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Food for thought on elections

After reading my good friend’s A. M. Ubaidah’s comment in my previous article, I had some sort of an epiphany.

What I am writing below may not be my definite way of thinking but I pose this dilemma for the readers to chew upon.

Voters can be quite finicky with their choice of wakil rakyat in a by-election. Either they will vote for you. Or, they won’t. Chances are, their minds have been made up long before the voting day.

Some will vote a candidate because of the party the candidate represents. Some will vote due to the sheer charisma of the candidate. Some will vote because they hate the other candidate or the party that particular candidate represents.

Nevertheless, all can agree that voters’ choice is the most democratic outcome of getting their representative to the state assembly.

Suara rakyat, suara keramat. Agree?

Whoever the candidate is, his or her credentials will be solidified due to the fact that he is appointed and voted in by the rakyat to be their representative.

Hence, as I see it presently, whatever the background of the candidate, it will not matter to these voters. That is why, we see people like Loh Gwo Burne, Anwar Ibrahim and Nazri Aziz get voted in by their constituents.

One is a do-nothing, the other was a convict for abuse of power, the other one is… oh well, you can just see for yourself. Nevertheless, the fact is, people still voted them in. We have many other instances of lowly qualified characters being voted in by the people.

If suara rakyat is suara keramat, then who are we to question the credibility of the wakil rakyats?

Therefore, if Isa Samad is nominated by BN, and if he wins the by-election, then who are we to ridicule Umno and BN for fielding a tainted candidate?

The winner is the voters’ choice. Why would some people want to disparage whatever the people have chosen? Afterall, the people are actually the common folk like you and me. The rakyat. The one with the suara keramat.

Think about it.

Thank you.

25 thoughts on “Food for thought on elections

  1. Dear JMD,

    We reap what we sow. If that is the type of candidate they want so be it. In the “people” that wants Isa Samad as the candidate, who make up these “people”. As far as I know there never was a survey conducted from house to house or phone poll conducted as to who the people want as a candidate. Not that I know that the people were ever asked anyway who they want as a candidate.

    So who are the “people” that is demanding a person that has been an MB for 22 years, a Minister, someone charged with money politics and thus suspended for 3 years to be an ADUN candidate for Bagan Pinang.

    And whether PR will admit it or not this will be sheer fodder for their cannon to blast Isa Samad into oblivion and thus further damaging the credibility of BN in the eyes of the ordinary people (probably the real people that matters.) Whether or not BN wins in Bagan Pinang is no longer material. In the eyes of the people that matters BN has lost all credibility especially in slighting a much respected and loved elder statesman like Tun M that have hinted as much about placing Isa Samad as a candidate.

    After all that have happened they still do not get it. Tun M has many followers and supporters and many are not even members of BN or PR. Slighting this elder statesman is just like hammering another nail in the coffin whether people in UMNO or BN wants to believe it or not.

    I am very much afraid of the future now and what it brings. We do not care whether BN won or lost in Permatang Pasir or Bagan Pinang or wherever, what we care is for BN to win overall. Obviously this sentiment is not shared in BN. By nominating Isa Samad, they have fallen again in the cleverly laid trap of the PR juggernaut.

    It now takes a miracle of supreme proportions to now knock some sense into BN.



  2. Salam JMD,

    I don’t think I can go along with such reasoning. I would prefer if BN heed TDM’s advise – against fielding a tainted candidate. May I remind everyone what happened in 2008? Pak Lah won at his constituency, yet look what happened to BN overall.

    Ismail N


  3. It’s all about winning. If Isa is a sure bet, damn the tarnished image. Desperate situation requires desperate action and decision. After 8 bye election losses a WIN is apparently more appealing than principles. But can we blame BN for side tracking the issue of candidate’s character. With too much bad news, suara rakyat apparently is such a soothing music and importantly a very convenient excuse.

