Dong Zong’s reply to the one school system

I’m posting this as it appears in The Sun today:

KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 17, 2009): A number of Chinese groups are against the Education Ministry’s proposal for vernacular primary schools to adopt the same syllabus used in national schools for the Bahasa Malaysia (BM) language subject, the Chinese press reported today.

Currently, the BM textbooks used in Chinese and Tamil primary schools are different from that used in national schools. So are the UPSR (Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah) BM examination papers.

Yap Sin Tian

Responding to a report in Sin Chew Daily, which broke the story on standardising the BM syllabus on Monday, Dong Zong (United Chinese School Committees Association) president Dr Yap Sin Tian sees the move as burdening pupils from vernacular schools who have to grapple with three languages.

He pointed out that for Chinese schools, where BM is taught as a second language, to adopt the same syllabus as that used in national schools, where BM is taught as a first language, goes against the principles of the national education philosophy.

He said Chinese school pupils have to learn three languages and cannot be expected to follow the same syllabus and the same way of learning BM as their peers in national schools.

To force Chinese schools to adopt the same syllabus will also affect the character of these schools, he said.

He urged the ministry not to resort to all means to change the syllabuses in Chinese schools. National Union of Heads of School president Pang Chong Leong echoed Yap’s concern on the possibility of an added burden on Chinese schools pupils.

He was worried that Chinese schools pupils might not be able to catch up as they have one more language to learn than national school pupils.

Pang, who said he had made clear the union’s stand at a meeting with the ministry, hoped that it would think thrice on the proposal.

Pheng Yin Huah

Hua Zong (Federation of Chinese Associations in Malaysia) president Tan Sri Pheng Yin Huah said instead of raising the standard of BM in vernacular schools, the move may backfire as the pupils, because of the medium of instruction in their schools, may have problems coping with syllabus of a higher standard.

He said pupils may end up with an aversion to the language, and “worse still for Chinese schools, parents seeking better environment to learn the national language may decide to send their children to national schools where Chinese language is already made a subject”.

United Chinese School Alumni Association of Malaysia said in a statement that Chinese schools cannot accept the proposal as it is a roundabout way of reducing the number of classes for subjects taught in Mandarin.

It has been reported that the ministry proposed that along with the change in syllabus, vernacular schools will have to teach BM an additional 90 minutes a week, at the expense of other subjects.

Wee Ka Siong

On Monday, Education Director-General Datuk Alimuddin Md Dom told Nanyang Siang Pau that the government is considering adopting national school BM syllabus in vernacular schools beginning with Year One in 2012.

He said if the pilot project proves successful in Year One, it would be extended to other classes.

He said the move is aimed at bring the standard of the language in vernacular schools to be on par with national schools.

However, he said it is still at the conceptual stage.

Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said the ministry needs in-depth studies on the proposal and has yet to make a decision.

He said he had objected to the proposal in at least three internal meetings. – The Sun

Few questions come to mind-

1) When you have to grapple with three languages, then as Orang Malaysia, which language should be the priority?

2) In this blessed nation called Malaysia, why does its national and official language be taught as the second language in  these schools? Why is Mandarin, which is the official language of another country being used as the number one language  and the main medium of instruction in these particular schools?

3) What is the character of these schools? Safe to say, it is certainly not a Malaysian character. How can the students truly become Orang Malaysia if they are taught using the characteristics of a foreign country’s education system?

4) Why would this chauvinistic group want to keep our children segregated from each other?  Don’t you want to embrace racial harmony? What is worse, they FEAR that their own children will go and mix around with other races in national schools!

5) Why is our own deputy minister of education of the majority elected government acting as a mouthpiece of a minority group? Have you gotten your priority right? Gunning for a higher post in MCA are you?

As a conclusion, the people above are extreme racist. They look down on other races because they do not want their own children to mix around with other children of different colour just because they fear that their own ‘character’ will be diluted.

As the result, the Ministry of Education together with the racist group above are the only people to be blamed when racial polarisation that begins in primary schools worsen as time goes by.

Reread the article above please. You can see the racist among us are those who support vernacular schools.


43 thoughts on “Dong Zong’s reply to the one school system

  1. No where in the world does not the language of the minority population becomes the language of instruction in the school system . This includes the proponent of democracy, USA . Even in the Chinese majority Singapore, Mandarin is not the language of instruction of its schools.
    In these countries, other languages can be taught in addition to the national education system NOT a separate education system as practiced in Malaysia.

    The present system has created ‘aliens’ within Malaysia’s population who are not well verse in the language and culture of the majority which is the Malay culture and language.

    Even the ethnically diversed US would not tolerate different education system within its nation, why would a much lesser diversed Malaysia adopts a multi education system?

    How can unity among Malaysian be achieved if there are ‘aliens’ within its population?


  2. Salam JMD,

    Despicable! Totally with you on this one. This must come to an end. Enforcing a single curriculum and hence the same set of questions for UPSR is a start. The national language and national identity must come first. This era is not pre or post-Merdeka. They have been left to their devices for so long that they have lost touch with what is essential and good for the nation.

    According to this data (Jadual 1.6) the SRJKC performance in BM is still lower than national schools despite being given a different set of questions, which I presume is relatively easier compared to what our SK kids are sitting for.

    On a side note, if the findings in the research paper above is true, than it may a be good start to reach out to SRJKTs first, especially the estate schools as they are left behind.

    We must enforce the same BM standards for all children regardless of school.

