Criminalising War

Update 28/10/2009 with pictures:

Malay Mail has more stories and pictures here.


Tan Sri Razali Ismail moderating the first session


Among of the things the Article 2 of the UN Charter mentioned are:

Article 2

The Organization and its Members, in pursuit of the Purposes stated in Article 1, shall act in accordance with the following Principles.

  1. The Organization is based on the principle of the sovereign equality of all its Members.
  2. All Members, in order to ensure to all of them the rights and benefits resulting from membership, shall fulfill in good faith the obligations assumed by them in accordance with the present Charter.
  3. All Members shall settle their international disputes by peaceful means in such a manner that international peace and security, and justice, are not endangered.
  4. All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.


Original article:

How do you feel about WAR?

Is it justifiable when hundreds of thousands of innocents are killed just to satisfy a First World’s delusions? If a person is murdered by someone, it is a criminal act. But Bush and Blair’s administrations killed hundreds of thousands innocent victim during the War on Iraq in 2003 onwards.

Collateral damage?

Are we just going to stand still and wait for another war to happen?

These are some of the questions that will be asked in the War Criminal Conference and Exhibition held by Perdana Global Peace Organisation this coming Wednesday, 28th October 2009 till Saturday, 31st October 2009 in PWTC, Kuala Lumpur.

Check out this website.

Admission is free. Do come.

I will be there.


7 thoughts on “Criminalising War

  1. War is one thing – it has occurred since the dawn of mankind, all sorts of treaties were broken even in modern history, the League of Nations after World War I failed and the United Nations after World War II has been tested again and again.

    But it’s the criminal acts of war that are more abominable than anything else. The acts perpetrated by madmen and unthinking people, in utter violation and blatant disregard of the rules of war that have been established and reinforced in international conventions and agreements time and again after each and successive world or regional conflicts.

    Damn the violators. Hunt them down, prosecute them at the international court or war tribunal. Talk about them, discuss what further actions need be done on those cruel, uncouth, immoral, even uncivilised, individuals or groups.

    Let’s support the War Criminals Conference and Exhibition.

    JMD : Thank you Maju for the comment.


  2. Bro

    War has been internationally criminalized since the 1945/6 Nuremburg Tribunal was set up after WW2 and German and Japanese generals were brought to heel

    More than that, in recent years the perpetrators of war crimes in Bosnia – Karadic et al – are being tried by the War Crimes Commission of the UN.

    So what exactly is Dr.M’s focus and intention? If he feels he has a case against Bush and Blair, why not take it to the UN? I am sure that even if the USA and UK veto it (I don’t know if they can), Dr.M will have secured a moral victory with support from the Middle East and 2nd and 3rd World nations.

    The situation with Hitler, the Nazis and the Japanese Kamikaze generals was clear cut. But with Bush and Blair, we have huge question marks. No doubt they lied about WMD’s In Iraq and oil grab was equally foremost on their minds. But Saddam HAD to go because he was a madman and a clear and persistent danger to his own people as well as regional and world peace. The lessons of WW1 & WW2 and 9/11 dictated that pre-emptive strikes were justified against Afghanistan too which was becoming an export zone for world terrorism!! Look at how this has spilled over to Pakistan which is being labelled a failed state!

    These terrorists are now threatening their death and doom philisophy from UK and Europe to India, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Australia. Dr.M and the world should keep quiet because they are Muslim led?

    But you see, right from day 1 Dr.M was not concerned with a universal stance. He only speaks up where Muslim nations are concerned. Thus he championed intervention in Bosnia (and I supported him on that) but not when genocide prevailed in African countries.

    When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, did we hear Dr.M express outrage and demand that he be brought before the UN War Crimes Commission? Nada!! Why? Are Kuwaiti lives less precious than Bosnian, Iraqi or Afghan?

    So, its clear that Dr.M has a biased and bigoted world view which everyone from here to Shanghai knows is provocatively in-your-face anti-Western and overly pro-Muslim.

    And therein, he loses credibility and respect! He must learn to run with the hares and hunt with the hounds. But can you teach an old dog new tricks? I have my doubts.