    The issue now is whether this suara rakyat can be translated into votes for BN. I fear the worst. Isa is only the beginning of the battle. Whereas BN’s campaign strategy has always been predictable, PR on the other hand has transformed its deception and art of winning to perfection.

    Dear BN, savour your suara rakyat now. 10 days from today it will be too late.

    To Tun Mahathir, do not feel too disappointed. You have spoken. Unfortunately, the suara rakyat was too loud, drowning your voice. UMNO never learnt. UMNO mudah lupa. Permatang Pasir was just days ago.



  4. An urgent investigation has been launched after a 14-year-old girl died shortly after receiving a cervical cancer vaccination at her school.

    Natalie Morton was a pupil at the Blue Coat Church of England School in Coventry, where she was given the human papilloma virus (HPV) jab yesterday. She was taken to Coventry University hospital, where she died at lunchtime.

    -The Guardian London-

    Ade sape2 lg yg sokong BN lepas ni? vaksin masih dlm ujian tapi KERAjaan BN beria2 nak laksanakan…mereka cuba merembat sebanyak mungkin wang rakyat sebelum tewas dlm Pilihanraya Umum akan datang…kpd yg masih belum mendaftar dgn SPR,sila daftar secepat mungkin…kita perlu kuburkan KERAjaan SETAN ni secepat mungkin…

    utk berita penuh, layari :



  5. this is a short open ended article from jmd. from the first paragraphs i would have thought that you would go against isa samad’s nomination, as many have opined, included the dear tun dr mahathir. it would have been the first time that i would disagree with you, as i am of the same opinion of ‘a voice’s. well, the article left the reader to gauge for themselves if isa is indeed worthy for the candidature.

    i am not closely affiliated with any sides in politics, have never participated in campaigns what so ever, i am just a virtual remote bystander sitting behind the newspapers in the malaysian political scene. but i did have physical encounters with tan sri isa in functions, and his son is one year my junior. isa was not the obnoxious type like nazri, nor was he aggressive like many oppositions or bn backbenchers alike. he was a gentleman, friendly, funny, humble like an ordinary me and the crowd. the only thing that distinguished him from his alumni buddies were his ability to talk on stage with charm, but he does not talk nonsense. he doesn’t take advantage of his peers for his political benefits, and we haven’t seen him imposed his political influence over his professional friends for favors.
    i believe the exposure on his alleged wrong doings was selective, and isa is no worse if compared with many of the rest of the ambitious souls in umno. but helas, what is wrong is wrong, i think isa may have adapted to the stinky eco-system that is full of bribery since the days of anwar to survive in politics, and he was selectively punished in favor of another rising and ambitious politician. if isa was a bad wakil rakyat then why do the people in his constituent love and praise him?

    ciao jmd. i too have become selective in writing comments. i felt this article needed my personal feedback.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  6. Dear JMD,

    Selamat Hari Raya to all your readers, commentors.

    I always hold to a belief that the wakil that has the support of his division should be nominated to stand.

    AI, LGB and NA. How about KJ?

    All the best and good luck TSMI.



  7. Salam JMD,

    Frust je bunyi….

    Kalau di Permatang Pasir saya berani katakan pemilihan Rohaizat adalah disengajakan, dikorbankan sebagai kambing hitam. Keberangkalian untuk menang tipis, jadi bila kalah, BN punya alasan ‘silap calon’. Taklah malu sangat. Takkan nak pakai alasan ‘status quo’ berulangkali… baik tak payah bertanding!

    Di Bagan Pinang pula, TDM dah sound awal2 sebelum pemilihan tapi tetap Isa juga dipilih. Ramai kawan2 yang kata sebab Umno dah takde budget. Sapa nak jadi calon kena sponsor sendiri ! entahla… Mungkin bagus juga jika kali ini tidak ada sebarang janji2/wang ringgit ditaburkan oleh Umno… hah, wishful thinking, belum apa2 dah diumumkan Bandar Tentera Darat, ehh silap, ia cuma coincidence. Dah lama nak umum cuma kebetulan… Umno, Umno….