    JMD : Long time no see msleepyhead. Thank you for the comment.


  3. Their resistance to improving their own mastery of the national language is a clear evidence that they do not really believe in actual racial harmony. Everything about the Malay will continue to be alienated by them. 1Malaysia? Hampeh!!


  4. Bro,

    Very simple for me. I am no longer dealing with anyone that does not have a working ability to converse in Bahasa Malaysia or English. If they think they can survive in Malaysia just by conversing in one language so be it. It does not bode well for the unity of this nation but since they seem adamant about it so be it.

    I have met many China nationals, Japanese, Korean, Thais that are more conversant in English than some Malaysians I met. The stubbornness of a group of Malaysians disgust me.

    I do not understand the problem. When I was in school the language we speak when conversing with students from Chinese schools were Bahasa Malaysia. I say Bahasa Malaysia and not Malay because some of the command of BM was fantastic and refined. When did all these changed? Have in some way the education ministry became a pawn in encouraging Mandarin as the premier language in Chinese schools and thus the dismantling of a united Malaysia?

    This is unfortunate but true. I have always pointed out that MCA has always been the forerunner in this matter and never the DAP. Previously it was Lee Kim Sai now it looks like they are at it again. I do not care what they want to learn to speak in schools but the syllabus must be the same.

    Unity is build up while in school, if the Chinese schools starts learning Mandarin, Tamil schools in Tamil, religious schools in Arabic, private schools in whatever stream or curriculum they want I will safely say that the end of a united Malaysia is nigh. Pretty soon we will be more at ease with foreigners then among so-called Malaysians. We will become strangers with one another in our land and suspicious of one another in everything we say or do.

    If this is how MCA contributes to a united Malaysia I am not too pleased with them serving or representing me. What will be next? Voting purely on racial lines?

    I don’t like where we are heading and I hope something can be done to improve the situation. Do not wait for another incident before we are goaded to make changes and improvements. The Ministry of Education have for far too long be a political tool for Ministers to show their mettle and prowess. It is high time that matters of national interests such as education be taken away from politicians that have their own self interest. A blueprint that must be strictly followed must be created that will create something akin to a National Education Policy. It should cater for everyone regardless of race and religion.

    Enough that our children continue to be a pawn in their twisted games. It should stop now and stop here. We should look at the benefits of being multi-lingual for everyone rather then look at the burden of additional languages. Being multi-lingual for all school children must be part of the policy. Multi-lingual must not mean just Bahasa Malaysia and English. It should be more than that. It should be mother tongue (Malay, Chinese, Tamil, Hindi, English etc.) plus two additional language. That will strengthen our children in the global arena and in the workforce.

    When I was in Germany almost everyone are conversant in English and some are as eloquent even in French. If they can do it why can’t we? In Germany English are also taught as a second language. And yet I do not see problems with the Turks, Chinese, Arabs etc conversing in their own language.



  5. Salam JMD,

    Itu semua adalah PENGKHIANAT NEGARA. Tidak keterlaluan jika saya mengatakan mereka semua perlu dihantar ke negara China buat selama-selamanya. Dan saya kurang mengerti kenapa salah seorang drpd pengkhianat tersebut mendapat darjah TAN SRI?

    Mereka semua semakin melampau dengan sifat keCINAAN dan memandang rendah kepada Bahasa Kebangsaan. Jika di Thailand saya rasa mereka ini sudah dijatuhkan hukuman penjara seumur hidup.

    Kenapa Malaysia memerlukan orang seperti ini yang langsung tidak mahu memikirkan Aspirasi Kebangsaan. Belum untuk dimansuhkan SJK sudah bersikap demikian. Kementerian Pelajaran sudah tidak mempunyai ‘telur’ di dalam hal ini jika tunduk kepada karenah RASIS tersebut.

    It’s good to know that the deputy minster also one of the racist biggot.


  6. Hi JMD,

    I just want to share my experience on the product of vernacular school…

    The chinese kitchen staff (all are malaysian below 45 yrs old) in my Hotel cannot speak neither proper Malay nor English. The worst part is, all orders taken from our chinese restaurant patronisers need to be re-written to chinese writing becuse they also cannot read neither malay nor English. If we did not do that, they will refuse the cook the food ordered.

    Similar to our myanmar workers, the can only say few malay words i.e

    1. Gaji
    2. Cuti
    3. Balik
    4. Makan
    5. Kerja
    6. Bos jahat! (this is the word that I like the most)

    The malay staff who work in the chinese restaurant now can write and speak chinese. So they are our translator…

    The one school system is urgently needed in our country.

    P/s Thank God the restaurant makes money..If not….

    JMD : Thank you for the comment SN 🙂


    • Two links on the same subject,

      this one in 2005

      and this one in February 2009

      It appears not only are they not speaking BM but also neglecting English as well.

      If only there were some serious economic repercussions to their poor linguistic skills. How about getting kitchen staff who can communicate in English or BM, unless they really cook that well..

      p/s- JMD, I’ve been hanging out at DN’s and getting my chops busted for crossing over the line and questioning too much. Guess I better watch my words. Padan muka as they say. 😉

      JMD : Thank you for the link. You hung out in Demi Negara all this time? I feel so neglected… 🙂 But it is good you are very active in blogosphere regardless where.. Your thoughts are pretty much valuable to everyone who reads it. Thank you.