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

    JMD : Bro, I guess your constant hatred towards Mahathir had lent you to write the way you did in the comment. Before Iraq was invaded by the US, the people was in better living conditions that they are now definitely. US and UK killed more Iraqis than Saddam had onto his own people. And this was even before the UN embargo on Iraq after the Persian War where malnutrition and unavailability of medical supplies had killed n=hundreds of thousands of Iraqis all through the late 90’s.

    Hence, you comment was a bit one sided. Mahathir had first and foremost shunned any type of terrorism. Any form of it. Malaysia had imprisoned many religious terrorists and imposed death sentences to some of them. Your comment about Iraq invading Kuwait was also a disappointment vis-a-vis your feelings towards Mahathir. That is why it has clouded your judgment.

    Many lives were killed in the war yet you chose to be indifferent towards this cause just because of your prejudice towards the old man.

    And yes, Malaysia did criticised Iraq for invading Kuwait back in 1991.
    Excerpt from the previous Peerdana Peace conference (2007) –

    “Q6. (Sayed Nurul Haq) To Tun M – Malaysia – In 1990 – Malaysia, as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, voted for the war on Iraq. How do you feel about it now?

    A6. Malaysia supported the war against Iraq because Malaysia was against the invasion of Kuwait. We always support a country that is under attack and Kuwait was no exception. By stopping the war, we hope to go back to the negotiation table and avoid bloodshed. In 2003, when Iraq is attacked by the Allied forces – we were supporting Iraq – will always side those being attacked.

    Read the whole transcript here.

    If you do not want the world putting pressure on Bush and Blair to admit their mistakes and be brought to some semblance of justice for their transgressions just because you do not like this ex-PM, then please do not support this effort. Easy peasy. This conference is not solely his effort alone. Other people across the world are driving it too. Please do not ridicule something when we ourselves do not want to take the initiative to fight for those in the war torn country.

    Thank you, have a nice day!


  3. JMD

    Please do not equate my consistent criticism of Dr.M with hatred. I have no time for such base emotions. There are several issues on which I have agreed with him and written so in his own blog. I tell it like see it, which is also Dr.M’s hall mark. Who is right is another matter.

    Otw, Dr.M will also fail because anyone can equate Dr.M ‘s pursuit of Bush and Blair with nothing more than pure hatred of the West and not for accountability and justice. After all, either our Govt or Dr.M did get someone to pay US 2 million to that much discredited criminal Jewish lobbyist Abramoff for Drm’s ass-kissing meeting and photo session with George Bush!

    My point which you did not address was why is he not marshalling support to table a resolution at the UN? By what stretch of one’s imagination can this damp squib of an effort in KL bring Bush and Blair before a War Crimes Tribunal when it it will be largely ignored in that part of the western world where it matters? Can they enforce it? How?

    As to Iraquis being better off and enjoying better living conditions than that they are now after the US invasion, I ask you, by what standards?

    Did the surviving relatives of thousand of poisoned gassed Kurds tell you that or was it those of the hundreds of thousand of Iraqis who were killed, maimed, tortured and suffered in a police dictatorial state reveal it? Saddam was a monster who passed on his genes to his equally monstrous sons. And did Dr.M demand that Saddam be brought before a War Crimes Tribunal for his unwarranted invasion of Kuwait?

    I am as aghast as Dr.M is about civilian deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan and weep for the death of innocents and childre. I wish that there were a way to assemble the US/UK forces and the Iraq/Afghan terrorists in a giant football field and let them battle it out there. Let the last man standing be acclaimed the victor!

    But human ego and stubborness has yet to be tamed.

    As Churchill said “Jaw! Jaw! Nor War! War!” That applies equally to Bush, Blair and Obama as it does to Dr.M.

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

    JMD : I think you have misjudged Tun M when you said he has pure hatred of the West. I do not think he hate the West 100%. Hating the West did not spur him to ostracise Bush and Blair. He made many, many overtures and statements in the past about the West. Not all of them are negative. Afterall, the US was and still is one of Malaysia’s top trading partner. You can always read the letters of correspondence between him and the leaders of the West. I believe a book about these letters were published last year. YOu can then gauge whether he was hostile to all of them or not.

