? You want me to pay for the judge again ke? This time, use the money you get while jadi UMNO lawyer lah. You buat-buat lupa, buat bodoh or you had one too many?


  3. An obvious case of ‘cakap tak serupa bikin’. Then again, it IS too much to expect decency from the likes of zaid, his recent Hajj notwithstanding..


  4. to lorpades and JMD,

    indeed zaid is a pondan. he can’t even bare the article and sought legal action against kadir. its like a small kid who got beaten by his friends crying for help from his mom!



  5. Salam JMD, its been sometimes since I last drop by, gone on my own sabbatical leave ehh.
    Birds of a feather fly together, masuk kandang rimau mengaum, masuk kandang babi me-oing, masuk geng anjing menyalak…. he has chosen whom he wanna be with, so it will be no surprise to see how he responded to all his critics. We will see a lot more of his mengaum, me-oing and menyalak – just like his famous mentor


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