  7. 1 malaysia, minicooper

    You are wrong. In the US you will find schools teaching in Spanish and even have government forms in Spanish. You will also find Chinese schools teaching in Mandarin.

    As for the lack of enthusiasm in learning the national language, please do not blame the Chinese. In the 1960’s and early 1970’s Chinese vernacular schools were NOT the school of choice for Chinese parents. Chinese parents sent their kids to the English medium schools because the standard of education of these schools were better than the Chinese schools.

    Then your Razak ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ decided to change everything into Malay and promoted the Malay language dominance ideology over academic excellence. As if the drop in academic excellence was not bad enough the
    UMNO government added Islam to these schools turning them into nothing but pathetic Taliban wannabe rubbish centers. Fortunately, Chinese majority Singapore did not adopt this idiotic, myopic and racist view. Now their universities are to say the least light years ahead of the ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ universities in Malaysia.

    The Chinese and Indians reject the SKs because the government is more interested in using them to brainwash the Malays into dying for the ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ ideology rather than the promotion of academic excellence as their primary function.

    For all you Melayus who think the vernacular schools should disappear, please remember that it was UMNO’s stupid racist ideology which rescued the Chinese and Tamil schools. Your UMNO racist are responsible for the shitbucket Malaysia has for an education system. The non-Malays WILL never accept blame for this pile of shit.


  8. Are there not rules in the Ministry of Education on the confidentiality of “internal meetings”? Are objections by a Deputy Minister at internal meetings on a controversial subject not a confidential matter? Who decides on whether such objections are confidential or not? Are the Official Secrets Act not applicable on such a matter?

    Why does the Deputy Minister jump at such decisions made by the Ministry? On a previous occasion, he talked about making a Police report against people using the word “gejala” in reference to the vernacular schools problem, apparently without knowing that the word carries more than the one or two meanings that he knew.

    He is an official of the Ministry, a high official at that. I imagine a person like him should state his objections and when the decisions are made in the name of the entire Ministry, he is supposed to tow the line of the Ministry or at least not state his having repeatedly objected publicly.

    Readers on bureaucracy state that for Government officials, when they disagree, they can state their views, and if decisions are made contrary to their stand, they are supposed to carry out the decisions. But for politicians, if after stating their views, decisions are made contrary to theirs, and if they still feel strongly about them, they ought to resign. Making pubic statements like reported above, implies that he is trying to rock the boat. He is a part of the Ministry of Education, isn’t he?


  9. Salam JMD.

    Only wish that they try to do that in France. They will be asked to take the first plane home. The French are very patriotic and proud of their language and culture. Here, everyone goes to French schools where the language of instruction is French and not other languages. Foreign languages are taught at a certain age as elective languages.

    Sometimes I see these foreigners from China struggling on their French but they have no choice. In France, one speaks French….hence in M’sia ….what language one should speak? What is the National Language of M’sia?

    But there are some who are die hard totoks who just refuse to assimilate and do self-segregation …they can hang around only in their Chinatown and out of their Chinatown or racial cocoon, they are lost …..in mind and spirit…. I would say that they lost their head ….

    Having said that, how can a Malaysian cannot speak the National Language? They should be sent back to where they came from. M’sia is not their home….It is China …. I won’t be surprised if they carve themselves a place in M’sia to be called their own nation…or maybe it has already been done…..They want their own state within a state….or just a new state for themselves. That is why they fight when asked to be integrated/assimilated with mainstream M’sians. How long will the government wait before all hell breaks loose? MCA (and MIC) is a sham, it should not be in the government.


  10. My kids are very selective these days. Very choosy, always on the lookout for Halal products..

    and will leave as soon as they notice “ALIEN SPEAKING MALAYSIAN NATIONALS manning the shop”. We will do business only in places that have a mix of Malaysian workers and where they can communicate in fluent BM or BI. Otherwise, no entry.

    Haha.. at the rate they are going trying to keep their distance from the Majority, not even interested to be fluent in their countries’ National Language, within the next 10yrs they will only conduct business amongst themselves!

    Start educating your tiny kids from today.. these people really depend on the 70% Bumis for their business to survive!


  11. kama,

    Please do not equate my dislike for UMNO as a dislike for Malaysia. It is precisely your and UMNO racist shit brain which equates UMNO with Malaysia. It is my right under the MALAYSIAN constitution to dislike UMNO. Given your logic all those ministers and rich UMNO f;[‘[rs who send their kids to international schools by the thousands should also leave Malaysia because they do not want an SK education for their kids. If you ever come out from your coconut shell, take a day few days off and go observe the students enrolled in the international schools.


    Who among the Malays can afford RM 20,000.00 for the annual school fees if not the rich UMNO contractors, senior government servants and the executives in the UMNO controlled GLCs. If the UMNO f[;’][s have the right to not send their kids to SKs, I also have the right to reject the SKs. Or is it the typical one rule in favour of UMNOputra but another set for the slaves of Malaysia.

    The international schools teach in English just like the national schools before Razak screwed it up while his son Najib was in an English boarding school in England. Then, UMNO’s ‘Ketuanan’ stupidity killed off the English medium schools which were accepted by all races? Like I said you UMNO Melayus are not going to pin the failure of the MALAYSIAN education system on the non-Malays. Mahathir for all his faults tried to reverse the ‘stupidity of their ‘ketuanan’ education system. UMNO Malay ultras have brushed him off a s a senile old man. The Malay based education system has failed in Malaysia because UMNO is more interested in scoring ‘Ketuanan’ points rather than education.