    Apapun, terserah kepada rakyat Bagan Pinang membuat pilihan yang terbaik buat mereka sendiri. Pesta PD sekali lagi !


  8. Jebat,

    This Isa thing is mystifying. Bagan Pinang is kubu kuat UMNO. If kubu kuat, you put a cow as a BN candidate pun sure menang. Based on this reasoning, I’m sure other than Isa can be chosen.

    Unless Najib & Co. termakan ancaman Isa & gang in boycotting if Isa is not the chosen one, I can’t see any other logical explanation. btw, PD & kawasan sekelilingnya got a lot of development masa Isa was MB. Unless Isa jadi MB, I doubt the premise that a lot more will be done when he’s elected ADUN as the electorates are led to believe.

    Anyway yang menang dalam hal ni Isa & konco2 dia. Warlord rules, ok? I pity Mat Hasan & UMNO.

    Mamat Kg Arab PD


  9. Bro, I have just uploaded my post on this matter. My view begins with the assumption that, without Isa Samad, BN would lose anyway at Bagan Pinang. There are just too many reasons for BN to lose there. And in the end, we could not afford to lose in the now, making the continued loss of image (which can’t be too much worse) from an Isa-led win relatively palatable in real-politik.

    And thanks for pitching me as a friend – surely will lead to more hits – which I need! Hahahaha! Ta!

    JMD : No problem mate. I won’t be around to moderate comments from now till next Monday. I’ll be in rural areas of Sarawak this weekend. Take care and good luck with the by-elections!


  10. salam sdr jmd,

    kalau ikut peraturan, semua orang politik masa nak naik mengamalkan rasuah. kos untuk duduk dan makan minum hotel siapa nak bayar? duit karaoke siapa nak bayar. duit nak buat banner siapa nak bayar. bayu batik yang di pakai masuk dewan siapa nak tempahkan. tiket kapal terbang turun naik dari kk ke kl umno nak bayar?hadiah nak kasi anak anak dan bini, siapa nak bayar. duit dari mana, yuran ahli? dont kid yourself. yang membezakan ialah siapa yang dah boleh berdiri tanpanya atau yang mempunyai jenderal yang bijak (the man behind the scene) dan yang masih memerlukannya. yang menerimanya pun bukan boleh kaya pun. siapa yang tak buat secara direct atau indirect? tdm dulupun tun daim yang jadi tukang bawa beg duit. mungkin tdm tak tahu, tapi itu realitinya. sama juga dengan anuar dan datuk najib masa dalam pemuda umno. kalau tidak tak kan nazri dan zahid masih ada dalam politik.

    ts isa kena kantoi sebab generalnya kurang sopan dan gelojoh. rasanya, kono chaghik balachi yang elok sikit. yang kuek kojo sobab kojo kasi sodokah ni bukanlah susah bonar. cumo, mulut kono tutup. chaghik orghang bisu pun elok jugak.

    salam dan selamat hari raya.


  11. JMD,

    Nomination day has come and gone but may I have a few words in on this subject.

    To me, the issue is not the voters. There was a time when you put a dunggu with BN flag, he will get elected. Things have changed but many still vote without serious thoughts as to the meaning of their votes. The party or the man, the party platform or the ability to bring changes and benefits to the constituency. They will continue to vote in ways you have explained – charisma, warts and all.

    In Bagan Pinang, the issue was the nomination by UMNO and the principles (or the apparent lack thereof) of the candidate. The party and the man. UMNO has been deeply tainted. It could have followed TDM’s advice – avoid giving the image that the Party does not care or condones money politics or corruption.

    The man is tainted. Until and unless the Lembaga Disiplin’s findings are reversed, he is on record as being guilty of money politics which have been equated with corruption. The allegation that he was victimised by the former 1st Family and the SIL is a separate matter – he could have argued those with the Lembaga Disiplin. He appealed and in so doing acknowledged his guilt. Though the punishment was reduced, it did not vindicate him. He should have disqualified himself from candidacy in the first place.