    Actually, it is the holier than thou attitude of the West, particularly the US and UK in dealing with the Middle East issue that this conference is all about.

    Nevertheless, it is not all about the Iraqi War. The conference covers all wars anywhere, anytime on the planet.

    It is sad that you chose not to support this effort and attend the conference, or else you could have asked all the questions you posed here.

    Yes, Saddam was no saint. But he is dead anyway.

    Many effort has been done to bring this to the UN. But which country want to table the resolution? One was made a couple of years ago but was shot down by the country which has the veto power. No prizes for guessing which one. Thus, many tribunals like this current one we are seeing were set up to keep the pressure. If the UN do not have the power to punish these war criminals, at least the citizens of the world would ostracise them.

    It is ironic to see that Blair has been appointed as the Middle East peace envoy and had actually been invited to Malaysia a few months back to talk about the rule of law. In recent years, US and UK are the leading nation that had always broken the UN laws. He who is guilty of sending troops and being the pet poodle for Bush in the killings of Iraqis had been appointed as a peace envoy??

    Not ever since Roman Emperor Caligula appointed his horse as a consul had this kind of appointment been so absurd and inappropriate.

    And God help us if he’ll be appointed as the President of the European Union soon.

    Anyway, Japanese tribunal found Bush guilty of the war in Afghanistan 2 years ago. The Brussel tribunal found Bush guilty of crime against humanity in Iraq last year.

    Israel, which has WMD and nuclear weapons at their disposal are actually terrorising the whole of Middle East in the premise of ‘self defence’. Not only they use deadly conventional weapons against helpless victims, they use banned weapons as well. The whole world watched in horror as they used phosphorous gas bombs to the people in Gaza Strip December last year. You can watch in Youtube.

    Gaza Strip, with only one entrance and one exit controlled by the oppressor of Palestinian people there had actually destroyed 80,000 houses in a period of a few days and gassed/killed thousands.

    These are the issues that are discussed here in the conference. It’s not about Tun Mahathir or his “wrongdoings” with people here in Malaysia. It is about those who were victimised by the world power that we should emphatise with. Plus, this conference is not driven by him alone. It is the effort by many people worldwide. As for the question whether the Iraqis were better before the invasion of US in 2003, I would leave it to you to ponder more. By asking the Iraqis that were present at the conference yesterday and today, I doubt my opinion was wrong.

    Thank you.


  4. donplaypuks,

    Your statement “But with Bush and Blair, we have huge question marks. No doubt they lied about WMD’s In Iraq and oil grab was equally foremost on their minds.” is a bit confusing.

    “have a huge question marks” and yet “they lied about WMD’s in Iraq and oil grab was equally foremost on their mind”?

    You see, there is no “huge question mark” at all. What do you call someone who use violence to get your money and property? You call them thieves, robbers. In short they are criminals. In many part of the world, you jailed these type of people and throw the key away. In Malaysia, they whip you for armed robbery.

    That is so clear and there is no if’s and but’s about this.

    As for your “But Saddam HAD to go because he was a madman and a clear and persistent danger to his own people as well as regional and world peace.”, who sets the standard? Bush? Blair?

    In the 80s during the Iran-Iraq war, who gives millitary, political and technology support to Iraq? Who supplied Iraq with chemicals and technology for Saddam to launch rockets with chemical and biological warhead against the Iranian and the Kurds in the north? Who said that “Saddam is our allied”? Who in support of Saddam starts embargo on Iran?

    All these are open, discussed and reports presented to the US Congress.

    So Saddam was a liberal democrat in the 80s and suddenly turn into a dictator in the 90s?

    I might not like Mahathir but that does not mean that he is wrong all the time. Bush and Blair are criminals. period.

    And do you think that only Muslims think so? Go and check the anti war movements in US itself. The fact that the voters kick out Republicans both in Congress and the White House speaks for itself.


  5. Bush and Blair are criminals and murderers. The most recent addition is president Rajapakse of Sri Lanka. Unfortunately the world politics is such that they will get away.


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