    In simple terms I hate UMNO because they are nothing but hypocritical, racist bastards who only care the well being of their own kids.

    JMD : I suggest you check you ‘facts’ first before you write your comments. Not all ministers send their children to international schools. One or two people sent their children to international schools, and you then equated the whole Umno guilty by your standards? Yet you were quite miffed when someone equated you like someone who hates Malaysia.

    You’re guilty of stereotyping with unfair accusations and erroneous fallacy yourself. Najib went to St John’s as I recalled. Anyway, 3 million Umno members in this country has just been bastardised by you because you think all of them send their children to international schools? You’re the racist bigot around here Vinnan.

    Not all Umno members are contractors. Not all contractors are Umno members. And not all Ministers want SSS, not all SSS supporters are Umno ministers. Get this right Vinnan.

    No wonder other blogs banned this kind of comments from you. No value added at all. Thank you very much.


    • vinnan.

      somehow, you managed to pin your hatred for a UNIFIED Malaysia with UMNO and Malays in general.

      A unified Malaysia is for all Malaysians, regardless of race and political inclination. No matter what ‘mistakes’ any of the ministers you think have done in the past, the present and the future, don’t you think YOU (WE, as a whole nation) should be the one correcting the mistakes? THIS IS THE OPPORTUNITY TO UNIFY OUR COUNTRY, and yet somehow, you racist motherf***ing bigots are the one spinning it, trying to make as if it is a sin to support SSS.

      Melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya. Well, you; being a self absorbed racist; wouldn’t know it, would you? To change, we must start from the bottom. From the young ones. I’ve raised this point so many times, it’s beginning to tire me. You figure this point out for yourself.

      Ketuanan Melayu? Of course! With literally ZERO attendance from other races, for sure the SK kids will have the ketuanan melayu mentality. It’s not like they want to, but rather they are forced to accept it. How? By enrolling in SEKOLAH KEBANGSAAN, they are assuming that other races who don’t enroll in SK are not within the context of KEBANGSAAN. Wait, SJK also has kebangsaan in it? JENIS KEBANGSAAN beb. It literally means it is another type of bangsa. What happens next? These same students become government officers, and what do you know? Literally ZERO participation from ex-SJK students. By then, you tell me who’s the boss.

      This is not a political agenda. Ministers from every political party have supported and raised objection on this matter. Pinning everything that you hate about this country to UMNO and Malays are wrong, unjustifiable, moronic, evil, cruel, racist and IGNORANT. The fact that you do that at every corner of the blogosphere just proves that you are a PR cybertrooper who is paid to do that. Even worse is that you’re actions point out that you are the kind of guy who will not hesitate to KHIANAT this country for the sake of monetary gain.



  12. If the chienese dont want their children to mingle with mine…well, let me scream out loud…go to hell, i also do not want my children to mingle with pork eating immigrants in this beautiful country…


  13. Vinnan is a great liar. There are no Spanish or Mandarin medium schools in the US. What they have are only language and cultural schools NOT Spanish or Mandarin medium schools where all sublects are taught in Spanish or Mandarin. The American national education policy dictates that English is the only medium of instruction in all schools in the US. Don’t be confused by language schools set up for its citizens to learn the cultures of their forebears.

    Obviously Vinnan is one of the ‘aliens’ of Malaysia who is trying to deny the status of the national language of Malaysia.


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  15. Good that the vinnan fellow has been banned in places like Big Dog. Distracting and sheer wasting of people’s time even trying to read his first few sentences.

    On the Dong Zong’s reply to the one-school system, I say: what the hell are they protesting the standardisation for? It’s a plain and simple fact that the Government has the prerogative to do it. The Government must standardise it – there’s no logic and it’s shameful to do otherwise.

    The Government must not allow them to be different from other schools. They have already ostracised themselves by trying to be different. Yet a few of them have the audacity to say that they have been sidelined, marginalised and so on. Incomprehensible, these people.

    If the Government’s decision results in “burdening pupils from vernacular schools who have to grapple with three languages”, it is because they chose to do so. If they had chosen to be mainstream, be like the national schools, the problem would not have arisen.

    What “going against the principles of the national education policy” is he talking about? If they had BM as the medium of instruction, which they should on account of it being the national language, the issue of having to face BM as a first language would not have arisen.

    They can’t be asking for a simpler BM syllabus when saying “Chinese school pupils have to learn three languages and cannot be expected to follow the same syllabus and the same way of learning BM as their peers in national schools”. Who are they to be asking for preferences and a simpler BM syllabus? Are they not Malaysians? Don’t they keep harping on “equality” even in light of Article 153 of the Constitution? They should now realise what it is like when the table is turned on them.

    Again, what do they mean when saying “To force Chinese schools to adopt the same syllabus will also affect the character of these schools”. What character are they talking about? The non-conforming character? Come on, man, conform lah. You are in Malaysia for goodness sake. In this country the Constitution says BM is the national language, man.

    The Ministry of Education must not backtrack. It has to maintain its integrity. Enough of flip-flopping under Pak Lah. Be firm, have a backbone, be like a respectable government, stick to the decision and implement it all the way through.