    No doubt this is not a court of law where a judge may do such things. But, like Shah above, I worry about the future of this country. A disregard for the image of corruption, the lack of moral principles and the diminishing social values.


  12. i was with u on issue of isa candidacy but if its the rakyat wishes so be it. who r the pakatan ppl to make fodder on issue of isa candidacy. nik aziz has contorted islam out of shape for the sake of his politics, anwar has turn salesman selling the nation so that he can become pm.

    ideally i m ashamed that all these self serving and tainted bozos r representing our voice bn or pr. it just shows that our collective consciousness is way way behind but as long as there are voices that reprimands and keep reminding and coupled with lessons that’s going to be learn – as in you sow what u reap, we will evolve. for now i go with the lesser evil, i hope isa will wallop PAS. 🙂


  13. After reading river’s comment and the good things he wrote about the candidate, I think I’ll have no problem voting for him. After all, as the PM said, this man is NOT a criminal; he was merely penalized for breaching party rules.


  14. Who else but ISA is nominated for Bagan Pinang. After all, he could have the pictures of najib naked a certain women in in a port dickson hotel room.

    Only way to get promoted in UMNO is by deceptive means, i.e. blackmail, bribe, hijack, kidnapp and any other sleazy way of gangsterism.

    JMD : The gist of your comment is your illusion about Isa having naked pictures of Najib in Port Dickson with a woman? What kind of comment is this? As I have given you ample warning before, I am now officially classifying a troll like you as a spammer and be sent to the spam inbox from now on just like how Ruyom and Vesewe etc had been. You have only yourself to blame. Thank you for ever gracing your presence here before. But as you can see, I am now alleviating the standard of commenting in this discussion thread into something with a bit more finesse and intelligence.

    But I guess for further explanation, posterity and your sake, I think I’m the only ketuanan who has no qualms in lambasting Umno or its leaders. I even criticise the malays, the chinese, the indians n others. Whereas you, had nothing bad to say about the chinese at all. You are the epitome of arrogant stupidity, devoid of any conscience except for your own “ketuanan diri sendiri”. Nobody is perfect. But you think you are one and purposely wanting to be insensitive toward others. Your comments are crass and barbaric – bordering senselessness, at par with other trolling experts such as vesewe, ruyom n goodman. I had given you a gentle reminder before. But you have misused the freedom of speech you are entitled. It is a privilege that can be taken away if you continue to abuse it.

    You had chosen to comment more using what the malay often say as ‘main sedap mulut saja’, without making the necessary reflection and research and now you may find your comment deemed as a spam. Why spam? Coz there is no use of having a discussion which is filled with lies and an agenda to stupify the audience further with even more lies and malicious remarks. You have been exposed so many times as a liar and had never even been apologetic about it. Hence, in order to disallow any attempt to defecate this commentary section, u had to make more intelligent commentary based on a well informed judgment and intellectual and truthful observatory. Case in point, when we have supplied the data that public universities have enrollment of more than 30% non malays in it, you were still playing dumb and created more idiotic comments that could only reveal your own highly prejudicial bigotry towards your malay counterparts.

    No man is perfect Sputjam. Even to your own kind (whatever it is you are representing). Again, I had beseeched you to be smarter than how you are portraying yourself in the net. You are seriously not helping your cause. I receive so many private comments from many people, surprisingly from people I never thought would be against you. You know how you are different from the rest of the pro PR sorts? Unlike andipool, thadiankunda, dpp or aniseed, they give out their own opinion based on their own perception and angle of a certain issue, which I will make counter comments based on my own opinion.

    And then we can agree to disagree. You on the other hand, do not know when to stop. Shamelessly treading on despite the fact that you extinguished all the credibility that you have. If this how the chinese are thinking about themselves and about the malays, then I’m sorry to say, u have failed all Malaysians (especially when you said that in buddhism, regardless whether the parents married or not, the child is still legitimate, therefore you postulate that buddhism condones premarital sex – just to criticise Ridhuan Tee).