  16. I am quite taken aback that the Chinese and Tamil schools have different syllabus for their BM. All this while I was of the opinion that every school in Malaysia use the same BM syllabus. I think this is not right, and I am wondering how come the Education Ministry allowed such a thing to happen. Thats why the standard of Bahasa in these schools are not on par with the SKs and this of course is not good for nation building.
    As for antukeling, he should mind his words. If he wants to engage in any debate then he should learn how to be civilised. He shouldnt be using generalised statements like keling and buntut hitam. If he insists in using these words, then I feel I have the right to call him pu**** jakun,bangsa suka rogol anak sendiri, bangsa yang duduk di jawatan penting dan curi duit rakyat.


  17. They don’t want ‘sekolah wawasan’, they don’t want SSS, they don’t want a same syllabus which can improve their national language proficiency. Infact they don’t want anything that can improve the unity among Malaysian. Or to paraphrase it they don’t want to have anything that is ‘Malay’sian.

    Plain racist..


  18. Vinnan, talk kok only ….go round the bush, out of the bush still say the same thing…….what a racist bigot he is…..don’t like M’sia, get lost lah, why still hanging around?? We also don’t want your type…..you’re against unity and harmony..nothing the Malay govt does will make you happy…so podaah….balik kampong…!!!


    • Vinnan status info…

      vinnan want to get lost from this country..
      hv gave up his malaysian citizenship and move to UK..

      now stuck at chinese restaurant ….as delivery boy
      (poor him….)

      UK immigration department now looking for him…
      status: he was not found …

      what a great lost….hehehe..


  19. Sdr JMD,

    Saya melihat paparan berita ini mengenai “various Chinese umbrella organisations” di Malaysia ini.


    Kita lihat:-

    1. Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry Malaysia (ACCCIM) yang fokus kpd “business and economic matters”

    2. Federation of Chinese Associations of Malaysia (Hua Zong) yang fokus kpd “culture and Chinese-related affairs”

    3 & 4. United Chinese School Committees Association of Malaysia (Dong Zong) & United Chinese Schools Teachers Association of Malaysia (Jiao Zong) yang fokus kpd “education”

    5. MCA yang fokus kpd “politics”

    6. Malaysia Chinese Seven Major Clans Association yang mewakili “Hakka, Cantonese, Teochew, Hokkien, Hainanese and others”

    Kita semua tahu bhw MCA adalah parti komponen BN (kerajaan) dan Dong Zong nampaknya nak jadikan negara ini negara China.

    Kaum China mempunyai gerakan yang terancang serta khusus, saling berkerjasama dan bantu membantu walaupun satu drp persatuan itu mungkin berada di dalam kerajaan dan satu lagi mungkin berada diluar ataupun pembangkang. Mereka saling berkerja sama untuk mencapai objektif mereka.


    Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS) ditentang hebat oleh Dong Zong. Wee Ka Siong (Pemuda MCA) pernah suatu ketika dahulu ingin membuat laporan polis terhadap promoter SSS.

    Apakah perlu kita mengambil iktibar tentang perkara ini?

    “Malaysia Maju Jaya”

    Semerah Padi


  20. JMD,

    Just wanted to give you a story of a friend.I have a friend who migrate to Melbourne and one of the reason she migrate is because her son could not get into the one of top class in the school. (She converse like a true malaysian btw eventhough she’s not malay). The school is Sek Keb. Sri Gombak (not sure which one). The 1st – 4th ranking class was allocated to Malays. The school said its because of the islamic studies was allocated to the class. Therefore he was allocated to the 5th class eventhough his result is oustanding. Heard similar stories about their other friend’s children as well. They have also lodged complaint to the principal but the policy remains the same.

    Because of this I felt I have lost my trust in the education system. This does not happened 10 – 20 years ago (I might be wrong but not in Alor setar where I was schooled). They might be changes (that we might not know of) in our education system just to favor the Malays. Our hope of making one school for one malaysia might be shattered if any school has a policy like this. I hope its just Sri Gombak school policy not the ministry of education.


    JMD : What kind of stupidity this school is practising? And to migrate to Melbourne just because ONE school does this is equally perplexing. You should support SSS then since they are pushing for the government to review and strengthen the national education system as well. Thank you for the comment.


  21. Any vernacular schools which produce racists should be banned. So does those sekolah ‘agama’ which produce ‘i will go to heaven because i am hollier than you’ extremists sohuld be banned too. Enough crap!.


  22. JMD,

    I totally agree with the strenghtening of the national education system. I had just attended the Majlis Bertemu Majikan that was organized by University Utara Malaysia. The major findings of the workshop are:

    No. 1 – Lack of English language which do not make their gradaute non flexible and non adaptable, slow in taking in new knowledge, slow in getting things done as most employers will be using English as a business medium especially in private sector.

    No. 2 – Low sense of accountability and responsibility. Based on my own observation this is a reflection of our current leadership that is being cascaded to the graduates. Ironic isn’t it?

    No. 3 – Lack of self confidence (low self esteem) therefore unable to conduct themselves professionally. What do you expect? Under our regime, anybody who talks too much are either black listed or gets thrown into Kamunting….

    There was a whole lot more but enough said. This 3 items alone is very telling. Does it make me less Malay just because I communicate well in English well? The same questions goes? Does it makes the Chinese in Malaysia less Chinese just because they speak Bahasa Malaysia well? Like I said to all my fellow colleagues.. Sendiri mahu ingat lah babe….

    When I spoke to the lecturers…all of them agree that by the time the student comes to the University it is too late for them to do much as they are academic institution to educate at a higher level not to addreess fundamental issues which should have been handled at the primary and secondary level.

    Single school curriculum is the way to move forward as 1 nation…..no compromising on that one. Political masters be damned.

    Keturunan Jebat


  23. Dear Sir,

    ** Permission for an out-of-topic reporting*

    The following poll was conducted over a month ago (invitation was submitted to this blog earlier).

    SHOULD the British Overseas Citizen (BOC) BE OFFERED BACK Malaysian Citizenship?

    1. “Yes”
    2. “No”
    3. “Dont care”

    The result:-

    About 97% (427 votes) voted “NO”
    About 1 % (5 votes) voted “YES”
    Less than 1% (4 votes) said “don’t care”.

    Details can be read HERE.

    Do read THIS NEWS too.

    Thank you.


  24. There should be only one main language – Bahasa Malaysia.
    English should be taught as a second language. Any other language taught in schools should not be made compulsory.


  25. Jebat, believe it or not, I memang support one school system for better integration. But I note, that is the only reason why I support one school system. Languages BM, ENG, Mandarin or TAMIL is secondary factor to me. Languages to me is a form of communication which would easily be picked up when we mingle. Also the more language we learn, the better, right ? Of course as a Malaysian, it doesn’t make sense if the person cannot converse BM at all.
    If we look from this angle- integration only, what else can a Sekolah Kebangsaan offer ? I mean in terms of education quality . In the papers, our DPM conceded that vernacular schools are doing so much better in teaching subjects like Maths and Science (whatever the language) and would want to adopt their teaching method.
    In short, we have to admit those that sent their kids to vernacular schools (at least not all are racist) are looking in terms of education quality. You will note quite a number of malays have sent their children to these type of schools to.
    Please do refrain from branding everyone that sent their kids to vernaculars schools are racist. It’s not fairlah.
    I am very surprise though that these schools sit a different UPSR BM paper. Is it true ? If so, it is really really unfair. How come ? If they chose to use mandarin as the main teaching language, they should be prepared to sit for the same BM paper.They should not use lesser time teaching BM as an excuse.Afterall, BM is a compulsory subject to all Malaysians, so why should their BM paper be different from the rest ?


  26. dear all

    must listen to people like vinnan. tak boleh kita maki dia supaya senyap. jangan. digging our heads in the sands. jangan.

    must watch people like yap sin tian, wee ka siong, and pheng yin huah. watch them closely carefully. they are doing us a favour, for telling us as it is.

    they are not phantom people. they are real people. even a tan sri, more respectable than the ordinary you and me. Bukan dia bagi tan sri pada dirinya sendiri.

    and there are many out there like them: hating every malays, except those they can use, and want to use.

    they smile sweetly, and pat you in the back, but they certainly dont think twice to stab you in the back, or in the front, when they have to. no love lost.

    melayu itu sangat hina pada mereka. i worked in singapore for 5 years, i know, how low are malays to chinese (singaporean and malaysian).

    the hatred is real. its deep. they dont have anywhere to go, and remain in the country, breeding and growing hatred. waiting for the day, they can turn the table, and oppress the malays, into nothing ness. until we can become like bonat, and kartika, the indonesian maids, suffer in their hands.

    no matter how much you hate them back, and want to shake them to wake up to your reasons, they just laugh you off, as a joke. you are a joke to them.


    we, the malays, have nothing. merempat di tanah sendiri. ini lah fakta nya.

    kita ni dah banyak kali di jual oleh pemimpin pemimpin kita sendiri.

    walaupun kita berhujah sampai berak darah sekali pun, they know, they are always one up against us, lightyears ahead.

    they have bought our leaders. dalam poket.

    our malay politicians memang dahsyat berhujah pasal bangsa, tapi, pasal niaga, cina dan india di utamakan.

    memang kita bangga dengan contractor kelas D,E F, beratus juta setiap tahun, buat parit , buat longkang, buat sekolah.

    but, it’s nothing compared to what the non malays tycoons get, from our trusted leaders.

    kalau kita amat amati, projek kerajaan yang berbillion billion, AP makanan utama, ubat ubatan, dan barangan, hartanah negara dan perkayuan, perlombongan, lesen besar dan tanah premium; bukan atas nama ahmad atau kasim. Most ly atas nama Tan, Lim, Lee, Ling, Krishnan, lingam, mohan, kuok, teh, etc etc.

    cuba tengok pemimpin pemimpin melayu kita. berapa ramai yang ada taiko cina india di belakang mereka?

    jangan bohong pada diri kita. painful it is, but its true. kita ni dah tergadai. dari umno, ke anwar, ke nik aziz, kita dah tergadai.

    kita di tenteram kan, konon nya politician meperkuda kan orang perniagaan?

    anda silap. orang perniagaan memperkudakan ahli politician.

    at the end of the day, the dollars and cents call the shots. Who has the dollars and cents? itu tak susah nak jawab.

    yang susah nak jawab, adalah, kenapa, malangnya, we are the ones giving them, the dollars and cents in the first place. some, is on silver platters. blue chips they are.

    kita rasa nak muntah bila kita dengar malaysia jual air 3 sen ke singapore, betul?

    babi setan mana yang meluluskan 3 sen tu? bukan ah beng, bukan muthusamy, bukan vinan, bukan dong zong, yang memutuskan dan meluluskan 3 sen tu.

    malangnya, fenomena air 3 sen tu masih berlaku, hingga hari ini, di pelbagai lapisan perniagaan, di malaysia.

    banyak babi setan jual bangsa negara. jangan tuan puan marah kan politican sahaja. wrong. penjualan, penggadaian ini berlaku dari setiap peringkat. dari engineer, ke manager, ke pengarah, ke ksu, tksu – kita ni dah di jual.

    adakah dasar melayu, lupa bangsa? ada kah dasar melayu, jual bangsa? ini, kita kena tengok betul betul.

    ambil cermin, tatap wajah kita. siapa kita? kenapa? bagaimana?