    You have stooped so low, I wonder whether you have any respect left for yourself. “Muka tembok” would be an understatement. I wonder how you can still manage to make an appearance here. But yeah, I bet you will continue doing your ‘trolling’ business here because you have no dignity left. This is the only place where the host had been kind enough to approve your comments and get your kicks out of it. Good life eh? Commenting without responsibility is so orgasmic, ain’t it? Well, do not fret, the readers will be spared of your continuous destructive laments from now on – but do not worry, they can still read your past idiotic comments as I won’t delete them. From now on, stricter moderation will be applied. Abusing the privilege which disregard the unspoken rules has its consequences. Do you have the brainpower to produce a well argumentative plethora of thoughts? I doubt it since we have seen what you could produce.

    At the end of the day, the serious commentators that did not agree with me are commenting on facts or something close to a fact. You on the other hand, gave out totally different spin altogether. Lying and being inflammatory at the same time. You who were not born during the British rule could have never imagine the hardship the people faced and yet, you say the people were freer then? Try to organise a demo ala Hindraf or Pakatan Rakyat Perak and we could see how the British would have treated you then.

    Read historical books and please stop the lying. If you cared to practice a profound hunger for knowledge, you would have known that the British put a tight leash on the people back then. British intelligence will keep tabs on you and harass you if they’d known you’ve been making even an insipid form of resistance or a movement against the British. You think you would be as free then as you are today? If you have been making malicious and contemptuous remarks against the british administrators like how you are doing right now towards the government, you would have been rot in jail. I am not lying like how you do. I’m writing this based on the books of british colonial survivors. PLease read a book by Mustapha Hussain. Only then you can picture how the British were treating us back then.

    But of course, being the constant hater and being the self appointed troll of the net, you would love to be subjected to the British rule (based on your constant rant of how Malaysia would have fared better under the continuous British rule). And you wondered why people are calling you unpatriotic. If you love the British so much, please do something about it. If you hate this country so much, if you hate me so much for being this ‘ketuanan’ melayu (which you failed to understand what it is by playing dumb to my previous question, then please do the next honorable thing and apply for citizenship in Australia or Britain.

    You are not an island Sputjam. People will react towards extreme bigotry that you are.

    Have a nice day and so long troll.


  15. Dear JMD,

    It was indeed a Pyrrhic victory. Will it change BN’s fortunes with just this one win? It is anybody’s guess. Did I hope for BN to lose? Yes I did. Because then it would be a major kick in the nuts.

    Now? Back to complacency and patting on one another back desperately wanting to believe they are back to their winning ways. When they should realise that in the eyes of other Malaysians, other voters this win is tainted. It is highly possible that BN won without giving a single cent but in the eyes of other voters BN just did just that. How will BN win the other voters?

    For one they need to be serious with their actions and not mere lip service. For PKFZ for example the rakyat wants to see heads roll. Maybe just maybe they may swing people’s opinion. But big heads must roll and not mere small timers.

    Have a good week JMD.



  16. JMD,

    Congrats on the Bagan Pinang win after a long streak of hmmmmph..
    Where r d pictures of your Sarawak Visit?
    Why not upload it into the blog?
    Wish to see the changes since my last visit 2 years ago..

    After reading your blog, sakmongkol’s & rockybru’s my love for PR is diminishing. I tot BN is digging their grave for the past 2 years with all the rhetoric but now that PR is digging using a backhoe, I believe PR end is almost near.W/out DSAI, PR can retain Penang & Kelantan the most.

    I wonder what DSNTR nego DSAI behind the scene?Its just not normal for a high profile case to be delayed for many months.

    I finally come to understand the meaning of marriage of convenience. Pakatan Rakyat is just a name for political expediency. Void of any Pakatan in real sense.You win when u said Opposition in Malaysia are still in its infant stage.

    -Majulah Malaysia-


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