    Tengok sahaja list orang orang kaya malaysia, di majalah forbes, dua dozen billionaires. Tan, Lim, krisnan, boon, teh, ling, cina india 98%.

    Adakah mereka inventors atau orang pandai macam bill gates atau warren buffet etc? tak. semua gemok atas dasar memonopoli hasil negara, atau anugerah projek berbillion negara. tengok macam mana politician kita membantu ananda, vincent tan, kuok brothers, dan berdozen lagi. bukan setakat bagi “job”, mereka bagi “finance” sekali.

    sebab tu dong zong, vinnan, sambil lewa meludah ke muka kita. mereka tahu, siapa berkuasa.

    kita ni di tindas, di perlekeh kan, ada sebab nya.

    Bilakah nasib kita akan berubah? Bilakah kita akan dapat mengecapi nikmat mendapat pemimpin yang ikhlas tidak menjual bangsa?

    the good news is, ini fenomena baru. umno asal nya dulu naik, atas sebab kuasa rakyat. kemahuan rakyat. bukan atas charisma leadership pemimpin bangsawan dan elitist. tidak.

    it was the malay mass, orang biasa, writers, guru guru, orang kampung yang tak mengenal penat lelah, dah muak ditindas british, jepun, kominis, ganyang indo, etc.

    para bangsawan dan elitist are only cherry on the cake only, sebab orang melayu ni sopan santun, suka memberi jalan.

    these, the people power, will come back. these people power, is beyond and above politics and rhetorics.

    -mimpi ku-


  27. Mimpiku,
    the only day you would feel that everything is fine and fair is :-

    a) when you gain the respect you deserve.
    b) when you are rich and a prominent person.

    Why I came to this conclusion ? Based on what you have written :-

    “walaupun kita berhujah sampai berak darah sekali pun, they know, they are always one up against us, lightyears ahead ”
    melayu itu sangat hina pada mereka. i worked in singapore for 5 years, i know, how low are malays to chinese (singaporean and malaysian )”

    #Do you really need their acceptance and aknowledgement for a job well done to gain their respect ?

    Another :-
    “but, it’s nothing compared to what the non malays tycoons get, from our trusted leaders.

    kalau kita amat amati, projek kerajaan yang berbillion billion, AP makanan utama, ubat ubatan, dan barangan, hartanah negara dan perkayuan, perlombongan, lesen besar dan tanah premium; bukan atas nama ahmad atau kasim. Most ly atas nama Tan, Lim, Lee, Ling, Krishnan, lingam, mohan, kuok, teh, etc etc.

    cuba tengok pemimpin pemimpin melayu kita. berapa ramai yang ada taiko cina india di belakang mereka? ”

    #There are a lot of us out there (beraneka bangsa) not tycoons. We ordinary people work hard to put food on the table for the family. We asked that our government stop wastages and help us ALL. We asked that all this rich philantrophist give back to Malaysians what the have gained from our blood and sweat.

    #Mimpiku, don’t just dream if you want to be rich and respected too. Emulate Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. I sokong.


  28. tuan puan umno, pas atau pkr;

    Jangan bandingkan politik kita dengan politik negara lain. tak sama.

    USA, Britain, AUstralia, France, Germany, Italy, Jepun, India, China, etc; kalau liberal menang ke, demokrat menang ke, labour menang ke, doesnt matter.

    All running and opposing parties are, mainly same race, same religion, same culture, sama makan minum, sama selera, sama baju seluar, sama bahasa, definitely sama sekolah.

    beza sikit ideologi. itu pun kadang kadang susah nak differentiate perbezaan nya.

    Even Jepun, konon nya, baru naru ni, opposition menang, setelah 50 tahun berjuang as opposition. Tapi, both sama sahaja. dua dua pihak, orang jepun, agama jepun, budaya makan minum tidor jepun. cakap jepun. sekolah jepun.

    sebab tu takde issue loyalty, allegiance to the country,or, hidden external agenda, etc.

    NOT malaysia. Malaysia bukan seperti negara negara di atas.

    umno runs the country, walking on tight ropes, balancing racial equations and differences. it was already a unique and magic formula, to go this far!

    cina melayu india, di malaysia, 1000% berbeza with each other. lain bangsa, lain budaya, lain agama, lain sekolah!!

    kalau DAP takes over, mengetuai satu kerajaan baru, yang dahulunya diketuai oleh UMNO, its not like liberal replacing demokrat! it will be like heaven and hell differences!!

    agenda DAP, just chinese chauvanism. period. “they” or “us” agenda.

    Apakah DAP ada rasa perasaan belas kasihan, simpati, pada bangsa melayu, agama islam? haram jadah no! kalau boleh, di hantar melayu ke gas chamber macam hitler, dan agama islam itu di haramkan. kalau boleh lah. kalau tak boleh 100%, they will do berapa peratus yang boleh.

    Even in BN sendiri, just look at MIC, MCA differences! perjuangan pun atas dasar bangsa masing masing, bukan atas dasar negara. itu sebab satu sekolah is impossible to them.

    tapi jangan lupa. MCA, DAP, Gerakan, maybe opposition to each other, but they have major common grounds. Ada beza tacticals and strategy, among them, on grand national agenda.

    siapa yang bodoh?

    Iam impressed tengok documentari vietnam. bangsa yang penuh jatidiri. walaupun miskin, susah, they have built in passion, sayang bangsa negara. not only did they successfully defy the powers of chinese, french, and americans, trying to colonialized them; in the history, they did the same to 400 ships trying to conquer them from monggolia also.

    adakah kita bangsa bermaruah? ada harga diri? jatidiri?

    lihat sejarah, belajar balik, its not too late to change. its not over until its over.



    • ure saying…. dap – chin peng – hitler?. boleh nampak sudah persamaan. 🙂

      the solution:
      pemimpin umno kena beringat (jangan bongkak)
      pemimpin pas perlu sedar (janganlah naive sangat)
      pemimpin pkr – balik lah ke pangkal jalan. haha.


    very simplelah just infiltrate DAP. Lebih banyak melayu join DAP, DAP akan kehilangan “kecinaanya”.
    Anyway DAP stands for Democratic Action Party and it’s open to all Malaysians to join.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. The fact that you admitted DAP is ‘kecinaan’ showed that DAP is indeed chinese based party and very chinese-centric and thus, still a race based political party. When is the last time DAP fielded a Malay candidate in general elections? And you think DAP is democratic? Please, DAP has been helmed by the same man for more than 30 years! Many of its stalwarts left the party because of blatant nepotisme and totalitarian attitude of its party chief.


    • Jebat,
      what do you expect when those that mostly join DAP are chinese. Malays mostly don’t want to join because bias. So think like chinese lah. Anyway, what is wrong with “kecinaan” ? You have to admit some chinese centric manner of doing things are good. I am not saying all, okey.
      They are mostly chinese members . If more malays join than you can see some changes. This simple logic cannot be hard to figure from someone who wants to promote SSS. Chicken and egg, brother.

      Moreover, since when the characteristic of a person (cina, melayu, india) is deemed to be a crime.

      Jebat, I say this today.
      It’s the impression that you and some of your supporters are giving that are making most non malays a bit cautious of the SSS. A lot wants integration but it would seem that the supporters of SSS want to abolish other races culture altogether. It’s like “DO it OUR way or out you go” Maintaining their culture should not be deemed as a crime.That is what makes Malaysia unique.
      Anyhow, most people do not like to be forced to do something, even if it makes sense.
      So why don’t we come up with ideas how to make SK more attractive . Selling the product and not force it down one’s throat. What say you ?

      JMD : If there is nothing wrong with ‘kecinaan’, definitely there is nothing wrong with ‘kemelayuan’. You have been misinformed by the cacophony of manufactured misperception by the chauvinists chinese educators. Please read the FAQ section of the SSS website before you unfairly state that the SSS supporters would want to abolish other cultures. Read first before you jump into the wrong bandwagon. Yes, we want to make SK attractive. That is why we want a total review of our education system and the overall improvement of quality. The SSS people had said this ad nauseam. Why people still want to oppose this movement is beyond me.

      Thank you.


  30. Macam ni lah. Kalau betul bangsa-bangsa tu nak sangat sekolah sendiri, universiti sendiri, semua benda sendiri-sendiri, kita orang Melayu dengan bantuan YDP Agong dan ATM di bawah Jeneralnya ambil balik hak mengundi dari kaum mereka. Tanah di atas nama mereka dirampas kembali dan mereka hanya boleh menyewa (sebab mereka pendatang). Harta tak boleh sebab itu mereka punya.

    Hanya orang Islam yang boleh mengundi untuk melantik pemimpin (PM, ahli parlimen dan DUN) kita yang dirasakan adil. Kaum bukan Melayu buat keputusan sendiri nak lantik seorang dua sebagai wakil di dalam kerajaan.

    Kita buat taraf mereka sama macam taraf dhimmi di Madinah dulu. Mereka kena bayar cukai. Mereka dilindungi jika taat pada undang-undang negara dan akan dihukum jika buat kerosakan di bumi. Tapi tak boleh undi dan tak boleh jadi menteri. Cukup sekadar wakil dalam kerajaan.

    Sapa setuju angkat tangan???


  31. Dear JMD,

    I do agree with the rest of you guys. These people are the racist people on earth, they stay here and have all the wealth of this country but fail to follows the RUKUN NEGARA.

    If this one thing a human can’t understand then they should be sent away to their country origin.

    I still believe that the more languages you mastered the better we are. BUT to ignore the only language of this country then they should NOT be here at all.

    These people has to many freedom given and too much tolerances to them and they were never been question on their loyalty.

    So, If the government are serious about it then revoke their citizenship should don’t lose them if they are not here.

    Let it be a lesson to them and others are agree with it.


  32. Sadly, decisions made on education has been very politically motivated. I am very sure that it is very unlikely that it will be politically possible to have the same BM standard for Chinese and Tamil schools as the national schools for UPSR. Those guys will only fear that they lose votes.

    Look at the issue on teaching of science and mathematics in english (PPSMI). Many parents have asked for the option for it to be continued but cabinet has kept a deaf ear. This is really for the sake of our future generation and the country. Again, due political reasons, it all silence


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